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Speeding on the highway

badlybent on Sex Stories

 there is a small intro in hte beginning... i always thought that details made it better =] hope you enjoy.

She shook out her long brown curly hair as she toweled off from her long, h

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ot shower. Jackie slowly pulled out her favorite white lacy bra, with the half cut cups. She slipped it over her smooth tan shoulders, and pulled on a silky white thong. She was going riding today, and she wanted to be perfect. She finished off with a button up red flannel t-shirt which she tied to show her pierced belly button, and cut-off jean short shorts, which hung low; showing off her white thong when she sat down. She laced up her black high-heeled strappy sandals, which laced up her legs. She shook out her hair once again, making sure to have it hang on her shoulders, showing off the curls. She walked through her apartment, down the stairs, getting whoops and hollers from the guys that live in the same building with their doors wide open, knowing her ritual now. She walked outside and straddled her midnight black Yamaha YZF-R6. She sped down the road, heading for the highway.

            “one-oh-niner-niner, we got a speed problem on I-85, closest cruiser please reply” Jake heard the call and sighed. There was always some lunatic driving too fast on the damn highway, and he couldn’t count the amount of times he saw them smeared all over the road. “two-oh-five-six is on I-85, ill check the call” Jake says into the receiver, and starts his car “can I have a description of the vehicle please?”

“it’s a black Yamaha motorcycle” the receiver crackles out, and Jake sighs again. he hated motorcycles, he thought they were worse than regular cars. He sped down the road, turning his lights and siren on.

            Jackie turns her head around quickly, seeing the cop cruiser behind her. She curses silently and pulls over a bit, hoping he’ll drive by her. He doesn’t. she does a mental check of her make up and hair, hoping it looks just right. She pulls over onto the shoulder of the highway, glancing at the huge willows so close to the road. She lifts her right leg, swinging it over the bike and pulls her shorts down a bit, which began to ride up [this also shows her thong over her shorts, a view she hoped would help her. She walked casually over to the car, swaying her hips and grinning coyly. She bend over the cops opened window, showing the tips of her firm, round breasts to the young cop. “heyyy there, what is all this about?”

            Jake finds the motorcyclist easily, since it is the only vehicle on the highway. The motorcycle finally pulls over, and he stops the car, readying the ticket papers. He glances up to make sure the vehicle didn’t leave, and he gasps. There, in front of his car, is probably the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. His pants instantly felt tighter as she walked closer and closer to him, and he thought they would explode as she leaned down, showing her milky breasts off a hand distance away from his face. “you were speeding” Jake says without stuttering, surprising himself. “please step away from the car” he commands, and Jackie steps back, allowing the cop to exit. Jake steps out and gestures for Jackie to lean on the trunk, and she does, crossing her smooth tan legs. Jake glances down at them, envisioning himself running his fingertips across them, and he shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts. “insurance and registration please” he tells her, and she smiles again, “ I left it in my bike, come on, ill get it… follow me” she walks by him, her hips swaying side to side as he watches her and his pants tighten. Jake tries, and fails, to think of other things, but every time he glimpses those legs, he images them over his own, or under his hands. They walked to her bike, and Jackie knew her white thong can be seen over the top of he shorts. She bends over slightly, and her shorts ride up, as she searches for the papers. She knows where the papers are, but she wants to put on a show for the cop. The cop watches her and he licks his dry lips and he once again tries to clear his mind. She straddles the bike, and Jake bites his lip. She finally finds the papers and hands them to Jake, her fingers brushing his. Jake swallows and begins to copy the information onto the ticket. “you were speeding Miss, and you’ll have to pay.”

“no, I wont” Jackie says, slowly unlacing her sandals with her feet, the straps falling down slowly.  “says who?” Jake replies sarcastically, “im going to give you this ticket”

“not if im not here” Jackie replies with a grin, and takes off into the forest. Jake curses and runs after her, dropping the ticket and papers.

