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My Sexy House Help II

setanrhodes on Sex Stories

Suddenly, she paused and went down quickly on my dick, deep throating it all, I felt the head hit her throat and the muscle there gag, squeezing the head of my dick, I couldn’t bear the sensation, i lost control of the glass in my hand, it dropped and broke into a thousand pieces.

The Flicks

Parky101 on Sex Stories

Laura sighed, everyone was supposed to go to the cinema today now, only James was going with her... had he planned this? Laura and James had always had a 'thing', unexpected kisses and sexual contact though they had never gone all the way she knew that they both wanted too, especially since they both hadn't had sex in so long.

They arrived at the cinema and picked their seats at the back as t

Sex with my doctor

wendtbr on Sex Stories

One day as I was leaving the doctor’s office from a regular checkup I noticed a extremely gorgeous doctor leaving also. She was young, maybe in her mid to late 20s long brown hair with a crystal clear face. Her body was amazing; she had perfect boobs and one of the finest asses I have ever seen. So I caught up to her and asked her name and it turns out it was her first month

A Satisfying End

SINnerZ on Sex Stories

Small note: we are a male and female writing duo, we write these stories together which gets us all hot and bothered and ready to fuck each other. This is our first story we have published, I hope you all enjoy.

*A Satisfying End*

Juliet stood over the kitchen sink finishing up dishes, she had spent all day clean

My Sexy House Help

setanrhodes on Sex Stories

Suddenly, she paused and went down quickly on my dick, deep throating it all, I felt the head hit her throat and the muscle there gag, squeezing the head of my dick, I couldn’t bear the sensation, i lost control of the glass in my hand, it dropped and broke into a thousand pieces.

Ezinne looked up and said, please RAPE ME


Marti on Sex Stories

Richard relaxed in the big old bath after the harrowing day. It brought comfort to be back in familiar surrounding and the bath brought back happy memories of bath time with his sister, and Mum, whom they had buried today, scrubbing their backs. He could hear his sister downstairs and was glad that she had also come down for the funeral, it felt such a long time since he had seen her, yet it couldn’t be more than 6 months, since their Mums cancer had first been diagnosed.

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ns="" comic="">As he thought about the day he distractedly stroked himself, out of comfort not sexual relief, but he was hard as his sister called up the stairs,

'Richard, do you want a cup of tea?'

 Richard snapped out of his reverie,

'Yes please Sis',

 Samantha replied that she would bring it up. A few minutes later he heard the rattle of tea cups on a tray as his sister climbed the stairs,

'are you decent?’ she cried,

'I'm in the bath but come in'

Richard ran some more hot water to make sure the suds covered his erection. His sister came into the bathroom putting the tea tray down on the floor before resting on the toilet seat.  Her gown slipped open revealing smoothly crossed thighs, she absentmindedly pulled it back over her knee.  She looked very tired and sad but more beautiful than ever, tall and slim with a handsome face, piercing blue eyes, full red lips on a very pale but flawless complexion, and long straight shiny black hair tied severely back, the silk dressing gown highlighting her full breasts and rounded buttocks. At 26, she was a more mature woman than the teenager his schoolmates used to fantasize about. Being only 18 months between them they had always been close and at that moment he felt deep affection and pity for his sister whom he knew would miss their mum terribly.

'Don't be sad Sam'

he said as she passed him his tea.

'Dad would have been proud of you today and moved by the way you spoke about mum in the church Richard'

she said. At that moment a single tear ran down her face and he instinctively reached up to wipe it away, as he had done many times when she was younger. She held his hand against her cheek and gently kissed it.

She looked at the bath and said

'happy memories, how many times were we in this tub as kids',

as if to echo his own memories, before adding

'wish that we could turn the clock back'.

 He held her face as she leant down, stroking her cheek and sensing her vulnerability. He wished he could take the tears away.

Her 'Can I get in with you',

surprised him but he wanted to comfort her and answered

'yes of course sis'. 

She pinned her long hair up and slipped the robe from her shoulders and he couldn’t help but notice her lithe body, firm breasts even with an arm thrown across then in coyness, lovely rounded buttocks below a very slim waist and milky white skin, she stepped into the bath, back to him as she used to of old. With her rounded backside inches from his face he could not resist the temptation to kiss her left buttock and this made her laugh.

'You always used to do that when I got in the bath',

 she giggled, like the little girl he remembered.

He smiled and said

'but now there's something worth kissing'

and she laughed again as she settled between his legs and leant back against him. He felt her backbone against him and her bottom pressed against his groin and it felt warm and soft. She leant over the side to pick up her cup, the movement of her flesh against his groin started to reactivate his erection, it was a long time since he had felt a woman's flesh against his, but he was horrified by his reaction as his erection grew against her back,

‘I’m so sorry Sis, I'll get out'.

 'It's OK Richard, with Mum gone you are the only one left who cares about me, my husband certainly doesn’t. Its nice that someone finds me sexy'.

 'Oh Samantha, I’ve always loved you and always will, I guessed things weren’t right between you and that bastard'.

He laid his hands on her shoulders gently massaging them and the back of her neck. Her skin felt soft under his fingers and she sighed with pleasure as his fingers unknotted her muscles. Placing her tea cup back on the floor she cupped her hands over his, and was still a moment as if coming to a decision, before leaning back against him and moving his hands down to cup her breasts.  Richard could hardly breathe as he felt the fullness of his sister’s breasts and noticed that her nipples ripened under his hands, he absent-mindedly stroked them with the tips of his fingers and felt them swell.

'That’s nice Rich'

she said as she laid her head back on his shoulder and for the first time he could see over her shoulder and realise the loveliness of her body, large firm breasts with cigar butt nipples, flat stomach and dark bush.

'Everything will be OK Sammy',

he said as a rush of tenderness and love swept over him, such that he had never felt before. His erection grew still further and she sighed as she wiggled her back against it. He kissed her exposed shoulder and neck and she turned her face to him before kissing him back with a passion that took his breath away.  They looked into each others eyes not fully comprehending what was happening before they kissed again, feeling each others tongues in their mouths, mouth covering mouth, lips against wet lips, breathing heavily against each other.  It was as if an unspoken boundary had been broken, years of longing poured out as they kissed so passionately.  They stopped and pulled away looking straight into each others eyes,  stripping away the conventions to reveal their inner feelings. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as Richard moved and placed his lips against her soft wet mouth again.

Breathing deeply Sam reached around and grasped her brother’s erection as Richard’s hand left her breast and slid down her flat stomach and stroked her thighs which were already parted in anticipation, before he felt her thick black pubic hair. His fingers slid through the dark curls and gently traced a line along her opening lips. Reaching round she grasped his prick at the base and as their tongues touched again, her hand slowly slid up to his engorged knob. 'God Richard you feel so big'

she gasped.

’ Love me' she breathed,

'I do' Richard whispered,

'no, make love to me' Samantha breathed.

 Richard gasped as he fingered her enlarged clit before slowly sliding two fingers deep into his sister’s tight vagina as she pushed her hips upwards to meet his hand.  She shivered, moaned quietly and continued to move her hips against his hand as he felt himself swelling in her fist. With his free hand he turned her face to his and kissed her lips again, gently stroking her cheek. She opened her mouth and he felt her slide her tongue into his mouth and he sucked it before kissing her back, open mouthed.

'I mean it, fuck me Rich, fuck me with your big hard cock'.

Richard gasped

'are you sure Sam, I want to, but are you sure',

'Yes, oh yes, take me to bed and fuck me hard, quickly Richard before I change my mind'.

He stood up, lifting her up underneath her arms, she turned around as the water cascaded off their bodies and they pressed close against each other.  Sam felt his hardness against her belly and she shivered when he slid his hands over her buttocks and lightly traced around her anus with his forefinger.  She squeezed his firm rounded bum and kissed his chest before he lifted her out of the bath.  They stood dripping on the carpet looking at each other.  He was surprised at how light she was, but how hard her breasts were and how shapely her rear was.  She was surprised at how big his cock was and how it excited her. He gently dried her off with a towel and she did the same to him before he lifted her in his arms and carried her to her old bedroom.  He gently sat her on the side of the bed and kneeling between her thighs, buried his face between her full breasts. He had a pang of recollection and told her about the morning, years back, that he had entered her bedroom looking for writing paper.  He had expected her to be at school but she had overslept, and he was mesmerised by her laying naked on the bed, covers having been thrown off in her sleep. He stood longer than he should have just looking at her fifteen year old naked body, a girl in a women’s body. He was excited by her young firm breasts, her rounded bottom and the 'v' at the top of her thighs, slightly open and covered by damp wispy hair. He told her how he moved to the side of her bed and how he ever so gently stroked her damp lips and rounded bum and then how he picked up a pair of her discarded knickers, which he still had, and locked himself in his bedroom and masturbated six times over them, thinking about her all the time.  He told her about the fantasies that he had after that morning, of coming into her bedroom late at night where she would be naked under the bedclothes, waiting for him, and how he would fuck her until the morning, filling her vagina with his sperm.

Sam was thrilled that he thought about her like that and lifted her breast for him to suckle whilst gently stroking the back of his head. Her nipples were so swollen they were almost painful and his lips felt cool on them.

'You know, I used to dream of you and your friends gang banging me. Sometimes I would be taking two cocks in my vagina and one up my bum and at the same time I would be taking your cock into my mouth Rich. In my fantasy you would be huge, sometimes 10 inches and I would take you down my throat. As I would feel your friends coming in my vagina and up my bum you would pull out of my mouth and spurt your come over my face, then you would kiss my face and then fuck me as your friends watched.  You would make me come again and again before you ejaculated, pumping your come deep inside me'.

Sam took her brothers face in her hands and so tenderly kissed him on the lips before whispering into his ear,

'it was at that time in my fantasy that I knew I had conceived your baby in my womb'.


said Richard

'I can't believe what I am hearing',

what he was hearing coming out of his sister's mouth was making Richard so excited he could feel his penis swelling to even greater size and Sam could feel his hardness snaking up the inside of her thigh. Sam said

'Yes Rich, I used to dream about having your baby, and even when my stomach was so swollen you used to be so tender as you fucked me every night, until one night I dreamt about you licking my cunt and then fucking me up my bum'.

Richard looked up with love and longing at his sister, he was so excited to hear his sister talk like this and it had a huge effect on his erection which was now nearly achieving every inch of the ten inches that his sister had dreamt about. He took her puffy nipples in his mouth; they were stiffly erect and long. His tongue left her breast and his lips travelled down her breastbone onto her flat stomach. He broke off and looked up at Samantha,

'Can I lick you'

said Richard,

'Oh yes, please'

begged Sam.  She lay back on the bed and lifted her slim legs, bending her knees to put her feet on the side of the bed.  She reached between her parted thighs and parting her bush pulled her swollen pink lips apart.  Richard could see her clit, hugely swollen and moist like a large red grape. He kissed the insides of her thighs and ever so gently licked his sister's outer lips. She smelt fresh and he could feel her trembling.  He gently enclosed his lips around her button and ran his tongue around it.  She arched her back as if a bolt of electricity had shot through her and came massively against his mouth. He held her hips firmly as he sucked her swelling clit and rolled his tongue around it, making her come continuously.

'Oh, Oh, Oh my god'

Sam gasped, her body heaving as her brother tongued her.

'It feels so good, better than I ever dreamt of'. 

She felt his wet finger in her vagina as he kissed her, and she tensed in anticipation as he withdrew it and slowly slid it down between her bum cheeks before it gently pressed against her anus. She felt him slowly push his wet forefinger into her bum and she groaned with pleasure. Slowly it slid into her rear, up to his knuckle.  Richard bent and flexed his finger in her and it felt exquisite, nobody had ever done anything like this to her before and it was so exciting. Stimulated in her cunt and rear she exploded into another orgasm of such intensity she almost fainted. When it was finished she gently withdrew his finger and sat up on the bedside.  She took his face in her hands and kissed him, tasting her moisture on his lips.

'Stand up my darling'

she said to him. He stood in front of her, his enormous erection waggling in front of her face, and she was able to look at him really for the first time as she knelt before him. Like herself tall and dark, she ran her hands over his well built chest bringing her hands down to his slim waist.  She smiled as she stroked his beautiful buttocks and gently wrapped her arms around his muscley thighs, drawing herself close to his firmness. He was her dark haired Adonis.

‘You still play rugby’

was a question that did not need answering. He merely smiled down at her as she kissed his muscled stomach,  and there waggling right in front of her was the object of her attention.

She gently took him in her hands and lovingly admired his enormity.  He had grown to at least 10inches in length, and she struggled to encircle it with her fingers.  Some pre cum dripped from its hugely swollen head and she gently nuzzled her cheek against it.

'Suck me, Sam'

Rich gasped, and he looked down at Sam as she slowly opened her lips around it. Very gently she took his engorged head into her mouth and closed her red lips around it. She rolled her tongue around the head and against the opening at the tip of his cock, and gently sucked. He tasted so good and this was something she had fantasized about for so long, she felt a trickle of warm wetness run down her thigh, she was so wet.  She took him out of her mouth and kissed his heavily veined length saying,

'I never did this for my husband Rich, but I have always dreamt of doing it to you, and you are so much bigger than him my darling'.

'Oh Sammy, it feels so good'

Richard said.

'will you come if I suck you some more?' asked Samantha,

'Oh yes if you want me to'. 

Without answering Sam took him back into her mouth, flicking her tongue around the nerve-endings of his engorged head.  She dribbled her saliva along his cock before masturbating him with both hands and sucking his knob end back into her mouth. Her urgent caressing caused Richard to push forward, the pushing became a thrust as his urgency increased.  He took Sam's head in his hands and held it firmly as the imperative to thrust into her mouth increased. She sucked harder trying to take him down her throat, fighting back the choking feeling before controlling her breathing as the choking became a pleasant caress on the inside of her throat.  Richard thrust with greater urgency and gasped as his penis completely disappeared into his sister’s mouth and throat.  He held himself there, his length down her throat; her eyes were closed as she gently caressed his balls with her left hand and stroked his buttocks with her right.  When she probed his anus with her wet forefinger he could control himself no more.

'Oooh Jesus Sam, I'm going to cum'.

He slipped his hand under her chin and withdrew until just his glans lay between her wet open red lips. He was as taut as he could remember, every nerve ending tingled. He came with such a force that Sam initially gagged as his thick warm sperm hit the back of her throat. He ejaculated again and another thick warm flow filled Sam's mouth. He squirted another five or six times before he was spent.  Weak legged he looked down at his sister, she was slightly leaning back on her elbows on the bed, eyes closed, head thrown back and open mouthed, a look of ecstasy on her face. Her mouth was full of his white spunk, which slightly trickled out from the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto her heaving breasts.  She slowly and deliberately swallowed his cream, a little at a time before finally huskily saying,

'that tasted so nice Rich'.

She looked so sexy Richard could not stop himself from pushing her back onto the bed. He kissed her mouth and they tasted his spunk on their lips.

'Fuck me now Rich, I want you so badly'.

She reached down between her legs and found him, still incredibly thick and stiff.

'Oh Rich you’re still so fucking huge, slide that fucking great cock into my sopping wet cunt', she whispered hoarsely into his ear, licking it at the same time. She felt excited enough to express herself with swear words whispered into her brother’s ear and it had an electrifying effect on her brother who had hardly ever heard her utter a single cuss before.

She widely parted her legs drawing her knees up to her breasts and as he leant over her she guided his penis into her.  Finally he was making love to her. All those years of longing were released as she felt him enter her wet cunt. She felt his fat penis forcing her wet vagina wide open, and the feeling of his slick skin and veins sliding against her engorged clit brought her to another crashing orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into head as she convulsed, bubbles appearing on her mouth and for a split second Richard thought that she may be fitting before she gasped ‘oh my God’.  She felt so stretched and he thrust into her so deeply that she experienced feelings that she had never encountered before. Her contractions were so strong that they rippled through her whole body making her toes curl. Her brother kissed her passionately on her wet open mouth as she silently gasped in orgasm, all the time hearing him saying he loved her. She ran her hands down his back and wrapped her legs around his waist as he quickened his thrusting. Richard dropped his mouth to her swollen nipples and aureole and sucked each one into his mouth as she continued to jerk as she came against his thrusting.

'Fuck me my darling, fill me with your spunk and give me your child'

she gasped breathlessly into his ear, before sliding her wet tongue into it.  As his sister urged him to cum, Richard had never felt more potent, he was aware how large he was inside her, he could feel her tightness rippling over his prick, and he could feel his knob pressing against the opening to her womb. He could feel the heaviness of his ball sac wedged between himself and his sister.  He wanted to hold onto this moment for as long as possible, he wanted to pleasure his sister for as long as he could.  She whimpered in pleasure, as he thrust harder, her wetness squelching in the silence of the room, and her panting. She clung to him clutching his buttocks and then her finger, moistened by her own wetness, found his anus.  Gently probing she slid it in up to her knuckle and massaged his prostrate,

'Cum my darling'

she gently begged breathlessly in his ear. The effect was electrifying, oh the release. She felt the ejaculation deep inside, his body spasmed intensely.  She could barely gasp,

'Oh, oh'

as she felt his jets of hot sperm flood into her, she was vicelike around him, feeling his every ripple, Cumming with him, only on his ninth squirt did she begin to come down.

 When he started to cum his body took over and began to spasm involuntarily.  The sense of release was huge as his spunk spurted into Sam's contracting vagina. His first couple of ejaculations seemed to go one for ever and he was aware for the first time of his ball sac emptying and refilling.  The fact that he was fucking his sister only added to the pleasure and excitement; he wanted her to enjoy it so much.  Gradually the length of his ejaculations decreased until after about the tenth cum he rolled onto his side pulling her with him.  Side by side facing each other, still inside her, he kissed her so very tenderly on her mouth.  Utterly spent they lay gently kissing and holding each other.  Samantha could feel her brothers semen seeping out of her vagina, it ran back over his cock and balls and down her thighs. He had one hand underneath her, stroking her buttocks and he stroked her face with the other.

'What if I have made you pregnant'

he asked doubtfully,

'don’t worry, you have and it's wonderful'

Sam whispered.

'what do you mean, how do you know?',

Richard replied.

'I know, I know I have conceived and we're going to have a baby'

she beamed, face flushed.  He looked into her eyes saw them sparkling and sensed the conception that had already taken place deep inside her beautiful body.

'Will our baby be alright?'

he questioned.

'don’t worry my darling everything will be fine. I am so, so happy to be having your baby'.

Sam smiled at him. He leant up on one elbow and stroked her breasts before running his hand down to her belly which he gently massaged.

'We can go away and live as man and wife'

he said softly to his sister.  She looked up at him with such love before bringing his head to her and kissing his lips tenderly.

'I would be honoured to live as your wife'

she said to him before, totally spent, they both eventually fell asleep in each others arms.









A Hot Night

strages01 on Sex Stories

The night was hot; her slender legs grew damp with sweat in spite of her nakedness and the thin covers. She smiled pleasantly as she heard the door open and the familiar outline approached her bed in the darkness. A few seconds later she felt the weight settle beside her and softly whispered: “Hi”

His voice shook slightly, “Sorry, did I wake you?"

Blew Him Away

ryderluv on Sex Stories

Welcome back baby, I push you down onto the couch. My shorts slide down, and my thong slips around my firm thighs. As I walk towards you my hard nipples show through my tight shirt. I kneel down towards your crotch, lifting my shirt above my head, my tits bounce freely. I unzip your jeans with my tongue and slide down your boxers. Ha your hard cock accidentally springs out and hits me in the face

Good cleaning girl

stormboy2 on Sex Stories

This story happened to me 3 days ago,so I have to tell someone(and not my wife!). I had just come home from work,tired,hot,and horny as always. My wife of 23yrs was at work,and my kids were in school.This is usually the time I watch pornos,surf the net,anything to get my 7"cock off,which I love to do. My sex life sucks,and though I've never cheated,(till....),well,anyway,I love sex,love giving a

Fuck Buddy

slutdriver on Sex Stories

OK so the name has been changed to protect the not so innocent...his name was Kenny and I have had a few "dates" with him before but nothing ever happened so I was figuring it never would but hey he was good for conversation and a free meal so when he called asking me to go out for the evening I figured why not. Now, mind you, I almost always carry my vibe "just in case" except for certain circum

Jill's Trip to me...

ziegenbagel1987 on Sex Stories

The Following story was sent to me by the ravishing Jill about how she'd like to spend the time we have when she fly's back in, hope you enjoy!

I thought what would happen if I flew to you? I wrote this in first person as kind of an experiment. Hope you like it.

My plane arrives at your airport and I'm waiting for you, wearing a dress as you requested. My pulse is racing with anticipation,

Sex with Frankie: Jen

kingrezz on Sex Stories

Hi, my name is Francis but people call me Frankie, i moved to the U.S from the UK where i lived the first eight years of my life my life and my life was pretty much the, same sure it was a bit difficult at first but thanks to football i soon became someone.

I am seventeen now and in high school and i must say i filled out properly, I`m 6ft2 about 75kg and well

The Air Mattress

kenoraeagle on Sex Stories

It was a scorching hot July. Far too hot too sleep at night and far too hot to make love. Living in a house with a large finished basement has its advantages, one being that the basement is much cooler than the upstairs.

To sleep down there, we bought a queen sized inflatable air mattress. Not only did we sleep better, but making out on it was amazing. Once you got a good rhythm going, it turned into a real good fuck session.

My wifes best friend Kelly, who is about 45( a whole 10 years younger than me)  called one day, complaining of the heat. My wife told her of the basement, how cool it was and since she thought I couldn't hear her, told her of how awesome the sex was.

Ever since t

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he first time I met Kelly, I wanted her. She is one of those natural beauties. No make up,stunning blue eyes, works out, a body to die for and a husband who neglects her. My wife had told me that Kelly and her husband only had sex when he wanted it, and then it was fast and rough!!  Not only that, her husband was the only man she has ever been with!!  Kelly and I had fooled around once or twice, kissing a bit, but that was it. She always pulled away and left.

One morning, after my wife had left for the day, the phone rang. It was Kelly. "good morning Dan, I hope I am not disturbing you". "No", I answered, "I just got out of the shower and was going to read a while".

"Is it okay, if I come over and check out your new mattress, I am thinking of getting one. I haven't had a decent sleep in weeks". "Sure", I answered, "cmon over".

About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang, it was Kelly. "Come on in I yelled, the doors open". As she entered, I took one look and almost came right there. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts that left little to be imagined. Her long slenger legs seemed to go on forever.  The Tee shirt she had on, showed her very firm breasts, and of course, her very erect nipples. "Sure glad to see you, I stuttered, you look awesome"."Thanks", she said, "at least somebody appreciates me" With that she came over to me and gave me a warm hug. She felt so good, and I started to get hard.

We went down into the basement, as she hit the cooler air, her nipples got even harder, and I could see them through the white material. She looked at me and smiled, "like what you see?" she said, "ooooh yes" was all I could get out. She walked over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. Not a regular kiss, a deep sensuous, kiss. I couldn't believe it, so I returned the kiss, our tongues were almost intertwined. I could also feel my hard on getting bigger and fuller. 

We held on, still kissing, and my hard on still growing. Finally we broke apart. "I want you to fuck me, Dan, I need you, Wendy told me how great you were on this mattress. I need you to fuck me now and I want you to fuck me hard". I could not believe it!! Here I was, the woman of my fantasies, here, now and wanting me. "I know you want me, I know you have always wanted me and I can see by the tent in your pants that you are ready".

As I looked at her she whipped the tee shirt over her head, revealing the most perfect 34B tits that I had ever seen. They were perfect, with large, very hard nipples. I stepped closer, kissed her neck and slowly kissed her body down to her nipples. As soon as my tongue found the left one she wimpered, "Ohh please, don't stop". "No, Kelly, I won't,you are right. I have wanted you since the first time we met".

I undid her shorts, as they slid to the floor, I heard her gasp. Then I realized she had no panties on!! I backed her up to the air mattress, laid her on it, stood back and marvelled at her very trim, almost child like body. I slowly took off my shirt, them my pants and undies. "ohhh my you have a big cock" she said. " much bigger than my husbands". "He is the only man I have ever been with". "you are kidding, with a body like yours, I thought you had been with a few",I replied. "Do you like my body, Dan?" "OOOH yes Kelly and I am going to enjoy every minute of our time".

With that, I lay on the mattress beside her, stroking her body, kissing her, rubbing her breasts. All along she lay there, eyes closed, moaning a bit. My hand found its way down to her pussy. I ran one finger through the slit. "OOHHH" she moaned, she was wet!! I found her clit, it stood out like a small statue. Slowly I stroked it. She bagan to moan louder, moving her hips and breathing faster. It was obvious that she needed a bit of TLC. I could feel her body tense up, as she neared an orgasm.

I sucked both nipples for a while, massaging her wonderful breasts, then began kissing her stomach, her navel and then found her wet pussy. She smelled so sweet!! I probed with my tongue, finding her clit. She raised her hips off the bed, "OHHH MY" she cried"nobody has ever done that to me" and immediately climaxed. She raised her hips off the mattress, pushing her wet hot cunt into my face. "Aaaaaah", she cried out, "that is so fucking hot". I continued lapping her pussy, she was so wet, tasted so sweet and responded to every probe of my tongue.

"Please Dan, I need your big cock deep inside me, FUCK ME, pleeease" She lay on her back, legs spread. I could see her very wet pussy and knew I was in for a great fuck.  I moved up over her, I could feel the head of my cock at the entrance to her warm cunt. I slid the head in, she was so wet, I continued to go in, deeper and deeper until all 9 inches was in the warmest, tightest pussy that I had ever felt. "OOOhhh you feel so good, I want it all in me, I need you soooooo bad" "Now, she cried, FUCK ME" "HARD" I slowly pulled out so the head was at the entrance, then I rammed it in!! In and out, faster and harder, I knew I wouldn't last long at this pace, but she wanted it like this. She began to orgasm again, moaning louder, her hips ramming upward to match my strokes. The mattress worked its wonders, every time I thrust into her, the mattress rebounded, pushing my cock deeper into her. I could feel her cervix with every deep thrust. "I'm cummmminnng" she cried" "Not so soon baby", I said. "I am not done with you yet".

With that I withdrew. "Get on your knees slut, I want you from behind".She got on all fours. I found the wet entrance again, this time I rammed it in as deep as I could. "Ahhhh" she cried, "cum in me, pleeeease, I need you to cum in me". I started fucking her as fast and deep as i could. I could feel the tingle in my balls that told me I was about to cum. "I'm gonnna cum in you Kelly, just like you want", and with that I let loose a couple of strong spurts of semen , deep in that wonderful pussy. "Ohhhh Yessss, she cried, give it to me, baby"!! I kept fucking her till every last drop of cum was in her. Then I withdrew. "That was intense", she said, "I haven't cum like that in years". "Usually when my husband fucks me it is over in 30 seconds and he goes to sleep. Then I have to think about you and masturbate to get any satisfaction".

After that we both sort of collapsed on the bed. I drew a blanket over us. "Hold me Dan", "That was fantastic". "Ohh and by the way, nice mattress"!! "Yes it is", I replied, "and summer has just begun".

With that we both dozed off. I woke about 20 minutes later. I was hard again. Kelly was laying with her back to me. I pushed my hard on into her, she immediatly moved a bit to let me slide in to her still very wet pussy. "MMMMM, Dan, do you need more?" "Yes, Kelly, only this time I set the pace".

Slowly at first, I started fucking her, soon she matched every thrust. I could feel her tensing, getting ready to orgasm. When I knew she was close I started going faster, all the time driving it in as deep as I could. "Oh My God, I'm Cummmming again". She moaned louder and louder. Finally with one last deep shove I came, deep in her.  "My god Kelly, you are one hot woman". "MMM dan you are sure able to treat me like a woman, I haven't felt like this ever". "Well, Kelly", I answered, " I am always here if you need me".

It was 2 weeks later. We were having a barbeque with a few invited friends. The only way Kelly could come was to bring her asshole husband. As usual he was drunk when he arrived and after a few more rums he went to sleep in the lounger by the pool.

Kelly looked so hot. She had a tight blue top on, that realy showed of her tits and a very short skirt. I was in the kitchen getting stuff ready to cook. My wife got a call in to work and every one else was in the pool. Kelly came in for a moment, walked over and unzipped my pants. I was getting hard and she took my cock into her mouth. I knew nobody could see us, so I let her keep on sucking.

Once I was fully erect and not wanting to waste a good load, I pulled her to her feet, turned her around and lifted her skirt. Much to my surprise she was naked. I bent her forward a bit and slid in to her wonderful wet cunt. "Make it quick, we might get caught" She said. I started fucking her like a madman. I could feel her body start to tense up and then she came. A couple more good strokes and I emptied my sperm into her. Damn it felt good.

Then we heard a noise. One of the guests was coming in. We both fixed our clothes and made like we were getting supper ready. "I have missed you Dan, I want you in me again later" "pick the place and time", I said.

Basic Training Whore

PeterJenson on Sex Stories

Melissa is 20 years old and from Florida. After a couple years of working shitty jobs, she finally got accepted into the Air Force.

It was June and she left for basic training in San Antonio, Texas. During the first three weeks, she was the worse recruit the Drill Instructor. Gary was a staff sergeant and had 10 years in the Air Force and this was his third year at training these civilians in

Part 2 of 3 of Day 2 (Triple Trouble) of The Best Week Of My Life

readyfreddy on Sex Stories

I’m gonna be completely honest here. I’ve been lazy as shit and just haven’t found the time nor the energy to write lately. I start college next month, so my writing time will be cut back EVEN further. Just to put it out there. I’m still alive and making progress on getting back to writing. And please, for the love of God, have patience.

