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Dressing Room

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I was in a department store at the Mall and wanted to try on a pair of pants so I went looking for the dressing room. I was told by a woman clerk that the closest one was down a back corridor in the storage area. That was fine with me as I was in a hurry.


I was already unzipping and unbuttoning my jeans as I entered the room.   I dropped my jeans to my ankles and closed the door, which automatically turned on the light. That’s when movement caught my eye.


A young woman was standing next to me clutching a dress and covering her semi-naked body. “I’m sorry!” I said and added, “I thought the room was empty.”


She said, “I couldn’t find the light switch so I left the door open a bit.”


“I’ll leave.” I offered and bent to pull up my jeans.


“Um… Could you…” she interrupted and asked, “Could you please clasp my…” She ended her question by pointing to her unclasped bra.


“Sure!” I stated and then she turned around slowly exposing her entire backside to me. A shapely one at that. I raised my hands to clasp her bra but stopped as my eyes scanned her tight ass, with her cheeks separated by a tiny thong. I felt my cock getting hard and then without thinking, I gently put my hands on her waist.


“Ah!” she gasped, “What are you…” My hands dropped down to cup her ass cheeks and she gasped again, “Ah! Don’t…” Then my hands reversed course and came back to her waist and around her stomach moving upwards toward her breasts. “Oh My! You can’t do…”


I slid my hands under her bra and found a pair of C-Cup tits and squeezed them. That’s when she dropped the dress and the bra slid off her shoulders on its own and she moaned, “Mmmmm!”


My cock was rock-hard now and had pushed its way out of my boxers. Looking at her reflection in the mirror was breathtaking. I found her hard nipples and gave them a good squeeze and saw her eyes roll back into her head while she licked her lips and said, “Put this on.” She raised her hand and produced a condom.


I didn’t have to be told twice. I grabbed it, ripped it open and rolled it onto my hard cock. She had removed her thong and was bending over now, holding on to the mirror and simply said, “Fuck Me!”


Fuck her I did. I slid my cock between her spread legs and stuffed it into her hot wet cunt. This bitch was waiting for me… Or any man I expect… To walk in on her and fuck her from behind. I was more than willing to oblige. She pushed back on to my 8” cock and moaned for more. I pushed it in all the way and she gasped, “Oh Yes! Fuck me my big stud! Fuck me! Fuck me!”


I must have fucked her for 10 or 12 minutes when she screamed, “OH GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! I’M CUMMMMING!!!”


I started to explode into the condom at that same moment screaming, “SHIT!!! OH YEAH BABY OH FUCKING YEAH!!!”


I pulled out of her pussy slowly, holding on to the condom so it wouldn’t pull off. The end of the condom was so full of my cum that it kinda popped out. I pulled it off, tied it in a knot and tossed it into a trashcan in the corner. That had to have been the best quickie that I’ve ever had. I didn’t even know her name and was about to ask her when she said with a smile, “Thank you! That was heavenly. Could you please leave me now?”


I was speechless and without saying anything, I pulled up my jeans and was on my way. She was in the act of putting her bra over her shoulders and pulling her dress up in front of her, looking exactly as she did when I first saw her. I shook my head and left the room, grabbing the door to close it and she said, “Leave it open.”


Walking back out into the store, I saw the woman that directed me to the dressing room and she said smiling, “Sounded like you had a good time!”


My face turned beet red and I said, “You knew? What’s going on?”


She comes in every couple of weeks or so and I send her back 5 or 6 men that I think would please her and then she’s on her way. Oh…” she hesitated and pointed, “If you still want to try those pants on, the ‘real’ dressing room is over there.”


I walked towards the “real” dressing room and shook my head thinking… It’s said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame… I guess I just had mine!!!

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