            They run through the forest, but Jake catches up to Jackie easily. “Stop!” yells Jake. “Make me!” Jackie yells back. Jake runs up and tackles her to the ground, twisting his body slightly so she doesn’t bear both their weights as they hit the ground. Jack ends up on the bottom with Jackie on top; her back is on his stomach. “I got you” Jake says, and reaches for his handcuffs. Jackie twists around in his grip, and lays on his face to face, her long curly hair catches in the sunlight and reflects it. Jake feels his cock harden under the beautiful woman, and Jackie grins to herself as she feels it rise. She grabs his handcuffs and flings them away. “now I got you” she says sexily to Jake, and his cock rises another few inches. She sits up, making sure her crotch is over his, and straddles his body. Jake licks his lips again and tries to think of ways to come out of this. Jackie leans down, her faces inches from his, “do you realllyyy want to give me the ticket, officer?” she says, licking the tip of his nose after. “y-y-y-ou deserve it” he stammers back she kisses him softly, from his earlobe, down his jawline, to his trembling mouth. She softly kisses his mouth, and licks his upper and lower lips. “are you sure?” she asks him again, and he cannot even answer this time, his eyes are so full of lust and passion. She runs her fingers through his hair and spreads her body out along his. His hands run up and down her legs with his fingertips, sending warmth throughout Jackie’s body. His hands rub up her thighs and cup her ass, squeezing gently. Jackie moans with the contact, and kisses Jake deeper, probing the inside of his mouth with her tongue. Jackie slowly un-buttons his uniform, kissing his chest when it appears.  Jake groans louder, and slips her cut-off shorts down her legs, tossing them aside. Jackie slips Jake’s shirt off, and tosses it near her pants. Jake pulls her shirt over her head, and leaves her ontop of him in only white lingerie, with the sun behind her, illuminating her entire body. “you’re so beautiful” Jake says hoarsely, all the blood rushing to his growing member. “and I cant wait to feel you deep inside me” coos Jackie, grinding her thong-clad crotch into his tent. Jake moans lustily, and Jackie slides down his body, kissing and licking a trail down to waistline. She unzippers the pants and pulls them own slowly, gazing at the hard tent in his boxers. The pants are on Jake’s ankles and he kicks them off, as Jackie slides his boxers off his legs. Jake’s cock springs to attention under Jackie’s gaze, and a drop of precum glistens on the end. Jackie takes her forefinger and wipes up the precum, sucking it off her finger. Jake watches with his mouth slightly agape, his breathing quickening. Jackie grins and slowly eases her head down, and widens Jake’s legs. She turns her head, her hair splaying over his thigh. She leans down and kisses the tip of his meaty cock, drawing a sigh of pleasure from Jake. Jackie slowly kisses and licks a trail down the underside of his cock; one of her thumbs stays on the top of his head, rubbing slow circles. Jackie reaches his balls and slowly sucks each one, wrapping her tongue around it, all the while she continues to rub slow circles on his cock head. She switches to the other sack, and continues the same process of sucking and tongue wrapping. Jake holds her hair from her face, emitting low groans ever so often. Jackie finished with his balls and kisses each before working her way back up to his cock head, licking and kissing the whole way. Jake feels his balls tighten with the attention, but controlled himself, wanting to continue the pleasure. Jackie slowly eases her mouth over the meaty organ, her hot mouth stretching to take it all. Jake moaned loudly, pumping his hips slowly into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie bobbed up and down with his strokes, and soon Jake was moaning like there was no tomorrow. “MMMM fuckk baby! Im about to cum! Ahhhhh yess!!” Jackie pulled off quickly, much to Jake’s displeasure, and she stuck it into her dripping cunt, the juices flowing down her leg. Jackie flips herself over, getting on her knees as Jake begins a slow fuck from behind. “mmm yess baby! You like it when I fuck you like this?” Jake groans

“ahhh yess!! Fuck me, FUCK ME!!” Jackie replies. She pushes her body back farther, impaling Jake’s long dick deeper inside her. Soon, Jackie has her back arched, hands pushing against the ground as Jake grips her hips, thrusting himself into Jackie harder and harder. “ooohh baby! I can’t hold off much longer!” Jake manages to grunt through the rapid strokes. “cum deep inside me! Mmm baby! I want to you to be so far up that cum comes out of my mouth.” Jackie says. “mmm! I love it when you talk dirty like that.” Jake replies, and begins doing quick strokes and then one long, deep one. Repeating this process, Jackie reaches under herself and begins to furiously finger her sopping cunt, wanting to orgasm at the same moment as Jake. “Ahhh!! Here it cuu..” Jake manages to get out, right before a tremendous orgasm rips through his body, leaving him speechless as he pushes himself into her ‘til ass and stomach are one. Jackie feels his hot jism splashing inside her, and her orgasm begins, just as passionately. Jackie bucks wildly on Jake’s long cock, neither saying a word since they are still flying high on their orgasm. The waves slowly subside, and Jackie and Jake collapse onto the ground, Jake’s softened but still slick dick slips out of her pussy. Jackie leans down and slowly licks all of their passion off of Jake’s dick, Jake watching her with lust. Jackie grins and begins to pull clothes on, as does Jake. They walk back to the vehicles, Jake’s arm around Jackie’s waist. They split and return to their respective vehicles, and Jake picks up the ticket he was writing before. Just before he can call her name, Jackie guns the motorcycle, making sure to grin at Jake naughtily before she speeds off down the road, leaving a trail of rubber. Jake sighs frustratedly, wanting to meet her again, and looks at the ticket stub. The only information he was able to write down was her name…. and her address. Jake smiles to himself.

