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Me my Mom and our neighbour

davidj on Sex Stories

I am 16 and I live in an apartment block temporarily until my Mom decides where she wants to live now she has separated from my father.

The guy opposite us is about 26 and has a high attrition rate in girlfriends. He certainly has a lot of girlfriends who leave in the early hours. My mom is fascinated with him and about a month ago I found her talking to him in the lobby.  She came up with me and I said what are you talking to him for, you say he is some sort of gigolo. She told me he had spoken to her and she responded to be sociable.

It soon turned out that he was just what she thought but she was now involved with him and she began disappearing after I went to bed and came home in the early hours. She didn’t think I knew, and when she found out I did, she just left to visit him earlier. She had me at 18 so she is not much older than him really. It soon became obvious she was enjoying his company and the other girls were no where near as frequent.

One day I came up in the lift with him and he was so nice. Mom was away for a few days on business and I was living alone and can cope quite well having had a bit of experience. He invited me in for a meal and you don’t have to be Einstein to work out what happened. He seduced me and I went like a lamb to the slaughter. He didn’t have to work hard at getting me interested. And after the meal we went to bed together. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had and I can understand why my mom is infatuated with him. He is kind, gently and most thoughtful and did everything to make me feel like a queen for the night, even though I wasn’t wearing a crown or a gown, I was naked.

Before I allowed him to sleep with me I asked him what would happen when my mother found out, because I knew she would and I was not going to miss out on being seduced by a guy that I would have crawled over hot coals to get to him. He said for me not to worry about that he would make sure she understood. This was kinky, I was going to sleep with the same guy who sleeps with my mom in the same bed and be treated by him in the same way she is.

Anyhow he took me into his bedroom and we kissed and he undressed me and then lay me  on the bed and talked to me as he undressed himself and told me all about what was going to happen and how he would do it so I would not experience any pain or worries about me and my mom. I was fascinated with his extremely hard and physical body and his penis while it was soft, was about 5 or 6 inches long hanging down. I could not take my eyes off it. He could see me looking and asked if I knew the difference between a circumcised cock and an uncircumcised one and I said I did but not why some guys did, and others didn’t, so he explained it to me.  His was circumcised and looked wonderful. All his hair was cut very short. I have mine in a strip like my mom. He asked me if I would like to feel and play with his cock as I had not done much with boys apart from seeing a few in the nude and one night at a party watch two masturbate and ejaculate. He got me to hold his cock and feel him and I could not believe it when as I played with his cock and balls and his cock gradually began to get hard and before I realised it he was erect and I was now holding and looking at a rigid cock that was shortly to take my virginity. It was fascinating. He got me to sit on the edge of the bed and hold his cock and showed me how to masturbate him. As I did that he fondled my breast and I was getting so wet down below. Then he asked me if I would like to do what my mom liked best and I said what was that and he said take me in her mouth.  I had often watched porn video of girls sucking guys off and none of them looked like they hated it so I said ok. I asked about him cumming and that I had never done it before or had cum in my mouth. He said after we have been doing it for a while you can decide and I can cum in your mouth and swallow it or spit it out or he could take it out and I could finish him off by hand.  That sounded ok to me.

Without a moments thought I opened my mouth and held his cock and then put my lips over it and within 30 seconds I was really enjoying the sensation of his warm cock in my mouth. I don’t know what I was expecting but it felt nice. The feeling of the top of his cock in my mouth felt great. He gave me a few clues about rubbing my tongue around the head of it and over the eye of it.  I was holding it with one hand and sucking at the same time. He didn’t attempt to fuck my mouth he let me do all the moving and pretty soon I believed I was getting it right and he was enjoying me doing it or he said he was.  He asked if I liked my head being held and I said I hadn’t done it before so I didn’t know so he showed me what he meant and I said I didn’t mind either way but possibly not being held was better.

I worked on him for about 5 minutes and was having a ball with his cock in my mouth and playing with his balls with one hand and holding his cock with the other. My cunt was dripping wet and I was making a wet patch on his sheet.

