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My Wife's Surprise

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NOTE: This is fiction and my fantasy of a perfect wife.


My name is Gary and I’m an average 45 year-old horny married man.  My wife is Katie and she is a hot sexy woman. She has beautiful big brown eyes, shoulder red hair and a-cup tits.  Plus she has pouty lips that you just love to kiss.


Our sex life is average but there’re lots of kinky things I want her to perform, but too afraid to ask.  So I just surf the Internet and jack-off to some of my kinky fantasies.


It was Saturday morning and I left around eight to play golf with a good friend.  This is a weekly routine and Katie uses this time to sleep in late.


I was half way to the golf course when my buddy called to call off out game since he was sick.   So I turned my car around and headed back home.  When I pulled into the driveway, I decided to go in the back door to avoid waking Katie up.  I figured I could quietly enter the house and sneak into the den and look at some porn while she slept.


I entered ever to quiet and tiptoed down the hallway to the den.  But just as I got to the door of the den, I heard some moaning from out bedroom. 


“Is Katie playing with her pussy?” I asked myself quietly then tiptoed to the bedroom door that was cracked opened.

I slowly cracked the door opened another couple of inches and peeked inside.

“FUCK ME!” Katie cried out.

I imagined that I would see Katie with a huge dildo going in and out of her red haired pussy.  But my mouth dropped in shock at the sight I saw on our bed.  There was Katie on her hands and knees.  But there wasn’t another man fucking my wife, it was our black Labrador dog, Roscoe.  I stared in shock while I saw he red cock poke at her wet pussy.

“I’m your bitch!” Katie yelled out when his cock went inside her pussy.

Roscoe wrapped his paws around Katie’s midsection while he fucked my wife.

“AHHHH!” Katie cried out when she had an orgasm.

Then I couldn’t stand it any longer, I stripped naked in the hallway and slowly crept into our bedroom.

Katie had her eyes closed while Roscoe fucked her and didn’t see me enter stroking my cock. 

Then Roscoe got off Katie after he filled her pussy with his cum.  Katie lay on her back on the bed then her eyes widened in shock when she saw me standing five feet away, naked stroking my hard cock.

She quickly covered her naked body with the bed sheets and turned beet red with embarrassment.  “I…I,” Katie stuttered.

“It’s okay honey, I thought it was a huge turn-on to see Roscoe fuck you,” I said while I stroked my hard cock.

Katie noticed my cock and smiled.  “So you’re okay with this?” she asked. 

“Of course.  I love watching you being his bitch,” I replied then walked over to the bed.  I removed the covers and got Katie on her hands and knees.  I got behind her and rubbed my cock up against her pussy that was oozing out Roscoe’s cum.  Then I slid my cock into her wet pussy. 

“Ah, yes, fuck me Gary.  Make me your bitch,” she moaned out while I slowly fucked her.

I picked up my pace. 

“FUCK ME!” Katie cried out.  “I’M A WHORE,” she added. 

Hearing her talk dirty was a huge turn-on and I should hold back any longer.  “I’M CUMMING!” I cried out and dumped my load of hot cum into her pussy.

We collapsed and cuddled on the bed.

“So I take it you’ll watch more of Roscoe fucking me in the future,” she asked while she rested her head on my chest.

“You better fucking believe it,” I replied while I ran a hand through her hair.

We soon fell asleep and woke up two hours later.  Katie stated that she wanted to wait until next Saturday for her next fucking with Roscoe and asked that we refrain from sex.  She wanted to make that day very special and was tight lipped about her plans.

It was a long week until next Saturday.


Saturday finally arrived and I called my buddy to let him know that I wasn’t able to play golf – I was sick this time.

Then we started.  Katie and I went to our screened back porch and quickly got naked.  She grabbed a beach towel and we went off to the back yard and Roscoe followed.  Since we had woods that surrounded the sides and rear of our property, we felt pretty secure that nobody would be able to see us. 

After Katie placed the towel on the grass, she got on her hands and knees.  “Come boy.  Come fuck mommy,” Katie said while she wiggled her lily-white ass.

Roscoe walked up and quickly mounted her like he knew exactly what he should do – after all, he’s probably been fucking her for some time now. 

“Fuck mommy,” Katie said while she slapped her ass cheeks.

