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Jack and the Giant

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The year, was 1972, the place, a small town in Northern Ontario Canada, which like many towns of the time, was tapped out.
Work was hard to find, for a high-school student, during the summer of that year.
The lead guitar, and drummer of the band I was in, were lucky enough to be laborers, on a crew, that the guitar players dad ran ,
and the bass player,well he found work as a carry-out , at a local grocer.
Me?...I managed to get a short stint, on an extra gang.$1.86 per hour, minus $4.00 a day for food and lodging,
to work 100 miles from the nearest highway,removing, and re-laying railway tracks.
It was hard work, but I liked hard work. I was healthy, and strong, and adventurous.
All went well, for the first two weeks, until one day, a hot sun-bleaching day, when I had to 'use the facilities'.
I requested that the foreman send, or take me back to the camp, aboard the put-put,( a small gas powered rail car),
which was there, for the purpose, but he refused."Go hang your ass in the bush" he told me.
I explained that there was no toilet paper, and reminded him that the put-put was their for that very purpose.
He didn't much like my tone,( I was cocky and fearless back then).After a moments stare down, I relinquished. After all,
I needed the work, for clothes and school supplies, when school resumed in September.
I asked everyone, but whether they were lying, or telling the truth, no one had toilette paper.
It sort of made sense, as after all, we DID have the put-put to shuttle us to the lavatories back at camp, so why bring it?
Off I went, out of the scortching sun, into the shade of the boreal forest. I found an appropriate fallen tree,
hung my ass, and none to soon, as the bout of cramps I was feeling let loose, with a torrent of liquid shit.
Once I let loose, It went on and on, and on, for an eternity, it seemed, and it wasn't that, which bothered me,
but the second that my bare ass was shooting shit, the flies arrived.Black-flies, deer-flies, mosquitoes, and horse-flies.
Every sort of blood sucking fly seemed to converge on me, in swarms, and I was helpless to prevent them.
They left bites on my bare ass, my upper thighs, and worst of all, my nut sac and cock. I cleaned up with leaves,
as best as one could, and high-tailed it the hell out of there, and back into the sunshine, where the flies were not.
I demanded a lift, back to the camp, which the foreman refused, smiling as I explained the predicament.
He should not have laughed at me, for I cold cocked him, and left him to try and support his shattered jaw, with his hands.
He was obviously a fucking asshole, and to this day, I feel he got what he deserved.
I walked the 3 or so miles back to camp, showered, packed my shit, and waited for the next train to pass,on a nearby
bend, which the train would have to slow, to traverse.It was a coal train, bringing coal to the steel plant in town., and I hopped on.
Within a few days, I received a pink slip, which said "quit", and was payed by the railway. It was hardly enough, but luck was with me.
Or so I thought at the time, for a girl I had seen, a groupie,a cock hungry band-aide, had a brother, who promised me work.
All I needed to do, was make it to Welland, a town in southern Ontario, where a traveling carnival "Cambell Amusements",
had their winter quarters. Repairs and retro-fitting,(mostly painting), some of the rides and concessions,is what the work was.
I bunked with Donnas' brother,Gord, in a trailer, and did my work as expected, and all went well, until the first pay day,
and booze, and drugs came into the picture.
Carneys, are an odd bunch, and despite my feeling this way, all would have been tolerated, with one exception .
We were all in our lodgings, and after three or four bottles of whiskey and vodka, they all started bragging.
Gord... ,pulled out a piece of re-bar, with adhesive tape wrapped around one end, This was his weapon.
Only three of us remained at this pint, in the trailer, and the other fellow, a big fellow, who was a nephew or something,
to the owner of several of the concessions, that we were fixing up.
"When the shit hits the fan," he slurred," Carney backs Carney".
"If he is in the right, then yes, I will back him all the way" was my reply.
This didn't sit too well with either of them.
"No". said the guy."Carney backs Carney, no matter what" he said,all fire-eyed, and in my face.
"Sorry bud. But that is just not going to happen".
He stood, and Gord, I noticed, reached for his re-bar weapon. One well placed kick in the chest from where I sat,
sent muscle mouth out the trailers' screen door, and in his exiting, the door itself slammed closed behind him.
I was on Gord in a flash, and easily disarmed him. His eyes went wide, just before they went out like a light.
I could hear the motor mouthed guy raging outside, so out I went,
with the bar, and smacked him a few times in the ribs and legs to get his attention. Down he went moaning.
I knew I was going to get it good, if I stayed, as after all"Carney backs Carney, no matter what".
I tied Gordies' hands behind his back, and his ankles, with some wire, stuffed an old work-sock in his yap, then packed up my shit, and left.
