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Teasing Toward Ecstasy

LakotaWarrior on Sex Stories

Derek and Janet had just come back from a party with their friends. Janet had spent the night being shy, sticking close to Derek—ever the reserved lady. She made polite, demure conversation in her little black, not-too-revealing dress, trying not to let her obvious youth of only twenty years, show too much. Derek’s friends were impressed. Overall, he was pleased with her performance, and as they left the party, he was thinking that he wanted to let her know that.

They walked into the entrance of Derek’s townhouse, and he took Janet’s shoulders and turned her around, pressing her back up against the door. Derek leaned in close to her, letting his lips touch hers, but not satisfyin

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g her with a kiss, while he moved to turn the lock on the door.

Janet rubbed up against Derek slightly, her lips ready for his, begging to be kissed deeply. Derek instead teased her, holding her back against the smooth wooden door. Janet could feel herself getting wet in her red silk panties almost instantly, as his lips lightly brushed against her red glossy lips.

An errant hand ran down Janet’s body, lingering ever-so-briefly on her smooth thigh, just under the hem of her skirt, before pulling away. Janet pouted a little, wanting to feel Derek’s lips, his skin against hers. He smiled as his hand returned and wandered up her thigh. Her legs parted almost instinctively, letting him slip a few fingers in between her silk panties and her skin.

The moment Derek’s fingers touched Janet’s shaved smooth pussy, her lips curled and let out an "ooooh", as she was becoming very aroused. Janet moved forward, pressing Derek’s fingers closer to her. "Ooooh..." Derek mimicked, "Baby's wet that for me?" with a playful edge in his voice. Janet nodded, unable to speak.

Derek started to rub a single fingertip very slowly and softly along Janet’s pussy lips, as his other hand had moved down to her hip, holding her still against the door, stopping her from pressing forward into him. Seemingly without warning, Derek pulled his finger away saying softly, "I asked you a question that for me?," as he rested his finger, moist with her juices, on her parted lips. Janet nodded and Derek pressed his finger to her mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. It was almost too much for Janet to stand. The hint of his touch; the denied kisses; the scent of her own juices on her mouth. Janet’s legs felt weak against the door. She wanted Derek already….and badly.

Derek let Janet go and she reached out for him. She could see and feel his cock against her leg through his pants, already hot, hard and throbbing with deep desire. Derek shook his head, "No, no, no....patience baby...patience." He gently took hold of her wrists and brought her into his place, and led her to his bed.

"Strip for me baby..." Derek said with confidence as he sat down on the bed with Janet displayed in front of him. Slowly, she complied. The straps of her dress fell off her shoulders and the little black dress poured onto the floor in one fluid, seemingly liquid puddle. She stood before him in her red silk panties and nothing else. Derek took a moment to sit back and appraise Janet. She was nearly naked for his viewing pleasure and very aroused, waiting for his command.

Derek could see the wet spot peeking through the crotch of Janet’s panties. He gave an approving murmur. "Mmmm... Baby" softly escaped his lips, as he looked her up and down, gesturing for her to step closer to him. Janet had goose bumps, being exposed to the cool air in the townhouse. Her nipples were erect and Derek brushed them lightly with the palms of his hands, running from heel to fingertip and back. Again, he teased her lips by pulling her in for a kiss, then giving her just a gentle nibble.

Janet’s eyes closed and she moaned with frustrated desire. Derek smiled coyly as Janet leaned into him, trying to get him to kiss her; touch her harder; longer; to rub her near naked body.

Derek then pulled Janet forward by the hips and put his mouth on the front of her panties, inhaling her scent and rubbing the smooth silk against her quivering pussy lips. Through the moist silk she could feel his hot breath. Janet squirmed, unable to stay still. Derek pulled back, again aborting Janet’s growing moans.

"Take those off," Derek commanded, pointing to Janet’s panties. She complied without question, bending over completely and touching the ground in front of him as she removed the little piece of red silk. "Mmmm," Derek uttered as he looked over Janet’s bare and now swollen pussy lips, again approving, but now desiring more.

Janet knelt down without prompting and started to unbutton Derek’s dress shirt. He shook his head saying "no," and she stopped. Janet’s hand then wandered to the crotch of Derek’s slacks. She I could feel his hardness and the beat of his blood pulsing through his erection. Derek wanted Janet as much as she wanted him.

"No, we're not doing that tonight baby..." Derek said politely as he stopped Janet from unbuckling his belt as she was preparing to pull out his cock and take it in her mouth. Janet gave a little pout and a whimper. Derek laughed softly but compassionately as he ran a hand from Janet’s breast to her hip. Derek was pleased that Janet was so eager to have him in her mouth, but he had other plans for her.

Derek commanded Janet to show him her pussy. Feeling only slightly foolish, but quickly losing all self-consciousness in the heightened state of arousal, Janet stood up straight, moved over to the bed and lay on her back, exposing herself to him. Derek made a "turn around" motion with his fingers, and like a good girl, Janet obeyed, flipping from her back to all fours. Derek took a moment to appraise her, pussy high up in the air, totally vulnerable, already glistening slightly with the product of her arousal. Janet was waiting for him, wanting; craving; needing his touch. The transformation had become complete. Janet had given herself to Derek in body, mind and spirit.

Janet could feel cool air on her moist pussy, while waiting for his touch. The anticipation of not knowing what was to come, a tongue; lips; fingers or cock stirred Janet into a deep, mindless arousal. She felt his tongue make one long stroke over her pussy and then quickly flick her clit, and she was gone. Janet started bouncing around in time and memory, trying to grind into Derek whenever he touched her. She had become such a “bad girl.”

Janet thought to herself, “You have turned me into a silly, simpering slut with but one thought on my mind: ‘Please, please, please fuck me!’ You work me into such a lathered frenzy of excitement that I'll do anything—say anything—for you. I'm your little panting slut, begging for release. Normally I'm such a shy, reserved girl, but I just can't help but be a wanton whore in your arms. I would feel ridiculous doing and saying what you're making me do and say, but I'm too turned on to care. I have no shame.”

While Janet was still bent over on all fours, spreading for Derek while he licked her with flickering, quick strokes, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, pressing into his mouth. Derek’s tongue moved from her clit, up to her labia, and lingered on her pussy. Janet gasped, not expecting the quick flicker of his tongue as he spread her with his fingers.

Janet squirmed up to her knees, and Derek grabbed her hips, holding her from behind. Still kneeing, Janet’s legs spread wide apart. One of Derek’s hands presses Janet’s belly, drawing her into him tightly, making her unable to squirm away—even in the height of pleasure. Derek then runs his fingers lightly along Janet’s pussy lips, now so very slick and wet with her arousal.

Janet can't move, as Derek is holding her in position. Whispering in her ear, Derek says, "Tell me you like that," as his fingers sliding up and down over her clit, teasing her pussy mercilessly.

"I love it," Janet pants breathlessly, willing him to do more.

"Tell me you loved it when I licked you." Derek says softly. Janet complies quickly, wholly, saying everything he tells her to say. When he tells her to say that, “I loved it when you spread me open” she does so, without question. Derek strokes her into a frenzy of wet, hot anticipation. Janet moans to have him inside her, any part of him; a finger or his cock, so obviously erect at her excitement.

"Do you want me?" Derek asks.

Janet cannot help but want Derek more than anything now. She tells him as much, gasping and wiggling for release. Derek’s hand slides back down her pussy. Her love juices leave a slick trail on his fingers, and she can feel the very tip of his thumb pressing against the entrance to her vagina. She’s so ready for him. Janet wants him so badly she throbs and aches deep within her love tunnel.

Without asking or waiting, Janet presses back onto Derek’s thumb, thrusting his thumb deep inside of her in one stroke. She could not take it anymore. Derek tolerates her impatience by sliding his thumb in deep thrusts into Janet’s hot wet pussy, in steady and slow motions. Derek’s fingers spread and fiddle with Janet’s pussy lips as his thumb works her over. She quivers with anticipated release. It only takes a few of his strokes and she’s at the edge of an orgasm, and Janet feels about to let go within seconds. She whimpers, begging for release, and utters soft moans of a helpless girl in Derek’s arms.

Derek pulls her deeper into him and he thrust his thumb with more ferocity. Pounding away at her pussy, giving her exactly what she wants. Janet bounces along with him, urging his penetration deeper and harder.

Her back arches, and Janet can feel her climax coming on.

"That's right baby, that's right...come on baby... cum for me baby," Derek urges in a tender but commanding tone, as he coaxes the orgasm from Janet’s body. Just then, it ripples through her stomach and her pussy contracts on his thumb, still sliding back and forth—in and out. She holds her breath and gasps, shuddering into him. Derek holds Janet upright and steady with his arm just below her full breasts. His other hand is soaked with her juices.

Abruptly, Derek slips his thumb out of Janet as she moans with pleasure, desire and frustration. “I want more,” Janet whimpers. She pouts, putting on her best, innocent but sultry, look. Derek knows this look, as he’s seen it before. Janet wants more.

Derek is indulgent and aroused. Ready to give Janet much more. He moves his hand to Janet’s cheek and turns her to kiss him deeply, passionately. She returns the kind of wet; penetrating kiss one can only have after being thoroughly satisfied. As Derek gently pushes Janet down on her stomach, she lay in anticipation, quivering, not knowing where he’ll touch her next. He finishes undressing, thus displaying his now-very-hard cock.

Janet is still giddy from her orgasmic pleasure, as Derek flips her over on her back. He raises her legs, pinning them almost to her chest. The motion is effortless and persistent. There is no need for delicacy as her joints and muscles are limber, sweaty, hot, relaxed and pliant from pleasure. Janet’s wet and still throbbing pussy is completely exposed to Derek. He gives an experimental rub with length of his cock, stimulating her and making her already-moist pussy even wetter. Janet lets out an involuntary whine and firmly states, “I want you inside of me.”

"My poor want this?" Derek taunts Janet.

Janet nods vigorously, pouting. With very little hesitation, Derek slips the head of his manhood into her pussy, teasing her once more. "God, you're tight," Derek remarks, a bit breathless himself.

Then Janet lets out another whimper and a moan. "Tell me what you'd like," Derek commands.

"I want your cock," Janet quickly replies. She’s at the mercy of his passion, wanting him with complete abandon.

"You want my cock?" Derek teases as he inches into Janet’s pussy just a little deeper.

"Yes! Please!" she gasps and pleads, getting frustrated at the pause.

"Okay baby, you can have it." Derek responds as he inches his stiff pole inside her just a little more, then a little more. Janet is throbbing and swollen from her previous climax so Derek’s cock is a very tight fit. Slowly, ever slowly, he pushes his cock into her, filling her completely as he goes. Janet can't help but start to tremble with each little push forward. She already knows she’s going to come again, so very soon.

Derek narrates as he slowly pushes forward, "That's right baby, take it. Take it all.....take it baby...that's right...take it." Every time he tells her to "take it", he pushes a little deeper. He smiles down at Janet as her red glossed lips open in arousal, and her breathing becomes short again. Every time Derek talks to her. Every time he says anything, commanding, encouraging, wonderful, Janet is taken to another level of arousal.

Derek’s repeated command, "Take it" sends Janet over the edge at the very end of his deep thrust. He hasn’t pulled back once yet, and Janet’s pussy is contracting on his cock, climaxing, bathing it in her own fluids. Lubricating it and marinating it, preparing it for harder, faster thrusts. But Derek’s in no hurry. As Janet shudders and trembles in an ecstatic release, he brings her in close, deeply thrusting and moving only slightly to the rhythms of her panting. Derek leans forward and smiles at Janet in a mischievous grin. He strokes her hair very softly saying, "That's my baby...feel good? You want more?"

"Oh, please..." escapes from Janet’s lips.

"Oh please what?" Derek asked her, taunting her yet again. He wants her to say exactly what she wants.

Janet thinks to herself, “I'm a slut in your arms, I can't help it.” Then the words flow from her, before she even has a chance to think of how dirty, how completely reckless they are. "I want you to fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me. Hard. Please...." The last "please" is a whine and a whimper with all kinds of begging tones. Janet wants him so badly.

Derek then pulls back, his cock head at the very lips of Janet’s pussy, still wet and tight. " wants to be fucked," he parodies and mimics her pleading look with a gleam in his eye and a slight smirk.

"Yes!" she says emphatically. There's no doubt about Janet’s desire. There's no subtlety now, no averted eyes and shy glances. "Yes, please fuck me." She pleads again.

"And how would you like me to fuck you?" Derek coaxes her, as he plays with her, his cock moving ever so slightly in and out of the very entrance of her pussy.

"Hard, please." Janet closes her eyes and whispers, enjoying the sensations rippling through her body, caused by those shallow, small thrusts.

"What was that baby?" Derek tease more, wanting Janet to let go completely again.