 this is my first story, so comments and questions would be appreciated. if anyone enjoyed it, please email me at maybe ill write a sequel or another story.

Girlfriends Sister is So Hot

hornylee on Sex Stories

it was my girlfriends sisters 18th birthday and i decided as she was single and didnt have any other friends she could rely on to make plans i would take her and her and my girl for a nice meal and then maybe onto a club,  i checked with my girlfriend (katie)  and she confirmed with her sister (leanne)  that it was ok and it was so i exited of the oppotunity to take to good looking sis

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ters out was gonna be fun!

let me tell u about them, katie is cute about 5ft2 size 12 36D chest with dark hair and green eyes,  we have been to spain and often gets mistaken for a natural spaniad as she has a dark complextion in fact when i 1st met her i asked her if she was from England to!  her sister leanne is diffenrent equally stunning but is paler probably size 8-10 with b cup chest about 5ft4 i would say

Anyway the night of our meal came around quick and when we were ready (after hours of watching them decide what to ware) we ordered a cab and set off.  We actually arrived for out meal half an hour earlier so decided to have a few drinks while we waited leanne looked really greatful as i bought her her 3rd double vodka and redbull and looked me in the eyes rested her arm on mine and said thank "you big bro" i gotta be honest i have thought about her in a sexual way before but until she looked at me like that i always just saw her as katies little sister.  My cock was hard as a rock after an hour of sitting across the table staring at leanne.  Expecially when she droped her napkin and bent down to pick it up,  she caught the table corner on way back up and it pulled her top down i clearly got sight of her nipple before she casually pulled her top up again and smiled at me.

we went to the bar side again after our meal for a load more drinks and then onto a club!  Katie saw a couple of old friends and was stood talking to them for a while in there but i didnt mind as i got to dance with leanne,   As we were dancing i was holding her hips and she was grinding her crotch on mine she must of felt my hard on thinking about it that may of been the reason she was doing it.  I looked at Katie and asked her to take over while i went to the toilet so she danced with her sister.

As i returned from the toilet(which was hard to pee with a hard on) i saw the most erotic thing i ever had there hands were all over each others back down to there bums the back of the head looking into each others eyes i could clearly tell kate was horny i have seen that look a million times but i waited at the side of the dancefloor to see if anything else happened.  Nothing did and they slowly walked back over to me  i saw they never had a drink and a felt it was my duty to get them a large one! 

They were both looking a bit worse for ware so i offered to get them a taxi which i promptly ordered,  The way home me and kate sat in back and leanne in front.  I needed to sit with her i had a boner so hard i needed her to do something about it.  kate leaned forward and unzipped me releasing my cock god it needed to be free but it wasnt for long no sooner was it out it was in her mouth which obviously felt tonnes better!  i rested my head back and enjoyed her lips working my cock and her free hand massaging my sack and stroking my ass.  Looking at the roof of the taxi i glanced down to make sure leanne or worse the taxi driver were not aware and i saw leanne with her pocket mirror out pretending to adjust her make up staring right at me with the biggest smile on her face no sooner did i see her than i felt my sack tighten and my spunk erupted in the back of katies throat,  i dont think leanne knew what was happening before i moaned and bit my lip to try and keep quiet but she move her mirror down and she saw her sister with a mouthful of my cock and spunk running down her chin she span round looking right at me with her mouth open looking shocked and then looking at her sister she spanked her ass and told her she was a naughty girl,  she was like.  The taxe driver was aware and laughed at leanne he told her that happened all the time! 

We all got back to mine and kates flat (appartment!) in the early hours and it looked like leanne was ready for bed as she just crashed out on the sofa me and kate went to bed as soon as i was in the room she jumped me sticking her tongue in my mouth i could still taste my cum on her as she pushed me back onto the bend and again proceeded to suck my cock,  i was moaning and groaning and i accidently moaned out leannes name

"its ok babe u can fantasize about fucking my little sister i know shes sexy,"  she said to me and i nearly shot in her mouth again before removing it from her mouth i wanted more

"i wanna do more than fantasize about her babe," i said

"well shes out there and looks unconsious to me," i nearly cum without touching myself then! 