Roscoe quickly started stabbing at her wet pussy.  I got instantly hard and knelt by Katie’s mouth.  She opened it and I rammed my cock inside.  I started to fuck her mouth while Roscoe’s red cock slipped into Katie’s pussy.  “Mmmm,” she moaned.

“What the fuck do we have here?” a man’s voice came out of nowhere.

I quickly pulled my cock out of Katie’s mouth and turned around to see Tom, 30 years old, Sonja, 40 years old and Jason, 38 years old.  They were all standing at the edge of the woods.

“I don’t fucking believe what I’m seeing!” Tom said while all three of them walked toward us.

Katie quickly shooed Roscoe off of her and he walked back to the porch.  Katie and I just sat on the towel stunned and at a loss of words.

“Well, I believe we have a woman being fucked by a dog,” Jason said and showed a digital camera in his hand.

“Did you film them?” Sonja asked.

Jason looked at his viewfinder and played back the clip.  “Yep,” he said with a smile then showed Sonja and Tom their prize.


“Can we please have the camera?” I begged.

Jason looked at Tom who looked at Sonja.  “No fucking way,” Sonja replied.

“It’s like this.  We just robbed a convenience store and need a place to hide out for a couple of days.  So, we’re staying at your place,” Tom said then reached around to his back pocket and showed off a pistol.

Katie and I looked at each other.  “Then can we have the camera?” I asked.

“Sure,” Tom replied.

Sonja looked around.  “We better get inside before the police helicopter comes around and looks for us,” she said.

“She’s right.  Let’s get the fuck inside,” Tom said.

Jason grabbed Katie by her arm and stood her up.  I got up by myself.

I was scared shitless while they escorted us inside out house.  Roscoe followed.


Katie looked scared while they walked us down the hallway.  Tom saw our den.  “This room will do,” he said then shoved us inside the room.  Roscoe followed.

Tom sat Katie and I on the floor and it was embarrassing to sit there naked.

Tom took the camera away from Jason.  “Okay, I’m Tom and this is Jason and Sonja,” Tom told us.  “If you cooperate, then we’ll make sure all your neighbors get a copy of his little movie clip.  Do you understand?” Tom said while he held up the camera.

Katie and I both nodded in agreement.

“What are your names?” he asked.

“I’m Gary and this is my wife Katie,” I replied.

“Good, now, I want this red headed bitch on her hands and knees in the center of the room,” he told Katie.

Katie hesitated and that pissed Tom off, so he walked over and grabbed Katie by her hair and forced her on her hands and knees.  Then he slapped her ass cheeks.  “Listen you fucking bitch,” he said then slapped her ass cheeks again.

Tom looked over and saw Roscoe by door of the den.  “Come here boy,” Tom called out.

Roscoe walked over.  Tom walked our dog over to the backside of Katie.

“Fuck her,” Tom ordered and assisted Roscoe up on Katie.

Sonja and Jason watched with anticipation while Roscoe jumped on Katie’s rear end.  He started humping at her backside and his red cock started poking out of his sheath. Then his cock entered her pussy.

“Ahh!” Katie moaned.

“That’s it.  Fuck her!” Sonia called out and started to rub her crotch.

I watched Roscoe fuck Katie and my cock started to get hard.  Tom noticed and smiled.

Katie was the center of attention while Roscoe humped her.

“Yes!  Fuck me!” Katie yelled out.

“YEAH!  FUCK THE BITCH!” Tom yelled out.

Sonja continued to rub her crotch.

Jason saw her and he smiled and started to rub his crotch.

Roscoe humped Katie. 

“AHHHH!” Katie screamed out when she had an orgasm. 

Then Roscoe jumped off her after he filled her pussy with his cum.

“That was special,” Tom said and noticed that I had a huge erection.

“Suck his cock, Katie,” Tom ordered.

Jason grabbed my arm and sat me up on the couch.

Tom grabbed Katie by her hair and rushed her over to my crotch.

“Go to work you cock sucker,” Tom ordered.

Katie opened her mouth and started sucking on my cock.

Sonja and Jason couldn’t stand it any longer and they quickly stripped naked.

I looked at Sonja and was turned on.  She was about 5 feet, four inches with shoulder length brown hair.  She had 36 D tits and a nice cubby ass.  Then the sight of her naked body was too much.

“I’m going to cum!” I called out to Katie to warn her, as she would never let me cum in her mouth in the past. 