"I want you to fuck me hard…now…please....please!" Janet says in a commanding tone as she rocks her hips forward into Derek. He pulls back a bit, not letting her get her way, tormenting her with anticipation.

"Are you ready baby?" Derek mockingly questions as he shifts forward just a bit.

"Yes! Please!" Janet begs. She’s breathless and barely gets her last plead out of her lips when Derek buries his love pole all the way into her throbbing pussy in one deep thrust. Janet lets out a yelp and a gasp of pleasure and surprise. Her eyes roll back as she thinks, “It feels so damn good.”

Again Derek pulls out and thrusts hard into Janet’s hot pussy, as he bends down this time to kiss her. His lips engulf her and he pins her legs to her chest, thrusting with deep, increasingly quick strokes. Derek continues to kiss her passionately as he pounds his stiff pole harder and harder into her pussy.

Janet can't speak, she can't think. Her satisfied moans are muffled in Derek’s mouth. She can feel the heightened sensation of his breath on her lips, his tongue in her mouth, and his cock deep inside her pussy. With Janet’s arms around Derek, pulling him into her, wanting him closer and deeper than humanly possible, it's impossible to tell where one part of Derek ends and a part of Janet begins. His strokes are so smooth, so insistent. Slowly, Janet is being lathered into another level of arousal, climbing to the peak of her climax. She’s dizzy and flustered, moving her hips in time with Derek’s thrust, her moans getting louder in his mouth. She bites his lip and he breaks the kiss to blurt out, “Come on baby...give it to me....come on....cum for me!"

Derek senses Janet’s impending release and he starts whispering, right next to her ear, coaxing her toward climax. Janet knows that Derek is close to the edge also. His thrusts have intensified. She feels his cock become even harder, indicating that momentary increase in stiffness before his own orgasm. Derek goes deep...deep into Janet…as deep as he can, and it's enough to send Janet over the edge.

"Yes baby, that's it...that's a good girl...come for me..." Derek encourages Janet, even as his own orgasm begins.

"Oh fuck...fuck!" Janet calls out, not acting like such the perfect little lady right now. She can feel the increase in her wetness, as she shakes and quivers in complete and perfect ecstasy. She watches Derek’s face in pleasure as he cums inside of her.

"Oh feel so feel like heaven." Derek decrees as his thrusts become smooth and long, relaxed and unhurried. He has not lost any hardness with his climax and he thrusts through the pulses of Janet’s contractions of orgasm, and his own.

Derek rolls Janet to the side. She’s weak and spent—completely satisfied. He takes her face in one hand, and strokes her hair with the other. He’s all gentleness and sleepy smiles as Derek says, "There you go baby...that's a good girl."

Janet is left breathless and content. Derek’s cock is still hard as he continues rocking back and forth, very slowly, inside of her. He pulls out momentarily for the short break. They’ve soaked the sheets with their love juices, mingled together, sopping wet…and Janet knows in a few minutes, after touching, stroking, relaxing and making each other laugh just a little, Derek will be inside her again, and she can hardly wait.

selfishly connected

Stillwanting on Sex Stories

You awaken to soft kisses on your ear and the back of your neck.  Shivers run down your spine and you smile with the memories of what put you to sleep.  With your eyes still closed you reach back to pull me closer but my hand finds yours and guides it back down to your leg.  Your smile turns into a small whimpering pout as the kisses track down your spine… and you shiver as my lips slow at your waistline… whispering air across your buttocks, kissing the crack of your ass.  You smile again as I push you further over onto the pillow at your tummy...

I continue to breathe as I brush my lips between your cheeks… tea

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sing with my tongue, tasting the salty leftovers left behind from what put you to sleep last night.  Your body settles comfortably, you spread your legs wider to allow for more access and sensations.  You’ve yet to open your eyes, relishing the vibes, the heat, the breath.  Tickling your anus, the taint, and parting the lips of your flower, making sure you feel everything, slow, gentle, warm…  your legs are smooth, soft, and tremble at times.  Your lips are open, breathing with the sensations, waiting for the next one, wanting it to come faster, bigger, but loving how slow and smooth and gentle its moving.

My tongue enters your anus and your eyes pop open, not expecting that warmth there!  Intriguing sensations, small, probing, soft, wiggling ones.  So soft and smooth and welcome.  You close your eyes and push back into it wanting more.  My fingers find their way to your flower and part your lips and add to the sensations now racing through your body.  “mmmmmmmmm” a moan escapes your lips, “I love waking up like this…”  a small wave of an orgasm rolls up your back and flashes through your eyes.  You open your legs even wider, reaching up with your butt, almost to your knees… 

I pull out my tongue, my fingers, now soft and wet, and get onto my knees and start kneading your butt cheeks.  Spreading them wide, closing them tight, twisting gently, moving them around, watching your anus flex, and your flower pout with each grip.  You push back, flexing, finding a rhythm to match my massage.  I push my penis close to your flower, brushing the lips, barely touching, but suddenly making you aware that its there.  You reach for it, and I dodge away, continuing to massage and flex your cheeks, and teasing you. 

Finally I slow the massaging, and bring the tip of my cock to your taint, slowly teasing down, parting the lips of your flower, and running the edges to the top and back again…  illiciting another long enjoyable moan.  “I want it…..pleeeeeeeeease….”  to which I smile.  I gently settle the tip at the very entrance.  Matching your motion so that there’s no entry, no pushing, but no escaping.  Contact.  My soft head, nuzzled gently into your heat.  Rolling with your motion, matching your speed, and then a gentle push.  Soft.  Gentle.  A push.  And another.  Maybe an inch or so of motion in and out.  Sensual and slow, and driving you a little crazy.  Your senses are waking up, muscles are ready for the day, and you want MORE!

You push up away from the headboard and take all 8 inches as deep as it will go with a satisfied sigh.  You shake your hair back out of your face and settle back onto the pillow as I drag the length of my penis out of you to the head, and run it all the way back in.  Deep to the bottom.  I hear a grunt of approval as I touch bottom and smile, shifting for the next angle.

I gently grab your hips and pull you back towards me as I start to build my speed, adjust my angles with each stroke, and hold on for the ride.  Your eyes are open now, as you look back over your shoulder trying to see.  You brace with one arm and reach back for one of my nipples, but can’t reach it before I switch angles and direction and plunge back in, sending stars through your vision.  “Uhnnnnn”  your head goes back down to the pillow while the next three waves build up and crash over you, sending electricity from head to toe and weakening your arms and legs.  You missed dinner last night, were put to sleep with an internal massage not unlike what you’re feeling now, and you’re starting to lose your strength, and the waves are getting higher. 

Your body wavers on unsteady arms and legs.  You walk your arms up the headboard to an almost upright position and my hands find your back, and wander around the edges and sensitive edges of your breasts.  You sigh, feeling our connection flexing, pulsing, and you want to feel more.  My hands slowly caress your breasts and two fingers find your nipples and pluck… maybe a little harder than I wanted, but definitely enough to get your attention, arch your back and make you drive hard back onto me.  “I … don’t … think… I can… do much more of this….” You pant out.  I smile. 

“That’s why I’m doing it.  I want you exhausted.  Sated.  Completed.”  You smile at that… and roll your eyes as the next wave washes over you.  You know you’re not going to be able to last much longer.  It feels so damn good…  and it explodes over you again and you slip down the headboard, and gently settle onto the pillow again, only to arch back up with the next stroke and explosion.

Suddenly I pull out, letting your body relax back down onto the pillow.  Your lips are trembling, your legs are trembling, and you have no strength left in your arms and my penis finds your anus.  Wet.  Soft.  Swollen.  The head enters and the pain is a shock.  Its warm and larger than you expected and you suddenly start hyperventilating from the sudden invasion.  I pull out a little bit, wiggling and re-enter, causing another fit of breathing.  You start seeing stars as I pull out again and back in… this time keeping the forward pressure on, with a minor wiggle back matching the forward pressure as I slowly fill your anus with moving back and forth, overwhelming you.  You can’t believe the difference in feelings.  The lack of sensations from your flower is maddening as its flexing and pulsing from the abuse that just moved into your ass.  But the gentle ministrations are causing other sensations, and tiny little waves and you collapse… wanting to know why I haven’t allowed myself to come yet…  not last nite… not tonite… 

I slowly settle deep deep inside you and slow my movements to the smallest  imperceptible flex of my cock.  I gently lower onto your back, pulling the covers back up over us, and curling around you, deep inside you, my arm covering your breast, my hand cupping your other breast.  Completely overwhelmed, and exhausted, you settle against me, feeling me deep inside, flexing, still moving, hypnotic.  You are pulsing with me, flexing… you feel me swell and your smile grows… you will get your wish… 

My eyes roll back, and I explode deep inside you.  And I exhale… and settle into the back of your neck for another hour together… connected. 

meet me in the supply room

Luckey7indy on Sex Stories

She whined “I gave you a blow job before your calc exam and a hand job before your physics class, geez man what else do you want?”

 He raised his an eyebrow and whispered “A quickie before gym class, come on please, it will give me courage.”

“Again…more, geez man if I didn’t love you so much I would never do this, where and when?”

“supply room 4 in like 25 mins” he fingered her tank top “and ware something sexy”

“you nerdic bastard I’ll ware what I want” she smiled cheekily “ I’ll be in nothing.”


This is the strange, bizarre and sex-soaked relationship of Benjamin Carl Harris and Carly Alice Adams, he a cha

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mpion nerd and she a champion tennis. Two very different people thrown together in the by fate and lust in the barbarous times of our lives known as high school.



Ben “Benji” Harris, 17, 6’1”, short dark brown hair, grey eyes, black plastic frame glasses


Carly Adams, 17, 5’5”, natural blonde hair, green eyes, very fit with beautiful legs



12:45pm. Ben opens the door to the tech supply room and looks up and down the hall. No one he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“Carly?” he whispered

“yes?” she said

Then he saw her perched on a desk, completely naked one leg propped up on the wooden desk the other hanging lazily down. His eyes traveled up Her toned tummy and her perky breasts. The necklace of a sword hung nestled between her breasts. He walked towards her and slid his hands across her shoulders down her breasts and fingered her necklace

“the sword of the sun does suit my princess very well” Ben said

“you are such a fucking geek” Carly sighed and started to undo his belt buckle

“umm no, don’t do that” Ben said as he ran his hands down her thighs “ I’m really hungry from some dessert.”

“what about gym class? You aren’t going?” Carly was slightly surprised

“nah” Ben said as he pushed Carly onto her back and put his glasses on top of his head “ I think I will get enough exercise on my own time.” Carly laid back and Ben wrapped is arms around her thighs and kissed her inner thighs, Making a trail towards her pussy. A little blonde landing strip made him smile as his tongue  danced along her outer pussy lips. Softly and deftly he slid his tongue and separated to find her pink treasure, wet and waiting. He teased her clit, light touches that made her slightly moan. Then softly he started making circles with his tongue. Carly tensed and giggled she ran her hands over Ben’s head and pulled softly at his hair, she pulled his glasses off his head and sucked on the arm of his glasses. Her teeth marks from previous adventures were badges of what was to come. Ben started a little faster and Carly gasped for breath, she bit on glasses a little bit harder. He moved one hand and slid 2 fingers into her very wet pussy instantly her hips started moving. He pushed his head in closer to her pussy and licked with such vigor. His hand moving slowly at first gained speed, he knew she was going to cum soon. Her shuttering sighs and stifled moans were the best indicators ever.


“benji, oh benji….ohhh, ohhhh, benji”


she moaned his name though clenched teeth he kept going just hearing his name made him want to make her cum ever more. With a gasped “benji” and scream she tried to stifle she cummed. This did not stop him one was never enough for his girl. His tongue and hand moved faster her pussy so wet it dripped down his hand


“oh gawd benji, benji ohhhhhh.”,


2, 3,4,5


 “stop benji, oh benji” she was gasping for breath.


Ben slowed and removed his fingers and placed the hand on her shuttering belly. He lapped her pussy clean and then his fingers and hand.

“now I have had my dessert.” Ben said as he licked his lips, Carly was still shuttering sat up and slid over to him. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him very hard. Her tongue slid easily into his waiting mouth. Carly started to unbutton his shirt and kissed his neck and chest.

“so do you want some after dinner fun, do you wana fuck me?” Carly said as she played with Ben’s belt buckle


Ben undid his buckle and un buttoned his pants, as they hit the floor Carly smiled at the 7.5 inches point towards her.