We both went to the sofa as quietly as we could and surely enough she was there snorring on her back i looked at kate and motioned towards leannes tits to make sure this was definatly ok with her,  she nodded so i slowly lifted her little flimsy top up till it exposed all of her tits and looked at kate again

"go on u suck them while i suck u,"  mmmm i couldnt refuse as i bent over and sucked on her nipples while her sister sucked me i was in xtc again!  i pulled kate by the hair up to me and whispered

"u suck them," I watched again as she didnt argue just bent over and took her sisters nipple in her mouth i lifted her skirt up i wanted to taste her pussy but she was in the wrong position i couldnt get there withour waking her so i lifter kates skirt  and ripped her knickers off before forcing my cock up her nicely trimmed tight pussy.  i fucked kate for about 5 minutes before leanne moved in her sleep into a position i could get to her pussy,  but i was fucking a nice pussy so i told kate to finger her

"play with her clit babe,"  i said to her

"i cant im sure it will wake her up,"

"well taste it kate i wanna see u lick out your little sister,"

"so do i,  i have been dying to cum all night!" leanne said looking into her sister eyes and immediatly kate shook and screamed as her orgasm took her by surprise

realising she was awake all the time i took kates hair and pushed her down into leannes mound she took to it striaght away looking like she loved it as im sure she did.  leanne looked at me for the 1st time since we started and said

"hi big bro, hope u saved some from the taxi for me?"

"of course sis im gonna cum soon do u want this load?"

"no next one please cum inside my sister

I looked at kate again she looked up with leannes pussy juice all over her face i told leanne to lick it off so she sat up  and proceeded to lick kates face all over her mouth her cheeks he chin all over she was covered in it,  she then stood up and cam behind me i was in doggy posision and she laid on her back with her head under us i started to lick kates pussy then my cock as it came out she would occasionally move back down to suck on my balls then she stuck her tongue up my ass

"yeah do that im gonna cum!!!!"  i groaned as i realeased my cum up kates pussy as leannes tongue was up my ass best cum ever.

I removed my cock and leanne told kate to stay in that posision as she got in doggy behind her offering me her ass as she licked kates ass and the cum from her pussy too,  immediatly i plunged into leannes pussy before she stoped me and removed my cock she looked at me and frowned then replaced my cock at the entrance to her ass

"fuck me in my nasty ass please bro?"

i love nasty talk so i smiled and said

"thats what bros are for sis,"

i entered her ass and she screamed in pain

"aahhhhh yeah harder bro fucking shag me harder!!"

i started to pound into her hard as i could as she started to spank her sis

"yeah i love my sisters pussy!"

smack she spanks her again

"god sis i love bros cock up my ass its fucking soooo nice!"

she cocked her leg up as she was on all fours and i reached under and played with her clit,  Kate started to shake again and came all over her sisters mouth,  it was soon leannes turn and she started to buck and writhe about

"yeah god bro fuck me fuck me fuck my ass FUCK ME HARDER!!!! IM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!"

now its my turn!

Katie comes over and starts to kiss me deep Leanne pulls off me and  kneels facing me

"i want your cum,"

sure i say as kate stops kissing me and goes round back and kneels herself down puts her tongue up my ass again while leanne puts my cock deep in her throat and gives me the best blowjob of my life coupled with katie giving me deep rimjob im there in seconds

i explode in leannes mouth with more venom than ever before!  she kisses kate before swallowing the lot then turns to me smiling as she comes over kissing me again and says

"if kate lets u do me again ill do anything to either of u anytime or anywhere u want,"

with that i was ready to go again! just hope Kate lets me 

Welcome Home

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Welcome Home

I can remember that day like it was yesterday when I came home from a business trip to Paris. It was a long flight coming back home, for there were several stops which made me very restless. Once I arrived home my wife greeted me at the door but I knew she could tell I wasn’t my old self. "Did you have a good trip?," she asked. "It was ok" I replied

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, just the flight back home was kind of long, and I’m just really tired. So she gave me a hug and we headed over to the couch and sat down. I removed my shoes and threw my feet up on the table. She was sitting right next to me so I threw my arms around her and she rested her head on my chest. She began telling me how much she missed me and how lonely she was at nights, and how she thought about me as she pleasured herself, waiting for me to come back home. We laughed about it and I told her how good it felt to be back home, and she replied she knows something that would feel much better, so I asked what might that be. So she began unzipping my pants and reached inside of my boxers and pulled out my dick. She began stroking it, and massaging it until it began growing harder. And then she took her tongue and began circling the head of it real slowly, sending shivers throughout my body. Without any further hesitation she lowered her mouth onto my dick and began taking all of me inside her mouth. Up and down real slowly she began moving her mouth over my dick, making me moan with pleasure. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt to have my hard dick inside of her warm mouth.