Part 2 of 3 of Day 2 (Triple Trouble)

Tanya 2

wetpants on Sex Stories

                               TANYA  2
Tanya and I were strolling, hand in hand, down the supermarket aisle. With my free hand I pushed the trolley and with hers she occasionally dumped things into it as we passed the shelves. It was a blazing hot summer’s day and we were dressed to suit it. I had on only a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Short shorts, because Tanya hated those long things that come to your knees or lower that are all the fashion now. She wouldn’t let me wear them. That was fine because I didn’t like them either. A
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fter all, if you’re trying to catch the sun, or get a tan, what’s the point of covering up half of yourself ? So short shorts and nothing else under them. She liked it that way and so did I.
Tanya was wearing one of my shirts. You know the type -  short sleeves but with a tail at the back to tuck into your trousers. Except Tanya wasn’t wearing any trousers. She knew that I adored her dressing in one of my shirts. I found it immensely sexy and erotic to see her bare legs, beautiful legs at that, appearing from under the shirt. It hinted at what remained hidden, something I was intimately acquainted with, but nevertheless, the hint was always there. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, but that didn’t matter because Tanya has the most gorgeous, small, round, firm breasts that stand up on their own without the need for support. Her nipples are large and round and brown and pointed, and right now they were clearly visible beneath the shirt, straining against the confines of the material and offering themselves to whoever may wish to lick, suck, kiss or rub them.  Me.  Evidently they wanted to break free of the shirt and take a peek at the outside world.
The only concession that Tanya, reluctantly, made to society on this occasion was that she wore pants under the shirt. Not often, I hasten to add. Normally, when wearing one of my shirts for me, she wore nothing under it. If we were at home, out in a park, or someplace where there weren’t many people she wouldn’t wear any. This invariably led to us enjoying some sex somewhere, right up to orgasms for us both. We usually managed to find a place where we could pleasure each other and bring each other to climax, no matter where we were.
But even Tanya had to admit, it’s a bit difficult in a supermarket.
So, pants under the shirt, and if Tanya had to collect an item for our trolley from a low shelf, if there were other shoppers around she crouched daintily and demurely and retrieved it. If the aisle was empty she made a point of bending right over in front of me to show me her pants, the tops of her soft thighs, and the  thin line of material that, just, covered her cunt, which was a bit irrelevant as the pants were see-through. She wiggled her ass at me too, when she could. She knew that I enjoyed looking at her body, any part of it, at any time, and she enjoyed reminding me and offering me views at every opportunity.
So we proceeded down the aisle, hand in hand and loving every minute of each other’s company. We had known each other for six months, and our sex life was unbelievable **. She adored me and I adored her. She was quite small, beautiful with a gorgeous figure, long flowing dark tresses of hair, her body was soft and warm and there whenever I wanted it (as mine was for her) and when I was close to her or touching her luscious little body I always had difficulty tearing myself away from it.
She took our sex to levels and heights that most men could only ever dream of. She was clever, quick, intelligent and her eyes sparkled frequently. She was impish and devilish and made every day and every little mundane item in life seem interesting. I blessed the day I met her.
“Davey,” she said, chucking  something into the trolley, “how do you feel about a threesome?”
“Which way?” I asked immediately.
She looked at me. “Either way. A man or a girl.”
I remained quiet for several moments.
“You don’t like the idea, do you?” she observed. “It upsets you to think of another man fucking me.”
That’s another thing I adore about her. More often than not she has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what I’m thinking or what I’m going to say.
“Yes,” I agreed. “It does upset me. But it worries me more. You have to be careful. What happens if we have a few drinks first and he gets a bit drunk or aggressive? What happens if he’s bigger or stronger than me, loses control and either injures me or incapacitates me in some way and then just attacks you?”
I said this because I knew Tanya’s body intimately and I knew that any red blooded man seeing her as I do, lying on a bed half clothed or naked would not want to just have a blowjob from her or be wanked by her. He would want to fuck her, again and again. No, I didn’t like that idea.
** See “Tanya”.
Tanya looked alarmed at my words.
“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that,” she said. “You’re right.”
“And anyway, “ I went on, “how do I know that you might not come to enjoy his er—ministrations better than mine?”
“No Davey!” she cried very fiercely, and dropped a packet into the trolley, ran to me and clasped her arms round me, burying her face and her long hair against my chest. She hugged me very tightly.
“No!” she said again, her voice partly muffled. “Don’t you ever, ever, think that or say that again, Davey! You’re mine! I love you! I love you like crazy and I don’t want another man in my mouth or my cunt or even my hand. I adore you and only you, you great stupid lump and don’t ever, ever think I want any other man and don’t ever, ever say that again!”
Her body shook against my chest and I realised that she was actually sobbing. I stroked her hair and her back.
“I won’t, I won’t,” I promised softly. “I adore you too, you know that and I didn’t mean to upset you. I love that you love me, and I love loving you. And that’s what I’m going to do when we get home.”
“What are you going to do?” she asked in her small, muffled voice. She had stopped her sobs but stayed tight against my chest, hugging me for all she was worth. I could feel those beautiful nipples, well, one of them, pressing into my T-shirt and just begging to have some attention.
“I’m going to throw you on the bed,” I began softly. “I’m going to lick and kiss your legs, starting at your feet and working my way up to your knees. I’m going to undo two buttons of that shirt and then I’m going to lick and suck and kiss your beautiful breasts and nipples until they are so hard they hurt.”
And they almost did hurt, because I could feel that luscious point growing harder and pressing even more against my chest.
“And then I shall go back to your lovely legs,” I went on, “and start where I left off, at your knees, licking and kissing your thighs, first one and then the other, getting higher and higher, going under the shirt so I can reach the very tops of your soft, warm, fragrant thighs, tasting your delicious skin and feeling the warmth---“
I broke off as I realised that Tanya’s knees were trembling against me.
“ – the warmth coming from between your legs as my tongue licks higher and higher, finding the edge of your pants and licking round them into your groin, and then across the material to the other side, just allowing my tongue to briefly brush across your cunt inside your pants –“
By now Tanya’s whole body was trembling but she still gripped me tightly and still kept her face buried against my chest.
“And then what?” whispered her muffled voice.
“Then I shall gently pull aside your pants and allow my tongue to brush against your cunt lips again. I shall taste your skin, your heat, your juice as you become wet and it runs out from you and onto my tongue. I shall just probe gently between your lips and find more heat and more juice. I shall drink deeply of it because it is my Tanya’s juice and I love to drink her nectar whenever I can.”
Tanya was now quivering in my arms and her legs were shaking. She squeezed me hard, which I took as a silent sign to continue.
“And then and only then, as I am tasting and drinking your warm heavenly nectar from deep inside your cunt, will my tongue find your button, that tiny place that is the root of all your ecstasy, that magical place that will start a feeling deep within you, and as I lick at your clit and flick my tongue over it, back and forth, your juice will flood out from you into my mouth, the feeling inside you will grow and grow and grow until it explodes out at the height of your ecstasy and you cum and cum and cum.”
As I spoke Tanya suddenly sagged against me, her knees and legs giving way so that I actually had to hold her up. She was breathing very fast and heavily, making a damp patch on my T-shirt and her body and legs quivered and shook against me for several moments.   Tanya had cum.
Maybe a supermarket isn’t so difficult after all.
“She orlright, mate?” came a voice.
I looked round and saw an old man watching us.
“Just a bit weak at the knees,” I said. “It happens sometimes. It’ll pass.”
The old man harrumphed and moved away.
Gradually Tanya quieted down and regained her own feet.
She broke away from me and used a hanky to wipe her eyes.
“You – you – you!” she stuttered. Words seemed to fail her, very unusual for her.
I reached for her and hugged her gently.
“You absolute fucking bastard!” she murmured. “I don’t believe it!  You – you – you actually made me cum by your words alone. In the middle of a shop! I just pictured it all as you spoke and you made me cum! You didn’t even fuck me! You just described how you licked my cunt and I came! You wonderful, gorgeous, sexy adorable bastard!”
(Couldn’t help a slight smirk at this. Well, wouldn’t you?)
Tanya looked round at the aisle.
“You’ve made me cum into my pants,” she said. “Oh, God, it’s running down my leg.” She gave a sort of wiggle as she rubbed her thighs together.
“Oh, good,” I said. “Then I can lick it off when we get home.”
“Don’t start again!” Tanya said. “Don’t!  But yes, I want you to lick it off  like you often do. Shut up Tanya!” she added to herself.  “Come on, my sweet Davey. We still have shopping to do.”
We moved on, filling the trolley slowly and leisurely.
“I do love the feel of my cum in my pants, “ she said at one point. “All that lovely warm juice. Wish it was yours though.”
“It will be,” I promised.
And after a while she said, without looking at me, “What about a girl, then?”
I stopped and stared at her.
“But then you’re going to have the same worries too. Aren’t you? And you’d be happy with another girl? I mean, you wouldn’t mind having sex with another girl? Or me having sex with another girl?”
Tanya slowly shook her head thoughtfully.
 “Actually, my lovely adorable Davey, I don’t think I would have those worries. Not if we planned it properly. I don’t think a girl could do anything to put me out of action like a man could to you. So, no, I don’t think I’m worried about that. And I have no problem about another girl. I’ve never done it before, but I don’t have a problem with it, and as I know you would love to have two girls in bed and it would give you great pleasure, then it would give me great pleasure too.”
She’s a girl in ten million, is my Tanya.
I pulled her to me and looked straight into her eyes.
“You’re wonderful,” I said, “and I adore you and love you, very, very much.”
She smiled and her eyes melted with the light of her own love in them as she looked at me.
“I know it,” she said, “And you know I do too.”
“And what,” I asked her with a twinkle in my eye, “about the possibility of me ending up preferring her cunt to yours?”
“It won’t happen,” she answered decisively. “And I’ll tell you why. You won’t put your cock anywhere near her cunt. She can wank you, suck you, give you a blowjob, you can even fuck her ass, but if I see your cock within an inch of her cunt, I’ll throw her out into the street just as she is, even if she’s bollock naked. And I’ll deal with you afterwards,” she added darkly.
“Yes sir!!” I grinned, and she grinned too because I knew she meant every word but she wanted to please me without any risks to either of us and that was fine by me and I adored her for it and loved her and I thought hell, she’d probably try to cut the bloody thing off if I didn’t keep my word.
“Agreed?” she asked.
“Yes, my sweet Tanya. If you’re sure you’re happy with the idea, then let’s do it. But I have to say I think you’ll find it very difficult to find someone who’ll agree to this plan. Most women want to be fucked and if I don’t ---aaaahhh! I see.”
Light had suddenly dawned.
“That’s right,” Tanya grinned again. “I will. With my strap-on while you fuck her ass. Or her mouth. Whichever you want.”
I nodded.
“And you really think you’re going to find a girl who’ll agree to all this?”  I wanted to ask about the other wet and dirty pleasures that Tanya and I so often enjoy together but I thought I’d wait a bit for that.
“And as for the other things we do together, Tanya went on,  (see what I mean? Wonderful girl!)  “I agree it won’t be easy but I’m going to try. Leave it to me.”
     *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
The next few weeks passed enjoyably, with Tanya and I delighting in all the many and varied things that made up our sex together. In the hot weather we ended up sweaty, wet, and not only from the sweat, dirty, as we both enjoyed that too, and the bond and rapport between us grew and grew each passing day, as did our love  and respect for each other. Both of us knew that neither would ever do anything to hurt the other,  and that made our relationship something very, very special and very strong. It also made our sex incredibly passionate and our orgasms, whether together or separately, were always huge and often exhausting.
A girl in ten million.
Sometimes during those weeks Tanya would make or receive phone calls on her mobile,  and this often meant that she would disappear into the bedroom and shut the door. She always spoke very quietly so that I couldn’t hear a word of the conversation. Once or twice I opened the door to enter the room and she always yelled at me to go away. Another man might have suspected that Tanya had a bit on the side, but I trusted her implicitly and knew that no such thing was happening. She never spoke about the conversations and shook her head if I asked, so I gave that up. Occasionally the aftermath of these phone conversations meant that she looked very glum but even if she did, it never prevented her from doing what she knew I liked in bed, or enjoying my own ways of giving her as much pleasure as she could physically take.
And then, one day, she came out of the bedroom, snapped her phone shut and looked at me, her eyes gleaming and sparkling in that way that always made me want to take her in my arms, kiss her and then take her to bed and spend hours making her groan and cry with pleasure.
“It’s fixed!” she exclaimed.
Just for a brief moment I had to catch up with her, and then I said “Ah! It is?”
“It is!” she said. “I found a girl who agrees with everything we talked about before.”
“She does?”
“She does,” Tanya nodded. “Including the fact that your cock is not allowed near her cunt.”
“She does?”
“She does. And she is happy about our other pleasures. The wet and dirty ones.”
“She is?”
Tanya threw a cushion at me.
“Lump! Yes, everything.”
I wasn’t sure what to say, except for the obvious.
“A week next Friday. For the weekend.”
“Is that okay for you?” Tanya came to me looking concerned. “I can always make another day ---“
“No, no,” I hastened to reassure her. “I was just really surprised that you actually found someone. A week next Friday is absolutely fine.”
Tanya gazed up at me. “It’s fine by me, too,” she whispered.
That night as we were preparing for bed and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth Tanya came out of the bedroom wearing a cotton top and long cotton pyjama trousers. I had never, ever seen her in such a get-up.
“What the hell is that?” I demanded. I looked her up and down. “Are you cold?”
As the temperature outside at night was still in the middle twenties, this was a ridiculous suggestion but it was the only thing I could think of.
Tanya came to me, cupped my face in between her hands and stared deep into my eyes.
“No, my sweet and lovely Davey. Of course not. I want to make a rule.”
Now Tanya and I have a complete understanding of each other. Neither of us ever dictates to the other. We might demand a special something jokingly, in fun, or during sex, that we want at that particular moment but in our everyday lives we always discussed things and agreed together, compromising if necessary. So Tanya’s request for a rule meant that this was a serious matter that needed my agreement or her compromise.
“Okay, my sweet. What is this rule you want?”
“No sex until she arrives,” said Tanya without hesitation.
“WHAT!” I cried and stepped back to look at her.
Never, never, has Tanya ever prevented me from having sex, at any time at home and often elsewhere. She has never had a headache or any other ailment that meant no sex and even that time each month which most people avoid wasn’t completely off-limits to us.
So this was a real shock and it showed on my face.
“I’m so sorry, Davey baby,” murmured Tanya miserably. “I really am sorry. I know it’s a shock but I really want this.”
“But why?” I protested. “Ten days or more without being able to give you pleasure, lick you, fuck you –“
“Stop it!” she cried, looking even more miserable. “Stop it please! You think I don’t want it? Want you? You think I don’t want to give you pleasure all the time like I do? Share pleasure with you like we always do?  You think I’ve gone off you or your sex?  No! It’s nothing like that.”
She cupped my face again and her eyes glistened with tears.
“Don’t be mad, my sweet Davey baby. Please?”
Of course my heart immediately melted. Yours would too.
“Okay, okay,” I reassured her. “I’m not mad. Of course I’m not mad with you. But please explain what’s behind this.”
“It’s simple,” she said softly. “I’ve thought about it quite a lot. I want us both to wait so that when she arrives and we start to enjoy the weekend, we’re both so full of sex that we’re bursting, and we’ll want it so much it should make our orgasms even better than they usually are.”
She paused and searched my eyes with hers.
“Do you understand me, Davey baby?”
As my heart had already melted into that goo that Tanya can soften it into on occasion, I was already lost to her request.
“I understand,” I murmured into her ear as I held her tightly against me. I could only just feel her breasts through that bloody material. But then, that was the idea.
“It was just that the thought of not being able to enjoy you, touch you, caress you, pleasure you, see and hear you explode with your orgasm in front of me was a huge shock. A nasty shock too.”
“I feel the same,” Tanya said, wiping her eyes with her fingers. “I’m going to miss your touches, your kisses on me, your tongue and most of all your beautiful cock, but please agree my sweet Davey. I’m sure we’ll both be pleased later that we did this.”
I cuddled her and stroked her hair.
“Of course I agree,” I said. “I don’t like it, of course, but I understand and I think you’re probably right, so I agree. You have your rule.”
“Thank you my sweet,” she said. “I thought about one last session before……but then I thought that would make it more difficult, so I’ve started it tonight.”
“So I see.”
She paused. “And Davey, one more thing, please.”
I raised an eyebrow, not completely happy that she was adding to the rule.
“No wanking yourself on the quiet, please Davey. No matter how much you want to.”
I sighed.
“I hadn’t thought about that, but I agree to that too.”     
“I love you,” she murmured. “Let’s go to bed. To sleep.”
       *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
Of course, the days, and the nights, passed incredibly slowly, as they always do when you’re waiting for something special and nice to happen, made worse because of Tanya’s rule. Oh, we kissed (without tongues) and cuddled  and put our arms round each other, but more than that was strictly taboo. Sitting beside me while watching TV, she would put her arm round the back of my neck and play with my ear, or stroke me, but never touched my legs, thighs or crutch. Either of us could arouse the other in any number of ways and usually did so whenever and as often as we could. But now there was none of this. Tanya wore demure clothes, shorts so that I couldn’t see the tops of her thighs or her cunt, leggings that refused to hint at what lay beneath, and tops that restrained her breasts (as much as they could) and partly hid her wonderful nipples. I hated it.

 And at night she wore those revolting cotton pyjamas, and whereas she would normally sleep in just her pants, cuddled tight up against me, one of legs between mine so that she could feel my cock and balls on her thigh, (so she told me) and her head and long, thick  flowing hair on my chest, now she moved as far away as possible to the other side of the bed, her back towards me. So I couldn’t even enjoy the wonderful sensation of either her cunt nestling against my thigh, or the cheeks of her lovely tight, round, firm ass pressing against my cock either.
Sometimes, if Tanya had been kneeling above me and lowered herself onto my cock for our final  orgasms, she would just lean forward and rest the top half of her body on me, my cock still nestling inside her hot wet cunt, and she would doze off in that position. Only when my cock dozed off itself and left her tight wet hole of its own accord would she stir and lie beside me in  her normal position. I missed it all like hell!
If I am hard during the night I often wake to press my cock against her and caress her, which usually wakes her too. But now I couldn’t do anything like that and had to force myself to go back to sleep.  A few kisses, a quick cuddle together and then “night-night” was all there was. I hated every bloody minute of those days and nights.
But eventually the Friday morning dawned, as it does, and we cleaned around the house in preparation for our visitor, went shopping and returned home to await her arrival. After putting the shopping away, Tanya turned to me and gave me a huge hug, like the ones you get when you haven’t seen your lover for a long time.
“Thank you for being so understanding, sweet Davey,” she said. “I know it’s been very hard, for me too, but now it’s finished, the rule stops and we can enjoy each other again.”
“Yes, it has been bloody hard!” I agreed somewhat waspishly. “I hope you don’t ever want to start a rule like that again. I shall say no.”
“Don’t think I could put up with it either,” Tanya agreed.
“So is there anything special you want me to wear this weekend?” I enquired.
Now I should explain that Tanya and I have a very extensive wardrobe, of outer clothes of course, but also of underwear for our own pleasures, mostly chosen by her. I hate nearly all men’s’ underwear and refuse to wear it, which explains the short-shorts-and-nothing-else in the supermarket. Fortunately, Tanya also has the same dislike of it. Cotton boxer shorts which hide everything and don’t show the contours of what’s beneath clearly, with a hole in the front from which to extract your cock (for whatever reason)?  Horrible.  Thick, cotton material which restricts and often itches? Positively medieval. And as for Y-fronts! As Tanya put it to me:- ‘you have to pull aside one piece of material one way, then another piece the other way just to get inside them. Ugh! It’s like fighting your way through a maze!’
And I hate having my cock and balls restricted inside any clothing. Y-fronts grip you as if determined that your cock will never see the light of day.   Like a bloody chastity belt. Some boxers do this too, but I do have one or two pairs of soft, micro material that stretches, and so does free my cock to go up or down as it wishes and does show what there is if I wear them. Not often though. And neither do I like lace pants or bra on a woman. It’s often thick, and rough on the lips and tongue if I am licking through it.
So Tanya usually chooses our underwear, always thin, soft material, stretchy and if possible always see-through or nearly so. We have all types of shape, size and colours. Tie-ups, side ties, silk, satin, thongs, G-strings, big pants, but they all have the same thing in common. They act like a second skin and show the contours of whoever is wearing them, or they are loose fitting, (usually for me) or they  stretch to allow complete freedom underneath.  She always buys two pairs of pants, one for her and one for me and very occasionally a matching bra for her if she really likes the style. The first time she saw me wearing pants like this, my own, she evinced no surprise but cooed approvingly and murmured that she liked that very much. So we share our pants and she often chooses what she wants me to wear round the house or if we are going to bed.
Tanya also has several short, elastic mini-skirts of the same stretch material. They’re not see-through but they’re soft and pleasurable to touch. Some are shiny. But they’re short! When she first wore one for me she asked if I liked the miniskirt.
“That’s not a mini-skirt, it’s a manhole cover,” I told her. She burst out laughing and the name stuck. She doesn’t wear one outside much, except in the garden, because if she sits in front of me it immediately reveals everything and rides up to cover just one inch of her thighs, and if she bends over it does the same thing, riding up to cover about the top two inches of her ass cheeks. 
Those miniskirts are short!! Very occasionally she would put one on if we went for a walk in the evening twilight so that other people couldn’t really see what it was, (or almost wasn’t),  but she always wore pants underneath. She would have been arrested if she hadn’t. And of course I knew if she went out  dressed like that that she wanted us to have sex outdoors somewhere.
Now Tanya pondered my question.
“Um – yes. Let me think about it. Shall I wear a shirt?”
I nodded. “Please, my sweet. You know what it does for me.”
“Oh, I know!” she said lasciviously. “No bra?”
I shook my head.
“I am aching to caress and suck and lick your lovely breasts and nipples,” I said. “No bra.”
Tanya put her hands over her ears in mock horror.
“Stop it! Stop it! It’s not Friday evening yet!” But she smiled as she said it and I took her into my arms and hugged and kissed her.
“I love you so much,” I said. “You’re just incredible. I feel so lucky to have you. You could have chosen any man you wanted in the world.”
Tanya gazed into my eyes, her lips mere inches from mine.
“But I didn’t,” she whispered. “I chose you, you lump, you lovely wonderful, caring lump. I chose my sweet Davey, with your strong arms, your loving heart, your gorgeous cock and balls and ass, who turns me on and makes me cum, even with just words, never mind your caresses, your touch, your tongue or the lovely feeling of your cock in my ass or my wet cunt or the feeling of your cum shooting on my face or the taste of your cock and your cum in my mouth or ---- “
“Hey, hey, hey!” I protested. “That’s not fair!”
She leant forward and kissed me, her tongue for just a brief moment flicking between my lips and into my mouth before she pulled away again.
“I know!” she said impishly, “But lovely!” and she danced away from me and disappeared into the bedroom to sort out clothes.
  *              *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                            
And at seven o’clock the doorbell rang.
We looked at one another.
Tanya raised an eyebrow at me.
 I nodded.  “And you?”
It was her turn to nod firmly. “Absolutely sure.”
So she opened the door.
“Hallo,” she greeted the girl standing there. She was carrying a small hold-all.
“Come in. Davey, this is Toni.”
Toni stepped up to me and planted a kiss on my cheek, then on Tanya’s.
“Hallo Dave.”  (Not Davey.) “It’s very nice to meet you and thank you both for inviting me.”
Tanya smiled and gestured her to come inside. I sensed that she was watching me very closely.
“You’re very welcome,” I said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”
And it was.
It was more than a pleasure. It was a positive delight.
Toni was a little taller than Tanya, but still shorter than I am. She wore a V-neck top which showed the curves of her breasts, bigger than Tanya’s but firm and round, a short flowery skirt which swished and swirled as she walked, occasionally flashing a tantalising glimpse of thigh, and flip-flops on her feet. Her legs were longer than Tanya’s but beautifully proportioned and smooth. They were very brown, as were her face, arms and hands. Her hands were slim, with long tapering fingers and I had a quick vision of them curling round my hard cock. Her face was elfin like, longish, with big round eyes, a petite nose and luscious lips that bore no hint of lipstick. But her hair was the biggest surprise. It was dark, and she had it cut very short, like a boy’s,  and styled like that too. She had an innocent air about her, she looked very young and she was absolutely gorgeous.
I sensed Tanya’s eyes on me.
“Come in,” I invited, gesturing to the sofa.

We made ourselves comfortable. Toni sat in an armchair opposite Tanya and I on the sofa. Her flowery skirt rose just high enough to show her brown thighs and I had to tear my eyes away. I offered to get drinks. When we were settled Tanya cleared her throat.
“Toni,” she began, “We both want you to understand that while you’re here this weekend, our home is your home. We’ll show you round in a minute, but if you want anything, food, drink, TV, just help yourself. Please don’t feel that you have to ask us for anything. We hope that you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable with us. Whatever we’re doing,” she added significantly.
“I feel relaxed already,” Toni said, her eyes glancing from me to Tanya. “I’m sure I’m going to enjoy every minute with you both.”
But she was looking at me as she said it.
Tanya stood up.
“Bring your drink and we’ll show you round.”
We took Toni round our house and she stopped now and again to look at pictures or photographs or to admire some little gew-gaw that we’d acquired. She often looked at me and smiled and once she winked at me. I knew Tanya was watching me watching her looking at me and she must have seen the smiles and maybe the wink and I thought are we going to have a problem after all and I thought about Toni and imagining what lay beneath the skirt and the top, thinking about her cunt and whether it was small, big, tight or not, her ass and her breasts, how her mouth would feel surrounding my cock and how it would feel to slide my cock inside her cunt or her ass and whether she would be very wet like my Tanya is but of course that was off-limits and ---
“And so there you are,” came Tanya’s voice and we were back where we started. Tanya gestured to another door. “That’s our spare bedroom,” she explained. “You could leave your bag and stuff in there, and of course the room is there for you if you want it.”
“I shan’t want that room,” said Toni firmly. She was looking directly at me as she spoke. “But I will dump my stuff there.”
She picked up her bag and went into the bedroom.
Tanya whispered fiercely into my ear.
“She fancies you like mad!” she said. “Did you see her looking at your cock?”
I could hear the sound of the bag unzipping in the other room and rustlings as Toni extracted her belongings.
“I’m staggered!” I told Tanya. “She’s gorgeous! She’s lovely! How the hell did you manage to find her?”
Tanya grinned at me.
“You fancy her too,” she accused me, but in fun. “I knew you would. Wouldn’t have been much point in it if she’d been fat and lumpy.”
“You’ve met her before,” I accused in return.
Tanya nodded.  “Yesterday in a coffee bar. We had a long talk and got to know each other and talked all about this weekend. I knew you were thinking about licking her and fucking her just now. I knew exactly you’d fancy the pants off her.”
“And you’re not worried?”
“Nope.” Tanya shook her head. “You know I trust you and we have our agreement. I know very well you’d like nothing better than to slide your cock into her cunt and feel how wet she is and fill her full of your cum but you’ll have to be content with her mouth and her ass.”
“How do you know she’ll  take me in her ass?”
“I know,” Tanya replied. “We talked. There are only two taboos. She’s not allowed to call you Davey.”
I knew this. Tanya had coined the name Davey for me and no-one else was allowed to use it. If she introduced me to anyone she did it as Davey, but if the person responded by saying ‘hallo Davey’ she would immediately say, ‘his name is Dave,’ and the tone of her voice and the gleam in her eyes made it crystal clear to everyone that this was her name for me, and hers alone.
“Her cunt is the only other taboo. But you can lick it!” she added devilishly. “I want to watch! And I have a big surprise for you!”
I couldn’t imagine what other surprise Tanya could possibly present me with after Toni but as she is a girl in ten million, if she said she had a big surprise, she would have one.
Toni returned from the spare room.
“It’s a lovely room,” she said. “It’s a lovely home and you are both lovely people and I think you’re very lucky to have each other.”
She was again staring straight at me as she spoke and she added, “I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this weekend and have a wonderful time with you.”
“Yes, and I think –“ (I very nearly said ‘I’) “-- we’ll have a wonderful time with you,” I answered her with a smile.
Tanya watched this interplay with a smile playing on her own lips.
“Well, I’m looking forward to it,” she said and grabbing my hand she led me over to Toni where she put one arm round her, the other round me and proceeded to kiss my cheek, then Toni’s, took one of my hands and placed it on her own breast and her hand on one of Toni’s.
Toni grinned at us and took my other hand to her other breast. Her own hand went straight to my crotch and rubbed me through my clothes, just long enough to start an immediate hard-on, then left me and slid her cupped palm between Tanya’s legs and rubbed her too.
“Oh, I think we’re all going to have a really wonderful time!” she said to us both.
        *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
Tanya cooked us a meal and as she prepared it she would pause and come to me, hug me and kiss me, deep kisses with our tongues thrashing together, rub my cock through my clothes and then return to her cooking. The next time she would go to Toni, kiss her the same way and caress her breasts and rub her between her legs. We were fully clothed and all this was done outside them. She never tried to get my cock out or go inside Toni’s top or under her skirt.
We opened a bottle of wine and sipped away as we both watched Tanya’s expertise in the kitchen.
(A girl of many talents she is, but you know that.)
We talked small talk about this and that, none of us asking any personal questions. It didn’t bother me and I suspected the girls had asked all the personal and intimate questions they wanted at their meeting.
At one point Tanya looked round from her cooking at me, then at Toni.  “Feel free,” she said.
Toni looked at me and a smile appeared on her lips. It reached deep into her eyes and she came towards me and threw her arms round me, pressing her lips against mine and then forcing her tongue into my mouth. She tasted sweet and delicate, and I felt her nipples harden beneath her top. Her hand went to find my cock again and she massaged it and rubbed it and cupped her palm beneath my balls, all outside my clothes, as she gently caressed them.
Our tongues continued to explore each others mouths. My hands went behind her and pressed against her ass, pulling her hard against my hardening cock, then pulling the cheeks of her ass apart gently to signal that I wanted that too. She pressed herself hard against me as if she wanted me in her cunt there and then.
“Feel my pants,” she whispered as she finally released her passionate pressure on my mouth.
She backed off from me a little to allow me room to slide my hand down the front of her skirt. My fingers followed the contour of her love mound, slowly inching down and round, beneath her and between her legs. The bottom of the skirt passed my fingertips and I was caressing her pants, right between her legs, feeling the soft lips of her cunt as they parted slightly to invite me in. To my huge delight her pants were soaking wet. I rubbed them gently and my finger found her clit through the material. She made a little guttural noise and pulled away from my hand.
“Oooo! I’ve been waiting for that!” she gasped. “Ever since I arrived!”
I looked across at Tanya. She was smiling broadly, watching us, and her hand was between her own legs, massaging herself through her clothes.
“The sooner we eat, the better then!” she laughed.
Small talk continued through the meal. Tanya had (carefully?) positioned us so that the girls sat on either side of the table with me at the end. Both of them let their hands fall on my thigh beneath the table now and again, rising higher until they reached my crotch. At one point I had a hand on each thigh and their fingers must have met because they stopped, looked at each other and smiled. A second bottle of wine was demolished between us, just enough to loosen any last reservations (I don’t think there were any, for anyone) but not enough to make us sleepy or affect our libidos.

