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Me and my step dad

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Finally time for bed. Was all I could even think. After a long day of volleyball tournaments I was more than exhausted. My dark brown hair has been pulled up in a high pony tail all day. When I finally took it down my scalp ached from the release of my hair. I was still sweaty and needing a shower before bed. Luckily, mom is out of town so there will be little talking with just my step dad here. As soon as I shower and eat I’ll be able to get some rest.

I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower. The water is steaming hot. Suddenly I find myself curious. At only fifteen I am still a virgin, and have had very little sexual experience. My first real boyfriend and I did little more than make out. He felt up my breasts, but that’s about it. We were together four months, and we’ve been broken up for about six. My breasts were nothing then like they are now. Now they are a full C-cup and my nipples are slightly darker now then they were then. A beautiful light brown. I sit here waiting while the conditioner does it’s job, and decide to wonder between my legs. I’m the only one to touch myself down there. No man ever has.

I close my eyes and think about this guy from school. Mike. He is so gorgeous and I pretend he is caressing my breasts and slowly moving his hand down my stomach to my pussy. Soon I’m getting wet. I can feel my pulse quicken. I play with my clit for a few minutes. My breathing is quickening. Even though I’m in the shower I feel as if I’m sweating more than I was at volleyball. All 5’8 of me is weak in the knees. Pleading for my fingers to enter. Slowly I start to ease my index finger in…

“Jessie are you okay in there?” Oh my gosh Curt my step dad is hollering at me!!

“Um yes, I’m fine. I’ll be out in just a minute!” I cannot believe this just happened. How embarrassing!

“OK, I just heard you making some noises, wanted to make sure no one else was up here.”

Now that is a weird thing for him to say. “No I’m fine. Give me another quick second.” Curt just caught me masturbating. How humiliating. How am I going to face him.

I hurry up and finish in the shower. Skipping the longing to finish what I started. My pussy was aching still. With a need to slide something or someone deep inside me.

All I want to do is throw on something and run down stairs for a quick bite and back up here and jump into bed. All feelings of exhaustion are gone now. Now the only thing I feel is my body asking for more.

I throw on some boy shorts and my pink tank and go downstairs. Curt is sitting with his boxers and t-shirt on enjoying some television when I catch his eye.

“Nice for you to join me. You OK? Looking kind of flushed?”

“Like I said before I’m fine. What’s for dinner?” I ask. After saying this I noticed just how hot my step dad is. At 45 he’s still a looker. Gained a little of a belly but still in good shape, and a great head of hair. Plus a nice tan from playing on a baseball league.

“Did you hear me?” Curt says suddenly jolting me out of my trance.

“Um, what… no?” Not so smooth on the reply.

“I said whatever you’d like you can have. Help yourself to me or whatever. You really played well today, and looking the way you do you can probably go pro.” The smile he said this with got me wet. I wasn’t expecting the pain in my pussy to scream with even more force as I realized he complimented my looks.

“I’ll just make a quick sandwich and head back upstairs to bed. I’m so tired.” Then after saying this I realized what he had just said. That I can help myself to him. My super sexy step father, who secretly I have fantasized about once or twice. I always played my fantasies off to be because I had not experience with men and he was just a guy that was always around. After giving him another look I realize maybe I fantasize because I want him not as a father figure but as a woman wants a man.

What the hell am I thinking! I start chanting to myself as I rummage through the refrigerator grabbing things for dinner. Step-dad, this is so… wrong. You don’t want your step dad! My inner mumblings were cut off when I heard moaning coming from the television.

“What was that? What are you watching over there? I caught a glimpse of the television right after saying this. I saw a woman and a man naked kissing each other in a way that I wished I could be touched. I think my jaw hit the floor. I believe I had it shut before Curt saw me.

“Well just some soft core movie I found on TV. Would you like to come watch it with me. It think you should. Probably something a girl your age should pay attention to. Teach you some things so you don’t need to ask as many questions.”

Instantly I felt blood rush into my cheeks. My face would be as red as a tomato if I wasn’t so tan this summer. “I have to make dinner.” Was all I could manage to say. As I sit here eating my sandwich listening to what was happening right next to me, every bite got harder to chew and swallow. I wanted nothing more to run over there and watch this. Finally, after finishing dinner, I decided to make my move.

“So you think I should watch this huh? Is it ok if we watch it together?” Even though I managed to get the words out without my voice breaking I knew he saw the fear behind the words. Hopefully he sees the anticipation as well.