She continued sucking on my dick but now she was going a little faster, and faster, making my balls tingle as she just continued sucking. By this time I had already slid my hands down her back and proceeded to lift her skirt. Once her skirt was up I began massaging her soft ass which seemed to really turn her on. And then I slid my hand inside her panty and began playing with her pussy. I tickled her clit and tickled her pussy lips, making her moan as I slowly let one of my finger slip inside her pussy. Pushing my finger in and out of her made her wet as her juices began flowing down my finger and into the palm of my hand. She was so wet that my finger was just slipping in and out of her, exploring the inside of her warm wet pussy.

After awhile we got up off the couch and removed all of our clothing. She sat down on the couch and lifted her legs into the air as I got down on the floor in front her and began sliding my tongue all over her clit and all over her pussy lips. Teasing her as she moaned and begged me to continue. So I put my mouth over her clit and began sucking on it and pulling on it, and letting my tongue slide faster and faster over her clit. As I was doing so she had one hand resting on my head trying to pull me in closer to her and the other hand playing with her hard nipples. I removed my mouth from her clit and began teasing her pussy lips, letting my tongue slide all over and between them, making her so wet that all her sweet juices began flowing into my mouth. I was so ready to be inside of her and I can tell she wanted me inside of her, so without hesitating I removed my mouth from her pussy and pulled her closer to me letting her legs rest on my shoulders. I grabbed my big hard dick and slid it back and forth over her pussy, teasing her clit and lips before I slowly began sliding it inside of her.

A little at a time I began pushing my dick inside of her. Putting the head of it in and then slowly, real slowly pushing the rest of me inside of her. With all of me inside of her I began stroking in and out real slow as I leaned forward and began kissing her and sucking on her hard nipples. Her pussy was so warm and so wet, and it felt so good sliding my dick in and out of her that I felt as if I was about to explode inside of her. I continued pounding my dick in and out of her pussy as she reached down between us and began playing with her clit, a sight that made me harder and made me fuck her harder, and harder, and harder.

After awhile I pulled out of her and she got up and got on her knees, bending over so that I could see her nice wet pink pussy from behind. But it wasn’t inside of her pussy she wanted me to put my big hard dick. She looked back at me and told me she wanted me to put it in her ass, and I did. I grabbed her around her waist and real slowly began pushing my dick inside of her ass. She moaned a little and I stopped but she told me to put all of it in, so I began pushing, and pushing, until all of my dick was buried inside of her ass. I began fucking her real slow at first and then my strokes got faster and harder and before long I was pounding my dick in and out of her ass and she was enjoying every minute of it. She encouraged me, telling me to fuck her harder and faster, and that it felt good to have my big hard dick inside her ass. My dick was growing harder inside of her ass with every stroke and as I looked down I could see how wet her pussy was, for all her juices was flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I pulled out of her ass and pushed my dick inside her wet pussy and immediately began pounding her pussy faster and faster. I could feel I was about to explode and alarmed her that I was ready to blow, and she begged me to release all my cum all over her ass. So I continued fucking her at a fast pace until I could no longer hold it. I pulled out of her and released all my warm sticky cum all over her soft ass, and it felt so good. After releasing all of my cum onto her ass I just let my dick rest on her ass for awhile and then she reached back and grabbed it and began massaging it, and before I knew it I was hard again. So she turned around and sat up on the couch, and with me standing in front of her she took me into her mouth and began sucking on my dick once again. Her sucking and tongue teasing my dick made me so hard that I felt as if I was gonna explode inside of her mouth, but instead she pulled away and told me to sit down on the couch. She got up and then turned with her back facing me, grabbed my dick firmly and slowly lowered herself onto it and began bouncing up and down, real slow and then a little faster, and harder, and faster. And while she was bouncing up and down on my dick I was spanking her soft ass making it jiggle, which made her bounce faster. She continued bouncing and after awhile she began breathing heavily and rested her body against mine and told me she was cummin. I began whispering in her ear telling her how bad I want for her to cum on my dick and how I wanna feel all her warm cum hit my dick. She began moaning heavily and her moaning turned me on to the point that I was ready to cum once again. About a minute passed and she began gripping the back of my head and streaming that she was cummin. and within seconds I felt her warm, sweet cum hit my dick. It felt so good that within seconds my cum began flowing once again, so I got her to lift up some and as she did I could see all her cum all over my dick. I began stroking my dick really fast and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. So she turned around and put her mouth over my dick as I continued stroking my hard dick. Within seconds I shot all my cum into her warm waiting mouth. She finished sucking every drop of cum from my dick and happily swallowed it all.

