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I just got home from work,tired,hot,and horny,so I figured I'd shower,then jack off,nothing new. My wife and kids were out for a few hours,so after my shower,I got things ready for my beat off session. Vaseline,towel,found good porno site on internet,and I was ready.

After 22yrs of marriage,my sex life consisted of an occassional blowjob,handjob,and rarely,actual intercourse. My wife is still attractive,just not into sex much anymore,compared to me. I HAVE to get off at least 3 times a week,or I go crazy. She doesn't care that I beat off to porn,takes the pressure off her. At 48,I'm still attractive,6'2",185lbs,average build,but my best feature is my 7"inch cock that I love. Just feeling it in my hands as I beat off feels so good,and sometimes when I cum,I'm able to shoot it in my mouth..what a turn on for me!

As I started stroking my cock,and watching it grow,the  porno had an older lady getting her nice,little assed fucked. I love anal sex,and it was such a turn on. My cock was hard,and it felt so good in between my hands,as I imagined it was me fucking that nice butthole,when the phone rang. I thought..shit!! wifes coming home early,but to my surprise,it was my older neighbor lady(Mrs. Marcis) from down the street.

Now Mrs. Marcis is 67 yrs old,stands 5'1",110lbs,short,brown hair,still very pretty,has a nice body,and a great ass. Its  nice, and little,tight butt cheeks,and when she walks, it turns me on . She has been widowed for 5 yrs now,and her kids are grown and live elsewhere. I have always helped her when she needed something,and we would casually flirt,and talk about sex sometimes. If she only knew that I wanted to fuck her and that great ass of hers!

I answered the phone:"Yes beautiful,what can I do for you today?"She laughed and said:"Oh stop,your always so nice to me,and I'm not that good looking anymore,getting old you know!" I said:"Well I think your hot,and if I wasn't married.....thats another story." She then said:"Are you busy right now?",If she only knew I was stroking my cock faster now,just thinking of her. I said:"Well,I won't be in just a few more minutes,I'm kinda relaxing at the moment,trying to get some relief,cause the wife and kids are gone"She then asked:"What kind of relief are you talking about...the fun kind?" I then said:"Well,to be very honest with you,I'm sitting here stroking my cock,and since I'm talking to you,its getting harder,cause I'm thinking about what it would be like to have sex with you,and especially fuck that great,little ass of yours!"

After a few moments of silence she answered:"I just have to tell you....I've thought many times of having sex with you too. You know its been 5 yrs since I've been fucked,and to be honest..I've never had anal sex before. My husband thought it was gross,but I always wanted to try,and there has been many times that I've masturbated,just thinking of what your cock would feel like in my mouth,and pussy."

Now, I've never cheated on my wife,but I need more sex,and here was my chance. I then asked her:"Well,I'm all alone,and I'll keep my cock hard for you,would you like to come over and fuck me?" She answered:"Are you sure??" I said:"Yes, I want to fuck you so bad,and I'm tired of jacking off as much as I do." I then said:"Please wear that white halter top you have,no bra, so I can see those nice titties you have,and wear that really,short mini-skirt you have,so you can bend over in front of me,and show me that ass I want to fuck,okay?" She said:"I'm getting wet...I've been rubbing my pussy hard for you....don't come yet,wait till I get there."

I couldn't believe I was doing this,but at this point,I didn't care. I want some hot sex,and I was about to get it!. She arrived in about 2 minutes,and when she stepped out of her truck,I about exploded! She was wearing what I told her,and as she leaned back in to get her purse out,that mini-skirt rose up,and there it was! That ass I've dreamed about! It looked so good,and my cock was rock hard. I opened the door for her,said :"Hello hot stuff",as my cock was sticking straight out,since I was naked,"I'm so horny for you!" I closed the door,she looked at me and said:"I've been waiting for this for a long time,and as she kissed me long and deep,she grabbed my cock and started stroking it,and said:"Just tell me what you want me to do,and I'll do it!"

I then told her:"Let me suck on those tits,you stroke my cock,and then I'm going to eat that sweet pusy!" As I sucked on those hard nipples,she made my cock feel good,in her small hands. She began to moan,and said:" My pussy is so wet...."I layed her down on the floor,and attacked that SHAVED!! pussy. It was perfect! So sweet,tight lips,and smelled so good. In seconds, she began to fuck my face with her hot pussy. Screaming:"YES....YES..EAT MY PUSSY.......PLEASE..oh my god,it feels so good!" In just a few more seconds,she yelled:"Coming......coming....I'm coming I licked and sucked like a wild man. She blew her pussy juice everywhere!! Shaking,and quivering,she looked at me and said:"Oh my god,that was great! Its been a long time since I came that hard...your wonderful!!"

I stood up,my cock rock hard again,and said:"Okay,my turn." She said:"Yes...whatever you want." I told her to suck me,she couldn't get my cock in her mouth fast enough.In minutes,she was deep throating me like I've never had done to me before. It felt great,and she looked so hot sucking my cock. I grabbed her head,and began fucking that hot mouth,unreal!  I then pulled out of her and said:"I'm going to fuck your pussy,you know that,but I just got to fuck your tight butthole right now,okay?" She answered:"Yes...yes...fuck my ass baby!"

She turned over on all fours,stuck that ass up in the air,and said:"Put it in,please fuck my ass!" She was still so wet,so as I slowly eased my cock up to that love hole,I said:"I've been wanting this for here it comes!!" Oh my! It was like a teen virgin hole! I could barely get it in. She screamed:"Fuck me!!Fuck my Ass!! I started to go faster and was butthole heaven!! God I love fucking someone in tha ass! After only a few minutes,I screamed:"I'm coming now baby.....I'm coming in your great ass!!. She pushed her as up and down faster. I was buried in that ass...then BAM!! I came like there was no tomorrow!!

Out of breath,I pulled out of her. She licked off the come on my cock. Oh yes!! She then said:" I never knew geting my butt fucked would feel so good...but that was fantastic!!" I then said:"I still got time,so lets shower,and let me make you squirt again,and I want to fuck your pussy baby." She then said:"From now on,I'm all yours,whenever you want to fuck,or need a blowjob,or especially fuck my ass,I'm all your!!"

I'm in sex heaven now,and the wife will never know!!



wow, that is a great story. I do agree older ladies can fuck good since they don't get it often. I would like to fuck her cunt and feel my cum in her.... thanks for making me hard, now I can stroke it since like you I never get it from my wife...


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