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My sister's best friend seduces me

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My family had left for the beach house for a family reunion. My sister DD had arrived during the night from college at our family home. Her plan for the weekend was to share my bed as we had been doing of over a year since the family away and then go the beach and family reunion the following day.

We fucked through the night and showered the next morning with DD leaving for the beach before I did. I finished my work and left for the beach a few hours later. 

I arrived at the beach house in the early afternoon for the family
reunion. I was amazed at how many of our extended family and friends
had already arrived for the weekend get together; and many more were

Everyone was already excited for the long time planned event and it
seemed as if every one was having a great time.  Some of the people
hadn't seen each other for years. It was the same story as with all
other family reunions. The beach house was packed with so many friends
of the family. With time, they had changed so much I had trouble
recognizing many of them.

My sister DD came to me smiling and she looked like the proverbial cat
that had just swallowed the canary. She stood close and whispered...

"A secret admirer of yours is coming to the party today. I really think
she is really coming to just see you again. When she asked me who was going to come all she wanted was interested in knowing was if you were going to be
here. I think she is still hot for you!"

I turned my face towards DD and whispered..." Who pray tell is my secret
admirer? I thought that you were my secret admirer."

"Jeeese Bobby. For gods sakes be careful what you are saying. Someone
could hear you and begin wondering about us and what you meant by those

Then she smiled while speaking very quietly through her almost closed

"This is a long lost secret love. Not like me. I'm not lost. You found
me last night and the night before!"

She ended that bit of dialog with a smirk and with a wink. She was right about finding her last night.. we had just about fucked the night away.

I had a feeling that she was being truthful about some one coming ...
maybe...but she also was just playing a little head game with me. I
wasn't going to play so I ignored her words. Now, she could not jerk me
around. I knew if I asked who it was, I would not get a straight answer
anyway. I ended up after a few minutes of wondering who could still be
hot for me. Ahhh...... it was just my sister just being overly dramatic
to have a little bit of fun at my expense. But she had caught my
interest and got me wondering.

Now DD couldn't stand me not being curious. I really was very curious,
but I didn't let on to my level of wanting to know what she was talking
about. I knew my sister well enough that if I just waited she couldn't
be quiet, she would just have to blurt it out without my asking. DD was
a person that could keep a secret...... for about a minute.

She finally had to give into her own anxiety and tell me that Janet, a
girl friend of hers from years past, was coming to the cook out. I did
not remember any Janet off hand and my sister had to refresh my memory
for me. Only then, did I recall who Janet was and that she had a crush
on me when she was young. I could vaguely remember how she tried so
hard to get my attention then; but she appeared to be so young to me.
There was several years' difference in our ages and it seemed to be
such a great difference at the time. I did not respond to her flirting
and besides she was my ‘little' sister's girl friend. With the identity
of my supposed ‘secret admirer' revealed, coupled with my
disappointment and vague recollection of who she was, I directed my
attention to scrumptious and succulent display of all the food on the
buffet table of the outside deck.

During the afternoon, DD and a number of women were going through their
long lost girl friend conversations in a corner area of the large deck.
I did not recognize any of the group. I did see one woman who I thought
had some familiar features but it had been some time since I had seen
Janet and this woman was not a ‘little' girl.  I guess I was more or
less staring at the group, maybe more out of curiosity than trying to
place anybody from the past.

Now I was daydreaming, looking through the group, my mind not
registering what I was looking towards or seeing. A movement caught my
eye and I came back into focus on the group. One of the women in the
group had waved very discreetly with her hand at her side .....just
enough to catch my attention and bring me back from daydreaming to back
on to the deck. My body movement let Janet know that I had noticed her
wave and she made eye to eye contact with me. My smile confirmed that I
acknowledge her friendly wave.

As soon as Janet recognized that she had made contact, she jockeyed her
position in the group such that she could glance at me easily, always
smiling when she could see me looking..... and I was .... many times !
Or maybe it was just one time ..... for a very long time. At the same
time, she appeared to be coy, adept at hiding her apparent glances and
smiles directed to me, from everyone and especially my sister. Janet
was a most stunning fully developed woman who carried herself well. I
think that might be a politically correct evaluation in describing her
as a voluptuous sexy woman.

Now, however, the additional years on her age apparently made all the
difference ...... DD said she was a stunning sister was
right.  She was always a cute looking girl but her body had undergone a
dramatic physical change. Family genetics obviously had kicked in.
Hmmmm, I did wonder if she resembled her mother.

Soon the more energetic persons organized into volleyball teams for the
afternoon matches and left the deck for the sand plot down below. Janet
obviously had conjured up excuses and had made sure that she wasn't
available to play. She came over to me as soon as it was convenient
with out making all of her intentions apparent to the group, including
my sister.

"Hi Bobbieeee, Do you remember me from way back. Your family used to
rent the cottage at the other end of the beach."

"Of course I remember you. You used to be with DD all the time down here
at the beach and at home. DD looked at you as her best friend. I
haven't seen you around the house with DD for some time. You've
changed!  I think I would have noticed you if you were at the house."

While it would have been hard to recognize Janet in another setting, I
knew who she was almost immediately because of the circumstances and
for some reason I remembered her voice after all these years. Its funny
how you remember some ones voice for many years and then there are
people who you don't recognize or remember when you see them at all.

Our conversation was all small talk. She did mention her crush on me and
how we secretly held hands one night watching TV with everyone around
but I never walked her home. Jokingly Janet commented ....

"You know you broke my heart back then because you never walked me home.
I wanted so much for you to walk me home and kiss me at my door that
night. I could not sleep for days after that night you held my hand."

I was caught off guard, not completely speechless but I floundered for a
second to get refocused. I did not expect that this would be the topic
of conversation with our meeting on the deck. I had focused on her
magnificent breasts for a long enough time that my automatic responses
were whispering in my head...

"For hell's sake Bobby, look somewhere else and don't make it so obvious
and try to stop babbling."

I did not remember ever holding hands with her.... It must have been a
small event for me and a big event for her at the time. To admit that,
could be disastrous. This maybe was more than a casual and a accidental
meeting... she may be on a hustle.... I was coming into focus now.

I had stopped looking at her scrumptious breasts and more at her face.
And then there was that extraordinary and magnificent bubble butt,
absolutely scrumptious beyond description. My words do not do it
justice. Well maybe I did not stop looking ...more like stopped
starring!  Come on I'm a guy. Girls know that guys just have to look at
their boobs and if not their boobs, their ass. It's a genetic trait
from some primal time in our evolution .....we can't help ourselves.
Yeh... yeh,... I know... I know nice guys don't look or think like
that.  Well let me tell you then; I don't know any nice guys.  But, I
sure do know a great many liars! And I can tell you with great accuracy
just how many of the guys are liars... all of them.