Then he said you have to decide quickly if you want me to cum in your mouth or not, you have done a good job on me and I am nearly ready to cum and I just looked into his eyes and gave him the message with my eyes and lips, he was going to have to cum inside my mouth. I was prepared for whatever it would be like. As he came he gently held my head but not too hard and I felt his semen warm and wonderful filling up my mouth and all over my tongue. He murmured softly as each spurt filled my mouth. I had more than I could hold in there so I swallowed some and it went down no problem. By now I was beginning to get the taste of it which some girls said tasted awful and other said it was ok and a bit salty. I didn’t mind and could say it was a bit sort of salty or a bit like vinegar, I couldn’t quite say what it tasted like really, it was a new experience for me. It didn’t matter - I liked it and the fact I had sucked a man off for my first time was exciting. When he removed his cock there was still a string of cum dripping out of the hole at the end. I put it my palm and looked at it. I had not seen cum before and it was fascinating. He noticed me looking and milked some more out for me to look at. I always imagined you could see the sperms but he assured me they were microscopic and not visible unless under a microscope. Seeing him standing there with his soft cock and knowing I had sucked him dry and tasted his cum made me feel really great.

Without a word he just lifted my legs up and pushed me back across the bed a bit and then said lift your legs a bit more and I spread them wider and pulled them back and the next thing was he was sucking me dry. I could not believe how wonderful it felt with his mouth and tongue licking and sucking my juice up. I didnt last more than a couple of minutes and I came. I could not control myself and I bucked and squirmed and moaned with the exquisite feeling of it. I had often masturbated and never have I had an orgasm like it.

He said you were very quick, I said I was almost there earlier when I was sucking you, I was so worked up seeing you cock and feeling and seeing it in my mouth gave me goose bumps and as you know my cunt juice just gushed down . He said I shouldn’t say this but you taste better than your mother. I knew now even she did this with him.

Now he said are you ready for the biggest thing in our life.

I said do you mean you are going to deflower me.

He said that’s one word, de-virginize is another and if you really want it rough, fuck you.

I said I want all three at the same time, I want you to make this the best time of my life.

He said you are just like your mom, she loves it in every way shape and form.

I said I just want to be fucked in a way I will always remember it.

I had just had a taste of what oral sex can be like and if being fucked is even better then I want that too.

He got up on all fours and knelt between my legs.

I was ready and laying back on the bed. I looked down at him and his cock was hard and dangling down as he knelt between my legs.

He said ok lets do it slowly and he sort of crawled so he was over me and kissed me softly and I responded and kissed him back and in a moment we were kissing like I had always believed was possible, and none of the boys I had kissed were as good as him. He then lay on top of me and I could his hard cock on my lower tummy. It felt great and then as we kissed he touched my nipples and then put his hand between my legs and I opened my legs for him to finger me. He rubbed me outside but did not put a finger into me. I have never felt more like a woman ever before. I was naked and had a naked man over me and we were both ready for sex and it felt amazing. My whole mind and body was concentrated on my vagina and my nipples, all my feelings were there and it felt great. I had never felt so vulnerable before and wanting him to put his penis inside me and kiss my nipples. I thought I would have an instant orgasm if he even touched me with his cock. My heart was beating hard with anticipation. He looked me in the eyes and I almost melted I wanted him so badly, and I knew within a minute he would have his penis inside me and  we would be joined together by his penis and my vagina and for the first time in 16 years somebody would be actually  making love to me.

Then I got this image in my mind of my mother being in the same position as I was and him over her and about to fuck her. I shivered with he feeling I shouldn’t be doing this and that I was doing something my mother did which was truly adult and I was only 16. Sweet 16 and never been fucked – well not for another minute at least. I imagined what he must be thinking, first my mother and now her daughter. Who would be the best.

He said are you sure you want to go ahead with this, you seem a little distracted. I said no I was just thinking this is my first time and with a man not a boy, and I want it to be sooooo good. He said does it bother you that your mother and I have done this. I said no. I was just thinking that a moment ago, my mother was in exactly the same position as I am and with the same man. He laughed and said well not quite – she likes to be on top to start with.

God I said is she that sexy. He said if you can be half as good as her you will be gold medal class. She is one of the most wonderful women I have ever slept with.

Shit I hope you two don’t get married or something I don’t know what would happen then, the both of us sharing our cock.

He said there is no hope of marriage but there is the distinct possibility I could be sharing you both. Seeing you are so inexperienced I can shape you exactly the way I like my women to be in bed, and do all the things that make me happy and then ensure that you are fully satisfied as well. It is important that the girl be as happy as the man and has as many orgasms as he does if she can.

Don’t girls cum every time I asked.