“couch, Now” Ben ordered

“ok, sir, what ever you say” Carly giggled


She lay down on the red couch and rested one leg up on the top of the couch. Be lifted her other leg up, the still damp and happy pussy greeted him. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, a lovely teaser. Then he slid into her, Carly smiled at the familiar but oh so wonderful feeling. Ben smiled to it was tight now matter how much they fucked she was always tight hugging his cock. At first he was slow but steady, sliding in and out with patience. But then he got ravenous, he stated going faster and harder. Carly’s whole body was bouncing. Ben gripped her legs tighter and rammed her even harder. Carly was screaming again by now she loved when he got angry and just so hungry for her pussy. Each thrust sent shots of pleasure up her spine. She didn’t care that she was screaming now, fuck school she hated it. She just wanted ben’s cock fucking her. Ben’s closed his eyes and let out a low moan he rammed hard one more time and he cummed deep insider her.  he felt her pussy milking him she wanted his cum so bad. A few more weak thrusts and he pulled out. Both were panting and sweat glistened on their naked bodies. Ben kissed Carly and helped her up. They both dressed and stole long kisses.

Ben looked at his cell phone “wow it’s 2pm, we get out of school in 15 mins.”

“nice day I think” Carly said “I have practice till 5, though I don’t know how I’m going to do much moving”

“sorry” Ben said in a low, guilty voice

They left the supply room and started down the hallway, Carly pushed Ben against a locker and kissed him “nothing to be sorry about, nothing at all” she whispered in his ear. And kissed him again

“no no no none of that that in school, separate” a teacher said as she walked by.


Ben and Carly just laughed.


Summer With The Rebeccas

ddn2003 on Sex Stories

I was living in Toronto, Canada.  At the time, I was 30 years old, six feet tall and 240 pounds.  I had accrued eight extra weeks of vacation days at work and was told to use it all by the end of the 2008.  I decided to take the summer off from my job and visit the Rebeccas in Dallas, Texas.

I met both Rebeccas online.  As it turns out, they were best friends since kindergarten.  They were both 24 years old.  Over the last two years, the three of us had become close friends.  We spoke on the phone often, about everything from our lives, triumphs, problems and frustrations – including sex.  They had been buggi

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ng me to visit for some time now.

I got off the plane, got my baggage and headed to the exit gate.  While I had sent them pictures of me, they never sent pictures, so I was looking around almost blindly.  All of a sudden, I heard two very excited voices calling my name!  I walked over and said “You must be the my Rebeccas”.

The one on the left said “Of course we are, silly!”

The Rebecca on the right said “Let’s get outta here and start the best summer of your life!”

The whole limo ride to the hotel, I was thinking “Thank you God!”  They were stunning!  Rebecca C was about 5’6”, maybe 120 pounds, large B cup breasts, beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes.  Rebecca P was about the same height, about 140 pounds, C or D cup breasts, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

Rebecca C was telling me that they got a suite in the hotel, so they didn’t have to travel back to Richardson (northeast of Dallas) every night.  We headed up to the suite.  It was huge!  It was more like a 3 bedroom condo, than a hotel suite!  Once again I was thanking God!  This time because I wasn’t paying for the suite.  Rebecca C was a successful local clothing designer and Rebecca P was a teacher at a prestigious private school.  I was told that I’m not paying for anything this summer.

“Ok, Dan.  Now that you’re finally here, what would you like to do first?” asked Rebecca P.

“It’s dinner time in Toronto.  Perhaps, we could go to dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.  Did you bring a suit?” replied Rebecca P.

“I did.  Why?”

“Because we’re taking you to a nice restaurant, silly!  Go get dressed!” said Rebecca C.

With that, the Rebeccas headed to their respective rooms to get changed.  About 20 minutes later, I thought I died and gone to heaven.  Rebecca C was wearing a tight and very short blue dress with spaghetti straps.  Rebecca P was wearing a slightly longer and looser black dress with a V-shaped neckline.  It really showed off her amazing cleavage!

“I’m going to be the envy of every man there!” I said.

“Why is that?” asked Rebecca C.  As if she didn’t know.

“I’m going to walk in with a drop dead gorgeous lady on each arm!”

“Oh you charmer!” said Rebecca P.

“You clean up pretty well yourself, Dan!” said Rebecca C.

We headed downstairs.  The limo was waiting for us.  The restaurant seated us in a secluded booth.  It was a Dan sandwich!  A beautiful woman on either side of me!  Dinner was out of this world!  Wine, food, dessert and 2 hands rubbing my thighs!  We paid the bill and headed back to the hotel.

In the limo, the Rebeccas took it to the next level.  They started making out with each other!  It was a sight to see!  I came back to earth and realized that our driver was watching everything. I closed the divider, apologizing to him.  Rebecca C broke her kiss to say thank you.  She then got on her knees and stuck her head under the other’s dress.  I wasn’t able to see what was happening down there, but Rebecca P was moaning louder and louder towards an orgasm.

“Keep going Bec!  I’m soooooo... AHHHHH!!!”

Becca (P) was laying there smiling.  Bec (C) pulled her head out.  Her face was covered in cum.  She got back on the seat, grabbed a handful of my cock and kissed me.  Becca sure tasted sweet!  We got back to the hotel and quickly headed up to the suite.

“Wow!  That was...”  I tried to say.

“That was nothing compared to what we’ve wanted to do to you!”  Interrupted Bec.

“Go to your room.  We’ll be there shortly.”  Added Becca.

I headed to my room and quickly undressed down to my boxer-briefs.  About ten minutes later, the Rebeccas entered my room.  My mouth fell open!  The two of them struck a pose before passionately kissing each other.

Becca looked at me and said “I take it you like what you see?”

She was standing there see-through red teddy and stockings.  I could only nod my head up and down.

“Becca, I think that means yes!”

Bec was wearing the skimpiest black lace bra and thong.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I was drooling.  They both climbed on the bed, Becca on my left and Bec on my right.  They leaned over me and made out again.  Bec broke the kiss, looked at me and then my cock.

“Judging by the tent in his draws, I think Dan is feeling left out”

“Sorry Dan.  We’re all yours.  What would you like us to do first?”  asked Becca.

“Um... How about the two of you undress each other?”

With that said, they began to seductively undress each other.  They then turned to me and began yanking at my underwear.  My cock is only about six inches long, but it’s pretty thick.

“Ok Dan.  We’re all naked.  Now what?”  Asked Bec.

Looking at Bec, I replied “You did an awesome job of making Becca cum in the limo, but you and I haven’t cum yet.”

Bec got on top of me in a 69 and started sucking my cock.  Becca and I took her queue.  I began to eat Bec out, while Becca joined Bec in sucking my cock and playing with my balls.  What a feeling it was to have two mouths and four hands touch me down there all at the same time.  I was getting close and apparently so was Bec, as she was focusing on her own pleasure.  It wasn’t long before Bec came hard and squirted all over my face.  As unexpected as that was, it set off my orgasm into Becca’s mouth.  The two of them shared a passionate kiss above my cock.

“Bec, you never told me you were a squirter!” said Becca.

“That was the first time in a long time that I have squirted.  Sorry Dan.”

“Sorry for what?!  That was awesome!  It’s always been a fantasy of mine!”  I said.

“Well then... Your welcome!”

“Ladies, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to rinse off my face.  Don’t do anything without me!”

A couple minutes later, I returned to find them in a 69.  Becca was on top.  I had a perfect view of Becca’s fine ass and pussy!  I walked over to them and made eye contact with Bec.  She grabbed my cock and lined it up with Becca pussy.  I grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in.

“Oh!  Mmmmm!”  Moaned Becca.

I started fucking Becca faster.  Bec started fingering Becca’s ass.  We were going at for about ten minutes.  Becca’s pussy was almost form-fitting around my cock.

“Becca keep working my clit!  I’m so close to cumming!”

I chimed in “Me too Becca!  Your pussy is amazing!”

“Dan, cum in my ass!”

Bec pulled her fingers out of Becca’s ass and I pulled out of her pussy.  I pushed in until my cock head was almost in and pulled out.  I repeated the process again and was pushing in again when Becca said “Stop teasing me and fuck my ass!” as she slammed back against my cock.  I was now all the way in her ass.

“How badly do you want me to cum in your ass?  Maybe I’ll keep my cum for Bec!”  I said.

I got my answer my answer when she started working her ass muscles and tightened her grip on my cock.

“Ok, Ok!”  I said.

Just as I started fucking Becca’s ass, Bec came hard.

“Thanks Becca!  That was amazing!”  With that said, Bec went back to eating Becca’s pussy.

“Keep going you two!  I’m close!” Becca said, just moments before she came.

She stiffened up, which set me off.  Spurt and spurt of my cum went deep into Becca’s ass.

“So Dan, don’t ya wish you had visited long ago?”  Asked Bec.

“Hell yeah! But we ain’t done yet!  I haven’t fucked you yet!”  I replied.

“We have lots of time this summer for that!  I’ll be right back.”  Becca said.

I got under the covers with Bec.  A few minutes later, Becca joined us under the covers.  We all fell asleep together.

I awoke the next morning alone in bed.  I walked into the bathroom to pee and heard some noises coming from my shower.  I looked over and saw the two of them making out in the shower.

“You couldn’t wait for me?!”

“No, we figured you were tired.”  Becca replied.

“Any room in there for me?”

“Plenty, but we’re just about done in here.”  Bec answered.

“Are you ready for round two?”  Becca asked.

“Hell Yeah!”

I watched the two of them dry each other off.  Bec and I started making out on the bed, while Becca disappeared.  Bec was on top of me.  She lined up my cock with her pussy and sank down.

“Mmmmmmm!  Becca was right your cock feels amazing!”

We started fucking.  Hard to imagine a better feeling than Becca’s pussy or ass, but I had found it!  We had a good rhythm going when Becca finally returned.  She was wearing a strap-on dildo.

“Hey Bec!  How about Dan and I fulfill a fantasy of yours?”  She asked while walking up to the bed.

“Which one?”

“The one where Dan and I fuck your pussy and ass at the same time.”  Becca replied.

“You had to ask?”

Bec and I stopped fucking for a moment.  Becca grabbed the rubber cock and guided it into Bec’s ass.

“Oh my God!  This feels awesome!  Both of you start fucking me NOW!”

We did as we were told.  We quickly developed a steady rhythm.  Bec was in ecstasy.  I found it hard to believe, but this was the first time Bec had tried double penetration.  I was kind of honored to be part of her first time.

“I’m cumming!”  Bec tried to say.  It sounded more like “I’m cu....”

“I’m close!  Where do you want my cum?”  I asked.

“She’s on the pill.  You can cum in her pussy!”  Becca responded.


She managed to shake her head yes.  I let my cum squirt all over the inside of her pussy.  Becca pulled out of her ass and Bec rolled off my cock.  Becca took off the dildo and went to work on Bec’s cum filled pussy.

“My cock could use a cleaning too Becca!”

“Don’t worry Dan.”  Becca replied.

Bec came again.  She was exhausted.  Becca turned to me and began cleaning my cock.

“Sorry Becca, I don’t think I’ll be able to cum again.”

“That’s ok.  You and Bec rest up.  I have some school work that needs to get done.  I’m going to go get dressed and head into the school.  I’ll meet you later for dinner.”

Bec and I fell asleep spooning.  My cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

It was an awesome summer!  The Rebeccas took me to see all the sights of the city and of course, I got to see more of their kinky side!  As Bec had her work and Becca had summer classes to teach, I got to spend some time with them individually.

By the end of the summer, Bec and I had fallen in love.  I requested a transfer to Texas so we could continue our relationship.  It’s been eight months and Bec and I are still dating.  Becca has since met a guy of her own.  We make quite the foursome!  ;)

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pace_purr on Sex Stories

Anne joined me in the coffee shop at Collonades with a big smile on her face, I asked what caused the smile.

"Oh. I've had a young guy following me for the last hour, every chance he's had he's been looking at my tits"

Not surprising really they were pretty good to look at, she was wearing an off the shoulder peasant blouse with no bra, her nipples pushed against the fabric unmissable. That and the long legs under the mini skirt made her stand out anywere.

"Don't look but he's just standing at the entrance".

I glanced over seeing the guy she meant, he looked very young eighteen at the oldest. Typical teenager sex over ruling common sense, but at least he didn't look like one of the young deadbeats that often hung around the new shopping centr

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e. I asked Anne if she wanted me to warn him off, I imagined just walking towards him would cause him to run.

"No, don't be rotten he's kind of cute, flattering really".

She had more shopping to do so I gave her a kiss and watched her as she walked away, the young guy following her like a faithfull puppy. I in the meantime headed out to my taxi intending to put in another four hours before handing the cab over to my night driver.

In the meantime (as told to me later) Anne proceeded with her shopping. Her admirer never far behind her, she went in to Myers to look at dresses trying on a couple she left open the curtain a little after noticing her admirer was in a position to see. This allowed him to catch glimpses of her tits in the mirror after trying on four she decided to look for a new bra, lacy underwires that lifted her tits making them appear larger than the 36" she already was. Again she went into the changing room where a slightly opened curtain made her visible in the mirror from outside, she tried on the bra's posing and admiring them, handling her breasts to make the fit better, she had felt herself getting a little damp knowing she was being watched imagining what the young guys cock was doing. Coming out of the canging room she took back three of the bra's passing her admirer, she noticed there was a definite bulge in his jeans. Holding up the bra she had chosen she asked him if he liked it, he flushed bright red and nodded.