I was on the road out of town by the time the sun came up, with my back-pack, and haver-sac, my thumb out.
I had a brother, in Hamilton, which was several hours drive away, and once again, finding myself short on funds,
decided that hitch-hiking was my best bet.
I had walked, and thumbed as cars approached, several miles out of town, when a big black cadillac pulled up.
The sort that one sees in movies.Ones that the Mafia , and movie stars would be chaufered around in.
"Where are you going", said the big man, older, maybe fifty, with greying hair,broad shoulders, a barrel chest, and a pot belly.
"Hamilton", I replied. "Hop in then" he said, I am going near there, and can give you a lift".
Back-pack and haver-sac went in the back and I slid into the luxurious front seat.
The car, the black and grey pin-striped suit, and the ring that glittered on his thick finger, clustered with diamonds, said this guy had money.
Small talk ensued for a short distance, whereas, I was told he was returning home, after opening a restaraunt/bar in a nearby town.
He was a bar owner then, but hinted at his holdings, usually cater to "working men, where ladies , dance, and do things for tips".
I was not yet old enough to drink in a bar, but was well aware of what a strip club was." You must be hungry", he said, as we pulled into a road-side diner.
I asked him to order me a large fry,and a glass of milk,(which was , I figured, within my budget), and made my way to the mens' room, to wash the road dust from my face.
Shortly after returning to the booth, the waitress came with arm-loads of food.Steak and eggs, home fries,toast a large glass of milk,orange juice, and coffee.
I informed him, that to pay for all this, would probably leave me broke, but he simply replied,"Bah!! This one is on me".
I ate as much as I could, while he ate a bowl of cereal, and tea. " I am on a diet" he said, rubbing his big round belly.
The small talk seemed now, to center around, girls, and sex.
"So have you ever had sex"? he asked.
Being a rock and roll musician, and front man, I informed him that I had had plenty of experiences, with groupies,
(I'd even had a stint with an older lady, a friends' mom, but kept this to myself,out of possible embarrassment
The smooth ride, the digesting food, and the comfort of the big car, soon had me nodding off
I could still hear him, but it was as though off in the distance, as he jabbered on.
When I awoke... I was in for one hell of a surprise.
I will tell you this...I am not only cocky, in attitude, and as I shook off the sleepiness, realized, that my 'cockiness",
was pointing straight up like a tent in my pants. This was normal, but what was not normal, was the large hand that was groping around on the knob of said cockiness.
"What the FUCK" I said, startled. "What the fuck do you think you are doing".
"Relax" he said," I just figured it was a good way to wake you,seeing that it was screaming out for attention. We will soon be coming into Hamilton".
I began weighing my options. I couldn't jump out, as we were probably flying down the highway at about 60 mph. I put as much space between us as possible.
Besides, that would leave my back pack and the rest of my stuff in the car.
"I have a deal for you to consider" he said.
Again I found myself weighing my options. Here I was,around 5 foot 8 inches tall, and weighing maybe 150 pounds, in a closed area, with a guy,
who was easily 6 foot 3 inches, and 240 pounds, with a barrel chest, huge hands, with fingers like breakfast sausages.
Now having had the crap beat out of me, a couple times a day, for much of my life, by a bully of an older brother, and a step dad.. I was tough,
and I knew how to fight, but.. one shot from this guy, in closed quarters like this, and I would be fucked.
"What sort of deal"? I asked suspiciously.
With that, he reached into the breast pocket of his suit jacked, and pulled out a wad of cash, held together with a gold, diamond studded money clip.
He peeled off a $20.00, and tossed it my way. " That is for not getting too upset", he said." That is yours to keep".
He peeled another 20, and said."This is yours too, if you unzip those jeans, and show it to me. I must say, it looks, and feels, very impressive,even in jeans".
"Look mister", I said,tossing the 20 back at him," I ain't into men, sorry".
He laughed a deep gravely laugh from deep in his chest. "Your dick seemed to like it", he said."besides, no one will ever know".
I shook my head.
"Come on" he said, peeling another twenty from the thick wadd," $40.00 if you let me see it".He picked up the original $20.00 and said.
"$60.00 is yours, and all you have to do, is let that thing out for a breather".
In 1972, $60.00 was a lot of cash, especially for a student, and he seemed to sense my conflict, my consideration, and added another $20.00 to the kitty.
"and besides" he added,"I wasn't lying when I said that it liked my touching it.It was throbbing in my hand before you woke up".
I was appalled. Sickened at the thought,but the fact was,despite my having re-arranged it to a less noticeable position,my cock was still throbbing.