Not every time – some do and many don’t he said.

Hell I hope I can cum .

That remains to be seen and it wont be my fault if you don’t a lot of that has to do with the woman. Now you will never know if we don’t get this started are you ready.

Please be gentle with me I said , I know its going to hurt and seeing its my first time I know I will bleed and it will hurt me, particularly looking at that big wonderful cock of yours.

Shit he said I forgot, I don’t want a mess on the sheets, let me get a towel.

He placed my bum on the towel in case I bled a lot. Then we got back to the positions we were in before and because of the delays his cock wasn’t as hard as before so he said play with it. As soon as I touched him it hardened up and I though holy cow its feels so big in my hand and I am sure it wont fit into my cunt. I didn’t say anything but I knew it was going to hurt and I thought well its now or never really. I believed it would be better with him who was experienced rather than some boy who may or may not have any experience at all. I knew now why my mother liked him so much, he must have filled her cunt completely and mine was going to be a tight fit.

He said ok lets get this over with, I don’t know if I am doing the right thing here with you.

I said I will make sure you like it.

I lay back on the bed and opened my legs and spread the lips of my vagina for him. He lifted my feet and pushed them back onto my shoulders and said put your arms under your legs, hold them up and put you hands on my shoulders and then I can support your legs that way and it will feel good for you too.

He put his cock between my labia lips and I felt it push them apart and I could feel the pressure against my vagina. He was concentrating on getting it in and I was watching it now down between my legs and it looked twice as big as it had before. I was pleased I had recently shaved my pubic hair again and I was nice and smooth except for my strip. I knew my mom was completely shaven and she had done that recently since she had been sleeping with him. He pushed a bit harder and slowly and said how was that and I said fine, its not hurting at all then he went in further, I saw the top of his cock disappear into me and felt it as well. So far so good.

Then he said ok I can feel my cock has touched your hymen so get ready this will hurt.

Before I knew it, he pushed his cock hard and right into me. I was still resting upon my elbows watching his cock going into me the feeling was not what I was expecting, I collapsed back on the bed and raised my pelvis to his to try and get him into me and the pain over fast. He had taken my breath away with the sudden tearing pain sensation as he went into me. It felt like he had put a hot poker into me it really hurt and my cunt felt like it was burning, more like a chinese burn you get on your arm but it was between my legs and inside my vagina. I could feel this huge thing inside me and the lips of my vagina were tightly wrapped around his cock and I could feel it warm and wet down there, I was bleeding, I knew it. I was too shocked to talk, I just lay there with him on top of me and it was all I could do to bear the pain of him inside me.

He stopped when he was right down deep inside me. His cock was at least 7 or 8 inches long and quite thick and now it was hard and deep inside me stretching my vagina to accept his hard cock, the largest thing it had ever had inside it.

He said to me good girl, you handled that well, a few girls have screamed when I have broken through like that.  You feel fantastic you and your mother are going to be favourites of mine. She would have been proud of you seeing you lose your virginity like that I am very proud to be the one who shared that with you.

I was still more or less speechless lying there feeling him inside me and I could still feel the pain of him ripping my hymen apart or whatever it does. I gather it is like the skin on a blister and as soon as you break it, it just shrivels up and you feel his cock rubbing against the raw skin which is what makes it sore. Anyhow so long as he didn’t move I was ok, it was hurting but slowly the pain was easing down. I was sore and I was going to feel it for a while. I thought when he started to fuck me the pain would kill me. Any how he just lay there with me telling me how good I was and that from now on I would just love the feeling of a man inside me and enjoy hundreds of orgasms this way instead of using my finger. He kept talking to me I gather trying to take my mind of the pain I had inside my cunt. Eventually after a minute I could talk and said that hurt more than I realised and I had no idea it was as bad as that. He said a lot of girls experience pain like me and others don’t feel anything and he believes that they must have broken their hymen masturbating or putting things inside them when they play with themselves. I said I wish I had then because I never imagined it was going to be that bad.

Then he said how is it feeling now , would you like me to take my cock out of you or what. 

I said no way, if I have gone through this much pain I want to make my first fuck memorable no matter what. I would hate to think I chickened out because it hurt. Anyhow it gets better I hope.

He said lets just lay together and I will soften a bit and I love just being here with you I think you are really special. Your mom and I have great times together and I hope you will be as good as or better than her. She really knows how to fuck and I want to teach you to be as good.

