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Flirt Lounge

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I'm at the weekend apartment.
My spot away from home to get away from the kids.
My playground. 
I left the Flirt Lounge early after breaking the heel off my shoe. My damn $100 shoes.
Before he dropped me off, I had him take me to the 24 hour hardware store.  I made extra copy of the keys to this apartment. He was off looking at something for his computer at home, I think.  I made the keys and put them in an envelope.  I went into my purse, got my lil perfume bottle and spritz a little bit of perfume on the envelope.  Just enough to leave a light scent.
When we got to the front of my building, he got a phone call and was not able to accompany me upstairs.
I ain't mad.  He gotta do what he gotta do. 
I gathered my
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things, and conveniently dropped the envelop with the keys on the seat.  I heard him call out to me that I dropped something, but I just turned around and blew him a kiss and came in the building.
Since my night got cut short, I'm just gonna stay in a chill.
I have a fifth of Hennessey, some trees, and my music.  I’m good.
I lit the candles I had in the living room, my bedroom and bathroom.  All vanilla-jasmine scented.  With all the candles burning, I don't need to turn on any lights.
Moments in Love is playing on the stereo.
I turned on the shower. The bathroom is like a scented sauna. 
I rolled and smoked a blunt before I got in the shower, poured me a glass of Hennessey over some ice. 
Now I got a nice buzz.
I took off my dress, my bra and thongs and left them on the floor of my bedroom and walked naked to the bathroom.
This hot water feels so good on my skin.  I stand under the water, wetting my hair before I reach for my vanilla scented shower gel and my body sponge.
As I’m washing myself with the sponge, I imagine that he is here with me.  I imagine it’s his hands caressing my body, rubbing the sponge down my back, around the front to my breast.  My nipples instantly got hard as a burst of cool air rushes into the bathroom.  I don't pay any attention to the cool air because I thought it was in my imagination.
I have the sponge down at my pussy, and rub, caress and stroke.
The sponge at my ass, with soapy water running between my cheeks.
I drop the sponge and use my fingers to stroke my clit, and I imagine it’s him.  I put my foot at the edge of the tub for more access.
As I stroke, I imagine it’s him.  Then I imagine him inserting his finger in my ass. Finger fucking me as I’m stroking my clit.  MMMMMM
Then I felt more fingers going into my pussy.  I open my eyes and look down.
I smiled, and came.
He's here.  With me.  MMMMMMMM
Surprise, he says.  Never breaking the rhythm of his hands in my pussy or my ass.
I was just thinking about you, I moaned. He takes my hand that was on my clit and places my fingers in his mouth one at a time. 
My heart is beating in my throat.  My pussy is crying, beggin to be stroked.  I reach down and wrap my hands around his dick.
No, not yet.  This is about you.  He tells me. 
I put my lips to his neck, kissing and sucking. 
He gets down, puts his lips on my pussy, and gently kiss me before taking my clit between his lips, bites on my clit gently...MMMMM
His tongue is moving in and out of my pussy, trailing up and down my clit, then back inside my pussy, with two fingers in my ass...
Please just put your dick inside me.  I want to cum on your dick... I groan, almost close to cumming...
Uh huh... he answers, his mouth still on my pussy. 
The sticks his other hand in my pussy, four fingers and is fucking me so good.  Sucking my clit,.... finger fucking my ass.....finger fucking my pussy.....  I can’t take any more.... I feel hot...I feel cold.... I grab my titties, and bite down on my nipples.  He's giggling while still sucking on my clit...  I’m getting ready to cum...  Please Papi... I’m getting ready to cum... Let me have that dick...
Uh huh....and he sucks harder, fingers going deeper....I can't hold it... I cant.....I......caannnttt....oooohhhh sssshhhhiiiiitttttt.....
And I came so hard.... all over his hands, his face... all over myself....
My heart beat sounds like drums.... my breathing labored as if I jogged 12 miles...
He looks up at me and smiles... I try to smile back but my body is still convulsing...MMMMMMMM
He gets up and sticks his fingers in my mouth and I’m sucking them like they were dicks.  Sucking my sweet nectar off his fingers, licking the palm of his hand, between each finger...
Again, I try to reach out for his dick. 
Again, he stops me, not yet...he groans in my ear...
His voice, his whisper tickling my ear, sending goose bumps racing down my spine, across my nipples, sending ripples of pleasure through out my pussy, my clit... I moan in pleasure.
Jodeci - Feenin is playing in the background now.  I'm feenin too. 
My pussy is calling out to his dick.
His dick is calling out to my pussy.
He's killing me, whispering in my ear that I am not to touch him....yet.
I reaches for the shampoo bottle and pours in on my hair, massaging my head as he washes my hair, sending more chills across my body.  I wrap my arms around him, my nails gently scratching his back...
I hear a soft moan escape his lips and I smile...
His dick reaching out for me...
He pushes me back under the water to rinse the shampoo off my hair, rubbing my head...
My pussy screaming for him...
I can't take no more...
Quickly I move, got on my knees and took him in my mouth before he can stop me...
I swallow him whole...I heard him groan...oh shit...mmmmmm
Mmmm...I groan with his dick in my throat, his nuts slappin against my neck....
he follows my lead.  fucking my face, I’m mouth fucking his dick....massaging his nuts... sucking, licking, sucking deeper....faster....he's bucking against my head... he's fucking my face faster, mouth expands as his dick grows, gets thicker...harder.... he grabs my hair.... I’m getting ready to cum.....he growls....  mmmmmmm I hummed in response, sucking deeper....his dick is jerking in my mouth.... this is what I been waiting for.... I put more suction, my throat closing around his head...... with a deep thrust from him he my mouth... in my throat.... GGGRRRRRRRRRR   MMMMMMMMMM.
nothing escapes my lips, my mouth....  I hold on to this dick in my mouth.... get up and let me get that pussy....he says. 
I slowly release him from my mouth... then suck him back in....
release slowly...back and forth... again and again...
He then pulls out of my mouth, grabs me up, turn me around and sticks his dick into my pussy with such force, I almost cum. 
he's fucking me hard, like he's mad.  It feels so good.  I put my leg on the edge of the tub, and grab my ankles so he can get in there deep...and he does....
he's pulling my hair like a cowboy pulls the reigns on his horse...he's riding much much pleasure.... feels so-o-o-o-o-o-o  g-o-o-o-o-od. So fucking good....
this pussy feels so good...
so tight....  he moans....
slaps my ass, and pulls my hair pussy pulling him in deeper, holding on to his dick tight as he fucks me...
I’m getting ready to cum Papi... let me cum on this dick.... I groaned....
go ahead...he says back...cum on the dick....
I’m cumming...I say, he says....we say together....
he collapses onto my back, my leg slips off the edge of the tub into the tub and I fall to my knees....
Then we jumped out the tub, ripping down the shower curtain.  The damn water just turned ice cold.

The Making of a Whore

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The Making of A Whore

Part One

Chapter One

Lydia huddled quietly in the dark corner alley feeling the crisp cold air crush her body and nearly send her asthmatic lungs into a spasm. She coughed as silently as she could and covered herself more tightly with the shawl wrapping her body. She didn’t know how she would make it another night on the cold damp streets. She thought maybe she should suck it up and just go home. But she knew her grandparents would punish her severely. Newly of age Lydia was determined there had to be something better than putting up with her Uncle and her grandparents. They just didn’t understand the freedom she needed, didn’t understand she needed her friends, her activities, her boyfriend. But ever since the abortion seeing Ru

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ss had been out of the question. They forbade her from seeing him, and he never ever wanted to see her again, not after finding out she was no longer carrying his baby.

They had done it one time, one time only and that was all it took. But Lydia knew in the back of her mind, it may have been the other time. That one other time.. With.. She closed her eyes tight didn’t want to think about it.

Lydia felt her body start to relax and slowly felt herself start to drift off. Enough of that, she won’t think about it.


Lydia awoke with a start feeling a sharp poke, poking her in the chest and a flash light shining in her face. “Oh god.” She thought what now. She stared up at the hard face, and then down a bit more to the badge on his chest.

“Miss, sorry no vagrancy move on!” he said in a sharp tone.

“Yes.” Lydia nodded getting to her feet. “I am sorry.” she muttered looking at the ground.

“I will never understand you young women going to the most dangerous places in town when you run off.” The officer shook his head in disgust. “Go home if you know what’s good for you.”

Lydia nodded and quickly started to make her way down the alley and into the street, looking behind her to make sure she wasn’t being followed. It was the second time in three nights an officer had told her to move on. Lydia walked a bit further chilled to the bone vaguely aware that she wasn’t thinking clearly. Lack of sleep, hunger it was all taking its toll. In the distance she heard faint sirens, police cars, fire trucks, very busy city, which scared her when she was used to her small town.

Lydia heard the faint sound of a car coming up beside her. She walked a little faster but the car slowed. She heard the sound of the windows rolling down. “Hey you girl what you doing out here,” It was a male voice with a deep southern tone. She looked over, it looked to be a black male in his late twenties. Lydia picked up her pace. “Your homeless aren’t you, girl your gonna freeze to death.” Lydia turned and looked at the stranger a tear forming in her eyes trying to keep warm. “I got a warm car here its my home,” the stranger said with a grin. “and you need to get warm, I’ll let you in here for the night, get you some food, you just got to be a little nice to me. “

“What do you mean?” Lydia asked walking closer to the car. She leaned down to peer in. “Its so cold mister.”

“Not much baby you get in here and suck my cock, keep me warm and you will make it through the night. Its twenty degrees, I have some bologna.”

Lydia stared into the mans deep dark eyes and knew she didn’t have a choice. She had no where to go, nowhere to stay. Lydia nodded and walked over to the passenger side of the old car and crawled in.

“There you go baby see not that bad. Come scoot next to me we will find a place to park it for the night. My names Marcus what’s yours?”

“Lydia.” She stated coldly looking ahead at the road feeling her body start to warm from the cold.

“Pretty white girl like you shouldn’t be out there on that street Lydia.” Marcus laughed pulling into what looked like a deserted warehouse parking lot.

And Marcus was right Lydia was very pretty. Cool green eyes, long flowing red hair, curves in all the right places, she may have been eighteen but she certainly looked older and more mature. The only thing that may have gave away her age was the high school Senior class sweatshirt she wore on her back.

“I really need that sandwich.” Lydia begged as Marcus shut the engine off.

“Ok baby, “ Marcus leaned over into the back seat and grabbed what looked like a sandwich wrapped in newspaper. Handing it to her the bread felt old and stale but she ate it quickly for fear he would take it back. She hunched down in the seat and relaxed finally having a warm place to rest a moment.

She saw Marcus out of the corner of her eye still messing around with stuff in the back seat. He came back up front and lit up a long joint. Inhaling deeply he turned and laughed when he seen the expression on Lydia’s face. “Have some girl.” He said putting the joint in front of her.

“I’ve never..” She stammered.

“Come-on it will make the night pass easier, just a little.” Lydia took the joint from his hands and took a quick puff inhaling and then coughed the pot hit her lungs. She waited a moment and felt her body start to relax.

“Now for me.” Marcus said grinning at her “Don’t worry I can tell your not a street whore, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.”

Lydia bit her lower lip knowing what was coming. She thought to herself wondering if there was away out of it, but she couldn’t see a way. She looked down as she saw Marcus undo the buttons on his jeans and pulled her closer. “Its ok baby I wont hurt you, just use that pretty little mouth and make me happy.”

Lydia reached over and reached her cold hands down into Marcus’s pants finding his cock she lightly began to stroke him. She felt a bit sick to her stomach, and her mind was crying no, but she knew what she needed to do.

“Yea baby.” Marcus moaned feeling her soft hands lightly stroke his shaft up and down. “That’s it be a good little whore.” She felt his hand on the back of her head pushing her down to his cock. She smelled him the moment her head reached his lap. Lydia pulled his cock the rest of the way out of his pants and lightly licked her lips. Her soft red hair fell around him as she lowered her mouth down upon his thick black cock.

Lydia had only seen two cocks in her life. She gasped at the size of Marcus. Just as she gasped she felt him ram his cock deep into her mouth pushing at the back of her throat.

“Suck it bitch.” Marcus moaned. Lydia cried out as she felt herself start to gag. She relaxed her muscles and pulled up her head. She lightly traced his member with her tongue licking lightly on the head tasting his salty pre cum in her mouth. She lightly licked down the base down a little further her tongue flicking at his balls.

She surprisingly felt herself growing wet. Her pussy which normally never responds was responding to sucking this cock. She pushed her mouth down once again taking all of Marcus in her mouth. Her sucking noises combined with Marcus’s heavy breathing. She could tell he was enjoying this cock sucking he was getting. As his excitement built she felt him start to pulsate one long thrust into her mouth, to the back of her throat she felt the warm salty semen spew into her mouth. The taste and the sensation new to her she felt herself start to gag. Marcus quickly handed her a tissue lifting her head she did the best she could to swallow the huge load he had given her.  A bit of his cum seeped out of her mouth and onto her lips.   He handed her a bottle of water she quickly took a drink.

“Good girl.” Marcus smiles. “Did that make your panties wet?”

“Yes.” Lydia admitted nodding her head.

“I’m not going to fuck you tonight sweetie, I have a woman, but I would love to see you play with that pussy. Get yourself off you little cum slut. Would you like that Lydia?”

Lydia nodded. “Take them pants down and let me see that pussy,” Marcus ordered. “And don’t be offended when I call you a whore, but baby after that, it is what you are deal with it.”

Lydia pushed her jeans off quickly looking around outside to make sure no one could see. She pushed her light yellow panties down next feeling their dampness. She leaned back against the passenger door and put her legs in the seat. She slowly parted her legs and moistened her fingers with her mouth.

“That’s It baby make your self happy.” Marcus begged. Lydia lay back a little more and spread her legs so that Marcus could get a full view of her tight wet pussy. She knew she was being very bad but suddenly she didn’t care. All she cared about that very moment was her orgasm.

She slowly started stroking her clit. Closing her eyes she felt her passion start to build. She so needed to cum. So needed the escape from the feeling it would give her. Rubbing herself faster in a circular motion she so wanted something inside of her. She reached down further and lightly inserted one finger into her wet gushing pussy. Lydia moaned loudly bucking her hips picturing Marcus’s hard thick cock in her mouth. Remembering the taste of his cum running down her lips and out of her mouth. She felt her finger being pushed away from her pussy opening as she still worked her clit. She gasped as she felt a hard object enter her.

“You looked like you needed help.” Marcus whispered pulling the object out of her pussy showing her the end of a hair brush and quickly putting it back in. “Your pussy is not good enough for my cock baby.” he whispered. “Fuck the brush.” Lydia moaned loudly as she felt her body start the quake. Her orgasm released and she felt wet liquid spurt out of her, as her pussy spasm’s clutched the brush in her tight opening. “Good girl, get dressed.” Marcus ordered. “You are just the type of girl the streets need.” He said with a laugh as he started the car to warm it again.


Chapter 2

Lydia looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had managed to get a quick shower in the truck stop showers. Marcus had given her toothpaste and a toothbrush,  samples of shampoo and conditioner,  and told her to get her filthy ass cleaned up. As she looked in the mirror she realized at least after a nights sleep she didn’t look so haggard as she had the day before. Her stomach had even ceased to rumbling after the breakfast Marc had fed her. It wasn’t much a cold biscuit and sausage a café had thrown out. Marcus had given her two options that morning,  go home, or with him to Memphis where the streets weren’t as dangerous. He had told her its where he’s from he was going to see his baby and his babies mama, his woman. He had told her she cant stay with him, but he would be around and about to see about her on the streets. All they needed was the gas money to get the rest of the way there.