But I'm not talking about big lies .... Just white lies. The ones guys
use so someone will not get hurt ..the small ones guys use so some one
will not get their ass burned ... like their own. Those little lies
that are needed to save you from cuddling and sleeping alone with just
your pillow.....the ones needed to not find your self having to sleep
on the couch..... the ones that are needed to not find just enough
supper cooked for one person and one plate on the table ..... and it is
not where you normally sit. And then the coupe de grace of them all
.... the white lie to save you from living with the steely cold silence
of a woman who has developed into a deaf mute for a week. Then,
......just when you think... whew it's over.... I survived ...she is
smiling and talking .... But you still don't get any nookie for another

So I grabbed hold of myself... no not literally ... and postured my self
as one of those imaginary silvered tongued nice guys.

"I remember you and our secretly holding hands that night on the couch.
I was excited that you let me. I was also very nervous. We were both
young at the time and I must have been embarrassed by you being my
sister's friend."

That seemed to satisfy her as an excuse, I thought. Then Janet came back
with ....

"Come on now Bobby tell the truth. You probably never really noticed or
thought about me again."

Uh Oooooooh... it's white lie time....again!

"I thought of you for some time afterwards. I can remember not sleeping
that night and kicking myself for not walking you home. I don't really
know why I didn't get to see you. I was away at school and I know that
is a weak excuse but things sometimes just seem to not go easy. You are
right though, I should not have let you get away so easily."

I needed to skirt this conversational topic by replying "It sure is hard
not to notice you now!"

That got a big smile and a sparkle seemed to come to her eyes. Quickly
every thing about her and her body english oozed sexuality. She
definitely was a seductive femme-fatale and she knew it.... I certainly
knew it and she was about to display all her sexuality!

She at first looked away to the side to see if anyone was in immediate
listening range and then came back with a side glance and a seductive
smile and a gleam in her eye.

"You know what Bobby? You owe me a kiss from that night and I expect to
collect that kiss sometime today. Do you hear me? And make sure you
don't leave here without talking to me... again"

There was no doubt with her voice inflection and body english she was
anything less than serious! My surprise at what I heard from a girl out
of the past who I really did not know then or now was simply "What did she say?"

I really was not uncomfortable with this conversation, it was that I
just did not know what was happening so quickly. I needed to get
refocused and fast.

Janet then deliberately guided me to a location on the deck that was
back and close to beach house wall. I walked behind her following
closely as I surveyed her from behind. She sure could convey sexuality
with her sexy walk and her good looking legs and that delicious bubble
butt. Now I was in focus.... Yup ... I sure was!

Now we were screened from being seen from the volley ball court below
and my sister of course. Janet had no idea of how much I appreciated
that effort. She was smart enough to see the awkward position she could
be put in by flirting with and dating her old friend's brother. She
didn't have any idea how awkward it really could be! I now was becoming
aware of the restrictions that my sister's relationship could put on

Janet was dressed in a somewhat conservative light weight full loose
blouse and shorts that accentuated her beautiful legs and that bubble
ass. When she bent over, the low scooped blouse would relax and allow a
beautiful vision of her large cone shaped tits. I felt that at times
she was deliberately making efforts to allow me to ogle and drool over
what I could see but I wasn't really sure.

Janet and I sauntered over to food table and filled our plates with
little tidbits of mostly unidentified little tidbits of this and that
types of food stuffs. We ate our lunch together using the deck railing
as a table since all the deck chairs were occupied. I continued to
stare at her beautiful tits when she leaned on the deck railing. She
caught my staring on more than one occasion. She just looked down at
her billowing open blouse seeing what I was looking at for a second or
more. Janet however made no effort to hide what she was displaying. Her
displaying was not accidental... I now knew it to be deliberate. 
Looking back at me she smiled seductively as I apologized!! She

"There's nothing to apologize for."

And there was a smile that traveled with that comment.

She continued to lean on the railing letting me see all there was to see
if I wanted too... I was ill at ease! But i could take my eyes away from looking down her blouse.With our backs to the people as we snacked, no could see what I could see.

Soon the volleyball contest ended and everybody broke into little groups. I hung with a group of long lost buddies and cousins while Janet reluctantly moved off to get
together with all the women. She did not want to stop talking with me
but the situation required that we break off our little talk for the
moment. Smiling.... she left me with a "warning" and a pointing of her
finger ...

"Just remember what I said!"


Late evening arrived and the numbers of people thinned out. I had lost
track of Janet during the afternoon and was thinking about how I was
going to hopefully reestablish contact.   I was sitting alone down on
the edge of the sand dunes over looking the high surf and listening to
it crashing onto the beach. I loved this time of the evening... the
quietness and the serenity.

I was startled with a "Hi ... OK to join the group?" Janet came and sat
beside me. There were only the two of us! I was taken back with my
level of excitement in just seeing her.

After a few words about the day, she asked me if it would be possible
for me to drive her to her family's cottage out on the Island. Her
sister had dropped her off at the get together and it would save having
to ask someone to drive over from the island.

"Besides.... I've been told that you have a new Corvette and you can
give me a ride! I would have asked DD for a ride but she left with a
group of girls to go over the bridge to Hampton beach looking for some

I suspected almost immediately this whole ride request was just an
excuse to get to talk to me.... but... Oh well.

The ride to the island was about 15 miles. As I turned on to the long
road out to the bridge that crossed over to the island, Janet asked if
she could drive the Corvette. I was reluctant but pulled over to edge
of the road and we switched places. It was several miles before we
crossed the small bridge over a back water cove and on to the island.
The road came to a ‘T' on the island. Straight ahead was into the ocean
..... left was to Janet's family beach house and right was down the
island to all the accesses to what are deserted beaches. I went there
frequently to swim and fish. It was a good place to have private beach
parties and just get away from all the crowds.

She turned right as I commented "Ahhh .. I think you just missed your
turn!" knowing full well she knew where she was and where she was
going! She just smiled and kept driving on the dirt road. She finally
turned off and into a deserted pull off section.  She smiled and asked
if I had any appointments that I had to keep. She wanted to take a walk
on the beach. We could have done that back at the beach house if that
was all there was to this jaunt!

I went around and opened her door for her as she commented "Wow a
gentleman!"  My only comment was "Wrong!" She laughed with a "You're
bad." I offered her my hand to help her out ......she did not let go
after getting out .... She squeezed my hand ..... sending a message to
me that said hold my hand! We walked along the waters edge on the ocean
side skipping now and then to avoid the occasional higher seeking

Suddenly she stopped and was looking down. I came around in front of her
..... looking down and straining in the darkness to see what she was
looking at. I saw nothing and when I looked back up and at her face, I
knew I had been snookered. She had her face up and looking at me,
postured to kiss me.