I thought what would my mom think of me if she saw me on his bed like her and him fucking me. I don’t know if she would get mad or be proud of me. Anyhow I felt like a little girl now as I was completely naive about my first time and losing my virginity. I always imagined it would be wonderful. Then he moved his cock inside me and it felt good, I imagined it was going to hurt me again but it didn’t. The pain had subsided but I was still sore in a funny sort of way, it hurt but I liked it. My cunt was feeling unlike it had ever felt before and in many ways it felt good.

He pulled back but not right out of me and we both looked down at his cock in me and we could se it was covered in my virgin blood, it looked good even so. Then he took it out and I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed. I said is that all we are going to do.

Not likely he said, I am going to make sure you actually enjoy your first time ever and the first time with me, we are going to do this a lot from now on and I am going to show you how wonderful it can be. If I can I want you to have an orgasm with me on your first time. He looked down at my cunt and said you didn’t bled much, you don’t normally bleed much at all, its just like a cut on the skin, it bleeds for a minute then stops, you are fine. There is blood all around you but that will help you enjoy the next bit and make you nice and wet. I don’t mind having blood on me, I do every now and again when I fuck a girl with her periods.

I said yuk, fancy doing that when you have a period, wouldn’t it be messy. He said it can be depending upon the girl and the time, you know yourself you bleed more at some time than others, particularly when it runs down, I believe you can actually feel it running down.

I said yes you can, I can feel it often when I have them.

Now he said lets get everything back in its place. I don’t think it will hurt you this time, is it still sore.

I had forgotten about the pain after he pulled his cock out, and said no I know you have been in me but it’s a nice sort of pain if you know what I mean. My cunt has this weird feeling.

Right he said lets get it back in and we can do some good fucking with you, and get you to have a nice time and a big climax.

He put his cock in and I was prepared for it to hurt again. He slid his blood covered cock back into me and while I could feel him going into me and that my cunt was tight around his cock, it went in easy and the blood and stuff in my cunt made it feel real slippery and I rather enjoyed it once I realised it wasn’t hurting. I said hey that feels much better, I like that feeling when you go in to me.  Then he slowly began to fuck me and I started to feel him, it felt great, not only knowing he was fucking me and it wasn’t hurting but just to have him on top of me and his cock inside me and just fucking with him. I said kiss me

He smiled at me and said well that is a relief, I thought you were going to say enough was enough and stop. I am glad you are your mothers daughter, I am sure she would be proud of you. I said have you ever talked about fucking me to her and he said no never. I did ask if she thought you were still a virgin and she said I think so and certainly hope so at her age. Now I wonder what she thinks when she knows you and I have done it together and taken your virginity.

She has asked me occasionally what happens if boys want to touch me and I used to get all embarrassed but she said there is nothing wrong with boys trying it but I was never to let them undress me or touch me down there. Little did she know I have let a lot of boys feel me but never put anything into me.  Also if she knew I had seen them masturbate she would also get up tight.  Then I said hey what happens if you cum inside me I might get pregnant I am not on the pill.

He said don’t worry, I have had a vasectomy and I cant get women pregnant now. I said whats that? and he told me about getting his tube cut in his balls and when he cums, I get semen inside me but no sperm, that just goes into his balls and not into me. I said how does that all work and he said I will explain it to you afterwards but believe me I cant get you pregnant. Your mother and I have done it so often and she is not on the pill either and she hasn’t got pregnant yet, nor have any of the other girls I have done it with.

I said does that mean you can never have kids and he said yes.

I said when I swallowed your cum, is it any different to another guy.

He said not to taste or look at. Its just looks and feels the same, you cant tell by looking at it you have to see it under a microscope to see the sperms.

I said I will try that at school one day. I never have heard of that before. I am sure a guy will jack off for us to look at his cum.

He said that will be interesting and then he said how does it feel now. He had been fucking me for a minute or so and I hadn’t really noticed it hurting or anything. I had been talking to him about his vasectomy while he had been fucking me and I hadn’t realised  and I hadn’t noticed it. It wasn’t hurting and I was beginning to get some feeling back into my cunt after the pain of his first time in me..