Anchors Away!

kellyweaver40 on Sex Stories

This story begins the day of President Kennedy's ultimatum to the Cubans and Russians. We had gotten married that day and were just spending the day riding around the area sightseeing. My Bride was from the hills of Kentucky and had never seen the ocean. She asked if I would show her the Boston Harbor area, so I drove her all around the area for a while before we decided to head for my apartmen

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t. She had just come to town that day from Lexington by bus and were going to take a trip up the coast for our honeymoon. I had gotten leave for two whole weeks and had saved up and bought this cute little camper to pull behind my 59 Ford truck. This was going to be a real cozy trip I hadn't seen her since summer and was looking forward to making up some lost time with her. Believe it or not, she was still a virgin when we married and I had only been with one other girl in my life. that was way back in high school and she was known as a roundheel, if you get my drift.

We had just got to the apartment and she was in the bathroom, showering and getting all nice and pretty for me. I turned on the television and saw the President giving his now famous speech. As it ended, I could hear ships at the base only about a mile from the apartment getting underway. The ships' horns were blowing as first one then the other backed out of the piers. One of the Chiefs from my ship lived in the apartment building. He was soon pounding on my door telling me to get dressed and he would give me a ride to the ship. All leaves had been cancelled. He was a Gunner's Mate and they had called him from the ship and told him to tell me to come too. I called into the bathroom and told Janet that I had to go and right now! She ran, dressed only in a towel and kissed me goodbye. She looked so sexy, even without makeup. I was so tempted to grab her towel and take her to bed before I left, but the Chief was in his car blowing his horn for me. I ran out the door and down the steps to the street. As the door closed on the car, he took off, squealing the tires and moving as fast as he could towards the base. The Marine at the gate wasn't even checking for ID's. he was flagging cars through as fast as they could go, but there was a jam of cars trying to get on the base. We finally got through  and raced towards the ship and pulled into a parking space right at the head of the pier. We ran down the pier and up the brow to the quarterdeck. Guys were running everywhere trying to get things ready to pull out. I ran to my duty station, which was up in the pilot house at the helm. The chief took off to make sure the guns would be ready if needed. A blast from the big horn told us we were underway and getting ready to back her down.

We backed out and turned towards the open end of boston harbor and the open sea. As we broke out into the Atlantic, the word was passed to secure the special sea detail, which meant The regular watch would take the helm and I could go below. As I walked quickly across the deck to grab a smoke before going below, I heard a familiar voice from the shadows, " Psst, David!  Over here" I turned and saw my wife standing there in one of my uniforms and a peacoat with her short blonde hair tucked under a white hat. I froze at the sight. If she was discovered, we both were in a world of hurt. She would be taken off the ship in handcuffs and I would be courts marshalled. i grabbed her and headed aft to where the boat was slung in the ways. I undid the cover over the motor whaleboat and pushed her over the side into it. I stood there in the shadows and asked her what was going through that pretty head of hers to risk stowing away on a warship headed in harm's way. She said she wasn't going to let me leave her without me making her a real woman. I tried hiding a smile about that idea and told her to keep her head down and be quiet till I returned. I turned and walked into the darkness and lit another smoke while I tried to figure out where to hide her. I knew we were headed for Norfolk, VA to pick up a SEAL team and some more supplies, then on to Cuba. If I could only hide her till we got to norfolk, maybe I could sneak her off the ship in a working party.