And after so long without touching or fucking my beloved Tanya, or even a wank, my own libido was at bursting point. I didn’t care whether it was a cunt, an ass or a blowjob but I knew I wanted release from the pressures inside my balls as soon as possible. It was just short of being actually painful.
We helped Tanya clear away, wash and dry, and returned to the living room.
Toni looked at me with that look again.
“I’m going to go and choose what to wear,” she said. And to Tanya, “D’you want to come and help?”
“Absolutely!” Tanya agreed. “And Davey can go and get ready too.”
I took this as an instruction to go into our room and get ready. Tanya and I had already decided what I was going to wear, although she wouldn’t let me know what exactly she had chosen for herself.
“You’ll see,” was all she would say.
So I obeyed her instruction, went to the bathroom to shower, shave again and clean my teeth (nothing worse for a woman than a rough stubble against her thighs or bad breath!) and then went to the bedroom to get dressed. I waited there, knowing that Tanya would come in when she could. I heard the sound of the shower again and Tanya appeared at the door.
“Okay, Toni’s showering,” she said. “She’s really got the hots for you. Can’t stop talking about you. Didn’t even touch me when we were alone in her room. She really wants your cock in her cunt but she’s promised again not to.”
“Oh, but you’re a hard mistress!” I said to her jokingly in my best Shakespearean voice. “How can you be so cruel as to tantalise me, excite me but not let me----“
“Shut up!” she laughed. “She’s nice though, isn’t she?” she added seriously.
I nodded first  and then shook my head.  “She is that!” I agreed fervently. “And I marvel at how you found her. Apart from a lovely figure and body she has a nice personality too.”
“Important!” Tanya wagged a finger at me. “Don’t want a dumbo or a slut. It would spoil everything. Now go away while I get ready myself.”
I was ushered to the door and it was closed firmly behind me. I went to the kitchen and poured the last drops of wine into a glass. I heard Toni leave the bathroom, pad across to her room and the door close.
I’m abandoned! I thought. The shower ran again as Tanya used it. I let my mind wander about the evening ahead, the weekend ahead. I thought about my beloved girl, what I would do now that her bloody awful rule had been abandoned, and my thoughts drifted to Toni. I really did like her and wanted to do everything to her that I did to Tanya. But despite this, there was always the feeling in me that Tanya was mine;- very, very special to me and would remain so, no matter who was with us or what we may do to each other. I loved Tanya with all my heart and even a weekend with another girl joining us wasn’t going to be enough to damage that. Tanya knew it too, and that’s why we both felt that this weekend was going to be incredible, hedonistic, and utterly, indescribably sexy and erotic. We both knew that our orgasms were going to be mountainous, unbelievable, the stuff  dreams are made of and I thought that Toni probably felt much the same way as we did.
“Have you shaved?”
Tanya was standing at the kitchen door, wrapped in a fluffy bathtowel on her way back to our room. I felt my face.  “Smooth as—“
“Oh. I see. Yes.”
I should explain. I hate hair round my cock and balls. I shave there regularly and keep myself, well, as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Being shaven heightens all the feelings in that area. Whether it is cool fingers, a gently grasping hand, cunt lips, mouth lips or a delightfully tight ass, anything surrounding a cock or balls devoid of hair is more erotic, more noticeable and a hundred times more enjoyable.
(No? Try it sometime.)
So I kept myself clean shaven at all times, and Tanya was just checking that I was as smooth as I could be. She loved me that way too, but the first time she had seen me naked she had paused in surprise.
“Are you normally like that?” she had enquired.
I told I was, and didn’t she like it?  
“I’ll tell you later” was her reply, and afterwards she said yes, she loved it and don’t  let any hair grow there again.
“Suits me,” I’d agreed. (Suits you too, sir! Go on. Try it.)
But the one thing that Tanya had consistently refused to do was remove her own pubic hair. I had asked her more than once to try it but she wouldn’t. She couldn’t say why, she just wanted to stay the way she was. Despite her thick, long, masses of flowing hair, (Tanya has Mediterranean blood) her pubic hair was fine, soft and downy, unlike the stiff, hard curls that men and most women have. Wire wool, I call it.  She didn’t have a lot and what she did have was so soft it was delightful to kiss or touch or lick. She had just enough to cover her love mound and the tops of her cunt lips. Just enough to retain my hot sticky cum if I shot over it so I could lick it off afterwards and then insert my tongue into her mouth so she could receive it properly and enjoy ----
“Good! You’re in a reverie again.” Tanya brought me back to earth. She vanished and then her head reappeared round the door. She looked at me and what I was wearing approvingly.
“And you’re lovely!” She blew me a kiss and disappeared into the bedroom.
      *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
I waited patiently and finished the last of my wine.
Eventually I heard Tanya call me. I went to the bedroom and closed the door behind me. She was sitting on our bed wearing one of my shirts again, a pale lilac one, and under that she had on one of her short manhole covers. A black one made of some slightly shiny, soft material. The same type as the one she had asked me to wear. No bra, of course, and she opened her legs a little to show me that she had on one of my favourite pairs of pants, completely see-through, pink, very thin and very stretchy so that I could manipulate them however I wanted. So apart from the shirt, we were dressed identically. She likes to see me in her manhole covers sometimes and I have no problem with it. (Why should I? It’s just as erotic for her to see me sit or bend down as it is for me to see her. It gives her pleasure so why should there be a problem?)
“Aaahhh!” said I, somewhat foolishly. “Very nice!”
“Are we ready to call Toni?” she asked.
I nodded.  “I certainly am,” I agreed.
“You lecherous lump!” she chuckled. “God how I want you! How I want your tongue and your cock and to suck your balls and taste your cum and have it all over me and feel you and me wet—“
“Enough!” I held up my hand. “Are you trying to make me cum in my pants?”
She made a little moue.  “You did it to me,” she pouted. Then, seriously, “No I’m not. I’m teasing you and hinting at things to come, excuse the pun. I don’t want you to lose a drop of that delicious creamy hot spunk in your pants. Well, not yet, anyway.”
She stood.  “Let’s go.”
We went to the spare room and knocked.
“Come right in,” came Toni’s voice.
Tanya opened the door.
        *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
Toni was sitting on the bed, facing us.
She wore only a matching bra and pants. The bra was front fastening, I noticed, - always helpful. They were not see-through, but they were thin and showed firstly the shape and size of her breasts which were quite big but looked firm and rounded, and her aureoles, a darker brown, large and shaping the material of the bra round them, and her nipples, hard and pointing outwards inside the fabric. Her pants clearly showed the outline of her love mound and she leant back and opened her legs to give us a view of what lay below. Her cunt lips pushed out the material of the pants leaving a dark area between them which could only be the entrance to her cunt itself. She trailed one finger between her lips and as she did so I actually saw the size and shape of her clit for a brief moment, much bigger than Tanya’s.
Her hair, freshly washed, shone dark and gleamed in the light, brushed upwards like a boy’s. But the most erotic thing I noticed were the hold-up stockings.
Now I like suspenders and stockings as much as the next man, but hold-ups are my special favourite. They hide, but they reveal. They’re sexy, erotic and a turn-on. You can kiss and lick thighs and proceed towards the ultimate place without having to fumble suspender straps out of the way. They can be left in place or peeled delicately and sensually down. They suggest naughtiness, forbidden pleasures, ultimate orgasms. I love hold-ups!
Toni was wearing black ones, also my favourite colour and she brushed her fingers slowly up her thigh, across the elastic top and up to her cunt.
She looked at us both.
“Will this do?” she asked quite innocently.
I looked from one to the other.  “You’ve planned this,” I said accusingly.
Tanya slipped an arm round me.  “Only slightly,” she laughed.
To me, that was about the same as the expression ‘slightly pregnant’.  Meaningless. The girls had obviously put a lot of thought into this and I loved it.
“Toni, you look absolutely fabulous,” I said with sincerity. “You’re beautiful, you have a superb figure, a nice personality, but above all you look incredibly sexy and desirable.”
“Why, thank you, kind sir,” she replied and fluttered her eyes at me.
“And I love the miniskirt and pants you have on,” she added, and I realised that in her position on the bed she could see up my skirt. “I do love a man wearing sexy things like that,” she added breathily, brushing her fingers once more over her cunt lips. I saw a tiny glistening drop on her pants as her finger moved on. “Tanya, you have a wonderful taste in sexy underwear for you and your man.”
She stood up and held out both hands towards us.  “Shall we move to your room?”
And we did.
Tanya led the way, releasing me and leading Toni by the hand into our room. Once inside, as I closed the door, cocooning us in our own little private, hedonistic world, she turned and pulled Toni to her, fiercely kissing her as her hands caressed Toni’s breasts. I could see that both were tasting each other’s tongues and mouths. Toni’s hands went behind Tanya and she stroked and massaged Tanya’s ass, pulling her tightly to her. Their faces parted slightly and their tongues came out and licked and slurped at each other’s faces, covering cheeks, noses, eyes and throats with wet, luscious movements.
Tanya leaned down and licked at Toni’s breasts, covering them with the same wet kisses, making the fabric wet and slightly transparent. She took one nipple between her lips and sucked it gently. Toni threw back her head and let out a long drawn-out breath. Her hand went to Tanya’s breast and she caressed and fondled it through the shirt. The nipple hardened and stood out inside the fabric.
Tanya stroked one hand between her own legs. I knew she was collecting her love juices on her fingers and she held her hand up to Toni’s lips inviting her to taste. Toni obliged, running her tongue over Tanya’s fingers and the palm of her hand, greedily tasting Tanya’s juice.
Watching this made me hard, but I didn’t want to intrude on their lust and evident enjoyment of each other. I put my hand under the skirt and grasped my cock through the material of my pants. I began to stroke gently, loving the feeling of it and loving the sight of these two beautiful, adorable girls turning each other on.
They both sank onto our king-size bed and lay together, still caressing, kissing and licking at each other. Toni’s hand was between Tanya’s legs, rubbing her and collecting more of her juice which she then licked from her own fingers every now and then. With her other hand she motioned me nearer.
I stood beside the bed and Toni pushed my hand away from my cock and took it herself, not going inside my pants but rubbing, squeezing and stroking it. Tanya moved on the bed, gently rolling Toni onto her back.  She moved between Toni’s legs and started to lick her thighs and legs. Toni’s eyes closed and she moved her hand to cup my balls extending one finger beyond them to stroke that area between them and my ass, one of the most erotic places I have.
Tanya’s petite ass was in the air and I stroked it and rubbed it, my finger tip following the crease between her cheeks, finding her hole and pressing the fabric gently into it. By now Tanya was at Toni’s cunt, licking her thighs and groin and occasionally flicking her tongue over her cunt lips. I could see that Toni’s pants were soaking wet. I moved my hand round Tanya’s ass to find her own wet cunt and her pants were wet too. I tasted her nectar on my fingers and then gently stroked Tanya’s masses of hair, gently easing her head away from Toni.
She paused, knowing what I wanted. My fingers traced the outline of Toni’s cunt lips, the pants wet to my touch. My fingers collected as much of Toni’s juice as I could get, briefly brushing across her clit inside the pants and making her jerk with a sudden frisson of excitement. I tasted Toni’s juices,  thicker than Tanya’s, almost like a thin syrup, deliciously sweet with her own individual flavour, and tasting slightly of her shower, slightly of her piss. It was heavenly and I thought that I would love it when Toni wet herself later.
Tanya was flicking her tongue across Toni’s cunt and clit. Toni leaned over towards me and lifted the skirt. Her lovely lips opened and she began to kiss my cock through my pants, running her tongue right from the very base up to the tip, using her hand to pull my cock towards her, still inside my pants. Her lips closed over the tip and I felt her tongue explore round and round, especially at the back, making me strain towards her. I wanted to push myself deep into her mouth. She let me in a little more and I felt her sucking me.
I thought I’d better stop it there because I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled back from her mouth. I bent over and kissed her face, duplicating Tanya’s earlier motions as I covered her face with my tongue, finding her mouth at last and thrusting my tongue deep inside. Toni responded equally, our mouths and faces becoming completely wet as we enjoyed the taste of each other. I felt Tanya’s hand cup my balls and stroke them, moving up to my cock, stroking me and wanking me as Toni had done. Then she pulled down the waistband of my pants and released my cock to her grasp. She held it tightly, wanking me a little faster.  I left Toni’s sweet, delicate, soft face and moved round behind Tanya. Pulling the top of her pants down a little I thrust my cock into them, rubbing the tip over her cheeks and then tracing the crease, down, underneath and then rubbing the tip across her soaking wet cunt. My cock was covered with her juices and I moved it back up a little to find her rosebud. I pushed gently at it, not wanting to fuck her yet, but enjoying the feeling as it opened a little each time I thrust forward. And each time I did so, Tanya’s whole body also moved forward a little which meant that each time I thrust at her ass hole her tongue flicked and licked at Toni’s clit that little bit harder.
Toni began to make a deep guttural ‘Uh!’ each time Tanya’s tongue met her clit in that way. She began to arch her back each time to meet Tanya’s tongue thrusts. I would have preferred to change my tactics because I didn’t want a drop of cum to escape me till I was ready, but I continued those short gentle thrusts since it was apparent that Toni was close to cumming.
And then there it was, Toni’s first orgasm and she let out a long, long “Oooorrrrrrrrrr” as she came. Her back stayed arched in the air with her eyes closed and Tanya continued to lick her feverishly, prolonging the climax as long as Toni could bear it. I moved away from the danger area and went back to Toni to gently kiss her face and lips as she sank back on the bed. They were delicate, gentle, loving kisses and her eyes opened and she smiled at me  before closing her eyes once more.
Tanya left her position between Toni’s legs and knelt up on the bed facing me. Her face was dripping wet, some of it from her own licking and some from Toni’s love juices. Tanya licked her lips and smiled. I moved to her and licked her face, savouring the mingled tastes. I collected as much as I could on my tongue and then kissed Tanya on the mouth, pushing my tongue inside so that we could both enjoy the taste of Toni’s cum.
As we finally separated she mouthed words at me;- “Love you!”
She motioned me and lay back herself on the bed, beside Toni. I knew she wanted me to lick her out and I positioned myself between her open legs,  doing what I love doing and what I know Tanya enjoys immensely.
I’ve been told, not only by Tanya, that my tongue and the way I use it, possesses a certain  -- er—quality. I’ve no idea what that quality or qualities may be, it isn’t extra long or fat or thin or anything as far as I can tell, but it seems that when I use it the way I love to use it, between a girl’s thighs and legs, my tongue acquires these magical extra aspects that, well, they seem to like rather a lot. Whatever that quality may be, it works.
So my tongue began its work, kissing and licking at Tanya’s thighs, making the skin wet and glistening as I enjoyed every minute of giving pleasure to my girl.
Then I felt something behind me and realised that Toni had started to kiss and lick at my ass. I felt her tongue tracing over my cheeks, her hand under me cupping, stroking, massaging my balls then my cock. I felt her tongue find the top of my crease and felt it push in between my cheeks. I opened my own legs a little to oblige her and her tongue followed the crease down towards my own ass hole, my man-cunt, pressing the material of my pants into my crease and making it deliciously wet with
 her saliva.
Then she found my hole and her tongue thrust into it, taking the fabric with her as she strove to insert her tongue deeper into me.
I was now licking at Tanya’s cunt lips and flicking my tongue over her clit. She was stroking the back of my head and suddenly she pulled me hard into her, pushing herself against me as I licked and sucked at her pants and the cunt beneath it, tasting her own wonderful juice as it soaked into them. She came then. I knew it, even without the “uh, uh, uh, uh” that she growled softly  or the sudden gush of juice that spurted from inside her and into her pants and my mouth.
“Davey, Davey, Davey,” she murmured, as she sank back onto the bed.
I stayed in my position because now Toni was using her finger to insert into my ass, trapped by the fabric of my pants. I loved it and pushed backwards onto her finger. She moved it in and out and once again I thought what a shame it was that there could be no sudden gush of cum inside me. But the feeling was lovely and I let her continue as long as she liked.
Eventually she withdrew it and moved away to lie beside Tanya. She licked at her finger, the finger, as she lay down and then offered it to Tanya to suck. Tanya greedily took it in her mouth and sucked with relish, tasting everything there was to be tasted.
My knees had begun to ache a bit so I moved forward and lay face down on the bed between them. There must have been a signal between the girls, unseen by me, since I suddenly felt two warm breaths on me and two sets of hand stroking my back.
Toni was on my left and Tanya on my right, so I could tell who was doing what to me, I just couldn’t see, only feel. And enjoy.
I felt two sets of hands and fingers rubbing my back and my sides. They moved lower, circling, tracing lines with fingers, under my sides, along and across my ribs and back to my spine. They moved lower until they were at the top of my pants. The skirt was gently eased higher. I felt hands stroking the cheeks of my ass, cupping them, so many caresses criss-crossing my body that now I wasn’t sure whose hands were where. And then fingers eased down the elastic of my pants. Fingers slipped gently inside them and caressed my skin, cool fingers, Tanya’s? Toni’s? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I just lay with my face to one side and closed my eyes, revelling in the soft, sensual touch of two beautiful girls stroking my body, content in the absolute knowledge that soon those caresses would reach my ass  and then my balls. A finger traced down the crease of my ass, and back, and down again and I opened my legs a little to allow the finger more freedom.
I felt hands on the backs of my thighs roving, stroking, caressing, a finger tracing the inside of my thigh towards my cock. Hands pulled down the back of my pants a little more and then I felt both girls place their hands under my hips to lift me clear of the bed so that I was kneeling. My pants were eased down more and a hand rubbed my cheeks. I felt my ass being gently opened, a pause, and then the sheer delight of a tongue flicking down my crease, starting at the top, licking, a nibbling now and then, sucking, then the tongue again, licking and wetting. My whole body was in a heightened state, waiting for the tongue to reach my rosebud and then there it was, a delicate, butterfly touch of a tongue tip flicking at my hole while other hands caressed my back and cupped my balls and stroked and rubbed and caressed me everywhere. This continued for some minutes and then the tongue increased its pressure as the owner began to push at my hole, still licking and wetting me but insistent in its gentle way that it be allowed to enter me. I pushed outwards gently with my muscles to relax them and the tongue tip was inside, roving and feeling as it explored inside me.
I felt movement between my thighs. Someone was wriggling their way between them, approaching my cock, hard but still inside the front of my pants. A hand cupped my balls. A finger traced a line between them and my ass hole, and still the tongue insisted on exploring further into my rosebud. I felt my cock being enveloped in something, fabric and all.
I opened my eyes and craned my neck to look down the length of my body. It was my sweet Tanya who was exploring my ass, her hands gently holding my cheeks apart, her face buried between them as she licked and slurped and wetted, lost in her own enjoyment of the moment.
I moved my head and peered under myself. Toni was lying flat on her back, to one side of Tanya, her knees at the foot of the bed, her legs draped over the edge and her feet touching the floor. It was she who was taking my cock and pants into her mouth,  her tongue exploring too, roving and tasting and licking. She inched her head higher and took more of me inside her mouth.
She began to suck and used one hand to grasp the base of my cock, her long slender fingers curling round it just as I had imagined it in that brief moment when I saw her first but now it was for real and it made my cock harden in her mouth.
Her other hand reached down round Tanya’s stomach and curled between her legs and I saw the movement of her fingers as she sought Tanya’s clit through the fabric of her pants and she found the spot and began to rub Tanya, wanking her even as she sucked at my cock.
She saw me looking at her and her eyes smiled at me. She opened her mouth wider and sucked me inside. She couldn’t take all of me like Tanya can but it was more than enough and her fingers began to stroke me back and forth to match the movement of her mouth as she sucked me off.
The feeling of two separate arousals of two of my erogenous zones made me make contented noises in my throat and I let out a long ‘mmmmmm!’ as I let myself be totally enveloped in this sheer sexual delight. I felt that movement deep in my balls that signalled the onrush of my cum. Toni felt it too because she suddenly released my cock from her mouth, pulled away my pants and took my cock back inside her mouth, bareback. Tanya must have known my moment was near, or maybe she just knew what Toni had done, or maybe she was close to cumming herself because she suddenly started to thrust her tongue in and out of my rosebud, fucking me with her tongue. Toni slid my cock as far as she could inside her mouth and as she sucked at me and Tanya fucked at me I knew that was it and I let out a huge groan as my cum shot up from my balls and through my prick and out into that lovely soft delicate mouth that was Toni’s and my cock spasmed and shot again and I groaned with ecstasy and I heard Tanya let out a cry as if far away and my heart was glad she had cum too and I could still feel my cum travelling within me and there was more and I shot again and again and again filling Toni’s mouth with my hot cream and I had to groan each time because it was just so ecstatic and after so long there was so much and it squirted again and I could feel it on the outside of my cock because Toni’s mouth was full of it and it was escaping from her lips as they slid up and down the length of my cock and covering it and making it wet and there was one last spasm and finally I had no more.
Toni quickly slid from between my legs, pulling the front of my pants up over my cock again. I felt Tanya leave my ass and gratefully I let my body sink onto the bed. I felt hands roll me over onto my back. Tanya had done it and she was kneeling beside me now on the bed. Toni came to sit beside her and the two girls moved together and kissed, their mouths opening and tongues meeting as Toni gave my cum into Tanya’s mouth and they shared it together, their faces moving and their tongues roving, making their faces wet with my cum as they passed it back and forth. Then they separated and Tanya leant over me, her lips closed and her eyes smiling and she pressed her lips on mine and her tongue forced them open and she emptied her mouth into mine and I tasted the thick texture of my own cream and then she was gone and Toni was there and she kissed me too and emptied her own mouthful of cum into me and I swallowed it and gasped for air and the girls were watching me and smiling and I saw love in Tanya’s eyes and yes, something in Toni’s too.
      *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
We lay, contented, together. My little Tanya was in her favourite position with her head on my chest and Toni lay curled, further down my body with her head lying just above my cock.
“Do you realise,” Tanya murmured softly, that we have all had an orgasm, we have all cum, and not one of us has even removed our undies yet?”
“Plenty of time for that,” Toni answered. She idly traced my cock with one finger.  “Thank you both.”
Tanya turned her head slightly to look at her.  “Sweet Toni, you don’t have to thank us. We’re both glad you’re here. We’ve both enjoyed pleasuring you and we’ve both delighted in the pleasure you’ve given us. We’ve done nothing that you need to thank us for.”
“You’re very sweet Tanya. Both of you are sweet. But I have to thank you for the chance to do all the things we’ve done now and, I hope, all the things we still will do together this weekend because it’s been a long time since I had pleasure like that from anybody and I think,---” she paused and I had the distinct feeling she was choosing her words carefully, “-- what we still may do will give me even more pleasure. So I have to thank you.”
Tanya reached out an arm and caressed Toni softly.  “Sssh,” she said.  “ Sssh. You are giving me and Davey every bit as much pleasure.”   
“You said, a long time,” I ventured. “Do you not have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?” I added hastily, thinking that perhaps Toni’s natural inclinations went that way.
“Not for five months now,” Toni said. “There were too many arguments. Love died. Mine first, then his too, I think. It became awful. We had to tolerate each other but it was no life. We parted and since then I haven’t been kissed let alone had intercourse or even been masturbated. Except by myself.”
Tanya was still caressing Toni but now her head turned to look at me.
I knew what she was thinking. She and I were fortunate. More than that. Blessed.
“I’m sorry,” I said quietly.
“Oh, I’m over it now,” Toni said cheerfully. “It was that bad it didn’t take me long. But I missed the sex. I tried to meet someone new but no-one appealed to me. And anyway –“ she broke off and looked up at me, then Tanya, then looked away again, “the sexual things I like are….well, lots of people would be horrified. You both are not and to you they’re normal. Another thing I should be thankful for.”
“Did your ex not, -- er-- indulge…?” I probed delicately.
Toni shook her head.  “Nope. Wham, bam, thank you mam, really. Maybe not quite that bad,” she added. “He did give me pleasure and plenty of climaxes, but no imagination. I got him to try one or two things that I liked once or twice but he wasn’t interested and didn’t care whether I wanted something….particular or special, or not. And then he started --” she looked at me then Tanya and lowered her eyes “—fucking me without even trying to give me an orgasm or anything. That meant I wasn’t wet and so it began to hurt a bit and that made me not want him. Love died.”
“Toni,” Tanya said in a firm voice, “if you want me, or Davey, to do something particular or special this weekend, if we haven’t done it spontaneously, you just tell us. You hear me? Whatever it is, if you want us to do something to heighten your pleasure, you just tell us.”
Toni looked up at her, then me, and back to Tanya. She smiled. There was something in her eyes, a light, no, more of a glow. I couldn’t say what it was. I don’t think it was love but it reminded me of a child being given a special surprise. There was warmth, and gratitude, and acceptance, and surprise, and pleasure, and, well, yes, maybe a little love too.
She suddenly wriggled up my body and threw one arm round Tanya and the other round me, lying her head on my chest too, facing Tanya.
“You’re both so very, very sweet,” she said. “I’m so glad I’m here with you both.” And she snuggled against me and against Tanya and life was really very alright.
We lay a little, then Tanya suggested a drink and was anyone hungry?
No-one was hungry and Toni said,  “I’ll get the drinks.”
“Beer for me and for Davey,” Tanya told her,  “and whatever you would like.”
Toni rose and stood beside the bed looking at us.  “Yes,” she said. “A beer would be nice.” She padded towards the door and opened it, then paused to look back at us again.
“You two have something very special, don’t you? I can tell. The way you look at each other, talk to each other, the way you seem to know each other’s minds and hearts. You instinctively know what to do to each other to give the best sexual pleasure. Very special. Wish I had someone like that,” she added wistfully, then she disappeared.
Tanya looked at me. I knew why she’d told Toni beers.  “Love you.”
“Love you too,”  I said, planting a kiss on her nose. I nodded towards the kitchen. “She’s sweet. How old is she?”
Tanya smiled.  “Guess.”
“I would say, quite young, but not as young as she looks, not as old as you, maybe…….twenty three, twenty four?”
Tanya chuckled. “Miles out,” she reported. “Miles. She’s as young as she looks. Twenty.”
I pulled a surprised face. “Nice,” I said.
“And only just,” Tanya added impishly.
I let my mind wander over the vision of Toni’s twenty-year-old young pussy.
“You’re not having it!”
(There she goes again!)
“My tongue can.”
“Oh, yes,” Tanya agreed,  “after the beer. I’m going to watch that. From all angles.”
She suddenly moved and freed my cock, dozing at the time, from my pants.   
“I want to suck your cock to see what it tastes like after Toni’s sucked it,” she said. She quickly slid me in her mouth and her tongue roved around, tasting and sucking. 
We heard faint rummaging sounds from the kitchen. Tanya released me and put my cock back to bed.  “Left hand drawer!” Tanya called. “Nice!” she said to me. “She missed a drop of cum.”
“Now you wouldn’t do that,” I told her with feeling.
“No fear!” she answered with a grin. “Mustn’t waste it!”
Toni returned with three beers and handed them round.
“How did you know I couldn’t find the opener?” she enquired of Tanya.
I shifted my position slightly.
“Be warned Toni! Tanya has an uncanny knack for that. It can be quite spooky until you get used to it. Even now I don’t know how she does it. But you’ll have a hell of a job keeping a secret from her.”
Toni gazed at us warmly.  “I can’t think that I would want to keep any secrets from either of you,” she said, that glow in her eyes again.
I smiled at her, thinking that I would enjoy lying beside, or on top, or underneath Toni, listening to her softly telling me her secrets, her innermost desires, her feelings ---
“Your beer’s getting warm, Davey.”
“So it is.”
“Can I ask you…..about yourselves?” Toni asked, lying back down on the bed. The girls rested their beers on the bedside table each side and I nursed mine on my chest.
So we told her how we had first met, six months before, in the middle of a field and how –

*              *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *          

“In the middle of a field? An empty field?” Toni exclaimed. “What on earth were you both doing, separately, in the middle of a field?”
Tanya swigged some beer.
“I was going for a stroll,” she explained. “And so was he.” She prodded me.
“Sorry. Anyway, we both happened to go for a walk in the same place, an empty field where we could be alone with our thoughts and we were walking towards each other.”
She stopped to let me continue.
“And we both sort of headed straight towards each other but we couldn’t really see who the other person was until we got closer.”
“And I was just about to veer off in case he was an axe murderer or a sex fiend, which he is,--” another prod.
“Ouch again!”
“ --- Sorry again,  but I didn’t know that then, of course, when I saw his face.”
“And I saw hers.” I looked across at my sweet Tanya. “And there was a sort of lurch in my heart and it felt everso full and I said ‘hello!’”.
“And my heart lurched too and I looked into his eyes and there was a sort of flash, a spark of something between us, between our eyes, and I said hello back and we sort of stared at each other –”
“And she said, you want to ask me for my phone number but you think I’ll scream or run away –”
“And I said, I won’t and you can have it and I’ll be home in ten minutes and call me.”
“And I did.”
“And here we are,” Tanya finished her beer.
Toni’s head had been swivelling back and forth as if she were watching a tennis match.
“Incredible!” she murmured. “It was fate.”
“It was something, “ Tanya agreed. “Don’t know what you’d call it. But we both knew instantly that we had to see each other, be with each other, know each other.”
Toni shook her head slowly. “That is just amazing,” she said. “It’s, it’s,  well, it’s sort of unreal. If either of you had been a minute later or earlier….” She trailed off, her big eyes wide and looking from me to Tanya and back. “You are just so lucky!”
Tanya and I looked at each other.  Blessed. I handed my empty bottle to her to put away, then  nodded.  “Yes. And we’ve been together ever since.”
“That night.”
Toni stared at Tanya.  “You slept together that same night? The first day?”   
It was Tanya’s turn to nod. “As soon as I saw him I thought, fuck, I want this man. Not just lust. I wanted him as a person. I knew I’d just met someone that I shouldn’t let go. I knew it was special. That’s why I told him to call me in ten minutes.”
Toni drank her beer slowly, emptying the bottle and gazing at us as we continued the explanation.
“So I called and we spoke for two hours. And in that time we knew as much about each other and understood each other as well as if we’d known each other for months. And I wanted desperately to see her again, very soon, and then she said to me, this phone call is a waste of time and unnecessary. Come to me and bring your toothbrush.”
“It took twenty minutes of that phone call for us to learn  about each other’s everyday lives, what we did, likes, dislikes, music, food, clothes and so on, and the rest was about our sexual tastes,” Tanya supplied. “And by about twenty three minutes I was dripping wet and stayed that way.”
There was a silence.
“Wow! It’s like a book, or a film. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.”
“Couldn’t have put it better myself,” I agreed. “But we’re lucky. It’s not a dream. It’s real.”
“And neither of us has had a single moment of doubt or regret ever since,” Tanya said.
Toni just shook her head slowly. “I’m speechless.”
“In that case,” I suggested, reaching for her slender hand and pulling her towards me, “I think I should find you something to do with your lips.”
And I started to kiss her, two gentle ones on the lips and then I moved to her cheek, her neck, the back of her neck, her ears, her throat, her eyes, nose, and back to her lips. She tasted delicious, soft, warm skin, smelling slightly of her shower, but also a particular ‘Toni’ taste that was hers alone, sweet, delicate and fragrant.  She closed her eyes and let me continue, my tongue now just parting her lips but no more, and then tracing lines over her skin, leaving tiny wet trails as I covered every inch of her face and neck and ears with my tongue and my kisses. As I probed softly at her ear she moaned quietly and her shoulders moved. Her short hair smelt fresh and clean and I gently brushed at it, the feeling of its softness and shortness delightful to my fingertips.
I kissed her lips again and now my tongue was more insistent, probing between her lips and across her teeth, even and white, and between them and into the warmth of her mouth and she tasted wonderful and I was content to let my tongue rove round inside her mouth as I relished her taste.
I felt Tanya between my legs, reaching for my cock and taking it fully into her mouth as she sucked at me greedily. I reluctantly left Toni’s mouth but I knew other things awaited. Gently I kissed her throat again, moving down to kiss and lick the mounds of her breasts, feeling the hardness of her nipples through her bra. She moaned again. I kissed one nipple, taking it and the fabric between my teeth and nibbling oh so gently at it while my hand softly rubbed and teased the other nipple.
Tanya’s tongue was now running up the back of my cock, from the base to the tip, a feeling that I adore and which always makes me harder. She alternated between this and taking me in her mouth as I felt for that front fastening on Toni’s bra and it was undone and the cups separated a little and I kissed her bare flesh between them and she breathed very fast and whispered “Yes!” and I used my tongue to separate the cups even more and they fell away and Toni’s breasts were revealed to me in all their beauty. They were tanned all over with not a trace of a white line anywhere. I gave a silent whistle of surprise and delight at this revelation. Toni evidently suntanned herself topless.
I teased at her nipples with fingers and tongue and teeth. I brushed her aureoles with my lips and she moved her legs and opened them and I realised that Tanya was using her hand and fingers to discover her love button while her mouth was full of my cock and she was still sucking at me. Toni began to breathe harder and faster and I knew that my lovely Tanya had found her special spot and was wanking Toni even as I was arousing her nipples even more and covering her chest and breasts with wet kisses and Toni began to make little grunting noises and suddenly she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up to her face and her tongue was in my mouth and it thrashed around and she pressed her face against mine very hard and we were both wet from these kisses and her back arched and she moaned loudly and I knew she was close and she tried to push her tongue even deeper into my mouth and her back arched again high off the bed and she pulled away from my face and cried out ‘Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!’ as she climaxed and her arched body was absolutely rigid and I watched and teased her nipples again and Tanya was still rubbing her clit and inserting one finger into her cunt and she massaged a little more and Toni began to make ‘Uh! Uh! Uh!’ sounds again  and then another long ‘Uuuuhhhh!’ and I thought yes! my beautiful Tanya had made her cum twice in succession.

