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Shopping Spree

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I was shopping in a small clothing store. With several pairs of pants and few shirts and shorts in my hand, I go to the dressing rooms to try them on. In the back are several small booths, three on each side. At the end of the dressing area is a large mirror. Each room has a curtain in front of it to shield the shoppers from watching as you change. I selected the one furthest from the store closest to the mirror and proceeded to undress. I wasn't wearing any underwear and the air conditioning in the store felt good on my naked skin, so I decided to just stand and enjoy it for a while. I could see through the small space between the curtain and the wall a beautiful, barefoot, woman with dark red hair, modeling herself what I guessed were a new pair of cut offs. I chuckled a bit. Why would anyone BUY cut offs when you can just make them? She stood in front of the mirror for quite some time, long enough for me to notice how smooth her fair skin was and how well manicured her toes were. They were painted a deep, dark, rich red that seemed to compliment her skin and match her red hair. She had quite an affect on me as I began to get hard just looking at her. I thought it might have been the fact that I was naked and staring at this woman and she had no idea. I lost myself for a moment and began to slowly stroke my cock until I was fully hard when she suddenly up and turned on her toes and was gone.

I caught my breath and tried on my first ensemble, jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. I stepped out and looked at myself in the mirror. I laughed a little feeling like a tourist. I turned to see how well my ass looked when I thought I saw a curtain move quickly. My cock immediately stirred. Was that the woman I was watching? Then I heard more voices.

It was just two women trying on clothes. I returned to my stall. I was closing the curtain I saw a third approach with bathing suits.

I thought this might be fun. Hopefully they will model the suits for me. I closed the curtain; only this time I left it open a little more so I could see. I disrobed and picked out another outfit, a pair of shorts and a small t-shirt. I'm not in the greatest shape but I looked okay in this outfit.

I heard the other curtain open and held my breath, hoping. Goddess bless me it was the red head again and she was wearing a very sexy White one piece cut high on the thighs and low on the sides so the curve of her breast filled out very nicely. She stood and modeled back and forth a bit.

She turned and faced directly at me. I didn't know if she could see me or not as I was a bit back from the curtain. I got the chance, however, to see that her eyes were a golden green. I caught my breath. I heard another voice.


The red head smiled a wicked smile turned back to the mirror.


I heard them laugh. The red head then slowly reached up and began rubbing her breast till her nipples were rock hard.

"I need to see what I’ll look like when the waters cold"

She giggled. My cock was rock hard and uncomfortable, pushed down in the shorts. They were cut high and the tip of my cock had grown below the hem. I dared myself to go out like this. I took a deep breath and reached for the curtain and pulled it open just as the three girls stepped back into their stall.

Disappointed, I stepped out any way and looked down at how silly I looked with my cock hanging below the hem of my shorts. When I looked up again the red head was standing behind me in a new one piece this was even skimpier. My mouth went dry, she looked at me in the mirror and reached out and patted my crotch.

"I think they're too short for you."

I mumbled something in agreement and scurried back into my stall. I tried to cleverly close the curtain so I could still watch but she walked away. I could hear the women talking and laughing, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. I thought this was the end of my game and stripped down to try on something else.

The air conditioning felt so good on my embarrassed flesh that again I decided to stand for a minute. The idea of that red head was making me hot and hard and I slowly got lost in the idea of her and began stroking my cock. I heard a curtain open up and turned to see if I could peak at the latest outfit, but my curtain was pulled too close to the wall this time. I used my hand and imagination and started stroking my hard cock.

I looked down and to my surprise I saw the beautifully painted toes of the red head pointing in my direction, standing just inches from my curtain. I froze for a moment. Did I make noise? Was I busted? Could she have seen me somehow? Her hand then slinked into my stall from the side. I froze in panic. The rush made my cock even harder. Her fingers expertly found my hard cock. She knew exactly what I was doing.

"I thought so" she said, than slid inside.

The red head, wearing just a bra and panties. Her bra was lacy and sheer and the panties were sheer enough that I could see a line of hair rising up from her well-trimmed pussy. She took my hand in hers and placed it back on my hard cock.

"Is this from me? Do you like me this much? She stroked my hand up and down my cock and pushed me back against the stall. Her other hand on my shoulder she pushed me down, than put her fingers to her lips to hush me.

"Where are your friends?" I asked.

"Out shopping."

She than sat on the small bench and slid her panties down to reveal a well-manicured pussy with swollen lips. I must have immediately drooled. She placed her foot at my lips. I hesitated at first but noticed that she must have wiped it clean from the store’s floor before coming in because it smelled fragrant and felt silky. I took her foot to my mouth and looked up she unsnapped her bra and her breast fell out a natural b cup not too big not too small. She nudged my mouth again with her foot. I took the hint and slowly began to suckle her big toe. She moaned I stopped looked at her and she giggled and shushed herself. I went back to suckling first her big to than each one in after the other. I was lost in her foot while her other foot continued to manipulate my hard cock. At this point, I didn't care where I was, I was in heaven. I never thought I could get such pleasure licking and sucking a foot before. I opened my eyes and saw that she was masturbating with one hand while playing with her breast with the other. My cock got a bit stiffer and started to throb. I could barely breath from excitement. I moved my tongue between each toe and suckled them like they were nipples. I drew my tongue across the sole of her foot from heel to toe and tried to make her cum just from her feet. She eventually pulled her foot from my mouth. I don't know how or why but I would have crawled out through the store on my hands and knees bare ass naked to stop her from leaving. All I did was suck her toes and she had me. She sat up-right on the little bench and pulled my head to her crotch spreading her legs.

"Show me how much you want me." I started by licking her inner thighs just to taste her flesh. It was like nectar to my senses. My head was swimming as I slowly moved to lick her outer lips and bring my tongue along the length of her slit. Her juices flowed like ambrosia and her clit was swollen to a hard nub like I had never seen before. I suckled gently on her clit then flicked it with my tongue until I heard her try to suppress her moans. Then with no warning I extended my tongue and penetrated her, tasting the sweet liquid of her excitement. My chin was dripping with her pleasure. I couldn't stop myself if I wanted too. I continued to lick and suck her pussy until she grabbed a garment and covered her mouth and screamed an orgasm into it. She flooded my mouth and I lapped at every drop I could. She took my head and held me close to her body as She drew me up-ward, she stopped me at her breast.

“Suckle.” I just did as I was told. Both of us were glistening in sweat even with the air conditioning on. She reached down and began to masturbate my hard cock while I sucked on first the left then right breast. Her nipples were hard as she stroked me slowly. She shifted again on the bench and told me to stand up. She took my hand and stroked my cock with it again.

"I want to watch you cum" She got me started than slowly withdrew her own hand. I was so caught up that I couldn't stop I stared at her beautiful naked body.

"My eyes" she said "Look me in the eyes while you masturbate I want you to see me when you cum" My hand started moving faster My cock was dripping only moments from climax. She reached for the curtain and slowly drew it open while I was masturbating. I could see from the corner of my eye, her two friends. They too watched me while I stroked myself. I couldn't believe how excited I was, knowing these women were watching me.

I tried to hold off my orgasm just to savor the moment. Lost in my red heads’ eyes, I stroked faster. My balls tightened, my body flexed and I shot a load of cum bigger than I could remember.

"Bravo" One of her friends replied. The other giggled.

"If he follows us home, can we keep him?"


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