The kiss was purposeful and deliberate .... deep and sensual..... our
tongues touching.....dancing around never taking a break for a minute
or more. I reached down and cupped her beautiful butt with my two hands
and put a little pressure to come in close..... no need to press... she
pushed herself in tight with a little "mmmmm" of good feeling. I had an
overwhelming desire to just caress each of Janet's butt cheeks. I
gently caressed each cheek before removing one of my hands for other
demanding duties.

I stopped kissing her lips and traced a path of little kisses down her
neck on the way to her hidden breasts as I guided her plunging blouse
out of the way giving me a little bit more access to her scrumptious
mounds. She tilted her head back giving me better access ... I could
hear her excitement begin to rise in her breathing. I cupped her breast
in one hand and kept her loose blouse aside as I kissed the top exposed
section of her boob here, there and everywhere I could reach without
tearing off the blouse and bra. My other hand was now down on her
shorts caressing her hard ass that I could feel through her shorts. She
rubbed against me slowly but with intent. I was delighted with how
quickly she over heated almost to an explosive condition.

She whispered to me hungrily and with some passion "Bobby ...  oh
Bobby... oooh you are bad!"

I thought that I was going to get into her pants right there on the beach....... I
was wrong!  She moved her hands and gently cupped and squeezed my face.
We were nose tip to nose tip and looking into each others eyes in the
darkness with her whispering .

"We have to stop! Oooooooh, I could ravage your body right this minute!"

"Well" was my comment!  Janet whispered "We should go!"

I didn't push the situation ... not after how long it had been since we
had seen each other. She wanted to hold my hand as we walked but I
wanted to hold on to her ass. I told her "We will compromise... you
hold on to my hand while I hold on to your cheeks!"

She laughed for a few seconds and then said

"You are as bad as they said you were! I was warned this afternoon."

"What is with this you being warned about me?  Who is talking about me
behind my back?"

"I'm not telling tales out of school." was Janet's reply.

"Well" I said "They obviously are just talking not knowing me."

I could see her looking at me... she knew we were jockeying around with
words by now..... but she took the bait knowingly with a snide emphasis
on the question.

"Why is that Bobby.... dear?" and then waited for me to come back with a
comment ...and I did!

"Well any girl I ever knew always told me how good I was!"

"Ooooooooh, oooooooh, I can't believe you said that! What a level of
conceit! You are bad!"

We walked back through the dunes to the car just jostling with words
attempting to get the best of each other in jests..... it was very
refreshing.... She was sharp.....she had a great level of confidence in

We drove back through the "T" in the road and in the right direction to
arrive at her family's cottage. We made plans as I drove to have a
drink and lunch together at Sportsman bar back in Newburyport the next
day at noon.

I went to kiss her goodnight at her family's cottage but she just kissed
her finger and then put it to my lips. I was somewhat taken back after
my efforts on the beach. Janet opened her door while quickly turning
and saying...

"I now know how bad you are.... You might try to be bad here in the
drive way!"

With that comment I needed to say something.

"I apologize for my behavior... I'm sorry for tonight."

She closed the door to the car and looked through the open window. With
a big smile...

"Don't apologize.... Bad is good! So until tomorrow. Ciao!!!"

I was so excited with the events of the day. I had to be careful though!
If my sister ever sensed I was interested in Janet, never mind trying
to seduce Janet there could be trouble. Wait... Was I seducing Janet or was I being seduced. Now that thought brought a smile to my face.

 My sister would make it a point to tell me Janet was a good girl and to leave her alone. And, of course, she had her own selfish reasons for not encouraging a relationship.  My sister wanted me in her bed without any competion

Just about everyone had gone home from the beach house. Just a few
family members and old friends were left on the deck just talking about
old times. I was told the upstairs bedroom was now empty. I excused
myself and went up to the bedroom. Good grief there was a perfume
fragrance lingering every where in the room including on the bed from
some of the girls. I was horny enough thinking about tomorrow without
this stimulus. It was a rough night... I didn't fall asleep until the
early morning. What a day and what will happen tomorrow????


 Morning came quickly......too quickly.....

I was up early and went for a swim. The ocean water was quite cold....
but it was always cold, even at its warmest. The ocean in the north
east never got warm. I was in high spirits and couldn't wait for lunch.
For some reason, I dressed a little nicer than casual for our lunch
date.... that was slightly out of character for me but.........

I arrived early at the bar.... I couldn't sit around the beach house any
longer......I was too hyped up..... I took a seat at the far end of the
bar and began to watch TV knowing I was quite early. The bar had a
number of customers working on their second round of the morning. I
guess the TV subject was of interest and I was lost in the action when
I heard one of the bar patrons close to me exclaim to his buddies
"Oooooh .... take a look at what just came through the door!"

I turned to look and saw Janet looking around trying to become adjusted
to see in the semi-darkness of the bar. I raised my hand from the end
of the bar  .... She smiled in acknowledgment and started towards me.

Well, started towards me, isn't exactly accurate. She smiled all the way
as she approach to where I was sitting... walking slowly and
deliberately ... her walk definitely sensuous ... she was displaying
for me that was true...I think. But she was displaying for all of the
guys at the bar also...her body english saying look at me at she
approached their location at the bar and then a look as she passed them
of "Too bad I'm taken".

Several of the regulars that I knew casually, could recognize a cock
tease when they saw one. They sensed where she had focused her looking
as she seductively glided along the bar. Two of my ‘bar buddies' leaned
forward over the bar to see who her target was for the day. Seeing me
sitting at the end of the bar, one of the guys nudged his buddy and
gave me a thumbs up sign as Janet passed him by. Janet did not see his thumbs up gesture.

On she came at about half a slow walking speed....her hips gently
swinging .... still smiling ...... now a pouting look from her lips....
eyes fully focused on me only. Janet was now in full display mode, all
her ‘feathers' were fluffed out. This strutting display was deliberate
and for all of us to savor. This was pure exhibitionism at its best. I
knew it, most of the regulars at the bar knew it and Janet definitely
knew it. Everyone's focus was on Janet and she was enthralled with what
they were thinking..... none of it printable in any family news paper.

What seemed to be a sensuous and casual sashaying walk was maybe closer
to what would be considered stalking.... What ever it was, she was
definitely a dangerous femme-fatale and I was her prey..... well for a
little while today.... hopefully longer!

All the guys at the bar had now turned their heads to watch the
conclusion of this stalking display as she came down along the bar. I
loved it! Janet came and sat next to me. Within a minute of sitting
next to me her entire demeanor changed. She went from an erotic
femme-fatale of a woman to the nice looking girl next door.  The
strutting exhibitionist display had done its job. Janet had
accomplished what she wanted from the group. Now she was back to why
she had come to meet me. I hoped it was seduction.