Toni flopped back onto the bed. She was gasping for breath as if she had run a marathon.
“Oh, God!” she breathed. “Oh, God! Yes! Wow! Yes!” and she continued to lie and gasp until her breathing slowed and her body relaxed.
Tanya came to stand beside the bed and took one of my hands in hers. She raised it to her lips and looked down at me sitting on the edge of the bed, her eyes sparkling but with immense tenderness in them too. She kissed my hand, not a sexual kiss in the slightest but a kiss of love, a kiss of shared pleasure and mutual contentment.
Toni had opened her eyes and was gazing up at us both.
“Is your sex always as good as this?” she asked breathlessly. “Do you always give each other such massive climaxes?”
“Usually,” Tanya answered her. “We enjoy each other so much our climaxes are usually huge. Maybe not if one of us is a bit tired, but always, always wonderful.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever had two like that so close before,” Toni reflected. “What have I been missing?” She paused and looked away from us. “Wish I’d met you a long time ago.”
Tanya moved away from me, releasing my hand which she had been rubbing her own cheek with softly. She bent over Toni and kissed her tenderly on her lips.
“Well, you’ve met us now,” she murmured, “and I hope you’ll have plenty more like that before the weekend is over.”
Toni responded to her kiss and the two girls lay beside each other, gently kissing, nibbling and licking at each other’s faces, necks and ears.
Then Toni rolled over on to her knees and moved lower down Tanya’s body, kissing her throat again, and lower still, to her breasts, hidden beneath my shirt. She kissed them and cupped them and stroked them and Tanya’s nipples stood out hard under the material. Toni gently undid a button, caressed the top of one breast, then undid a second button and eased the shirt away. Tanya’s breasts were finally free of the shirt and Toni gazed at them.
“They’re beautiful!” she whispered, and proceeded to lick and suck and caress and tease  them with her mouth and hands. I could see the tiny wet trails she left on Tanya as she moved around, enjoying the feel of Tanya’s soft skin under her fingers and between her lips.
I was content to sit and watch.
The two girls were obviously enjoying every moment of their shared pleasure and my heart went out to my adorable little Tanya as I looked at her face. I thought again of how much I loved her, as I did about twenty times a day. And I looked at Toni, her lovely lithe body lying half across Tanya’s as she licked and kissed and caressed and nuzzled at my girl. I gazed at her small elfin face and her short boy’s hair, her slender fingers and the long expanse of her back and her lovely tanned breasts. I saw the pleasure in her own eyes as she relished Tanya’s body,  and I felt something in my heart for her too. A love, but different to the love Tanya and I shared. There was no way I could love Toni like that, and I knew it, and was happy that it was so, and Tanya knew it too, but nevertheless there was a feeling deep inside me that made me feel a great warmth towards Toni. I wanted to protect her,  and see her eyes light up with pleasure again, like a child’s, and most of all I wanted to thrust my hard cock into her and fuck her cunt until she screamed with ecstasy.
Tanya’s eyes opened and she looked at me and smiled.
My lovable, adorable, sexy, wonderful girl knew exactly what was going through my mind.
Toni had undone the shirt completely now and it had fallen aside to show Tanya’s chest and stomach. Toni’s kisses and licks moved downwards, across the flatness of her stomach, paused at the waist of Tanya’s pants, and then continued lower, following the contour of her love mound. Her arms slid down Tanya’s sides, her fingers always caressing as she moved across one leg to lie between them and her mouth sucked and tasted the cum and lovejuices on Tanya’s pants as she moved ever lower and downwards between Tanya’s legs licking round her love mound until she was there, guzzling and sucking and licking and tasting at Tanya’s cunt beneath her wet pants.
Tanya’s breath was coming in small, short gasps. Again she opened her eyes to look at me watching them both. She motioned with one hand, signing in the air across her own body and I knew she wanted me to kneel across her so that she could suck my cock while Toni licked at her cunt.
I moved to comply and this time it was I who mouthed ‘love you’ at her as I positioned myself above her. She didn’t say anything but her eyes replied for her. She grasped my cock and rubbed me once or twice and then pulled down the top of my own pants. She leaned her head forward, propped up as it was on the pillows and greedily took my cock into her mouth.    
A warm light of love and contentment shone in her eyes before they closed and she sucked and slurped at me, making me astonishingly wet as my cock grew harder and harder inside the soft warmth of her lovely wet mouth.
And then she released me and used both hands to push me downwards, manipulating me so that my rampant cock now lay between her beautiful breasts. Briefly I felt the exquisite touch of Toni’s tongue flicking at my crease and asshole as she paused to pleasure me, then she returned to Tanya’s cunt and clit. Tanya held her breasts together, tightly enfolding my cock and waited as I began to fuck her breasts. My cock was so wet from the sucking I’d received in her mouth that it slid easily between her lovely mounds and I enjoyed the sensation as I fucked them, slowly at first and then faster, Tanya squeezing and kneading and pushing at her own breasts to ensure she received the maximum pleasure from my movements. I felt her body heaving a little beneath me, a signal that Toni’s tongue was working magic on her and the heaves became more, and longer, and she began to breathe out loud and she gasped out words as her orgasm began to build deep within her and she said ‘I love your cock in my breasts! I love you fucking them! Toni, fuck me with your tongue!... Yes! …..Lick my clit! Harder!.....  Davey! Davey!.... Shoot your cum on me!..... Toni, drink me!’ and then she gave a mighty heave beneath me and stayed arched as much as she could under me and she screamed out loud ‘Yes! I’m cumming I’m cumming NOW!’ and she groaned and gasped and her body shook beneath me and she let out a long guttural ‘Yeeeeeessssssss!’ in her throat and at that moment my own cum shot from my cock and spurted into her breasts and again and she squeezed them tighter against me and that made me cum again into them and it was wonderful and exquisite and wet and beautiful and she sank back onto the bed and I sank down a little onto her as I  finished.
She let her breasts relax away from my cock and used the fingers of both hands to wipe and smear my cum all over her breasts and her stomach, covering her nipples and her chest and her stomach as much as she could, and then grasping my cock and wiping some back onto it and Toni was beside us now and Tanya offered her fingers to Toni and she sucked at them and wiped some cum from Tanya with her own fingers and offered it back to Tanya’s mouth and the girls were sucking at each other’s fingers covered with my cum and wiping it across their cheeks and then Toni pressed her wet sticky fingers against my lips and I opened them and sucked at those long slender digits as she gave me back my own cum.
I rolled away from Tanya to allow her to recover. Her body was still heaving slightly as she regained her breath. Toni looked at me as she sucked the last remaining cum from her fingers.
“You taste lovely!” she whispered.  “Taste ME !” and she lay back on the bed beside Tanya who obligingly shifted to one side.
This was an invitation I was not going to miss (would you?) and I moved to lie half across her so that I could start by kissing  and nuzzling those lovely breasts. I followed Toni’s own earlier movements down Tanya’s body as I kissed and sucked and licked and nuzzled and nibbled my way down the length of Toni’s body, savouring the taste of her soft skin, the mingled tastes of  her juices and Tanya’s and my cum all together as I neared the waistband of her pants. I paused to suck the fabric, the mingled tastes stronger on her pants and the better for that. She opened her legs and I moved between them, running my tongue across the flat of her belly through her pants, then lower down the crease of her groin, first one side and then the other.  She caressed my head and as I let my tongue flick across her cunt lips she tried to pull my head in there but I wasn’t having that yet and I made her wait, licking her thighs, enjoying the thrill as my tongue touched the elastic of those black hold-ups and then back onto the heat of her thighs and I did it again because it’s just so erotic and so  naughty and it’s like sex with a girl for the first time and it’s heavenly and you want it to go on and on but Toni was pulling at my head and I moved up again to her groin and her belly and then I let my tongue nuzzle briefly into her cunt lips and she gasped and jerked and pushed against me and now I eased away the leg of  her pants from her skin and my tongue went inside them and now I could taste her hot flesh and suck those beautiful cunt lips for real and I paused in shock because they were so beautifully smooth and to my utter delight Toni was completely shaved.
I sensed that Tanya had been kissing Toni’s stomach above my head at some point and I sensed her moving round the bed too as she watched me sucking Toni out.
But Toni was pulling insistently at me and I continued licking her cunt lips and between them.    
She was incredibly wet and she tasted of sweetness and of cum and a little of pee and her juices were hot and they flowed from her and onto my tongue as I eased it between her lips and into her cunt and it was so hot and wet and then my tongue found her clit and I began to lick it very, very hard and because it was quite large it was easy to trace my tongue round it and over it and across it and I licked and flicked at it even harder and she gasped again and jerked and thrust herself against me so hard my lips ached and there was so much juice coming from her and I drank the nectar with delight and relish and licked and licked and used one finger to explore inside her pants at her ass and in the crease and I found her rosebud and gently inserted my finger there and she opened to receive it and began those arching movements and I felt contentment that I was giving her pleasure and she began to gasp out loud ‘oh! oh! oh! Dave! Dave! What’re you doing to me?’ and the words died away to a groaning and moaning in her throat and I let my finger go right inside her rosebud and then she was there as I licked so very hard at her clit and she arched up and let out her breath in a long ‘aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!’ as she came and I felt the spurts of her own cum soaking my already wet mouth and face and it was delightful and gorgeous and she sank back as I removed my finger. But I followed her body with my tongue and licked at her delightful clit and cunt, soaking wet, as she relaxed. Her hands gently grasped my head and she held me away from her, gasping   ‘Can’t! Can’t!’ and I reluctantly stopped and allowed the edge of her pants to fall back into place.
I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her tenderly as she recovered. I really did like her very much. Tanya was standing on the other side of the bed and she gave me a huge grin.   All angles.
She moved to the foot of the bed and bent over Toni, opening her legs. Toni looked at her in surprise. Tanya quickly went down on her and started to lick and suck at her cunt through her pants. Toni tried to wriggle up the bed away from her saying ‘No! Please! I can’t now. Wait a bit!’
I knew Tanya wanted to taste her cum and her juice as much as I did and she continued to lick at Toni’s wet pants as she wriggled away from her making pushing motions at her head until there was no more bed left and she had to stop.
Toni made little whimpering noises. “Please! Stop! ”
But Tanya’s tongue works wonders (I should know) and as Toni tried to push Tanya away she let out small, child-like cries.
“I can’t! I really can’t!..... No, please! No! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming again!” and she went rigid for a moment as she had another small climax from Tanya’s tongue.
Tanya came to sit beside me on the bed. Toni was lying back with her eyes closed, her whole body trembling. Tanya smiled at me and kissed me, our tongues meeting as we exchanged the flavour and taste of Toni’s cum. And then we both sat and watched her, our hands joining and our fingers intertwining like young lovers on their first date. But then, that’s how it is with us, all the time.
Toni continued to tremble, her eyes screwed tightly shut. And then to my dismay and horror I saw a tear escape from one eye, then another, and then her body shook and she sobbed.
I looked at Tanya and for a brief millisecond all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. Had she overdone it? Was Toni frightened we were monsters who were going to abuse her body all weekend? Had Tanya hurt her because she was so sensitive after her orgasm with my tongue? I was really concerned and when I looked at Tanya I saw the same concern mirrored in her eyes.
“Toni!” Tanya’s voice bore the same worry. “Whatever is it, my sweet? Have we hurt you? What’s wrong?”
But Toni just shook her head and kept her eyes closed. She reached out both hands and we each took one, not sure what to do or say. Toni lay and sobbed, tears running from her eyes and she made no attempt to wipe them away or look at us. Something was obviously terribly wrong and Tanya and I looked at each other hopelessly.
“Toni!” she said again, her voice as soft and tender as I’ve ever heard it. “Tell us. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
Toni shook her head again and pressed her lips together. “You-” was all she managed to blurt out. And then again, “You –”
And then her eyes opened and she stared straight up at the ceiling and the tears ran down her face and she almost shouted as us as she struggled between her sobs and she began to roll her head from side to side but didn’t look at us and gripped our hands very, very tightly and she cried,
“It’s you! Both of you! You make me feel….you’re so nice! You’re so warm! To each other and to me…you make me feel wanted….you make me feel loved and it’s such a nice feeling….and I’ve never felt that way so much before…and you give me so much pleasure…..and why couldn’t I have met you before…..and where have you both been all my life!”