After the midwatch was set and things were quiet on board, I strolled back to the ladder leading up to the whaleboat. I slowly unfastened the boat cover and looked in. She was sound asleep. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and slipped silently into the boat with her, pulling the cover over the top rail on the boat so it looked fastened down in the darkness. I lay beside her and put my arm around her. She moaned softly and snuggled close to me. Immediately, my cock was pushing at her butt. She woke and kissed me passionately, then began peeling her clothes off. Here I was, at sea on a warsip and looking at my new bride's naked body for the first time. there was just enough light coming through the open spot on the cover to see every curve on her body. I began shedding my own uniform as fast as I could and remain silent in the boat. I had seen her only in a bikini before this and the sight was making my dick stand at full attention, I knew that if she was a true virgin, There might be some stains on the bottom of the boat, so I spread out the only thing I could think of to not only soften the hard bottom for her but to absorb anything that might be there. I spread out the Peacoat she had been wearing and helped her scoot her butt onto it. I was on top of her in a heartbeat, exploring ever inch of her luscious body. I held her firm breasts in my hands and kissed each one, feeling her nipples harden. She had chose not to wear a bra under my uniform in hopes of not having her boobs sticking out too much, but the fact is, she was firm enough, she didn't need one anyway. My dick was poking and probing for her pussy. I reached down to guide myself to her and felt that she was soaking wet. I had seen pornos and pictures of guys eating pussy but had never tried it. I moved around and started kissing her on her flat tummy and started down towards her pussy. She was trimmed some, but nothing like today's young women do. Her hair felt odd as I pushed it aside and began to lick her slit, tasting her juices for the very  first time.I began to slide my tongue in and out of her, pausing to lick her clit as I had seen guys do in porn movies. Her hips began to respond, moving up and down in time to my tongue thrusts. I felt her grabbing my stiff cock and then starting to lick it gently, trying to get used to the taste and feel. She soon raised up and took my whole cock into her hot mouth. I thought I was going to explode right then. I whispered to her to stop until i had her ready to cumm. I ate her pussy like I had seen done and soon had her on the edge of her first orgasm with a man. She told me that she had mastubated a few times, thinking of me and dreaming about us making love. suddenly, she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and began to slam her hips upward to meet my tongue thrusts. She muffled her cries of passion as she began to shudder and shake and held my face down on her pussy like she was trying to shove my face inside her. Her movements took me over the edge and I blasted her mouth with a load of my sperm. She started to gag as she tasted sperm for the first time but then began swallowing it as it squirted out of my pulsating cock. I buried my face in her pussy to muffle my own noises as she brought me off for the first time. This was nothing like masturbating. I felt as if my whole insides were coming out through my cock.

As soon as we both had cumm, we lay trying to catch our breath and calm down. I soon felt her hand trying to stroke my cock. I moved so she could get to me easier and soon was hard as before, if not harder. I slowly moved over her until my cock was rubbing against her pussy, which was still wet from my tonguing it. I held my cock aganst her lsit and rubbed a few times to lube my head. I then started to push the head of my cock into her. I felt it pushing through her lips and then against the resistance of her hymen. I leaned down and kissed her real deep to keep her from making any noise and pushed harder until the resistance left and my cock slid a few inches inside her. I stopped pushing, letting both of us get used to the feeling of my cock inside her. I then slowly pushed until I had the whole length of my cock inside her with my swollen balls resting on her ass. I had lifted my mouth to let her breath and also so I could breath as well. i moved to a firm breast and began to suck her nipple, licking it with my tongue. I then began to move in and out of her pussy which was clamping down on my cock like a vise. The combination of her tight pussy clamping down on my cock and the movement of her sexy body was more than I could take and I came, pumping stream after stream of sperm deep inside her. She muffled a scream by kissing me and began to orgasm herself. I fould feel the waves of her orgasm squeezing my cock and pumping me dry. I kept buried to the hilt until I was empty. I lay resting on her firm body, thinking to myself that we had just consumated our marriage on a warship headed for possible combat. I glanced at my wristwatch and saw that i had only a little bit of time to get ready to take my turn at the helm. I sqirmed around, getting my uniform on enough to hurry down to my bunk to change for my watch. I fastened down the boat cover and slipped away into the night.

I the next episode, I will tell you how we got her off the ship and Headed back to Boston and the safety of our apartment.  

Leapers Wood Finale

pace_purr on Sex Stories

Two weeks after our get together with Father Brian and Jim, John and myself were on the bus to Morecambe. A few little lies to Mum left her thinking I was visiting Foxy, a friend of mine in Hestbank I knew she wouldn't check as telephones weren't a common feature in peoples houses back then. We got off the bus  at Happymount Park and were picked

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up in a large car that I gathered was a Rolls Royce and were driven to a large house in its own grounds. I was led in through the front doors to a huge glassed area with a swimming pool inside, that amazed me as I never knew that people had their own pools, the only ones I had seen were public pools.

