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Naruto part 1

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   Naruto walked down the street, he had barely been back from his travels and just wanted to see everything. People vaguely noticed Naruto, he had grown up a bit and had changed, still he caught smiles from the people he knew.

   Naruto turned down an alley; a figure quickly darted around the corner,

   "That's odd", said Naruto, he quickened his pace and chased around the corner, "Ah-ha I've caught," but he stopped, there was no one there. He looked at the empty alley, nothing but a dumpster. Naruto walked over to the dumpster and looked in, "no one there" he said quietly.

A sound issued from behind him, Naruto spun around and saw the body of Hinata Hyuuga hiding behind him.

   "Hinata what are you doing there?" he asked, Hinata blushed,

   "I was hiding,” she said very quietly,

   "From what?" asked Naruto,

   "Some men were chasing me and saying things", whispered Hinata beginning to cry.

  Naruto surveyed Hinata, she had grown up, her hair was long, she was taller and had a far better physique, Naruto couldn't help notice Hinata's breasts had gone from some little things to ones a bit smaller than Tsunade's but still big enough.

   "What are you looking at, Naruto?" asked Hinata through sobs.

   "You, you have gotten very beautiful Hinata,” said Naruto moving closer to Hinata, "Very beautiful indeed". Hinata smiled but continued to sob even harder. Naruto moved closer to Hinata, he hugged Hinata and patted her on the back, "It's ok, I'm here now", Hinata smiled and without thinking kissed Naruto on the lips, slipping him the tongue.

   "Oh, sorry Naruto, I don't know what came over me" she said pulling away, blushing. Naruto smiled and lent in and kissed her again, slipping her the tongue. The pair embraced for a few minutes before pulling away,” Oh Naruto, I love you", Naruto smiled down at her.

   Hinata pulled away and removed her top, large breasts popped out, pink nipples stood out like large pencil erasers, "Please Naruto, take my virginity, I want to be with you".

   "Ok, Hinata" said Naruto, he reached up and played with the nipples, Hinata moaned slightly, Naruto looked down at her crotch, a wet mark had appeared were her pussy would be, "Hinata your getting wet" he said softly.

    Hinata pulled away her pants; a nice shaven pussy appeared, glinting slightly with a liquid sheen. Naruto bent down and stuck his tongue; the tight, warm hole welcomed the invader, excreting more warm liquid.

   "Oh Naruto, more, more", Begged Hinata, Naruto began sucking on her clit like a baby from the mothers nipple, Hinata moaned in ecstasy, "YEEESSSSS!!!!" She moaned loudly.

   Hinata looked down at Naruto, she glimpsed a bulge in his pants, judging by her limited knowledge of hard-ons, and she guessed Naruto was on the well-endowed side in the sex organ area. Hinata rubbed her foot on Naruto’s dick, Naruto pulled away and smiled.

   “Why didn’t you ask?” Naruto stood up and pulled of his top and then down with his pants, his dick sprang up quickly, it was at least 11 inches. Hinata blushed,

   “That’s very big Naruto”, she said quietly as she reached out one hand and began to stroke it. Her hand went up and down the shaft; it pulsed in her hand, a clear liquid slowly oozing from the tip of the swollen head. Hinata slowly worked up the courage to lick it, her tongue moved closer to the head, finally touching its tip. She became more bold and liquid up the drips of pre-cum, ‘it doesn’t taste that bad’ she though to herself.

   Hinata became even more bold and began trying to fit the large dick in her mouth, the dicks sheer size stretched her mouth and slid quickly to the back of her mouth. She pulled away, gagging.

   “What’s wrong?” asked Naruto

   “It’s too big” she said smiling, Naruto smiled back

   “Try it slowly”, suggested Naruto and Hinata nodded before gingerly sticking the huge cock back in her mouth. She sucked and used her tongue like a pro, wiping it over the head, collecting the oozing pre-cum. She began stroking the shaft again with her hand while the other massaged Naruto’s balls.

   Naruto moaned with pleasure at the feeling of what Hinata was doing, she was a goddess far beyond Sakura. Naruto cupped and fondled with Hinata’s breasts, they were nice and firm, but big and large too, Tsunade’s were larger and softer. Hinata’s head bobbed in the direction of Naruto’s body and back again, sucking the shaft and head, she looked at the pubes on Naruto, as she gained courage and got closer to his body, they got dangerously close to her eyes.

   Naruto pulled away, “Hinata let me stick it in”, Hinata nodded and pulled away and backed herself up against the wall and slid down, Naruto moved in towards her and knelt down, he lined his cock up with her pussy and gingerly pushed it in.

Hinata’s hole was tight and really moist, it sucked the cock in further, keeping it warm and sheltered, Hinata moaned slightly as she felt the huge rod inside her body.      Naruto gently pulled his cock out, when the shaft was out all the way up to the head he pushed back in again, slowly and softly. Hinata moaned silently at the feeling of the long, thick slab inside her cunt, tenderising her hole.

   “Harder Naruto, Harder, I want to feel it rip my pussy to shreds”, screamed Hinata, Naruto obliged and began thrusting harder and faster, Hinata screamed and moaned, the feeling of Naruto’s cock ripping her insides was too much. Hinata let out a loud moan and orgasmed, her first orgasm, hot liquid oozed out of her pussy and onto the cold ground, soaking Naruto’s cock in the process.

   Hinata smiled, “more please”, Naruto smiled back and began thrusting again, his dick into her pussy, quicker and quicker his pace went, digging as deep as he could inside. He groped at Hinata’s tits, fondling them as he pushed in and out, Hinata came again and Naruto felt he was on the verge too.

   Naruto pulled out, “I’m about to come”, he said between gasps, Hinata nodded and instantly went down on Naruto and began sucking off Naruto. The large cock was covered in her pissy juices, she enjoyed the taste of it, she made a mental note to finger and suck off her pussy juice. Hinata bobbed up and down on the cock, licking the head, Naruto moaned loudly.

   “Shit, I’m coming”, then all of a sudden white sperm erupted out of the head and fell through the air onto Hinata’s face, tits and mouth. For many seconds the eruption lasted before it stopped and Hinata began licking the cum off her face.

   Hinata looked up and smiled, “This was a lot of fun Naruto, we should do it again”, Naruto nodded, “Yes, we should but I have to go and see Tsunade now so we can’t”.

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