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This is my first story so please be nice. All is fictional


                I'm 6 foot 2 inches, a little overweight but not much due to my broad shoulders and thick chest. And while not unattractive I'm not what is considered handsome so for the most part girls didn’t pay much attention to me. This changed freshman year in English class.

On the first day of English freshman year I knew I had badly messed up my schedule. I was in English with the partyers, I have nothing against parties but if that all you do its sad, so within minutes I became the outcast since I wasn’t popular. There were a few people who tried to bring me into their circle and this is the story of me and two of the girls who tried to help me.

                “Hi Ben.” Lexi said as I walked in to the class “Did you do the homework?”

                “Sorry Lexi didn’t have time.” I responded politely “but since it’s not due till tomorrow if you want you can come over and I’ll help you work on it… if you want that is.” I stuttered hopelessly since Lexi was amazing looking. She was 5’0 and 100lb soaking wet, but with an ample 32D bust, amazing legs and a butt that everyone loves to watch.

                “Sure Ben I’d love to come over, but I promised my cousin I’d spend time with her tonight.” She said quite apologetically. Then she suddenly had an idea “could I just bring my cousin with me when I come over?”

                “No problem, the more the merrier.” I wouldn’t have said this had I not met Lexi‘s cousin Kristy before. She was even hotter than her cousin was at 4’9 and 80lb she was very pettily built except for her rack they were double D’s.

                Later that day at about 6:30 I got a call from Lexi. She informed me they were almost here, so I did one final check to make sure everything was ready. The music was on the beer was set and the pizza had just gotten here, along with all the other things I had prepped for latter that I had come up with once I realized my opportunity here.

                What seemed like an eternity latter but was really closer to 5 minutes there was a knock at the door, they were here. I immediately answered the door to see the most amazing thing I have ever seen, both of them had come dressed in low cut shirts that were two sizes to small and mini shorts. I almost came then and there from how amazing they looked and what I was going to do.

                “Hi Ben.” Kristy said with a smile on her face.” What do you think? I know you love our tits since that’s what you’re almost always looking at.”

                I quickly look up at her face once I heard this and mumbled that they looked amazing, and that they should come on it. Once they were inside I closed and locked the door, inviting them to sit where ever. After doing that I went to the fridge and grabbed their bears and mine.

                 After about a half hour and 3 beers each they started to feel the effects of the drugs. As soon as they both fell unconscious I got out the rest of my prep. It took mere moments to set up the chain and handcuffs. Once done with that I came back to the two unconscious girls. Grabbing Lexi I ripped the shirt shorts and panties off her unconscious body, she hadn’t been wearing a bra, I dragged her over to the chain and hooked her hands to the cuff on it and a pair on her feet connected to a ring set in the floor for this purpose adjusting the chain till her feet were just barely on the ground.

                 I then took this opportunity to examine her body. I saw she had shaved herself completely, showing of the rings just above her clit. I then looked at her tits noticing that there was virtually no sag at all which is quite impressive considering how large they were and that they had no support.

                 I then ran over to Kristy’s unconscious form and striped her similarly. Taking her over to the bed I cuffed her to the frame so she was facing up with pillows under her head so she could watch what was going to happen to her sister when they woke up. It was then that I noticed she shaved in a design, a heart, and that she had a stud in her left nipple.

                 Since I had finished all the prep I went ahead and had some pizza a beer and watched television till they woke. It was Lexi that woke up first, since she was larger the drugs didn’t last as long, as soon as she started to wake she noticed something wrong and immediately startled awake screaming. Once I made it over to where she was I said “Stop. It’s useless to scream this room is soundproof and I have the music up in the next.”

                 She only then noticed me but not having heard me she said. ”Ben what are you doing? Don’t just stand there help me. Please.” I just laughed for a second “who do you think put you there? You really aren’t to smart are you? O well no matter I don’t need you to be smart.”

At about this point before Lexi got over her shock Kristy awakened in a panic as well. Instead of doing as I had with Lexi I want over and put a gag in Kristy’s mouth saying ”shut up you stupid cunt I'm talking with your cousin .” she being much smarter than her cousin immediately started crying realizing what was going on and  what was going to happen.

                Lexi only then noticed Kristy, having been to shocked and scared by what was going on, started screaming” no not my cousin you can do anything to me just let her go.” she pleaded having finally figured it out. My response was to slap her and say” why would I do that when I can do just that to you anyway and this way I get to give her the same treatment after?” she then burst back into tears.

                 Having had enough of her screaming and crying in fear I went and pulled out my punishment toy, bob, for when they misbehave, it is a 15 in long 5-7 inch wide studded dildo with a vibrating head, I then lifted it up so they could both see and said “Lexi if you don’t shut the fuck up I'm going to fuck you with this for a hour then do the same to your sisters ass. Do you understand?”