She knew there was no way she was going to go home. There was nothing there for her. And while Memphis was four hours from home maybe she could start new there. So she agreed to help Marcus get the gas money when he suggested it. One time would not make her a hooker or a prostitute.  She wasn’t taking the money he was, so she wasn’t getting paid. She bargained with herself that she was not a paid whore. Even though the night before she had let a perfectly strange man fuck her mouth for a place to sleep.

Lydia met Marcus back outside of the truck stop. A large man stood beside him. He looked quiet greasy and a bit threatening. Marcus took Lydia aside and told her to go with the man he got fifty dollars. “What does he want?” Lydia asked.

“I dunno.” Marcus replied flatly. “You find out.”

Lydia followed the strange man to his rig and took the help he offered as she entered it.

“In the back.” he grunted. “Get the pants off I just got a few minutes, got to get back on the road.”

He sneered at her as she quickly removed her pants and panties. She saw the sleeper cab bed and lay down patting the bed beside her. He shook his head.

“Roll over whore I am not fucking that nasty pussy.” Lydia felt him grab her and push her quickly to her knees, bending her over forcefully holding her head to the bed she heard him unbuckle his belt and heard his zipper go down. “Get that ass in the air.” He said roughly.

“No I… Please no.” Lydia pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up bitch.” She felt him push her ass cheeks apart and forcefully push his hard cock in her dry ass.

Lydia cried out in pain feeling as if the strange mans cock was ripping her ass in two. She heard him spit on his hand and then felt a little moisture enter her ass. She cried out in pain tears rolling down her cheeks. She heard him grunt a few times and then he was done. She felt his body trembled as he came in her young ass. “Get out of here girl don’t know what your crying about you wanted it and the fifty bucks.” He punched her forcefully in the back knocking the wind out of her and then she heard him leave the truck.


Lydia watched as the scenery went by. She was still crying from what the truck driver had done to her. Marcus kept asking her what he did. but she refused. After thirty or so minutes he had had enough and pulled off the interstate and took an old country road. He parked the car and looked at her.

“I want to know right now what you had to do, answer me Lydia!   You don’t want me to leave you here!” Marcus demanded.

“God he did my ass okay, are you happy,” Lydia bellowed out feeling her cheeks start to burn. “I had never in my life, never..”

Marcus patted the seat beside him and pulled her over to him. “I am sorry baby, I am here to take care of you while you are with me. Stuff like that gets easier. I promise.”

Lydia wiped the tears from her eyes and buried her face into his chest and let him hold her.

“Did it feel good at all describe it?” Marcus enquired.

“No it hurt, It hurt like he was ripping me in two. He was forceful and mean, he hurt me.” Lydia cried.

“Its ok baby lets make you feel better ok, like last night make you feel better. Will you do that for me.” Marcus asked.

Lydia nodded thinking it was very sweet of Marcus to be so caring of her feelings. She felt him unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down over her hips, he tugged at her panties and ripped them away from her. “Its ok baby you will feel better now.”

Lydia lay back against the passenger window once again and spread her legs for Marcus. “You have such a pretty pussy baby. Stroke it show me how you like it.”

“Mmm my clits so hard.” Lydia purred.

Marcus reached down in the floor board and picked up a corona bottle. “Lets try this ok baby?”

“I want you Marcus.” Lydia whimpered.

“No I can’t baby I told you I have a woman. Pretend this is me.” Lydia closed her eyes as she felt the cold hard end of the glass bottle enter her pussy. “Your such a whore baby, only whores will fuck anything to get off. Not good enough for my cock baby, come on baby get off for me. And maybe later you can earn us a steak dinner?”

Lydia moaned feeling her pussy start to gush again. Her body spasming, things she had never experienced before the day before. At that moment she knew she might just do anything for Marcus.


Dinner was good. They had eaten right outside of Memphis. Lydia had scored the money off a guy for the dinner with out really doing much, Marcus set it up. This time all that was required was a hand job. Thankfully she thought to herself they had reached their destination. She wouldn’t be cheapening her body anymore. Never again she swore.

Chapter 3

Lydia looked around the cheap room and set on the bed with a sigh. Marcus had dropped her off down the street just an hour earlier. She wasn’t quiet sure when she would see him again or what she would do, but he had seen to it that she had a free room for the night in a cheap flea bag motel. She found it odd he was able to get the room freely but she didn’t question him. He had told her that after tonight it would be up to her to find a place at night, rather it be an alley, or a shelter, or even try to be nice to the men at the motel. But he told her to stay in the immediate area so that he could find her. He reassured her he would be checking in on her. Told her to do whatever she needed to do to survive. It was the only way to live out here.

Lydia crawled into the warm bed fully clothed, and quickly drifted off to sleep. She wasn’t asleep long however. Soon her dreams awoke her. Crying into her pillow she covered her head praying for sleep. Ever since the night her uncle had violently raped her she had the same dream over and over. She tried hard to shut it out, to forget about it. If it wasn’t for him, maybe she would go home. But with him there she knew she never would.


Morning came early, but Lydia slept in as late as she could before she knew she had to be out of the room. When she entered the cold outside she knew she didn’t need to be spending the whole day outside. Lydia spent the day in thrift stores. At the first store she lifted a big book bag, at the second she stole long sleeve shirts stuffing them in the bag, running out of the store afraid of being caught. The third she lifted some pants and some undergarments, she had never stole a day in her life but she needed these things. The last thing she stole she really didn’t need, but a make-up kit sat on the shelf, she could tell it had been used, but she wanted it.

As night began to fall Lydia felt the first signs of hunger creeping up on her. No money she walked casually into a corner grocery and quickly grabbed some snack crackers running out as fast as she could and back down the street. Hearing “Miss wait!” Behind her. Lydia ran all the way back to the motel she had stayed at that morning. There was an alley way. She walked into the darkness and sat on the cold ground. Hungrily she ate the crackers her body shivering. She wasn’t ready to go to a shelter, what if they tried to convince her to go home! She layered her clothing with her new clothes and soon fell asleep. The first time she ever was able to sleep the whole night through on the cold ground.


The next night Lydia returned to the same dark corner by the motel. The temperature had fallen even more drastically that day. When she could barely take it any longer she entered the motels lobby to try and warm her shivering cold body. The night manager looked at her coldly. “Miss your not a guest here you must get out.”

Lydia nodded bumping into an older man as she exited the building with a sob. The older man must have heard her sobs, because he turned and followed her out of the building. “Miss are you ok?” He asked.

Lydia looked at the man and sized him up. He looked to be in his late sixties, quiet grandfatherly. His leather coat was very outdated, the same could be said for his bowling hat, and patchwork slacks. He held a simple cane that was obviously used to help him get around. “No sir, I am not ok.” She cried. “If you help me I will do anything please mister just for tonight, anything.”

The man grinned understanding and told her to come with him. She followed him through the motel lobby ignoring the stare from the night manager. When they entered his room she had never been so relieved to feel the warmth hit her body.


“So by anything you mean..?” the older man asked her rubbing his chin. Sizing Lydia up as she removed her layers of clothing to where she was down to her last layer.

Lydia nodded her head. “Yes sir anything.”

“What are you some kinda hooker?” He asked with a chuckle.

“No sir.” Lydia said looking at the ground.

“My name is John.” He said looking at Lydia intently, “What is yours?”

“Lydia.” She replied.

“Well Lydia I think I will take you up on that. You think you can handle this old man?” the old man laughed and cackled thinking he was pretty funny. “Go ahead make your self at home.”

Lydia watched as John left the room and heard the shower turn on. The old man returned in his white boxers and white tee shirt freshly showered. He smiled kindly at Lydia and told her to go shower he would wait for her. “Don’t bother getting dressed though.” He said with a faint blush.

Lydia showered quickly and came back out in just her bra and panties. The yellow panties that had been so soaked with her juices a few nights before.

John patted the bed beside him and she sat down timidly. John reached up and lightly stroked her arm. He traced his fingers up to her neck and then pulled her closer to him, pulling her closer and kissed her firmly on the lips. He didn’t really move his lips, didn’t try to part them with his tongue, but kissed her just the same. She felt his fingers move lightly down her neck over her cleavage and down caressing her breasts. “Your bra and panties please,” He whispered. Lydia quickly obliged. The old man stood and removed his clothing. Lydia felt herself blush seeing his wrinkled body. “I haven’t been with a woman in a very long while, not since my wife passed.” The man whispered.

Lydia immediately felt her heart go out to him. She stretched out her body on the bed and patted the bed beside her. He lay beside her and took her gently in his arms. Kissing her lightly on the neck he trailed his kissed down to her breasts, over her abdomen until he reached her pussy that was already growing quiet damp. She felt John resituate his body and could tell that he had his head over her pussy. She gasped loudly as she felt his tongue roughly flick at her clit not expecting it. Soon it felt as is the old man had his face buried in her pussy. Lydia gasped in pleasure. Grasping at the old mans head with one hand and the bed sheets with another. Over come with pleasure she bucked her hips.

“Oh god.” She moaned loudly feeling John enter her tight wet hole with his tongue. “DAMN.”

“Mmmm you like that?” John whispered stopping and laying beside her just as Lydia felt she might cum.

John hungrily climbed between Lydia’s legs. He moaned low and loud as she spread her legs wider for him.  As he entered her,  Lydia felt at first that it was soft.  Typical for an old man.   But gradually he stroked his soft cock inside her slowly at first, till she began to feel it harden. His slow strokes felt so good inside of her. She moaned gasping scratching at the old mans back. He steadily picked up pace. Lydia reached down and frantically began flicking and rubbing her clit as the man pushed in and out of her. Unable to stand it she came with a loud scream feeling her pussy throb around the old mans cock. This sent John over the edge and soon he to was throbbing inside of her spilling his cum into her pussy gasping for breath. “Sleep.” the old man said rolling off of Lydia. And that’s exactly what Lydia did in the nice warm bed.

The next morning the old man thanked Lydia for the night before. Which was something she was not used to. He gave her forty dollars and told her to use it for food, and not to look at it as a payment. She hugged his neck and quickly left his room knowing the first thing she was going to do was get a hot meal.


Two nights more Lydia stayed with the old man. Just as night would settle, for two night she found herself sitting in the cold outside of the sleazy motel. For two nights he came to her and invited her back inside. But unlike the first night John wasn’t interested in sex with her. He just wanted to see that she was safe and warm. She learned the man was there visiting his family, but that it would probably be the last time he would see them due to the fact he was recently diagnosed with cancer.   And she was probably the last time he would ever enjoy making love to a woman.


Lydia sat down slightly out of breath from the cold, just outside of the motel. John was gone now, checked out and headed home. She knew that tonight he would not be coming out to offer her the warmness of his motel room. Lydia hated the fact that she was sizing up every man that came and went from the motel. But she also knew she could not spend the night outside in the cold. If she had to beg another man to take her in for pleasure she would. She had hoped maybe Marcus would come around, but she had still not seen him. Before John left he gave Lydia a care package, looking inside she discovered the care package he had given her was really nothing more than four boxes of condoms. “You need to be safe.” He had told her.

Chapter 4

Lydia had seen the man in the black suit enter and leave the building several times that evening. One time he had left escorting a nice looking woman that looked to be about her age. Probably his daughter. She couldn’t help but notice what lovely brown hair she had. Lucky girl to have a father like him she had thought to herself.

As he left again she knew when he returned he was whom she was going to approach. He looked to be  important, most times entering and leaving he was on his cell phone, talking business, she couldn’t help but notice the wedding ring on his finger. Or the nice car that he drove. He had dark coal black hair, and beady dark eyes. Several times he had looked over at her checking her out.  Almost encouraging her.

When she saw him return she quickly stood. “Mister?” She said quietly trying to get his attention.

He turned and looked at her startled that the little waif was talking to him. “Yes?” He asked.  He had wondered how long it would take her to approach him, they all eventually did. Marcus never failed him. And the man paid him well. And Maria was always very pleased with what he brought back to town. This time the man thought, Marcus might need a raise.

“Mister…” Lydia started. “It is very cold out here.”

“Yes it sure is.” The man stated staring at Lydia coldly.

“Sir if maybe you could do me a favor and let me in your room a while, I would be more than willing to do you a favor, anything.” Lydia stated. “I am not a whore not a prostitute, I just need to make it through the night.”

The man looked at Lydia sizing her up with a shocked look on his face. Or what Lydia thought was shock. He looked a bit uncomfortable and quickly looked around to see if anyone was noticing the exchange taking place between the two of them. He already felt his cock start to harden at the thought of fucking this pretty little thing. But there was no way he was sharing his bed all night with a street whore. But he knew she would have a warm bed,  and sooner or later she would know his cock.

The man nodded and motioned for Lydia to follow him. The same night manager slammed her book down as she watched Lydia follow the man through the lobby. Glaring at the man and Lydia she sighed. The clerk gave the man a knowing smirk and went back about her business.

As soon as they entered the room the man roughly grabbed Lydia. Turning he around roughly kissing biting her lower lip causing her to flinch. Lydia backed away eyeing the man. “What’s your name” she asked.

“No pleasantries ok.” The man said harshly. “I am a married man, shouldn’t be doing this. But you offered yourself up so nicely. Even though I know you saw my ring. ” He roughly grabbed Lydia slapping her across the face. “You obey me…Understand?”

Lydia nodded as she felt the man rip at her shirt. In a matter of moments the man had her completely stripped and naked bent over his bed. He held her down forcefully with one hand around her neck mashing her face into the bed. Roughly he squeezed at her breasts with the other. “Fucking whore.” The man yelled pushing her face down harder into the mattress. “Tell me what a whore you are!”

“I’m a whore!” Lydia cried out feeling the mans grip around the back of her neck relax. “A dirty filthy whore.”

“That’s better.” The man stood up and told Lydia to lay belly down on the bed. She felt the man take what looked like bandanas and tie each of her hands to a bedpost.

“Mister please I’m not sure about this.” Lydia said wiggling trying to free her hands.

Lydia felt the mans hand come down hard on her ass. “You said anything!” he said.

In the next moment Lydia felt another bandana being tied roughly over her mouth. “Bite it he said, this will shut you the fuck up.” She felt the mans hand come down roughly on her ass again, stinging her making her wail in pain. Next her eyes were covered so that she could not see.

She heard the man raise off the bed and soon she heard him once again talking on his cell phone. “Hey man get over here to my room bring Bruce and Jenson and some beer I found you another little treat.”

It wasn’t long before Lydia heard a knock at the door. The man had not said anything else to Lydia. She had heard him laughing pacing the room.

She heard the man answer the door and heard a couple of men gasp as they entered the room. “Mike man what the fuck is this!” She heard a deep male voice ask.

She heard another mans voice say, “Oh wow! Another one?”

“Just a little homeless whore that was begging to do anything to be let in my room for the night. “ She heard what she now known as Mike say. She heard Mike walk over to the bed and roughly slap her ass. She felt the gag on her mouth being untied. “Tell them whore tell them what you are.” Mike said his hand coming down hard on her ass again.

“A whore.” Lydia gasped. “A dirty filthy whore.”  Tears stung at her eyes as the relazation of what was about to happen sunk in. 

“Mmm oh yeah man! This will be a party!” She heard another male voice say. Lydia counted four in all.

“I will be back in a while.” She heard Mike say.