Anne expected him to run then but no as she left he followed, outside she stopped suddenly and turned to him.

"Look if you are going to keep following me and looking at my tits the least you can do is tell me your name" she asked him.

Apparently he managed to remember his name was John.

"Okay John you can either walk alongside me and we can talk, or you can stop bloody following me as it's annoying, whats it to be?"

John decided on the former and they went for a coffee. John was seventeen he lived in Onkaparinga Hills apparently not far from us he didn't have a girlfriend and had seen Anne a couple of times before also following her for a while.

"John, my love that's called stalking, if you keep doing that you are going to end up getting arrested. Because not all women are like me, some really get freaked out at guys staring at their tits"

"I'm sorry but I think you are beautifull" realising what he had said he blushed again.

More talk found out he was a virgin, his parents were seperated he was a student with little money. Anne couldn't help herself it was the lost dog syndrome, she offerd him a lift if he would carry the shopping.

I arrived home to find Anne and John in the spa relaxing, she got out when she saw me and came inside.

"Is that the young guy from the shopping centre?" I asked.

"Yes, one and the same nice young lad seventeen, he was a virgin"

"You mean is a virgin?" I corrected.

"No, I mean was a virgin, he isn't now" she said "and I dont want you giving him a hard time"

She filled me in on everything leading up to now, how when they had got to our home he had helped her in with the shopping, helped her put it away. To give him a bit of a treat she had put on her new bra and modeled it for him, this appears to have given him an enormous erection. Anne once again had been very flattered had given him a kiss for being so sweet, he had put his arms round her and kissed back his cock was pushing against her. Anne had got all horny and reached down to feel his cock, impressed by the size she began stroking it. On asking if John would like to have sex with her, she had almost been raped his hands seemed to have a life of their own moving all over her body trying to take off her clothes and his at the same time and at the same time feel her up.

She finally got him to settle down and took him into the bedroom, she slowly undressed him and herself. At least his hygene had been good, pushing down onto the bed she had taken his cock into her mouth just in time to get a mouthfull of cum. Swallowing as much as she could she allowed the rest to dribble out of her mouth onto his belly, looking at his face he looked distraught.

"Dont worry, that happens the first time with younger guys, you will be ready again soon" Anne had told him.

She had then slowly started bringing him back to readiness again, at the same time allowing him free access to her body, showing him what she liked and how she liked it done. For the first time he tasted a womans vagina, apparently wanting to keep on tongueing it even when his cock was again ready. Anne had once again used her mouth and tongue though was a little wary of getting another mouthfull. But this time John was able to control himself, she kept him on his back for this first time straddling him she slowly lowered herself onto his lovely young cock. She guided his hands to her breasts encouraging him to play with them and her nipples, while she concentrated on bringing them both to a satisfying orgasm. Anne admitted to me it was a bit of a power trip for her and she had slightly dominated him, by telling him he was not going to cum until she wanted him to. Apparently she had ridden him quite hard driving his young cock deep inside herself at times though at other times she moved so slowly that it was driving her mad as she wanted his hardness to slam into her. After fifteen minutes of this John was no longer able to control himself Anne felt his cock thicken and start to throb and knew his cum was flooding her womb, thank God she was on the pill.

When they had finished they had showered together soaping each others bodies and nearly fucking again, but Anne controlled herself. After the shower they had a drink and went out to the spa, where Anne had told him not to panic if her husband came home as he wouldn't do anything to him and thats where I found them when I got home.

More to come

The Mis-adventures of Keli-The Construction site

BadGirlKeli on Sex Stories

Hi. My name is Keli and I first found out about sex at a very young age. I have decided to write about some of the things that happened to me, the more memorable experiences. I am fleshing out the stories to make them more readable but the basic events occurred. Some names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. (And the not so innocent). Although I initiated and enjoyed many of my experiences, I do not advocate sex with children. Keep that fantasy a fantasy. I would appreciate any positive feedback to help me improve future stories.

This story starts out with a bit of background. Please be patient.

Keli Pierce was a pretty child, the odd spelling of her name the legacy of a mother who died when Keli was five. She had recently turned nine althoug

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h most people meeting her for the first time guessed her age at two, sometimes even three years younger. She was very short and petite with green eyes and long dark blonde hair hanging almost to her butt.

Her father was a Colonel in the military, a troubleshooter who was sent all over the world taking care of problems. After his wife died, he refused to pawn his daughter off on relatives, instead hiring a succession of live in maids or having babysitters who could stay over while he was gone. He also refused to live on the military base, instead going early to each duty station and renting an apartment or house in a nearby town in order to expose his child to the local culture and language.

The kids living on the military base went to school according to age and grade level but there weren't enough children living in town to do that so all the children were taught in a single, large classroom. Keli was very bright, working three grade levels ahead of her age group and finding even that boring. Because of this, she was stuck with the nickname ‘Einstien'. She was leftwithout any friends because the kids her own age seemed childish and rather stupid and the older kids wouldn't have anything to do with someone who looked as young as she did.

One afternoon in July Keli was walking home from a nearby park. Wearing a white tee shirt and cutoff bluejean shorts, her arms and legs showed a dark tan. Taking a shortcut thru an open field, she heard the sound of laughing and yelling coming from where a new apartment building was being constructed. She walked over to the chain link fence surrounding the project and saw one of the construction workers squirting a group of native kids with a water hose. She watched for a couple of minutes and was getting ready to leave when the man with the hose saw her. He held the hose up and grinned, motioning her to come in and join in the fun. Keli almost walked away knowing if she went home with her hair and clothes wet the maid would have a fit but the lure of actually playing with other kids was too strong and she went in thru the gate. Keli rarely did what her father and the maid expected of her and this was no exception.

A few of the girls that looked to be Keli's age or older were playing without their shirts on and one girl was wearing only her panties. As soon as Keli was close enough, the man with the hose sprayed her, instantly soaking her clothes and causing her to almost lose her breath. The water was cold, causing her tiny nipples to become hard and visible through her wet shirt. It didn't take long before Keli was running and laughing with the other kids. She didn't notice that even though some girls weren't wearing shirts, the man with the hose seemed to spend a lot of time looking at Keli. The afternoon passed swiftly and Keli was having so much fun she almost didn't notice the last of the local kids leaving. She realized she had a problem. How was she going to get home, in her room, and her clothes changed without Meka, the maid, noticing she was wet.

"You go now?"

Keli realized the man was talking to her.

"You go now?" he repeated.

" you speak English?" Keli asked.

"Yes, speak good English," the man answered, grinning.

"I have a problem," Keli explained. "If I go home with wet clothes, I'll get in trouble."

The man looked at her blankly, then smiled and nodded his head.

"You need to fix?" he asked.

"Yes, that's right. I need to fix," Keli answered.

The man started toward the back of the construction site but stopped when he noticed Keli wasn't following him.

"Come," he said, beckoning, "Is ok. You follow. We fix."

Keli hesitated, then started after the man. He led to her to a good sized shed in a rear corner of the lot. The man entered the shed, then popped his head back out through the doorway.

"Come," he told Keli. "I show you, to fix."

Keli cautiously entered the shed and was immediately assailed by the odor. She realized it was a large outhouse which included three toilet seats with lids, a sink, a low bench and some wooden boxes.

"Eww," Keli complained. "It smells like diarrhea in here!"

"Di-uh-ree-uh?" The man said, trying to pronounce the unfamiliar English word.

"You know, poop?" Keli asked him.

"Oh." The man said, understanding. "Shit." He shrugged as if in apology. "Shit smells."

The man looked at Keli, telling her, "I leave. You take clothes, squeeze water out." He made motions with his hands showing Keli what he meant. "Give to me, I put in sun, dry quick." He smiled. "You understand?"

"I don't know..." Keli said dubiously.

"Yes," the man said grinning. "Squeeze out water, dry in sun. I go outside now."

The man left, closing the door behind him and moved to where there was a small hole in one wall of the building.

There was just enough light coming thru the vents cut at the top of the walls for Keli to see, and unknown to her, to be seen.

Thinking about taking her clothes off outside her home made Keli feel strange, but if she showed up at home wet, Meka would give her some kind of punishment, maybe even telling Keli's father. Her father was real strict about Keli behaving like a proper young lady. Playing with a bunch of native kids at a construction site would definitely not qualify as ‘Ladylike." That decided her. Keli pulled off her tee-shirt, set it on the bench, then took off her shorts and panties. Tossing the panties on her shirt, she tried wringing out the denim shorts but didn't have enough muscle to get much water out.

Looking through the hole in the outhouse the man could see that the girl's butt was so white compared to her legs that it almost glowed. He could also see she was having trouble. He hesitated a moment, having only planned on sneaking a peek. Messing with local girls was one thing but a young, white American girl could cause him a lot of trouble. The young girl's white skin ended up being too much to resist. He knocked on the door.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked. "You have problem?"

Keli didn't answer immediately but finally said, "Yes, I'm not...I mean I can't get the water out of my shorts. I'm not strong enough."

"You need help?" the man asked.

"Yes please," Keli answered politely.

"I come" the man inquired.

Keli thought it over, wondering why she was even considering it. Without really knowing why, she gave the answer that would end up changing her life.

"Okay," Keli told him.

The man opened the door and entered as Keli stood there nude. The light from the open door gave the man a clear view of the backside of her young body, the view fading as he closed the door. He took the denim shorts from Keli, and using his strong hands easily wrung the water out over the sink then repeating the action with her shirt and panties. Putting the girl's clothes on the bench, he started to remove his own clothes.

"WHAT are you doing?" Keli demanded.

The man paused, as if confused, then looked at the young girl and said, "My clothes also wet, need to dry."

Keli looked back over her shoulder at the man and thought maybe she should just get dressed and take her chances at home but she really wanted to see what a naked man looked like. The mpetuous curiosity that had gotten her in trouble so many times before struck again.

"Well.. ok then, I guess," She finally said.

The man finished removing his clothes then gathered both Keli's and his own and started for the door.

"I go put in sun," he told her, "Clothes dry quick."

Without waiting for an answer, the man exited the outhouse wearing only his boots. He returned momentarily without the clothes then sat on the bench.

"Good sun," he said," Good dry half hour."

Keli thought about sitting around nude for an hour with a grown man who was also naked and the idea curiously excited her. She became aware of a slight tingling throughout her body, a feeling she always got when she was doing something bad. She still had her back turned to him but had become tired of standing so she turned to sit on one of the larger boxes. As she turned, she noticed the man staring at her and even in the dim light could see he had a strange look on his face. She sat down, keeping her knees together so her privates wouldn't be exposed and caught herself trying to catch a glimpse of the man's privates. In the faint light, she could just make out the man's groin area and she wasn't impressed. His ‘thing' was small and flabby. She knew her biology and wondered how in the world something like that could make babies. Glancing up, she blushed bright red as she saw the man had caught her looking at him.

The man started talking and gave his name. "Me, I am Ahmed. Your name is....?"

"Keli." She answered, " My name is Keli."

"Keli. Keli is pretty name for pretty girl." He told her, " You are about..six, seven years old?"

"No," Keli replied indignantly. " I ‘m nine years old. I'm just small for my age."

"Oh, nine years old," Amed said. "You are big girl."

No one had ever called Keli a big or pretty girl before. "You think so?" she asked.

"Oh yes." Ahmed said, nodding his head. "Six, seven, is little girl. Nine, is big girl.

After the heat outside, the cool interior of the building and a slight breeze blowing through the gaps around the door left Keli feeling slightly chilly, causing her to shiver.

Ahmed noticed the girl shiver and asked her, "You are cold?"

"Yes," Keli answered, "A little ."

"You want Ahmed to fix?" Ahmed asked her.

"Yes please." Keli answered, wondering if maybe he had a blanket somewhere.

Ahmed beckoned to her and when Keli slowly stood up and approached him, he took her by the waist and turned her so she was facing away from him.

"What are you doing?" Keli asked nervously.

"Good rub. Rub rub. Get you warm." He answered.

With Keli facing away from him Ahmed began to briskly, but not too hard, rub her body. He started at her shoulders, rubbing downwards, moving to her arms, then to her sides, down over her hips and down her legs to her ankles.

The brisk rubbing was actually helping to warm her up a bit and although surprised at the physical contact, Keli refrained from speaking, allowing the man to move his hands up and down her body.

"You are very pretty, very sexy." He told her.