She was stunningly dressed in a tailored suit that accentuated her
gorgeous breasts, narrow waist, wider hips and magnificent bubble ass.
She had a hairdo that placed most of her long auburn colored hair on
one side and over her front shoulder. All I could think of is, if she
dresses like this for work .... what does she do?

She was dressed to kill. After a couple of drinks, I convinced her we
needed to go some where else for dinner. I had to play this event out
here just a little while longer for the guys before leaving. Janet
played her part for the guys also. She loved the effect of carrying it
out too.

It became apparent that her very tight skirt was going to be a problem
with comfortably driving in the tight confines of the Corvette. Janet
said she came right from work without changing. She then decided that
we needed to drive to her family cottage on the beach where she could
change into more comfortable clothes. She also ‘decided that she would
drive my Corvette' ...... she did ....very fast. I had to follow her
and drive her car to the cottage and leave it there.

We both agreed we could postpone lunch long enough to drive to
Kennebunkport Maine for a fresh seafood dinner ...... we had the rest
of the day to ourselves.

As we proceeded up the Maine turnpike, large electronic signs on several
of the overpasses would flash the Maine turnpike speed as we
approached. It took several flashing signs before I realized that the
radar sensors on the bridge were sensing our very excessive high speed
and the signs were issuing a warning to us as we drove. A quick glance
at the speedometer showed that we were traveling just over a 100 mph. I
mentioned her speed and she slowed down. It did not take us the usual
time to get to the Kennebunkport turnoff and go to the toll booth to
pay for the use of the turnpike.

The employee took the ticket Janet had acquired upon entering the
turnpike to determine the cost and time. He looked at Janet and asked
"Lady where is the fire?" It was obvious that the time it took to get
here was an indication of her excessive speed.

"You are lucky that you are exiting the freeway here. The state police
are most likely waiting for you to come along at the next pull off.
They would ticket you for driving this speed! Keep it down before you
kill someone!"

As she drove away from the toll booth, she commented on his tone of
voice ... she thought that he had over stepped his authority using that
stern language.  I just smiled and Janet got pissed at me too because I
thought that the guy was funny.

Dinner was just delicious ... probably being very hungry was also a
help. Janet made it a point to sit next to me in a booth instead of
across from me saying it was more romantic. She ordered raw oysters in
the half shell as an appetizer... yuk! I had to discreetly look away
every time she put one to her mouth... double yuk! I never said a word
about oysters on the half shell except "No thank you" when they were
offered to me!

Now having Janet sitting so close to me was a stimulus that was overwhelming and I didn't need. She was so  erotic and scumptious a woman of her self. I could feel the
warmth of her leg next to mine and I had the impression that the occasional rubbing of her leg against mine was for my benefit. I really wasn't sure until I felt a shoeless foot tracing little circles around and short up and down strokes on my lower leg. I turned to speak but Janet had anticipated my speaking and leaned very close to my face with
her lips pouting saying "Hi" in a quick and seductive voice. I then felt the location of a hand on my thigh moving slowly toward my crotch as she looked at my face to see just what my comments were on her advancement up my leg to my cock. Her hand stopped a matter of a finger width from my cock and she squeezed my leg to accentuate her intrusion so close to my cock. Then, she removed her hand to back on the table. I instinctively almost panicked until I could see that no one could see
where her hand was and what she was doing. Janet thought she was funny
because of my reaction.

Before she had relaxed after her cute transgression with her hand, I was
now leaning over to her and she turned as if maybe I was going to kiss
her. When I stopped my forward motion of my face towards her she coyly
smiled and pouted and then whispered "What?" in a smirking and
questioning kind of way. She thought that she was being funny and in
control of this little emotional episode.

My hand was already moving swiftly under the table and out of her sight
of view. I didn't touch or slide along her leg. I arrived at the
location of her pussy hidden within the Y of her slacks and gently
caressed her pants and the approximately location of the slit in her
hidden flower. Janet jumped at my deceitful intrusion as I now
questioned her emotional mayhem with a "What?"

Janet face blushed crimson. She knew not to say a word ... all I had
done and said was a mimicking of her sexual transgression. Janet
understood just what had happened. She just blushed and whispered
"Touché."  In reality, we were both now sending messages that we were
excited with our new friendships and wanted it to go further along.

After the lobsters and one too many drinks we were warmed, jovial, huggy
and cuddly as we walked with our arms around each other down along the
docks. We stopped by the railing on the one dock and were looking at
all the moored lobster boats. The boats, the smell of the sea, the seagulls, the heavy clouds threatening a rain storm... in all it presented a picturesque scene!

Janet started to get personal with a few questions while always trying
to be evasive and discreet. I knew where this conversation was going to
go. She mentioned that she heard that I was seeing some one. I told
Janet it was just an off and on casual relationship and nothing that
could be permanent. We would date for a while then go our separate ways
and then come back together for laughs. I told her that my mother kept
on me to find a good woman with more traditional values for life! My
mother does not like my friend and neither do my aunts. They have
suggested several times for me to find someone else!

"I told them I was looking!"

Janet's only comment was "Oooohhh!" She was quiet while she collected
her thoughts. Finally the question from Janet while looking down at the

"Have you been having any luck in your search?"

I was quiet for a second before I replied

"Don't know.... You know that's its hard to find a good woman these days."

Her eyes turned seaward as she quietly murmured a soft but some what
cheerless "Ohhh" again; at least I had that impression!  I saw the body
english ... I heard the tone of her "Oohhh"... I now felt that my words
should not have been spoken...... she felt wounded! I needed to rectify
my innocent callousness.  I leaned close to Janet and softly spoke...

"I have been working on a new relationship for two days though! Can't
tell what this good woman may be thinking!"

She looked at me and smiled not saying a word for some time. She knew what I had implied. The real question was I being trueful!

I asked Janet what was happening in her life. She was between casual  relationships... over a year since she had been seriously dating anyone.  Jan just looked at me and started to snicker ...

"You know that your sister told me you were bad and I should watch out
for you."

I just said "Ahh you shouldn't believe everything my sister tells you!
She says that about me to everybody."

"All her girl friends said they also heard that you were bad too!"

"Ohhh!"  Now that was a hard comment to cancel with ease. I couldn't let this new series of word games stop here! I had to squelch this line of thinking and quickly.

"I think that is just all girl talk. They are just parroting what my
sister has told them in jest. I do not know much about my sister's
friends; I have never socialized with any of them. But in all fairness
to their observations I do not think there is any argument that I'm
bad. The only thing that is open to question is the degrees of

That got me an elbow in the ribs followed by her putting her arm around
me and pulling me in close! Then with a smile, she comment ....

"I've been working on a new relationship for two days too!"

