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Not-So Innocent Teen Has Hot First Experience

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A/N: This is 100% true, which probably explains why some of this is like WTF. My shift key is rather, er, shifty at times, so somethings will probably not be properly capitalized. However, the fully correct spelling and grammar throughout the story should hopefully make up for that.

Happy reading! :)

I could go on about how much of a hard worker my chem lab partner was during my sophomore year of high school, or how intelligent he was, or funny, or sweet, but come on. You don't want to hear about that, right? Besides, I'd much rather discuss how incredibly sexy he was, how dripping wet he made me, and how I was willing to do anything to have him.

Yeah, he was that hot.


His name was Jonathan. He was assyrian and gorgeous, hot bronze skin and thick black hair with a wicked smile.

Even though he was catholic, being jewish I wasn't really supposed to like him. But, my parents could fuck themselves! The supposed-good jewish boys in my school were lame as anything, and not nearly as attractive.

And attractive - understatement of the year right there. Not only was he sexy, he was beautiful. Unearthly good looks and the body of a god. Tall, athletic, with the most muscular arms ever. Not skinny and wiry - nothing like that, but full and lean.

And even back then i was far from ugly. I was definitely considered one of the hottest girls in the grade, but I didn't like to show it much before he came around. I had a very slim body, 34c breasts, long dirty blonde hair, wide-set hazel eyes, full red lips, and a cute little ass, so I rarely relied on clothes to show off what i had. But when we started working together in class, I'd wear tight, low-cut shirts, mini skirts, and tight jeans to school pretty regularly. The revealing tops especially, after noticing after a while he really had eyes for my boobs.

It wasn't so bad at the beggining of the year, but as the months went on - his charisma, his looks, his sense of humor, his body, made me want to fuck him more than anything. And before that, I had only made out with three guys! it was crazy to me, but some of my friends assured me it was totally normal. i couldn't get him off my mind. i'd think about all the things i would do to him if i could every night, until my clit went raw after getting myself off so hard. we were friends by then i guess, sure, but i didn't know if we were the kind to hang out with each other now.

finally, i got my chance. one of the crazier girls in our grade, ariella, was having a huge party after winter formal that half the grade would be at. normally my mom didn't let me go to parties where it was pretty clear there'd be drinking, but her and my dad knew her parents for years from their lame synagogue crap, so i was able to go. after going to literally the last twenty minutes of the dance with some of my friends, we walked over to her house an hour or so later, and already, it was pretty bad. at least four girls were passed out, strewn across various couches in ariella's living room, random guys pawing at them and daring each other to feel them up. the typecast red solo cups were spilled over on every surface, and a big group of kids were passing around a glass plate with lines of crank on it. one of my girlfriends suggested we bail now before the cops break it up, but after seeing the one guy i was looking for around a table with tons of other guys cheering on this really slutty girl, alana, to do a body-shot off yoni, one of the nerdier guys in our grade, i knew i didn't wanna leave.

'i'm gonna go say hi to jonathan and all those guys over there!' i called out over the blaring rap music as i left the room. some of the girls said something back, but i didn't hear them, and honestly, didn't really care. i had something a lot more interesting a head of me. something a lot more hotter.

'jonathannn!' i smiled as he pulled me around him and kissed me on the cheek. 'hey, i didn't know you were gonna be here, baby.'

he held me tight and the guys around looked confused. he was really smiley and happy. much moreso than anytime i'd ever seen him. there had to be something in him. liquor? maybe. Weed? Eh, whatever. it was cute. 'You guys, joel, aaron, jordan, this is rachel, i'm sure you know her.' 'hi', they all muttered, bored. they all knew me from years of hebrew school and i had always been a bitch to all of them. jonathan just grinned. after watching more and more girls do body-shots off the class dork, this sophomore i didn't know walked in, freaked.

'Hey, you guys,' he lowered his voice. 'Cops.'

anyone who's ever gone to a party in high school knows the one magic word that means you need to get out of there, fast. we went out the back door of ariella's house as most of the guys left to go to the park nearby to drink more out of the bottles they'd taken from her house.

just me and jonathan then. 'it's like, 11:50.' he told me. 'you gotta go home?'

i shrugged. 'not really. my mom doesn't really know i'm here, actually,' i told him, trying to sound cool. he laughed a little. 'want to go play video games at my place?' he asked, and how could I resist?

we walked down the block to his house mostly in silence, on my part at least. As he talked about what I had missed out on, I couldn't take my eyes off him as I tried to nod at the right times in his story. Even though he was wearing regular dark jeans and a button-down, he looked good. Really good. I wasn't too bad either, wearing the same top I wore to the dance, but changed into a black short skirt and no more heels. I tried to unbutton my shirt a little more when I thought he wasn't looking, and when he did see me a little out of the corner of his eye, he smiled a little. his high or whatever it was was fading down nicely, back to regular jonathan. it was nice.

at his house, he asked me if i wanted to play call of duty (this was back during cod one, not modern warfare or anything). I said for sure, since I totally could play due to having three older dorky brothers who were obsessed with gaming. We played for a while until he had kicked my ass for the fourth or fifth time.

