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The best ever!!


The Best ever!!

You never forget your best sexual experience and I never will. I met the best sex partner I've ever had when I was twenty one and living in Southern California. I had my own apartment and although it had a pool and some very hot neighbors, it was still a lonely existence. I had a girlfriend who was a hot, always horny girl. She was really small. Four foot eleven. Slim, sexy body with 34 b cup breasts that defied gravity. A small but very curvy butt that she loved showing off. We would later live together and I even had the opportunity to take a number of very sexy and even some very nasty pictures of her. I wish I still had the pictures. They would make good wank off material today. After I got married, my wife made me get rid of the pictures. Too bad. People on the net would really enjoy seeing her naked body. All the pervs who enjoy looking at young girls would really get off on her little girl looks with big girl sexual appetite. In fact after she I started living together I discovered that she was bi. I found some photos her girl friends had taken of her while she had been on summer vacation. From the photos I'd say it was a Sex vacation.

Back to the original point. I met Brenda (not her real name) while going shopping with my girl friend and her mom. We had driven to Burbank to a tropical fish shop that they frequented. As soon as I walked in the door and laid eyes on this vision of loveliness, I was hooked. The girl behind the counter was absolutely beautiful. Now, so you get the picture, I have always had a system for women and girls. There is, not so good looking. Cute. Pretty. Beautiful and Gorgeous. There have been very few gorgeous women I have seen and fewer I have met in my fifty plus years. Many women that I thought were in that category, when I saw them on film or in a magazine, were actually down one or two notches in real life. It is amazing what a make up artist can do. So here I am face to face with a real beauty in the flesh.

I will try to describe her from memory. Remember this took place over thirty years ago, but she is burned into my memory banks. She was in her early twenties. Five feet six or seven. Long brown hair that framed her sexy face. Brown eyes that sparkled. A smile that made me hard every time. She had a sexy voice that I could listen to for hours. She had a full figure which I found out later was from a recent birth of her first baby. I'm sure she had lots more unless she took precautions, because she was sure to attract men for years to come. She had an infectous laugh which I made sure she shared with me often. I love to hear a woman laugh and enjoy herself. She had a big set of tits, no doubt from breast feeding her little one. She also had a very full butt that begged to be played with. I like a nice round, full, squeezable butt. In fact I love a curvy woman. You should see my wife. Curvy baby!! Think of a young Valerie Bertonelli from TV and you get an idea of what she looked like. Beautiful and very sexy. And as I would find out later, very horny.

As my girl and her mom checked out the fish, I checked out the fish store girl. I decided I was going to try to see if she might be available. I didn't have to worry about my girl getting jealous. Her only disappointment was she never got a shot at the fish store girl. Or maybe she did and she never told me. She did say she was very beautiful and that I should try and "get her". You see my girlfriend was in the habit of sharing me with her friends. Mostly with her best friend who was also four fooot eleven and very curvy. Except for their hair, they could have been body twins. So here I was asking all kinds of questions about fish. The more I showed an interest in fish and fish tanks and the like, the more Brenda showed and interest in me. At first I thought she only saw me as a dollar sign. But as time went by I saw the telltale signs of feminine interest. I never missed those signs and I wasn't about to let this one off the hook. As the "girls" decided what kind of fish to add to the tank and the horse trough feeder fish. I was trying to reel in a beauty of my own.

I found out she was separated from her husband. What a jerk is all I can say. Something about marrying to young or some other crap. If he never got back together with her, he was an idiot. I wish sometimes that I had never let her out of my life. She made me happy in so many ways. But then again I wouldn't have met my wife and that is a fairy tale come true. So all things happen for a time and reason. Before we left the store I was sure she was into me. The next week I made a trip to Burbank alone. I found Brenda working alone is the store and she really smiled big when she saw me walk in. I talked to her about a fish I really liked and wanted to buy. A "Ciditrophis Trideniger" (not sure of spelling) from lake "Tanyanekee" (spelling?) in Africa. Then I asked her if I could buy her a drink when she got off work. At first she said she didn't think so and I thought I had misread her interest. Then she made a phone call and told me she would love to have a drink with me when she got off. But she would have to make it a short one as she needed to get home to her baby. I met her at the restaurant bar she perferred and we had a wonderful time. I was really interested in seeing what she was like if I could get her alone. Somehow I must have sensed she would be very passionate in bed.