Lydia moaned out in pain as she felt yet another cock invade her bruised pussy.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed. But she knew the men in the room were now quiet drunk. As the evening had wore on they had gotten rougher and rougher. She wasn’t quiet sure how many men from what she now knew was an out of town convention had entered and left the motel room. Her hands had been untied but all evening she had remained blindfolded as the men partied and abused her.  She didn't know what a one of them looked like.   She knew several different cocks had invaded her mouth, her pussy and her ass. One man she knew had already pissed on her, one had threatend to shit on her for being such a dirty whore.   She felt she may gag from the stink, wanted to black out to get away from the misery.   But they slapped her and told her if she passed out she would pay. 

She heard the man on top of her moaning and groaning in pleasure as he plunged his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She cried out for him to please stop, but roughly felt the man slap her face and then heard him spit and then felt the wet slobber hit her face. The man moaned with pleasure once again as she felt his cock fill her already full and used pussy with even more cum.


After a bit the room grew very quiet she knew the only man left in the room was Mike. She had heard him return a bit earlier. She heard him walk across the room and heard the bathtub start to run. She was pretty sure he had not joined in on the fun. He walked over to the bed and untied the bandana from her eyes. “Go take a bath. You stink!” He said coldly.

Lydia stood her legs weak and tired, feeling bruised all over. In the bathroom she saw that her lips her eyes were all red and swollen. There looked to be handprints left on her cheeks.

Lydia sank deep into the hot bath and closed her eyes trying hard not to cry out in pain. She heard the man enter the room. “I am going . I went to the desk clerk and paid the room up for one week, there is some money for you on the dresser. The key is on the nightstand. You earned it.” She looked away from the man and listened as he left the Motel room.

Once out of the bath Lydia found one thousand dollars laying on the dresser with a note. It read:

My pretty whore,

I know this was not what you intended when you approached me,

But maybe the money will make up for your troubles

After all I have more than enough!

You can have this room…

But be available and there is more money in it for you.

And maybe more time to stay in the room if you are very nice..

Will give you a day or so to recover…

But next time you must be more agreeable and pleasing….

Be sure to douch

Marcus told me to tell you hello, and to be a good baby, he knew you were perfect to leave outside of my Motel.



A soft knock on the door woke Lydia from her slumber. She checked to make sure she had her money and everything hidden as she peeked out to answer. Marcus stood in the hallway the light from the hall barely making him disernable.

Lydia opened and let the attractive black man in so glad to see him she was so confused.

Lydia hugged him and cried into his neck as he patted her and told her everything would be alright.

“Baby you look a mess. I am sorry I didn’t tell you sooner about Mike, but he is a business man and so am I.” Marcus said releasing his grasp. “I didn’t know how you would take it baby, or if you were even up for the job. But after the old man,  we knew you were.”

“Marcus…I don’t understand.” Lydia cried feeling her heart start to sink.

“I told you you were a whore, nuttin more after that first night, And Lydia you can make a lot of money working for Mike and Maria. He pays me to find him nice not to used women and bring them here to meet him and work for Maria. And pays me well.”

Lydia gasped. She had no idea this is what Marcus had had in mind when he first left her at the motel.

I am going to be going back to St. Louis soon girl, I was hoping you would be real appreciative what I did for you and all.”

“I am Marcus.” Lydia sniffed.

“Well bitch get over here on your knees and show me!” He growled undoing the buttons on his pants taking his cock out and waving it at her. “Whore suck it.” Lydia felt herself growing wet as soon as Marcus said the words. Her pussy still ached from earlier but she so wanted Marcus. Wanted him badly. So she set to work to please him.

He still would not fuck her. Marcus’s cock was to good for that. A whores pussy would never be graced with his cock’s presence, that was his motto. But he had made her cum again and again, with things no pussy should ever see. Lydia knew after he left she would never see him again. She rubbed the cum with one finger that was still on her lips tasting him, wishing for one more time with him, but they had said their goodbyes.

Chapter 5

Lydia slept the next day the whole day through. Aching all over and suffering from exhaustion. She debated weather to leave the room, or stay and see what else she could earn. The money was very tempting. She needed it, she knew to get on her feet. She knew she would stick it out and do anything to get it.

But she was scared. She wasn’t sure of Mike and Maria wasn’t sure what they expected of her. Or how her “job” would work.

Mike was true to his words and gave her two days to recover. On the second day she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and found a box sitting outside the room; it was nicely gift wrapped with a note.

Wear this at 7:30 and welcome me and a friend back into your room…Mike

Lydia opened the box and found a thin sheer black lacey undergarment, she also found a black leather collar attached to a chain. The collar had the words “Whore” etched in what looked to be diamonds. Also in the box were a pair of sheer black stockings and a black garter, and completing the outfit a pair of black high heel shoes. Black mascara, black eyeliner, and black lipstick also rolled freely in the box. Also a bottle of what looked to be pills. The bottle said. “Take one at seven pm to relax.” A few scented candles, and some glade, was the last of what the box contained.

Lydia began preparing for the evening early, she wasn’t really sure what to expect after their previous meeting. She prayed he would not be having all the men back in once again.

The black lace against her body made her feel quiet sexy and seductive. She noticed there was nothing to the panty line. It left her bare and exposed, her thin pussy hair showing freely. Also it didn’t cover her breasts completely, only partially up to her nipples, leaving them standing out cool and errect.   The stockings covered her legs emphasizing how long and attractive they were. She hoped she placed the garter on correctly, she had never seen or used one. Her red hair she brushed until it shone and left it long and flowing. The makeup she felt was an odd choice but she applied the black to her eyes and mouth as attractively as she could. Looking in the mirror she realized she looked nothing like herself. What stared back at her was all woman, and woman only. She reached in the box for the odd looking collar and fastened it securely around her neck. The words “Whore” sparkled dazzling her for just a moment.

At seven pm there was a knock at the door. She opened the door a bit annoyed to find the desk clerk there. She tried to cover herself as the clerk entered. “Take your pill dear, don’t forget. I am dropping off some food for the boss and his lady, be sure and light the candles.” She left as quickly as she entered leaving a cart behind her.

Lydia lifted the covers on the food to find strawberries, chocolate, crackers, cheese and in the wine bucket what looked to be an expensive bottle of wine. She lit the candles noticing immediately the air in the room smelled much fresher. She sprayed the glade. The stale cigarette smell was effectively covered up. Obviously the people coming were not used to the surroundings of such a cheap motel even though they owned it. So they were having her do her best to take away what might be considered a discomfort.

Lydia sat nervously on the bed waiting for her guests. She began to feel the pill start to take affect and she felt more at ease, her nerves were no longer as wrecked.

At precisely 7:30 there was a knock at the door. When she opened the door Mike and a very beautiful lady entered the room behind him. Mike shut the door locking it behind them.


“You may want to consider this an interview of sorts.” The woman she had discovered was Maria, said to her. Mike handed them both a glass of wine. “I have very many women that work for me.” Maria said pushing her hair back and taking a sip of her wine starting intently at Lydia.   Lydia could tell that English was not Marias first language by her accent and tone. 

Maria was about five-four with dark black hair that fell to her waist. She wore tight slacks and a very low cut red blouse. She was very tan and looked as if she spent a great deal of time in the sun. Her makeup was impeccable. A very classy lady, Lydia could tell. Her fingers shown with diamonds. The only thing missing Lydia mused to herself was maybe a poodle or a small dog sitting in her lap.

“And they work for me in Florida, at a very plush resort.” She went on. “If you were chosen you would be a very lucky little lady. Good money and the tropics, who could ask for more?.”

“What.. what I be doing?” Lydia asked meekly.

“Keeping people happy. Very happy.” Mike laughed. “Sort of like the other night, but maybe not so much like the other night, but..” He laughed. “It could occur.”

“Oh I heard about that.” Maria snickered. “You were a very bad little whore, but I must say you wear the title well.” Maria narrowed her eyes on the collar around Lydia’s neck.

“But first I must see if you are worthy please get on your knees and stay there until I say you may get up.”

Lydia dropped to her knees and Mike walked over and attached the chain to Lydia’s collar. He looked down at her. “Tell her…Tell her what you are.” He said nudging Lydia with his foot. “And look at her.”

“A dirty filthy whore.” Lydia muttered.

“What I can’t hear you?” Maria said enjoying the spectacle.

“A dirty filthy whore miss.. Very dirty.” Lydia said looking up at her.

“Show me. Show me how dirty you are.” she said. “Rub your cunt on my husbands shoe. Rub it and get off. Do it. I want to see your juices on his shoe.” Maria sat down on the edge of the bed and helped herself to a fresh strawberry puckering her lips around it.

Lydia didn’t ask any questions. She could tell Maria wasn’t the type of woman to mess with. Mike walked over to her grabbing her by the hair and pushed his shoe up towards Lydia’s pussy. “Squat on it he said, rub yourself off.” Lydia squatted down and closed her eyes. She rubbed her pussy over Mikes shoe and tried to think of something to get her juices flowing. She thought of Marcus and his large cock. How bad she had wanted him inside of her. She moaned as she felt her pleasure growing as she masturbated against Mikes shoe and foot. She felt her pussy growing very wet. She ground herself into the shoe harder and faster, her breaths becoming heavier.

“Mmmm what a cum slut.” Maria purred as Lydia came moaning all over the shoe feeling her body quake once again. “Clean his shoes bitch. With your tongue.” Maria ordered. Lydia leaned down and lapped up her juices off of Mikes shoe. She found this quiet disgusting, but for some reason she did not protest.

“Good little slut. Much like a puppy you get a treat.” Maria purred. Lydia watched as Maria uncovered one of the trays one she had not seen. It looked to be a dog bowl filled with what looked to be some kind of mush or baby food. “Bark and then eat!” Maria ordered.

Lydia looked down at the bowl and felt Mike nudge her with his foot. “Bark Bitch.”

Lydia woofed the best she could and then quickly started to eat what she discovered was mashed up peas. This couple was beginning to make her very uncomfortable.

“Good Girl. Good little Bitch, female dogs, eat out of dog bowls,” Maria said patting her head.

“Fuck her baby I want to watch.” Maria told Mike. “And don’t you dare come on my husbands cock.” Maria said slapping Lydia across the face. And then she leaned down wiping the mashed peas off of Lydia’s face with a napkin.

Maria pulled at the chain and guided Lydia to the bed. Lydia lay down and opened her legs for Mark. He quickly undressed his cock already hard, he entered Lydia at his wife’s instruction. No foreplay. Maria ordered Mike to only look at her as she undressed.

Lydia glanced over catching a glimpse of Maria’s well toned body. A bit ashamed of her own body. Mike pushed in and out of her rhythmically but mechanically. Maria now fully naked lay on the bed beside Lydia. Lydia watched as Maria opened her pussy lips for Mike to see. And slowly she began to stroke her pussy.

“Think of only me as you fuck the dirty whore.” She heard Maria whisper.  She noticed Mike's gave never left Maria.  Lydia moaned loudly as Mikes cock started to spasm. Letting forth a forceful load of his cum his body shaking on top of her. He cried out “Yes” and fell on top of Lydia spent. “You may leave us now as soon as you recover.” Maria said patting her husbands ass gently. “I’m going to clean Lydia, and see if she really has what it takes.”

Mike soon left the room and Maria soon joined Lydia back in bed. Lydia started to protest and then thought better of it. This was a test.

“Good whores always get off on anything.” Maria said laughing. Maria lay beside Lydia and lightly licked her lips, she leaned into her and lightly brushed her lips against Lydia’s.

As quickly as Maria found Lydia’s lips she was down between Lydia’s legs staring at her pussy and lightly flicking Lydia’s clit with her finger. Maria leaned in and breathed in the scent of her husbands cum and Lydia all intertwined. She flicked her tongue out lightly lapping at Lydia’s wet pussy. Lydia moaned loudly not expecting the woman to want to pleasure her this way. She grasped the sheets and bucked her hips as Marias pouty lips kissed her pussy. The more Maria flicked her tongue the louder Lydia moaned. Maria moved down into Lydia’s tight woman hole and licked out all of her husbands juices. Lydia screamed loudly as she felt her juices release again. All over Marias pretty face. Her body shook. She didn’t know if she had ever felt an orgasm that was so powerful.

“Mmmm you dirty whore.” Maria giggled. “You got me all dirty. Now have you ever ate a pussy?” Maria asked.

Lydia sat up and shook her head no. “You can do it honey, just do what feels right, you know what makes you feel good. Do it to me, make me cum honey and you will be the perfect whore. Marcus said you had the makings of a good whore.”

“I don’t know if I can eat a woman…” Lydia stammered.


Marcus drove quickly down the deserted country road. He had known all along that only one of the two girls would get to go to Florida with his boss. But this part always turned his stomach. The one that didn’t make it. The one that couldn’t make the bitch Maria cum. He prayed it wasn’t the red head. Prayed hard it was the smart assed brown haired bitch. He had really liked Lydia. He knew he would have to look to see what color hair was in the bag. Normally he would never look didn’t care. The bosses business wasn’t his business. He’s not the sick pervert that wanted to cover his tracks. He was just the errand boy. Why did so many girls have to end up like this, he didn’t know, but it wasn’t his problem to fix.

Marcus pulled the bag out of the trunk. Feeling for a head he tore at the bag. He shown his flashlight into the bag. The hair was brown.



This concludes Part one Of the Making of a Whore. Find out soon in part two what happens to Lydia. Where will her adventures take her??  How nicely and sweetly was she able to lick Maria.  Find out this and much more!

'If you can find me, you can have me'

duster_steed on Sex Stories

It was another dull day in the office, and I was very easily distracted by her. I just couldn’t help but stare; the curve of her ass, her cleavage tempting my eyes, those beautiful red lips. I had slept with Kaitlin before, after a few drinks on a works night out. Now as my eyes pierced into her I was remembering what a great shag she was, how that night she had begged me to fuck her harder, she was pure filth and I loved it!

She looked up at me, and embarrassed I quickly looked away. A couple of minutes later my phone beeped. The text instantly made my cock stiff,
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ial; mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt">

It was Kaitlin: ‘So horny x.’

I was feeling cheeky so decided to play the game.

‘You’re looking so hot today, your tits look amazing x’

I anxiously awaited her reply, and was totally caught off guard by what she sent, a photo looking straight down the top of her shirt. Fuck me what a pair, the perfect shape. Her low cut bra left little to the imagination, but I couldn’t quite make out her nipples.

‘Got anything else to show me? x’ I replied.

Boy did she, the next photo was of her sweet, smooth pussy! Straight up her skirt, no knickers, just her cunt glistening from the flash of her camera phone. By the looks of it she really was horny!

I responded with my own photo, a shot of the massive hard on she was giving me! I saw her check her phone and she got up. She didn’t even look at me as she walked around the corner. Then came the reply,

‘If you can find me you can have me x’

I knew exactly where she’d be. It was 2 o’ clock, time to refill the photocopier. I knew as I always watched her bend over to fill the draws, I’m sure she got off on the fact she was showing the whole office her ass. I stood up, trying to hide my hard on, and headed for the store room.

She was waiting for me. As I walked in and closed the door, she smiled at me. She turned around and lifted up her skirt. ‘Be quick, I’ve got loads to do.’ Her 3 inch heels and those long, shapely legs put her at the perfect height as my trousers dropped. I pressed the head of my cock against her sweet pussy lips and she seemed to suck me in, like a vacuum. Fucking hell she was so wet and my cock filled her instantly. I slipped all the way in and paused, savouring the feeling of her soft cunt. She wasn’t content to savour the moment, she had already began bucking back against me.