She was looking down at the board walk and I sensed she was mildly
embarrassed with that comment. I bent forward to see her face but she
never turned her head to look at me. Her eyes looked side wards and
then away from me sensing I was trying to see her face. She would not
let me see her face. She was slightly blushing; her face was a soft
pink in tone.

"Ahhhh your slight blush is a complement to your auburn colored hair!"

Janet straightened up and turned to say something but I beat her to any
comment ...

"You sure are now more than beautiful when you blush!"

Janet face now flushed a deep crimson. She turned and looked away from
me and across the bay.  The quick comment caught her off guard ... she
thought that she was going to get me with a comment first ... I was
sure of it!  She just stood and collected her thoughts ... she was
tongue tied ....never turning back and looking at me ... never saying a

We began our slow walk again close together.... I thought there was a
strong chemistry beginning to develop between us even with the short
time we were together. Janet squeezed my hand and was definitely going
to change the subject.

"Your mother and aunts talked to me last night!"

Now that was a statement that caught my attention.  I perked up my ears
to that remark....I stood straight and tall ..... I was definitely in
tune for what could be coming ... I was all ears...... here comes
something that I should listen to!

"DD had told your mother that I once had a crush on you a long time ago!
So when I said that I needed a ride home last night your mother and
aunts told me that you were down in the sand dunes .... probably
watching the ocean .... looking for fish! They all started to laugh
.... They thought that was funny but not to let it discourage me from
going down and asking you for a ride home. They also said you had a new
Corvette ... and maybe you would let me drive it! Your mother pointed
out from the deck where you would most likely be watching for fish out
in the ocean! All your aunts were laughing almost hysterically, telling
me that I would have to do something special to get your mind off the
fish! And I think it was one of your aunts who said to tell you that I
could dig worms and I have a boat.... That would catch your attention.
Everybody started to laugh again... and real loud! I could here all the
whispers and giggling as I left the deck to look for you in the dunes."

I shook my head... it was nothing new for them to do... the match makers
were at work again. Janet commented that...

"Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. What's the joke about worms and
fishing and tell you I have a boat?"

"No, no it's not anything you said. It's just my mother and my aunts are
always trying to be match makers for me. They say I spend too much time
fishing and not enough time looking for a woman to marry. I sense that
they do not think I can find a woman on our own! Well a good woman...
they say that I seem to only look for qualities that my family does not
agree with. They just talk to hear themselves talk. I certainly look
for qualities in a woman that they would agree with. I'll let go of
this conversation on that comment."

I started to walk and then said....

"I want to say something! I'm having a good day and you are the one that
is making that happen. I've come to find you to be very exciting. Right
now I'm beginning to feel warm, I have a queasy sensation in my stomach
and I'm having uneasy feelings as I take deep breaths... and you
haven't really done anything outwardly except to hold me close as we
walk.... you are electrifying to me for some reason. Good grief ....
look at my arms... look ....goose bumps... see! "

In reality, I think that I was feeling the few drinks I had with my
meal. I felt warm from the drinks. The goose bumps were from something
else but it sure did set the stage for my comments. It seemed to be a
good line for the moment.

I felt her fingers tighten on my side and heard another faint "Oohh"
from her lips! I was pleased with my comments. I thought that I had
come up with a good line and on the spur of the moment at that. We
returned to our slow procession down the dock. Then there was a series
of quiet laughs as she looked down at the boardwalk.

Finally April spoke.....

"What a line... I don't think I ever heard that line before
in my entire life! Yup, I'll have to tell all the girls that you are
more than bad ... you are dangerous! But I have to tell you that you've
got me all warm and tingley in the wrong places!"

Janet looked quickly at me.... Smiled and then turned her eyes seaward.
Janet now was back to blushing.

I didn't know if she was kidding or not. I decided to press the point
...more in fun than anything else... I think... well maybe! Naw..... I
was serious!

"Would you mind telling me where those wrong places would be?"

That got me another elbow in the ribs without any comment. The slow walk
was started once again. I wasn't giving up .... Janet was now rattled
and I knew it.

"Janet!" She answered with a very quick... "What?" along with a little
bit of annoyance to me calling her by name. She knew I was coming on to
her now and I was serious but joking at the same time. I could tell I
could get in one more sensual comment and then drop it. I was border
line over bearing! I pulled her close without any resistance. I went
close to ear and whispered with a smile....

"Do you think that I could kiss you on your neck and lips and well .....
maybe nibble here and there and especially on you ear?"

That got me a "Stop it ... Ooohh gawd stop it! Damn it Bobbiee you know
what you are doing to me. Whew .. please, please stop!"

I agreed to stop and apologized for my actions. Janet chuckled saying
she liked my jostling around and there was no need to apologize.  She
did say that she was going to add her name to the list of my sister's
girl friends who thought that I was bad. I told her that I took that as a complement!

We stopped on the dock to watch two young boys feeding French fries to
seagulls in the bay! Janet softly spoke saying.....

"Do you know that I have actually thought of you often".

I said "It's only been yesterday since I drove you home last night."

"Not since last night ... you dummy!!!!... since you held my hand years
ago while we were watching TV on the couch in the dark. I was hoping
you would walk me home that night and kiss me good night at the door!"

I laughed uncomfortably and only could think of just saying "Opps."

Janet turned from looking at the boys down below saying

"I'm not going to let you get away again and miss out on a kiss."

She turned to face me and slowly slid her arms around my neck... she was
now oozing sensuality and sexuality as she kissed me deeply! What a
rush of sensations ... like a kid getting his first kiss! I was
enjoying what a couple of drinks could do to getting her warmed up and
cuddly. I knew then that I should have bought her a couple of more
drinks! Maybe a few! The boys called out to us in a jovial manner to
"Cut that out!"

What happened to the "Stop ...  Stop!" commands that I had to adhere to
several minutes back? Looks like it didn't apply to Janet when she
wanted to play!

Janet stopped her sensual kiss but took her finger and began to trace
little invisible lines down my face around, cheeks and nose.
Unbuttoning a few buttons on my shirt, she at first traced little lines
on my chest and then slid her hand down inside my shirt, caressed my
nipple and then a little bit of my chest.

There were dark and ominous clouds above us ... churning about as the
wind slowly began to blow. A couple of rain drops fell on and around us
on the boardwalk. I heard the soft splats of a couple of drops hit the
wooden planks. I looked skyward at the menacing cloud formations. Janet
was lost in her thoughts.  She was however, oozing sexuality like I had
not felt for many years and all in the open air on the dock. Now
another few drops of rain fell on to the boardwalk, leaving dark grey
spots on the faded light grey planks. She was breathing a little more
quickly... she was getting aroused in the coolness of the seaside air.
I was now being quickly aroused by her body contact.