Then I concentrated on him fucking me and I could feel his cock inside me and it was beginning to feel nice. I said wow that’s feeling fantastic. I like the sensation of your cock slipping and sliding up and down inside me I can actually feel it inside me now, and every now and again I can feel it on my clit. He said that’s great I am so happy its not hurting you. We fucked and talked about some of the girls he had fucked and I was beginning to really relax and enjoy not only being fucked but talking about fucking like I was one of his regular girls. I had a quick thought of what my mom would look like being fucked by him with her long legs.  She would have been in the same position and the same bed with the same guy getting fucked and what she must look like having him fuck her. It wasn’t until I got really comfortable and he was gently fucking me and I was just laying there enjoying it, that I realised he had a big mirror on his wardrobe and I could actually watch him fucking me. The sight of the two of us naked and him on top of me and seeing his nice ass going up and down and feeling his cock going in and out of my cunt that I began to get really worked up, it was really sexy watching him actually fuck me and me laying there with him on top of me doing it to me. I couldn’t believe I was actually watching and enjoying seeing myself getting fucked. Each time he thrust himself into me my boobs moved and my body shook and it was fantastic watching it.  He saw me looking and said come on lets move around so you can watch us together. Then you can get on top of me and watch yourself actually doing the fucking. I was in sex heaven, being fucked for the first time and seeing myself and with a guy who was a real stud and making it last really long for me. Some girls told me their first fuck lasted a couple of minutes before the guy came and ended it before she actually got started. There was no way he was going to cum and we had been fucking for about 5 minutes he seemed to like fucking me. I said am I ok, am I doing it right, do you want me to do something to make it better for you.

He replied no you are great, I am having a good time, your little cunt is giving me a nice time and it feel great, you are nice and tight and I am enjoying myself and I think you are too. I said I am in seventh heaven, I cant believe how good it is. I said is your cock big or normal, and he said its normal really its seven inches long and there are some bigger and others smaller but mine is about average. I said its better than average as far as I am concerned - its so much better than I imagined it was getting fucked. This is heavenly. Some of the girls who have talked about it never have told me its like this. I said I will have to tell them how good you are and they will want it from you too. He said that’s not likely - I am a bit below my standard fucking you at your age, I don’t normally fuck girls as young as you and if it were not for your mother and the fact you were a virgin, I don’t think I would be now.

I said let me try being on top and we rolled over and I got on top of him and I worked around till his cock was at my opening and I slowly pushed it down into me as I slid down the length of his shaft. It felt fantastic. She is a pretty good fuck and you have the makings of being as good if not better. I said right oh tell me what I have to do to get you to cum and me too. Does it always happen together like the movies.  He laughed and said no it doesn’t happen that often but it can. I said can we try I would love to be fucked and have an orgasm with you. He said right now when you masturbate you concentrate on your cunt and clit, is that right. I said yep, then he said imagine my cock is your finger and then concentrate on my cock doing what your finger does. I said your cock is so much better than my finger so he said ok concentrate on my cock and where its touching and rubbing, let me know where you like it and we will go for a simultaneous orgasm if that what you want.