I grabbed a hold of her firm ass and started to drive my dick in and out of her. She was trying not to make too much noise but every now and then she let out the hottest little moans and gasps. She grabbed hold of the shelf to steady herself, and tossed her long blonde hair to one side as she turned around to look at me. I’d found my rhythm, thrusting in and out of her, her pussy was on fire!

It didn’t take long for her to climax, she was playing with her clit as I fucked her and the feeling of her fingers flicking against my balls meant I wasn’t going to last much longer. I put my arm around her waist and thrust deep into her. I felt her pussy tighten and her mouth fell open as she moaned aloud in pleasure.

Kaitlin hopped off my knob and turned around, kissing me with the sexiest little grin. She started to undo her shirt as she got to her knees. She unclasped her bra, those luscious tits bouncing free.

‘I know exactly what you want’ she said, the words sent a tingle down my spine. She looked straight into my eyes as she took my cock into her hands. She had come all over my dick so the feeling of her fingers wrapping around my wet shaft as she cupped my balls with her other hand tipped me over the edge. With just 3 pumps of my cock I was coming. ‘Fuuuuck,’ I groaned as my sperm hit her right in the middle of her chest and ran down between her tits. It splattered across her breasts and over her pert little nipples. Her tits were covered in my spunk, she was milking me for every last drop and only let my cock go once I had started to go soft. Kaitlin reached for some toilet paper and cleaned herself up. I pulled up my trousers and slumped against the wall trying to catch my breath. She re-hooked her bra, buttoned up her shirt and shook her ass in my face as she straightened her skirt. She gave me a kiss, ‘Thanks, I think Ill be horny again about the same time tomorrow,’ she said with a cheeky smile as she left. I returned to my desk, I’d not even been gone 10 minutes!



The First Time I met her

supercar1 on Sex Stories

The story you are about to read is an accurate account of a unique and exciting situation.

It was a beautiful spring day, I had arranged to meet a lady who I had never met or even talked to prior to calling the number on her business card.  The only thing I knew was that a friend told me she was pretty hot.

I had procured a room at the Holiday Inn located in the city where she lived.  I called her and had her meet me in the lounge.  When she arrived I was pleasently suprized to she how Sexy she was.  Standing just 5\'1" tall and tipping the scale at 115 lbs it looked as though she as very well put together.  We chatted briefly then went to t

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he room to begin the Audition.  She was trying out for a part as a mysterious DC madam who fronted for a string of hand picked girls who worked the Washington, DC Lobbiest evening entertainment circut. 

The director of the proposed movie had sent her a few pages of the script, Gwen had learned the dialog ans was excited to try out.  Trying out would consist of her dressing in a black teddy with black stockings.  The first thing she did was to go put the stockings on and come model them.  The had on a knee length dress, as she approached from the other room she lifted the dress to the waist and ask, "How\'s this?"  Gwen was not waring any panties her trimmed bush was fully visable, she looked me in the eye as she spoke, I nearly choked, she showed me her bush right off, I think i went bright red.

Gwen went to the bathroom, took a quick shower and walked out completely naked.  Her pail breasts were slightly large for her patite size, 34 D cup to be exact, her waist was trim her but small and legs very nice.  She stood infront of me and dressed in the wardrobe she had been furnished.  What a sight, I watched as she slithered into the Teddy and stockings never putting on the matching thong.

Gwen was to act like she was seducing a lobbiest, I was to stand in for the lobbiest.  As quickly as Gwen was ready she began to undress me, after removing my shorts she pushed me down on the bed, taking my semi riged cock in her hand and stroking it for a few seconds making me hard as could be.

Gwen swung a leg over me and gracefully acted like she was mounting me taking me inside her pussy. Remember I said acting like!  Gwen leaned down and kissed me passionately grinding her magnificient breasts into my chest.  I remember thinking, Wow!  Her tits felt great, when she broke the kiss I placed both hands onher breasts and began to caress them softly.  Gwen moaned softly, was this for real or was she acting?

Gwen expertly carried on with the seduction, dropping the top of the Teddy exposing her full round tits, dragging the smooth flesh over my hary chest, kissing and making soft moans.  Her nicely trimed pussy was very close to my cock, she was rubbing her slit up and down the length of my cock while keeping it pined against my belly so it wouldn\'t go inside her hot pussy.

Soon Gwen was completely naked, I rolled her over and continued to kiss and caress her tits, flat belly and touched the hed of my cock to her pussy lips.  We teased each other for over an hour, me trhying to slip inside her pussy Gwen quickly movinv out of the way so I could not get inside her.  Mind you I was trying to be a true gentleman since the audition did not include sex.

Gwen was on top again rubbing her slit on my dick paying particular attention to her clit, just when I thought I was going to get inside her pussy she climaxed and jumped up.  Damn I thought, almost got sum pussy.  I pulled her on top of me again hoping she was wet enough I might just accidently side into her Vagina.  Gwen teased herself to another orgasm the same way as before. 

I got Gwen to pose for some very revealing pics before she got dressed to leave. 

I told her I would have the proofs ready the following week and made an oppointment to get together to let her view the video and stills.  I got another room and set up the VCR to view the video.  When Gwen arrived she looked great, a straight A line skirt, silk blouse and heels. I got her to pose for me before showing her the video, she was down to her bra and nothing else, she hadn\'t warn any panties.   

I put the video in and let her watch her performance.  As she was watching I took off my clothes down to a pair of silk boxers I had warn.  I sat next to her on the bed and began to caress her body, she moaned softly as she watched as I caressed her.  After the video was over Gwen lay back on the bed and stretched as she did I began to kiss the inside of her thighs and was soon lapping up her pussy juice.  Gwen climaxed very easily as I tongued her clit, she was truely enjoying my tongue as she said, "I trimmed a little more just for you."  Damn she was hot!

I slid up her body and pressed my cock to her pussy lips, this time no teasing, she opened for mr to enter her warm vwry wet pussy.  As I slid into her vagina for the first time she exclaimed as I reached bottom, "Oh your cock fits in me so good!"  With that Gwen began to fuck me like I had never be fucked before.  She moved in ways I had never experienced, bucking up to meet my strokes, rotating her hips, rocking her hips, just plain screwing me like I had never be screwed before, iy was nothing short of increadable, Gwen knew how to fuck like none other.  The sensation was more like she was fucking me than me fucking her.  We changed positions over and over.

As Gwen screwed me she exclained "Oh it feels so good to get fucked again, its been to long."  I think I was hornier than I had ever been I was able to last for a very long time as Gwen climaxed over and over.  I didn\'t count her climaxes but, Gwen told me she had never came so many times in a row, and I knew it every time, she was so animated, she squealed on the little ones and moaned on the bigger ones, and said "I don\'t know how a woman couldn\'t like sex!", as she came again.  Every time she was on top she would say, "Oh your cock fits in me so well, I love to feel it inside me!"  "I have never had a cock fit in me as good as your!"  And with that she yelled out "OH yes fuck me!"  This must have been at least a dozen or more climaxes as Gwen collapased pressing her perfect breasts into my chest as we recouperated.

Gwen is my secret lover now and we can hardly wait for each get together, Gwen is truely the most fantastic lover I have ever known.

Gwen will read this soon and maybe respond.

College Life

gokothegiant on Sex Stories

        When I decided to go back to school after a two year hiatus, Gorham State (as it was called in those halcyon days of yore) seemed to fit all of my, fairly close to home but not too close, and a favorable(to me) ratio of women to men. It was the Maine state teachers college in those days and young would-be elementary school teachers abounded. If some of the elementary schools in Maine knew what kind of sluts their teachers were when in college there would be a real shortage in that state today.

         I unloaded my car in front of my dorm that hazy September afternoon after a

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long drive from Annapolis and carried my beklongings up to my room on the fourth floor. After introductions my roommate and I headed over to the cafeteria for an early dinner. The dining hall was fairly new and looked for all the world like a gigantic flying saucer perched on the hillside. Inside there was the expected confusion and seats were at a premium. Sully and I sat at a tale with a group of young men and women who seemed to know each other and their conversations covered the gamut of what they did over the summer and group introductions. i met a young woman named Kerry that day and before dinner was over had lined up a date for thatevening, beer and pizza downtown. kerry was a lithesome freshman, 5'8" tall ,long brown hair, and very pale. Her skin wassoft and pure and she always looked mildly surprised, wide eyes and a quixxical smile.SLender, with long legs and a fine pert pair of breasts, small but promising. One talent she displayed that evening early on was an amazing capacity for beer. We each had a couple slices of pizza and so many beers we soon lost track. there was a whole roomfull of students there and it developed into quite a party. When we could no longer rightfully say we could walk we stumbled out  and headed up the hill to campus,  but were sidetracked by a school playground,swings , seesaws, and a merry-go-round. laughing at each others jokes and having a grand time we passed the evening until as if bone voice we asked each other if we wanted to spend the night in our partners dorm. Laughing,  we agreed, but soon enough saw that my room was out, Sully was not having any of it...and hers was occupied by her roommate graoning and moaning.'What the hell, the more the merrier' I thought and Kerry agreed. Her roommate, Renee, was so involved with a guy she wasn't asking any questions.

    Kerry started things off with a kiss and an insistent grope at my crotch, and I responded by taking her right tit in my hand. we were undressed with a quickness, and i sawthefinest 18year-old(Ithought) tits you can imagine.Her skin was as white as alabaster, her nipples a rosy pink color. Her tits were, like I said, small, about 34B's, but sosensitive it turned out that she was soon maoning along with Renee, who was now on her hands and knees taking a lonmg cock from behind. Kerry and stopped for a few minutes and watched as she took a very passable pounding then Kerry was on HER knees with my cock in her mouth. As you can see, things heated up quickly, and fucking was soon the order of the day/night. as I slid my dick into her tight little hairless cunt she thrust her hips up at me taking my cock its full length. I'm not hung like a pornstar,7 honest inches , and it was buried balls deep in her twat.Whill I pumped away, hard and fast, slow and deep, then fast again, sometimes all the way, sometimes only the head of my cock in her, it became apparent we had an audience . Renee had finished off her guy and they were smiling and giving us enciouraging suggestions. i paused long enough to look over at them and saw Renee fingering her cunt, watching us with glazed eyes, cum running out of her pussy. Hwer friend stared at us openly and then, with only a glance at each other the four of us were all tangled up in each others amrs. i don't really know which cunt got my first load of cum that night, but before it was overboth had sucked me off, and both had had a good fucking from both of us guys.


      School settled in to a regular pace. My classes turned out to be interesting, but not very challenging, which left a lot of time to drink and socialize. I joined a fraternity that semester. Delta Chi, and Kerry, while we stayed in touch though didn't fuck any more that senster, joined Delta Zeta.

      Greek life at PoGO ( the University of Portlad-Gorham) was where it all happened on campus. Weekly beer keggers, music, activities on weekends, and for the brothers of Delta Chi, lots of pussy. I started working in the cafeteria, and soon met nearly everybody on campus.

     After my night with Kerry there was a virtual parade, Denise, Brenda,Sandy, Bobbie,a different Brenda, was all too good to be true, but it was. They still stand out in my memory,barbara's enormous tits and even bigger appetite for cock, Mary's incredibly tight cunt ( about the apparent size of quarter coin slot in a vending machine, but very accomodating once you reached heaven, Kris, so tall, so blonde. Then Christams vacation, spent that year in a small cabin in Northern Maine, watching the snow and wildlife with a friend from school.

     When I returned to PoGo there was a note on my dorm door.Opening it Iread the birthday invitation of my first girl there. Kerry was inviting me to her 18th(!!!) birhtday party. it turns out she was only 17 when she fucked me there that first night.Of course I went, got a birthday kiss and gave her a birhtday grope which sherecieved with a smile. Kerry looked absolutely stunning that night, a fetishist corset barely covering her nipples, short leather skirt, sheer sleek stockings held up by garters just peeking out from below the hem of her skirt, high heels, about 5" stilettoes. her glasses had been replaced by green tinted contacts, showing off her eyes which were darkened by a smoky looking eye shadow, her lips scarlet and moist looking.

     'I'm a big girl now, Will, and since you were the first one here, I'm YOUR big girl tonight, if you'll have me."

     'Damn right!' I couldn't beleive my luck. Two first nights, two good hot fucks, and since she had undergone such a transformation from the freshman she had been to the babe she was now, with two undeniably fine women. We drank Black Russians that night, danced, listened to music, had a little wine toward the end of the evening and after everybody had gone home and after Kerry had gone to her room and freshened her make-up, we settled down on the couch cuddling close, slowly exploring each others most sensitive spots. I was entranced by her corset. I had never even seen one, bumpkin that I was,. She had removed her skirt and now wore only a garter belt , stokings , stilettos and the corset. Looking at her I was soon wearing only a raging hardon and a look of a starving man in front of a banquet.Kerry was the source of my lifelong fetish with garters and corsets.

     She leaned over (not an easy feat she later told me) and engulfed my cock with thosae luscious lips. I looked down and met her eyes looking up at me , my cock in her mouth. I could see traces of her lipstick on my dick. My eyes half closed, I moaned that icouldn't stand it any more, I was going to cum. Instead of pulling away she swallowed my load and just sucked that much more. I never lost that amazing boner as we moved from position to position. I laid back and shesat on my cock, taking it all the way in, guiding my hands to her tits which now were out and above the top of the corset, her nipples stiff and erect. Tiem after time I pumped cum into her, into her mouth , onto her tits, into her cunt. Finally we lay together resting, tooexhausted to even speak. Several minutes passed and she said ' One more thing. For my birhtday , in my ass...' Who was I to disagree? i licked her ass, dark musky, forbidden, and oh so sweet, Shee sucked my cock hard ...again. She positioned herself face down on her tits then raised up on her knees, proferring that heavenly hole to me which (my forsttime hereI must admit) I laid the head of cock up to. Slowly, but without relenting, slowly as she realxed, finally sliding into that tightest of holes. i rested there and she took several deep breaths, the we started and built up a rhythm of thrusting which culminated in one more burst of cum in her ass. As I pulled my cock out , cum ran out and down onto her cunt.. I kissed her cunt and she took me in her mouth.

      What a great party. The understatemnt of my junior year there.

      More women, Karen, who fucked me in the dorm lobby late one night, her pussy so wet that I thought the sounds of us pumping into each other would wake the night receptionist. Mary agin, I couldn't get enough of that tight little cunt.Judith, my best friends girlfriend, drunk, horny and, as it turned out , lusting to fuck me.

       I never had another session with Kerry. Our lives took separate paths, me to Montana and Big Sky, she to an elementary school ( you see what I mean ?) and married to a cop. I doubt if he knew,but there were a lot of people in Portland that did, and from what I heard between our fuckfests,quite a few of them knew it from personal experience.

     I graduated the next year and didn't return for a fair while. I kept in touch with Judith, who became good friends with Kerry a few years after they graduated. About a year ago my wife and I went to visit Judith , now just Judy, and out of defference to our spouses we chose not to discuss our history. She had a few pictures of school. including, amazingly, one of Kerry at her birthday. She just winked at me as I looked at the photo and let out a sigh. My wife looked at me but never asked abbout it.