This was not a casual chance seduction. She traced little lines over my
hand and then up and along my arm while she just looked at me with her
head slightly cocked to one side....smiling as if she knew something
... now she began to pucker up her lips ... now pouting ... now showing
me she was blowing me a kiss.  Janet came close to my ear and began
nibbling on my ear lobe and then moving to trace the outer edge of my
ear with her tongue.

How did she know that I would just about melt and let myself be seduced
with this going-on? I was giddy for a second ... it was a completely
unsettling sensation.... I could not let her continue right here on the
dock. I tilted my head in an attempt to withdraw my ear .... Trying to
stop her from licking my ear saying .....

"You have to stop; I can't take much more of that!"

It was the wrong thing to say. She giggled delightfully! Janet now knew
I had a vulnerable susceptible erotic spot. She returned with a focus
and a vengeance on my ear! She had turned the tables on me....she was
now the aggressor!

At first I was annoyed for a second or so before I bowed my head and
succumbed to her attack. She knew her seduction was just about complete
... I knew it and she knew I knew it! I tried to stay composed but it
was all a front. With a quiet remark to her of ....

"Please stop ... Nibbling on my ear is one of those things that is very
unnerving to me!" ... She stopped!

"What if I don't stop... what will you do ????  Hmmm be bad?"

Janet chuckled and agreed to slow down... The kids were back to watching
the show anyway. She looked down at them and came back close to my
ear.... I thought she was going to restart her seduction ... but not
quite  ... well not right here .... just a different approach! Several
more large rain drops splattered down on the wooden dock ... the
droplets were quite large and made an ominous splat when they hit the
landing. The dark grey spots were now quite large on the light grey

Janet came close to my ear as I closed my eyes waiting for her
meddlesome tongue. She instead whispered ........

"We are going to get wet if we stay standing here. Do you know any place
we can go where we can keep dry and be comfortable and be alone for a
few hours?"

That was it... I was hopelessly trapped ..... totally seduced. There
were many places that I had stayed at here on the beach. One was in a
secluded motel right on the beach.  We were there before the rain began
to come down in torrents!


The room had two very large mirrors in the room. I fully opened the
drapes to the balcony giving a beautiful view to the crashing surf on
the beach in the downpour. Janet sighed.

"What a beautiful picturesque setting!" She was more than pleased with
my selection of a ‘dry place out of the rain.' I was also pleased ...
it complemented what we were both thinking and anticipating!

"How did you know about this secluded motel? You seem to have been here

I said "I do business with a company just down the road a ways and I
stay here."

"Ooooohh"was her only comment! I knew what she had been thinking. That
was not the monkey business she had incorrectly conjured up in her

"I love staying here. It's different and quiet. They do not accept
credit cards and there are no phones in the rooms ...only phone is at
the front desk... and you have to make your own breakfast!"

She turned and looked at me. "You got to be kidding me............ Are
we planning on having breakfast here Bobby?"

I just smiled as she seductively approached me. She began unbuttoning my
shirt. I stood and watched. She smiled while cocking her head saying .

"Am I going to get both of us undressed or were you planning to bed me
with my clothes on?"

Damn that little declaration caused me to shudder!  The multitude of
images that flooded my mind with that one little statement stirred my
body senses and my face flushed and the back of my neck tingled
slightly  ...... What a rush from just a few words!

My shirt was removed and she stopped .... waiting for me to catch up on
undressing her. Her blouse and shorts came off quickly. Her nostrils
were flaring, her lips were slightly parted as she inhaled strongly,
attempting to breathe, she was radiating excitement and her level of
exhilaration was now transmittable ...I began to feel excited ... like
a kid on a first date... the level of stimulation was almost
overwhelming my senses. I knew what I felt was some thing very
special... something different in intensity..... she brought out some
thing that was hidden in me ... it was reminiscent of earlier times
when every thing was a first time. Her whispered statements to me said
that she was feeling something special for me that was different for
her also!  With those soft comments, my chest was alive with the
expectation of what may be coming.... my breathing was quick... she was
smiling... she knew she had me for her own.... there was nothing I
could do but submit to what ever she wished. This was not a casual
encounter for Janet .... this had been planned since she had talked to
me on the deck yesterday.... maybe not right here ....maybe not at this
moment .... but it was to be once she had decided where and when she
was to lead me down her seductive path.... there was no doubt in my
mind that this was the case!!!

"You are breathing fast Bobbieeee and you are beginning to sweat?"  She
knew what she had done to me. She was back to being coy.

My reply was "It's think it's hot in here."

With her continued seductive grin Janet whispered "Bobby .... The only
things hot in this room are you ......and me!"

Good grief ...every time she whispers a few words in my ear she sends
ripples of sensations through my body.... What a woman ....what a

We both turned to look at our reflection face to face in the large
mirror. Ohhh my god what an image to remember... what an image to
savor..... she had the most magnificent well rounded bubble shaped ass
I had ever seen. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was
extraordinarily beautiful by any standards. I could feel myself getting
giddy when just admiring what I was going to be able to snuggle up too
in a few minutes. She noticed me starring at her image in the mirror.
She knew what I was smiling about .... She knew what she had to flaunt.
She continued with her seductive grin.

Taking a deep breath I whispered

"I sure made a big mistake not walking you home and getting a good night kiss way back when! I can see that now"

"Then it's your time to make amends Bobby!"

I always enjoyed the preliminary kisses to any contact whether it was
the beginning of a sexual liaison or just a mutual kiss of affection
when no one is around to see the embrace. Now our kiss was first one of
tender touching of our lips..... gentle pecks at first with lips closed
and then with the tips of our tongues just touching ....just the tips
making little circles while just barely touching beginning
their dance of circling about .... flicking at each other... each of us
feeling the beginnings of some emotional tingling surge, beginning at
the touch of the tip of the tongue....For me, the tingles went down my
back ending with a rippling of prickly tingles in the cheeks of my ass.
I wanted more we both wanted to feel more of each other...our
tongues now deeper ....dancing ...encircling  ... erotic sensations
were being aroused in our bodies sensing there was much more to be

I encircled Janet's body with my arms and pulled her in close to me
telegraphing how quickly I was being aroused my her presence of being
so close to me my my mind ... in our anticipated
erotic love making liaison that we both knew was about to be so
passionately shared within the coming moments. Janet responded by
taking her hand and grasping the cheek of my ass and pressing her hips
and pussy firmly against my now quickly awaking and stiffening cock.
She wriggled her hips gently while initially purring like a cat ....
now increasing the intensity of her soft vocalizations to the level of
a growling cat in heat. This was going to be more than a love making
session... it had the makings of maybe torrid uncontrolled fucking
encounter between two lovers needing and wanting to share each
other..... over and over again.