Tom walked up and kept a hand on the back of her head.  “He’s going to cum in your mouth,” he told her.

“What?” Katie mumbled out with a mouth full of cock.

“Cum in her mouth,” he told me.

I tried to resist cumming but the sight of Sonja rubbing her hairy pussy was too much.  “AHHHH!” I cried out and shot my load into Katie’s warm mouth.

Katie removed her mouth from my cock. 

“Open our mouth and show us your prize,” Tom ordered.

Katie opened her mouth and showed everybody my cum inside. 

“Swallow his load,” Tom ordered.

Katie swallowed.

Then I noticed Jason’s hard cock.  It was six inches and his balls were shaved.  I liked what I saw.

Then Tom quickly removed his clothes and he sported a nice seven inch cock.

“I want to be fucked,” Sonja said then she got on her hands and knees.

“Come here doggie,” she said while she wiggled her ass.

Jason walked over and grabbed Roscoe by his collar.  He walked him back over to Sonja’s rear end.

Katie and I sat on the floor and watched.

“Fuck the whore,” Jason told Roscoe and helped him mount her.

Roscoe started humping at Sonja’s rear end.

Then they all watched while Roscoe’s red cock slammed inside Sonja’s pussy.

“Yes. Fuck me!” Sonja cried out while Roscoe pumped her.

We all watched while Sonja moaned and loved being fucked by a dog.

“Fuck the whore,” Jason yelled out while he stroked his cock.

Tom glanced over at me and noticed that I was staring at his cock.

Katie watched Sonja being fucked by her lover and her pussy got wet again.

“FUCK ME!” Sonja cried out while Roscoe’s cock fucked her cunt.

Tom stroked his cock and it got hard.  I continued to glance at it.

“AHHHHHH!” Sonja screamed out while Roscoe pumped her. 

My cock got rock hard watching Sonja being fucked by our dog and glancing over at Tom’s nice seven inch cock.

Then Roscoe shot his load into Sonja’s pussy.  He jumped off and walked over to the other side of the room and lay down.  He immediately licked his crotch area.

Sonja got down on her stomach and we could see dog cum ooze out of her pussy.  “That was fucking hot,” she said while she lay on the floor.

Tom saw Katie rub her pussy and then he looked over at me and saw my hard cock.  He smiled with an idea.

He walked over to me and stood in front of me with his boner in plain sight.

“Suck my cock, Gary,” he demanded.

“I can’t do that,” I said but inside, I wanted it really bad.

Tom motioned at Jason who quickly grabbed the pistol and shoved it in Katie’s temple.

“Suck my cock, Gary, or your fucking whore of a wife will get a bullet in her head,” Tom said with a stern tone.

I looked at Katie who looked scared to death.  I looked back at Tom’s seven inch boner and got up on my knees.  I stared at the head of his cock.  Finally!  I thought to myself, as I’ve always wanted to suck a cock but was afraid of what Katie would think of me.  This was perfect.  I licked up and down his hard shaft.  Tom moaned. 

“Lick my balls,” he said.

I ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls.  I ran my tongue all around his shaved balls.  “That’s a good homo,” Tom moaned.

Katie watched.

Then I licked my way back up his hard shaft to his head.  I opened up my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.  I started sucking on the head of his prick.

“Gary’s a good cocksucker,” Tom moaned.

Katie watched me suck another man’s cock.

Tom continued to moan while I was in heaven sucking on his cock.

“I’m cumming,” Tom suddenly cried out.

I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.  I felt the head of is cock swell up then I felt a spurt of warm cum shoot.  Then another spurt!  Then another and another!  Tom soon filled my mouth with his hot cum.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Gary’s a good cocksucker, Katie,” he told her.

Katie just stared at me and I thought he would probably divorce me after this is all over.  That is if they don’t kill us.

Then Tom saw I still had a boner and he looked at Katie.

“Katie, get on your hands and knees,” Tom ordered.

Katie obeyed.

“Okay, Gary, I want you to fuck your wife’s nice tight asshole,” Tom demanded.

“No, I can’t.  Please,” I begged.

“FUCK YOUR WIFE’S ASS!” Tom yelled.

Jason reached in his pants pocket and removed a tube of anal lube.  He squirted some on Katie’s virgin asshole.