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Amy Sue's Adventure

vilolit2002 on Sex Stories

 Hi i'm Amy Sue i'm 22 year old female. Very good looking for my age. i am 5'7" Dark brown curly hair down to my ass, green eyes and about 170 lbs. My measurements are 34D ,14,2. But enough about myself ... I woke up friday morning my boyfriend had went to work already and i was bored so i went to take a shower. We have a shower head that you can hold in your hand and use like the ones you see in porns . So i thought why not try what the girls in the movies do. I took the shower head in my hand a started around my big tits thata felt great while i played with my nipples, Gently squeezing and pinching them.  Then i moved down to my shaved pussy and it was nothing like i had ever felt. I got light headed and had to sit down, still pleasing myself after five minutes i got off and f
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elt very relaxed. Got out put on my pink silky robe that had the bottom that came up to mid thigh and just barely covered my ass. I went downstairs and to the den to turn on the computer. With the computer on i went to my breakfast bar in the kitchen and i got myself a ice cold beer. Then i went back to the den and turned on my messenger and i saw a offline message. It was from my friend julie. She had told me about this great website she went to and i should check it out so i did . It was one of those live chat rooms so i looked around a bit and decided to get in a chat room. I wasnt in chat for very long when i heard people talking about their sex lives, it really turned me on . It was about 3 in the evening and still didnt feel like getting dressed at the moment. So i went to the bedroom and fetched my silver bullet vibrator from my dresser drawer, its my favorite clit teaser. I went back to the den and listened to some more stories about sex in the chat room. i took the vibrator in my hand and went around my nipples, oh it felt so good it started to make me wet at this point. Then i slipped it into my tight pussy, i was doing this for about 5 or 6 minutes and just as i was about to get off . I heard my friend julie say is anyone here. I didnt notice that she had made her way to the den where i was until she said oh i see you found the chat room i told you about . I was shocked and stopped what i was doing. Julie said oh no don't stop on my account and then she slowly slid one hand inside my robe and started playing with my breasts and kissing my neck. I went along with it since it felt so good. I turned around and started kissing her back and rubbing her pussy. Then i took Julie's shirt off and started sucking on her nipples and rubbing her pussy at the same time she getting really turned on and so wet at this point. Then i took off her pants and black thongs. Then she said lets go over here and lay on the floor so i obiliged her in doing so . She started sucking my nipples and rubbing my wet pussy and before i knew it she had my vibrator and placed it on my clit . Then she got on top of me by now and we was in the 69 position and  eatting each others pussy. It was so amazing. She started to scream out i'm gonna cum baby then i said me too. After we both got off i turned to look at the clock it was five o' clock already it was time for my boyfriend to be home then i heard a car door slam i was thinking oh sit what if he catches me and Julie in here together what would he say. We both hurried to get dreessed we done so just in the nick of time too. Tommy came in and said hi to julie and kissed me and asked what i had done today. Just then Julie and I looked at each other and said not much . Julie went home i didnt see her until the next morning she came over and kissed me and told me not bad for your first time Amy. I said you wasn't so bad yourself lover . Now we get together once a week and her place and have girls night and it just keeps getting better . Who knows we might make it 3 times a week. I can't wait til Tommy goes out of town next month on business for a whole two weeks, i can just imagine what happens then.............

Roadtrip to Albany

KaneHush on Sex Stories

Mark Twain said it best when he said: “if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait.” these words come to mind as I stand in a hotel lobby in Albany, NY and watch the snow fall. it’s late November and I was doing an instillation of a new store for a large bookstore chain (who will remain nameless). My job was to come in for a day, help out, and get the fuck out of dodge. The only problem with that is it started to snow and the turnpike is snowed out and should be morning by the time it clears, or so the news reports have told me. So here I am, stuck in fucking Albany because of snow, the only good thing is that I’m not alone. Amy, a girl who I work with and have become pretty good friends with over the yeas, had made the trip up from Connecticut wit
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h me to help out. Amy and I get along great and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a wet dream come to life. Amy is 5’5, brown hair, Double D’s, great ass, who loves punk music, frat jokes, and drinking way too much.
When we found out about the weather, I called the store and they told us to get a hotel room if we could (scratch that- hotel rooms), stick it out, and we would be reimbursed. So after making a few more calls, we found a fairly inexpensive Hilton down the road and checked in. I got us two rooms as Amy called her boyfriend Tom.
“no, we’re fine. Will and I are going to check in to a hotel and wait it out.” Tom and I have hung out a few times and knew that I could watch out for Amy for him. So, it wasn’t like he was worried about us being alone (for now). I too called home because I knew that Sarah, my girlfriend, would be worried. I got the machine and left a message.  I hung up the phone to find Amy behind me.
“so, what’s the plan, Stan?” she asked. I looked pasted her to a beautiful sign with the best word on it I could think of: BAR.
“we’ve got some time to kill.” I said with a raised eye brow. In truth it was only about 6:30, so the night was still young.
“now you’re speaking my language. I just want to run up to my room an freshen up, I smell like crap after moving those boxes all day.” I agreed as I was sure I was pretty ripe. We went up to our rooms, which were across the hall from each other. I hoped in the shower quickly. As the water hit me, I thought it was time to take care of a little business: namely my perpetual hard on I’ve had all day around Amy. As the steam filled the shower, I started stroking think about her huge tits wrapped around my dick. I’d been pretty worked up all day so it didn’t take me long to fire off a load on to the tile wall.
“Fuck me.” I sighed as I turned off the water. I tossed back on my tee shirt and jeans and headed down to the bar.
Due to the weather and the fact that it was the middle of the week, the bar was empty. I took a seat and ordered a beer. I was down there for about five minutes when I felt a small slap on my back. I turned to find Amy slipping in to the seat next to me. She had pulled her hair back in to a tight ponytail and seemed to apply some new makeup.
“better?” I asked.
“ will be when I get one of those.” she answered indicating to the beer.
“alright then.”
I can’t be sure the exact number of drinks we had but beers became hard, hard became shots, shots went back to hard. To be honest, we got pretty fucked up. In the coarse of the evening, we talked. I told her about Sarah, my girlfriend and the little fights we’ve been having  and she told me about Pete, her boyfriend and his little shit. As the night wore on, she started to drop little hints that he was sexually fulfilling her, which I had to admit made me chuckle. Here is this bombshell of a woman and he can’t take care of her. Fucking putz.
“you’re too god for that guy.” I said
“awe, that’s sweet.” said Amy, placing a hand on my leg, a little farther up than I think she meant to. She rubbed my thigh for a few strokes while giving me a seductive look.
“so,” I said, snapping out of my daze and hoping that she wouldn’t notice my rapidly growing erection now tenting in my pants. “another drink?”
“ are you trying to get me drunk?”
“of course not. I’m a gentleman after all.”
“oh yeah ,” she said sarcastically, “you are always a perfect gentleman.”
“ hey, holly doesn’t count.”
A few years ago, we had a girl working at the store named Holly, who I ma have made cry but to be fair she was a bit of a crier to begin with. Either way, I kind of earned a reputation as being a little mean, a reputation I wear proudly.
Amy and I had decided that we had done enough damage here at the bar and decided that it would be best if we retired to our rooms. The trip to the elevator was interesting as we both we were drunker than we thought. We swayed and crashed around in the hall, at one point I lost my footing and went in to Amy, pressing her up against a wall for a moment, my hand placed interestingly enough, to the side of one of  her huge tits. I swore I saw her smile as my hand slightly grazed the breast.
At long last, we made it back to the rooms, where it took a second for me to get my key in to the lock and turn the handle. I walked in, only to have Amy follow me in and close the door.  I walked in to the bathroom and took a very long, very nice drunk piss. When I walked out of the bathroom, I found Amy lying on the bed watching TV. She was quite a sight as the already tight tee shirt she was wearing was stretched even tighter. I walked over and took a seat on the bed and noticed that she had stopped on some chick flick. I sighed loudly.
“hey, I love this movie.” she said defensively.
“this movie sucks.”
“you suck.” she said with a giggle. I turned to her.
“you suck.”
He cocked an eyebrow and before I knew it she tried to tackle me. We wrestled for a moment, laughing the whole time as we were sobering up but were still pretty drunk. There was no chance that she could match my power but I had to give her credit, she was quick. We wrestled for a few minuets on the bed until we slipped off and crashed had on to the carpet. Amy landed on top of me but suddenly I flipped her over and pinned down her hands. We were both out of breath and I watched slightly as he breasts rose and fell.
“I guess I win.” I smirked.
“I guess you do.” with that, Amy lifted up her head and her lips connected with mine. Our mouths opened and tongues came in to play. We were kissing fiercely, I removed my hands from her wrists and cupped her face. Her hands shot up and pushed at the back of my head, pulling my closer in to the kiss.
Finally we broke the kiss, now even more out of breath.
“wow,” was all I could say.
“about time. I’ve wanted to do that for a year.”
“well then, why stop here.” her smile returned and pulled me in to another kiss. Her left hand held my head as her right traveled south and gripped my cock through my pants. She moaned as her hand felt around and started to unzip. I moved from her lips down to her neck and placed a hand on her tit. I squeezed her bra encased breast  invoking some very audible moans. Her hand slipped in to my pants and passed my boxers to my cock, which was just waiting for some attention. She started stroking me.
“fuck, these pants are getting in the way.” she said.
“I was going to say the same thing about this shirt.”
We started stripping each other, stopping to kiss, touch, or lick whatever was recently shown. I pulled her shirt over her head as she released the pony tail, letting her long dark hair flow free. I unclasped her bra and freed the breasts I had so many stolen glances of in the past. They sat in front of me, big but with very little sag. I leaned down and took one in my mouth., Sucking and licking gently. Amy cooed and moaned, running her fingers through my hair.
“ be rough with me.” she gasped.  “ I love it hard.”
That was all I needed. I took one of the nipples between my teeth and bit slightly causing Amy to breathe sharply.  I grabbed the other one and squeezed hard.
“umm, you don’t need to be told twice.”
Amy unbuttoned my pants and started to slide them down. As she did this, I started to stand. Amy took both my pants and my boxers, causing my cock to spring up. Amy’s eyes lit up and she left my pants pooled at my ankles. She gripped my cock and started to lick it, just before she took it in to her mouth. Her mouth felt like velvet as her tongue swirled around my dick. I placed my hand on her head, forcing her to take more of me in. she moaned around my dick and reached up to fondle my balls.
“oh, that’s good.”
Amy started to bob her head back and forth, taking more and more of me until she was deepthroathing me. This lasted for a second then her gag reflex kicked in and she had to pull me out. My cock was covered in saliva and shined off the lights in the room. After she finished coughing, I leaned down and kissed her.
“this foreplay is nice but I’ve got to fuck you.” I said with a smile.
These were the words that Amy was waiting to her. She scooted up on to the bed and slipped off her pants to show a black lace thong. I raised an eyebrow and Amy chuckled.
“nothing, almost like you knew this would happen.”
“a girl can dream right?” Amy slipped off the panties and my jaw hit the floor. She was completely clean shaven.
“like what you see?” she asked spreading wider on the bed.
“damn.” was all I could muster.
“what did you think took me so long in the shower?”
I didn’t respond, I just dove head first in to that bald snatch. The second my mouth connected, I was on her clit, sucking and licking. Amy started to shake and writhe. A string of obscenities started to flow out of her mouth as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She arched her back, jutting out her massive mamories as she pinched and pulled on the nipples. While eating her out, I was stroking my cock, just waiting for my opportunity to fuck her. She ran one hand through her own hair and the other was through mine and she continued to moan and squirm. I sucked and licked her clit until she shouted: “fuck me, please!”
I stood up and wiped my chin. With one push, I entered her. She was tighter than I could have imagined. I started to pump in and out. slow at first but then quickly found a rhythm. I placed my hands on her hips and started to slam in to her with enough force to cause the bed to start rocking in time.
“oh god! Fuck me, don’t stop!”
I leaned down, trying to keep my pace, and began to lick her tits. I moved up briefly and our tongues intertwined. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me closer. My hands drifted to her sides and I continued to fuck her.
“I want to be on top.” she moaned. we switched positions quickly and she mounted me again with a gasp.
“what’s the matter? Tom not fuck you lately?”
“not with a dick this big.”
She started to rock back and forth. She started to roughly squeeze one of her breasts with one hand and placed the other on my chest. Her hair was now draping seductively over her face. She was a vision of sexual energy. I had my hands on her hips, assisting her rocking motion which felt really good. My hands started to drift back to her ass as I started to kneed the cheeks. With out warning, my had slightly slipped and grazed her asshole. Amy’s eyes shot open as she let out a loud moan.
“naughty boy.” she smiled and I knew what she wanted.
I traced a hand up her chest  and neck. She took my fingers in to her mouth and started to lick them. This continued for a moment, then I with drew them. My now moistened hand traveled back to her ass. Our eyes met and I grinned, knowing what was coming next. my right index finder probed the outside of her anus and slipped in, thanks to Amy’s own saliva.
“oh Fuck!” cried Amy, as she collapsed on my chest. This did not stop me. I continued to fuck her pussy and finger fuck her tight ass at the same time. I felt her pussy walls contract against my cock as she came. Her body shook as I held her close, but didn’t stop fucking her. Amy picked up her head, leaning her jaw on my chest and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes.
“Fuck my ass, Will. Please fuck me up the ass like the slut I am.” now how do you say no to that?
I popped my finger out of her ass and felt I small climax as I did. I pulled out of her pussy and dropped her chest first on to the bed. I stood up, got behind her, and lined up.
“shove that big fucking cock up my ass.”
I pushed in and heard her yell in to the mattress she had her face buried in a the moment. It was so tight I couldn’t move for fear I could cum right there. I quickly became accustom to the feeling and started to move back and forth in her ass. My hands gripped her sides as I started to pump harder and harder.
“that’s it baby, fuck my ass. Oh god that feels great. Come on, fuck me harder.” she begged and I was happy to oblige.
The tightness of her ass was getting to be too much and I knew I was going to come soon. Amy could feel it to. Much to her own dismay, I could tell, she pulled my dick out and turned around. She started to stroke me faster and faster. The sensation grew and I fired off my load. The first shot went a little wide hitting her forehead and hair. The second was on her chin and the third and last was dead on the money, right into her open mouth. She continued to jack me off as the last trails of cum left my cock. She used her fingers to scoop up the rouge cumshots as I collapsed on to the bed. Amy laid down next to me and we were silent for a moment.
“well,” she said, breaking the silence. “that was amazing.”
“you weren’t so bad yourself.” I said turning to her. “but I think I need another shower?”
“you want some company?”
We fucked again in the shower, as the jets hit us. I bent her over and fucked her from behind, cupping her tits in my hands. To finish me off, she kneeled down and tit fucked me until I fired another load on to her face. We dried off, got in to bed and were asleep in no time.
Morning came around eight, when the front desk called to tell me the roads had been cleared off. I thanked them and they asked if I wanted them to call the other room. I looked over to find Amy still asleep next to me and I told them that I would take care of it. We got up, got dressed and decided it was time to head home.
As we were on the road, the conversation started.
“so, last night was…?”
“I’d say the pay off for two years of intense sexual tension. Besides, I liked it,” she said, “ and you seemed to like it, so I don’t see the problem. We’re both going back to our significant others and who knows, might just happen again.” Amy leaned over in her seat and started to stroke my cock through my jeans. “would you like that?”
“hell yes.”
Amy proceeded to give me blow job as I got on to the mass pike, stopping only when I has to pay the toil. All in all, it was a damn good trip.

My First Blowjob

mvnu_girl on Sex Stories

By the time I was 14 and getting ready for high school a lot of things were changing in my life. At the beginning of summer vacation I spent a weekend camping with Sharon and few other girlfriends at their parent’s camp.  Sharon's 16 year old brother Steve was also there.  My friends were also 14 and we wore skimpy bikinis the entire weekend which we knew had Steve going crazy. I wouldn’t have been surprised to know that he masturbated a dozen times before the weekend was over!

