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In the forest (True story)

Knuffelberin on Exhibitionist Stories

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend and I had decided to go for a walk in the forest. Since it was the first sunny day after a period of rain, a lot of people had the same idea. So we drove around in the car, trying to find a less crowded spot. My boyfriend knew there was a military practice area nearby. Most people didn't dare to enter the area, afraid of getting shot by accident, but my boyfriend knew that there wouldn't be any soldiers there on Sunday.
We walked around and only saw one other person in the area. So I thought it was safe enough to fool around a little. I started kissing my boyfriend passionately, putting my hand on his crotch trying to make him hard. It worked; his erection was easily to spot in his wide pants. We didn't go any further though, since there could still be other people around. We walked further and found a bird watchers' hut. We climbed the stairs to be able to look around and watch the view. Again I tried to turn my boyfriend on, since I figured nobody would be able to see us there and the chance that someone would enter the hut at the same time was really small. But again my boyfriend didn't let me go far. He is so shy when it comes to sex in public! Of course I wouldn't want to get caught in the act either, but the excitement of it had always appealed to me a lot. I really wanted to get down on my knees and suck his cock. But my boyfriend already decided to leave before I got the chance to do so.Â
We decided to go and get an icecream so we went back to the car and drove around for a while. We found a parking lot with an icecream truck. I chose a long, thick and round icecream, without even realising the resemblance of a big hard cock until I had it in my mouth. I wondered whether my boyfriend would notice it too and remember how I had licked and sucked his cock the night before, just like I did to the icecream now.
We drove around some more until we found another forest which wasn't crowded. There we found a place with big packages of grass layered on top of each other. We decided to climb them! The packages were a bit big for me, so I needed my boyfriend's help to get on top of them. We climbed to the top of the pile and were surprised to find footsteps and animal paws there. Apparently we hadn't been the only ones with the idea to climb them. Back on the ground I started kissing my boyfriend again. This time my avances did have an effect. We both put our hands in each others pants and got hornier by the minute! My boyfriend came up with the idea to climb the packages again, since at the back of the pile we would have more privacy. The forest around the pile was pretty thick and the ground was covered with plants with thorns, so we were pretty sure no one would see us if we climbed to the back. So we did and there we went further.. My boyfriend lifted me on top of one of the packages and kissed me while grabbing my breasts. I had my arms tight around him and kissed him back. He got my left breast out of my top to be able to suck on my pierced nipple and I slipped the straps of my bra and top off my shoulder, so he would have better access. He had one hand in my pants and felt how wet I had become. "I have a condom in my pocket.." he said with a grin on his face. "Shall we?" I immediately nodded replying with: "Oh, yes please!" He lifted me from the package and I removed my pants and thong. He stripped down too and put the condom on. He fingered me some more, bringing one finger deep inside of me. I gasped. Then he put me on top of the package again and penetrated me. We were both hornier than ever, moaning things like "Oh sweety!" in each others ears. It felt awesome! I still couldn't believe we were really doing this! I hadn't expected him to be into this, thinking he would be too shy about getting caught. But at this moment we both almost forgot about the outside world and just fucked, not even trying to stay quiet. Then my boyfriend moved out of me and started licking my clit. I felt like I was in Heaven and put my hand in his hair to let him know how good it felt. He put his cock back inside of me and started fucking even harder than before.
I loved doing this outside! I loved feeling the wind, hearing the birds sing and seeing the green trees behind him. It was like we were totally one with nature! I wondered whether animals would be watching us.. or humans even.. eventhough I knew it was almost impossible for anyone to see us there. Still I imagined how hot we would look right now: my boyfriend totally naked, me only wearing my top still with the strap hanging from my shoulder and my left tit exposed.. Fucking each other hard!
I started slipping from the package, but my boyfriend held me up by placing his hands under my thighs. Then he came inside of me and we embraced each other tight, while kissing and sighing about how good it had been. He lifted me from the package and put me down. We got dressed, both with a huge smile from ear to ear. Still giggling and talking about how wonderful it was!

The days after I couldn't get this out of my head. I kept seeing us together, there on the packages, in the middle of the forest, fucking like animals!
We definately need to do something like that again! ;)

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