After an eternity of silence, I began to undo my jeans, but not before snatching the cash from his hand.$80.00, just for showing this old perv my dick.
As I tugged it free from my underwear, he gasped."Oh my God" he said, eyes wide, and licking his lips," It is beautiful".
He reached, and I pulled back."You said you were just going to look" I said.

The hand retreated, peeled another 20, tossed and grabbed hold of my stiff cock in one smooth motion. "Damn"! he said, gripping it firmly,"
"I think this is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen".
Although his hands were massive, the one gripping my thick cock, was actually very gentle. Almost a loving touch, and it responded, accordingly, by twitching.
It felt good, unusually so, for I never would have believed it, had I been told it would.My cock, and even my hips were responding to his manipulating hand.
I pulled it away, and tucked it back in, before things got out of hand,( though pun wise, they just had)."You need to keep your eyes on the road" I said.
"That's not very fair", he responded."I just gave you $100.00 or so, and you let me touch it for less than a minute"? He gave me the "Come on now. Let's be real" look
"I'll tell you what", he went on."There is another 50 in it for you, if you let me suck it.BUT..., you have to cum in my mouth, or no deal. Waddaya say"?
It now seemed more of a challenge, and challenges were something that I liked, and normally took if there was a bet involved.
"How is that supposed to work" I said. "We will end up in the ditch, or dead on the highway, and me, with my cock out".
"No" he replied, "I have property, not far from here. We can go there. It is totally private, and if you cum in my mouth,
I will give you an additional $50.00, then drop you where ever you want to go".
I was already thinking.."$150.00 for a blow-job. I can just close my eyes, and imagine it is Jenny sucking me, and BAM! I think I got this".
"How far is this property" I asked. We had just passed through Smithville, and farms were all around us, for as far as the eye could see.
"Not even 10 minutes away" he said, and a few minutes later, were turning off onto a long straight dirt road, towards a farm, way off in the distance.
"So how big is that thing? Do you know?I bet it is almost a foot long. Does it cum lots? I bet it does"..
He was babbling like a school kid.
"I dunno, A girl once measured it, and said it was about 9 1/2 inches, but also said that being thick,and so hard like it is,makes it look bigger...
and I have been told that I cum a lot. Several girls who sucked it, were choked when I came, and it was still enough to plaster their face pretty good"
His voice had taken on a feminine tone, despite being deep.It was in the attitude I suppose?
"Dominick, is about that big, and I have little problem sucking him" he said, "but his is not stiff like a board like yours is. I wonder if I can take it".
He was stroking and massaging his cock through his suit pants as he spoke, clearly very excited about sucking my cock.
"It's not getting soft is it? You may want to take it out again, and play with it, so it doesn't get soft", he was saying."We are almost there. Just up ahead".
"It is fine", I replied. "Don't worry, it will be good and hard, when the time comes"...The fact was.. it was still stiff and throbbing,
and there was a quarter sized wet spot in my jeans. I guess subconsciously, I was actually excited about the prospect of filling this guys mouth with dick sauce,
and collecting $150.00.
We pulled up to a huge, and very old barn, that stood about 200 yards from a big old farm house. To the left was corn, about 7 feet tall,and went on,
seemingly for miles. To the right,a fenced in field, a pasture I suppose, that had cows, sheep, and horses grazing like specks on the horizon.
"I thought you said there would be no one around"? I inquired. "That house looks like someone lives in it".
"Well yes and no" he responded. " Only Old Bill, and his son Jeremy live here. But they are, I am sure,out in th fields, working with the Jamaicans.
and besides, Billy and Jeremy fuck sheep ffs, so even if they were around, I cannot see a problem".
I thought about this statement for a moment, then.."Ok then" I said."How do you want to do this"?
He scrambled out of the car,after shutting th car ignition off, all excited, like a little girl going to her first concert.
Wide eyed, smiling, giggling, and jabbering."Ok ... Ok", he said, "Let me think".
I opened the car door, and got out, stretching from the days ride.He was still confused, at this point, I guessed, but when I stood, and spoke, he stopped.
He stared me up and down,smiling, eyes flashing, and said. "Do nothing. Just stay right where you are".
I began un-doing my pants, and again he stopped me.
"No NO!.I want to do that" he said", so.. I simply stood there, my cock, semi-stiff, and drooling in my pants, and did nothing.
He looked around, and seeing a horse blanket draped over what looked like a stall inside the barn, retrieved it, and layed it out, in front of the caddy.
"OK", he said," I want you to stand right here", and pointed down at the course blanket.
I did as I was told, and he scrambled about , positioning himself before me, before dropping to his knees. He began undoing my pants. Slowly,
while licking his lips,and as soon as the base of my cock was visible, he began kissing it, while continuing to lower my pants.