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After that weekend I as thrilled when Steve called and asked me out.  He took me to a 4th of July carnival and that night while watching the fireworks I felt a boy’s hands on my boobs for the first time.  We had dated a few times after that and I let him play with my boobs but not further. I knew he wanted in my pants badly.  Not that I didn't want it - I was fingering myself every night and often during the as well day thinking about him, especially that bulge in his pants I couldn’t help but notice whenever we were making out. Finally after laying in bed exhausted after some heavy masturbating I decided that during our next date I would find out more about it - a lot more!


Steve took me to a movie and he found some seats in the back away from anyone else - obviously watching the movie was not what he had in mind!  It was the middle of summer and I was dressed for it - my shortest cutoffs, skimpiest tube top, sneakers, and not a single thing more. When I sat down the crotch of my shorts was so thin and tight it rode up into my pussy - I could see Steve's eyes staring at my exposed crotch when he thought I wasn't looking.  I looked at him and licked my lips suggestively, just enough for him to know I was waiting for him to make his move.


The theater was new and featured seats where the armrests pulled up between seats. Steve moved it out of the way and I wiggled over next to him. Steve put his arm around my shoulders and held my upper arm. He pulled me towards him and we kissed long and hard, his tongue reaching into my mouth and mine meeting his. As we kissed, I could feel my pussy getting that itch I got when I was really horny. I reach up with my hand and moved his hand from my arm to my breast. He squeezed it and his kiss intensified.  I moaned just a bit as he rubbed my nipple through the thin fabric of my tube top. His hand could cup my entire breast and I couldn't believe how good it felt as he fondled me.


We continued to kiss while he groped my breasts and soon he started to run his hands over my bare skin - which was most of me in the outfit I was wearing!  I almost jumped out of my seat as he run his fingers up my inner thighs.  The skin there was soft and smooth and sensitive as hell. He started to reach for my crotch but I moved his hand away and whispered, "Not here. Don't worry, soon you'll know every inch of me."


Then I reached over and put my hand between his legs and was thrilled by the feel of his hard cock inside his jeans. He spread his legs apart to make it easier for me to hold him. I squeezed him gently and rubbed him.  I looked at him and smiled. “Mmmmmm, I want what’s in here!”


I was fumbling with his jeans so he reached down and unsnapped them for me.  I unzipped them and reached inside - he was wearing loose boxers which made it easy for me to slip my hand inside them.  First I felt his curly pubic hair against my fingers, I had never touched a boy there  before but before I knew it I was holding my first hard cock!  I couldn't believe it - it was so hard and warm.  The skin felt so soft in my hands.  I looked down and saw my hand around it, the head poking out of my hand. Not sure what to do, I just held it, feeling it throbbing and hot in my hand.


Steve whispered, "Stroke it Kelly."


I was only too happy to do what he wanted. As I ran my hand up and down his shaft his hips moved in sync with me and I could feel his cock swelling even more. I don't know what got into me then but I was feeling so horny I decided to just go for it.  I slid down to the floor and moved between his legs. I was still holding his cock and looked up at him questioningly. Steve just nodded and pulled my head gently forward. I took just the tip of his cock in my mouth - it felt so soft and warm.  He shuddered as my tongue licked the tip of the head. I started to lick his shaft, starting at the base and working my way up the to the head. I couldn't help but imagining a big popsicle except this one was warm and throbbing!

“Suck me again,” he whispered to me softly.


I took him back in my mouth.  At first I just took the head in my mouth, licking around it with my tongue. Steve pushed gently down on my head and I understood he wanted me to take more of him in. I took over half of his cock in my mouth before it seemed that was all I could take in.  He then pulled me up and I started to move his cock in and out of my mouth.  As I got use to it I found I could take more of it in, until finally I had his entire cock in his mouth and my face was tight against his crotch, my nose and mouth buried in his pubic hair.  He had a strong, musky odor which actually turned me on, similar to my pussy which I loved to taste as well.


At that moment I knew I was hooked - I realized that I loved sucking cock! When I had Steve’s cock in my mouth he was completely in my control. The thought that I was the reason for his cock being so big and hard made me so wet I couldn't take it anymore.  I reached down and pulled my cutoffs down just enough for me to get to my pussy.  I was so wet my finger easily slid inside of me while the palm of my hand rubbed my clit. Steve could see what I was doing and I knew he was really turned on. I continued sucking his wonderful cock while I played with myself. Knowing we were only a short distance away from everyone else in the theater made me even hotter. Once in a while I would get carried away and a wet slurping sound escaped but nobody seemed to notice.


This was all new territory for me so I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.  I knew that eventually he would cum and squirt from his cock – I had seen my dad masturbate plenty of times so the mechanics were not a mystery to me.  I just wasn't sure how the timing worked.  Steve was loving it and he started moving his hips in time with my mouth, thrusting himself as deeply into my mouth as he could.  He started to move faster and I kept up with him. 


"Oh god Kelly, don't stop.  Don't stop no matter what.  Damn! I AM almost  there!" he whispered.


His cock suddenly swelled in my mouth.  I started to back away but he shoved my head down into his crotch, forcing me keep his cock in my mouth.  Then suddenly he jerked and I felt his hot cum shooting into my mouth!  His cum was so hot, salty, and a bit gooey. He kept jerking and shooting more into me.  I started to gag just a bit and he pulled away.  I watched his last burst shoot out and it hit me in the cheek.  I looked up at him, his cum dripping from my lips as I licked the rest off his cock.


Steve was smiling. "Mmmmmm, that's a good girl.  Now open your mouth and show me my cum."


I still had some of his cum left in my mouth so I stuck out my tongue enough so he could see it pooled on it.  Then I swallowed it down and sucked his cock again.  It was already shrinking and I loved the way it felt as it softened in my mouth.  He shivered as I sucked on it softly, like a baby with a pacifier.


With him still in my mouth I pulled up my shorts.  Finally I had to let him go and while it was  disappointing to feel his cock leave my mouth I knew that it was going to be back in many times in the future if I had anything to say about it.  I got up and sat next to him again. I put my finger in his mouth telling him, "Next time you will get to taste me for yourself."


We watched what little was left of the movie, my hand inside his pants slowly massaging his spent cock.  I could still taste his cum in my mouth, wishing I could have more.  Needless to say, I got a LOT more later and he got to know a lot more of me as well!

Isabellas Casita

isabellaspanishfly on Sex Stories

It was a hot summer in the Campos of Puerto Rico.The weather was hot and sticky and so was my body. I was sweating, and it looked like I had just stepped out of a shower as the full moon shone against my skin. My papi told me to pack a sack and we would be going for a walk. I did as i was told, for I didnt want papi mad at his little princess. My papi picked up his cantina and we were on our way. It wasnt long before we reached the little lake where all the campo people hang out at night, where the children play and the elders tell stories.There my papi met up with my uncles and I went off to explore.
When I saw Jose running from behind the hills, my insides just flip-flopped and my pussy lips stated to twitch.I ran to catch him. I could hear the sounds of t
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he coqui; it sounded beautiful but what was even more beautiful was seeing Jose bathing nude. As I approached the bank, he looked up and smiled. He waved for me to join him. I stripped down to nothing and dove into the water. It felt so good, my nipples became hard and erect just like his big cock. I went under and took that wonderful piece of meat into my mouth, careful not to take in too much water. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up. He said, "not here. I have somewhere else for us to go, my little latin sex princess." I obeyed and followed behind him.
He led me to a little casa I knew very well, but my past experiences were nothing like the experience I was about to have.
We walked into the front room, and in the glow of the candlelight I saw some boys I knew from school and Jose's two older brothers were there too. They were very excited that we had shown up ; I could tell by all the hardons. We sat on a couple of blankets that were spread on the floor. Our bodies looked like that of gods and a godess in the light of the candles.
I cracked open a beer as jose laid between my legs and played with my pussy. Carlos, Jose's brother walked up to me and stuck his man meat into my mouth. Without a second thought, I started sucking as I had been born to suck every man to pleasure.
My pussy was working itself up to maximum wetness as Jose's fingers probed deep into my rosebud. The others stood around waiting their turns for my lucious body, rubbing their stiff cocks, grinning in anticipation. Jose crawled to his knees and brought himself between my legs and slid his hard cock into my wet twitching pussy.
While Carlos banged his cock in and out of my mouth, Tito decided he wanted a peice of my ass, so they turned me around to sit on Jose's cock. I sucked Carlos's dick and Tito licked my asshole until it was wet enough to stick his steal rod inside me.He tickled my hole with his swollen tip then slid it easily in, rubbing against Jose's cock. They both grew larger and so much harder. My pussy exploded with pleasure, my body convulsing as they pumped their cocks into every fuckable hole. Then my greatest reward came when everyone in the room gathered around me and gave me a wonderful cum shower. I had loads of creamy cum all over my body and we fucked and sucked each other until the sun came up.
Oh what a great night we had at the little casita!

Really Good Friends

flip on Sex Stories

I was sitting at home on a saturday night watching a ball game, when Ray called and asked if I wanted to come over and play some cards or somethin'. Of course I agreed, cleaned up and headed over to their place. I was greeted by Ray with my favorite in hand, a joint in one hand and a drink in the other.  We went in to the kitchen where Jen was making more Hurricanes.  We sat and talked about my not to recent break-up. After getting that out of the way we went to the den to finish watchin' the ball game. When it ended Jen suggested we play some strip poker like back when I was married.
My ex was pretty cool and we used to do this on occasion, with it usually ending with us all having sex in the same room but always with our own partner.

Having had a few of everything,
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Ray and I figured why not. Little did I know, till later, this was all a setup they had talked about doing ever since my divorice.

It didn't take to long and I was naked, I think they cheated somehow, so when I lost the next hand Jen said I had to touch her tits, she was topless but still had her panties. After Ray convinced me it was really ok, I reached out and touched her small, cute tits.
I instantly got hard and embarrassed, but they told me to relax and enjoy. It was then that they told me that they wanted to fuck me. I was surprised, and told them I wasn't to sure about it but after we talked about it they assured me we would still be friends
no matter what. I was high enough I said OK. Still not knowing exactly what they had in mind.

Jen suggested we all get in the shower so everyone was comfortable with everyone's cleanlyness. They had a huge shower in the masterbath. We all got and Jen started to kiss and touch me all over and before I knew it she had her tongue down my throat. It was then I realized she had her arms around me but my dick was being stroked, by RAY, I couldn't believe it and Jen must have known I wasn't sure, because she told me to "relax and enjoy it, we planned this along time ago, you don't stand a chance."

After we got washed we went straight to the bed I was laid on my back and Jen got on me and started kissing me, once we were busy Ray started stroking my dick and balls. Then all at once Jen got on her knees and told Ray to get "69" with him. Before I knew it Ray was sucking my dick, while his hung over my face. Jen laid next to us and told me she had shaved Ray 'cause she liked it that way and thought it might be easier to get me into it. I hadn't even noticed he was shaved. Jen was shaved clean too.  She played with Ray's cock and told me to try licking his balls. They were very smooth. At first I was a little shy, but Ray was sucking on my dick
and it felt great. Then she put the head of his dick to my lips, he had precum leaking already but I tasted my own cum so it was no surprise that I liked it. I licked the head for awhile then Jen asked me to suck it, I did and Ray went nuts. He pumped his cock in my mouth till I almost gagged. I was now getting close to cumming and told Jen that maybe we should stop, but Ray sucked even harder now and that was all I could take, I yelled something, and started to shoot streams of my cum into Ray's eager mouth, it was then that he began to cum and fill my mouth with his cum, I couldn't believe it, my friend was cumming in my mouth and I liked it. After a very short breather, they switched and Jen sucked me while I ate her pussy and Ray licked her asshole. Jen came all over me. It didn't take long for her to start telling Ray to get on his hands and knees and for me to pull his cock and lick his asshole,"he loves it". I wasn't sure but what the hell, his asshole was even shaved, I leaned over and started to take long licks from his ball to the top of his crack. His cock was hard as a rock, and I really got into it. Jen all the while was playing with my dick and her own pussy. Then Jen went to the closet and got out a small case, when she opened it I saw at least 5 or 6 devices. She pulled out a small butt plug and told me to stick it up Ray's ass. I did as asked, then she asked me to get on my knees and had Ray get up and lick my ass as I had done to him, only I wasn't gettin' a butt plug, Jen told Ray to fuck me in the ass, and before I could object Ray was rubbing his cock on my asshole, and finally got it in. It hurt a little, but Ray is not that big, and I have play with dildo's before myself. Once in Jen turned on the butt plug in Ray's ass and he went wild fucking my ass.  Jen got under me in a 69 and I was going nuts. Jen asked me not to cum in Ray's ass because she had another idea. We sucked and fucked till I thought I would go nuts. I warned Jen that I was about to cum, she had Ray stop fucking me and lay by Jen, she then asked me to jackoff on their face's while they kissed, it was so hot that I exploded all over them and they kissed and lick every drop of cum from each other's face. When the finished Ray and I exchanged place's and he came what seemed like a gallon of cum on Jen and I, I even stopped kissin' her once and let him put some right in my mouth.  It was great that night, we played for hours before we all fell asleep in a naked heap, I got up around 4am went home, without waking my host's, took a shower a jerked off like never before. We talked the next day and decided we would give another try some day, SOON.

I never knew till that night that my friend Ray wanted to fuck and suck my dick, but wow what a night it was.

Perfect Shower

SeductiveVampyrXXX on Sex Stories

***If youve read my other posts before then you know if you want to comment me then email me at and that please dont IM me without emailing me first and seeing that its okay. Thank You. This one is kinda cut short cause the other guy simply just died on me lol so I hope you enjoy wat little I have posted.***


XSeductiveVampyr [10:02 PM]: 

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" back="#010101" ptsize="14" family="SCRIPT">As you enter your home, the sound of the water being turned on in the back shower reaches your ears. Curously you venture towards the watering sound. The door to the bathroom is creaked open revealing the bright light within. You peer in to find a womans clothes heaped on the ground. 

XSeductiveVampyr [10:05 PM]:  You push the door carefully wider to get a better veiw of whats going on. To your great surprise, the tanned silohette of a full grown woman can be seen through the transparent shower curtains. A soft humming comming from her soft sexy lips as she bends down to rub soup onto her legs giving you somewhat of a veiw of a perfect tight ass
XSeductiveVampyr [10:06 PM]:  Sencing someone near she stops and stand upright and pulls the curtain a little to the side. Seeing you...some how recognizing you she smiles. " Hey....youve come just in time to take a nice hot shower with little ol me" she giggles.

XSeductiveVampyr [10:14 PM]:  As she then disapears behind the curtan once again, you feel the bulge in your pants begin grow. You hurry to take off your own clothes, stumbbling into the shower, your eyes meeting the perfect woman of your dreams. Nicely toned body with firm curves and breasts to totally die for. Her body covered with soup suds here and there as her hair clings to her skin in a wet pictusique veiw  tha drives you mad*

XSeductiveVampyr [10:18 PM]:  She turns around giving you a full veiw of her body and her totally shaved pussy. She moves forward, pushing you against the tiled walls, her firm breasts pressed hard against your own chest, your hands skim down her sides reaching her woman hood slipping a finger or two inside her preacious pussy
XSeductiveVampyr [10:19 PM]:  you begin to finger fuck her as she starts to moun, pressing her body ver harder against yours
XSeductiveVampyr [10:25 PM]:  you then pull your fingers out before rubbing the head of your cock around her clit teasing her before entering
XSeductiveVampyr [10:26 PM]:  you find her pussy so incredably tight and sweet and your hands move to sqeeze that nice round ass of hers pulling her in closer as you forcer her hips to slap against yours as your fuck her long and hard...echoing moans filling the bathroom making each one louder and louder
XSeductiveVampyr [10:29 PM]:  Her nails digging into the skin of your back as you fuck her like a wild animal
XSeductiveVampyr [10:29 PM]:  harder and harder still faster and faster. So fast and hard it would bring superman himself to shame.
LovelyBender [10:29 PM]:  GOD IM CUMMING!!!!!