“Fuck the bitch’s ass,” Jason said then smacked her ass cheeks.

I rubbed my cock against Katie’s hole.  She didn’t move.  Then I placed the tip of my cock against her virgin asshole.  I lightly pushed against it and it started to slide inside.  She moaned.  I pushed a little harder and she moaned while the tip of my cock entered her asshole.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“The bitch is just fine.  Now, fuck her tight ass!” Tom yelled.

I pushed harder and my cock slipped halfway into Katie’s tight asshole.  She moaned.  I started to pump her ass.  She moaned louder.  I pumped a little faster.  She moaned louder.

“Well, well, it looks like Katie likes having her ass fucked.  Is that right Katie?” Tom asked her.

“Yes, I love being fucked in my ass,” Katie responded while she moaned.

Then Sonja surprised me.  She walked over and lay down on the floor and moved her hairy pussy by Katie’s face.  “Eat my pussy you whore,” Sonja demanded.

To my surprise, Katie dove head first into Sonja’s pussy and immediately licked up and down her slit. 

“That’s a good whore!” Sonja moaned out while Katie started to suck on her clit.

I pumped faster and it felt so good to be inside her tight asshole.  It was a dream come true to be inside her ass.  I jerked off many nights dreaming of this moment.

After a few minutes of fucking Katie’s ass, Sonja arched her back.  “FFUUCCKK!” she screamed out while Katie gave her an orgasm.

That was all I could take.  “AAHHHHH!” I cried out while I dumped my load of cum into Katie’s asshole.

I slowly pulled my cock out.  Katie continued to eat Sonja’s pussy.

Then I saw that Tom had a boner.  He walked up behind Katie and got on his knees.  I knew what this meant.  Tom rubbed his cock up and down Katie’s pussy.  Then he jabbed his hard cock into my wife’s pussy.  She didn’t fight him.  I stood up and watched in a little shock while I saw another guy fuck my wife while she ate another woman’s pussy.  I was turned on!

“AHHHH!” Katie muffled out while she had her face buried in Sonja’s pussy after Tom gave her an orgasm.

“AHHHH!” Sonja yelled out while Katie gave her an orgasm.

Then Tom could last any longer.  He pulled out is cock and stood up.  “On your knees you bitches,” he demanded.

Sonja and Katie got on their knees and knew what he wanted.  They waited anxiously while Tom walked over to them and stroked his cock.  They both brought their heads together and waited. 

“AHHH!” Tom moaned out while he shot his load of cum onto Katie and Sonja’s faces.  He emptied his cock.

Then Sonja and Katie kissed and licked Tom’s cum off each other’s faces.

Jason had a boner and stroked his cock.  He then walked up to Katie and Sonja and he shot his was while they licked each other’s faces.

“It’s time for some fucking food,” Tom told Katie and picked her up by her hair.

He smacked Katie’s ass cheeks and Jason followed her into the kitchen.

I sat on the couch while Sonja sat down with me.  Tom paced around the room and I thought he was thinking of a way out of town.

Sonja looked over at me and smiled and winked.  “I want you to fuck me,” she quietly said and ran her tongue around her lips.  “I really want my pussy eaten,” she added.

Then I looked over and saw Tom’s pistol on the couch a few inches from me.  I smiled at Sonja and my fingers crawled over to the pistol.  I grabbed it without being seen.  Then I jumped up and pointed the pistol at Tom.

“The gig is up,” I yelled at him.

Sonja cracked up.  Tom looked and saw me with the pistol and he cracked up.  He walked over to me.

“I swear I’ll shoot you and it’s justified since you holding us hostage,” I threatened while I backed up a little nervous.

“You won’t shoot me,” Tom said with a smile.

“Yes I will,” I said.

“No you won’t, because that’s a prop for plays,” Tom replied.

I looked a little confused.  “A prop?” I said while I looked at the gun. 

“Yes a prop.  Go ahead, pull the trigger,” Tom said.

I pulled the trigger and nothing happened.  Then I got really confused.  “What the fuck is going on here?” I asked.

Katie walked into the kitchen with Jason, as she heard everything.  “Well it’s like this Gary, Tom, Sonja and Jason are in my drama class.  After we got to know each other and realized we had the same interests in sex, I asked them to do a little role playing with you,” she said.

I looked even more confused.  “Role playing?  I don’t understand,” I said while I sat back down on the couch.