Lexi started to say something so I grabbed the head lined it up and started to shove the toy into her till all she could do was scream. After getting an inch in I turned it on for just a second the screams of pain turned to pleasure. I then pulled it out and told her” that’s your last warning the only thing I want to hear from either of you are moans and screams of pain and pleasure.

I then informed them that I was going to take turns fucking them and that while I was doing one the other must watch the entire time so as to know what to expect, or so I told them, and that they will not complain about any of the things I'm going to do to them or put in them, or if they behave put into each other.

Having completed that I then started to undress. As I pulled off my pants their eyes got large as they saw just how big my dick was, it’s not all that that long only 7.5’ but it’s as thick as my wrist almost 3.5’ across. I then pulled out Kristy’s gag saying “you have 1 minute to decide who goes first if you can’t this,” I say lifting the bob up” is going to be shoved all the way into your cunt” I point at Kristy with bob “and I'm fucking you in the ass Lexi till you can’t sit for a month.”

After their minute to discuss they said that Lexi would go first, just as I was going to do no matter what they said. I planned on having Kristy’s virginity as they main course not the appetizer. I walked over to Lexi, with a smile on my face and a hell of a hard on, and ask “which hole first?”

Taken completely by supersize Lexi says nothing immediately so I then say ”ok” and proceed to grab one tit in my left hand and start to bite her other shoving as much or my right hand into her pussy expecting lots of difficulty but find her sopping wet. After just a few seconds of this I decide to just fuck her. Letting go of her now bleeding tit I line up and just shove with all the force I can lifting her an inch till the cuffs pull tight and I hear a yell of pain then as I get my steady rhythm moans of pleasure. She can only stand a few minutes of this till I feel her start to squeeze me like a vise and liquid spurting out onto my legs. After she does this the second time she starts to tell me to go faster and harder, I oblige her request of faster but I can’t do harder without the cuffs breaking her ankles, just a few minutes of her urging me on and I start to cum so I stop and pull out walking over to Kristy I shove it in her mouth yelling “you bite I kill you slowly” and “I'm cumming” she immediately starts to suck me off like a pro. Its then that I look behind me on the bed where there is a large puddle of cum on the sheets from Kristy, and notice Lexi looking away.

Once I cum she swallows it all and starts to beg me to fuck her as hard and fast as I can telling me how she could tell I could have fucked Lexi harder and that I held back. I tell her that she is right but not yet. Walking back to Lexi I pick up bob and tell her she misbehaved by not watching Kristy as she blow me.

As she pleads I decide I'm going to see how much will fit in her 5 foot frame I figure it won’t get past the 6 inch point on it, about 1/3 of the way down it, but decide let’s find out I walk past her as if I changed my mind then stop and plunge it into her from behind with all my might, it gets to the point I guessed then starts lifting her up and a s the cuffs pull her down it then slides in till it bottoms out close to 10 inches in as both me and Kristy stare in amazement at how far it went into her Lexi screams.

Remembering earlier I turn it on and once I do her screams change yet again to pleasure. As soon as she starts to like it I start pulling it out, once it’s to the thick part again she screams more, then just as it pops past the thickest part I shove it back in just as hard if not harder than the last time. Once it goes in again she cums and cums and cums there is now a puddle on the floor of it. I decide to change this a little bit yet again.

I let her get used to it then I pull it out all at once, and drop it into the puddle. Picking it up I roll it in the cum a little more then I, still standing behind her, grab her ass and put the head up against her pink star. As she begs me not to I start to push it into her and keep it up till it won’t go any farther, at this point close to 12 of the 15 inches are inside her and I turn it on and leave it there as I reach up and unhook the chain. She is in so much pain and pleasure that she doesn’t resist as I unhook the ground too dragging her over next to the bed. I then rehook it and unhook one of Kristy’s hand telling her to fuck her cousin till Lexi is unconscious from it and that if she doesn’t she will get it worse.

I then sit in the chair and watch for a few minutes as Kristy fucks her cousin more mercilessly than I did, getting it almost 13.5 inches in, until I say enough it’s time for bed noticing the clock reads 3:00 A.M.

I then take Lexi and chain her to a cot I have set up for her leaving bob on and in her. Finishing that task I leave looking the door to my special room and crawl into bed dreaming of what tomorrow holds.



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This is your first story, so I won't go willy nilly with suggestions, But my point is no1specialhere is right. Reading through a story and findind errors can be a bit annoying.

You can maybe find someone to edit your story, if they are up for it. Here's a cool sword for trying. ===¦========>

Your Assassin-like friend,


PS: Just giving a few tips as a friendly gesture.


Make sure you check your spelling. Every time I try to get into it, I come across yet another misspelling and it jerks me right out of the mood - especially when I can't even quite figure out what the word is *supposed* to be and have to stop and think about it.

For example - Having (not haveing), petitely (not pettily), later (not latter - that is a word, actually, but NOT the one you wanted), etc, and that's just in the title and first few paragraphs. Give it a read-through and fix the spelling and random grammatical errors and try again. :)

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