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Bret, the modern-day tarzan 2

marriedslut51 on Reluctance Stories

I took all my clothes off and jumped on the bed. I fingered myself, and played with myself, but not to the point of a climax. As soon as i heard the garage open around 9:30 I put on my silk robe, ran downstairs and pretended to be heating up our dinner. Bret had other things in mind. "Hi how was..." Bret grabbed me and put a finger to my lips. He turned off the stove. "Arianna, you are such a slut. You made me wait ALL day for this!" and with that he whipped his clothes off down to his shorts and he pulled off my robe. As if he couldn't wait he dove down and began to bite my nipples fiercely. I gasped for breath. He scooped me up and carried me to our outdoor pool. He sat in the pool and grabbed me and placed me on top. "I'm sorry Bret. You've been a bad boy lately. I had to punish you somehow." I said with an innocent look on my face. "Well now i'm gonna punsih you for being a naughty bitch." He slapped me across the face, hard and i began to bounce on his cock. 'UGH. You bitch. Harder. It's not good enough." He slapped me even harder. I tried to go faster but it was hard in the water. "You naughty little slut you can't even do it right." he said. "Well then show me, master." He picked me up and threw me on our couch, inside. He began to slam his dick into me so hard, that i could feel it in my stomach. "Mmmm, take it you dirty slut. Lemme fuck you in the ass." I got down on all fours and he slammed into me harder. "OH! Baby dont do it so hard!" It hurt so bad but he continued to bang into me. I just bit my lip and took it. Then i found myself moaning and pinching my nipples. It began to feel good. "Oh baby sit down. It's time for dessert." He sat on the couch and i got ontop again. I jumped up and down faster and faster until he slammed his head into my chest and with a loud "AGH!" his cum gushed into my pussy. They kept gushing and gushing and gushing. "Mmm, master. I see you are satisfied." he smiled up at me and said "Not until i get to taste my wife's lasagna!" and so we went to eat the lasagna. "Doesn't this taste weird to you?" he stared at me with a mouth full of lasgna and said "no..why?" i shook my head. After eating lasagna, we took a shower and went to sleep.


This story is done but a sequel is coming called



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