After a few passionate kisses, Janet followed with biting me more than
gently on my neck and shoulders, she was hot and ready for further
explorations. Yes, Janet was done with the preliminaries for our first
fuck session. She wanted to feel my cock buried in her pussy.

As I stood looking at her in her micro bikini panties and a bra that was
straining to contain her scrumptious tits, I reached around her back
with one hand and with two fingers pinched and uncoupled the three snap
bra with ease. Her eyes open a little bit wider as her bra slid forward
slightly with the relaxed tension on the straps. She smiled broadly
recognizing how deftly I had accomplished that unhinging with one hand.

"You appear to have been getting a great deal of practice in one handed
bra removal lately."

"That was my first time I ever did that .... really!" was my returned

I wasn't very convincing!

Coming close to my face and staring into my eyes, she captured my
attempts to look elsewhere as she nimbly slipped out of her clinging
bra and her bikini panties with a minimum of motion. What a rush....
what a flash of surging emotions flowed through my body as she backed
away to show me her body and then came back and began to remove my
slacks and shorts. My cock jumped out stiff and ready to be called

"Ohhh my .... You seem to have been thinking of something and not
letting me know what it was ...hmmmm .... keeping little secret
thoughts to your self. That's not good."

She gently held my cock for a second and then slid her arms up and
around my neck and pulled me in close to her body ..... restricting my
view of what she had to offer. My cock was between us, squeezed ever so
soothingly against her stomach. I felt Janet's hand slide between us
and squeeze my cock...... then let it go.

"Seems to me that he is lost and doesn't know where he wants to be.
Looks like you are a man who can't do anything for himself... you need
a good woman to train you."

I agreed .... I agreed... Ooooohhhh definitely yes! Yes ...yes... yes.
I need to be trained!

Her tits were absolutely gorgeous... large at the base and then becoming
more slender towards the tips... not melon shaped ... self supporting
with not the slightest tendency to point downwards ... more of a
tendency for her very pointed pink nipples that were at the very ends
of her tits to turn slight upward and gaze at the stars in the night
sky. The centers of her nipples were like two rubber nubs surrounded by
a small painted circle of pink... yes absolutely gorgeous .... and
deliciously suckable!!!

I stood mesmerized for an instant trying to take in all there was to
see. I heard.....

"Well .... do you like what you see?"

I took a deep breath followed by a deep sigh. I took one finger ... put
it to her lips and then slowly traced a path from her mouth down to her
left tit and onward towards the nipple. Just as I touched the nipple
her lips parted slightly .... then her mouth open wider .... she
inhaled with a gasp.   I was momentarily slightly startled ...... her
eyes were wide open looking at me. Janet hummed out ...

"My breasts and especially my nipples are very sensitive. One of the two
places that I loose control of my emotions once they are touched."

Really ! What an interesting comment! All I said was "Two????" as I did
not wait for a reply to my inquiry.

My thumb and finger of both hands were at first circling around the two
rubber eraser shaped tips of her nipples and then gently rolling the
nipples between my thumb and finger.  With another gasp of emotion
....then catching her breath she pulled me to her ....  driving her
tongue deep in my mouth....darting around searching for my tongue to
begin the dance.

I was towed to bed and dragged willingly down and onto the bed with
Janet on top of me. I was giggling with the power and forcefulness of
her ‘attack". She started pumping her hips against me ... rubbing her
pussy against my cock and balls ...... dry fucking me with powerful
thrusts and rolling hips. Her kisses were everywhere all over my face
and neck as she definitely loosing control of her emotions...She purred
like a cat making the reverberations deep in her throat. She bit me
hard on my shoulder and then my neck. Both bites caused me to cringe in
pain.  She was hot hot hot!

I held her tightly and rolled her onto her back as we both tried to
grasp my cock and position it between the lips of her pussy and into
her very wet love box. With two powerful thrusts from Janet, she pushed
my cock into her pussy full depth. Her arms were wrapped about me as
her legs went up and locked over my back. A quick look into her eyes
and the expression on her face said it all..... this was not to be a
coupling to share some love ... hers was going to be a down right rape
if she had her way.

She thrust her hips up and against me again and again as she called to
me ...

"Fuck me Bobby ...fuck me hard."

I wasn't expecting this ... I had visions of a sensual and a loving
coupling on our first encounter. She however had captured the moment
and I began to pound her pussy ...our bodies slapping loudly to every
full penetration. The head board and bed thumped against the wall and
floor. Janet became more vocal calling me to.....

"Fuck me like that... yes .. yes" as she went on with a-huh...a-huh ...
a-huh ...a-huh ... a-huh - huh -huh -huh for a minute or so.

Janet uncoupled her legs over my back.   I sure did need to slow down
and recover and catch my breath. We both began a slow but joint
thrusting along with movements that were a rolling coupling......
pulling my cock almost all the way out and then sliding it back in full
depth until she felt my balls tap her pussy lips. We went slowly for a
minute then she came close to my ear whispering ..............

"It's been too long for me .... I can't last much longer I want to cum
with you ... do you hear me?"

"I'm close" I told her "I'm holding back for you."

  "Ooooohh Bobby, don'thold back and don't you pull out ... I'm so close to cumming .... I'm on my way."

I felt the involuntary and automatic convulsive muscle contractions
rippling along her stomach muscles... her head went back and she arched
her back pushing strongly against me to insure I was fully buried. I
now felt the involuntary surges .... I couldn't stop pumping ... I
tried to whisper I'm coming but it was interrupted by a deep felt moan
as I squirted my first load of cum ..... then several others with
decreasing intensity filling her pussy. There was a tingling surge of
sensation from the back of my neck on to the top of my head. My face
cheeks, the cheeks of my ass and on the back of my legs down to my
knees also reacted with sensations to the spurting of my cum deep in
her pussy. What a fuck!!!! What a fuck!!!!

Oh hell..... her powerful fucking had caused my climax to be so strong
that one of my toes on my right foot cramped.

Janet reacted to the first forcible spurt of semen by a spontaneous
contracting of her pussy and cumming with me. Her calling out to me
that she was cumming was quite loud with a follow up whispering of.....

"Ooohhh Bobby.... ooohhh Bobbeeeeee."

I continued to pump slowly with Janet matching my cadence... the bed had
settled down to just the mattress making squeaking noises. Janet pulled
me in close to her. Janet softly whispered that she loved a bed that
squeaks. There was a difference in our mutual motions ... first the
long slow deep plunges ..... now followed by a rolling and side to side
movement of her hips. Her movements suggested to me she was enjoying
our exciting union and sensing the beginning of another surge of
feelings. Her fingers tightening into my sides and a murmur of "Ooohhh
honey!" followed by murmured little mouse like squeaks as her hips were
lifted off the squeaking bed as she began to gently climax a second
time. The soft slick wet sounds as we continued to move together
signaled that we had enjoyed our mutual friendship session. Now I
sensed that she was done... I certainly was done!