And she finished with a huge sob as she finally turned her head to look straight at us as she gripped our hands and her eyes were imploring us for an answer as they poured out her tears and she looked from Tanya to me and that imploring look was still there and she was waiting for us to answer her heartfelt cries.
“Oh, Toni!”
My adorable girl melted at Toni’s look and she went to lie beside her, nuzzling her and stroking her and soothing her as if she were a small child, and really that’s how she looked, lying on the bed, small, innocent and child-like, waiting for someone to make her pain better. And I saw with a sudden surge of love that Tanya had tears in her eyes too as she comforted Toni and made soothing noises and cooed at her and caressed her tenderly but with no sexual undertones and I relaxed a bit myself because that had all been a bit of a shock.
Tanya used her shirt to gently wipe Toni’s face and eyes, watching her with great tenderness. Toni’s sobs quietened apart from an occasional sniff and she looked at us and gave us a sad little smile.
“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry I cried. I hope I haven’t spoilt things and I’m very sorry for what I just said. I had no right to say those things to you, but you both make me feel so warm and nice inside and I just couldn’t keep it in. I really am sorry.”
We both said “Don’t be silly!” at the same time.
“You certainly haven’t spoilt things,” I told her, “and you can say whatever you like to us while you’re here. Whatever you like,” I repeated, thinking that it would be nice to hear her say to me ‘Fuck me!’
“And there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Tanya cooed at her. “We were just worried we’d hurt you or frightened you.”
Toni shook her head again. “No, no,” she said quietly. “Far from it. Somehow you manage to give me such huge orgasms, both of you,  bigger than I’ve had before. And I’ve lost count how many. Oh no, you haven’t hurt me at all. Don’t think that, please. You’ve made me –you’re making me, very happy.”
And we all paused and looked at one another and knew that each of us was happy and contented and I believe each of us thought ahead to what still was to come, and we smiled and grinned at each other and I knew I was right.
“I think,” Tanya said, rising from the bed and shucking off the shirt, “that we could have a little break. I’ll make us some snacks and some more drinks.”
She looked at Toni and smiled, bent down and picked up Toni’s bra which had come off during our exploits and dropped it on the floor with the shirt.
“It will give you two a chance to get to know each other better.” She grinned at us both, and gave me a wink as she passed by me and out of the room.
      *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
I lay on one side, facing Toni, gazing into her face and gently stroking her cheek or her ear, or her lovely short hair.
“You’re a very lovely girl, Toni. Beautiful. Small, sweet, a little elfin. I like you very much.”
She reached and touched my cheek and her eyes searched my face.
“And I like you too, Dave. Very much. And Tanya, of course. But I do like you. I wish I could feel you in ----” she stopped and her eyes continued to rove across my face. “Do you and Tanya often talk dirty to each other?” she asked me softly.
 “Oh,  always,” I assured her. “All the time.”
She nodded thoughtfully. “I never have.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Never?”
“The only time my ex used the word fuck was if he said, ‘I want to fuck you now.’ He might just as well have said ‘I want coffee, or I want food.’ It meant about the same to him, I think. He never tried to turn me on by using dirty talk and never asked me to use it on him either.”
“Oh,” I said. “Well, for us, dirty talk heightens our pleasure. A lot. There are no holds barred and we say to each other whatever we feel or want. I can’t say if it works that way for other people, but it definitely does for us.”   
“Oh it works for me too,” Toni smiled. “Now that I’ve heard it. Hearing Tanya urging you and me just now and telling us what she wanted made me very wet.”
She stroked my cheek.
“I wish you could fuck me, Dave. I wish I could feel you in my cunt. My wet cunt.”
Her words, and the way she spoke them, trying them as if savouring a new taste on her tongue for the first time, made me start to get hard again.
Toni closed her eyes. “I wish I could feel your prick sliding into me, sliding into my pussy and rubbing against my clit and making me wet and filling me ---”  Her eyes opened and a cloud passed behind them.
“But we both promised, didn’t we?”
“Yes we did,” I agreed with a trace of firmness in my voice. “And I won’t break a promise, especially to Tanya. Your cunt, delightful and wet and hot as it is, is strictly out of bounds to my cock, and my cock is equally off-limits to your wet pussy. It’s a shame, I agree. But there it is.”
Toni nodded again. “There’s no way I would want you to break that promise,” she said, “but, God, my cunt is aching for your prick.”
We looked at each other, both wishing for the unattainable.
“Can I ask you something?” I said, wanting to divert my thoughts away from temptation.
“Anything.” She kissed me gently. “Anything. No holds barred.”
“You seem a little, er—tender, well, er--- young, to have such sexual experience as you have. I’m surprised that you’re quite so -- um-- adept as you are, if your ex was as selfish as you say.”
“Oh, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Toni answered cheerfully. “Of course I gave him blowjobs and handjobs if he wanted, but I’ve never been licked or sucked out before.  Maybe that’s why I had such huge climaxes when Tanya and you licked me out,” she added thoughtfully. 
My eyebrows were rising more and more as she told me this.
“I’ve never had my  um- ass licked or licked one myself, and I’ve never, ever been with another girl or a couple before.”
Now I was up, leaning one elbow as I stared at her incredulously.
“You’ve never done any of that?”
She shook her head, then giggled.
“I’m sort of making it up as I go along, and it’s lovely!” And she hugged me and kissed me again.
I was absolutely dumbfounded.
In the first place I would never have guessed from her touches and her confidence that she had no experience of some of the things we’d done. Secondly, I was amazed that she accepted all these new experiences, took these new ideas into her stride and immediately used them to give pleasure to Tanya and I without batting an eyelid.  And of course I was dumbstruck at the thought that Tanya had managed to find a sweet girl like this.
“But, I don’t understand,” I floundered. “If that’s the case, how did you meet up with Tanya? Why did the idea of coming here appeal to you at all? Tanya must have explained about our own tastes and sexual fun, and what we do. If this was all unknown and new to you, how is it that you’re so ready and willing to be with us?”
“I just wanted it,” she replied simply.
This was no explanation at all and she realised it.
“I mean, although I’ve never tried the things that you and Tanya do, never been licked out, never been with a girl or any of the other things she told me about, and she told me a lot, I’ve often thought about things like that. Imagined them, I suppose you could say. I don’t know where it comes from, somewhere deep inside my psyche I suppose, but I’ve often thought to myself, what would it be like to be sucked till I came? How will it be if I tried this? What’s it like to do that? How is sex with another girl? Would I like the feel of  a female tongue on me or female kisses? Would it be nice if I had a cock in me at the same time? Oh, many things that I’ve never experienced, but thought about, wanted to do. Do you understand, Dave?”
I nodded.  I understood.
“And how did you meet up with Tanya?” I enquired.
Toni giggled again and glanced away sheepishly. “I was on the internet. At a sex site, looking for a boyfriend,” she giggled. “And I saw Tanya’s advert.”
(So that’s how she’d done it!).   
“And I thought, wow, that’s sounds like it could be interesting. So I emailed her, and later we spoke on the phone, and then, well, here I am!” she finished with a laugh.
My elbow was aching  and I lay down again.
“Well, I don’t know what to say,” I said. “Except, here you are indeed, and very glad I am that you are.”
She laughed again and traced a finger across my cheek.
“You sound like Yoda from Star Wars,” she laughed, “but you’re not as old and wizened as he is, thank God!”
I laughed too and I told her, “I’m not that old and I don’t think I’m wizened but I’m going to find out.”
And I reached for her and kissed her and we started all over again as I moved across her face with my lips and tongue, and then down over those gorgeous, tanned mounds.
“Your breasts are just beautiful,” I murmured between kisses and licks. “So soft, so smooth, but so round and firm. I love them.”
And I moved lower and lower and reached her pants and pulled them down a little and yes, there was no mistake, she was smooth, smooth, soft, silky and just as tanned there too with not a white area in sight so it was sunbathing naked then and to kiss and lick her smooth tanned love mound and her smooth cunt lips and slide inside them to lick her smooth wet cunt was ecstatic. I was now hard again and I moved back up to her face to plant wet kisses over her and give her her own juices back and I whispered, “I want to fuck you, sweet little Toni. I want to fuck your ass, as deep as I can!”
“Yes, Dave!” she whispered back, her eyes shining. “Yes! I want it! I want you to fuck me! Fuck my ass!  Deep! And hard! Now! Quickly!”
And she was rolling over and tipping me off her as she knelt before me and presented her lovely round ass to me and I wanted it too and I didn’t want to wait and I pulled down the waistband of her pants and she pushed her ass out at me and my cock was out and I wanted to be in her so much and I shoved and this was like rape and I plunged into her and I pounded at her and each thrust pushed her forward and it was just so lovely to fuck that tight round ass and I thrust and thrust and thrust and she was whispering at me and saying ‘Yes! It’s so nice!’ and I kept pounding at her and my pulse was racing and my heart was pounding and I wanted to fuck her ass for ever but I felt that feeling and she was whispering ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! I love you in my ass! Fuck me harder!’ and there were the words that I wanted to hear so much and it didn’t matter that it was not her cunt but her ass because it was so nice to be in there and I fucked her as hard as I possibly could and I was sweating and my heart raced and there it was and I came and it gushed and spurted and gushed and spurted and I felt it on my cock as it seeped out of her ass along my cock and there was still cum and I shot again and again and she must be full but there was one last spurt and I was empty.
I was utterly exhausted and sated and I sank back onto the bed, catching my breath and waiting for my heart and pulse to slow. They do say that having sex is equal in effort to running a mile. I thought I must have just run ten. My girl had been right as usual. The orgasms were tremendous after that long wait. And then I felt my hand being taken and placed inside the waist of Toni’s pants and she took my fingers to her ass and collected my cum on them and brought my hand back to her mouth and licked them and sucked them as I continued to breathe heavily and only when she’d sucked every last drop she could did she give my hand little gentle, normal kisses and lay it tenderly on my chest.
She snuggled up to me and put her head on my stomach. I felt a lick as she retrieved some cum from my cock and then she slid  her head up to my chest and I moved my hand to rest on her cheek as she lay there and looked at me, her eyes glowing, her short hair all tousled and her mouth wet from my cum.
“Dave!” she murmured. “Dave! That was ---I can’t tell you in words. I just love you in my ass.” She wriggled as she spoke, maybe imagining me there again or maybe remembering the feelings. “I want that again,” she said softly. “I like that so much. I wish it was my cunt but I like that and I want it again.”
I waved a hand at her weakly.
“Not now. I want it too, my sweet and lovely little Toni but I’m exhausted. I need a bit of a rest. You could say, I’m fucked.”   
And she laughed out loud and I grinned at her because I didn’t have the strength to laugh and we lay like that, sated, contented and drowsy until Tanya returned.
    *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
She brought in a huge tray of goodies, plates, cutlery, napkins, and then returned to the kitchen to fetch three more beers.
Tanya was a believer in the old adage, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and this time she’d excelled herself.  None of this faddish vegetarian crap, thank you very much, but good wholesome food that tasted delicious, filled you up and was (mostly) good for you. Toni and I rose and padded to the table where Tanya had set things down. On the way, Toni couldn’t resist taking my hand putting it down the back of her wet pants again and licking my fingers once more even as we arrived at the food.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “Look at all this! Tanya, why didn’t you call me to help you?”
Tanya laughed, grabbed my hand and licked my fingers herself.
(Doesn’t miss a trick.)
“Oh, no, sweet little Toni. You and Davey had much better things to do!”  And she laughed again and Toni giggled and life was again, very much alright.
There were cheesy things, salady things, tomato things, mini pizzas, sausages on sticks, fruit on sticks, little bowls of hot steaming rice, there were vol-au-vents, there were biscuits and crackers and nuts and crisps and dips and breadsticks and fruit and right in the middle of the tray, a big raspberry gateaux. (Mostly good for you.) I knew we had all this stuff. We’d only bought it all that morning. (Was it really only that morning? It seemed like ages ago.) But my girl had spent a lot of effort in laying it all out.
“This should keep us going for a while,” Tanya said. “Dive in.”
And we did.
We stood or sat around munching and Tanya passed a beer to Toni and one to me. I gave her a look. She understood perfectly what it said. If I drink this I really won’t be able to wait any longer.
Through a mouthful of cheese and biscuits she mouthed ‘Wait!’ severely at me then smiled.
I put one arm round her and gave her a strong hug.  I nodded at the food. “Thanks for this,” I said. “You’re wonderful and adorable and sexy and gorgeous, - and I want to fuck you!” I finished in a whisper. “But I can’t just yet,” I added.
“Oh, and why’s that then?” she asked ingenuously in a whisper. “You’re fucked are you?”
I nodded and she said “Good. Good. That’s what we like to hear.”
And Toni, who’d heard perfectly well everything we’d said,  giggled and made us laugh too.
We finally filled ourselves as much as we could and sat, finishing our beers.
“Leave the food there,” Tanya suggested. “We can help ourselves whenever we want, and anyway, it might come in useful. Who knows?”
We’d tried this once or twice. We both enjoyed it, but we preferred our sex wet and dirty rather than fruity or creamy.
Toni’s eyes went a bit wide and she glanced at the gateaux which remained untouched.
“Ooooooo!” was all she said.
“Toni, my sweet little girl, ” Tanya suddenly said, “we’ll be with you in just a minute.”
And so saying she suddenly grabbed me and threw me back on the bed, beer bottle and all. She straddled me, kneeling and looking down at me, her long hair falling forwards to drape across my chest.
“Finish that,” she commanded.
I drained the last drops and she took the bottle and put it on the bedside table.
“Now,” she said, and took my hand and placed it between her open legs. I felt her cunt lips, warm and soft through the damp fabric of her pants. We stayed like that for a moment as Tanya stared down at me, then smiled and closed her eyes as the first hot drops of her pee came soaking through her pants and onto my hand.
I looked across at Toni who was watching interestedly. “Toni,” I called.
She came to the bed and I took her hand and placed it above mine so that she could feel the  delicious heat and wetness of Tanya’s golden shower which ran from her pants and cascaded over our hands.   
“Ooooooo!” Toni said again. “Nice!” She removed her hand and licked it, sampling the taste. “Ooo, I like that!”
Tanya rolled off me and onto her back. I knew what she wanted. I moved between her legs and licked her cunt through her pants and the shower she’d been holding back released, gushing out and soaking her pants and my face. I licked and slurped and sucked, enjoying the slightly salty taste; a taste I’d relished many times before but was quite new to Toni.  She could see and hear what was happening and she moved nearer to us and said,  “Can I have some?” and I obligingly moved away and let her take my place between Tanya’s legs. She buried her head as tightly into Tanya’s pants as she could and made little appreciative ‘mmmm’ noises as she licked and sucked and drank until Tanya was empty. Finally she raised her face, soaking wet and shining, licked her lips and said, “Dave?”
Tanya moved aside and Toni lay in her place, her legs open wide. Tanya began to lick and kiss her legs through the black hold-ups and Toni wriggled comfortably.
“Let me do it on you,” she begged me and I regained my position on the bed, pushing my wet face into Toni’s crotch and delighting as she hesitantly at first, then more confidently, allowed her piss to run out into her pants.
“Oooo, that’s nice!” she exclaimed as she felt the warmth of her own shower run down her cunt and round to her ass. I sucked and licked and tasted her, and she was more salty than Tanya but it was still delicious and I relished every drop.
“Stop, sweet girl,” came Tanya’s quiet voice.
Toni looked at her in some surprise and I felt the warm flow cease.
“Lump! It’s my turn,” Tanya  grinned and I moved off the bed completely.
Tanya lay down and pulled Toni over to lie on top of her.
“Straddle me,” Tanya whispered, and as Toni raised her body, drew up her knees and knelt over her, Tanya wriggled down towards the foot of the bed.
“Higher,” she said, and then again, “higher.”
Toni’s wet pants and cunt were now positioned over Tanya’s breasts.
Tanya reached up and fondled Toni’s own breasts and looked into her eyes.
“Just a little,” she said and I saw the golden flow begin again as Toni relaxed her muscles and her pee ran out straight from her pants and onto Tanya’s breasts, covering them and running down each side of them, down between them and onto Tanya’s stomach.
“Enough, darling Toni,”  Tanya murmured. “Move higher.”
And Toni did, so that she was now positioned directly over Tanya’s mouth.
“Sit on me, and let it all go,” Tanya instructed and Toni lowered her crotch onto Tanya’s face and a look of sheer bliss appeared on her face as she felt her warm piss run out, over her own thighs, into her pants and onto Tanya’s face. I knew Tanya would be licking her cunt as well, and that added to the look of pleasure on Toni.
Finally she must have stopped because she lifted herself from Tanya. She rolled off her and the two lay side by side.
“I’ve never done that before,” she said wondrously. “It’s, -- it’s lovely! I never thought it would be so nice.”
“You’re never to old to learn, my child,” I intoned in my best headmaster’s voice.
Toni fluttered her eyelashes at me as Tanya looked on, a huge  grin on her face.
“Oh! And what else have you to teach me, kind sir?” she asked in a squeaky, little girl voice. She put one finger provocatively between her lips and pulled them open a little. “I’m sure I have much to learn  and I can assure the gentleman that I am a most willing and able student!” And she opened her legs wide and fluttered her eyelashes at me again.
But neither of us could keep up the act and we all dissolved into fits of laughter.
“I think,” Tanya said, “that it’s time Davey wet us. Don’t you agree, fair maiden?”
“Mmmmm!” Toni answered, gazing at me.
“And where shall he place this wonderful nectar upon us, do you think?” Tanya mused. “Shall it be on our tits? Our stomachs? In our cunts? Our asses? You choose, little Toni. Where would you like him to do it on you?”
“I think,” Toni began thoughtfully, doing her lip pulling thing again with one finger, quite unconsciously it seemed to me, “I think I would like--”  and she whispered in Tanya’s ear, so quietly that I couldn’t hear a word.    
Tanya’s eyes lit up and she looked at me. “Brilliant!” she exclaimed. “Toni, you’re brilliant! We’ve never tried that! What a great idea. I hope he’s got enough for two.”
As I was so full to bursting after a quantity of wine and two beers that it was a job to hold it back and that itself was uncomfortable, I felt quite sure I had enough for two.
“Your idea. You first,” Tanya offered. “I’ll get out of the way.”  And she rolled off the bed, came to me, cupped her face in my hands and said ‘Lump. I love you. The fair maiden awaits.’ And she went to nibble at the food again.
Toni actually rubbed her hands together. “Dave!” she called imperiously. “I require your services. Now.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, touching my forelock and enjoying the game as I moved towards the bed.
“You’re to straddle me,” commanded the fair maiden, “but facing the foot of the bed. You’re to put your cock inside the waistband of my pants so that it lies on my mound, facing my feet. And then let go,” she added in an excited voice.
Tanya was right, bless her. We never had tried this and I thought it would be very nice.
So I dutifully positioned myself as instructed and paused.
“Yes, Dave,” whispered Toni softly. “Now. Let it go on me. Please?”
And I did. My pee gushed out from me and the relief was almost a physical sensation as my golden water shot into Toni’s pants and ran down against her cunt and clit.
“Oh, it’s hot!” Toni exclaimed. “Nice! Hot!” And she fondled and caressed the cheeks of my ass in front of her, murmuring “Nice! Nice! Nice!” all the while. Then, “Enough, sir! I declare I am washed sufficiently now. Enough, I say sir! You may resume your other duties!”
With some difficulty I held back my flow and extracted my cock from Toni’s pants.
As I moved off Toni she said, “I shall summon you again when needed. Do not stray!” and even as she spoke my lovely Tanya was taking her place and lying as she had done. She smiled a loving smile at me but said not one word as I re-positioned myself in the same way. Tanya didn’t bother with the cheeks of my ass. She waited till she felt my warm flow on her and went straight for my rosebud, pushing her finger into me and taking the fabric of my pants with it as she strove to push it all the way in. The pants prevented her and she contented herself with moving her finger in and out as I let my pee flow into her pants and down over her cunt as it had Toni’s before her. I looked up to see Toni watching, rubbing her soaking wet pants and then licking her fingers as she savoured the taste of my pee and the other mixed tastes from our previous encounters. Her eyes glowed with pleasure as she sucked and swallowed, scooped again and sucked and swallowed some more.
“Davey, baby, I love you,” came Tanya’s voice. “I like this. So warm. So wet. Love you very much my baby.”
And just for the briefest of moments, the very, very briefest of milliseconds, I saw the cloud that passed behind Toni’s eyes.
I had finished and I rolled off Tanya. Lying beside her I looked at her. “I needed that.”
“I know you did, my sweet. We all did. It was nice, and worth the wait.” She looked at Toni.
“Love you for that idea Toni. Brilliant. That’s added to our list of pleasures.”
And Toni looked at us both, and beamed, and her eyes shone even more brightly than before. She came to lie between Tanya and I.
“If I’ve done that,” she said, “if I’ve managed to do something to add to your pleasures, something new, then I’m very, very happy.” And she hugged Tanya and then  me.
“You’re a sweetheart,” Tanya murmured to her, running her hand through Toni’s short hair and down her cheek. “A real sweetheart. And -” she gave me a brief glance with her eyebrow raised and I nodded, “ –we love you. Not like we love each other, but we love you too. Both of us.”
Toni looked at Tanya, her big eyes wide, and there was love in her look and she turned her face and looked at me and there was still love in her eyes and she smiled, a warm, utterly peaceful and contented smile and she said, “And I love you too. Both of you. I love you Tanya for your kindness and cleverness and thoughtfulness and because you make sure I’m having pleasure from you both, and because you’re so happy with Dave, and I love you Dave because you’re thoughtful too and because you look after Tanya so well and because you love her so much but you make sure I have pleasure too, and you’re strong and kind and everything a man should be and you’re both so happy with each other and you’ve  made me so happy too now and I love you both for it.” And she hugged us again.
We lay there, together, arms round one another or draped across our bodies and we were at peace and it was so nice and nobody had to touch anybody’s sex at all because it wasn’t necessary it was just right that we lay there together. 
And then Toni made to get up from the bed and said, “But now I must go to the bathroom.”
And quick as a flash Tanya’s arms went round her and her hands pinned Toni’s upper arms to the bed so she had to stay flat on her back.
“What!” Toni cried. “What are you doing? I have to go to the bathroom!”
And Tanya remained quiet and watched her and Toni began to struggle against her and cried out.
“Tanya! Let me go. I mean it! I’m not joking! Let me up!”
I had no idea what this was all about and I got off the bed and stood looking down at them. Tanya moved to straddle Toni and now she was hopelessly pinned beneath Tanya, her arms still pinned flat. She heaved up but there was no way she was going to shift Tanya like that.
Toni glared at her. “Tanya! Stop it! Now!”
She struggled harder and writhed her body under Tanya as she tried to free herself.
“Tanya! What is this?” Toni looked up at me. “Dave! Tell her!”
I began to feel uncomfortable.
“Tanya! I’m telling you I must get up and go to the bathroom!”
“You’ve already been to the bathroom,” Tanya pointed out.
“Not like that!” Toni said. “I mean I have to go to the bathroom, properly!”
Tanya nodded. “Then go,” she told her.
Toni writhed furiously. “Then let me up!” she screamed.
I really didn’t like this. This wasn’t my Tanya. What the hell was she doing? After Toni’s earlier outburst of crying when we were both concerned I felt protective of Toni and this wasn’t nice for her. I really didn’t like this at all and said so.
“Tanya. Enough,” I said firmly. “Let Toni up. If she wants to go and use the bathroom, let her.”
Now it may seem that Tanya wears the trousers in our home and that she controls things, plans things and organises her and me the way she wants and that I just keep my mouth shut and let her get on with it, like a puppy letting its master organise its food, walks and its life.  She does. And I do, but because I’m happy for her to be that way. It suits both of us and we’re both quite content that it works like that. She controls, plans and organises so well because she instinctively knows what I’ll like and what I won’t. So I don’t have to object or insist on my own way because her way suits me and her both, and we’re happy like that. But you know all that already. The point is, Tanya also knows very well that she doesn’t really wear the trousers at all. I let her, but if I really, really want something apposite to her idea, or if I really, really object to something, and believe me that is a very, very rare occurrence indeed,  there is a tone in my voice which tells her immediately that I am wearing the trousers and that I mean what I say and that I am being masterful as a man should. This, as I say, is a rare thing, but Tanya always knows she doesn’t really control me or organise me and if she hears that tone in my voice she at once becomes submissive and gives way to me. She heard that tone now, and ignored it.
Toni looked at me and gave a little satisfied nod, then looked at Tanya.
“See! Now let me up!”
“If you have to go to the bathroom, then go,” Tanya repeated.
Toni stared at her and her big eyes grew enormous.
“What! What’re you saying! You want me to go now? Here? In my pants?”
Tanya nodded. And Toni struggled even more furiously and heaved and twisted.
“Tanya! She needs to go. Let her up! Do as I say. Now!”
And to my utter, utter amazement and incredulity, Tanya turned to look at me with a half smile on her face, and Toni stopped her struggling, looked at me with that sweet elfin face and gave me a huge wink and said,
“All part of the plan, Stan!”
I looked at them both, speechless.
“Really Dave. It’s okay. Look.”
And Tanya was still looking at me with that half smile as she lifted her hands to free Toni and Toni stayed exactly where she was.
“See?” Toni said. “It really is okay.”
“You’ve planned this between you!” I accused them. “You bloody little minxes! I can’t believe it.”   
And Toni giggled and looked at Tanya, and Tanya looked at me and realised that for once, just for once,  she might have gone too far and she left Toni and came to me and threw her arms round me and hugged me but she couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on my face because she, they, had had me so completely and utterly and she said, “Oh, Davey, I’m really sorry but it was such fun to see your face. Yes, we had planned it. I admit. We thought it would be fun. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt you or make you angry.” And she giggled at Toni, and Toni giggled some more.
Bloody little minxes!
I hugged my adorable little minx and said, “I’m not angry. Really I’m not. It was a clever trick and it totally fooled me. I was worried for Toni but I’m not angry. Really.”
Maybe I was. At being fooled. Just a teeny bit.
I kissed Tanya and held her face. “Bloody little minx! I’m not angry but I feel as if I ought to tan your backside!”
“Oooo, yes please!” she squealed, but we don’t do that and she knew it. I looked at Toni.
“Bloody little elfin minx,” I said.
She wiped a laughter tear from her eye. “That was good!” she admitted with a grin. “I wasn’t at all sure I could keep a straight face and get away with it, but Tanya said yes you can, and I did.” And she started giggling all over again.
“Come and join the game,” Tanya pleaded, kissing my lips and gazing into my eyes. “Please! Promise I’ll make it up to you later.”
And she did. (But that’s another story.)
Tanya led me back to the bed and brushed her hand across my hair and down my cheek. She looked searchingly at me and asked quietly, “You okay, Davey baby? You really okay now?”
I nodded. “ I may get you back for that one day, y’know” I threatened.
Tanya nodded seriously. “Perhaps I deserve it,” she said quietly. “We really didn’t think you’d be quite so  -um- masterful about it. Have I spoilt things?”
“No,” I told her. “No, you haven’t. But I wonder what else you’ve got planned between you?” I arched an eyebrow theatrically and looked them both, but neither replied.
“I love you,” Tanya said then, resting her head on my chest as she does. “I love you so much. And I want you.”
I stroked her hair and back, the way she likes.
“We haven’t had a row, you know,” I said. “You just tricked me and I didn’t see it coming at all. It’s okay, my adorable little minx. It is okay, you know.”
And it was.  My few moments of annoyance had gone.
“Well, anyway, I have to go to the bathroom,” Toni reminded us, and Tanya left me and leapt onto the bed and onto Toni and pinned her arms again and this time I joined in and put my head close to Toni’s and leered at her in my best evil voice, “But you’re not going to the bathroom. You’re going to stay here and do it in your pants!”
And Toni struggled again and now I could see that her arms weren’t really pinned at all and she twisted and heaved under Tanya and she cried out, softly, “No! No! You must let me up! Please! I can’t do it in my pants! They’ll be full! And dirty! I mustn’t! It’s not right! Let me up! Please!”
And Tanya grinned at me and leered at Toni herself.
“No, my sweet. My lovely little Toni. You’re not getting up yet. We’ll keep you here until you’re empty!”
And Toni squealed and struggled and pleaded and twisted.
“No, no! I can’t! I mustn’t! I can’t fill my pants! Oh! Oh! No! I must go! It’s coming! I can’t hold it in any more! Let me up before it’s too late and I let it all go!”
“Let it all go, little girl!” I leered.
“Yes, let it all come out of you and fill your lovely wet pants!” leered Tanya.
“To mix with the pee and the cum that’s already there!” I leered.
And Toni’s squeal rose higher and she struggled some more and then a look of shock dawned on her face and she cried, “No! No! I can’t hold it!” Her eyes screwed up tight together and she repeated, “ I can’t hold it! It’s coming! It’s coming!”
Tanya signalled me with her eyes and together we rolled Toni over and lifted her hips so that her tight, round little ass was in the air. Her head lay to one side and she stopped her fake struggles but kept on objecting as we positioned her.   
“No! No! This is so naughty! You mustn’t make me do this!  I mustn’t do it in my pants and make them full and dirty but I can’t stop it! It wants to come out! I can feel it’s coming out now and oh! No! I mustn’t let it! No! Oh! Oh!  Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Tanya and I had a hand each on her ass, mine down near her cunt and Tanya’s higher at the top of her crease. Toni’s last long cry was accompanied by a bulge appearing in the middle of her pants as she began to expel everything she had inside her.
It was hot and soft and sticky and brown and it continued to fill and expand her pants as Tanya and I each revelled in the sight and feel of it as we cupped the bulge in our hands and massaged it higher and lower to cover all her ass cheeks. Toni was very, very full and more and more sticky brown stuff came from inside her and continued to fill her pants. Tanya and I spread it and shaped it and pushed it inside her pants and it began to fill her crotch so that it was hot against her cunt and she moaned and whispered ‘oh I’m filling my pants and it’s so nice and hot and sticky and I can feel it on my cunt.’ We felt her push as she extruded more and more. There was a huge amount and we were careful  to keep it within her pants, filling every inch of the back of them and ensuring that it also filled them lower down in her crotch where it formed a separate, hot sticky bulge which I gently squashed against her cunt and clit.
“Rrrrooooorrrrrrrr!” Toni whispered loudly as she felt it squeeze between her cunt lips, rub against her clit and into her love tunnel. “Ooooooo, that’s so nice! I want more! But I haven’t any more! That’s all I have.”
“It’s wonderful and it’s enough for now,” Tanya cooed softly. “But you shall have more, sweet little Toni. You shall have more.”
I was massaging Toni’s pants and shaping and pushing and making sure that I filled Toni’s cunt with as much of her brown stickiness as I possibly could. And each time I kneaded a little more into her she gave a little moan and pushed backwards against my hand to help.
Tanya bent to kiss Toni’s lithe back and ran her tongue from her shoulderblades slowly and delicately down Toni’s spine. Toni gave a little shiver. Tanya continued until she reached the small of her back and then she left the bed and disappeared from my view. I took over, still playing with Toni’s full pants and filling her cunt and I licked her back and her ribs as I did.
“Are you comfortable like that, Toni?” I whispered.
She nodded her head. Then, softly, excitedly, “Are you going to fuck my ass again, Dave?”
“Not now, my lovely little Toni,” I answered equally softly. “But I will. Tanya wants to fuck you.”
Because I knew where my girl had gone. She’d gone for the strap-on with the latex cock that we have.
“Tanya’s going to fuck my ass?” She was still excited at the thought.
“No. She’s going to fill your cunt with her cock and fuck you.”
“Mmmmmmm! Yes! I want it. I want to feel it!”
I moved aside and waited as Tanya came to the bed and positioned herself at the foot of it. Gently she pushed at Toni’s hips and slid her further up the bed until she could kneel on it herself. Tanya had got rid of her manhole cover and now wore only her pink see through stretch pants. I thought it would be a good time to lose my skirt as well and it joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Tanya had pulled down the front of her pants and the cock stuck out from them. I’d seen it, and felt it, many times before, but now it looked huge.
Tanya waited and looked at me.
“Love you,” she said and her mouth puckered up. I stepped forward to her and kissed her tenderly.
Tanya reached one hand out and stroked Toni’s back.
“Love you, Toni,” she said.
Toni wriggled a little and sighed comfortably. “Love you too, Tanya. I want to feel you fuck me now!”
By way of answer Tanya knelt up on the bed behind her, holding the cock in one hand and moved forward so that it pressed against Toni’s ass, the tip pushing gently into the fabric and squashing the brown stickiness inside. Toni let out a soft ‘Mmmm!’ and Tanya moved the tip down, down, until she could push it under Toni’s crotch, rubbing it  outside her pants against her cunt lips.
“Mmmmm!” murmured Toni again. “Warm. Nice.”
And I relaxed and watched as my wonderful sweet Tanya began to give the ultimate pleasure to Toni as she rubbed and stroked and played the tip of her cock around and across and under and everywhere except inside.    
I couldn’t resist and for a few minutes I gently stroked the inside of Toni’s thighs, my fingers trailing up and down and around too, across the top of the holdups and up to her groin and away again and the tip of the cock rubbed beneath her and Toni’s breath became a little faster and Tanya and I continued to arouse her and pleasure her for a while until each stroke of my fingers against her skin and each stroke or gentle probe of the cock against her made her take a short, sharp intake of  breath and they began to grow a little louder and more frequent and we both knew she was ready to receive that luscious, sensual, ecstatic feeling of the cock sliding into her cunt.
And now Tanya carefully eased away the edge of one leg of Toni’s pants and allowed the tip of her cock to rub Toni’s flesh, and Toni squirmed a little and made murmuring noises. Tanya explored gently with her cock until she found Toni’s cunt lips and poised with the cock just separating them.
“Oh, I can feel you there!” Toni murmured. “It’s nice. I want you in me now!”
And Tanya obliged, thrusting forward in one long, slow movement that sent her cock between Toni’s cunt lips and past her clit, and in, further, sliding slowly in Toni’s tight young love tunnel, sliding in her hot love juices and the warm brown sticky stuff that filled Toni’s cunt and as Tanya slid her cock  further and further inside Toni there always seemed to be more left and Toni began to gasp ‘Oh! Oh! Yes! That’s it! Yes! Oh, it’s filling me!’ and Tanya went on easing her hips forward and the cock forward and finally it was completely inside Toni and Tanya’s mound was pressed up against Toni’s round ass and Toni gasped again and said ‘Yeeeeesssssss!’
Tanya paused and gazed down at Toni. Then she turned her head to look at me, mouthed ‘love you!’ and beckoned me with a flick of her head.
I moved nearer to her and she kept one hand on Toni’s hip to steady her, and went for my cock with the other. And she began to fuck Toni, pulling out with a long, slow stroke almost leaving her cunt, but not quite, and then back in again with the same long slow stroke, and Toni gasped and went ‘aaaaahhhh’ and Tanya’s hand was cupping my balls and stroking my cock and I was getting hard because to see these two adorable girls enjoying their sex together and to feel my beloved Tanya’s hand wanking me gently was too much and I wanted to be part of this and moved round to stand behind Tanya and pulled down the top of her pants, down past her ass cheeks and lower until her rosebud was free and I aimed my cock  there and Tanya spread her knees a little because she wanted me too and my cock found that lovely round hole and I slid inside her and then remained still and as Tanya pulled back with each stroke from Toni she slid onto my cock and as she moved forward into Toni she slid away from me and it was just electrifying to know that we were fucking each other this way.
And Tanya began to move faster, sliding in and out of Toni’s cunt with long, even, fast strokes and onto my own cock with the same long strokes and Toni’s gasps became louder as she cried ‘Yes! Fuck me! It’s nice in there! It’s nice! Faster!’ and Tanya complied and began to pound Toni’s cunt and thrust herself back onto my cock and it was heavenly and now Tanya was breathing fast and beginning to gasp too and Toni was moaning in her throat and thrusting herself back onto Tanya’s cock each time and I used one hand to rub Tanya’s cunt through her pants as she moved her own body so that I was wanking her even as I fucked her ass and she moaned too but I was standing perfectly still and the girls were doing everything themselves and I sensed Toni’s body go rigid and I knew she was there and she let out a little scream of pure ecstasy as Tanya thrust at her very hard and again and once more  and each thrust produced a little scream and then Toni came and I knew she’d shot her cum all over Tanya’s cock inside her and it mixed with the brown sticky stuff that was in her too and Tanya knew it and gasped and her body quivered as she had her own small orgasm at the feel of my cock in her ass and her cock in Toni’s cunt and Toni let out a huge gasp and scream together as she reached her peak and orgasmed but Tanya kept thrusting at her and Toni gasped again with each thrust and now I knew I was close too and I matched Tanya’s backwards movements and thrust into her myself beginning to pound at her lovely, wet, tight rosebud and Toni was building again and moaning and gasping and Tanya thrust at her cunt as hard as she could and Toni came again and the sound of her gasping ‘Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!’ with each of Tanya’s thrusts made me cum too and I felt my warm spunk gush from my cock and into my lovely Tanya’s ass and she pressed against me and moaned and Toni fell forward away from Tanya’s cock in exhaustion and collapsed face down on the bed and I gave one last thrust at Tanya and felt the last of my hot cum spurt into her and then I released her and we both joined Toni on the bed and the three of us lay there all gasping and heaving together in the throes of our triple orgasms.  
Within a few moments Tanya had rolled onto her back and removed the strap-on, Throwing it aside she pulled at me with her hands until I was between her legs and she pushed my head down towards her cunt. I knew she wanted to be licked and sucked and I was delighted to oblige because I can stay there and lick and suck my adorable little Tanya for hours, and have done, and now I wanted to taste her love juice and her pee and I briefly aroused her again through her pants until she was stroking my head and pulling me into her and then I eased down the top of her pants and ran my tongue over her soft skin and she lifted herself slightly off the bed so that I could pull her pants down further and I stopped in pure shock and utter rapture because my wonderful girl, this beautiful, sexy, adorable creature that I loved so much and whose body I could enjoy and pleasure for hours had shaved herself at last and she was completely smooth and soft like Toni and there wasn’t a vestige of her soft downy hair anywhere and I loved it.
I looked up to see her smiling at me, her eyes glowing with love and tenderness.
“Told you I had a surprise for you,” she whispered.
I couldn’t say anything. I just gazed at her and my heart went out to her because she does so much to please me and make me happy and her smile grew wider and she whispered,” Now suck me and lick me harder than you ever have before!”
And I did. I pressed against those incredibly smooth soft cunt lips and I licked and kissed and I sucked and slurped and her juices ran and my tongue was making her wet all around her cunt and inside it too, mixing with her juice and she began to writhe and murmur and pressed herself onto my tongue and it was absolute heaven, it was ecstasy to feel that smooth skin and flesh against my lips and tongue and I thrust my tongue into her and licked and flicked at her clit with every ounce of strength my muscles could produce and I sucked at her juice and tasted it and swallowed her warm nectar and knew I wanted to stay there for hours and hours and Toni was forgotten in the thrill of sucking my beloved Tanya and hearing and feeling her pleasure build as she moaned and writhed and thrust against my lips and there was so much juice and it flooded from her and soaked my face and it was heavenly to feel it and taste it and Tanya gasped and gasped again and arched up and cried out ‘Daaaavey! Baby! Baby! Baby! Oh Davey!’ and her hands roved around my head and my neck and I couldn’t believe it but there was even more of her cum coming from inside that deliciously wet warm smooth cunt and on me as I licked and sucked at her clit and my tongue revelled in it and I licked and sucked and drank and didn’t stop until I’d recovered every drop I could and Tanya was lying back and making little moaning noises as she enjoyed my tongue around her cunt lips and her thighs collecting her cum from them.
Whatever it is, it works.
“I don’t care --” Tanya said, gasping from her orgasm, looking straight up at the ceiling, “—how bloody good the orgasms are ---  I am not waiting to feel your tongue in me like that again --- for ten fucking days, ever!  I love you, Davey baby.”
We lay together, content and sated. I glanced at Toni and saw that she was dozing peacefully, her head turned to one side on the pillow, her short, boyish hair framing that delicate elfin face, her lips parted slightly and her breathing light and even.
I turned to look at Tanya and our eyes met. She glanced at Toni herself and smiled at her, a tender, caring, loving smile and then she looked back at me and we kissed each other’s lips, and again and again,  and there was no sex there, it was love, pure and simple and fulfilled and absolute as we stroked each other’s faces and looked  into each other’s eyes and kissed and spoke not one word.
Toni moved slightly next to me and I looked and saw she’d opened her eyes. It took a moment for her to focus, and then she shuffled herself upright onto the pillows.
“Sorry,” she said sleepily. “I didn’t want to doze off. But I’m so fucked.” She giggled at us. “I’m fucked! I’m fucked, and it’s lovely!” She rubbed her eyes.
“Best sleep in the world,” Tanya assured her. “Purest, deepest, most restful sleep there is, when you’re fucked.”
“Well, I’m awake now!” Toni said. “What have I missed?”
“Davey gave me a good licking,” Tanya said with her impish smile. “Soaked me. Feel me.” And she reached across me and took Toni’s hand and placed it between her legs.
“Ooo, lovely and wet,” Toni agreed. She glanced down at her own wet and dirty pants. “Like me. But I’m full in my pussy, as well as wet.”
“Oh, I will be too,”  Tanya said airily. “The night is yet young.”
Actually, it wasn’t. It was quite late, but none of us cared.   
“Then it must be time for me to do something,” Toni said, glancing at me. “Can I use the strap-on, Tanya?”
My girl rolled her eyes heavenwards, tutted, then rolled right over me to lie beside Toni. She took her face in both hands, her nose inches from Toni’s and she growled in her best parental voice,
“I told you, don’t ask! I told you, you adorable little creature, with your big eyes and your lovely body and your gorgeous wet, full pussy, I told you,  don’t ask!
She rubbed Toni’s nose with her own, kissed  her lips and then continued in the same joking growl, “Take the strap-on, do what you want with it, fuck me, fuck Davey, do exactly what you want to whoever you want, but don’t ask!” And she slipped her hands round Toni’s neck and pulled her head forward, resting cheek to cheek with Toni. She kissed her tenderly on one cheek and let Toni go.
“Now be off with you my girl!” she growled, smiling. “Take your lovely breasts, your lithe body, your big round eyes, your tight round ass and your wonderful wet cunt full of your own brown stuff and your pee and your cum, and do whatever you want whenever you want and to whom, but do not ask again!”
And Toni looked at her and said submissively, “Yes mummy,” and both girls laughed and hugged each other and kissed and Tanya felt around for the strap-on and handed it to her. Toni held it for a moment, gazing at me with warmth in her eyes. She left the bed, fitted the toy on over her pants and stood looking down at me, her hands on her hips. She did that delightful lady-of the-manor thing again.
“Dave, I have need of exercise. Your services are required immediately.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“I’m desirous of discovering for myself, purely in the interests of propriety, you understand, some details of these carnal pleasures of which the servants constantly speak and word of which has drifted up from the scullery to my chaste ears.”
Tanya was grinning and silently clapping her hands together.
“It will therefore be necessary for me to use this, um-  um- “ she gestured at the latex cock –
“Cock, ma’am,” I supplied helpfully.
“Yes. This um – cock upon your person. Do you understand?”
“Certainly ma’am. Anything I can do to oblige your ladyship will be a pleasure.”
“Hmmmphh! Well, as you are of the male persuasion and therefore deficient in the area generally associated, so I am led to believe, with this um—cock, I shall have no alternative but to use the only available area in which I believe this appendage will fit.”
Tanya was rolling about, her eyes screwed up and shaking with silent laughter. “Brilliant!” she murmured “Just brilliant!”
“What is the name commonly used to describe that area?”
“The ass, ma’am.”
“And how does one describe, in the politest of company of course, the action when using the appendage?”
“In the politest of company, ma’am? Fucking.”
And Tanya burst out in gales of laughter and rolled around, the tears streaming from her eyes, hammering her fists on the bed and Toni couldn’t keep a straight face either and her lips pursed as she tried not to laugh but it was no good and she had to look away as her shoulders shook.
“Oh, I love it! I love it!” Tanya could hardly get the words out. Toni had recovered and faced me again sternly.
“Fucking. Yes. Cock, ass, fucking.”
“If I may be permitted ma’am, the correct sequence for that would be, cock fucking ass.”
“Yes. Well,  thank you Dave. I shall remember that for the ladies at our next musical soiree  ---”
And Tanya collapsed in hysterics and I cracked up too and that set Toni off and she lost it completely and had to sit on the bed, her shoulders heaving with laughter and her hands covering her face.
“I can’t go on!” she laughed. “I ‘ve lost it now.”
Tanya was wiping her eyes with her fingers, still laughing.
“Oh, that was good!” she said. “That was just so clever! Toni, you’re brilliant! You’re an angel.”
Toni shook her head, grinning broadly at us.  “Sorry. It’s gone. I wanted to do some more but I know I’d never be able to keep a straight face now.”   
“Shame,” I said. “I was enjoying that too.”
“Maybe I’ll try again later,” said Toni. “But right now I want to fuck your ass.”
And my girl got up from the bed and gave her eyes a last wipe and still grinning, said, “I’m going to fetch some more beers. Start without me.”
Toni lay beside me. “As I sat on the bed just now I felt some more of my full pants squash into my cunt again, Dave. I do wish I could feel your cock in there with it.” She held up a hand to forestall me. “I know, I know, I’m only saying.”
She planted a kiss on my lips and looked at me with the same devilish smile that I see on Tanya sometimes. “Maybe if I fuck your ass you’ll need to fill your pants, Dave.”
She paused and kissed me again. “That would be nice. I’d like to see that and feel it, the way you and Tanya felt me when I did it.”
“The world will be your oyster,” I said softly, “and your wishes will be our commands.”
“Oh, you’re so sweet!” she squealed, and kissed me hard, her tongue forcing into my mouth. Then she resumed her former position, her face close to mine, her eyes shining and she said, “Roll over, you lovely man. Give me your ass.”
And I did and she knelt behind me and pulled down the waist of my pants. “Have to keep these on for later,” she murmured, and chuckled.
I felt the tip of her cock probing between my cheeks as she sought the entrance to my man-cunt. The cock pushed against me and she spread my cheeks a little. She probed again and then she was in, sliding into me and holding my hips to balance herself.
“Ooohhh!” she murmured. “I like it! It’s like being a man, being behind you and pushing my cock into you, in and out, sliding into your hole.” She fell silent for a moment, and there was wonder in her voice as she murmured again.
“I’m fucking you Dave. I’m fucking you. My cock is in your ass hole and –”
She fell silent again and I could see down the length of the bed and my own body that Tanya had silently returned and her hand was between Toni’s legs as she massaged the brown bulge that was still there in her pants and she felt for Toni’s cunt clips and clit through the fabric and the brown sticky bulge and she found the magic place because Toni’s head went back and her eyes were closed and she stroked backwards and forwards sliding her cock in and out of me slowly and gently and she murmured dreamily, “I’m fucking your lovely ass Dave, and it’s nice to be like the man for once, fucking, and I can feel Tanya’s fingers in my cunt, wanking me and I’m a girl too so I’m both now and I wish my cock could cum in you Dave but it’s nice to fuck you and I’m going to cum myself now and do it harder Tanya, my lovely Tanya, you’re making me cum again and it’s coming now and I love you Tanya and I love you Dave and oooooooohhhhhhhh!” and she withdrew the cock from me and fell onto my back and hips as she came.
I lowered myself onto the bed and she stayed where she was, lying on my back and clinging to me round my waist. It was a strangely quiet and subdued orgasm compared to her earlier ones. She murmured dreamily again as she lay on me, the cock pressing into my back a little under her weight.
“Oh that was nice. That was such a nice climax!”
“Toni,” I ventured softly, “I love the feel of your warm body on mine and I don’t want to disturb you but your cock is still hard and its not in me, its on me and --”
And she scrambled off me, saying “Sorry, sorry,  it’s so nice to lie on you Dave. I just wanted to stay there.”
Tanya deftly removed the strap-on from her and smiled.
“Then lie on him, sweet Toni. Lie on him and enjoy him.”
But I had rolled onto my back by now, and Toni snuggled her body against me and pressed it hard and rested her head on my chest and she said in that dreamy voice, “I could lie here for hours, just doing nothing. I love being next to you, Dave.”
And I looked at Tanya, wondering how she would take that and the fact that Toni was lying in her own favourite position and she was smiling at Toni and bent to kiss her body, working her way up her ribs and sides, pausing to kiss the breast that lay against me and then to her cheek and she murmured softly “And he likes being next to you, sweet little Toni-girl. He likes the feel of your warm skin on him, the feel of your head on his chest, the pressure of your breast against him and the sensation of your warm cunt on his thigh. So lie, and enjoy.”
( She’s just so amazing and I love her so much.)  
“And I love the feel of you next to me, too,” whispered my girl very softly into Toni’s ear.
Toni opened an eye and gazed at her. “Do you know,” she murmured, “that climax I just had was different to all the others.”
“Not every one can be an all-time high.” Tanya spoke quietly to her, stroking her short boyish hair and her cheek. “Sometimes they’re like that, sometimes they’re simply wonderful.”
“That was a wonderful one,” Toni murmured thoughtfully. “And I know why.”
Tanya waited, still caressing Toni gently. And I waited, perfectly content to listen to these two wonderful girls, these two adorable creatures, talking together and sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings in front of me, and my heart went out to both of them and I felt honoured that they would do that.
“And why was it a wonderful one, my darling little Toni,” asked Tanya in her soft and loving whisper. “Do you want to say, or is it something to keep close to your heart, a secret for lovely little Toni-girl to treasure forever?”
“It will be my secret,” agreed Toni dreamily, “to treasure forever in my heart, but only a secret from other people, not from you two.”
She continued in that dreamy fashion.  “It wasn’t electrifying, that orgasm. It wasn’t even ecstatic. It was simply wonderful because it wasn’t an orgasm of sex.”
Tanya was beginning to nod her head gently.
“It was a wonderful climax,” Toni went on, “because it was a warm climax, a contented climax, a slow, languorous, full climax, because it was a climax of love.”
Tanya was still nodding  and she bent down once again and  murmured oh-so-softly into Toni’s ear, “I know it was, my sweet darling, my lovely little Toni. I know exactly that it was one of love and not sex, and they can often be the best kind of orgasm you can have.”
Toni shifted her head slightly so that she could look at Tanya.
“You know what I’m saying?” she asked her.
“I know,” Tanya murmured. “I know.”
And Toni moved to look at me and then back at my girl, and she said, quietly and simply,
“I love you. I love you Tanya. I love you Dave. I’ve known you only a few hours, but I love you both from deep in my heart. Not because of the sex. Oh no. Not because of the fun and the wet and the orgasms. Oh no. Because of the people you are. Because of the feelings you’ve shown me. Because of the care, and the love you’ve shown me. And because I can look in your eyes Tanya, and in yours Dave, and I can see that your whole life is love, and that makes me love you both.” She was quiet for a few moments, then she said, “I really do love you both very much, but that is a secret that will stay locked right in the middle of my heart.”
There was a silence. I didn’t want to break it for fear of  spoiling the warm, contented feeling that drifted gently around us all. I was sure Tanya felt as I did since she remained quiet and just gently stroked and caressed Toni all the while.
“I hope I haven’t upset you or made you angry,” Toni said in a small voice.
Tanya looked at me silently but her eyes signalled me to answer.
“You haven’t,” I told Toni, in a quiet and gentle voice. “Not Tanya, and not me. We’re not upset and neither are we angry. Why should we be? You’ve just said some wonderful things about us, to us. Why do you think we could be upset or angry?”
“I thought -  - I thought maybe Tanya would think I was trying to muscle in on her man --”
And Tanya reached for her and heaved Toni bodily off my chest and cuddled the top half of her in her arms and rocked back and forth like you would rock a baby and stroked her head and her neck and squeezed her tight and Toni’s head was on her shoulder and without looking at me she said, “And maybe Dave would think I was trying to take him away from you- -”
“No, no, no, no, no,” Tanya crooned, rocking her. “Toni, Toni, Toni.”
And I saw a tear glistening in the corner of her eye.
I sat up on the bed and moved to face Toni as her head, resting on Tanya’s shoulder as she rocked her back and forth gently, moved closer to me and away, closer and away again. She raised her eyes and looked at me.
“You lovely adorable little girl,” I said softly. “You could not do that. We’re both delighted, we’re flattered, we’re honoured, we’re all the nice adjectives you can think of, that you’ve said those things to us but there’s no way you could do that to either of us.”    
“I know it,” Toni answered me. “I know it and I would never, never want to do that. But I was afraid you two, or one of you, might think it.”
“Never,” I replied. I cupped her face in my hands as she came near to me and Tanya had to stop rocking as I was holding Toni fast. “We---love—you,” I said, saying each word clearly and slowly and looking deep into her eyes. “We both love you.”
I liked the nickname that Tanya had called her earlier and I used it again now.  “You are our little Toni-girl. You are adorable, lovely, loving, you’re a pleasure to be with. You make us laugh, and in all the world there is no better thing than shared laughter. You have shown us the same care, the same thoughtfulness, the same love, that you have had from us. You are special, you are deep in our hearts, and you will remain there.”
And Toni reached forward impulsively and Tanya let her go and Toni threw her arms round me and buried her head in my neck and she said very softly “I love you. I love you.”
      *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
We had a short rest again, returning to the food, or what was left of it, drinking our beers and reminiscing about the hours we had already spent together. Toni tried to start her-ladyship again but Tanya had a mouthful of food and waved her hand frantically at Toni to stop as she tried to laugh and eat at the same time.
And eventually the only thing left on the tray was the huge raspberry gateau.
“Who wants a piece?” Tanya asked.
“I do,” I said.
“I’m full,” Toni said and then let out one of her delightful giggles. “Both ends.”
So Tanya cut a huge slice of the gateau, laid it on a plate then cut an inch from the tip of the slice, collected it on a fork and presented it to my lips.
“There you are,” she offered, and I dutifully took the morsel from her fork.
“Is that all I get?” I enquired peevishly.
“Oh no, you get the lot,” Tanya grinned, and she used her fingers to scoop half the remaining slice into her hand and then offered the plate to Toni.
Tanya reached for my pants, pulled the waist away from my skin and dumped the gateau from her hand into my pants. She wiped the cream and fruit from her fingers onto my skin and held the pants open for Toni, who followed suit. Tanya let the elastic spring back into place.
It was cool and soft and squelchy and squashy and the girls mashed it into my skin and down over my cock.
“Nothing like a bit of spice to improve the flavour of food,” Tanya grinned and knelt in front of me. Again she pulled my pants away from me and nuzzled her head against me, searching for my cock amidst the huge mound of sticky, creamy goo that bulged in my pants. She slurped at the cake, found my cock and took it in her mouth, sucking the gateau from it. My cock was dozing but it began to wake at the feel of her mouth round it. Satisfied, she removed her head, her mouth and  cheeks covered with gateau. She looked up at Toni. “Sure you don’t want some?”
“Well, if it’s spiced like that I may well be able to manage some,” Toni agreed and the girls changed places and Toni knelt in front of me and took her turn at nuzzling into me, and the cake, and sucking at my cock, now half awake and gaining full consciousness rapidly.
Tanya used her own pants to wipe the last vestiges of cake from her fingers. Toni stood and licked her lips, her face covered with cream and squashed fruit.
“Lovely!” she agreed. “Nice cake!”
“You’ve both got cream on your noses,” I pointed out.
The girls looked at each other.
“So we have,” they agreed and Tanya pointed to her love mound. “There,” she said to Toni, and lay back on the bed, opened her legs and waited. Toni moved to her and nuzzled her face against Tanya’s stomach, wiping her cheeks against them and cleaning her face against Tanya’s pants. The girls rolled over each other and Tanya did the same, leaving white and pink streaks of cream and fruit against Toni’s own soft pants, and mixing with the traces of her brown stuff that lay within.
Toni gave a little yawn. “Ooo, sorry,” she said. “I’m not used to such mammoth sessions. I’m not really tired.”   
“Well,” Tanya told her, “there’s one thing I haven’t had yet and I want it very much, so you could have a little rest for a while if you want.” And she looked up at me and I knew what she meant and I wanted it too and Toni looked from me to her and smiled and said, “You want your Dave. I’m going to watch.”
And Tanya rolled onto her back and held out both arms wide to me. Her eyes glowed, tenderly, as they silently begged me to come to her. Toni moved aside and lay propped on one elbow watching us.
I moved to Tanya and lay on top of her, gazing into her eyes. They spoke volumes to me, telling me of her love, her tenderness, and that she wanted me inside her, and that she was happy, and contented, and that she was glad we had done this thing with three people and I was glad too and I gently kissed her nose and then her lips because her eyes had told me that she wanted me inside her but she didn’t want sex she wanted my love.
And there was no foreplay, there was no caressing or kissing or licking or sucking. She opened her legs wide and I just pulled aside her pants gently and explored with my cock to find her cunt lips and then her clit and the tip rubbed against it gently and her eyes glowed even more and I entered her, slowly, gently until I was fully inside her and I began to love my sweet, adorable so special Tanya with long, gentle, full strokes, moving my hips so that she could feel every inch of me within her and I continued those long, slow, gentle strokes because I wasn’t fucking her I was loving her and I wanted it to take a long time, a very long time because we had done this many times, countless times before, and the sex was good but the loving was always a hundred times better and I knew if I aroused her slowly with my love her climax would be tremendous and now I wanted that for her, very much.
And she smiled and kissed me gently and let her eyes close as my cock continued to pleasure her, slowly, slowly, gently and I could feel the coolness of the cake on her against my skin and I could feel the softness of her smooth, smooth  love mound against me too and the wetness within her as her love juices flowed and I felt an incredibly warm feeling in me as I gazed at her because it was love and not sex and I knew she felt the same and I wanted us to be in this position and to move together this way forever but I wanted her to explode in a frenzy of pleasure and excitement and love too but not yet, not yet, and our love went on and on and it was just so beautiful to give so much pleasure to my girl this way and I was careful to control myself absolutely because nothing must spoil this time, this loving, and now her lips were open a little and she was breathing through them and her gentle thrusts against me as we loved became a little more insistent and harder but it wasn’t time yet and this must go on longer still and I wouldn’t allow myself to become faster and stronger but continued to love her in that same slow, gentle way and her lips were open more and she breathed  ‘Davey, my baby, my Davey,’ and now her words spoke volumes as her eyes had done and still I moved inside her in that same way and I knew she was building but oh-so slowly and that is what I wanted for her and how it should be and her hands rubbed my back and her fingers curled into me as her body responded to mine and her pleasure mounted, and she stroked my hair and my neck and my back and her fingers gripped me again, harder and more insistently and her hands stroked my back down to my ass and she began to pull me into her but it still wasn’t time, not yet, and I wouldn’t allow it and continued my slow, gentle strokes within her and now her breath was coming harder and faster and her hips rose to meet mine urging me to move harder and faster as her pleasure neared the point of no return but I wouldn’t do it and continued to build her pleasure the way I wanted, slowly and gently and her hands gripped my neck and pulled my head down beside hers on the pillow and she breathed ‘Davey, my darling, my sweet baby, oh I love you, I love you, I love you so much’  and she was gripping my neck so hard and pulling my head against hers and now I knew it wouldn’t be long as each breath was a gentle ‘uh’ sound and I stopped briefly, almost outside her and she breathed another ‘uh’ and then I moved inside her again, slowly, slowly, and her body began to tremble beneath me and I stopped again, just for a second and again she let out a little moan and her body shivered against mine and I knew that her climax had started deep, deep within her and that it was growing and building and that’s why she was shivering and trembling but it must take a long time and I still wouldn’t move fast within her and I wasn’t conscious of my own orgasm at all because my thoughts were only to give my girl the ultimate climax, the biggest, the longest, the highest, the most electrifying pleasure I had ever given her and this was so important and I continued the same way loving her with my body and my heart and my soul and then she was squeezing me so hard it hurt and her fingers dug into my back and her body   
lifted against mine and she drew in a huge breath and held it and her body went still for a moment and then she let out her breath and screamed ‘Davey! Davey!’ and her body was absolutely rigid against me and the rest of her breathing was just ‘Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!’ one after another and they continued for a long time and that is what I wanted for her and now I felt my own orgasm beginning and I was content to let it happen and only now as her own climax just passed its peak and her body began to soften and relax against me did I move inside her a little harder and more insistently as I felt my physical love start its travel and she stiffened against me once more and cried out ‘I love you!’ as my stronger movements re-ignited her own fire and her body was totally rigid against me again  and she quivered and her fingers hurt as they dug into me so hard and she drew in a huge breath as if she was nearly drowning and then let it out in a long, long cry of ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!’ as my love gushed into her and she felt it and it fused with her own pleasure and that’s what it was she was almost drowning in pleasure and excitement and orgasm and that’s what I wanted for her and I felt an ache in my heart because I wanted this moment, her orgasm, to last forever too as she trembled and shook and gasped for air but there would be others, there would be more, and I waited, my own climax finished as she just remained rigid with her back slightly arched beneath me and her breaths gasping as she held onto me and time passed and slowly, slowly her body softened and she relaxed onto the bed but her eyes were still shut and her breathing fast and she wouldn’t let me go but gripped me with her hands and fingers as if life itself depended on it.
I became conscious of Toni lying beside us, the room and everything that had faded into nothingness during that long, long, but-oh-so-brief time when my whole being had been focussed on my beloved little Tanya.
Gradually her fingers eased their grip and pressure on my back. She let one hand fall to her side and caressed me with the other. “My baby,” she murmured. “My baby. Oh God. My Davey baby.”  I moved to one side, opposite from Toni, and lay beside Tanya, my arm resting across her and my fingers softly stroking her ribs.
Toni was watching us, a smile, slightly tinged with sadness, on her face.
“How beautiful!” she whispered. “I’ve just watched you making love. Just beautiful!” She paused. “How I wish that someone would love me that way,” she finished wistfully.
Tanya still had her eyes closed and she  felt with her free arm, found Toni’s hand and their fingers entwined as Tanya squeezed her hand and held it.
“One day,”  she murmured breathlessly. “You’ll see. One day.”
But I knew she was being kind to Toni because if Toni ever found a man, or a girl, with whom she could share a love as absolute as Tanya’s and mine, she would indeed be a very, very lucky girl. And Toni knew it too, because she gave a very slight shake of her boyish head which Tanya didn’t see. But I did.
We lay like that for while, not moving, not speaking, just relaxing and enjoying the sensation of being together, of shared contentment, of shared pleasure. I looked at Tanya. Her breathing was regular and even and I realised she had fallen fast asleep. Toni put a hand to her mouth and yawned again.
I motioned with my head, not wanting to wake my adorable girl.
“In that drawer,” I whispered. “Duvet.”
And Toni nodded and carefully left the bed, fetched the duvet and gently laid it across us. She came round to the other side of the bed and carefully crept under it herself, snuggling gently against me, her knees against the back of my own, her soft mound against my ass and her head against my shoulders.
“Rest,” I murmured and I felt her nod and yawn again. I gazed at my girl, sleeping peacefully. My gaze turned to the window. Dawn’s early light was filtering through it, the trees beyond faintly visible as ghostly shapes. A bird sang somewhere. Tanya breathed peacefully and I heard Toni’s own breathing fall into an even, regular pattern.
Life was very, very much alright.
I closed my eyes and we slept.

