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Camille LeMare's Live Sex Show

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The statuesque Creole beauty stood proud and defiant and totally naked before her audience. Her act was the best kept secret and most widely desired in all of New Orleans. She performed only three times a week and the club in which she appeared charged exorbitant prices for her show. The 20 year old beauty had performed for two years and each of her performances sold out because her gorgeous light brown almost golden body was so splendid, and her act so erotic that watchers called her performance "breathtaking, enchanting, sensually fantastic." This Saturday night had brought out an ever larger group and a group of 20 men had paid twice as much for their place in the audience for the chance to be one of two men who would be allowed to have sex with the beauty for a period of no more than 30 minutes before the audience. Although the owner of the club never revealed the beauty's salary, it was said to bring her in an income exceeding $200,000 a year.

The young beauty who performed under the name of Camille LeMare stood like a statue before the audience, her large cone shaped and firm breasts with nipple rings through her upturned and erect pink nipples thrust out enticing the all male audience. She wore only her ballet slippers and she always started her act with slow pirouettes in a circle around the stage revealing her voluptuous body with arms stretched high above her head and perfect legs and firm jutting buttocks as she moved seductively closer to the men who surrounded the circular stage in rows that were four deep. As she swept erotically around the circle of men she would sometimes extend one leg high out revealing her completely shaved pink labial lips with their perfect fleshy pouted flesh that starkly contrasted with her oiled glittering almost golden skin tone. She roughed her beautiful large nipples that stood firmly erect from their dark brown aureoles so temptingly from her sharp tits. Her long graceful neck holding her beautiful perfectly shaped head proudly. Her flat belly holding in its deep set navel a single white pearl. From time to tip she stretched her legs so far open that not only could one see the slight moist opening of her deep pink pussy but would also get a pleasurable view of her puckered dark brown anal opening between her well formed perfect butt cheeks.

After a few pirouettes around the stage she moved to the single sterling steel dancers bar in the center. She gracefully mounted the bar with one leg and opened her pussy with her her long slender fingers, her long sharp nails threatening to tear her own flesh. The stage began to circle around now giving each of the eye lusting males a glimpse into her open pussy hole with its large white tinted clitoris and the pink folds of her labial lips. Each man was thinking how it would be to mount this beautiful creole sex object and thrust his cock in her fine beautiful fuck hole. With each turn she stretched the labial lips further open for the viewers as she began to move her pelvis in mock sexual thrusts with her leg now holding her on the bar with her heel touching her beautiful thigh. Soon she had inserted two of her red painted fingernails into her open pussy and began to finger her clitoris and make slow deep sounding moans. Her male admirers swallowed hard and rubbed their erect cocks through their pants as she slowly increased the masturbation for her pleasure. She mounted the hard steel bar and rode it thrusting her pelvis into the cold steel robe and riding the bar. She threw her waist backward with her beautiful cone shaped breasts pointed upward and grasped the bar with her hands. Her rib cage was now fully revealed and she spread her legs and used the bar to penetrate the edge of her pussy as thrust her pelvis back and forth along the top of the dancer's bar.

She at this point seemed to have aroused herself to a sensual frenzy and she changed her position on the bar. She opened her legs wide and gripped the bar with the back of her knees and let her body fall backward bending herself back with her mouth wide open, and put her palms on the stage floor thrusting her beautiful breasts out. At this point a large naked black man with a huge erection entered the spotlight with an eight inch hard rubber dildo and as she stretched her beautiful body back and touched the floor he moved to her and slowly turned the dildo as he penetrated her with it to its limit and began to fuck her gently with full deep slow thrusts as she moved her cunt up to meet each thrust with erotic thrusts of her beautiful belly. He fucked her this way for a full five minutes, his own huge cock standing almost at a 90 degree angle out from his firmly muscled black body. When she finally reached an orgasm. She slowly moved her body around the bar almost doubling it and grabbed the bar keeping her knees on the bar and her hands grasping the bar outside her knees. She kept her mouth open and the black man inserted his own hard cock into her and slowly pushed his manhood into her oral opening and pushed at least two thirds of his hard erection down her throat. He slowly fucked her face as the stage turned several times giving the audience a good view of her belly, breasts and yawning pink cunt hole.

Then her male consort removed his cock from her mouth and she swung her body back around to a normal stance and with dancing movements put her belly down on the bar and spread her ass cheeks and the black lover produced a second large dildo with ribs. This dildo looked to be about 8 inches long and at least four inches in circumference. He put a horse's tail on the other end and again using a circular motion inserted this ribbed dildo in her anus. It had the effect of stretching her brown anal eye wide open. He pushed it in her oiled anal passage to the hilt so that she now had the hard dildo stuffed deep in her ass and she swished her hips and her horse's tail erotically. Her consort next attached a chain to the rings in her beautiful full breasts and led the beautiful Camille several times around the stage as it continued its slow circular movements. He went the opposite direction and began to trot pulling the chair and her breasts out as he moved around. Her trots causing her breasts to bounce as she moved.

He stopped and Camille once more lay back on the bar with her pelvis thrust up and her cunt fully open to everyone's view. The dancer's bar lowered a few inches so that the black man could position his huge 12 inch cock into her wide open pussy and fuck the beautiful young woman in deep downward thrusts. He speared her with the full length of his cock fucking her almost angrily. He forced it down into her violently as she screamed with pleasure plumbing her to her limits. Several of the men began to yell excitedly,

"Fuck her deeper! Fuck her harder! Drive your big black cock into her cunt!"

He fucked her wildly for a full 15 minutes and then picked her up so that she was impaled on the full length of his shaft and shifted her body so that he had her ass tail up against his chest and held her up by her breasts with his fingers through her nipple rings stretching her cone shaped tits up as he plowed her while he walked around the stage. The audience could see his cock pushing up into her enwombing her and showing in her belly as he fucked her deep thrusting against the walls of her vagina. One would have thought this would have torn the beauty inside, but she seemed to enjoy it screaming for him to fuck her harder. The two reached a climax at the same time and she fell forward over the dancer's bar which raised slowly up and thrust her breasts and belly out with the angry long cock still impaling her beautiful cunt.

The three men were selected and although most stayed for the following thirty minute gang fuck of the beauty, it could not compare with the show they had already witnessed. She even took all three of the men in her mouth, cunt and anus, but their cocks seemed tiny compared to the massive one she had already enjoyed.

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