"MMMMm", he moaned "What a beautiful cock".
As it sprung free, it smacked him beneath the chin, and he giggled.He took it in his massive hand, and began to stroke it again, staring, and licking his lips.
His tongue lashed out, and licked at the pearl of pre-cum that was now oozing from the tip, before probing the piss-hole with said tongue.
"Oh ... MY... GOD" he stammered."You taste Syrup , or honey".
I closed my eyes, and thought of Jenny. I imagined her desperate like actions, as she tried to engulf me, choking herself in the process.
Just as this image was passed before my minds eye, I heard him gag, and felt him wretch somewhat, before again, giggling like a school girl.
"Oh my", he said," It is very big, and very hard. I don;t think I have ever sucked one this big, and certainly not this big and hard before".
Again he was on it, sucking and playing with my cum heavy balls with his huge, but gentle hand. Again I felt him wretch, as my cock hit the back of his mouth.
Again he giggled, and again, he took me immediately back into his mouth, which was now becoming more accustomed to the intrusion of man meat.
I felt the tip almost clear his lips, and then felt it again hit the back of his mouth, and again he gagged, but giggling, barely lost a beat.
He sucked hungrily, almost desperately, so it was not to difficult for me to envision, this mouth to be Jenny's.She too is a very hungry cock-sucker.
As he bobbed his head back and forth, I noticed that he was pounding the back of his mouth harder and harder. I realized, that he was trying to throat me.
My hips joined his rhythm, and soon I was meeting his forward motion, with one of my own, hammering at his throat entry.
What started,in my twisted mind, as a challenge, for money,now, was actually becoming very pleasurable, and soon I found myself, fucking that old-man mouth.
Fucking it like a damned pussy. my hands had somehow made their way to the back of his giant head,and I fed it to him. Fed it til I felt it pop into his throat.
This time, he gagged, and almost vomited.He looked up at me sheepishly, and said..
"Oh You naughty boy"...before engulfing me again, and trying, on his own, to push my thick prick back into his throat.
"Fuck my mouth Jack". he mumbled around my cock."Fuck my mouth and feed me. I want your cream Jack. Feed uncle Ang your hot cream".

Somewhere during this, he had managed to lower his suit pants to the ground, and was now stroking his cock, while I humped his fat face.
I pushed and pulled his head, and again my cock slipped into the tightness of his throat. For a second I seen the bulge. Seen his adams apple protrude,
then again he was off of it, and wretching, and gasping, while still stroking his miniscule penis at triple speed.
I say miniscule, because though hard.. a stiff little prick, it was barely 5 inches long, and was quite slender as well in girth.
I continued to hump fuck his mouth and throat,he now, though gagging with each thrust,continued to let me bury it deep, while he wanked furiously on his tiny cock.
I watched the bulge appear, and disappear for several thrust of my hips, and then felt the flush approach.
I felt the heated, flush, that signaled that i was soon going to erupt in this old mans mouth... and was intent, on making sure I coated his throat as well.
My ass cheeks tightened, and my thighs began to quiver, and I buried it, holding his head tightly to my stomach, feeling him gasp and gag, and struggle as I unloaded.
I let loose two or three thick streams down there, until he physically pushed away, with a torrent of cum exploding out of his open mouth.
Cum still flew like from a canon,in long thick streams, splattering his face, and flying over his head.
He gasped twice, and his mouth was back on it, sucking like a porn star, trying desperately to drink me down, as it swelled his cheeks with each blast.
I stopped humping, and stood stock still, allowing him to feed on me. I watched him swallow, and suck, and swallow, as my ass quivered with ecstasy.
I fell back with my elbows onto the hood of the big black car, and his mouth followed, sucking and swallowing, draining my nuts, which contracted visibly.
His moans got louder, quite suddenly, and arching his back, and trusting out his voluminous gut, he ejaculated, his hand still stroking and milking me.
Though not a thick stream like I was used to projecting, he did cum rather powerfully, as I felt it splat against my shin, and heard it,
as a few hit the chrome bumper and grill of the caddy.He now was licking a slurping the cum as it dripped from my balls,
and licking up the remnants that oozed from my cock head.I placed a hand on his forehead, and pushed him away, mouth open wide, and stepped aside.
He refused to let go of my cock, and tried desperately to pull it back into his mouth."No... No" he pleaded, "There is still more Jack. I want it ".

I physically removed his hand from my now semi rigid cock, and began to raise my pants from around my ankles.
He fell to his hands, whimpering,"No NO.. PleEEEeease Jack. Give me more.. I want more.. Fuck my mouth more please"?