I said I just want you to fuck me, to make love to me, to shag me, do it all, I want to have an orgasm and to have your cum inside me I want to feel it all inside me. He laughed and said ok lets go and he told me to roll over so he was on top again and lifted himself up and began to fuck me much faster and harder and my whole body was shaking with the effort of him really fucking me hard now. It felt so much better. I gave myself a little rub on the clit but I didn’t need to do it for long as I began to feel my climax building up and he could tell as I went quiet and from the look on my face. He said lets me know when you are nearly there and I will give you the best orgasm you have ever had, and before I could do anything I sort of yelled its happening oh Christ I’m cumming, go harder, go harder please, please go harder…… oh fucking hell do it hard, really hard, I could feel this amazing sensation in my cunt and up into my stomach, I was squeezing my cunt so hard around his cock and my tummy muscles were so hard and tight. He said nothing but put his head down and rammed his cock into me so hard  I thought it would come out my ass, and kept really pounded his cock into me and the whole bed was shaking he was doing me so hard. I could hear our flesh smacking together every time he got himself right down hard into me. The sensation in my whole body was becoming fantastic and I was almost uncontrollable with the way he was bringing on my orgasm.  I was beginning to lose control of my entire body this orgasm was overwhelming and I couldn’t help myself, he was doing it to me in a way I could never imagine, I could really feel his cock reaming my cunt out and I was grunting every time his body slammed down on me and his cock was up into my stomach almost he was going so far into me, I had widened my legs to let him get into me further and I guess I could feel his cock slamming into my cervix. Whatever he was doing was making this the most amazing sensation I have ever had. I was being really well fucked by a professional fucker. I gather I may have been his youngest conquest, I was screwing up my face trying to delay this fantasic feeling and orgasm as long as I could and he said to me just as I could not hold back any longer, are you ok, I looked at him and nodded and smiled, I was incapable of talking and then ……………………………W    H    A    M……… it hit me and my whole body sort of went into convulsions and I could not control myself. I thought I was peeing myself the sensation was so intense, and I had lost complete control of my entire body, the entire sensation was fantastic but also frightening, he was still reaming my cunt out with his cock and my clit was almost bursting, if that is possible, but it was so tender or sensitive I couldn’t control myself.     I was thrashing about on his bed violently and my head was nearly shaking off I was so physical. I was bucking and bouncing so hard I nearly threw him off. Then he slowed down and screwed up his face and grunted a few times and I knew he was cumming in me. I couldn’t feel anything but looking at him was wonderful, he was in raptures as his cock flooded my insides with his sperm free cum. I had been fucked and was no longer a virgin and he had cum into me and I had a mans semen inside me, I was now a woman. I had been done so well by him, I don’t think I could ever repeat the sensation ever, I could not believe that my first time could have been that fantastic. Many girls have told me a bout their first fuck and losing their virginity and it was mostly horrible.  I lay there thinking about how wonderful it felt and the sensation in my vagina leading up into my tummy. I could feel him still in me but he wasn’t. There was a sort of soreness where he had been a bit rough inside me and I guess for my first time I would be a bit bruised or stretched or something inside, anyhow I could feel that it was a bit uncomfortable but in a wonderful way. I would never feel like this again and I just wanted it to last for ever. He said I only wish your mother could have seen that, you were magnificent. I wish all my girls could cum like that, that was the best fuck I have had in years. I said better than my mom – he smiled and said believe me your mother would have been so proud of you, you were magnificent. I just hope I havnt hurt you we got a bit carried away for a while and I was a bit more physical than I normally am but you were so good and I havnt fucked anybody like you ever before. I said its a bit sore but a nice feeling all the same. He said actually you are my first virgin and the youngest girl I have ever fucked. I could see he was really happy and his cock was now hanging down and swinging about as he moved, slopping my bloody cunt juice all over his thighs. His cock was still leaking a bit of cum and it hug down from the eye of it in a string before it dropped off. I could imagine what my cunt looked like.

I sat up and put my legs over the edge of the bed. There was a bloody patch on the towel and I looked at it and thought that’s my virgin blood. Then I looked in the mirror at my bloody cunt. There was a thin layer of blood all around it, not as bad as my periods but there was a bit. I thought there would be more but I evidently didn’t bleed too much, about half an egg cup full or less I would guess.

He saw me looking in the mirror at my cunt and said just wait there for a minute lay down again and keep it all in for a moment.

When he came back a minute later he had his camera and he got me to pose naked lying on the bed. He took about 10 in different angles then a few of my face and tits, then with my cunt very visible and told me to hold it open with my fingers. I guess he took about 10 or 12 photos of it as well. Then he took a couple of the towel with the blood on it. I then asked if I could take a couple of his cock before he washed it so I could remember the first cock I ever had inside me and the one that took my virginity. He helped me operate it and I got some great photos of it and he even got it hard for me to get a photo of it as it was when he fucked me.

I was really horny still, I was still on my virgin fuck high, I was so pleased with myself.

His cock was still firm and he put the camera down and he said lets have a shower and clean up, I said just wait a moment and lent down in front of him and took his bloody cock into my mouth and sucked it. I was basically high on sex and nothing was beyond possibility.It tasted really salty and quite different with my blood and our love juice on it. It wasn’t too bad but it did have a strange taste. He said holy cow, are you a vampire, I looked up into his eyes with my mouth wrapped around his cock and smiled and nodded. He was hard again and it felt great in my mouth. My sperm and cunt juice mixture began to leak out of my cunt and drip on his floor and  he said don’t worry I can clean that up afterwards.

I sucked him for about 3 or 4 minutes and he started to cum and I took the entire lot of his cum and swallowed it, cum blood and cunt juice. He said I cannot believe you, you are something else, you mother would be amazed at the sex loving daughter she has.