        *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
 I was awakened by the feel of someone nuzzling my stomach and my cock. I knew it was Tanya because she often wakes me this way, whether it be morning, noon or night. Sometimes she’ll kiss me on the lips or face or chest but her favourite way is to go down on me and kiss and nuzzle my cock until I awake. So I didn’t even bother to open an eye. I just reached for her head and stroked her long, thick tresses as they lay across me.
“’Morning,” I murmured.
She stopped her movements now that I was awake and I felt her slide up to my chest.
“’Morning, sleepyhead,” she said. “It isn’t though.”
“Isn’t what?”
“Morning. It’s nearly two o’clock.”
I opened my eyes and saw her face, her tousled hair falling either side of it as she watched me with a huge grin.  She nodded. “Really.”
“Come here,” I commanded. She moved further up my body and poised her head over mine. My hands went round her back and I pulled her to me, kissing her softly and lovingly, those wonderful thick locks draping my own face as we greeted a new day.
We always wake each other like this, in some way or other. No sex, no excitement or arousal, just the shared joy of being together, waking to each other and loving each other.
“Breakfast?” Tanya suggested.
“That would be nice,” I agreed.
Tanya turned to look at Toni, then motioned me with a twitch of her head to look myself.
Toni had turned over and was sleeping with her back to me, only one cheek and her boyish hair visible on the pillow as she cuddled under the duvet, her brown  right arm thrown carelessly over her shoulder.
“Sweet little thing,” Tanya murmured, then looked at me and grinned. “That’s the trouble. No stamina, these youngsters.”
I nodded sagely,  and Tanya carefully rolled off me and got out of bed.
“Stay there,” she whispered. “I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Let her sleep.”
“I’m not asleep,” came a sleepy voice. “I woke as soon as you started sucking him. And I’ve got plenty of stamina but you two have fucked me so completely I just didn’t want to move.”
And we laughed and Tanya gave a her a gentle good morning kiss and asked again, “Breakfast?” and Toni nodded and stretched, like a lithe young cat. Tanya disappeared into the kitchen and Toni yawned, stretched again and I sensed her skin and muscles and bones and tendons stretching with her and she was so young and luscious and I wanted her. She rolled over to look at me and smiled. She ran a hand down my cheek.
“’Morning,” she said. “Afternoon rather.”
“Nice sleep?”
“Lovely,” she purred. She smiled again. “Best sleep you can have…….”
I reached under the duvet and gently caressed one breast and then the other. The very feel of her against my hands and the sensation of her soft warm breath on my face was enough to make me hard, and she sensed it and smiled again and took my cock in her hand.
“God, I want you,” she whispered, her eyes big and wide and staring at me.
I shook my head.
“Then let me rub myself on you,” she pleaded, and she suddenly threw back the duvet so it slid to he floor, rolled over to straddle me and pressed her crotch down hard onto me. Her  pants had dried from the night’s fun, but they were moist now from the effects of her deep natural sleep and she began to thrust her hips backwards and forwards, rubbing her cunt and clit along the length of my erect cock. Her eyes were alight with excitement as she wanked herself furiously on me, then she paused, lifted herself and quickly freed my cock from my pants, lowering herself back onto its length all in one smooth movement. I could feel the remains of her brown stuff, still soft and sticky and squashy inside her pants and as she began to breathe through her open mouth I felt the flow of her love juice as it soaked into the brown stuff, her pants and onto my cock, making it even easier for her to rub herself.
“Let me feel it on me!” she pleaded, gasping. “Please!”
And quick as a flash she’d moved again, pulled aside the leg of her pants and pressed her wet cunt back down onto me, bareback. She rubbed herself once, twice, three times, and on that third stroke the tip of my cock caught her clit, and she wriggled and trapped it and I was inside, inside her cunt.   
She came then with a loud gasp and a flood of her juice, even as I used both arms to lift her clear of me, and I came too, shooting my cum straight up and onto her cunt, now an inch above me as I held her aloft.
“No!” I whispered. “No Toni! You know that’s not on!”
“Oh, but nice!” she gasped. “Just that moment! Just to feel you, to know you were in me, just for that second or two, made me cum instantly.”
And as I lifted her clear of my body and clear of my cock, I felt a cold tingle, a creeping on my spine which I had never felt since the day I met my Tanya, as I suddenly saw that she was standing at the bedroom door, watching us. Her face was expressionless.
Time froze.
Strange expression, but true. Time never actually freezes, of course, The seconds, the minutes tick away, but as the three of us were then, at that moment, time froze for us. Nobody moved, nobody spoke. I held Toni above me, her head turned to look over her own shoulder as she too had sensed the presence of my girl in the room. I felt her cunt drip her juice and my cum back onto my cock. And Tanya’s eyes followed the drip as she watched it fall.
And then she left the door and began to walk towards the bed, her face still composed and expressionless.
I desperately tried to read her eyes but they were just as devoid of expression as her face. She stopped beside us and looked at Toni, then at me. And for the first time since the day I had met this wonderful, adorable, lovable girl, months before, I wanted to cringe away from her.
I had to let Toni down because my arms were aching and I rolled her away from Tanya onto the other side of the bed. We both lay, looking up at her, silent.
She sat on the bed, her back to us, staring at the wall.
“I came to ask,” she said quietly, “how you wanted your eggs.”
We both knew that now this was a rhetorical question, a comment, an avoidance of the truth, and neither Toni nor I breathed a word. Tanya continued to stare at the wall.
“I’ve made a mistake,” she finally said. “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”
And I went cold, literally cold on my body at her words. I still had no idea what I could possibly say to her that would help, that would be right, and hearing her voice, different to any voice I had ever heard her use, made it worse. This voice was flat, dispassionate, as devoid of any expression as her face and her eyes.
“When I set this weekend up,” she continued, still staring straight at the wall and in that same, flat voice, “I had no real idea of how it would turn out. I knew what I wanted, for me and for Davey. I knew it would be difficult to find the right person. When we discussed the idea, Davey pointed out that if the person was a man, he would not be happy about him being inside me and that there was a danger that a man could lose control and attack me, force himself on me, and maybe Davey wouldn’t be able to stop him. I thought about that and decided that if the person was female, that likelihood was virtually eliminated.” She fell silent.
Toni started to reach out an arm towards her but I stopped her immediately. I didn’t know whether touching Tanya would help, or whether it would make things ten times worse. But I wasn’t going to risk any chance of that. I pushed Toni’s arm away as it reached across me.
“It never occurred to me,” Tanya said, “that a female might force Davey to do something he didn’t want.”
And Toni let her arm fall, and turned her head to face away from me and I felt sorry because I knew she was feeling the most horrendous guilt. Tanya went on, flat, not moving a muscle as she sat on the bed with her back to us. She wasn’t talking to me, she wasn’t talking to Toni. She was talking to herself.
“I knew that there were so many factors that had to be right for this to work. When Toni contacted me we exchanged emails and I had to find out all about her. I discovered she had no real knowledge of this sort of thing. I knew she was young, inexperienced, had never done the things that Davey and I do. We spoke on the phone, and I told her about our pleasures, our activities, how we like wet and dirty sex. I thought fine, if this shocks her, horrifies her, she’s the wrong girl. But it didn’t. It excited her, she wanted to try all those things she never had before. But I still wanted to be sure, and I told her it would be no good if she suddenly objected to something, wouldn’t do something, wouldn’t let us do something with her, to her.  If that happened, it would spoil the weekend completely for me and for Davey and I wouldn’t let that happen.   She had to feel completely and totally uninhibited if she came to us.  In the end I was convinced that she meant what she said and that she had the right personality, the right frame of mind, to join us for a weekend.”
Her shoulders lifted and fell as she shrugged.
“But that was only half the battle. I had to meet her, face to face, see her, talk with her, and I had to know what she looked like. She described herself to me on the phone but she might have been exaggerating. So I had to see her to be sure that she looked even half attractive.”
Toni rolled completely away from me and lay with her back to me, facing the other wall.
“And of course,” Tanya went on, more quietly, “she was a looker. She was a babe. And I knew Davey would think so too. I knew he would love her body, her tan, her short hair. And her personality. After talking with her for a while I  knew she was the right person. So we discussed what we might do all the weekend, and  it was a chance to talk nitty-gritty, to describe exactly what type of sex the three of us could enjoy together. It was another chance for Toni to back out. She didn’t know me from Adam and she hadn’t met Davey, so it wouldn’t have mattered. But she didn’t back out. Quite the opposite.”
Tanya sighed deeply.
“Because of what Davey had warned about if a man came to us, I made a rule, a taboo, that no way was there going to be normal, full sexual intercourse between Toni and him. Anything else was fine, but I did not want him inside another girl, the same as he didn’t want another man in me. I’d told Davey this and I told Toni on the phone and again at our meeting. She promised it wouldn’t happen and I knew I could trust Davey. I was convinced she was the right person and we set a date.”
Toni drew her legs up and lay in a foetal position on the bed.
“But I made a mistake,” Tanya said again and I felt and sensed and almost saw Toni cringe on the bed.
“I thought this weekend would be a time of three people sharing their bodies, their sex. I thought it would be fun, sexy, enjoyable, and it has been, as three people sampled the delights of each other’s bodies. What I hadn’t considered, I don’t think anyone considered, was that feelings might become involved. Might become an integral part of the weekend.” She fell silent for a moment and straightened her back.
“I came to love Toni,” she went on in the same dispassionate way, speaking to herself as if examining her own thoughts, “I came to love her in a quite different way to the way I love Davey. And he came to love her too, a lot, but again, quite differently to the way he loves me. And I hadn’t bargained  on any of that. But most of all, I hadn’t bargained on Toni.”
I risked a direct look at her as Tanya couldn’t see what I was doing. Toni still lay in the same foetal way, her knees drawn up tightly against her stomach. And now her hands moved to cover her face as if in shame, and partly her ears, as if she didn’t want to hear what Tanya was saying.
“I thought,” Tanya continued, “that Toni would spend this weekend learning. Enjoying yes, but finally experiencing the things she’d thought about, dreamed of trying. And that Davey and I would give her excitement and pleasure and orgasms galore, and she would probably do that to us, too, and that it would be a totally sexy, debauched, but uninvolved weekend.”
She paused yet again and then with another sigh said,
“What I hadn’t bargained on, in my wildest imagination, is that Toni might have feelings for us. That she might be such a nice, uncomplicated, open minded person that she would develop deep feelings for us and that the weekend would become a weekend not just of rampant, almost clinical, sex,  but that it would become a time of warmth, of deep feelings, of love. Reciprocal love between three people, each knowing that the other two loved them. It didn’t matter how they loved, or how much, or if it was more or less than another person. It was just that three people who had come together to have sex, came to love each other. And that meant that I had made a terrible mistake.”
I felt movement and risked another glance at Toni. She was still exactly as I had seen her last time, but now she was shaking her head slightly against the pillow, as if in negation of Tanya’s words.
“I didn’t know it,” Tanya said. “It was happening in front of me, to me, and I was so wrapped up in my own feelings for those two people that I didn’t realise I’d made a mistake at all. Not until just now.”
And finally she spoke directly to us, not turning a muscle to look at us, still facing the wall, but she spoke to Toni and me.   
“Davey,” she said, “I hope you will be able to forgive me. You’re a forgiving person and I love you very much, my sweet. I hope you will be able to forgive what I’ve done to you.”
(What she had done to me??)
Before I could open my mouth Tanya spoke to Toni. Her voice became softer and very, very earnest.
“Toni, I say the same to you. You are a lovely, bright, funny, intelligent girl. What I’ve done to you is ---” she paused and hunted for the words, “ --- it’s inexcusable, it’s horrible and I hope you will be able to forgive me one day.”
Toni had uncovered her face and turned her head to look at Tanya. Her eyes showed the puzzlement she evidently felt. Probably my eyes showed it too because now I couldn’t understand what Tanya was talking about.
“Tanya,” I began, very quietly, but she stood suddenly and turned to face us both and held up her hand to stop me.
“I did something very cruel to you both,” she said quietly. “ I put both of you under a terrible strain, in an intolerable situation. In defence I can only say I didn’t realise it was so cruel until just now. I am so very, very sorry, my sweet Davey. And Toni, our little Toni-girl, I am so sorry too that I have treated you so thoughtlessly this weekend.”
“Thoughtlessly? Tanya you ---” Toni’s face now showed total puzzlement. “ ---I don’t understand! What do I have to forgive you for? It’s me who should be on my knees apologising and begging for forgiveness. Tanya, it’s me who is sorry. I’ve let you down. Both of you. I broke my promise to you Tanya. I don’t understand what you mean.”
And Tanya looked at us and sat again on the bed but this time so she could face us and she took my hands and held them and looked directly into my eyes.
“You promised not to go inside Toni,” she said.  “Not that way. But you made the promise before there were feelings. Feelings started, grew. Hearts became involved. It changes things, d’you see?”
I thought I was just beginning to get an idea of what she meant.
“When Toni arrived and we started our weekend together,” she went on, “it wasn’t  your heart or your soul that wanted her. It was your body.” She looked at Toni. “And the same is true for you, little Toni-girl. You told us you’d been without sex for a long time. And here we were, giving you all kinds of sex and orgasms and pleasure but denying you the one thing you really wanted, with a man who’d turned you on as soon as you walked in our door. Because you’d had Davey’s tongue and my cock in your pussy but it was sex, just sex, and now there was love in the mix, and you began to want him because you had feelings for him --”  and she looked at me again, still holding onto my hands, “ – and, my lovely sweet baby, you began to want her because you had feelings too, and d’you see, it changed everything. To expect you not to have full intercourse, to hold you to your promise  to  keep away from Toni’s pussy was cruel. And I am so, so sorry that I didn’t realise it before and tell you both.” She looked at Toni, who just stared at her, her mouth agape.
Tanya squeezed my hands. “It was a shock when I saw you, but it made me think. This was my Davey, breaking a promise, abusing the love we have?” She shook her head and her long hair flew from side to side. “No. I didn’t believe it. But I saw, and I wasn’t wrong, so it made me think, why? Why did that happen after you’d both foresworn it? And then I realised why.”
She looked across me at Toni and she smiled at her.
“Toni, it’s okay. I am not upset, I am not shocked now, I don’t blame either of you, and I’m not angry. Actually, yes I am angry,” she went on after a pause, “but I’m angry with myself. If I hadn’t been so immersed in my own hedonistic pleasure with you both I would have realised it sooner. But I’m not angry with either of you.”
She released my hands and stood, glancing from one to another of us. “I’m going to make breakfast,” she said. “It’s okay, really. Do it. I want you to do it. Toni, I want you to enjoy every single second of Davey’s cock in your pussy. And my Davey, I want you to savour every single second of being inside Toni’s cunt. Do it.” And she turned and left the room. I looked at Toni.
“I have to go to her,” I said and she nodded.
“I know, I know.”
I leapt off the bed and followed Tanya into the kitchen where I shut the door behind me. She was just about to crack eggs into a saucepan but she stopped and looked at me.
“I’ve spoilt it, haven’t I?” she said. “You don’t want her now, do you?”
I shook my head. “No. I mean, yes I do,  but…..oh, I don’t know.”   
“I’m sorry Davey,”  she repeated in a small voice. I held up my hand to stop her. She put the eggs down unbroken and came to me. She put her hands on my face and gripped it hard.
“I meant it, Davey baby. In the bedroom. I really meant it.”
There were things I wanted to say and I struggled to them into some sort of coherent order.
“Tanya, I promise you, I didn’t want that to happen. It wasn’t me.”  I felt terrible. I sounded like a schoolchild caught red- handed in some forbidden act who immediately denied all knowledge of it.
“I mean, yes, of course I wanted her. But she ---”
“I know, I know,” whispered Tanya, her palms rubbing up and down each side of my face. “ I heard it, I saw it. I know what she said and what you said. I heard you say no to her.”  Her eyes, earnestly looking into mine, softened. “I know you wouldn’t abuse  our love. I love you, my Davey baby, and your happiness, your pleasure, your life with me is all that matters to me. Do you understand me?” And she gave my face a little shake with her hands.
“Do you understand me, lump? I was wrong. I made a mistake. I hope I don’t do that very often, but this time I made a mistake in expecting something from you, and from Toni, which was right at the time but isn’t right now because things have changed. But I didn’t realise it until now. Lump, I love you with all my heart. You are the most important thing in my life but now Toni is important to me too, the same as she is to you. I want you to be inside her. I don’t want you to go back in there and fuck her cunt. I want you to go in there and love her, the same as you did to me last night.”
“I can’t love her the same as I love you!” I protested.
“I know, I know. I don’t mean that. But you love her in your own way, the same as I love her in my own way. Not like we love each other, no, but in our own way. So go to her and show her your love for her, your way.”
And she reached forward and kissed me between her cupped hands. “I want it for both of you,” she said. “Go to her and love her your way, and let her love you her way.”
I looked at her and had no words.  What had I done to deserve a girl who could love me so fiercely and yet say those things to me? I didn’t know.
“I love you,” I began.
“And I love you,” she interrupted. “And nothing’s changed between us. Nothing at all. But we have changed because we love our Toni-girl as well now.”
She was still holding my face and she shook it again.
“She’s in that room alone, feeling lonely, sad, probably rejected and certainly as guilty as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s packing her bag! Now go to her!”
And she dropped her hands to my shoulders, spun me round and marched me to the door, opened it and thrust me out of the kitchen.
I went to the bedroom. It was empty.
“Shit!” I said, and went to the spare room. The door was closed but I opened it without knocking. Toni was collecting her toiletries from the dressing table and dropping them in her bag on the bed. I stood in the doorway and looked at her.
“I think I’d better leave,” she said.
“No, don’t! Please! Please don’t leave!” I said.
She shook her head and continued to drop items into the bag.
“I should. I feel awful. I’ve broken my promise to you and to Tanya. I’ve caused a row between you and that was the last, the very last thing I ever wanted to do. It was selfish of me to do what I did. It was just that moment and I wanted…….”  She trailed off, looking at me. “It was wrong. It was selfish and wrong and I wish I hadn’t done it but it’s too late now. I did it and now this has happened and I’m sorry that I did it.”
“Toni, you haven’t caused a row. It’s okay now. I’ve spoken with Tanya and what she said, she meant. It’s okay now.”
But Toni shook her head again and looked down at her little bag of things.
“Even if she meant it,” she answered softly, “that isn’t the point. The point is that I’ve upset you and I’ve upset Tanya --”
“No, you haven’t!” came Tanya’s voice and she appeared from where she’d been standing, out of sight beside the doorway. She pushed me aside and went to Toni.
“No you have not upset me! I was upset with myself. I told you. Don’t go Toni. Please! I’m begging you, please don’t leave us. Stay with us for the rest of the weekend, as we planned and wanted.”
She took Toni’s hands in hers.   
“I want you to stay. I want to do more things with you and Davey. Davey wants you to stay. We love you, little Toni-girl and I’m begging you again, please don’t go.”
Toni looked from her to me, then back again at Tanya. She shook her head once more.
“I can’t,”  she said. “I feel so bad about this. It’s all my fault. And Tanya, understand, it wasn’t Davey. He didn’t let you down. It was me. I just wanted your man in me and I made it happen and so it’s my fault. Not his at all.”
“Now listen to me,” Tanya said, and she pulled Toni down onto the bed where they sat, side by side.
“Listen to me, very carefully,” she repeated. “Nothing has changed between Davey and me. Nothing. Do you understand? Our love for each other is as strong and untainted and absolute as it ever was. But now each of us loves you too. Not like we love each other, no. But we love you very much in our own way. We do not want you to leave. We want you to stay, and enjoy our love for you, enjoy the pleasure that we want to give you. And perhaps even more importantly, we want to feel the love that you have for us, the love we’ve felt from you already.”
She looked up at me, and back to Toni again.
“I saw your face after we’d made love. I heard you when you wished for Davey to love you the same way. You said ‘someone’, but I know you wanted Davey to be in you and love you like he did me. Give you  the same feeling. The same loving feeling. Of being loved.” She paused and looked at Toni’s face.
“He can’t love you like that Toni-girl. He can’t even if he wanted to because he doesn’t love you the same way he loves me, but he loves you in his own way and he can love you in his own way. And I love you in my own way. And we do not want you to leave. Please?”
And she threw her arms round Toni’s neck and pulled her close and sat there, hugging Toni and saying nothing more. There was a silence as Toni looked at me over Tanya’s shoulder.
“You really want me to stay?” she asked softly.
“Yes,” I told her. “I do, very, very much.”
And almost at the same time, Tanya said, “Yes, I want you to stay. I want to love you. I want to feel your love. I want to see and hear and feel your love for Davey and his for you. Stay.”  She spoke the last word very softly.
And eventually Toni gave a little nod. “I didn’t want to go,” she said. “I wanted to stay but I thought I shouldn’t.” She paused and then asked in a very quiet, tremulous voice, a whisper, as if she was frightened to speak,
“But what happens if I want Davey again? If I can’t control myself again and I ---”
And Tanya released her hug and held Toni’s shoulders in front of her and spoke to her eyes, quietly but with unmistakable truth in her voice.
“You will want Davey again. I know it and Davey knows it. And when you do, he will be there. And you will have him, just the way you want. You will love each other and pleasure each other and he will be right inside you, where you want him, for as long as you want him. D’you hear me? And I will be there too, and I will watch, or touch, or kiss or do anything I can to make that time that he is inside you as special for you as I know you want it to be.”
So saying she stood up, pulled Toni to her feet, took my hand and put it in Toni’s and pushed us towards the door.
“Now for heaven’s sake go to the bedroom and fuck each other while I go and make breakfast!”
And all that without saying a word about Toni calling me Davey.
She vanished back into the kitchen and I led Toni to our bedroom. But we didn’t fuck. We sat on the bed and Toni looked at the door, to where the sounds of pots, pans and other breakfasty sounds were coming.
“Can she mean it?” she asked me. “Does she really, really mean that we can f- make love like you two did?”
I nodded. “Make no mistake,” I said. “She means it.”
“But –she’s incredible,” Toni said. “She’s so understanding. She’s unbelievable.”
“Now you know,” I said.
“And she’s so right,” Toni went on as if she hadn’t heard me. “About how I felt, about how I wanted you to make love to me, not just…….”  she trailed off and then looked at me.
“Will you still want me?” she asked in that wistful voice.   
I looked at her, and my eyes drank in her lovely soft body, her firm round breasts, her exquisite elfin face, her soft mouth and her tousled boy’s haircut and I said, “Yes, Toni-girl. I still want you, very much. And Tanya was right about something else too. I don’t want to fuck you. I want to love you.”
And Toni took one of my hands in her own slender, elfin hands and she squeezed it gently and she said, “And I want to love you too, Dave. Very much.” She leaned over and gave me a tender, loving kiss.
And it might have happened then, who knows, but at that moment Tanya called, ‘Breakfast!’
Toni whispered urgently to me. “I wanted to ask, what’s the form?” She glanced down at her  dirty pants and then at mine, covered as they were with the fruits of our earlier sex fun and the fruits of the raspberry gateau. “Should I shower or change before we eat?”
“If you want to,” I told her. “We won’t. We usually stay like this until, well, until we don’t.”
“Okay,”she responded. “Then I won’t change either. I was just thinking about sitting on your chairs….”
“Tanya will have covered them with an old towel or something. We’re used to it but if you’d rather shower or put something else on…..”
“Oh, no!” she grinned. “I like being dirty! It’s fun! I don’t want to change. I want more!”
“Come on then,” I said to her, pulling her up. “Let’s eat. Lots to do after!” And Toni giggled as we went to the kitchen.
As I opened the door we were greeted by the smell of frying bacon and grilling sausages, and the aroma of freshly percolating coffee. There were cereals on the table, toast slices in racks, jam, honey, preserves, and Tanya was busy at the cooker doing things with the  bacon and sausages and eggs.  She looked at us and smiled. “All okay now?”
And Toni nodded and I nodded and we sat.
“Beans and tomatoes and hash browns keeping warm in the oven,” said Tanya. “Let’s tuck in.”
And we did.
As Toni and I finished cereals, Tanya dished up huge platefuls of hot food, piling the plates with everything she had prepared.
“God, I can’t eat all this!” Toni objected, looking at the mountain of food in front of her.
Tanya grinned. “Do your best. Got to keep your strength up. Might need it later!”
And Toni giggled and tucked in.
Although it seemed that the air had cleared I still could feel a very slight reservation, a slight distance, around us which hadn’t been there before. I thought it was coming from Toni, who probably still felt guilty and in all likelihood still didn’t believe that Tanya had could so readily forgive. I knew she could, although she’d surprised even me this time by her apology for a mistake. As her explanation had unfolded I had thought she was going to say that Toni herself had been the mistake, and that Tanya would try to throw her out of the house. And I’d been worried and yes, frightened that if she’d tried to do that, we would have had our first real row. Because I didn’t want Toni to leave, certainly not to be evicted in such a fashion. Not because of the sex. I just didn’t feel that she deserved that. As I enjoyed the food, (I was ravenous, I discovered, once I’d smelled the delicious aromas in the kitchen) I pondered how best to bring the ambience around us back to the light, care-free, uninhibited condition it had been before. Was that even possible, I wondered?
“I have a suggestion,” I proposed, buttering my third slice of toast.
“Nothing wrong with your appetite this morning, I see,”  Tanya grinned.
“Morning? It’s three o’clock woman! Fine time to be having breakfast! Anyway, what about going for a little walk after breakfast, or whatever it is at three in the afternoon. I thought perhaps we could take some bread, walk across the fields to the lake and feed the ducks.”
This is something Tanya and I do quite often.
“You have a lake nearby?” Toni enquired in some wonder.
Tanya nodded. “About twenty minutes walk. It’s a bird sanctuary.”
“Ooo, that sounds nice,”  Toni agreed.
“How’s the weather Davey?”  Tanya asked.
I got up and went to the window, opened it and stuck my head out. It was a gloriously sunny day, but as it was late summer there was the possibility of a chill in the air. Not today though.
“Glorious,” I told them. “Lovely and warm and sunny.”
“Good,” Tanya said. “That means we don’t have to get dressed.”   
Toni paused with her coffee cup halfway to her mouth, looked at Tanya, dressed only in her see-through pants, at me, dressed similarly, and then at her own dirty and full pants.
“We’re going dressed like this?”
Tanya laughed. “Well, yes and no.”
She wiped her mouth with her napkin and stood up.
“I’m going to brush my teeth,”  she said. “Back in a mo.”
Toni watched her leave and then whispered to me. She still wore an incredulous look.
“Are you really going dressed in your pants?”
I chuckled and said, “Even I wouldn’t go out in quite this state. What I mean is, we don’t get showered or changed. Not usually. We just throw something over these and go. But,” and my voice took on a serious note, “sweet little Toni, if you prefer to change, it’s fine. Really. We won’t, but if you feel more comfortable then go right ahead.”
But Toni was shaking her head. “No, I’m happy to do as you do,” she said. “It sounds exciting. Sort of naughty. But I only brought underwear, I didn’t bring any other outer clothes ‘cos I thought we wouldn’t need them.”
I immediately knew what she meant. It was something Tanya and I had established a pattern for a long time ago, but Toni was in a slightly different position. To put on her clothes as she was over her body and pants meant that she would then have to travel home in them afterwards.
“That’s no problem,” I said briskly. “Don’t worry. Tanya’ll give you something to put on.”
And I smiled, and Toni smiled, and I thought the air had cleared even more.
I leant over and kissed her cheek. “Are you feeling okay, now,” I asked her softly. “I mean, really okay? With me and with Tanya?”
She nodded and caressed my own face. “Yes,” she whispered. “I am. Really I am. I want to enjoy a walk, a bit of fresh air, and then come back and go back to the bedroom and spend all day and night having fun. And lots of orgasms. With you both.” And she kissed my nose. And the air was clear.
We’d finished the mammoth repast that Tanya had made for us. Even Toni. She regarded her empty plate with some dismay.
“I’m a pig,” she wailed. She rubbed her full stomach. “I can’t believe I ate all that. I must have been hungrier than I thought.”
“It’s the exercise,” I told her airily, looking at the ceiling. “Gives you an appetite.”
She placed a hand on my cock. “Gives you an appetite for more, you mean,” she said mischievously.
“That too,” I agreed.
Tanya returned and asked, “Anyone else want to go to the bathroom before we go?”
Toni  nodded. “Yes, I want to clean my teeth and freshen up too.”
She rose from the table and Tanya reached for her hand and stopped her.
“Toni,” she said, “you’ll only brush your teeth, won’t you?” Toni looked at her. “I mean,” Tanya asked her seriously, “you won’t do anything else in the bathroom, will you?”
And Toni looked  at her, and put her hands on her hips, winked,  and spoke  in a voice like an argumentative teenager, “Well, really! What else would I do?” And she moved to the door, looked at Tanya again, tossed her head and pouted, “Really! Anyone would think I was going to pee or something!  Huh!” And she flounced out of the room.
Tanya looked at me. “She’s okay?”
“She’s very okay,” I told her. “Looking forward to the walk and then back in the bedroom for the rest of the day and night. Her words, not mine.”
Tanya nodded. “Good. Good. I was worried there for a while. Thought I’d really fucked everything up.” 
I went to her and hugged her gently and stroked her long hair and her back.
“Tanya,” I said quietly. “My lovely, adorable, sexy, beautiful girl, you couldn’t fuck anything up if your life depended on it. It’s fine. She’s fine. I’m fine. And I want you.”
And she snuggled against me and said. “Yes. I do too. But later. Or do you want to go to bed first?”
“Well, if you really insist,” I grumbled theatrically, “I suppose I can wait. But not too long, mind!”
And we chuckled and hugged.
Toni returned and regarded us impishly.  “Starting without me again?” she enquired archly.
And Tanya held out one hand and Toni came to us and we all three hugged each other and kissed.