Katie walked over and removed the prop gun from my hand and threw it on the couch.  She sat down next to me.  “I ran across some of your Internet history and realized you had an interest in sucking cock.  I knew you would be afraid to mention it to me, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

I was embarrassed.  “So you don’t mind that I want to suck cock?” I asked her.

“No baby.  Actually, it’s a turn-on to watch you suck cock,” she said while she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

Tom walked over.  Katie looked at Tom and smiled.  “Go ahead Gary, suck his cock for me,” she told me.

Tom walked closer and I salivated at the thought of his meat in my mouth.  I grabbed his cock and started stroking it.  He walked closer to where his boner was inches from my face.  I licked up and down his shaft.  I then licked my way down to his balls.  Then I licked my way back up his boner.  I kissed the tip of his cock.

“That’s it Gary, be my cocksucker,” Katie said.

I put the tip of his cock into my mouth.  Then I sucked on it for a few seconds.  Then Tom grabbed the sides of my head and he proceeded to fuck my mouth. 

“Yes, Gary.  Let me fuck your mouth,” Tom moaned while his cock went in and out of my mouth.

Sonja, Jason and Katie all watched while my mouth was a pussy for Tom.

 Everybody continued to watch while I sucked his cock.  Then I felt the tip of his cock swell up and I knew what was going to happen next.  I anxiously waited. Then I felt a spurt of cum shoot out of his cock into my mouth.  “Ahhhh!” Tom cried out while he continued to shoot more load of cum into my waiting mouth.

He pulled his cock out.

“Did you swallow?” Katie asked me.

I nodded while I swallowed his load.

Then I stood up and Katie walked over to me.  We kissed and her tongue searched the inside of my mouth for some taste of Tom’s cum.

We relaxed for the rest of the day in the nude.  Then after dinner, we sat around and watched some movies.  It was a cuddle fest of all five of us.

When it was time to sleep, Katie and I got two sleeping bags and spread them out on the floor of the den with some pillows and blankets. 

We all went to bed on the sleeping bags.  Katie to my right with Jason to my left, Tom was at Katie’s left and Sonja was at Tom’s right.  We all feel fast asleep.

Then at two in the morning, and I woke up horny.  I looked over at Jason and he was on his back.  I looked down at is flaccid cock and I couldn’t resist.  I leaned over and lightly licked his balls.  He stirred a little.  I then ran my tongue up to his cock and it started to thicken up.  I ran the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft and it was hard in seconds.  Jason woke up and saw me down at his crotch.  He just smiled while I opened up my mouth and started to suck on the tip of his cock.  Then I moved up to his head.  “Fuck me,” I whispered in his ear. 

Jason got up and got the anal cream that someone placed on the couch previously.  He lubed up his cock then lubed up my asshole.  He got on his back and smiled at me.  I straddled him and he pressed the tip of his cock at my waiting asshole.  Then his cock slowly slipped into my asshole.

“Yes, fuck me,” I moaned out while Jason started to pump my ass.

Then I saw Katie wake up.  She looked at me and smiled at the sight of me being fucked in my ass.  Then she leaned down and started to lick Tom’s cock.  It wasn’t too long and Tom woke up with a boner.  He smiled while Katie straddled him and slid his cock into her wet pussy.

So there we were, Jason fucking me and Tom was fucking my wife.

Then Sonja woke up and she was left without a fucking partner.  Then she saw Roscoe while he entered the room to check out the commotion.

Sonja got up and walked up to Roscoe.  She reached down and started stroking his sheath.  It didn’t take too long for his red cock to protrude.   Sonja got on her knees and slapped her ass.  “Fuck me boy,” she said.  Roscoe obeyed and climbed on Sonja and started humping at her backside.  She moaned the second his cock entered her wet pussy. 

“Fuck me!” I yelled out.

“Fuck me you fucking whore,” Tom yelled out while he fucked Katie.

“I’m your fucking bitch,” Sonja cried out while Roscoe humped her.

Then Jason shot his load of cum into my ass.

Tom shot his load of cum into Katie’s pussy.

Roscoe shot his load into Sonja’s pussy.

Five minutes later, we were all fast asleep again.

The next morning, Tom, Jason and Sonja left after breakfast.  We decided to have a monthly fuck fest in our house.


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