A little something to get you "up" for the day lol.

An erotic pole dancer's special surprise---Chapter 4

skylineridera31 on Sex Stories

                             Angie’s Surprise ---   Chapter  4


                                                    The cook out !


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face="Times New Roman" size="3">Angie and I had seeing each other for a couple of months when my department decided to have a lobster bake with all the trimmings at a local seashore beach. Most of the single guys in the department volunteered to do the heavy work of bringing the logs and preparing the fire pit in the morning.  The remaining people who had families in the group were to arrive later in the day with lobsters, clams, corn and additional trimmings including a re-supply of liquid refreshments.


 I asked Angie if she was interested in going to the cook out. It was a frivolous question on my part since she knew I worked with a few single guys who were always horny. She would arrive and flaunt her stuff and be a cock tease with them throughout the day. She would be in all her glory.


Very few people knew about Angie with the exception of my very close friends. Now all my male fishing buddies whole heartedly approved of Angie for some reason. Our first boisterous beer party and her introduction to my friends as a group was a joy to watch. Angie came dressed as Angie. The guys were jubilant and their girl friends somewhat more subdued. Surprisingly, the wives in the group were more forgiving and friendly to her… that was until she mentioned what she was presently doing to earn a living. Quickly though everybody warmed up to her and all went well.


Now I hadn’t brought Angie home to meet the family yet. Not that they would be shocked at how she was dressed… they were use to me and who I would bring home….. It was how I would explain her occupation for the summer. I was still working on my introduction speech to my mother and family… especially my sister!


The weather for the weekend of the cook out was predicted to be hot and humid.  I suggested that we take the Harley motorcycle because of the nice weather instead of one of our cars. That clinched her decision to go. We had been frequently riding the motorcycles and she now visualized herself as a biker girl! Ooh brother!!


 We planned to go early in the morning to help dig and start the fire in the pit and get things ready for the afternoon cookout. I explained that most of the people were professionals and it might be more appropriate if she could dress a little bit more conservative …. like not wear her cut off shirt with no bra and let her boobs hang out the bottom.  She did come more moderately dressed with her bikini top under her blouse  …. her boobs now popping out the top of her blouse. The shorts were as always just that …short of material with her butt cheeks peeking out of the bottom…but similar shorts could be seen along the beach front. But not worn by the wives and secretaries that worked in my department. Hell no!! 


 In reality, I was pleased with her decor  … she was exciting … I expected nothing else. And besides, it was hopeless to protest…. she would just look at me …smile and continue doing just as she pleased. I have to admit there were some times that I reached the point with her not listening that I had the strongest desire to kick her in the ass when she bent over with my steel toed biker boots.


 As soon as we arrived at the location for the cookout, Angie jumped right into helping and organizing the work effort. She had some experience with this preparing of a lobster bake type of cookout before. She ended up being one of the ‘guys’ when it came to hard work. She played to the single guys … they all knew she was just being a cock tease to them.


 Everyone had a good time during the work phase in the morning. I had a good time just watching the guys trying to position themselves to get a better look at Angie’s assets and of course her titset.  I once caught a glimpse of two of the single guys in my section mimicking humping Angie doggie style while she was bending over tending to the burn pit.


Now the afternoon events with the married guys and wives …well I was a little bit more apprehensive! My fully decked out Harley motorcycle acted as a sign post on the cliff face for those people who were not familiar with the cookout location. The cookout was a complete success for everybody … beyond every ones expectations.


Many of the people had worn their bathing suits under their clothes … they stripped down on the beach and went into the ocean while the lobsters, clams and other goodies were cooking in the pit. The remaining couples went down the shore about a mile to a changing area on the public beach. Angie and I looked around for a secluded spot in the large rocks at the base of the cliff. We found a deep recession in the rocks about 200 yards down the beach and away from everybody with searching eyes. The recessed area in the cliff face was deep enough to conceal us with the exception of our heads when standing. Angie just needed to get into her bikini bottom since she initially wore the bikini top as a bra under her blouse.


 I was changing into my bathing suit when I glanced at Angie who was now leaning back against the rock face wearing one of her big evil grins and no bikini bottom. Her shaved puffy pussy was so white compared to her toast colored tan that she had been working on all spring and early summer. She blew me a kiss and began her little purring and moaning antics that essentially broadcast she was coming in to heat and ready for a little bit of quickie fun.


 Right away I knew what she was thinking.  I asked her to please just get her bikini on. It was not the time and place to fuck around. My request fell on deaf ears.  Angie never uttered a word. She held my arm and slowly pulled me close to her. She then placed both hands on my butt and pressed against me. I tried to discourage her from fooling around because of the proximity of so many people.  Trying to change Angie’s mind set when it came to a sexual activity where there was a chance of being caught or being an exhibitionist was hopeless. The consequence of denying her what she had in mind was not what I wished to experience for the rest of the day and night! I would pay an unacceptable price for not complying with her immediate wishes.


 I slowly lifted my head to look around … it seemed like no one even knew we were missing from the group. I knew Angie by then … she never gave up when she was horny and needed to be fucked.  This was not going to be a love secession; this was to be a fuck secession.  Angie started playing with me to get me wet and hard … that didn’t take long ….I hardened to the attention.  Angie smiled …. turned around and bent over wiggling her ass in a very suggestive manner while looking over her shoulder to keep attentive to my progress. I snuggled up to her big bubble ass with my hardness in hand as I sought the entrance to her love tunnel. I was misguided in my first attempt probably due to the anxiety of being exposed with so many people around. Angie displayed some annoyance to my misguided advance. She reached back, grabbed my hand, and placed my cock where she knew it should be while pushing back against me.


She was beyond wet and horny and I went in full depth with one easy no effort push.  She immediately began ramming her ass back hard and fast …. damn she was really hot, horny and sopping wet …. Her heated enthusiasm was also more than contagious …. now I was ready wanting and willing. The whole surrounding situation of possibly getting caught …. and if not … the idea we put one over on everybody right on the beach created an atmosphere of excitement.


 I reached down and around and between her legs and began to rub Angie’s large hard clit as I pressed against her. She squealed to my enthusiastic stimulation of her clit and surrounding pussy. Angie bucked frantically as I fucked her hard and fast. The slapping sounds of our bodies making strong contact were muffled by the crashing of the surf and the open ocean.  She was right, Angie needed to be fucked hard, right there and then.  I knew she was not going to be able to last long with this combination of fucking. She immediately responded to my fingers making circles around her erect clit …. moaning with the pleasure and whispering that she wasn’t going to last ….Good! 


Within a half minute Angie moaned “I’m going to cum …. I told you I needed it.”  Her speaking out as to her level of excitement brought forth a rippling wave of tingles cascading within my body and I sighed as I felt my eruption beginning to happen. I wrapped my left arm tightly under Angie’s hips as I stroked her clit with my right hand …. she was pinned to me as I thrust strongly deep inside her love box …. she knew what was happening. I pushed in deep in anticipation of my climax …. Angie pushed back against me … looking back around her shoulder she whispered “Give it to me!” …and I did.


As I emptied all I had in multiple squirts, Angie erupted with strong convulsive undulating body movements …. pushing against the rock face with her hands and thrusting hard back against me while moving her hips from side to side … now attempting to reach back and grab me …. moaning and whispering softly to me that she loved me …. and then just collapsing and slowly sinking and resting her forehead against the cool rock face.


Now she started her giggling antics knowing she had just been fucked with everyone around and nobody was the wiser!


 “Oh that was something else … we have to come here again! It must be the ocean that makes me this horny.”


Now that had to be the joke of the day.  Just being able to breathe made Angie horny! 


We both pulled on our bathing suits without cleaning up. I was still stiff but getting soft quickly but the bulge in my bathing suit was still very noticeable .. But we needed to make our selves visible before some one noticed we were missing. … We needed to get into the surf to bathe and wash off the perspiration that was covering both our bodies from fooling around in the high humidity of the day.


We laughed as we tried to climb out of the hole in the rock face. I had to help Angie up and out of the rocks …she was beside herself. We were both sapped of all energy due to the good climaxes.  No one really paid much attention to us as we held on to each other and stumbled along to the water’s edge …. looking at each other and giggling to ourselves that we had put one over on everybody on the beach and right under their noses. …. we were so drained of energy.


Angie began laughing now as we strolled closer to the waters edge. I looked at her and she guided my eyes to her right leg where a rivulet of cream colored juice was attempting to find its way down the inside of leg.  There was no way it could have found its way out of pussy with her bikini on; even with the limited amount of material that was her bikini. It was obvious to me that she wasn’t paying attention to her ‘condition’ as she put on her bikini.


Angie, however, had a different point of view which she spent substantial time to explain to me in jest then and continuously thereafter.  She was such a great piece of ass that she brought out the best in me and I over filled her with all my love.  I agreed she was the reason for all my loving. That got me a big hug and kiss just before she entered the first wave. I did not think this was a subject for disagreement.


Luckily the water was somewhat warm …. enough to get in all the way with a little bit of effort. We bobbed about in the water attempting to surf over the waves with the water up at neck level.


After a while, Angie came over to me and pressed the top and bottom of her bikini into my hand with a big smile and said “Hold on to these for me!” Now she was starting to display some of the fears that I had imagined could happen. I looked about and we were the only ones close by. Most of the people were on the shore relaxing after possibly over eating during the cookout. The hidden exhibitionist side of Angie personality was emerging and she only had but two beers…… thank goodness!


 Angie now smiled seductively as she hugged me close and gave me a quick kiss. Her arms encircled my neck as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist … pushing her uncovered shave pussy against me. I told her I was done …. there was no way I could do anything in the water …my cock was small, shriveled and in hiding between my balls.  The water, while warm for the ocean was too cold for screwing after our quickie in the rocks.  She knew it … she was just teasing as she said ….”Yeh right”. … She in fact was serious to try again because of the potential audience. I continued to just hold on to her boobs while she stayed close to me.


She then separated from me and proceeded to do several surface dives that briefly showed her bare ass cheeks for those people on the beach who just might be watching. She then swam over and took her bikini from me and put it back on to transform her self back into a respectable woman!


All the single people stayed until late into the night … sitting around the fire knowing we had accomplished something special that day. We finally left after covering the fire pit with water and sand. We exchanged the motorcycle for my car at the storage bay and arrived at Angie’s apartment, baked from a day in the sun …... covered with salt and needing a shower.


I told her to shower first … I just wanted to rest for a few minutes. I was exhausted.  She just smiled, kissed me on my ear and whispered “We’ll shower together! I’ll wash your back.”


The water felt good as the salt from the ocean was rinsed off my body. Angie’s eyes were closed also as the rivulets of water cascaded over her body, over her nipples and tits. The flowing water was obviously raising sensual feelings within her body. Her nipples were now stiff and looked very hard and erect. Her eyes were closed as I gently touched both nipples at the same time. Angie’s eyes slowly opened to my intrusion into her feelings while a wide seductive smile came to her face. She handed me the soap as she turned and leaned against the shower wall and asked to be soaped down …gently!

I soaped her back, hips, and butt which brought out a comment as to how good I was making her feel. Her hands slowly slid down the wall as she backed away from the shower wall until she was slightly bent over. She just looked back and smiled. I ignored her unspoken suggestive request as she wiggled her hips … I continued soaping away. There was the suggestive wiggling of the hips again. I just gave up resisting.


 I reached around and under her, soaping her large boobs gently while lingering and squeezing her nipples. Again the backward and some what pleading look as I soaped her belly …her stomach muscles twitching to my caressing with the soap … then moving to her pussy region. She knew I was just teasing … I could not stop what was inevitable … I was just raising the level of expectation.


 I dropped the soap to the shower floor while rinsing the soap from my hand and her pussy. I slid my finger down and into that loveable slit until I was caressing her enlarged clit. She moaned quietly while turning again to look back at me with her pleading baby doe eyes …. now … now she was really ready to be taken. She whined out another of her “Please do me now!” requests.


  My cock was rock hard pointing upwards and was sliding up and down in the crack between the cheeks of her ass as she moved slowly to my gentle massaging of her clit and surrounding tenderness.  She pulled away slightly and my cock slipped down and out of the crack of her butt and into a straight forward erection. Without any guidance and just a little butt wiggling, it found its own way to go and be fully caressed over its full length. Angie’s head arched back and turned to look at me with “I’m not going to last again. Do me quickly again.”


Once again it was a replay of our coupling in the rocks. She pushed back and rocked against me for a very short time while reaching back with one hand for me to hold while supporting herself against the shower wall against my thrusting with her other hand. 


I left my attempt to caress her clit and grabbed both cheeks of her ass as I rammed my cock as hard as I could to aggressively fuck her pussy. The effect of the water cascading over our bodies accentuated the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. There was no muffling of the sounds of contact here in the shower like there was at the seashore. I actually think I was working up a sweat in the shower that was being immediately rinsed from my body as I fucked her so fast and furiously. Angie’s ass cheeks rippled and jiggled to the impact of my body as my cock plunged in full length and my balls slapped against her pussy lips.


She was looking back at me as she whispered “I’m cumming …. right now.” She pushed back as I pressed full depth and climaxed again with her. I didn’t have as much love juice to share with her after so short a time since the afternoon session. The feelings she projected of her wanting me to be coupled with her along with the sensation of the water flowing from the shower so excited me that my climax was very intense. Several of my toes on my right foot began to cramp and that for me is an indication of a great piece of ass.

 Both of us slumped against each other … holding on to each other in an attempt to stay together after so enjoyable a moment. We finally stood and faced each other … still in a weak post climatic state …. I felt exhausted.


 Angie spoke first, stating that doing it doggy style with me produced very strong in-depth feelings that just overwhelmed her senses …. it was a special position just for us. We seemed to have just some how been made to always get the most out of that position compared to others that were also very enjoyable.


After drying ourselves, we sat on the couch and I brushed her hair for a long time. Angie reciprocated by rubbing and scratching my back very gently. I was so tired but very content. Angie was at first just quiet then murmured she want to tell me something.


“ I do not know what it is with me but you have brought out some thing in me that I never have felt before. When you make love to me you stir me deeply. Some nights I can’t sleep…. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’ve become somebody special in my life. You are the first guy to do that to me and I had to tell you that.  That’s all I wanted to tell you.”


I hugged her close for a while to let her know she had touched me emotionally. We then lay down on her high pile rug, completely nude and listened to soft music in the darkness of the room. We were comfortable with slowly running our fingers over each other’s body, every once in a while producing tingling feelings here and there until the sleep of the night crept in on us and it was time to go to bed. We just nodded off just holding on to each other after what was a great day.


 In reality, I was coming to have in-depth feelings for this woman --- she excited me … even when she would just touch me at times and I never knew what she might do next. I now knew she had the same feelings and that I was something special to her also. I would catch her looking at me with a deep and thoughtful way every now and then. When I asked for her thoughts, she would just shake her head no … we were coming to feel deeply for each other and that was for sure. 