As smart as she was, Keli was taken by Ahmed's flattery. People didn't usually refer to her as pretty. Usually people referred to how small she was. And she wasn't sure what sexy meant exactly, but it sounded good.

When his hands reached Keli's ankles for the third time, he switched form doing the outside of both legs at the same time to doing the inside and outside of just one leg. As his hands reached the top of her thighs, he let the fingers of the inside hand brush the lips of her young pussy, causing her to flinch. His hands moved up and down her leg, each time stroking the young girl's virgin pussy. He moved his attentions to her other leg, repeating the process.

The tingling in Keli's body was increasing and there was now a funny feeling in her private area. She was beginning to really enjoy the man's attentions when he suddenly stopped. Ahmed stood up and moved Keli to one wall of the small building. He took her hands and reaching around her, placed them on the wall.

"Hold hands here," He told her, "For brace."

Keli didn't understand but as Ahmed started rubbing her back she caught on. Ahmed moved down Keli's back, over her ass to her thighs. As he massaged the top part of her thighs he deliberately kept rubbing her young pussy, occasionally giving her ass a gentle squeeze. The contact of Ahmed's hands on her butt and privates was causing the tingling in Keli's body to increase even more. She suddenly had a realization. She was doing something ‘nasty', and it excited her. She didn't know why but it did, and she liked it.

Giving Keli's butt a final squeeze, Ahmed moved his hands to the front of Keli's hips. As he did so, he moved closer, parts of his body now touching Keli's. When he reached Keli's stomach, he started rubbing slower and softer, at the same time gently pulling the girl's body to his. When his hands arrived at Keli's chest, he lightly kneaded her non-existent breasts causing her small nipples to become hard.

Keli was now thoroughly enjoying the man's attention when she became aware of something hard poking her in the butt. The man's hands were gently rubbing her titties so it couldn't be them.

So she asked, "Ahmed, what's poking me in the rear-end?"

"Ah," he answered, "That is you say in cock."

"Cock? You mean your thing.?"

"No, not ‘thing'. Cock. Is what I pee with."

"Oh, it's called a cock." Kelly said, understanding. " But I .....when I peeked at you it looked kinda small and soft."

Ahmed removed one hand from Keli's chest, took one of Keli's hands and placed it on his cock. "Feel." he said.

Keli was momentarily shocked as she felt her hand come into contact with the man's ‘cock' but her small hand almost involuntarily closed around Ahmed's hard cock.

"It's hard," she said, surprised. "But soft at the same time. What happened?"

"My cock, it gets hard when I am with sexy girl." Ahmed told her.

Stepping back, he forced Keli to let go of his cock. He then took one of the smaller boxes and moved it closer to the wall and told Keli to step up on it. He replaced Keli's hands on the wall, then placed his cock between Keli's legs.

Keli, flattered at being called ‘Sexy' again, still asked, "What are you doing?"

Ahmed pressing inward on Keli's thighs, answered, "Please to close legs. We fuckee fuckee."

" Fuckee fuckee? What's fuckee fuckee?" Keli asked, closing her legs.

Without answering and pushing his hips forward, Ahmed started to slowly fuck between Keli's tightly closed legs. Each time the head of his cock went as far forward as it could go, it would just graze the lips of Keli's pussy, causing her body to slightly jerk.

The tingling in her body was very strong now and there was a warmth building in her privates. She thought, "Now I'm really doing something nasty."

Ahmed increased his efforts, pumping his cock between Keli's legs faster and faster, pulling her hips back each time he thrust forward. The feeling in her groin was becoming quite pleasurable when suddenly Keli felt a warm, wet sensation between her legs while at the same time hearing Ahmed grunt.

Ahmed stepped back and now that he was finished, suddenly became afraid. He quickly reached over to the bench, grabbed his shirt and began wiping his cum from between Keli's legs all the while saying "Sorry...sorry."

Keli wasn't quite sure what had happened or why Ahmed was apologizing but was disappointed that it seemed to be over. Ahmed handed her clothes to her and as she got dressed he did the same. Before he pulled his shorts up, Keli could see his cock was becoming small and soft again. She could also see he looked very worried, almost scared.

Ahmed reached in his pocket, pulled out some local money and peeled off a bill.

"Here, you take," He said extending a fifty lira note to the girl. "You no secret, ok?"

Keli took the lira, a months allowance for her and realized Ahmed was paying for her silence. She didn't tell him she had no intention of saying anything, knowing the kind of trouble she would get in if she did.

Ahmed opened the door, ushered Keli out of the outhouse and quickly led her to the gate. Checking to see if anyone was watching and seeing no one, he unlocked and opened the gate and pushed her through.

As he held one finger to his lips he said, "Remember..secret!"

Keli just nodded and slowly walked home, many new concepts running through her mind and fifty lira in her pocket. She smiled.



Over the next several days Keli found herself thinking about what had happened at the construction site. If she dwelt on the idea for any length of time, the tingling in her body would start. It made her feel almost...itchy. At night, after she had gone to bed Keli would sometimes lightly rub her pussy and wonder why she was doing it. Doing or thinking about doing something nasty again left her feeling so very strange, and, itchy. She decided she would go back to the construction site.

The following Friday after her Father had left for an overnight trip, Keli left her house and walked down the street heading for the construction site. Stopping at the edge of an adjacent field Keli watched and waited as the workers stopped their labors and one by one went home. When Keli was sure all the workers had left except Ahmed, She approached the gate and she saw him rolling up some hose.

"Hey, Ahmed! " she called. "Ahmed!"

Ahmed turned, surprised at seeing the young American girl. He had thought she wouldn't come back. He motioned her in and walked towards her.

"Hey sexy girl. You come to see Ahmed?" He asked.

"I was just walking by and saw you so I thought I'd say hi." Keli answered.

"Ah. Ahmed thought maybe you come back for more fun.

Not looking directly at the man Keli said, " No, I was just going home when I saw you." Kelly hesitated for a few seconds then said " But I don't have to be home right this minute . I could hang around for a while."

Ahmed turned his attention back to his task telling Keli "O.K. You wait, Ahmed finish work."

"Alright" Keli replied

Keli wandered around the yard trying to ignore the little voice in her head that was telling her to forget all about Ahmed and nasty things and get her butt back home right now. She was startled out of her inner struggle when Ahmed suddenly appeared beside her.

"Hey sexy girl. You want go play with Ahmed?" he asked.

With just a slight hesitation Keli nodded her head. " I guess so, if you want to."

Ahmed grinned, thinking about how dangerous this was but excited past the point of caring replied, "Yes, I want to. Come with Ahmed."

Ahmed turned and once again headed towards the small building at the rear of the site. Upon reaching the outhouse, Keli followed Ahmed inside. Once Keli was inside, Ahmed closed the door plunging the small room into darkness. Both Keli and Ahmed stood still for a moment, waiting for their eyes to adjust to the dimness.

Once he could see again, Ahmed moved next to Keli and gave her a hug, gently squeezing her ass at the same time.

"Ahmed hoped very much Keli girl come back." Ahmed told her.

Releasing Keli, Ahmed started removing his clothing but when Keli followed suit Ahmed stopped her.

"No," he said, "Ahmed want to do."

Ahmed finished undressing then moved over to Keli and slowly lifted up her t-shirt. Standing close behind her he reached around and softly rubbed the preteen's almost non-existent breasts paying close attention to her tiny nipples.

Keli, relaxing a little now that she was actually doing something again just stood there and enjoyed the man's hands on her body. Ahmed lifted Keli's t-shirt over her head and tossed it on one of the boxes. He started rubbing lower and lower until he was sliding his hands under the waist of Keli's shorts. Ahmed unsnapped her shorts and pulled them and her panties down. Keli lifted first one foot then the other without complaint letting Ahmed toss her shorts and panties on top of her t-shirt.

Ahmed, enjoying the feel of the girl's prepubescent body started to lightly stroke her pussy with one hand while gently squeezing her nipples with the other.

Keli stood unmoving, lost in the pleasurable feelings she was experiencing. Ahmed continued to rub her body for a while then abruptly stopped. When the rubbing stopped, Keli turned her head to see why and saw Ahmed scooping up a handful of white greasy hand cleaner from a can that was kept by the sink. Ahmed turned back to the girl and rubbed the thick grease-like soap between her legs and directly on the adolescent girl's pussy. Keli was surprised at how much better it felt with the slippery hand cleaner providing lubrication.

Ahmed moved around Keli and took her arm, gently pulling her up on the same box she had stood on the first time. Moving up behind her Ahmed pushed his cock between her legs. Keli started to close her legs like she had done before but Ahmed stopped her.

"No, open legs wide. We do different this time." the man told her.

"Okay." Keli replied agreeingly, spreading her legs.

Ahmed pushed forward so that the head of his cock was touching the child's pussy.

"You like this, to fukee fukee?" he asked.

"Yes," Keli replied. "It feels nice."

The warm tingling in her body was very strong now and Keli was almost in a trance when Ahmed started to push just a tiny bit harder causing the tip of his cock to just slip between the lips of Keli's young virgin pussy. Keli didn't mind the feeling of Ahmed's cock rubbing just inside her privates for it was giving her new, different sensations. The tingling in her body was so warm, and so strong now it was almost unbearable. Keli knew she was really ‘BadGirlKeli' this time.

Suddenly, as Ahmed tried to push more of his cock in her privates, Keli felt a slightly painful pressure in her privates.

"Ahmed? It's starting to hurt a little."

Ahmed ignored the girl, pushing even harder causing Keli to try and move forward, away from the pressure but Ahmed grasped her hips and pulled her back.

"Ahmed, it's really starting to hurt! Please stop!" Keli begged.

Ahmed was beyond listening or caring and thrust forward hard while pulling Keli back by her hips allowing him to bury his entire cock in the young girl's pussy.

Keli couldn't believe the intense pain that suddenly ripped thru her body causing her to scream in pain. Since the construction site was not near any homes, no one heard the screams of the young girl. Or if someone did, they ignored them.

Keli was crying and pleading with Ahmed to stop but his movements became more frenzied. Ahmed was thrusting forward at the same time pulling he was pulling Keli back to him when suddenly he pulled back too far and his cock popped out of the girl's pussy. In frustration, he thrust forward blindly trying to bury his cock back in Keli's tight warm pussy again but missed and instead buryed his cock all the way in the girl's ass. A new, fresh burning sensation tore through Keli causing her to scream out once again and cry for Ahmed to stop. After only a few strokes in Keli's ass Ahmed pulled back and entered her pussy again. It only took a few seconds more when once again with a groaning sound Ahmed was done. He slowly pulled out of Keli leaving the young girl sobbing. His cock was covered in Keli's blood, and blood trickled down the her leg.

Ahmed stared in horror at the blood on Keli's leg, suddenly realizing the danger he was in. If the girl told on him, he wouldn't stay alive a single month in prison.

Still sobbing, Keli turned and yelled,"You HURT me! You really hurt me! Why didn't you stop when I told you to?"

Ahmed was in a blind panic. "Ahmed is sorry..sor sorry." he stammered. "You too sexy. Ahmed lost control. No could stop."

"I'm gonna tell my dad!" Keli told him. "He'll beat you half to death."

"Oh, No! No tell! If you tell, Ahmed die! They kill Ahmed for this! Please no tell? Ahmed do anything. Ahmed not want to die!"

Keli could see the fear on the man and it appeased her little. She saw that Ahmed really believed he would be killed. She was still angry but she didn't want him to die. Ahmed saw the girl hesitate and thought he might have a chance to get out of this alive. He turned and grabbed his pants, reached into a pocket and pulled out a thick wad of money. He started to peel off some bills then suddenly extended the whole amount to Keli.

"Here, you take. Take all. No tell. Ok?" he asked her.

Keli stood glaring at him for a few seconds then slowly took the money. "I think you are a very, very mean person. But I don't want you to die. I don't know what to do about this."

"Hey, Ahmed promise never, never, never to do again. You keep all lira, no tell anyone. Stay secret. Ahmed is so, so, so sorry. Please no tell?" Ahmed begged.

Keli stood there thinking. If she did tell her father, he might find out this was her second time here. He might find out that Keli let the man do stuff the first time, then came back for more. Keli made a decision.

"O.K. I won't tell. But I don't like you anymore and I'm never coming back here again."

 Having had the last word Keli grabbed Ahmed's shirt and wiped the blood from her legs and then very gently from her privates. She got dressed as Ahmed just sat with his head down.

Keli moved to the door and left. Walking slowly home she tried to make sense of everything. She wondered why girls wanted to have sex if it hurt so much. Did it hurt the guy too? It seemed like she had more questions then ever. She did know one thing. She wasn't gonna ride her bike anytime soon.