“Only if you come sit next to me.” He says after patting the seat next to him. I walk slowly to the couch. I’m so wet by now that I fear Curt can actually see the dampness through my boy shorts. I have always walked around in boy short underwear. Never before having a reason to be ashamed or nervous about it. Now I realize the only thing between us is his boxers and my boy shorts. This thought made me even more excited to sit next to him, and my shorts feel even wetter.

“You see what he’s doing to her? His face is buried in her legs. Well this is called oral sex. Every man and woman should know how to perform this on their partner. Unfortunately this is cable so they wont show you what you need to learn. I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Curt stepped away I felt the urge to chase after him. He was so close yet so far, and I don’t think he has any idea how I’m feeling right now. I sit here and torment myself with inner babblings when finally he returns with a dvd.

“Now this will teach you what you should know. Just don’t tell your mother I have these. Kind of against house rules.” Once again his smile did a number on me.

“Yea, I don’t think I’ll be mentioning this to her any time soon.”

Finally Curt was sitting next to me. “Now Jessie, I’m only showing you this because you’re so beautiful, and a beautiful woman should know how to please her man. At fifteen you want to learn how to please even the most experienced man. Consider myself. At 45, I’ve been married twice. If I met you on the street one day, I wouldn’t be able to stop running our meeting through my mind. All I would think about would be the things we could do together. So I want to make sure you know how to please the right man one day.”

He said a lot, but all I heard was “we could do together”.

“Oh, well I want to please my man one day.” I had to cross my legs after saying this. All this talking about pleasing had me at a brink I’ve never experienced. Words alone could bring me to the most satisfying moment of my life. I’ve never experienced an orgasm. But the need I felt to shove my fingers in my pussy right now was so great, that I almost excused myself and went to bed.

“Ok, then lets watch.” Curt said with yet another seductive smile.

After just a few seconds a man and woman were both naked. Soon the woman was giving him a blow job. I’ve never seen one, but heard about these at school. The woman looked like she was enjoying giving this to him. He was definitely enjoying it as well. I was almost to scared to look at Curt so out of the corner of my eye I gave him a glance. OH MY GOD! He has a boner, and it’s huge! And I can see it through the pee hole in his boxers. Without even thinking my hand slid onto my pussy, and I caught myself giving it a rub. How I wanted to put my mouth on Curt at this moment. I had to use everything I had to stop myself.

“Pretty hot isn’t it. Sorry I should of thrown jeans on. I see you’re enjoying as well.”

My hand was once again between my legs. I was so damp and the pain of needing someone increased to the point of no more control.

“Yea, I’ve never seen anything like this.” My face flushed yet again.

“Can I show you something. I see you’re into the movie, how would you feel about looking at a penis in real life. I can’t help but be hard. Watching this and looking at you. Nothing could make me harder. I tried to keep it down, but since you know it’s here why not take a peek.”

“OK.” The word escaped my mouth before I could stop it. Much to quick of a response and he noticed. Instead of just slipping his penis through the hole, he slid his boxers down and kicked the reclining seat on the couch back. Then he laid the back down and soon he was laying there with nothing on but his t-shirt. His dick was huge. And as hard as a rock. I kept starring and my hand went back between my legs. “Can I touch it?” Once again I spoke without thinking.

“Of course. You have to learn about this some how. Give me your hand.” Curt grabbed my hand and guided it slowly to the tip of his penis. Then he slowly slid my hand down until I reached the balls. Then he cupped my hand around his balls, and told me to take a closer look.

“Taste it.” He said.

“What?” My voice is practically a moan now. Holding nothing back I did as he asked. I stuck my tongue out and guided it from his balls up to the tip of his cock. Just like the girl did in the movie.

“So how does it taste?”

“Amazing, can I have more?”

“Sure. This time put your mouth on it and move up and down like in the movie.”

I find myself eagerly taking his cock into my mouth. The explosion of wetness between my thighs was extreme. I’ve never felt like this, and the feeling was intensifying with every bob of my head. Suddenly he pulls me away and off of him.

“Now I’m ready to see you, and teach you how a man should touch you.”

“OK.” Once again my speak was so weak and needful.

“Stand up and get in front of me.” Curt sat the recliner back into seat position and sat up. Waiting for me to walk in front of him. I did as told. “Now take off your tank.” I did as told yet again. “Now slide your bottoms off and stand in front of my face.”

As I pulled my shorts down I noticed a huge wet spot in them. The instance my shorts weren’t there to collect the moisture I could feel the juices gathering between my thighs.

“Now this is an eager woman. Already your steps above all the rest.” Curt said.

Then slowly he grabbed my legs and spread them apart from one another. I was standing there naked and completely exposed. The little hair on my pussy was all that hid me from him.