One day not to long after the department cook out, my fishing buddy and I just happened to stop at my family’s beach house. Many of my family and extended family was there on the beach. During the congenial conversations, my fishing buddy casually let ‘slip’ that Angie and I had been going together for quite some time now and what was it between us….anything serious?


 I braced my self. I saw my sister’s body English telegraph that she had heard something different in all the mundane conversations that were going on at the same time between family members. I was looking down at the beach sand at my feet and but I could see my sister with my peripheral vision. My sister’s head was cocked to one side trying to see my face. I turned to look at her. Her lovely large blue eyes narrowed to little slits while her lovely smiled turned to a leering smile while she questioned  “Angie,… Angie, ….who pray tell is Angie ???” 


 I ignored my sister’s inquiry like I didn’t hear the question. I turned my face back to look downward at the zillion grains of beach sand at my feet. Maybe if I begin to count all the grains of sand and ignore my sister’s questions everything will go away!


  My aunt however, picked up on my sister’s voice inflection along with her body English and she was a like a dog jumping on the proverbial bone. My aunt turned to my mother who was not in tune with the conversation …she was more in tune with her third scotch and water. 


“Mary, have you met Angie? Is she a nice girl?”


 With a reply from my mother who came out of glass of scotch and water with  "Angie.!.....Who is Angie???” all was lost!!!  I know I groaned as my buddy could see me holding my head while looking at the ground as I muttered “Thanks a lot Richy!!”


“No problem” was his response as he graciously stood up, looked at the ocean and announced he thought the fish were in the surf and he was going to check it out! He was not going to hang around for this blood letting secession!!!


 I remember thinking it sure would be nice if Angie had her job back in the business sector. Bringing her home and introducing her to the family with her magnificent set of boobs popping out of the bottom of her halter, if she was wearing one at the time, and her butt cheeks exposed from the bottom of her short shorts was a visual event I did not want to experience. Then telling them that she was an exotic topless dancer on Route 1 out side Boston made me a little bit more than anxious!!  I think petrified would be the more closely correct emotional feeling!


Just then I heard just about everyone in the family say to me in unison “Jaaaayyyyy, who is Angie???”


 My sister continued smiling her evil smirk. She was loving what was about to start. She was going to peel the skin off my back little by little …. and love every minute of it. She could tell I had something to hide and it was her mission in life to find out who Angie was.


 It was the second time I could remember my sister looking at me with just little slits for eye balls. The last time was at night, the early summer before, up in the beach house.  She knew she had just missed catching me up to no good. I had escaped being caught with that little blond nymph of a high school cheer leader in a most embarrassing event by seconds. My sister could detect the aroma of the little nymph’s perfume that lingered after the girl had escaped being exposed. Seconds before my sister and her friends entered the cottage, the nymph had leaped up bare ass from the couch, snatched up her clothes in one hand and did a stunning one hand vault over the back deck hand rail down on to sand dune below and disappeared into the dark of night.

I wasn’t going to escape again. This time I was about to be crucified! Ohh yes, all the women in my extended family were about to propose that I bring the girl to be met and of course scrutinized. They were once again going to make an attempt to terminate my life of single sinfulness and immorality. Yup it was time for the last single guy in the extended family to end his ways and encourage me to enter into the proverbial life of blissful marriage……. again. They all had mission to get me married and miserable.  



Things just had to get better after this day ends!!!


Luckymann on Sex Stories


I met Rail at a CB equipment swap-meet. We were both looking at the same piece of gear. It was the last item of its kind there, and I bowed out to let her buy it.

Now Rail was certainly no beauty queen, but she had a great sense of humor. She told me why she picked Rail as a handle. She knew she was skinny as a rail and ugly as a mud fence. She was indeed skinny as a rail. Though she wasn’t quite that ugly, she sure wouldn’t win any beauty contests.

However, when I told her she was wrong about the ugly part, a broad smile spread across her face, and her eyes seemed to sparkle. I told her she should pick another handle.

Rail soon became my go-to gal. That’s all she said she wanted to be. She sai

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d she knew her body and looks wouldn’t win her any prizes, but she loved to screw. So, once, or twice, a week, if it was getting late, and I found myself without a girl, I could call on Rail.

Rail lived only fifteen minutes from my place. In the time it took me to drive to her apartment, she would take a quick shower, make us drinks, dim the lights, and put on some soft music. When I arrived, I would frequently find her stretched out her bed wearing nothing but her panties.

Rail never wore a bra. As skinny as she was, she didn’t need one. She had practically no tits, but she did have an impressive pair of nipples. When her nipples were erect, they were over a half inch long and about as thick as AAA batteries.

As I entered her apartment, I’d shed my clothes and join her in bed. By the time I took the first sip of my drink, Rail would be nude and curled up next to me. We would hold each other close and cuddle while we talked a bit. Then, when I finished my drink, we would get down to some serious fucking.

What Rail lacked in appearance, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. As I finished my drink, Rail would stroke my cock to a full erection. Sometimes, due to having too much to drink that night, I would have difficulty getting it up. Rail knew just what to do. She would drop down and suck my cock. She’d only quit when she had me hard enough to please her hungry pussy.

Rail liked it hard and fast. If I was tired, or humping too slow for her, she was not a bit bashful about taking control. She’d roll me onto my back, squat on my cock, and ride me hard until she came. Sometime during the process, I usually dumped a load of cum in her pussy. If not, she’d finish me off with a hard-sucking blow job.

A short time after we had both cum at least once, I’d give her a pat on the ass, a quick kiss, and be on my way home. Every guy needs a go-to girl.

The Debate Team Part 2

Dafunks on Sex Stories

The Debate Team Part Two

-this is the continuation of The Debate Team... hope you like it.


As soon as Cherry got out of the room, she sighed in relief. She began to wipe the cum off her face with her bare hands and looked at them. For some reason, she didn’t find it disgusting. But she was confused.

God, what happened back there?
It was as if she was in a different world now, different from that surreal world she was in just a few seconds ago. She looked up and down the corridor. Thank God nobody’s around. She saw the room in front of her,
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Rica’s and Joanna’s room, and realized that it was slightly open. She knocked.
Tap tap tap.

“Rica? Joanna?”

“I’m here!”, said Joanna.

Joanna is the youngest member of the team. Just a freshman, she was definitely a rising star in the Debate community. A standout in high school debating, great things were expected of her and she immediately proved her worth by breaking into the line up of a very crowded Ateneo pool. She was half Chinese and the only person in the team who was shorter than Cherry. She was very pretty in a Chinese way although her body is definitely still not developed. She was actually only 17 years old and has no other life other than school and debating. Cherry liked her. In fact everybody liked her. She was bubbly, she was sweet and she seemed sincere in her greetings.

Cherry entered and saw Joanna brushing her hair by the mirror in the middle of the room. She ran past her and went straight to the comfort room, saying

“I need to use your comfort room.”

Inside the CR, she began to wash her hands and as she looked in the mirror. She was shocked to see the extent of what just transpired. Nearly half her face was glistening with cum with some drops on her hair.

Oh my god…. She kept saying to herself. She tried to spit out what got into her mouth but most of it was already gone, either inadvertently swallowed or absorbed by the mouth. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she saw. It was the most amazing thing she has ever seen and that’s saying a lot considering she’s been to Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon just that past summer. She shook off the thoughts in her mind and focused at the task at hand. She washed her face again and again until there was no more trace of any cum left. She wiped her face with a towel and got out.

“Hi Cher! How come you’re still here?”, asked Joanna.

Cherry knew she had to think quickly. If she tells her that she got back to her room, it might get back to Paul that she was in the room when he did his thing. Her excuse must not be far

from the truth.
“Oh I was going back to my room to get my breakfast stub but when I got the key from my back pocket, it was there. That’s when I saw that this was open so…”
“Ah okay. Is Rica downstairs already?”
“Yeah, everyone is. Except you and Paul…I think”
Rica finished fixing herself. She looked cute. She knew that and she knew that she has to make a good impression with the international debate community. Who knows? Maybe some boy will notice her.
“Let’s go?”
“Yup… come on”, Cherry smiled. They walked out of the room and got to the elevator. A few seconds after pressing down, it opened, surprisingly empty.
“I guess everybody’s downstairs already,” Cherry quipped.
They got in. Just as it was about to close, a hand stopped it and it opened again.
“Paul! Good morning!,” Joanna excitedly said.
“Good morning Joanna Banana!,” Paul said as he entered the elevator. He gave her a warm smile. He looked at Cherry and said, “Hey how come you’re still here? I thought you left like twenty minutes ago?”
Cherry didn’t answer. There was a mixture of embarrassment and seething annoyance that she felt towards Paul. Even after what happened, she didn’t like Paul. The dick was different from the dick owner. As far as she was concerned, they were two completely different entities and as much as she liked the former, she hated the latter just as much. She just stared ahead.
Joanna answered for her. “She went back to get her breakfast stub. But before she got to her room, she found it in her pocket.”

Thank God she told her that story! Cherry thought. She congratulated herself for a job well done.
“Ah okay.” He pressed G for Ground Floor.
“Are you swimming in the pool later this afternoon?,” Joanna asked, hopefully.
“Oh ahhh… probably not. I didn’t bring my swimming trunks,” Paul lamented.
Cherry’s mind began to wander. She thought of Paul by the pool wearing tight swimming trunks. She could just imagine how that monster cock of his would definitely protrude at such a flimsy material. What a sight to behold!
“Earth to Cherry!” Paul said to her. Cherry snapped back to reality and realized that they were already on the ground floor and that the two were already outside the elevator waiting for her.
“What are you thinking about anyway?” Joanna laughed.
“You look like you saw a snake or something!” Paul said. He then walked off towards the buffet.

7:00 am, Dining Hall. Ateneo table,
Paul comes up to the table. “Good morning!”
Rica smiled at her, “Good morning Paul!, Here take this seat, it’s unoccupied” she motioned to the seat beside her.
“Thanks Rica. Wow you saved me a seat!” Paul smiled and sat down.
“In your dreams!” Rica said and elbowing him playfully in the process.
“Good morning dude.”, Alex said. “How’s your roommate?”
“I don’t know… she’s right behind me with Joanna”, he answered and yawned.
Cherry and Joanna arrive and they take the seats beside Rica as well.
Paul took this as his cue and stood up. “I’ll get some breakfast”
The Breakfast was not exactly part of the debate tournament. It was more of a custom where each school participating show their appreciation for the hosts and their commitment to the spirit of friendly competition. It was also a way for friends from different countries and schools to meet and catch up. Each school will be acknowledged by the hosts and in response, the team would stand up and acknowledge the host.
Back in the table, everybody was excited about the upcoming tournament.
“Guys, let’s focus on the task at hand. We have a really good chance this year,” Alex said.
“I agree, I think we’ll do well.” His partner Marvin said.
“Easy for you to say. You have the best teammate,” Shelly said. She was the 5th best Debater in the team and the anchor of Team C. Shelly was more on the voluptuous side. She had a pretty face and could’ve been sexy if only she could control her eating habits. This is in stark contrast to her partner, Kristine, who was very slim and barely registered in the triple digits in the weighing scale.
“So what are you saying? You’re disappointed with having me as a teammate?” Kristine, her teammate, countered.
“That’s not what I mean. I’m just saying..”
“Yeah yeah yeah… I can say the same about you anyway.” The best of friends, theirs was a love-hate relationship.
“The British and Australian teams are always good. Especially that girl from  Monash A. If she hits her stride in this tournament, and there’s no reason for her not to, there’s no stopping her., “Rica said nodding towards the girl at the buffet table getting some bread.

The girl was Svetlana Poriskova, the number one debater in the world in all the formats she participated in. She has been number one, two years running and was a success story in her own right. She was a British citizen yet her father was Russian and her mother was German. Now she’s debating for an Australian University.

She was a towering figure in the Debate community, figuratively and literally. She stood 6’2 inches at the age of 21, taller than any guy participating. She had a lanky frame and her height was accentuated by her statuesque stance and could pass as one of those slim supermodels. Her pale angelic face was hidden behind her thick dark-rimmed glasses which framed her almond colored eyes. She had dirty blonde hair which was always tied up at the back, with a few curls falling from each side. She had no suitors, the men intimidated by her height but even more so by her intellect. The smart guys were too small and the tall guys were not smart enough.
Paul looked at her. She seems nice.

“Anyway, we’ll worry about that tomorrow,” Alex said.
“So who’s swimming with me later?” Joanna asked.
“I’ll swim with you,” Rica said. “How about you Paul?”
“I already told Joanna I can’t because I didn’t bring any trunks”, Paul said. He lamented this fact even more now that Rica said that she’ll be swimming.
“Trunks?? From what era have you come from?”
Everybody laughed.
Nobody wears trunks you idiot! Yuck! You know what? I’m going shopping later, we’ll buy you board shorts.”, Rica said.
“Okay!”, As long as I’m with you, Paul thought.
“How about you Cher? You coming?” Rica turned to Cherry.
“Ah no. I need o catch some more zs. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. Paul snores like a broken muffler,” Cherry said.
“Sorry I was tired. That’s how I sleep, deal with it”
“Well you better fix that. I want to be able to sleep at night. I need my beauty rest”
“Beauty and the Beast”, Paul muttered under his breath which Rica heard and laughed at.
“What did you say?”, Cherry heard it as well.
“Nothing I said you’re the best!”, Paul said with a fake smile.
“Guys remember, the Opening Ceremonies is at 7:15 pm. Make sure that you don’t get left by the bus to NUS. O, We’re about to be called.” Alex said, halting another word war.
“Ateneo de Manila University, headed by their President, Alexander Reyes.”, the announcer said.
They all stood up and waved and smiled while the rest of the participants applauded.

10:00 am. Hotel Lobby.

Rica was waiting for Paul in the Lobby. After breakfast, Paul said that he had to go up to his room to fix something.

Rica liked Paul in some ways. While he was definitely not of her social class, he had a lot of things to offer. Paul was sweet and unassuming. Unlike all the blowhards she’s dated in the past, Paul was a real person. She always found him interesting. He was a very smart guy but he never pretended to be smarter than he actually was. He didn’t have any money but seems to get everything that he needs and never seemed needy. He was a real guy. Interested in sports, read that part first in the newspaper and not the society pages. He was funny, better yet, he was corny. Which she liked because she was too.

But now she was getting antsy. What’s taking him so long?

The elevator opened and out came Paul. Paul was wearing denim shorts, an Ateneo shirt, and some walking shoes. Rica took note of that. Every guy she met tried to impress her.

They’d be like going to a mall and all the guys in her group would be totally made up, obviously trying to impress her. She’d pas through a door and they’d scamper to open it for her. On simple movie gimmicks, the guy would always wear long sleeves, hair all gelled up. Paul was different. Paul would wear what he wanted. And what he wanted was comfort.
“Sorry I took so long”, Paul said, looking confused.
“It’s okay, was there a problem?” Rica asked.
Paul was in fact confused about something. The reason he went back to the room was to clean up the mess he made under the table when he came a few hours ago. He forgot about it when he went down for breakfast and only remembered it after. He went back to the room immediately but he was surprised to see that there was very little cum on the wall or the carpet. He knew he came a lot but can’t seem to find it.
“Ah nothing.” He let it go. “So are we shopping or what?”
“Where are we going anyway?”
“Just come with me. We’ll buy you board shorts and I’ll buy some stuff too.”
“Okay, I’ll just follow you wherever you go.” He opened the door for her. A taxi was already waiting outside and Rica got in the back. Paul made sure that Rica went in first. As Rica went in, he again took a glance at her ample butt, now covered with tight white pants. Rica sort of knew what was happening a