Janet shifted her head on the pillow listening to the quiet sounds that
my cock made as I withdrew it from her pussy and slid in back with a
full stroke just for effect. The slight sucking sound caused Janet to
smile, as her eyes searched about and around my face followed by a
comment with a more than hushed giggle...

"I think you sprung a leak and got us all wet."

I at first smiled and then came back with a more serious look with my
face close to hers....

"I think I have found a beautiful woman who has brought out deep
feelings in me and caused me to spring a leak."

Janet at first laughed somewhat heartedly and then reflected on some of
the more important words that I had spoken. Her smile slowly dissolved
and she understood what I had said. Her arms enveloped me and she drew
me down close and firmly on to her body and held me tightly for a
minute. Now we were close.... Now we were together ... Now she began to
understand who we were and what it meant to be here ....

"Listen to the rain... I love to hear the rain...  Just rest and stay on
top of me and let me hold you for a minute Bobby."

I kissed her nose... then her eyes... and a soft touch to her lips. I
did all I knew to hopefully convince her that this was not a one night
stand. We both enjoyed just looking at each other and smiling.

The rain pounded on the sliding patio door and the shelter of the room
seemed to create a feeling that we were safe and all alone ..... just
snuggle and wait..... I sighed to all the feelings and sounds. Janet
sighed... she said I was contagious.

We rolled on to our sides face to face. I felt that I was too heavy
lying on top of her. I soon softened and my cock slid out of her love
box followed by seepage that I felt flow down my thigh. Soon the bed
seemed to be very wet beneath my hip. We both rolled away from each
other and on to our backs, each of us seeking a dry spot. I needed to
sigh a few more deep sighs.

Janet asked "Are you happy?" With a "Yes" for an answer, she just
quietly murmured an embarrassed laugh.  She was more than content
knowing what she had accomplished. Now Janet rolled back on to her side
and came close to my face.

"Can you hear me Bobby? I want to talk to you."

All I could think of is....This is going to be a serious talk. I could
hear it in her voice inflection.

"I want to get to know you better. I hope you will give a chance. I want
to make up for lost time since you held my hand. I can't explain all I
have felt all these years .... Most of it probably is infatuation but I
need to know!"

Janet now lifted her self on one arm and looked down into my

"Did you hear what I said?"

"I heard what you said and it sounds like a good idea to get to know
each other better."

"Sounds like a good idea ...sounds like a good idea....Is that all you
can say?"

Janet flopped back down on her back beside me. Ooooooh hells bells
....she feels hurt.  Time for me to save the day or I'll be out in the
cold rain. I now lifted myself to look straight down into Janet's face.
Good grief.... Her eyes are tear filled. I kissed her gently on the tip
of her nose.

"You know there is some electricity flowing between us even though it's
been only two days. You know you would have never said anything if you
did not sense that I feel something special for you."

"It's been more than two days for me's been years!"

Sounds like strike two on me. One more and I'm going to be out with this

"I do want to get to know you better Janet ....I should have said it
with more words."

Her smile cause a tear to flow from her eye and I kissed it away before
in ran all the way down her cheek. She hugged me in close to her and
all was well again. Now... all I needed to do was keep my mouth shut
and hug her back for a while.

We rested for a while before Janet said with out any lead incomment...

"Yup you are really bad!"

I only smiled and said 

 "Well I think you are good... no better thangood ... maybe the best."

She crawled up and was wiggling around trying to get untangled from the
bed sheet when I sucked in her nipple and some of her tit that came
close to my mouth as I slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. I
smiled to my self. Her love box felt like it was in a relaxed and
slightly still open. Maybe it had not fully constricted and closed to
my recent intrusion.  She closed her eyes inhaling once again with one
of her deep breaths of satisfaction.

"Oooh gawd Bobby ... Oohh gawd!"

She rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide to the intrusion of my
fingers and thumb that was caressing her clit. I could not believe that
she was already on her way to being hot ....her hips already pulsing
and wiggling about to my finger fucking. I was now sucking hard on her
nipple running my tongue around and around the little hard protruding
eraser section of the nipple. I quickly left her nipple to her saying
"Don't stop!"

I arrived promptly at her wide opened pussy tongue licking all
combined love juice that had been seeping from her love box. A few
licks of her stiff clit caused her to call out

"Ooooohhh Bobby..... don't stop... please don't stop .... You are going
to make me cum again very soon."

I spread the lips of her pussy and buried my face with my nose rubbing
occasionally against her clit. My tongue however got the most of the
wet action. Our previous joint climax resulted in her crotch being
flushed with our juices and my face was covered with cum from my
vigorous licking to get Janet to climax. I caught her looking down at
me ... captivated with my endeavor to tongue fuck her while I was
swimming in our combined cum.

Within a couple of minutes she was thrusting her pussy against my face
.... First grasping on to the bed sheet .... then my hair .... softly
whispering in halting sighs of passion.

"I'm cumming .... I'm cumming ...... Oooohh  Bobby .... Oooohhh
Bobbieeee"....followed by a very deep moan of ecstasy.  She finally
pushed me away saying... "Enough, enough!"

We snuggled as she came down from her post climatic high. Janet was
giggling as she asked...

"Does this mean we are staying to make our own breakfast tomorrow?"

She giggled and then pulled the sheet up and over us. After a few
minutes of peaceful quiet Jan whispered .....

"Are you still awake?" All I could muster was a sigh and a "Yup!"

"Bobby.... I have never climaxed three times in a short time before!"

Now that could be a very touchy subject since it was the first time we
were together in a bed. I opened my eyes and looked into her face in
the late afternoon daylight as she realized what she had so innocently
blurted out.

With an "Ohhh  gawd" her face flushed crimson as she realized the
implication of her utterance! She pulled her pillow over her face! A
muffled muttering came through the pillow...

"I'm a jerk! I'm sorry."

In reality, it never fazed me. We both were not little kids any more. My
only comment was...

"Three times you say!  Hmmmm ....And we still have an entire night ahead
of us!"

Janet kept her blushing face buried in her pillow while she felt for
where I was at her side and poked me in the ribs. Then she took hold of
my hand and didn't let go. I understood and squeezed her hand in

We were going to doze off into a peaceful sleep for a few hours.... 
snuggled together in a warm embrace and a request from Janet to hold
her tight!   What a devious woman! I already knew we were going to get
together again. This was one woman who surely could make my day
something to remember. I laid there completely immersed in a deep sense
of contentment knowing Janet was at my side .......and the dark of the
night was slowly creeping in on us...........

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