The End







Teacher Tussle

GrandDefiler on Sex Stories

It was finally Mike's final year in highschool. He had just turned 18 last month, and was ready to be free of his "damn school", as he would often refer to it as. Mike was a good 6' 2" with brown hair, heizel eyes, and a medium build. All the girls seemed to always look at him as he passed by, marking his good looks. What started out as a carefree day, soon turned to be disastrous. As he retrieved the mail from his box, he noticed a letter from the schoolboard of his highschool. He carefully opened the envelope, and fished out the letter. As he read through the letter, his eyes gradually widened. It turned out that Mike was fai

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ling english some how, and would not graduate if he did not pass with a C or better.


The next day at school, Mike confronted his english teacher, Ms. Thomas, after the class ended. She was just about 5' 5" with black hair, firm 32C breasts, and a nice ass. She was very sexy, and it always seemed that all the guys in the class were trying to get a peek at her. As he approached her desk, he cleared his throat to show he was there. "Ms. Thomas, I found a letter in my mailbox yesterday, saying that I was failing your class," he said to her. "Yes, that's correct," she replied.

"Well what can I do to raise my grade," he asked. "This late in the year, there is basically no way to raise your grade enough to make a difference Mike," she calmly said.

"What?! There has to be some way to pass this class!"

"None that I see."

"Please Ms. Thomas, there has to be something I can do!"

"Well, there is one thing I've wanted from you for a very, very long time..."


And with that, she rose from her chair and walked slowly to Mike. She grabbed his penis through his pants and started rubbing it. Mike shuttered from the great feeling of her hand. "All you have to do to pass is go with the flow Mike," she said softly. "Go shut the door and lock it," she added. Mike was quick to comply, then walked back to her desk. Ms. Thomas started to undo Mike's belt. With that done, she unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down to the floor. Mike's cock was visible through his boxers, peeking out of the hole in front. Ms. Thomas made quick work of his boxers, sending them to the floor on top of his pants. She got on her knees and grabbed his shaft, slowly working her way up and down.


"That feels so gooood," Mike moaned. His sexy teacher made no reply before putting his cock in her mouth. She started to suck his cock greedily, making lots of slurping sounds. Mike put his hand on her head as she was taking his full 10 inches down her throat. "Mmmmmm so gooood," he groaned. She slowly took his cock out of her mouth, and started to lick and suck on his balls. This was too much for Mike and he felt himself starting to cum. Soon, his sperm flew all over Ms. Thomas' face, and she laughed while wiping his cum on her hands and licking it off seductively.


"Wow, you're still so hard Mike," she said. "I know just what to do with your lovely hard cock." She slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, revealing her firm tits. She didn't have a bra on and her nipples were pointing out. Then, she unzipped her skirt from the back, and slid it down her sexy legs. She had a black thong on, and her pussy juices were running down her leg. She took off her thong and instructed Mike to clear off her desk. While he was complying, she started fingering herself. As soon as everything was off her desk, she climbed on top of it and laid on her back, with her pussy a little off the edge facing Mike. Her smoothly shaved pussy was glistening with her juices.


"Now Mike, I want you to put that delicious cock inside my pussy and fuck me hard!" Mike guided his cock to her pussy lips and rubbed his head up and down on her slit until suddenly, pushing his cock into her. He started to fuck her hard just as she said. "Ohh oh! FUCK ME! Fuck my pussy...YES, yes fuck me hard," she said, while her tits moved back and forth from the intense fucking. After about ten minutes, she grabbed his cock and took it out before moving onto her knees into the doggystyle position. Then, she guided his cock into her pussy again. It didn't take long before Mike pulled his cock out and cummed all over her ass.


After a few minutes of just laying on top of each other, Ms. Thomas finally spoke. "Good job, you just bumped your F to a D," she said.

"What? But I need at LEAST a C to pass!"

"Then I guess we will be fucking again soon," she said impishly.

Preview of My First DVD

Sultrybuxombbw on Sex Stories

My first professional DVD came the other day and so I invited about a dozen or so friends over to preview it. I had a script that they gave me of what to say and al but I thought it strange that there was no sex in it since it was an adult DVD. Well, I never saw the video and wanted to see it the first time with my friends. Steve and Lynn were there and we all gathered around the 52 inch wide screen. It was really well done. I was dressed very conservatively by the maku-up people and drove a nice car. I stopped at a road side gas station and cafe and gased up the car. The guys at the gas station were good looking and built. They were watching me and out of my view they massaged their cocks through their overalls.

I asked, by the script, "Is that a good place to eat over there

Read More
?" "Yeh lady, really good." "Thanks." I told them and drove over and parked. I got out, had on a nice skirt, business type and blouse with business type jacket over it. I had on a factory strenght bra holding in my 44EEE titties and regular panties with no hose. I walked in and a woman seated me after asking if I preferred a booth. I told her yes and sat down. There were about a dozen or so people there all eating and acting normal. I wondered if this was the right place. My snack came, the script had told me what to order. I flirted with a couple men there and the waitress, all scripted and presumed that the big blank place in the script was the sex part.

I ate and finished and the waitress brought the check. "How bout a cup of coffee?" the waitress said and I accepted. She brought it and I sipped it and drank the rest as I felt that I was ready to leave and maybe I had just been given a screen test or something since the camera people were all over filming. I began to get up and felt dizzy, I sat back down and the room was spinning and slowly faded. After that the next thing I remember was someone outside asking if I was okay. I got up and fixed my clothes which seemed to be a little off and shook my head and drove off to the studio and they all thanked me and said that I did great.

So now we al sat in the living room, some undressed and some not, I was in a thong and that was it. I served drinks and Steve started the DVD. All the beginning was like I just said up to the point that I felt dizzy. The waitress asked me, "Are you okay lady? Are you okay?" I looked at her and laid back down in the booth, melting against the wall on the booth. "Looks like she is ready guys." the waitress said. She leaned forward and kissed me deep. I did not respond and she said, "Yeh, she is ready" and opened my coat and blouse. My bra was not coming off easily and the waitress took a sharp knife and cut the front making my tits fall out into view. "Damn, those are some tits" she said and leaned over and took them in her hands her mouth finding the nipples and sucking them hard. I laid there totally out and she began biting them hard. Blood came from a nipple and I nver moved. "Fuck yeh, she is out." A man came over and said, "Let's get her in the back." Several came over and lifted me and they carried me into a back room, well lighted and with a bed in the middle and chairs around and couches.

"Who is first?" a man said and me stood there as I was undressed. My clothes were laid aside and I was spread out. A man stepped and handed the man money. "30 min," the man said and he undressed and got on me He filled my pussy with his cock and fucked me hard. He was squeezing my tits hard and filled me at least twice with cum then the man said, "Times up." He got up and dressed. Next a man was there and gave the money, "One hour" the man said and began his stop watch. The man was huge and turned me over and put a pillow under my hips and spread my legs He moved around my pussy some and then into my ass letting out a loud groan as he entered my ass. "Damn, nice ass." he said as he humped me wthout any play to get me going since I was out. He fuked my limp body several times and filled me with cum and the hour was up. "Next" the man said and two men stepped up, naked and hung like hell. "One hour" the man said and they got on the bed. One man opened my mouth and it seemed that I responded some. The man slipped his cock into my mouth and did not care if I was doing anything. The other man entered my ass again and he rammed hard into me. I was on my stomach and the man in my mouth was on his back in front of me. He held my face down on his cock and I was being moved by him. Suddenly he tensed up and I gagged and he filled my throat with his cum.

My eyes opened some and I moved my head. About that time the man in my asss filled it and I moaned. THey changed places and again took my mouth and ass and filled them both. This time I seemed to swallow and did not gag. "Time" the man said again and the next couple stepped up. Two really fat women and gave him money. "One hour" he said and they grabbed me and held me up on my feet. Both had on huge dildos and they were both strong. I was lifted up and they held me up above the ground off my feet. Suddenly they guided the two huge strap on dildos into me, one in the ass and the other in the pussy. At the same time they were really grabbing my tits, pulling and biting them hard. I hung there between them moaning a little but still out. They finished with me as the man said time.

Everyone in the room began to clap loud and then two huge dogs were led to the center of the room. Several men and women moved me to the edge of the bed and put my hips over the edge and spread my legs apart Somehow I was tied that way, my arms up so I stayed on the bed and my legs so my legs stayed apart. The dogs, both Dobermans, were led to my rear and one made to sit near by while the other was coaxed onto my back. He managed to mount me and drove into me and began humping. His knot was soon in my pussy and he was there for a long time as the other dog wimpered watching. Finally he dismounted and the other was loed to my rear. The clapping stopped and someone said, "Put him in her ass." "Yeh, her ass" and so the dog was guided into my ass instead of the pussy. He humped hard and drove into my ass as my hips moved with his motion. His knot went in and he began filling my ass with his cum like the other did.

Now two women were led to me and they had on collars and chains that they were led by. THey were slapped and made to lay with me on he bed. "Eat her out" they were commanded by a woman that was holding their chains. THey began eating my pussy and ass that was full of all kinds of cum and one even fisted my pussy hard. "Get her up" they told the woman and they lifted me. "OVer here" they said and I was carried still limp to a kind of mat that had plastic paper all around it on the floor. "Okay, everyone piss away or jack off, whatever you want." Several men began pissing all over me and they even went from pissing to jacking off, their cum shooting all over my ba=ody, face and hair and some in my mouth and pussy again. I began moving and one said, she is waking up" and another leaned over and gave me a shoot and I went totally limp again. The DVD continued and more men and women were on me, mostly now there was a lot of really kinky stuff, pissing and cumming all over me. "Okay, lets see what else we can think of" said a man and a woman brought a huge cock that had to be over 12 inches and really thick. She shoved it in and began ramming hard. "Damn, this woman is really out" one said and filled my ass again with the dldo.

I looked around the room and everyone was looking at me as if they could not believe that I had been in this and taknen all the things they did. "I was out folks" I said and they had begun long ago to each begin fucking and sucking and now even Lynn and Steve were naked, she sitting on his hard cock moving her hips slowly. Jackie had left and now he came back at the end of the DVD. He was smiling and everyone was getting up, naked carressing and each to their friends playing. I was being grabbed hard by as  many as could. "I don't belive yu took the dogs, that had to be a double" Jacke said. Everyone agredd and finally I was called on to prove it was me. Jackie went outside and brought in his Doberman and told me, "Put up or put out" I took of the thong and got on al 4s and slapped my ass. "Bring him to me" I said soaking wet as I was. He brought the doberman over and the dog was ready and mounted me right away. I reached back and guided him into my pussy and he drove in. He huimped me and I responded with loud "Fuck me hard" sounds. His knot went in and there were all these people around watching and jacking off and fucking each other with me at the center.

I grabbed a cock that was near to my face and sucked it in deep and swallowed the load in it. There were others offered to me and I took them as if I was starving. The night got hotter from there and I took al the cock and pussy offered to me. Everyone bought a copy of the DVD as they left the next morning. Several men and women came back over later for more personal demos.

My divorce from Steve is almost ready and Lynn and he will be getting married at the nudist colony near her after.

See ya later.


faiza ki pyas bhujai

toocool on Sex Stories

Hi. My name is Awais. I am from lahore. My mai address is this is my first story. actually mai in stories ka bohat bara fan ho. mai kafi dino se

yes stories read kar raha tha or soch raha tha k apni life ka bhi koi experience share karo. waise to meri life k bohat se girls

k sath sex experience hai. But yeh jo mai share karne ja raha ho yeh meri life ka first exp


seksialvin4u on Sex Stories

I finally gained the courage to tell my husband the truth about this man who has been blackmailing me for fucking me. I only told him about the times the two of us were together, i never mentioned any of the other people; or the photos. I went to the gas station by my house on my way home. As I returned to my car after paying for the gas, he approached me. He parked his vehicle in front of mine a

breasts are the vest

seksialvin4u on Sex Stories

About the fifth month of these monthly duties, I arrived as scheduled at his place. As he welcomed me into the foyer, he put his hands on my shoulders and said i was going to feel like a woman tonight. He pointed to a pile of clothing on the chair by the bathroom, he told me to go get more comfortable. I brought the clothes into the bathroom, and started to undress. Based on the lingerie I knew I

Birthday Present VII

flashwhittaker on Sex Stories

I woke up the next morning and Anna had gone. I picked up my phone to see what the time was and found a message from Anna reminding me what she had said the previous night. I rolled over to look at Emily and a smile spread over my face. I slipped out of bed and had a quick shower. I nipped downstairs, prepared some breakfast brought it upstairs and woke up Emily. We sat there eating breakfast, Em

With my ex collegue

garmi on Sex Stories

Chhaya had married a senior of mine and that's how I first really got to know her when my buddy boss" introduced Chhaya to me while I joined with him at my new office.

I had known about Chhaya from high school and college, as I was paying her to type my college research papers as she needed the extra cash at the time.