His tongue touched my right knee, then slowly raised up the inside of my thigh. Just before reaching my pussy he stopped, then took his tongue to my left knee and slid his tongue up my left inner thigh. This time he did not lift his tongue off my body. Instead his tongue moves to the front of my thigh, and up towards my belly button. Then up my stomach and onto my left breast.

I’ve never felt a tongue on my body before. So warm and moist. His tongue traces both my left and right nipple, and soon I’m grabbing his hair. Pulling him into me with force and need.

“What are you needy for?” What did he just say? Breaking me from my trance. I realize what he has asked me.

“You, I am ready for you and all you want to give me.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Now his mouth reaches onto my neck, and kisses and licks up to my earlobe. Goosebumps rise across my body, and I find myself searching for his mouth. I kiss him, and kiss his neck. I kiss his nipples, and stomach. Then his hands find my still damp hair, and he pulls me back up and I look at him.

“I haven’t kissed the most important thing of all.”

“His tongue hits me like a shockwave. First licking the outside of my pussy lips, then slowly running his tongue inside. On and around my clit. The urge I felt between my legs was now painful, and I wanted to force his tongue inside me. Just then I felt it.

His tongue slid into me, in and out. Licking and sucking everywhere. I never felt so much pleasure. Then it stops.

He pulls away yet again, and this time I cannot take it. I push him back and lick him. Lick his balls, and his cock. I again shove his massive hard dick into my mouth and bob up and town. Hearing him moan only makes me wetter. My pussy is aching again. Needing more than ever someone inside it.

First the pain hits me. The pain quickly turns to moans and pleasure when I realize he has shoved his two fingers inside. He’s moving them in and out, and the pain is intense, but nothing like the pleasure superseding it.

“How do you feel?” He manages to say. “You’re so amazing. I’ve dreamt of this since I met you when you were thirteen, and now it’s coming true.

“Me too.”

I grab his fingers and shove them back towards my pussy. His mouth opens and he takes me back in. Kissing me and rubbing between my legs. “Do you really want to become mine tonight? I can take something of yours, and it will make you mine.”

Instantly I wanted this. I knew he was talking about my virginity, and I wanted him to have it. I wanted his cock up inside me. I wanted him to always have this piece of me.

“Come here.” He pulls his fingers away and stands up. Lets go up to your room for this.

I follow like a lapdog. Needing him more and more, wanting him inside me more with every step towards my bedroom.

“I’ve always wanted to come in here, and touch. Every night I dream of this, and now it’s happening.” His words catch me off guard. I’ve thought of him, but the fact he wants me just as much aches me more.

“Lie down.”

I do as told. He climbs on top of me. “This is going to hurt, but soon that pain will be replaced by pleasure.” His lips met my large breasts again, and then I felt the tip of his cock rubbing in between my legs. For a minute he rubs the tip back and forth, both of us breathing harder each time. Then I feel it. At first there is no pain. Only satisfaction of the need being fulfilled with him. Then the pain hits and I bite his neck to gain relief.

Curt’s breathing quickens and he bites me back. Soon the pleasure takes over. No more pain. We take each other with our mouths on each kissing and licking every part exposed.

“You on the pill?”

“Yea, I am” I reply.

“Good. I’m staying in you until I’m through.” He continues to pump, and my pussy is still wet. Loving each and every stroke from his penis. A feeling I’ve never experienced comes over me. Getting closer and closer within reach. I hold my breath, and suddenly my explosion happens. I have what can only be called an orgasm. The intense pleasure knocks my head back, and I grab his hips.

“Stop”. I needed him to quit so I could regain my control.

He pauses and sees what has just happened. “I got you off. You lose your virginity and have an orgasm. You’re one amazing girl.”

After waiting only a second he pulls his cock out. I want more. “Put it back in!” I plead.

“I am.” He penetrates me with force. And shoves in and out, in and out. The pleasure/pain is intoxicating. Then he grabs my shoulders and pulls himself into me deeper.

“Change of plans.” He says. “I want to end like this instead.” He pulls himself out and off of me grabs the back of my head, and shoves it on his cock. Then begins to make me give him a blow job. Only seconds pass until there is a huge explosion inside my mouth. My first instinct was to pull away, but then the goodness took over as I realized what was happening. He was cumming and I couldn’t want anything more. I shoved my face harder onto him, and swallowed every last drip.

As I pulled away a little rested on the tip of his cock. I licked it off, then laid down. He laid beside me stroking my hair, and rubbing my breasts. “Goodnight until tomorrow morning when we do this again.” He said.

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