Cum that was dripping from his chin before, now feel straight down to the horse blanket.
He suddenly raised his head almost manically, and said.."
"Fuck my ass Jack. Please please pretty please.. Here" he stammered, as he turned and offered it to me," Fuck me in my ass with that big cock Jack".
PlEEEEEASE! I will give you another $100.00. Just Please fuck my asshole".
"NO", was all I said. I was disgusted.. Not only in this whimpering giant, but in myself, for having done what I had just done.
I could feel the cum splatter on my shin... felt the cum and bile, soaking into my underwear. I was almost sick with disgust.
"You owe me $50.00 more Angie.Pay up" was all I could speak aloud.
I re-seated myself in the car, closing the door, a bit too roughly, and watched as The old man gathered his pants up around his thighs,his head hung low.
He sort of penguin-walked into the barn, and disappeared around the corner.
A sound got my attention, and as I looked out, seen someone approach from the house.
He was older, with only whisps of hair blowing gently in th breeze. He was rather tall, maybe 6 foot 2, and as thin as a rake.
He had sloping shoulders, very long arms that seemed to reach almost to his knees, and huge forearms, sort of like Popeye.
He smiled as he neared, revealing the gaps of missing teeth.He woer only a pair of dirty cover-alls, with one strap dangling. He was the stereo-typical hill-billy.
"Hello dare young sir" he greeted me, "Is Mister Angelo about the place".
His grin, was sort of infecteous, and I could not help but smile slightly as I answered him.
"He went in there" I pointed. "Thanks thanks", he said, nodding with each word as he retreated, and also, disappeared into the shadows of the barn.
A few moments later, both came back into view. The old man, wiping his hands on a towel, large splotches of wet on his white shirt, suit jacket and pants.
The cum splatters had been washed from his face and head, and his hair was now slicked back, and also wet.
"You just make sure those fuckers get the harvest in this fall is all Willy" Angelo was saying. "Or I will make sure that their work visas are revoked, for life.
There is the matter of that bike they stole, and that young girl don't forget, so all it will take is one call, and they will never work here again".
"Yes Sir Mister Angelo. I will pass that along. I don't see a problem this year Sir".
The whimpering giant, who not 10 minutes ago, was begging me to fuck him in the ass,seemed to have disappeared,
and a huge man who was in total control, seemed to replace him.He settled his huge bulk in the car, and started the engine, before turning to me and saying.
"So where to Jack"
I raised my hand, palm up, and said:You said $50.00 more Angie".
He laughed again that gravely bear like growl, and said."I like you Jack. No nonsense, and to the point" as he backed the car up and drove back down the long road.
After we were under way, he reached, not into his breast pocket, but his side pocket and tossed me the fifty.
As I was tucking it into my pocket, I noticed that there seemed to be two fifties stuck together, which I separated, reaching out to return one.
"You gave me too much" I said.
Again he laughed jovially, and said." No Jack. Consider it a tip. That was more than I expected, and therefore, payed accordingly".
As I tucked it away with the rest I thought,"WOW! $200.00 to cop a feel, and get my dick sucked. I think I might be in the wrong business. Music can't touch that".
I gave him the address, and somewhere along the way, he handed me a business card, with his name and a hand written phone number on it.
"If you are ever interested in making some serious cash, and by serious cash, I mean just that.. a lot, and cash, well you just gimme a call."
"I'll pass" I said in response.
"You know, we could make tons of money you and me. I have many men and women, that would pay dearly to drain that cock of yours"...
"Have you ever fucked an older woman Jackie-boy?" he asked
I answered him honestly with a yes, and he slowed slightly, before regaining speed, and looked hard at me.Again he laughed and said..
"Well I suppose I should not be surprised".and continued." I have ladies, older, but not near as old as I am, who would pay a lot more than a couple hundred bucks,
to have you , discretely use that magic-flute of yours on them. The key word here, being "discretely".Hell. Lucy alone would pay $500.00,
just to have you jerk a load in her face.Probably more the second time around".
"I think I will still say no. Leaving a bad taste in your mouth, sort of left a bad taste in mine", I said.
At this he laughed and laughed and laughed again, before responding."Nothing bad tasting about what you left in my mouth Jack.
Which is just another reason you should consider my offer. You don't realize that you, and that cock of yours, is truly a golden goose".
"Anyway Jackie-boy, this is the address, right here, and at least consider my offer, and give me a call , if you change your mind".
I got out, retrieved my back pack and haver-sac, leaned in, and said" Thanks for the lift", then watched as he drove away in his big black cadillac,
before making my way, to the door of my brothers house.

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