A month or so later I had bought the fish and a tank. Two weeks later the fish died. I played it big and she responded well. I was able to convince her that, only if she came to my place and allowed me to serve her dinner, would she make my fish disaster right. What a line. She probably saw right through my lame story but I would later find out she was as hot for me as I was for her. Dinner was good and she was a delight in private. After dinner she asked to use the bathroom before she headed home. I was so hot for her by now I had to take a chance. So while she was in the bathroom I stroked myself to full erection and waited for her to come out. As she emerged I took her in my arms and kissed her. She was an amazing kisser. Her passion for kissing was matched by her passion for fucking. As I kissed her I took her hand and placed it on my pants and erect cock. She moaned in my mouth. I knew I was about to see what this woman could do in my bedroom. I led her into the bedroom and began to undress her. I remember she was very white skinned like she had never seen the sun. Alabaster skin that was so soft I felt like I was caressing a babys skin. She had very big breasts. DD or bigger but she wasn't lactating. Her hips were wide and she had a very sexy gap between her legs that allowed me to see her puffy pussy lips while she was standing there letting me admire her body. I was not prepared for the woman I had brought into my bedroom.

She was very passsionate and very verbal. From the very beginning she let me know what she wanted and how she wanted it. She would moan and say "yes", "yes", whenever I did something she liked. If I tried to move on to another part of her body and she wasn't ready for me to leave, she would grap my head and say "don't stop that". I was smart enough to follow her lead. Even though we were about the same age I could tell she had more experience in passionate love making than I did. I knew how to fuck. She knew how to make love. And she proved to be a very good teacher. As I licked and sucked my way around her body she would constantly shout out words of encouragement and words of passion. Shouting is the operative word here. Her moans and nasty words were flowing out of her and they were in stark contrast to her very proper and innocent demeanor. She was a lady in public and a whore in bed. Perfect! I had been licking her pussy for a while when she suddenly begged me to "stick that big cock in my pussy now". I slid up her body and placed my cock at her pussy. She didn't wait for me to find the mark. She grabbed my cock and put it where she obviously needed it. She then took full control and told me what to do. "Faster"! "Harder"! "Slower"! "Faster"! "Long full strokes". "Short stabbing strokes". She had me in her control and I was glad to do all she asked as I had never seen such passion from a woman before. I was spellbound and loving it. As she neared orgasm she began getting really loud, yelling "faster",  "harder", "faster", "harder", "deeper", "oh fuck yes" and more. As she came she shouted out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" really loud and she was doing things with her pussy that I never knew were possible. I know now that she was a squirter. She completely soaked my sheets when she came. I thought she might have peed, but she did that before we went to bed. No she was a squirter and I wish I could find another one like her. It is an incredible feeling when a woman comes that completely with you. Also it felt like her pussy was milking my cock. Her muscles would tighten at the bottom and work there way to the opening and it was working. She shouted for me to "cum in her pussy" and "do it now". I obviously complied. What an orgasm. The best of my life. What a woman. I was glad I had not given up on her when the going got rough. She was worth every ounce of gasoline it had cost and all those hours spent in the store trying to win her over. Little did I know she was smitten from the beginning like I was. Only her proper upbringing had kept her from attacking me at the store itself. What a Woman indead.

As we were lying there in post orgasmic bliss, we heard a voice coming from outside my bedroom window which overlooked the pool. A male voice was imitating her saying "harder", "faster", "deeper", "oh yes, fuck me, fuck me". We couldn't help but be embarassed but at the same time we found ourselves laughing and enjoying the fact that we had just entertained the whole Saturday night pool crowd. After that night I got a lot of appreciative smiles from the guys in the complex. They were obviously impressed and probably a little jealous. The women on the other hand started giving me the cold shoulder. As if I was the only nasty one in the complex. I was just the only one who forgot to close their window before they launched into a hot fuck session. The girl next door was the worst. She had been friendly and even flirtatious before and now she looked at me with disdain and wouldn't even talk to me. I think she was mad it wasn't her that was moaning and shouting. After Brenda left, I changed the sheets and went to bed with the most satisfied feeling I had ever felt. I fell asleep thinking about the next time I would have a chance to sample her brand of passion. She was indeed the best I ever had.

In the next installment I will share my next encounter with the lucious Brenda. A New Years Eve celebration. Two couples. A drinking and stripping game and side by side fucking. Stay tuned.

P.S. Brenda, if your out there and happen to read this story, you know your real name and you know just by reading who I am. I would love to hear from you. Why not write your own story about our first encounter. Tell your side of the story so to speak. I think the readers would find it interesting to hear what you were thinking and experiencing at the time. Hope you enjoyed.

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