This true story happened just sometime back. One night I stopped by her house

A naughty office girl

Jesswantsmore on Sex Stories

Since I have a recieved a comment form my last entry I feel it only fair to continue to tell of my dirty tales ;-)

This story takes place on 28th december 2010. It was freezing because the ground was still covered in ice and snow. Despite this I chose to wear a short grey skirt with my grey high heel boots and a short sleaved white top. I had to go work to sort the paper work out that was lef

An Xmas wish

Jesswantsmore on Sex Stories

Hello my names Jess and I'm a 19yr girl from south England.

Some people call me a slut or a whore and I love proving them right ;-)

This is first time I've written about my fun times but I know people like to hear about them so I shall tell all ;-)


Just before Xmas we had the work Xmas party, being the naughty little girl I am with

A Tiger - By Any Other Name

Peter_Pan on Sex Stories

So far as "Good Catholic girls" go, Tiffany Mitchell embodied all that might be associated with any true young lady of the faith. Even at eighteen, she still exhibited a child-like innocence, an expression of chaste simplicity and an air of well-mannered breeding. Always dressed tastefully, even her year-twelve school uniform managed to bridge effortlessly, the yawning gap between teenage naivety and adult promise.

It was an illusion of which Houdini himself might have been proud.

Tiffany had a secret you see. One that would unquestionably have shattered her parents’ delicate psyche, had they known or suspected.

Read More
n="justify">Tiff read sex stories. Not just the odd naughty tale but all of them. No fantasy was too outre for this young lady’s taste. Words and descriptions that would contort the features of the average social-worker were no more than nourishment in her voracious appetite’s quest for yet darker doings. An aperitif if you will, for that as yet, undiscovered gem of fully unhinged erotica.

Of the many fantasy sites she would surf on her notebook until the early hours of the morning, was now her unchallenged favorite. Why? Because in her eyes it was the best, offering as she saw it, a greater variance of topics and with the easiest of navigational software. She became familiar with specific authors, scanning the archives nightly, looking for their latest stories and her impending encounter with yet another pair of sopping-wet panties. Life was fun.

The more she read of girls receiving their sexual come-uppance at the hands of boyfriends, fathers, strangers, uncles, brothers, sisters, teachers….even mothers, and in one recent instance a colony of entrenchedly deviate gorillas, the more she fantasised as to her own devirginising and what form exactly it might take. One could reasonably speculate that at eighteen she had indeed left her run a tad late, but with the exception of this - her one little night-time electronic indulgence – she really had been a good Catholic girl!

That was however until she came across "Holly’s Story."

Penned by an author calling himself Tiger, the tale recounted the events leading up to a father’s intimate deflowering of his fourteen-year old daughter the night of her year-eight school dance. What exactly it was about the story so intrigued her was hard to define. Perhaps it was the image of so young a girl dressed-up to the nines, returning home early to find her father splayed out across the lounge, arm-wrestling his pecker as he drooled over a computerised slide-show of digital pictures, zoomed-in to highlight multiple features of his daughter’s youthful anatomy. She read on breathlessly as, sobbing with embarrassment and shock, Holly fled to the cloistered refuge of her bedroom, only moments later to be confronted by her father who, knowing she would inform her mother on his wife’s return, told his daughter "I may as well give you something to really tell her."

At the point he subsequently pulled her panties down as she stood there shivering and commenced upon a program of fully indecent exploitation of her virginal body, paying especial attention early on to her young breasts, Tiff was a lost cause and midway towards her second orgasm of the evening.

In the ensuing days, "Holly’s Story" was all Tiffany read. Having cut and pasted the article, she would sit cross-legged on her bed, in just her panties – the notebook between her slim legs, submerging herself more and more into the girl’s character as the self-made waves of ecstasy washed over her.

It wasn’t, she was sure, any reflection of her own paternal lusting, although, if one were honest, she had conjured up the odd wide-screen image of being forcibly taken by her father on more than one occasion. It was she decided, the skill of the author in painting such a vividly realistic picture of what could only be described as white-hot incestuous carnality.

Mornings now, she was beginning to wake-up with her hand in her knickers and her nipples in a fully aroused state. Tiff began wondering if in fact the story had any basis in truth. Was Tiger perhaps publicly cleansing his own conscience? Hell, she knew nothing about him – he might only be a teenager himself for all she knew. It was only a fantasy-site after all. She had to know more.

Figuring she might contact SSP’s site direct and make enquiry about the author, she emailed the webmaster there - with little expectation of hearing back from anyone. "Gonna look like just another author-groupie," she told herself.

Imagine then her wholehearted surprise, when she received a reply overnight from none other than SSP’s resident webmaster/administrator. The elusive "Tiger" himself.

Pleased that his story had been well received and especially by so young a girl of all people, he confided in Tiffany his earlier background as a long-time subscriber, writer, editor and later co-founder of a re-vamped SSP. Far from being a teenager he admitted diplomatically to being "considerably older." There was he assured her, no factual person upon which "Holly’s Story" was based. "If only", he was understandably thinking.

In the coming weeks, Tiffany exchanged many emails with Tiger, and if the truth be known, he began to find himself spending an inordinate amount of time dwelling upon the "cute little Aussie brunette" whose picture, down-loaded from one of her emails, smiled back at him from the east-face of the filing cabinet. She was very pretty he had to admit. Just five foot three as she had told him, she looked considerably younger than her years – almost a little beach girl he thought to himself. He traced the outline of her hips with his finger, studying her nicely tanned skin, contrasting as it did, with her neat school uniform. He looked again at the short summer skirt and her crisp white shirt and tie. What wondrous sights they alone hid? Such a beautiful and well featured little face, highlighted by deep blue eyes that sparkled with youth and tease. Her shoulder-length hair was neatly cut and styled. What he would have given to be able to run his fingers through it – just once! His gaze dropped to her small hands clasped neatly in front of her and knowing what activites they had obviously wrought in areas he only dared imagine, he was suddenly finding the room unusually warm for that time of year.

Propped-up near her pillow, Tiff hugged herself as she read Tiger’s latest email. She too had his picture and had often wondered what it must have been like growing up in the southern States. Could anything be further removed than a comfortable middle-class upbringing in suburban Sydney? Around six foot, he had obviously looked after himself physically and reminded her vaguely of Kevin Bacon during his Footloose days. When she had finished reading his words, she simply closed her eyes and wondered…..

In the run-down to her final exams that hopefully would see Tiffany graduate (like her sisters) at the end of the year, her father had informed them all that due to business commitments, he would by necessity, be travelling to the US mid September, which as it happened, was the traditional three-week school vacation before that last term. Tiffany took this information on board with but polite indifference, until she heard the words. "For most of the time Tiff, I’ll be holed-up in Kansas City."

KC of all places she thought, and Tiger she knew, spent so much time at Springfield, barely a couple of hours drive south-east of Kansas City so he’d told her.

How she ever convinced her father to take her, would make for interesting reading, but is surely evidence of his youngest daughter’s powers of persuasion or perhaps of his own inability to deny his sexy eighteen-ear old anything when she gets the "I love you daddy" and the "I’m sooo cute you got no choice" eye-flutters in full swing.

She emailed Tiger with the news of her impending itinerary of course, but this achieved little besides their jointly increased peristaltic rates. She knew that for the week they’d be there, they were booked into the Marriott on West 12th Street, but what latitude that would give her for any sort of freedom she couldn’t say. Asking her father if she could spend some quality time with the webmaster of an erotic-story site might not be the way to go.

not without his own social restrictions, merely wrote back, telling her that there was no way he wasn’t going to see her and that "something would be arranged – whatever it took." The clandestine intimacy of it all appealed somehow to Tiffany’s sense of the romantic. At heart, she really was a wild child.


Even as the cab pulled up at 200 West 12th Tiff gazed up at the huge edifice. Boasting just shy of a thousand guest suites, this was a seriously large hotel. That probably translated as seriously efficient room-service too, she thought. Could her father’s Amex stay the distance?

Their suite was palatial. Two double beds, a bathroom big enough for a decent size fashion show and cupboard space for the most committed serial shopper. Being alone that night for the first time with a man…her father notwithstanding, had Tiff all at sixes and sevens. For his part, watching his daughter emerge from the bathroom in her unavoidably revealing nightdress and then climbing into the bed the far side of the room, breezily calling-out "Goodnight daddy," stirred things beneath his own covers that might in other circumstances have led Tiffany to be reminded of Holly’s fascinating learning curve.

The next morning, Tiffany was still snuggled-up three-quarters asleep when her father called out to her. "Tiff, I’ll be gone probably three or four hours – What are you going to do this morning?" She’d love to have told him.

"Ummm, well, if I ever get up dad" she purred, "I’m gonna walk around town for a while and go shopping."

"Ok sweetheart," he said, "Well you be careful and hey, I’ve left some money for you here on the dresser." He came over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks dad, I’ll be fine," she replied…."I’m eighteen, I think I can look after myself."

"I’m sure you can too love," he smiled at her, before closing the door and heading off to the express lifts.

"Three hours?" she thought. She had to call Tiger. He would know they were in KC by now.

Fascinated by her Australian twang, he took down the details of her residency.

"You real positive your dad won’t be back until after two Tiff?" he asked. "I sure would hate for you to get in any trouble with him." She assured him all was cool.

"Well I figure I can make it by noon if I leave now," he told her. She smiled at the sound of his own drawl.

After they both hung-up, she opened up her suitcase and selected a pretty blue dress she had bought just before leaving Australia. Fairly short with a scalloped neck, she wriggled into it, smoothing the material over her hips. The lightest application of make-up and a little lip-gloss and you can well understand why the bell-boy near the upper landing did a double-take. He wasn’t going to be on his game for the rest of the morning.

Even as she strolled around the near one hundred and fifty year old City Markets at Twenty, East Fifth, she was imagining Tiger and the reality of actually meeting him in an hour or so. Would she be embarrassed? Would he? After all, running a sex-site might be considered a slight handicap when meeting an eighteen year old girl for the first time and especially given the cradle-snatching age difference.

Tiff headed back to the Marriott, arriving there shortly before 11.45. Tossing the same bell-boy a killer smile, the poor kid fell over himself securing her a lift. She was glad it was empty as she wanted to get back to the room well ahead of her expected guest.

She only made it in fact with seven or eight minutes to spare. She heard the knock at the door while she was still in the bathroom. Likely their combined harnessed pulse-rate at that moment could have emptied Lake Michigan in thirty minutes.

Opening the door, neither moved for a moment. It took Tiger’s "Well hello there young lady," to partially thaw the impasse. She was sure she blushed but seeing as she wasn’t on her own in that department, she felt marginally better. Tiff recalled later that her very first impression was that he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to be running a sex-site. Tiger on the other hand, could barely credit that this dream of an import was still a schoolgirl. Having only seen the one pic of her in uniform, what stood in front of him right that second, appeared several years more worldly. He hadn’t felt such an inept dickwad for the best part of a decade.

"Can I get you a drink Tiger?" she asked quietly, indicating a rather comfortable looking chair to the left of the glass-topped table. For some reason she was quite content to use that term and never thought to ask his real name. His own thoughts, momentarily swinging wildly between the need to balance some southern hospitality with sudden irrepressible images of himself unzipping that hot little dress, stymied his attempts to answer her.

"Oh, y..yes please Tiffany…a beer if you have one there," he finally got out.

She found a Budweiser in the mini-bar and held it up for him.

"Great," he said smiling at her. "God, was she ever a step-up from the girls round Springfield?" he thought to himself. "Make that most girls south of the North Pole," he mused.

Finding herself a ‘cruiser,’ Tiff sat down opposite her guest, providing both with the opportunity to assess the situation and each other. For her part, Tiffany was fascinated by Tiger’s presence. With no experience of Americans much beyond the big screen, his mannerisms and innate politeness were in sharp contrast to that of Australian males. She felt just a little intimidated being alone with a man so much older than herself but at the same time, it was not without its inherent arousal factor.

For Tiger, being in the close proximity of what represented in essence, a living photograph, brought its own re-awakening. As she spoke so animatedly about home, her school and some of the highlights of her brief eighteen years tenure on the planet, he knew he could so easily fall in love with this girl. Her freshness, exuberance, youth, accent…even her very inexperience, all conspired to stir his yearning and his desire to know her better. Way better.

Inevitably, alcohol stifles the inhibitions and by the demise of their second bottle, the body language of each, suggested a relaxation of their earlier enforced formality. Tiffany in fact not so much broke the ice, as signalled the onset of a new playing field, when she asked him quite off the cuff.

"How long have you been writing those stories Tiger?"

"Talk about getting to the point," he thought to himself. He placed his near-empty Bud on the table…….

Explaining as best he couldn’t what had motivated him to get involved with erotica, Tiff wanted to know the ins and outs as it were, of being a sex-story writer. Fully comfortable in her guest’s presence now, she finally asked the question that was to bring her undoing. "What made you write Holly’s Story?"