'rachel,' he said seriously, setting down the controller. 'i really, really like you, you know.' his eyes burned deep into mine, even in the dark i could feel it, and i know he was for real. 'yeah, me too, you know,' and before i realized it, i leaned in to kiss him. he was a little taken aback, but in no way resisting. he allowed me to lean up on him, him laying down more on the couch. testing, tasting, he slipped his tongue into my mouth, going over every crevice in my mouth. even when making out i had never kissed like that before, and it was incredibly intense. his hand went from the back of my hair and down my arm, brushing on my breast a little, and then rested on the back of my waist. his other hand then did the same, and as it went by my breast again, i leaned my chest in towards him, and he took the hint. he rubbed at the side a little, and then cupped it softly. i groaned a little into his mouth, because, even though it was pretty tame, i had never been touched like that before, by a guy at least (about that...that's a story for another day) and it was exhilarating. I then felt a little pressure on my thigh. After him breaking a kiss to suck a little on my neck, I tried to crane my neck down to see if it was what I thought it would be.

Yeah, I was right. He was hard.

I was a little confused. And okay, I felt pretty good then, because I knew it was me who did that, but still. I'd seen guys hard before, but not like this. And I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do something about it. Of course, i wanted to see it, and touch it, and all that, but I didn't know if that was...right?

But by then, I was basically thinking fuck it. He already somehow had my shirt pretty much off, sneaky bastard.

Not quite sure what to do with it, I pressed my palm down a little to the front of his jeans. He squirmed, suddenly, and made a really low noise in the back of his throat. Satisfied with the reaction, I did it again with a little more pressure. My other hand had been roaming underneath his shirt, trying to get a feel, as best i could, on that toned stomach of his, but i stopped my fingers to rest right above where the tops of his jeans met his skin.

'uh', he stopped for a sec.

'you wanna - '

'yes -'

'you're okay with - '

'mm, for sure.'

as i leaned back, with expert speed, he undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxer-briefs to above his knees. i wasn't sure what the proper response was to this, but without a thought, a shocked 'wow' came from my mouth.

he laughed a little, smugly, going back to my neck, but i couldn't take my eyes off his dick. not only had i never seen one in my life up close like this, but i had no idea it would be so - i don't even know. i wasn't too sure what was considered big, but he had to be up there. it was about seven inches, and really thick. like really, really thick. i had no idea that was possible, for it to have so much girth. of course, i'd thought about what it could look like plenty of times before, but i didn't picture something like this. finally, i spit in my palm, wrapped my hand around it, and went up a little. sliding back down, carefully, his hips lifted up off the couch. kissing him as i worked on it the best i could, he broke apart and breathed really hard. i was basically straddling him now, and not quite sure if i was just supposed to keep doing this. his breathing got quicker as he snaked a hand on my bare hip. he then pulled my skirt up a little and my panties were in full view to him. i stopped.

'well, i didn't want to be selfish, but if you don't want me too, i -'

'oh no no no, that's fine!' i said, a little too excited. he grinned, and pulled my panties down as i worked on his dick more. i was a little worried. i was wearing cute black bikini-cut underwear, so that was fine, but i wasn't completely shaved, though it was dark in here, and - and... oh.

the cluster of worry went away the moment his fingertips brushed up against my clit. 'fuck', i seethed, and he smiled and rubbed a little more. i was jacking him off hard then, but i got clumsier the more he fingered me. god, i was close to orgasm, and it had only been a minute or too. plenty of my friends had been fingered, but they all said they never came from it, so i didn't expect myself too, whenever it happened. but damn, did jonathan know what he was doing. it hard restraining my head from going totally back when he slipped a finger in me and went over my g-spot a little.

'like this?' he asked, a little out of my breath, and i nodded yeah. he continued a little more, knowing suspiciously where everything was. he didn't have the reputation of a player, but a guy with his looks and swagger had to have tons of experience, which turned me on more than worried me at that point.

'god, you're tight,' he breathed. 'don't you do this to yourself?'

'well, yeah,' i replied, thumbing over the tip of the head, which made him really groan, 'but mostly on my clit I guess.' I was a little surprised at myself for revealing something so personal, but i guess this whole thing was pretty personal. i wrapped my hand a little tighter on his length, the pre-come oozing out. he was even bigger than before, and his hips were moving up pretty fast.

'uh, rachel, i'm uh, really close, uh....oh, fuck.'

i was confused. what exactly was he trying to tell me? i slowly stopped.

'should i keep - '

'oh yeah, oh definitley,' he replied as i went faster, paying more careful attention to the tip, since that's what he seemed to really like.

'oh fuck, oh shit, um, uh...' he warbled something out as he came in hot bursts on my hard and part of my bare stomach. i continued to massage him up and down as he came, him going slower on me, and then, as it continued out, rubbing a little harder. i was really close myself, and it was good, god it felt good, and i knew when i did come i'd be really loud about it. even when i was by myself i was pretty vocal, so i was worried this was going to be pretty embarassing.

he softened on my fingers, and i was even closer by now. after rubbing on my clit pretty rapidly for a few moments, i was coming, and damn, i wasn't quiet about it. 'oh, oh, fuck jonathan, i'm...oh fuck.' I probably sounded really stupid, but it felt so fucking good I didn't even care. By the time I was done, i was nearly out of breath. i looked down. the area by his lips were smeared in lip gloss, his hand was soaked, his jeans were down by his ankles, and his come was covering my fingers and part of my bare stomach and breast. I looked back at him a little scared, and he could only laugh as he kissed me softly. he sighed and massaged a little of the part of my lower back his hand was resting on. smiling, he tucked my hair behind my here.

'come on,' he said, sitting up a little with me still straddling his hips. 'let's go get you cleaned up.' he shook his head, snickering at me looking still horrified at what happened just then.

Needless to say, that was most definitley not the last time we messed around with each other.


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