I said I don’t know who is going to tell her what we have done, I think I should, but I want to make sure you are home because she will go ballistic about it and may want to kill you or fuck you, I don’t know which. 

He said come on lets not worry about that lets have a shower together and we went into his two person shower and we each cleaned our selves up, not that he had anything on his cock, I had sucked that off but his legs and stomach were covered in our slime. I tried to wash as much of the mess out on my cunt as I could using the shower rose which you can hold in your hand, flushing it up me and letting it run out. I got myself pretty clean really and he was fine.

We dried each other off and then he said lets celebrate and he took me into his lounge room and opened a bottle of Champaign and we drank about half of it. Then he took me by the hand and led me back into his bedroom which now had a strong smell of sex. I hadn’t noticed it before but it really smelled like sex, our sweat, the smell of my cunt and our cum and stuff. It was a unique smell.

I thought I knew what was coming and got onto the bed and got ready for another fuck, something I really wanted.  He had the bottle of Champaign with him and he got me to sit on the edge of the bed. He said this is to celebrate our wonderful time together and may there me lots more. Then he said lay back a bit and I watched him gently push the neck of the Champaign bottle into my now clean cunt a bit and lift my legs up to get the Champaign inside me. It felt great all cold and the bubbles made me all tingle inside me. He told me to stay like that and with me still laying on my back he carefully took the neck of the bottle out of me and then got down on me and sucked me with Champaign in my cunt.

What with his mouth and the tingling sensation of the Champaign bubbles I came really quickly. It was a great orgasm and I bucked about a bit as he licked my clit and fingered me at the same time. This guy was fantastic and really knew how to make a girl feel great. I wondered how many of the things he did to me he had done with my mom.

Then as soon as he was finished sucking on me I just lay there while he finished the Champaign and I was getting my breath back. He really gets me hot and my heart races and I have to really breath deep to get myself back to normal after he gives me these fantastic orgasms.   I could feel the alcohol beginning to take effect and I was really enjoying the entire experience. As I lay there completely relaxed as he just got back on the bed lifted my legs up and put them over his shoulders and put his cock right into me and started to fuck me again and the sensation of his cock slipping into my Champaign lubricated cunt mixed with  my juice and  his cock rubbing along the walls of my cunt walls  was just wonderful. What with all the orgasms I had so far and the Champaign I was like putty in his hands I just lay there and let him fuck me. It was like I imagine heaven to be like. We didn’t say much as I was really enjoying being fucked by his beautiful cock again. A couple of times we changed position and I have never enjoyed anything in the nude as much as I enjoyed being fucked by him and feeling his naked body against mine – it was awesome. Never ever have I felt this good. I felt like I had been fucking for years I was now an old hand at it just laying there while he and I just fucked. We didn’t kiss a lot but every now and again he would kiss me lightly and make my nipples hard just with the sensation. Sometimes I got on top other times he did it from behind me and then on top of me, we had so much fun getting our cock and cunt together in what ever position it was. He said to me one night you can come over and we can start on the Karma Sutra. I had never heard of it and said what’s that? He said I will show you when I have cum and you can pick out the positions you would like to do this in.  It’s a book on fucking positions and it is great fun.

I wasn’t going to be worried I knew now he wanted me again and that made me happy. I though hell what will my mom say if she knows I am here doing with him what she has done. I couldn’t imagine the three of us together but nothing would surprise me after today. This was the beginning of a long life of sex for me, I had started and I was in no hurry to stop.

The story continues as it only took a few days for her to realise I was no longer a virgin and one of Mike’s clan of girls. I couldn’t stay away from him. She found me coming out of his apartment one afternoon and it was obvious he and I were not just neighbours and he had fucked me twice since I came home from school. There was a big discussion between the three of us and a bit of friction between my mom and Mike and I. He cooled everything down and suggested mom come over after dinner and he would explain everything.

After she left I lay on the bed masturbating still having some of his cum in me wondering how she was doing it with Mike in the apartment across the hall.

When she came home she came into my room and talked to me about Mike and her and that I could continue to visit him. He had assured her that he had no intentions of passing her over for me. I would not become involved with him in a way that would come between the two of them.

You will learn more of our adventures with Mike in the next episode as it wasn’t long before I was introduced to some more of his special services.



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