He just looked at her. Was she subconsciously putting out? Was she that naïve that she hadn’t figured that talking about this was unavoidably moving out of the shallows into deep water? Did she in fact want to experience at first hand, Holly’s degradation?

He confided in her, that like the majority of men most likely, he had always been attracted by very young girls and that Holly’s Story was little more than a recurring fantasy. He was curious what it was about it, that had so held her interest?

"Are you still a virgin Tiffany?" he asked quietly.

She blushed deeply for the second time that morning but told him she was. He was quiet for a minute or two just staring at the table top.

"Do you want to stay one baby?" he asked her, not with any menace or even pressured sentiment.

As she slowly looked back at him, shaking her head perceptibly, he knew what she knew – the conversational part of their new relationship was about to wind down.

He patted his knee and with every internal alarm frantically ringing its warning, she got to her feet, crossed to Tiger’s chair and sat down on his lap. He could feel her heartbeat even as he pulled her to him.

She raised her head, leaving him little option but to kiss her. At the point his lips met hers, she knew her childhood would be leaving her for good that afternoon. She put her arms around his neck and melted into him as she crossed the line for that first and last time.

Confronted with what amounted to a hot and willing student on his knee, Tiger found restraint of any sort difficult to maintain. Making things harder still, in more ways than one, was the proximity of those perfectly shaped small breasts, encased from what he could see down her cleavage, in a remarkably hot little green push-up. He doubted she even knew to what extent having her on his lap was affecting his sanity, let alone his motor-sensory system.

Experimentally, he brought one hand up beneath her breasts and merely supported the beginnings of those twin outward curves. He felt her squirm a little as she sighed perceptibly and the feeling of her soft little bottom making contact with his lap was doing little to regulate his breathing.

Unable to prevent his tongue from behaving, he found her a willing student indeed and between the soft little groans and noises issuing from her mouth

She heard herself moan but the pleasure radiating outwards from his contact with her breasts, was such that she simply kissed him harder and with a hitherto undiscovered passion. He slipped his hand inside her bra where the contact with a her smooth skin as it curved inwards, began to shred the last of his former honorable intentions. As his thumb and forefinger closed about the young girl’s swollen nipples successively, her wriggles became spontaneous and her moans of increased output.

He could no more have backed-off at this point than slash his own wrists with a potato peeler. If she couldn’t detect by now the savage beast uncoiling its lustful and primitive needs beneath her hot little ass, her biological knowledge was sadly lacking. As it happens she had noticed, but was in such a state of early arousal that panic really wasn’t an option.

Withdrawing from the heat of her breasts, Tiger placed his hand on Tiffany’s thigh, right at the hemline of her dress. The heat there was volcanic and her urgency apparent. At the point he began pushing her dress up slightly, she half-muttered "Nooooo" but such was her body language in denial of that statement, he simply continued. Even as the barest hint of her matching green panties was revealed, Tiff’s legs were anything but closed-up and he knew without the slightest doubt, this was no straight-up tease-session.

He had reached ground zero. The front of her panties were wet as he had suspected they must be and softly rubbing her there she became aroused to the point of chronic need.

"You sure you want to do this Tiffany?" he whispered.

Breaking off from kissing him and with full-on glazed eye contact, she just nodded, barely murmuring, "Uh-huh!"

No man in such a position is gonna ask a second time, let’s face it!

Rubbing the front of a young girl’s panties is fun….no doubt about that. Slipping one’s fingers inside though is asking for trouble. Tiger was in trouble! As his middle finger began to separate the folds of her labia, Tiffany’s legs were making like an easel. Lubricated to the max, he slipped into her and was lucky not to receive third degree burns, so hot was the radiance. Gasping now, rather than moaning, he had her so far past the point of no return, it was merely a matter of how many fingers he could get inside that cramped little room.

"Come on sweetie," he urged her, "Think you’d find the bed a little more comfortable." As he slipped her off his lap, aware now just how substantial his own erection was, he asked her softly, "Mind if I take those hot little panties off Tiff, they’re only gonna get in the way." She just stood before him, swaying slightly and breathing heavily. It seemed to him that she nodded.

As he knelt on the floor, his hands up her dress, slowly drawing the skimpy little knickers towards her knees, he looked up at her. "Reminds you of Holly, doesn’t it?" His words echoed her exact thoughts at that minute and so arousing did she find the comment, she just stood there as Tiger pushed her dress up to her hips, fully exposing her young pussy which he proceeded now to kiss softly. Her legs were turning to jelly and at the point she felt his tongue separating her lower lips, she could not prevent a gasp or two.

Carrying her to the bed, he lay her center quilt face-down. She felt his hands on her firmly caressing her back, her hips and her ass and she was unable to prevent herself wriggling beneath his touch. She made no move to stop him unzipping her dress which left her lying there in just her bra. She liked the thought of him seeing her almost completely naked and she offered no resistance as he unhooked her bra, slipped the straps down her arms before discarding the item the far side of the bed.

Lying there for a few moments, she felt his strong hands turning her over. It was only the sudden shock of seeing him kneeling there beside her fully naked as she, that provoked recognition of the finality of her predicament. He could see the apprehension in her eyes. He lay beside her and kissed her. "Tiff, if you don’t want this, tell me!"

Torn between the inherent fear of her approaching fate, yet the utmost desire for its accomplishment, she just smiled at him, put her arms over her head and spread her legs slightly.

He knelt then between her knees and lowering his face directly to her forbidden zone, flicked his tongue across her clitoris. She let out a loud "Ohhhh," her hands instinctively reaching towards him. Penetrating her this time with his tongue, he began to pleasure her in ways of which she had previously no knowledge. She could no more have stopped him than a two kilometre freight train. Actually, that analogy would have applied equally to her partner, who at that moment was so aroused himself by the immediacy of this compliant and submissive teenager that procreation was the only thing on his mind.

Taking a hold of her legs just beneath her knees, he spread her so wide, the glistening folds of her labia separated enough to provide a glimpse of that wonderfully darkened inner sanctum. He brought the head of his erection to the very gates of the promised land and as she watched mesmerised, along that line of axis directly between her own cleavage, he pushed into her. Tiger’s penile measurement, whilst unknown to her and in any event without the experience of any predecessor, was significant let us say, and at the point he reached her hymen, it was but a few inches inside.

It was as it turned out, to both their advantages that Tiffany had expended so much time playing around in her bedroom. Not only had her "fingers been doing the walking," but her recently acquired dildo had also played its part in ‘weakening the foundations.’ A couple of cries of pressured discomfort were but forgotten moments as Tiger hit the nitrous button and took himself on a fast trip up the vaginal highway. From there-on it was a case of The Fast and the Furious, right the way to Cervix city!

Whether she was Holly or Tiffany at this stage – she had completely forgotten. All Tiff knew was that her body was being treated in such a fashion that she never wanted it to end. She heard a girl’s voice pleading "Fuck me Tiger, fuck me harder…please," but she never found out who it was. Some little slut should watch her mouth she figured.

As for Tiger, locked-in to so hot a session he doubted he would ever recover, he could but penetrate her harder and deeper with each thrust, his hands rubbing her breasts, making them sorer by the minute. The girl beneath him was crying now in complete ecstasy and at the point he started ejaculating far up inside her, she must have thought some jerk was loose with a high-pressure water-cannon.

Both of them were shaking with their exertions and Tiffany’s hair was now damp and beginning to curl-up around her hairline, beads of sweat looking rather pretty, congregating round her forehead.

She clutched him to her, pulling him down full-length on top of her. Still erect and not quite sure which century it was, he just knew he didn’t want to pull out of her…..not for several more hours at least.

And so it might have been, had not her father walked in at that moment!

 © March 2005

Author's Note:

Acknowledgment is due to the original SSP tale "Holly's Story" referred to in this post and authored by Tiger himself. It is located at: ">">  I recommend you read it.

Other stories, including some previously published on SSP, are available in print and download in "Imagine For A Moment" at ">">  as well as the Harper Valley compendium itself at">">

Peter_Pan's email is  I would be interested in hearing from readers as to what is their preferred genre of erotic literature.

came forth her own tongue, more than willing to play the game. Moving his hand upwards, he encircled her right breast now and commenced squeezing and caressing that softest of little mounds. No girl had ever aroused him to this level so quickly.

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   Friday came; man did the week go buy so fast. Dave and I started loading up the car. As soon as Dave saw Liz coming up to the car with her things he turns to me and whispers, “She’s coming with us?” The look on his face made me all happy inside. I was hoping that I would get to see my boyfriend of seven months ram his thick cock in my sister’s tight pussy. “Yes, do you have a problem with that?” I said calmly. “No not at all…you could have told me.” Dave helps Liz with put her things in the car and the three of us took off.


       With Dave driving the car Liz and I thought of ways to keep us occupied. It started out as just making words out of the letters on peoples car’s but it turned sexual. All of a sudden Liz turns around from the front set and looks at me with wanting eyes. I winked at her. She then liked her lips slowly, gesturing that she wanted something. I blow her a kiss. This continued for so long, the little things like biting are lips, or touching is self’s etc…, till we had to stop. Not only were we turning each other on Dave was concentrated on us instead of the road. He begged for use to continue but I reassured him that we had to get to the cabin safely.


       Nothing had really happened when we arrived at the cabin. Looked around, unpacked, and started putting stuff away in are rooms. We had arrived pretty late and we were exustaed too. So we all went to bed.


       All day Saturday the three of use relaxed. Did are own thing and started drinking around noon. As the day progressed I was getting antsy. I really haven’t seen any hints from Liz or Dave wanting to have sex. Of course as usual

I was horny. All I could think about was Liz going down on Dave or Dave ramming his thick long cock into my sister’s wet tight pussy.


       Liz and I started cooking dinner around five; While Dave turned on the TV to watch what the weather was going to be for the ride home tomorrow. As I was turning the pasta I was trying to think of some way to leave the cabin for a bit, so I could look through the window to see if Liz would do any thing. I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted to see and feel the three of us enjoying the pleasure of sex.


       “I am going to the store for some things that we need for dinner that we don’t have here. You two stay here I will be back in twenty minutes.” Liz, “are you sure you don’t want one or both of us to come with you?” “No I’ll be fine.” Dave, “ok be careful, love you.”


       I left the cabin went down the pebbled driveway and waited for about ten minutes. During these ten minutes Liz took the advantage to slowly walk over to Dave and start kissing and caressing his chest. Dave was so intrigued by the news that he didn’t notice what was going on till he felt soft smooth hands touching his bare chest. The tenderness of each others lips touching with every kiss gets Dave’s mind working. The rolling of each others tongues gives Dave the idea of Liz sucking on him. He starts to pull down his bathing suit shorts and looks at Liz and asks her to suck on his dick. So Liz did this sexy little dance/walk around to the front of and started liking the tip of his dick.


       Dave is taken a back by the way Liz knows how to suck a cock. How she forms her big soft lips around his big juicy dick.


       After the ten minutes goes by I comes back and peers through the window. To my surprise I see’s my little sister Liz is sucking off my boyfriend. But instead of being mad about the whole thing, I am quite turned on. As I watch Dave undo the top of Liz’s bathing suit and start caressing her breasts. Dave tugged on her nipples a little and Liz’s response to that she begins to suck a little harder. With the luxurious lips and the warm moisture of Liz’s mouth almost makes Dave almost want to but a nice big warm juicy load right in her mouth.


       Suddenly finding out that the warm wet feeling on my hand is from me rubbing my clit from watching the both of them; I quietly come in the cabin. Making sure to only catch Liz’s eye, I pointed to the cushioned dock out side.


       Both of them helped Dave out of his bathing suite and took him outside, underneath the star filled sky, onto the dock.


       I took my bathing suit off and lay on my back on the cushioned dock. Liz then got down on all fours and started to eat my nice shaved pussy out. The tender taste of wanting pussy invites Liz’s mouth to do its job. Liz is taken back by the candy sweet taste of her sister’s pussy. Dave practically ripped off the bottom half of Liz’s bathing suite and slowly pushes his dick into her tight wet pussy. As Dave motion becomes a little faster, Liz starts to make this humming sound from the pleasure. The cause of the humming sound vibrated Liz’s lips, making Sarah scream of pour pleasure and almost making her orgasm.


       Dave feels Liz’s very wet pussy start to tighten. So he grabs her hips and began ramming his pulsing cock into her even harder and faster. ‘Cause of the sudden switch in motion, Liz stops what she is doing and screams at the top of her lungs until she orgasmed all over Dave’s dick.


       Dave’s throbbing dick has yet to come. Knowing that I want more than what had just happened, he takes me by the hand and brings me to the room to have some more enjoyable erotic sex.