“Come on then,” Tanya said eventually. “Let’s find something to put on.” And she dragged Toni away from me. “Lump, stay there!” 

The girls disappeared and a few minutes later there were squeals of laughter from Toni. I drank another cup of coffee and put the dirty dishes in the sink full of hot water. They could soak while we were out. I had just finished wiping the table when the girls burst into the kitchen and stood side by side looking at me.
“We’re ready!” they announced in unison.  I looked at them.
They’d combed their hair and cleaned their faces. Tanya was wearing one of my shirts again, a pale yellow one, and she’d given one to Toni, too. A pale green one. Toni had removed her hold-ups and their legs appeared from beneath the shirts, their breasts moulded and rounded by the fabric and I could see their nipples beneath the material. For the first time I could see Toni’s legs and they were slender and smooth just like her hands and fingers. They both looked stunning. They stood together, smiling at me.
“Can’t we just go straight to bed instead,” I implored.
“No,” they said in unison again.
I shook my head. “Minxes,” I said. “You look gorgeous, both of you. And now you’re going to make me wait.”
They nodded.  “If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for!” Tanya wagged a finger at me. “What are you going to wear?”
“One of Tanya’s manhole covers!” suggested Toni, giggling.
“No!” I said. “In the house yes, but not outside. Well, only if it’s dark,” I admitted. “No I’ll throw some shorts on.”
“And I’ll get the bread,” Tanya said and busied herself collecting things from around the kitchen. She paused at one point and stared into space for a moment, then nodded to herself and added two towels to a big plastic carrier bag.
She grinned at me. “Might need these,”she said.
Toni looked perplexed but said nothing.
And so we set off. I collected my shorts on the way out and put them on.
It was indeed glorious outside. We strolled along the street and turned onto the path across the fields. Toni giggled.
“Those people! Did you see their faces! Couldn’t believe we’re dressed the way we are!”
“Imagine if they knew what you had underneath the shirt.”
“You mean all that nice brown stuff that’s still in me?” Toni giggled.
“That, and the pee, and the cum, and the raspberry gateau,” said Tanya. And they both giggled and linked arms and skipped off in front of me like two little schoolgirls. And as they did so the shirts flapped and swirled and gave me glimpses of their thighs and pants and I really wanted to turn round and go home and take them to bed.
A gentle stroll brought us to the lake. Toni marvelled at the quantity of birds. There were geese and ducks and swans and curlews and gulls and moorhens and a whole host of other feathered creatures about whose names I hadn’t the foggiest idea.
“Incredible!” Toni breathed.
The swans and ducks and geese were so used to humans around them that they approached quite close. Other birds kept their distance but hovered expectantly, knowing that food would probably soon appear.  Tanya dished out small bags of bread from her plastic bag and we strolled along the lake edge, throwing morsels of bread into the water. The birds followed, either swimming a few feet from the edge or waddling along behind us, quacking and squawking noisily.
There were a few other people about, obviously taking advantage of the late summer afternoon, as we were. Most of them pointedly ignored us, a few smiled at the girls, then smiled at me in a knowing sort of way. One young couple, strolling hand in hand actually stopped and stared at us as we passed them. When I looked over my shoulder they were locked in an embrace and his hand was between them, feeling between her legs, and her hands were clamped round his ass and pulling him in to her. Nice, I thought. Dressed as we are, we may have done some good there.
But there were other people who made it quite plain they thought we were rude, or disgusting, and shouldn’t be walking around as we were. One middle-aged couple actually tutted as they went by, the man looking at me down his nose and the woman pursing her lips and snorting at the girls as we walked past, the girls giggling and chuckling. Tanya glanced back at them.
“Stupid people,” she said contemptuously.  She turned and watched the couple walk on, their heads together as they discussed this affront to their sense of propriety and glancing back at us briefly.  
“Stupid,” she repeated. “I bet when they have sex, if they still do, he’s on top of her. I bet he’s always been on top of her since the day they were married. I bet he’s never licked her cunt, nor she his cock.” She shook her head. “Stupid,” she said again. Tanya has no time for prudes.
“You’ll get no bet from me,” I answered her. “But, to each his own, my sweet, to each his own.”
We continued our stroll. Toni was captivated by the birds and after a while waved her bag.
“I’ve run out of bread!” she wailed. So I gave her mine and she happily threw it to the birds until that was all gone too.
We were heading for some thick bushes and trees that grew to the lake edge. The path wandered away from the water and continued round the outside of the thicket, but countless feet over countless years had worn a path through the undergrowth, following the lake edge. Tanya took my hand as Toni skipped ahead, scattering the last few crumbs of bread from the bag.
“Think you may need the towels,” she whispered. “In fact I’m sure you will.”  She glanced at Toni. “She’s sweet. I hope she’s going to enjoy this as much as we do.”
“After the second or third ‘Ooooo!’,” I whispered back, “I’m sure she will.”
And Tanya laughed.
“What are you laughing about?” Toni pouted, running up to us. “Secrets?”
“Not at all, little Toni-girl,” Tanya smiled. “We think it’s time we had some fun.”
“Ooooo, yes!” Toni agreed, her eyes shining.
“One,” I said.
“What are we going to do?” She was like an excited little tomboy. “Something naughty? Something sexy? Something we shouldn’t do out here?”
“Yes, yes, and yes,” Tanya laughed.
“Ooooo! Tell me!”
“Two,” I murmured.
“Wait a sec.” Tanya took her hand and led her to a small clearing amongst the trees and bushes. It was shielded on all sides except for the footpath that ran along one edge. And anybody coming would be heard long before they could see the clearing, or us. Tanya and I had been here before.
I fell back slightly. Tanya had taken Toni’s hand and I was quite content about that.
Tanya went to the side of the clearing and crouched down, putting the bag on the ground beside her. She still held hands with Toni, and now she placed the slender fingers between her legs. Toni had to crouch too to do it. Tanya glanced at me and I nodded slightly. There was no sound of anyone else following our path through the thicket, nor indeed, coming the opposite way. There was a slight pause.
And three, I said to myself.
“Nice! Very nice! More!”
And I heard the sound of water running and dripping as Tanya released her golden shower into Toni’s hand.
“Rub me,” whispered Tanya, and Toni began to rub her, massaging Tanya’s cunt lips through the soaking wet pants as my girl poured her golden pee into them.
“I do like that!” whispered Toni. “I love it! More!”
“And I like you rubbing me,” said Tanya, whispering back to her. But her voice was becoming more excited.  “Do it faster! Rub my clit! Yes, yes! Harder!”
And I watched them both as Toni continued to rub at my girl’s cunt as fast as she could.
“Wait! Stop!” Tanya suddenly said. She pulled Toni’s hand further round behind her to cup her ass cheeks.
Toni looked at her enquiringly, and then in a flash realisation had dawned.
“Oh, YES!” she breathed in excitement. “YES! You’re going to ----ooooooooo!” and the girls stared at each other face to face and then Toni’s hand moved and I knew she was feeling and massaging and squashing the bulge, the brown, sticky, gooey stuff that Tanya had let go into her pants.
“Yes!.... Yes!..... Lovely!” Toni breathed. “Oh, it’s so nice! It’s so naughty of you to fill your pants out in the open! It’s so sexy. Tanya, do more! More! I love the feel of it in your pants, in my hand!” And she cupped her free hand round Tanya’s neck and they moved together and kissed passionately, Toni still rubbing and feeling with her other hand.  
Finally they parted lips and mouths. “Bring your hand forward slowly and wipe it on my cunt,” whispered Tanya, her eyes glowing. “Yes! Like that! Ohhhh!” and her eyes closed in rapture as Toni drew her hand slowly forward, hard against Tanya’s crotch and her finger trailing, pressing into her cunt.
“Ohhhh! That was nice!” Tanya murmured. She looked at Toni. “You enjoyed that, too.”
Toni nodded, her eyes alight with her excitement. “It was sooooo good,” she said. “To feel you filling your pants was so erotic! Now I know how you felt when I did it.” She looked at me. “But you didn’t get any this time, Dave,” she said, a trace of sadness in her voice. “Sorry. I hogged it all.”
I smiled. “Plenty of time,” I said. “Plenty more where that came from. There’s three of us.” And Toni giggled and that made Tanya giggle and she pulled a towel from her bag and handed it to Toni, who cleaned her hand quickly. Tanya stood and a beatific smile came over her. I knew she was using her own buttock muscles to feel and enjoy the softness of the brown stickiness.
“What about you?” she asked Toni. “Are you ready to do some more yet?”
Toni frowned. “Don’t think so,” she replied dubiously. “Soon, perhaps, but not right now.”
“Shame.” Tanya pulled down the tail of the shirt over her bulging pants. “Never mind.”
“Poor Dave,” Toni said. “All he got to do was watch. Didn’t feel you, didn’t feel me, didn’t do anything.”
Tanya used one shoulder to nudge her twice in a time-honoured vaudevillian way, gave her a theatrical wink and said,
“Something you want to do to him, is there?”
And Toni looked at me and smiled. “Yes, I want to suck him off!”
And she came to me and put her hand up the leg of my shorts. “I want that in my mouth,” she said excitedly. “Here, now, in the open! I want to feel your cock in my mouth and feel you get harder and cum!”
Her cool fingers closing round me outside my own pants was enough to wake my cock from its slumbers and Toni dropped to a crouch, unzipped me and pulled out my cock. Slowly she took me into her mouth, holding the base with her hand and sucking and wanking me at the same time. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations and she continued in this way for several minutes. Then she paused with me outside her mouth, looked up at me and said, “Don’t cum in my mouth. I want you to shoot it all over my face!” and she took me into her again and sucked and stroked me harder and faster. I was thrusting at her mouth even as she sucked me and having had quite a rest by now, I was more than ready to cum wherever she wanted it. I made no attempt to control things. I wanted to shoot my cum as soon as I could and I let things take their natural and fastest course. She felt the tremor in me that preceded my climax and immediately pulled me from her mouth and aimed  my cock at her cheeks. My cream exploded onto her cheek and she immediately moved me so that the next lot landed on her closed lips. Then her neck. Then her cheek and nose, and finally she opened her lips and took the tip of my cock between them as the last of my cum shot from my cock.
She stood and her fingers wiped my hot cum over her face and tasted it on her lips.
“Mmmmm!” she murmured.
Tanya had come to us and now she stuck her tongue out and licked at Toni’s face, collecting my cream, tasting it and swallowing it.
“Can’t let you hog all that as well, little Toni-girl,” she grinned. Toni looked at her.
“D’you think Dave might like some?” she asked roguishly.
“I think he might,”  Tanya grinned.
“Should we give him some?”
“I don’t know. What do you think. Does he deserve some?”
“Poor little mite. Look at him. Think we ought to give him some.”
“Just a little then.”
“Agreed.” And so saying Toni collected some more on her fingers, wiped it on my face and stepped back to admire her handiwork. And Tanya scooped some cum from Toni’s neck and did the same.
“That’s better.” Toni grinned.
“You missed a bit.” Tanya smeared my face with a soft and gentle finger. “Can’t have him going home looking like an urchin. There. Now he’s covered.”
“Have you quite finished?” I asked peevishly.
And the girls laughed and I grinned. Tanya collected the carrier bag and stuffed the towel inside it which Toni had used.   
“There’s no more bread left,” she complained.
“And there’s no more cum left,” Toni complained, still smearing mine over  herself and eyeing my shorts where I had put my cock back to bed.
“Yes. Pity.”
“Nothing for it then.”
“We’ll have to go home and have sex.”
And they linked arms and flounced off along the path, Tanya throwing me the carrier bag as she passed.
When we reached the fields Toni looked round. “Do you know what I’d like to do? Right now?”
“Grrrrrrrr!” growled Tanya.
“Oops! Sorry!”
And Toni looked round again. Then she pulled Tanya to her, kissed her hard on the lips and slid her hand under the shirt tail to massage the brown bulge in Tanya’s pants. Tanya pushed back against her hand, enjoying the feelings as much as Toni was enjoying squashing it on to her. After a few minutes they separated. Tanya pulled the bottom of the shirt down again to cover her pants.
“Nice,” she said.
“Nice,” Toni agreed, her eyes shining.
We walked on and came to the street that led to home.
Toni looked round again, carefully. I thought she was going to do the same thing again, but she didn’t. No-one was near, only two men walking away from us a little further up the street. Toni came to me, pulled me close to her and kissed me hard, pulling my hands round behind her, under the shirt tail and onto her pants.
“Rub my ass, Dave!” she implored. “Now! In the street!”
And I was happy to oblige.  As we kissed and I rubbed her firm round cheeks and pulled her close to me she made little noises of pleasure. And Tanya came and stood beside me and rubbed my ass with one hand. Finally Toni stepped back, a bit breathless.
“Lovely!” she cooed. “Just lovely!”
She didn’t pull the shirt down, she left it where it was, slightly rucked up against her waist, and turned to continue homewards. Gradually, the shirt fell into place itself.
I looked beyond Toni. The two men had stopped. One of them appeared to be writing something. He picked up something from the ground, put it on the top of a low wall and the two of them carried on. When we reached the wall we realised the man had written on a scrap of paper and used a stone to secure it in place.
I  looked at it as we passed, and the girls craned their necks to see too.
On the paper the man had written ‘Lucky Bastard!’
     *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
Once indoors Tanya brought out tea things and the last of the raspberry gateau from the bedroom.
“This either needs eating or squashing inside someone,” she told us. “What’ll it be?”
“Not more food!” exclaimed Toni, but nevertheless she accepted a small slice and ate it with relish.
Tanya and I finished the rest.
“Pity,” Tanya sighed. “I rather fancied some of that in my pussy. Never mind. Now I’ve sat down I’ve got something else in there and that’s just as nice!”
We laughed and I poured the last of the tea into everyone’s cups.
“I’m going to brush my teeth,” I said. I rubbed my chin and face. “And I’ll have a quick shave again, too.”
“Everywhere,” Tanya murmured and winked at Toni.
When I returned Tanya had left her chair and had gone to Toni and was kissing her gently. Now she left her and came to me, kissed me tenderly and said simply, “Love you, lump.”
Toni had  glanced at me once or twice but hadn’t spoken much during tea.
Now she looked at Tanya and asked, “Are we going to the bedroom again?”
“We certainly are!” Tanya replied briskly. “You and Davey can go now and I’ll wash up.”   
But I objected and so did Toni who said ‘that’s not fair, Dave should help too’, and that made us all laugh again.
“Go, my children,” Tanya said waving a hand at the door. “Go forth and multiply, in the nicest possible way.”
And the girls grinned at each other and at me, and Toni and I left the table and headed for the door and Tanya called Toni back and whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear. Toni turned her head sharply to look at her, her face registering shock.
And Tanya whispered again, quite a long time, and Toni tried to say, ‘but--  but—’ several times but Tanya kept on whispering and glancing at me and her eyes were smiling so I knew it was nothing bad and I thought ‘bloody little minxes are up to something again’.
And eventually Tanya stopped whispering and looked at Toni and Toni looked at her and said,
“Are you sure?” and Tanya nodded, smiling,  and pushed Toni gently towards me.
“I suppose there’s no chance of me knowing what that was all about?” I asked resignedly.
“Oh, you’ll find out,” Tanya crowed.
“I’m sure I will,” I said darkly. “Bloody little minxes!”
And they laughed and Toni took my hand and we went to the bedroom.
And when we were in there Toni threw me back onto the bed, grabbed at my shorts, unzipped them and pulled them off. She leapt on top of me, straddling me and sat upright. I could feel her soft cunt pressing down through my pants and onto my cock, which of course woke up and wanted to know what was happening. Toni frantically undid the buttons on the shirt, pulled it off and dropped it on the floor beside my shorts. Then she leaned forward, her head poised over mine and she looked down at me, her eyes sparkling. Her breasts were above me, taut, round, tanned, and with her nipples hardening even as I looked.
“I want you,” she said. “I want you to fuck me. This time. I want you, Davey, to fuck me very, very hard! In my cunt. My pussy. I want your lovely cock right in me as far as you can push it and I want to feel you fucking me HARD!” And she rubbed herself against me and her juices were flowing into her own pants and then she was tearing at the leg of my pants and pulling it aside and lifting herself slightly and pulling her own wet and brown pants aside and then down onto my cock and I’d wanted this ever since she’d set foot in the door and now her wet,  bareback cunt was engulfing the tip  and this time there was no hesitation and no guilt and no taboo and I loved it and I thrust my hips up and my cock shot like a rocket right inside her delicious, hot, soaking wet cunt which gripped me fiercely and I lifted her almost off the bed and she breathed ‘Yes, Davey, yes!’ and I thought she’s so beautifully young and tight and so wet and that made me harder and each time I thrust upwards she lifted off the bed and cried out ‘Ah! Ah!’ and I fucked her and fucked her as hard as I could and I’d wanted this so much that I knew I couldn’t wait long but that was alright because she was almost there too and again this was almost like rape because I was pounding into her cunt and I felt her juices on me and that made it so easy to pound her again and I did so hard and now so fast and she was loving it and crying ‘Yes! Yes!’ each time and then she threw her head back and went rigid on me and screamed so loudly ‘Oh, Davey you’re fucking me! You’re fucking me NOW!’ as she came and there was a huge gush from her as her cum shot from her over my cock and down its length and that was it and I came too and  I shot and I shot and I shot and her cunt filled with my cum and her cum and it was just so electrifying and it was all I’d thought it would be and more much more, it was unbelievable, this girl, this tender, inexperienced, lovely soft creature with her firm breasts and firm ass and all that cum gushing from her and I sank back onto the bed and she flopped onto me and we lay, gasping for breath and holding each other and I felt our mixed cum run over my cock and it twitched one more time and she wriggled and moaned and gasped ‘Davey, Davey, Davey’ and I thought ‘Dear God, if Tanya’s heard her calling me that as she came, and she must have, Dear God there’ll be trouble’.
Toni lay and held me tightly. I tried to move to a more comfortable position but she gripped me and murmured ‘no’ and wouldn’t let me move. I stroked her short dark hair and her back and she wriggled against me and gripped me even harder. I felt her nipples against my chest, still hard but gradually, slowly, softening to their normal state. I felt her thigh on mine, warm, soft, erotic, and I felt her wet cunt against me, still releasing her love juices and our mixed cum and I felt it on my own thigh and I thought, yes, Tanya was right when she said I wanted to feel these things.
And that reminded me.   
“Toni,” I whispered.
She snuggled against me and murmured a questioning “Mmmm?”
“Toni,” I said. “You called me Davey.”
“Mmmm,” she agreed.
I was flummoxed. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing because she thought she’d been in trouble before with Tanya and there was no way I wanted her to feel now  like she had then. But I wanted to tell her that this was another taboo and she’d broken it. But how the hell to say it without upsetting her I didn’t know.
She raised her head from my chest and traced a finger from my eyes down the side of my nose to my lips. She pulled them open a tiny bit and her eyes regarded me solemnly.
“I know I did,” she murmured. “Davey, Davey, Davey.”
“Ssshhh!” I warned.
“But it’s a nice name!” she said. “It’s cuddly and loving and sexy and strong and it’s your name and I love the sound of it and I love saying it. Davey, Davey, Davey.”
“But you mustn’t!” I told her in a frantic whisper. “You mustn’t!”
And her eyes regarded me for a moment and then she scrambled on top of me like she had just now and looked down at me, bent and kissed me hard all over my face and then looked down at me again.
“I must!” she pouted.
I shook my head in despair.
“Toni,” I implored. “Please don’t. I like to hear you say it too but you know that’s Tanya’s name for me and she’ll go mad if she hears you using it. She must have done already,” I finished morosely, wondering what would happen when I next faced my girl. And what would happen when she next saw Toni.
“If she’s heard it then it doesn’t matter, does it,” Toni pouted again. “Davey, Davey, Davey. Lovely Davey. Beautiful, sexy Davey.”
I gave up. I’d tried.
And Toni’s eyes took on a glint and she smiled down at me and said, “It’s such fun teasing you!”
“It may be fun,”I said, “but, my sweet and lovely Toni-girl, my adorable little elfin, I don’t want to upset Tanya and I don’t want you upset and I really wish you would stop calling me that.”
Her eyes clouded over and she gazed at me.
“You really don’t want me to call you that? Not at all?”
“No,” I told her firmly.
“Oh,” she said wistfully. “That’s sad.”
And my heart went out to her because I really did love this little elfin and I felt sorry but this was something that she just had to understand.
She rolled off me and lay beside me, cuddling me and stroking me. Then she used her finger to do her lip thing on me again, gently pulling at them just enough to open them a fraction and then letting them go.
“What do you think Tanya will do if she heard me,” she asked thoughtfully.
“I don’t know,” I answered her truthfully. “I really don’t know.”
“Will she be cross? Will she throw me out, d’you think?”
Actually I didn’t think she would because of what had happened earlier. I didn’t think Tanya would want to risk upsetting the weekend again, not after it had gone so right after breakfast. But I also knew that no-one, no-one at all was allowed to call me Davey. There was once a friend of mine, who, when he first met Tanya and heard her calling me Davey, had started to use the name too. And I remembered what had happened then.
Tanya had said, “Do you mind not calling him that. It’s my special name for him. He’s Dave to everyone else.”
“Davey’s a good name,” my friend had said. “He looks like a Davey, more than a Dave, in fact.” And he had stared at Tanya belligerently. “And I’ve known him longer that you have,” he pointed out, “so I’ll call him what I like.”
“Please,” Tanya had said, very quietly and very politely, “ I would prefer that you didn’t. I would prefer that you called him any other name you like, but not Davey.”
And my friend had looked at me and said, “What’s with her? Davey!” And he turned back to Tanya and added, “You call him what you want and I’ll call him what I want. And if I want to say Davey, then I will.”    
“Fine!” Tanya had compressed her lips and glared at him and then said. “As you wish. But not in my hearing. So if you use that name, my name for him when I’m not there, I won’t know about it. But since you’re so belligerent, --” and she’d started to step forward, glaring all the while at him and forcing him to step back each time,  “---so rude, so selfish and so very, very unpleasant, as long as I and Davey are together you will not be invited to my home with Davey and if you call our home on Davey’s phone I shall take great delight in telling you to piss off and slam the phone down on you!”
And she stood back with her arms folded and glared at him until he looked away and muttered something about having to go.
So I knew how strongly Tanya felt about other people calling me Davey. But what I didn’t know was what she would say to Toni. She might just remind her firmly that it was a no-no, but then again she might be annoyed that Toni had broken another promise. I hoped it would be the former.
“I don’t know, little Toni-girl,” I repeated with a worried sigh. “I just don’t know.”
We lay for a while, not speaking. I lay and worried a bit about what might happen, and Toni lay half on my chest and stroked it thoughtfully. Then she turned her head to look at my face and her fingers stroked and caressed my cheek.
“I know what she’ll do,” she said gravely.
“What?” I enquired dubiously.
And Toni rolled over on top of me again and pressed her cunt onto me and wriggled her hips delightedly and a huge grin spread over her face and she cried gaily, “Nothing!”
And she wriggled her hips again and ground her crotch onto my sleeping cock.
“She’ll do nothing!” she repeated and laughed at the expression on my face. Her face sank against mine and she nuzzled my neck and face, nipping gently at me between words.
“Oh, you’re such a lovely, lovely sweet person, Davey,” she said. “I can’t tease you any more. Tanya whispered words to me that I really thought I would never, never hear.” She stopped nuzzling to raise her head and gaze at me. She caressed my cheek again and said softly, “Davey, sweet Davey, Tanya told me I could call you that. Really she did.”
And she gazed at me lovingly and added, “I couldn’t believe it at first. But she meant it. She said that I had her blessing and she knew it meant so much to me and I could call you Davey, just like she does. But she said I had to tease you about it first!” 
And she dropped her head and went back to nuzzling and nipping me. “So now,” she whispered between nips, “you’re my Davey as well!”
I stared at the top of her head incredulously. Could this be true? Could she have misheard? No, not with Tanya’s mouth virtually buried in her ear, as it had been. So then, it must be right. I was flabbergasted. I had never, never thought that my Tanya would relent on that rule for anyone, ever.
“But she’s so special,” came a voice, and Tanya was standing beside the bed, watching my face and smiling at us.
And she’d done it again, the bloody little minx, the fabulous, lovable,  gorgeous, wonderful, bloody little minx had not only read my thoughts yet again but she’d cooked up a plan with Toni and fooled me again. Bloody adorable little minx! Both of them!
“She’s so special to us both,” Tanya said, “that if there was anyone at all in the world who I didn’t mind calling you Davey, it’s our little Toni-girl.”
I shook my head ruefully. “I would never have believed it,” I said.
“Aren’t you pleased?” she asked softly. “Don’t you like it?”
“Yes. I do,” I answered. “I like hearing it and it’s nice for me if you’re happy about it. And Toni-girl is in seventh heaven.   I’m just having trouble taking it in.”
“There won’t be anyone else,” Tanya said and I knew she was speaking to both of us. And Toni rolled over and looked up at Tanya gravely. She held out a hand and Tanya took it.
“Thank you,” Toni said. “It’s -  it’s – I’m just honoured,” she finished simply. “I am.”
And Tanya smiled broadly at her and at me and she said, “Good fuck?”
And Toni threw up her arms and cried, “It was a great fuck! It was a fabulous fuck! It was hard and fast and strong and it was a fantastic fuck!”
And Tanya laughed and said, “Yes, he can do that sometimes. And now its my turn.”
I thought she meant she wanted me inside her and I was about to plead for a bit more recuperation time, but Tanya had picked up the strap-on and was fastening it in place.
“Now I want to love you, little Toni-girl.” And she unbuttoned the shirt and dropped it on the floor.   
And Toni smiled warmly and Tanya smiled, and they melted together on the bed as they kissed and cuddled each other. I was content to move over and lie there, watching them loving each other. Their lips roved over their faces and necks and ears. Their tongues tasted their breasts and licked at nipples straining with hardness. Their hands caressed and stroked and aroused each other and it was soft and gentle all the time, not hurried and not urgent. And Toni’s fingers caressed Tanya’s cunt through her pants and came away from her with a little of her soft brown stickiness on them and Tanya gently sucked at them and then gave them back to Toni to suck and they smiled at each other and Toni rubbed her again there, hard, and I could see Tanya was very aroused.
Toni whispered, “You’re still very full!” and rubbed her again. “I want to, too.”
And Tanya nodded and gently pulled and manoeuvred Toni until she was crouched on the bed and Tanya put her hand between Toni’s legs and smiled at her again.
Toni paused, and then I could see her pants begin to stretch as her own brown stuff began to fill them. I could see from Toni’s eyes that she was trying to empty every last bit into her pants, and in Tanya’s eyes I saw the pleasure and delight as the warm stickiness fell gently of its own accord into her palm, cupped over Toni’s cunt. There was a huge amount and it made an enormous bulge in Toni’s crotch. Finally she shook her head and whispered, “Can’t any more.”
And Tanya eased her back onto the bed and used her cock to rub Toni’s own cunt, outside her pants and Toni’s eyes closed in bliss as she lay quietly enjoying the feel of that big latex cock rubbing against her pants and squashing her brown stuff into her and then Tanya pulled aside one leg of her pants and slid the cock inside and rubbed her a little more and as she finally entered Toni through the warm bulge of her stickiness our little elfin let out a long  gasp and murmured, ‘Yes! That’s nice!’ and Tanya began to move with long, slow strokes as I had done with her, when,  aeons ago? and continued that way, her long hair moving softly over Toni’s breasts as she stroked slowly in and out of Toni’s cunt and Toni was building and her breath was coming faster through her open lips and still Tanya continued in that slow, gentle way and now Toni’s hands were pulling at her ass, pulling her inside as far as she could and then caressing Tanya’s back and hips and then pulling at her again and now she was gasping a little with each breath and I knew she was getting close but Tanya kept on loving her in the same way and Toni began to make little ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’ noises and then her hips were thrusting up at Tanya to meet her, once, twice, three times and she stayed rigid and her eyes were closed and there was a long ‘Ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!’ in her throat as she climaxed.
As Toni finally let her body relax back onto the bed Tanya smiled down tenderly at her and allowed the cock to leave her. She waited, kneeling over Toni until she finally opened her eyes again. She smiled, a warm, loving, tender smile at Tanya, and Tanya returned the same smile and whispered gently, “Love you, little Toni-girl!”
And Toni’s arms went round Tanya’s neck as she pulled her down to kiss her on the lips and she whispered, “And I love you, sweet Tanya.” They gazed into each others eyes for some time, not needing to speak.
I gave a little theatrical sniff as I looked at them. “And who loves me?” I enquired plaintively.
They looked at me and Tanya looked back at Toni and gave a twitch of her head in my direction to say ‘Hark at him!’ and they both looked at me again and said, “We do!”
And Tanya rolled over to give me a hard, long kiss on the mouth and Toni’s hand went to my cock and caressed it.
Tanya smiled at me and said, “I love you, lump!”
And Toni bent to suck my cock for a moment and murmured, “And I love you too, Davey.”
“And I think it’s about time we showed him,” Tanya said. She regarded me for a moment, her eyes running the length of my body and pausing at my cock.
“Hmmm!” she commented. “Going to be busy soon, but first…….”
And she started to roll me over onto my stomach. Toni helped and I certainly didn’t prevent them. When they had me in the position Tanya wanted, on my knees with my ass presented to them in the air,  she ran her hands down my back and sides.
“Now, little Toni-girl,” she asked, “Which do you prefer to do, suck him or fuck him?”
Toni giggled. “Well, as I recall, I sucked him last time while you fucked him, so maybe we can change this time?”
“Absolutely,” Tanya agreed. “Haven’t tasted my lovely Davey for a while.” And without more ado she removed the strap-on and handed it to Toni who fastened it on.   
Tanya slid under me on her back and smiled her special smile at me.
“Want to suck you,” she whispered. “Want to suck you till you fill my mouth with your cum!” And so saying she gently took my cock from inside my pants and closed her lips over it. Toni was already kneeling behind me and pulling aside my pants to explore with her cock.
“He’s very empty,” she said with a pout. “We’re both full and he’s empty.”
“When you’ve finished with your cock inside me,” I said, “that may very well change!”
“Oooo, goodie!” giggled Toni, and began to push her hips forward. And so she began to fuck me, quite hard, while Tanya sucked and licked my cock, pausing occasionally to run her tongue along the back of it, round the base, the tip, and round my balls, using every way she knew to give me the utmost pleasure from her mouth.
“Ooo, my cock is in you,” Toni breathed, moving faster as she pumped at me. “It’s coming out with brown on it and it’s lovely! It’s sliding in you so nicely!” And she continued to fuck me to her heart’s content. I felt the girth of the cock in me as Toni thrust it in and out. And I was glad that she was gaining pleasure herself from it.
Tanya had made me swell to bursting point and I began to push down towards her, wanting to be deep in her mouth at that special moment. She gripped the base of my cock with her fingers when she could and used them to pull me into her mouth as I pushed myself into her. I could hear Toni’s voice behind me murmuring ‘Oh, I love fucking you Davey!’ but I knew the time was near and I glanced down at Tanya’s face below me and whispered, “Love you very much, my angel!” and as I felt my cream start its upward journey from my balls which Tanya was fondling with her other hand,  I added, “I’m going to fill your mouth with my love now!”
And there it was and I spurted my cum into her mouth, and again, and again until I was spent and Tanya released me and slid upwards to me so that she could kiss me and give me some back. And I felt Toni pull back for one final time and my rosebud felt empty, but I knew that Toni’s cock in me had moved things and soon I was going to empty myself.
My eyes must have told Tanya, because she put her hands round me and stroked my back before resting them on my ass.
“Toni,” she said, and Toni, who was removing the strap-on, looked at her and smiled and dropped it on the floor beside the bed and leant forward to place her hands on my ass too. There was only a brief pause and I felt myself beginning to empty, the soft brownness quickly filling the back of my pants as the girls oohed and aahed and massaged me and squashed the material, covering my balls and the base of my cock with my own brown stickiness.
Finally I said, “That’s it, my sweet little minxes. I haven’t any more.”
And the girls rolled me onto my back and looked at me, and at each other, and Tanya said,
“Hmmm!” again.  “Not an awful lot, is it?”
Toni shook her head. “Do you think we should ----”
“Yes, I definitely think we should,” Tanya interrupted her and I marvelled yet again and thought, now she’s doing it to Toni as well.
Before I could move or utter a word, Tanya had pulled the front of my pants down as far as she could and held them there. “Be my guest,” she said to Toni.
And Toni giggled and replied, “I am your guest!” and she straddled me on her knees and pulled her own pants away from her body and allowed her own rich brown softness to fall from them onto me. When she was sure she couldn’t get any more from within her or within her pants she resumed her previous place and held my pants open for Tanya.
“Still not enough,” she commented, and proceeded to do as Toni had done. There was now an enormous mound of brown stickiness on me, covering my cock and lower stomach and overflowing into my pants to cover my balls as well. The girls carefully pulled my pants up again and then first Tanya and then Toni sat on me to ensure it was squashed hard against me and down into my crotch to nestle between my balls and my ass.
It was a heavenly feeling, one that I had come to enjoy immensely since Tanya and I had first discovered this pleasure, quite by accident. Tanya did a small pee on me too, and that made everything even softer and warmer and even more enjoyable.
We lay beside each other for a short while, the girls stroking me, massaging me again and murmuring words of excitement, tenderness and love, to each other and to me.  
“Toni-girl,” I began after enjoying their ministrations for several minutes, “you have such a delightful, soft, young body that is firm in all the right places, round in all the right places, and wet in all the right places. It’s also completely tanned and you have no white marks around your delicious breasts or your beautiful, smooth soft cunt. How do you mange to do that?”
Toni wiped her palms and fingers on my thigh, leaving small brown marks.
“I have a flat,” she said. “A very small flat. Actually it’s more like a large bedsit. But it happens to be on the top floor and we have a flat roof. I have the key to the door onto it. No-one can overlook it so I go up there to sunbathe and lock the door behind me.”
“Nice,” I commented. “And a good place to have sex.”
“Only ever once,” Toni recalled. “My ex wasn’t that keen anyway, and when we got up there and undressed he kept looking at the door and saying ‘suppose somebody comes?’ even though I’d locked the door. It wasn’t successful. Didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to.”
“Like you should have done,”  Tanya corrected.  “You deserve better than that. Better than him by all accounts.”
“And now I have better than him, “ Toni told her, softly stroking Tanya’s cheek. “I have you, and I have Davey, and either one of you alone is worth a hundred of him.”
And Tanya kissed her and I rolled over to kiss her too and I felt the warm brownness in my pants move and squash delectably as I did.
And the hours passed by. Saturday evening became Saturday night, then became the small hours of Sunday morning. And we continued to enjoy our pleasures as we had done since Toni had arrived. We kissed, we cuddled, we stroked and caressed. We nibbled and tickled. We rubbed and wanked.  We wet each other again. We sucked and licked and slurped, we  fucked and we loved. We rested, and I made love to Toni. She built extremely slowly, as I intended, her body trembling as her feelings swelled inside her and when she finally came she screamed out loud in sheer rapture, her body jerking and quivering beneath mine. I’d promised her that we would make love, as opposed to fucking,  which we’d done so many times already. After she climaxed and soaked me with her cum, which was sheer bliss, she held onto me and wouldn’t let me go for some time. Eventually, she dozed a little, and Tanya and I did too.
Later we ate a little, and drank some more, and then we kissed and fucked and loved some more.  We took it in turns to give each other the ultimate pleasures, the deepest love, the most electrifying fucks. Our bodies were wet, sweaty, and dirty. And we each of us loved every single minute of it all.
Finally, resting, the three of us cuddled together and just gently caressing each other, our wet bodies pressed tight to each other, Tanya said,
“This time has been the most fantastic I could have imagined.  It’s way, way better than I had ever hoped for. And it’s all down to you, little Toni-girl.”
“No,” Toni firmly. “It isn’t. I’ve done nothing except what you’ve shown me, taught me. It’s been heavenly, but I haven’t made the weekend what it’s been. You and Davey have done that.”
“We haven’t taught you love,” Tanya said quietly. “The love you’ve shown us is your own. Natural. Spontaneous. From your heart.”
And Toni went a bit quiet and thoughtful and didn’t say anything for quite a while.
Tanya and I spent time gently loving each other with our lips and tongues. She stroked my forehead and gazed at me and said,
“Love you, so very, very much, lump.”
And I smiled, a smile full of warmth and tenderness and love, a smile that said, ‘I don’t have to tell you. You know I love you just as much.’
“Do you know there’s one thing we haven’t done,” Tanya mused thoughtfully. “The three of us. We’ve done everything you can think of, everything, pretty well, that the human body is capable of for showing love and giving pleasure. But there is one thing we haven’t done.”
I thought about it, running my mind back over the hours, the days, of what we’d done together in this room, this hedonistic room, this den of iniquity, this heaven. And I knew.
I nodded. “If you want.”
Tanya grinned. “I want.” She looked across at Toni.
“Toni-girl, there’s something we haven’t done that we’d like to do.”
“What? Sorry, miles away,” Toni said, flustered, and turned to us and smiled. “Sorry, missed that. What did you say?”   
“There’s something we’d like to do, all together, that we haven’t yet done. If you’re up for it?”
“Tanya!” Toni’s eyes were reproachful. “I’m up for anything, you know that.”
My girl smiled. “Sorry. Thought you would be but just checking.”
“Is Davey up for it?” Toni enquired.
“Game for anything,” I asserted.
“The question is,”  Tanya said devilishly, “Is he up to it?”
And they chuckled and I said ‘Ha, ha, ha’, and I grinned at them both and invited, ‘Try me!’
Toni said, “Glad we’ve got that sorted. What are we going to do?”
“A triple fuck,” Tanya said.
Toni looked puzzled. “You mean, we’re all going to fuck each other at the same time? How can we do that?”
And Tanya said, “Well, actually Davey, my sweet and lovely Davey, isn’t going to get fucked this time. But we are. At the same time. Suppose it’s really a double fuck, but triple sounds better.”
Toni peered at my cock, hidden in my pants and covered as it was with our combined brown stickiness.
“Hasn’t sprouted another one by any chance, has he?”
But she knew what we meant and reached for the strap-on.
I lay back on the bed. Tanya fastened the strap-on to herself once more.
I made myself as comfortable as I possibly could on the bed. I was going to have some weight on me, I knew that. Not too much, but I’d know it was there.
Tanya knelt astride me, but facing the foot of the bed. She played with my cock, stroked it and caressed it just enough to make me hard, then lowered herself on to me. She beckoned to Toni, and our little elfin sat, facing Tanya, her legs open wide and alongside our bodies. She slid forward until Tanya’s cock could slide into her. She wriggled and adjusted herself until she was just right, then lifted herself with Tanya’s help so that she was sitting, lotus position, on Tanya. Her legs wrapped around Tanya’s back and rested on me.
“That’s nice!” she cooed. “Never tried it in this position before.”
“Neither have we,” Tanya chuckled.
And she began to move her hips backwards and forwards, sliding and rubbing herself on my cock, buried deep inside her cunt from behind. And as she moved forward, so her own cock slid into Toni’s wet and smooth cunt. And Toni responded by thrusting her own hips forward, meeting Tanya with every stroke. It took only a few moments for us to achieve a regular movement between ourselves so that each of us felt the maximum pleasure.
Toni’s arms circled Tanya and she caressed her back, neck and hips as our slow, even movements infused our bodies with delight. And Tanya reciprocated, stroking and caressing Toni, sometimes on her back, sometimes cupping her face or stroking her cheeks.
And this went on for a long, long while. The weight of the two girls on me restricted my own movements slightly, but it was pleasurable for me, (there is never a time when I am inside my beloved Tanya that is not pleasurable), and Tanya could feel me as well as if we were fucking in the normal doggy style. And Toni, our little Toni-girl, must have been feeling Tanya inside her to the hilt. On those occasions when I could see her face beyond Tanya’s back, it was in a transport of delight, her eyes closed and her tilted slightly back as she caressed my girl and felt her deep within her.
Tanya and I have long since learnt to control our pleasure so that our climaxes build slowly, so that we can enjoy and savour every moment of the pleasure growing inside our bodies. We don’t always cum together, but that doesn’t matter, because we treasure the feelings inside us as our orgasms start, build and suffuse our bodies, culminating in that explosion that is the ultimate pleasure, the ecstasy that shows our love for each other.
So Toni began to build first as we rocked and stroked and fucked, evenly and slowly. Once again she started to breathe rapidly, little gasps of pure pleasure each time Tanya’s cock slid deep into her. As her pleasure grew she became more frenetic in her treatment of my girl, throwing her head forward, nibbling Tanya’s neck and ears, kissing her with abandon and then throwing her head back again as a particularly ecstatic stroke filled her cunt. I could hear the wet noises her pussy made as Tanya’s cock slid in and out, building her orgasm slowly, deep within her.
And Tanya too was wet, as she always is. Her love juices flowed down my cock as I thrust into her as hard as I could, given the weight on me and my restricted movements.   
 She pressed down on me, hard onto the remains of the soft brown stuff that still enveloped my cock. Toni’s cunt was also getting its fair share of brown stickiness from what was in her own pants. Tanya’s juice flowed from the base of my cock down over my balls and on towards my rosebud. The feeling of her warm juice on me was a pure delight.
And now Tanya’s own breath was becoming faster and more excited.  Her hips ground back and forth on me with more intensity. And then Toni orgasmed, gasping out words as her feelings passed the point of no return and she knew she was going to cum.
“Yes! Yes, my sweet Tanya! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yes, yes, rrrrrooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr!”
And within a few seconds, I felt a gush of warm fluid on me. Whether it was Toni’s cum, running down Tanya’s cock and then down past her cunt to end up on me, or whether it was a surge of lovejuice from Tanya herself in a sort of sympathetic climax, I didn’t know. But it was heavenly.
Toni held onto Tanya’s shoulders as Tanya now gave herself over completely to her own pleasure. Toni’s eyes, when I could see them, were shining as she looked straight into Tanya’s. I could feel my own stirrings too, and I thought Tanya and I might cum together, but she beat me to it, (we both prefer it that way if we’re not together)  and suddenly arched her back and pressed down onto my cock so hard I thought she would bruise me.
“Davey, Davey! Sweet love! Yes! Deep! Deep! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”
And I let my control go and came myself, my hot creamy cum gushing forth deep into Tanya’s cunt as I orgasmed.
Toni’s eyes were still shining as she slid her fingers between Tanya’s legs and collected some of my cum and Tanya’s, then sucked her fingers with great relish.
“Gorgeous!” she confirmed. “Who’d have guessed that Davey’s cum, your cum, your love juices, wet pants and dirty ones could taste so nice!”
Tanya grinned and kissed her. “Getting a taste for gourmet delights, are you?”
“Oooo, yes! I’ll say!” Toni gently slid herself backward, releasing Tanya’s cock from within her.
“Shame!” she said. “It’s so nice when your cunt is full to the brim with cock!”
“Couldn’t agree more,” Tanya said, also lifting herself free of my own cock, “except perhaps when Davey was in my cunt once and I had this one, --“ gesturing to the strap-on,  “—in my ass hole. Now that was filling!” She yawned. “ I must confess I wouldn’t mind a snooze, and afterwards I’ll rustle up some ---” she glanced at the clock, “---brunch.”
“Brunch is a meal that is too late for breakfast and too early for lunch,” I explained patiently. “A meal that is too late for lunch and too early for dinner is high tea.”
“Then high tea it will be,” agreed Tanya, “but we’re fresh out of scones and cream. So it may have to be steak and mushrooms and eggs and whatever else I can find.”
“Well, if it has to be, I suppose I can put up with it,” I grumbled. “Toni? A little rest and then eats?”
“If you’re going to twist my arm,” Toni agreed.
“Then I suggest we snuggle together and have forty winks first,” Tanya said, suiting the action to the words and adopting her favourite position for sleeping. And Toni snuggled me the other side, one arm draped across me to reach Tanya so she could caress her, and the other hand under my cheek, the back resting on the pillow.
“Love you, Tanya,” she murmured. She kissed me on the lips and murmured even more sleepily, “Love you too, sweet Davey.”
“Sleep well, little Toni-girl, “ I replied. “Have a nice snooze.”
And we went quiet, and the room went quiet except for the sound of gentle breathing, and I closed my eyes, and we slept.
         *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *

I woke and opened my eyes sleepily. Everything was quiet. I looked at the clock. I hadn’t been asleep long; about three hours. It was five in the afternoon. I looked at the window. Dull, grey light filtered through it and I thought I could hear the sound of water dripping somewhere. It’s raining, I thought, or at least drizzling. Pity. I wondered what had woken me. I glanced at Tanya, still asleep in her favourite position on me. Her breathing was regular and even and her breasts rose and fell slightly against my chest as she slept peacefully. And I realised that hers was the only breathing I could hear. I turned my head to look at Toni and even as I did I felt the coldness on my left side. Her side of the bed was empty. 

Gone to the bathroom, I thought. I closed my eyes, ready to sleep some more. No, she wouldn’t do that. If she needed to go there she would have woken us and it would have been a time for us to continue our exertions. Gone for a drink, then. I listened but I couldn’t hear the clink of a glass or the running of a tap. I listened hard, tuning out the dripping rain and heard….nothing. Not the tiniest sound of movement anywhere. Had Toni gone to sleep in the spare room for some reason? Still no sound, except that vaguely I heard the sound of a car outside and dismissed it, still listening for any sound that might have been Toni. It was quiet.
And suddenly my eyes were wide open and I was shaking Tanya and saying ‘let me up!’ and she was still asleep and I rested her head on the bed as I swung my legs to the floor and rushed to the bedroom door and out. I ran to the lounge. Empty. I looked into the kitchen as I raced to the bathroom. She wasn’t in either room. That left only the spare room and I turned towards it and time dropped into slow-motion and my arm and hand stretched out as I headed for the door and it was coming nearer so slowly and my fingers were ready to turn the handle but it was so far away and there was a tightening in my heart and my legs were so slow when I was in a rush and would I never get to the sodding door and with a sickening feeling I knew what I would see when I got there and now my fingers were grasping the handle and it was turning and I threw the door open with a crash.
The room was empty.
Too empty.
Toni’s few small bottles and possessions  that had been on the dressing table were gone. Her little bag that had lain on the bed all weekend had gone. I heard a door slam and rushed to the window. A taxi was just pulling away from the house, its lights and blinking indicator reflecting on the dark, glistening wet tarmac of the street and I knew with absolute certainty that Toni was in it and I watched it accelerate away and disappear.
There was a pain in my heart. An ache, an emptiness which felt as if my heart was going to implode. I heard a sharp intake of breath and turned. Tanya was standing in the doorway, her hand clutched to her throat, staring with wide eyes at the bed.
“Oh, no!” she whispered. “NO!” Her eyes lifted to meet mine and  I saw mirrored in them the same pain, the same ache, shock and emptiness that I felt in my own heart.  “NO!” she whispered again. We looked at each other across the room, not moving. Tanya’s gaze drifted round the room as if she was desperately searching for some sign that Toni was still in the house.
“How did you know?” she whispered, her eyes clouded with pain.
“I woke up. It must have been Toni closing our front door as she left. I couldn’t hear anything. Nothing at all. Except the car. The taxi.”  I gestured to the window.
Tanya sank onto the bed. “Why?” Her hands rose and fell as she strove to understand. “I thought she was happy. “Why did she go?”
And to this I had no answer. For her, or for myself.
“Call her!” I said urgently. “Quick, where are the mobile phones?”
“In my bag.” Tanya ran into the kitchen where her handbag lay on the counter. She grabbed it and opened it feverishly. Her hand went inside for her phone, and reappeared clutching sheets of paper that had been pushed just inside it. She looked at me, then unfolded them, glanced briefly at them and thrust them towards me.
I shook my head. “No,” I said softly. “You first.”
Numbly Tanya straightened the papers and started to read.  It took her a few minutes and I stood very still and watched her. Tears sprang to her eyes as she continued and she used a hand to wipe them away so she could read clearly.
And finally she read the last one and the tears rolled down her cheeks and she thrust them at me again and sank into a chair with her elbows on the table and her head buried in her hands, crying her eyes out.
I went to her and put one arm round her shoulder squeezing it gently but she didn’t respond, just cried and cried into her hands, cupped over her face.  I looked at the papers I was holding. Toni had folded them in half and on the outside of the top sheet was written, in small, neat handwriting:- Tanya and Davey. I unfolded them. The neat writing continued on each page and I started to read.
My dearest Tanya, my dearest Davey. Please forgive me for this. I know that you will be shocked to find me gone. I hope you will not feel too hurt because there is a reason. It is a selfish one, but for me, it is important.
You have given me something this weekend that no-one will ever be able to give me again. You have both shown me things, taught me things that till now I have only imagined. Dreamed of. But with you they became real. They were my life for these few hours. But  more than this, you have embraced me into your lives, you have welcomed me, excited me, made me laugh, made me forget the bad things in this world, the worries and cares that suffocate us in our everyday lives. I have never met anyone like you both. I have never met such giving people. Because most of all, you have given me love. Real, whole, unrestricted love. Your love. And this I will treasure for the rest of my life.
I love you both so very much I can’t explain it in words. It is like something has lodged in my heart, something wonderful and beautiful and I know it will be there always. And as Sunday grew nearer and nearer, I knew I was too weak to stay until the end. I am so sorry. I wanted to be here with you both but I dreaded the moment when it would end. I dreaded  it with all my heart and it hurt me so much to think of it, I decided to do this.
As I left you in bed you were curled together, sleeping peacefully, clasped in each others arms like the lovers you truly, truly are. Did you feel my kisses as I blew them to you? I hope you did.
 My sweet Tanya, my lovely new friend, my confidante, my mentor, my lover. How I have adored my time with you, sharing the pleasures and experiences we have enjoyed together. I wanted them to never end. But in my heart I knew they must. And I was afraid. Your caring, your loving, your understanding, your incredible sacrifice for me by letting  me  use your special, loving name for Davey was a precious gift that I could never, never hope to repay. I love you  my Tanya, I love you so much.
My wonderful, sexy, adorable Davey. How you have shown me pleasures and excitements and heights of ecstasy that I have never known before. And how you have loved me with your body, and your heart, filling my soul and my own heart with a contentment and a richness that will warm me and nurture me always. And yet, even as we loved together, your whole being was devoted to your Tanya, as she is devoted to you. And this was a wonderful thing for me to see, to experience, to share.  To receive your love, your thoughtfulness, your care  in the hours I have been with you has been the most exhilarating experience I could know. I love you, Davey, I love you so much.
And because I love you both so very, very much, and because I wanted these hours, these days, these pleasures, these warming, loving times to go on and on for ever, I knew that I could not, I could not, bear to say goodbye. I do not want to hurt you, never, never, never, but the thought of standing at your door, seeing your faces for the last time and leaving this home full of warmth and love and friendship and care, and also fun and laughter, is too much. I am weak, and I am selfish. I could not bear to leave you both that way. I am so glad, so happy, so overjoyed that I have had this time with you both. I feel so privileged that Tanya chose me for this weekend, to share  these pleasures, these ecstasies, these experiences that others cannot and will not ever know. And because she  chose me I have felt your love and warmth and it has grown and grown in my heart and my heart has  filled with my love for you.   And it is only because of you, my loving Tanya, and you, my loving Davey that these hours have been the wonderful times that they were. 
And so, I cannot, cannot, cannot, bear to say goodbye to you. There is already an emptiness in my heart because I will no longer be with you both. I am writing this as I wait for the taxi. It will be here soon and our time together will have ended. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. I will miss you both, more than I can possibly, ever say.
Thank you for your love, sweet Tanya. Thank you for your love, sweet Davey. I will treasure it always. Take care of yourselves, always. I know you will take care of each other.  I love you, both of you, and I always will,  from the very, very bottom of my heart.
My loving kisses for you both.
Your little Toni-girl.
I folded the letter and placed it gently on the table.
“Call her,” I said. I handed her the mobile and she dialled mechanically.
“Straight to mailbox,” she said tonelessly. “She switched it off.” She looked at me with her tear-stained face and I gently lifted her from the chair and held her close, saying nothing, just caressing her and holding her and being with her.
We stood there, two people in the middle of the room, two people loving each other with all their hearts, but feeling sad and drained and yes, suddenly lonely.
And the house, silent all around us, seemed terribly, terribly empty.
       *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
Tanya and I were taking one of our frequent evening strolls. We had just spent the afternoon in bed so we weren’t out looking for somewhere to have more sex, we were just enjoying a pleasant Autumn early evening.
Six weeks had passed since that weekend. Nothing had happened then to affect the relationship and feelings between Tanya and me. If anything it had strengthened them. We still enjoyed all the things together we had before, our company, our bodies, our foreplay and our sexual adventures together. Our orgasms were still as good, strong and exhausting as they had been. That weekend had been nice, but it had just been a delicious, short sexual adventure in our lives and we were both happy to have had it, but neither of us felt anything was lost from our own love for the lack of it. We were content together,  as we had been from day one. And my beloved girl still always seemed to know what I was thinking before I said it.
Tanya had tried to call Toni day after day, into the evenings, three, four times a day but without success. She used my phone too, and tried using withheld numbers, but nothing worked. We eventually decided that Toni had got herself another phone or number,  and no longer used this one.  We’d left messages; they were not returned. And after a while, we stopped.
Apart from an odd comment by one of us in the days immediately after that, neither of us had spoken much about the weekend, or Toni, since then. Not because it was embarrassing, or taboo. We didn’t need to speak about it. It was nice, it was short, it had ended sadly and we wished it hadn’t, but it was over, and we had each other to ourselves again with nothing lost from our love. 
I didn’t know if Tanya ever thought about Toni. She probably did.  I did from time to time, a sad nostalgia in my heart as I remembered her, and my thoughts idly drifted to her now, recalling her figure and body, her sweet taste and the light in her eyes when she was especially excited or happy, our time together and how she had made us laugh, and  I recalled her orgasms and how she had enjoyed herself with us. My thoughts idled away, not with regret, but with a pleasant feeling that she had brought extra pleasure to Tanya and I, and we in turn had given her pleasure she had either missed for so long or not known before. But I remembered it all with a certain sadness, too.
So it shouldn’t have been a shock, but it was, when Tanya suddenly said,  “You came to love her a lot, didn’t you?”
(How does she do that?)
“Yes,” I agreed thoughtfully. “I did love her a lot.”
“I loved her too,” Tanya said.  “I loved her in my way, and you did too.” She was silent for a while as we strolled along. Then she asked,
“Do you still miss her?”
“No,” I said promptly. “The memories, yes. Her no, because I have you. Even Toni could not replace you, or the way I feel about you, or what we have together. You know it and I know it. Yes, of course I remember what she did to me, and to you, and what we all shared. I remember it with great pleasure, but miss her? No, I don’t miss her.”
I wondered what all this was leading up to. Surely Tanya had no doubts about us? Did she perhaps think that I missed Toni so much that I wanted to be with her instead of my Tanya after all?
“Sweetheart, surely you can’t think that---“
“Would you like her to come again?”
“I would love her to cum again,” I assured her.
She hit me on the back. Gently.
“Lump! You know what I mean!”
I took her shoulders and turned her to face me. I regarded her seriously for a moment or two. 
“How can that be?” I told her softly and gently, brushing her lovely flowing hair from her face. “Listen, you know very well that I will do anything you like to give you pleasure, both in bed and out of it. My life revolves around making you happy. I love giving your body pleasure. Of course I loved what Toni did to me and to you too. I loved our weekend together. To love you, and her, and to know her love in return was…….” I fell silent, hunting for the words, but Tanya was nodding a little and she knew. “But she is gone. So I don’t miss it and I don’t need it when I have you. Do you understand, woman?” I finished, jokingly severe.
“Yes, sir. I understand master,” she replied submissively. And then she added softly, “I thought you would feel that way.  I hoped you would feel that way. But I wanted to hear it from you.”
“You had doubts!” I said in alarm.
“No, no, no, I didn’t,” she answered earnestly. “None whatsoever Davey baby. I thought I had judged right, but I wanted to hear it.”
“You always judge me right,” I sighed. “You’re very good at it.”
Tanya nodded.  “Lump. You’re a book.”
“Hmmph! Don’t know if I like that.”
“A sex book. A fantastically exciting and erotic one. Positively debauched.”
“That’s alright then.”
We strolled on.
“Do you miss her?” I asked.
Tanya said slowly,  “No, sweet Davey. I don’t miss her. But I remember how it was, and I remember my feelings towards her while she was with us. Nice, warm, loving  feelings. I still have those feelings in my heart towards her. And so do you, lump, and I know it!” She paused and considered. “So I suppose, if I miss anything at all, it’s being able to give those feelings to her. To show her how I feel.” She paused again then looked at me earnestly. “Do you understand me, Davey baby?”
Since Tanya’s whole being is always focussed on giving to me and loving me, I understood perfectly.
“Yes,” I answered. “I do. Because that’s how I feel if for some reason I can’t show you how I feel. And I had a lot of pleasure when I saw in her eyes that she appreciated our giving, she loved us for it.”
“That’s not the only pleasure you had from her,” Tanya said darkly, nudging me in the ribs.
“Nor you!” I returned with a grin. “But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about pleasure inside, in the soul, in the heart. I’m talking about missing loving her and showing it, giving it.  And so are you,” I added, “and I know that.”
Tanya nodded. We strolled on a little more, enjoying the evening air, the sounds around us and the fragrance of early Autumn as golden leaves scrunched underfoot, and we enjoyed the simple pleasure of just being together. She squeezed my hand.
“So it doesn’t matter to you if she was to visit us again, or not?”
Again I wondered where this was going. I know my Tanya and I felt instinctively that there was a real purpose behind all this but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was. We had not heard from Toni or seen her since the day she left our home but Tanya’s words still seemed to hint to me that she harboured doubts in some way.  I grabbed her shoulders again and faced her, looking at her lovely eyes and mouth which I just had to kiss, very gently and tenderly.
“Now listen to me,” I began. “You are the most important thing in the world to me. Yes, I know that sounds trite or corny but that doesn’t make it any less true. You and I have something that is so special, so rare, so completely whole,  that I doubt if another man or woman in ten million could say the same. Have we ever argued? Have we fought? Has there even been so much as a cross word between us? No. We understand and know each other as well as we know ourselves. The way we are together, our shared thoughts, the way we complement each other’s lives and fulfil them, is something that most people will never know, and die without ever having sampled such togetherness for a minute, never mind living daily. You have my heart, absolutely, completely, fully, without any restrictions, doubts or hesitation. We are like sun and rain, you and I. Our two lives are one, and all sun is no good without rain and all rain is useless without sun, and that is what makes our two lives one whole one, and it blooms and flowers and grows and is spectacular because of that.”
Tanya had taken a step back from me so that my arms were at full length to hold her shoulders. She stared at me.   
“And as long,” I went on, “as there is rain to complement the sun, and sun to complement the rain, then life will continue to thrive and grow. It doesn’t need more than that. So whether or not you add something else to it temporarily doesn’t matter. It won’t affect the long-term result. That whole life will thrive and grow. So it doesn’t matter whether Toni or any other girl is a fleeting part of our whole life.  It is there anyway, thriving, growing, blossoming and giving each of us separately astounding pleasure, contentment, and happiness. And because we are human beings, love is added to that sun and that rain. It is the earth that the sun warms and the rain refreshes and all together it makes a wonderful, natural, incredibly special thing that you and I are blessed with. I have you. You have me, and together we are whole and we are more than the sum of our parts. I know this. I have understood this since I first met you, and that is why my love for you is so strong, so all-encompassing, so indestructible. If I am the rain, you are my sun. I need you to make my life whole, and you do. I do not need anything else to make it whole. Anything else added to it is a bonus, but not necessary. I love you with all my heart and nothing and no-one could ever affect that, or take it away. So the answer to your question is, it doesn’t matter to me if Toni comes to us again or not. Or  anyone else, for that matter. It’s nice, it’s as if there was an extra long, bright sunny day to my rain, but I don’t need it because I have my sun in my life already, every single day and every single night,  and it’s you.”
I looked at Tanya. Her chest was heaving, her shoulders rose and fell. She stared at me and made a noise.
“Uh –uh—uh,” and then she was flying at me, her hands curled into fists and she was pounding them at my chest so hard I had to take a step back.  I thought for a moment that she was furiously angry and then I realised she was sobbing her heart out.
“What is it?” I asked, dumbfounded. “What did I do? What did I say?”
She sobbed and sobbed and now she was resting her fists against my chest, her head lowered and her shoulders shook and heaved. She tried to speak but struggled for breath  between the sobs.
“Y-y–y you said,  - you bastard!”
(I’m sure I didn’t say that?)
“Y-y you said the n- n- nicest words –uh – I h- h- have ever heard in my h- h- h- whole life,   from any w- w- one ever!”
My arms went round her and I cuddled and hugged her.
“Sshh! Sshh! Don’t cry,” I murmured into her hair. “Sshh. If they were nice words, why are you crying?”
And then the words came tumbling out, punctuated by her sobs.
“Y- y- you bastard. I c- c- couldn’t believe w- w- what I was hearing and it made me so h- h- happy to hear them and I w-w- wanted to laugh and jump and t- t- t- tell you and it m- m- made me want to love you even m-m-more than I do and---“ she began to slap me across my shoulderblades every few words,  “it gave me a pain in my heart because I  c- c- can’t love you any more than I do and that made me s- s- sad and if ever there was any w- w- one that I wanted to hear words like that from it’s you and you said them and I was sad because I can’t love you more than I do and I want to and I wanted to tell you and my heart felt as if it was going to burst because I love you so much I was angry because I can’t love you more and because I was sad and I should’ve been happy and that made me more angry and that made me sad that I was angry and I’m crying and I love you so much you lump and you’re a bastard!”
“Yeeesss. Well, that’s all perfectly clear now,” I sighed. Her fists were again resting against my chest and I hugged her tightly, partly out of sheer love and partly to stop her slaps which were actually beginning to hurt.
She continued to sob as I stroked her hair and her cheek.
“I love you, Davey,” she whispered after a while. “I do love you so very, very much it makes my heart ache.”
I really didn’t know how to respond to this. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? I made do with cupping her small face in my hands, gazing into her eyes and murmuring,
“My heart is also full of love Tanya. For you. My special, special girl. It will always be full of love for you, no matter what.”
And then I just held her, waiting until the sobs had passed and she was quiet. I pulled my hanky from my pocket and gently wiped away the tears and the streaks on her face.
“Shall we go home?"   
She nodded, sniffed and took my hanky to dry her face again and blow her nose. We turned and started to retrace our steps homewards.
“And after all that,” she said, the last few, dry,  sobs escaping her, “I didn’t even a –a - ask you the thing that was most im – p -- portant.”
My arm was round her shoulder and I squeezed it gently.
“What did you want to ask me, my sweet little Tanya?”
She sniffed a couple of times and used the hanky again.
“I’ve found her. I spoke to her. I w-w-wanted to ask you if you would like it if  T-T-Toni came to live with us.”
        *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *                *
To those cynics and scoffers who have read this story who do not believe that the
characters could be real, who do not believe that a love such as described here can
exist, to those who do not believe that there are people in the world for whom the
driving force, their ‘raison d’etre’,  is to ensure the pleasure and happiness of
their lover, or who have never experienced the feelings of a reciprocal love
so overwhelming, so complete, so ecstatic, so absolute that it almost hurts,
I have these words for you:-
If you have never seen the fiery light of a shooting star
blazing its way across the heavens, if you have never
witnessed first hand the colours of the
Aurora Borealis playing in the night sky,
that doesn’t alter the fact that
they exist.
They do.
You are unlucky. You are the ten million.
To those prudes who have read this story, in whole or in part,
who are shocked and horrified and revolted by the characters
and the way they have behaved, the things they have said
and the things they have done, to themselves and to others,
I have these words for you:-
Until you first taste an apple, you won’t know if you like it.
The situations and events described in this story will be
unacceptable to most people.  But that doesn’t alter the fact that
they exist.
There are people
for whom such activities, shared with another, or with others,
heighten their pleasure, strengthen the bond of their love,
enhance their experiences, enrich their lives.
They are not decadent people.
They are not depraved people.
They are not sick people.
They are just not you.
*      *      *      *
“I have lived completely.
I have loved absolutely.
And in this world, that is without peer.”
Christopher Barton