The pool was already occupied by a number of men and boys, I saw Jim near the steps and gave him a wave. Dave the man who had picked us up told us to strip off and join the others, minutes later I jumped into the pool next to Jim. He gave me a smile and a kiss, I kissed him back acceppting it as part of his nature, he also stroked my cock under the water I also accepted that. We soon joined in the horseplay going on round us I was picked up and thrown into the deeper water a couple of times, I was also touched on my cock and bum more than a few times by the men I didn't know. I pulled myself out onto the side after a while to catch my breath and was encouraged by Father Brian to get a sandwich and drink from a large table near the pool, I was joined shortly by Jim. We sat chatting Jim telling me he lived with his mother his Dad had been killed in Korea, he said Father Brian looked after him and his Mum. I asked how long they had been special friends, he said since he was eleven. Dave came over and asked us if we would like to see some of his photos and led us to a small room near the pool, this one had lots of photos on the walls as well as lots of albumns. In one of the albums I was surprised to see a photo of myself and Jim, Jim giggled and said my cock had felt nice inside him. Of course galloping hormones had taken over and my cock was hard again, I could see Jim and Dave had the same problem. We were soon all together on a large rug playing with eachothers cock, for a man Dave's wasn't much bigger than mine he was encouraging me to suck Jims cock then said it would be nice if Jim sucked mine at the same time, so I knelt over Jims head allowing him to suck my cock as well. I was in this position when I felt dave applying vaseline or something similar to my bum hole then he knelt behind me and pushed his cock inside me. I really jumped and would have pulled away except for Jim still sucking my cock. Dave continued sliding his cock inside me making grunting sounds my own cock seemed to get even harder as he was doing it and I soon shot my load of cum in Jims mouth. By now we seemed to have a bit of an audience and as I pulled my mouth away from Jim's cock I was replaced by one of the other men I had seen earlier. Dave suddenley pulled his cock out of me and I was splashed on my back with hot cum, I was about to move away when I was grabbed by the hips and held in place. This time I was impaled by a cock a lot bigger than Dave's thankfully I had been loosened up by Dave otherwise I would have really screamed as it was I cried out. This cock really stretched me and I was not helped by the fact the Father Brian shoved his cock in my mouth. Now I was getting angry, these weren't my special friends and I wasn't enjoying this cock in my arse Jim I liked, Dave I put up with but this was too much. The guy finally came I felt his hot cum pumping deep inside me before he withdrew he walked off laughing with Dave leaving me sore and angry. I noticed Jim was in tears he had been used by another guy he hadn't known as well and Father Brian had told him not to be such a big sissy and to just get used to it. I went off to the toilet to clean up the paper nearly disappearing  inside me as I tried to wipe the cum out. I went back to the pool area to see one of the other boys being used by John and Dave, it seemed like it was what we were here for as John called me over and told me to suck Steve (the boy) off at the same time, I did that because the boy was round my age but when John pulled his cock out of Steve and jerked on his cock until his cum spattered on my face while somebody else took a photo it was too much. After Steve came I found my clothes dressed and left, I don't know if anyone noticed and I didn't care I was just bloody angry, so angry I phoned the police and said about some men with young boys at a certain address.

 I don't know if the police did anything as I never saw anything in the local paper and the local 'bobby' never came to our house but John's house was empty the following week and had a 'for sale' a couple of weeks later. I never saw John again, I kept friends with Jim, Father Brian had been moved to another Parish so he felt alone. I used to visit his place and we enjoyed each others company up until I found girls, Jim still preffered boys and moved to London we lost touch later. I occasionally like to get together with a guy for a bit of fun but thats few and far between these days. And I hate Peodophiles with a passion.


MakeYOteethSweat on Sex Stories

Something in his eyes draws her to him. The first kiss she melts! Nipples aroused, begging in her mind for him to touch her. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the bed. He removes his clothing as she watches looking at his perfect body. Slowly he removes her clothing kissing her and wrapping his arms around her once they are removed, caressing her buns. He lays on the bed, her eyes can't
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help but to look at his manhood, she wants to taste him. She leans over placing her hand lower on his shaft feeling how warm it is, the veins that run under the skin, kissing him as she moves down to take him into her mouth. The way he breaths while she wraps her hands around the base of his shaft and balls, moving her tongue over the tip of his head as she moves her mouth up and down his shaft, excites her all the more. She can feel how moist she is becoming between her legs, wanting to express herself more. He leans over, she inhales deeply, feeling his warm lips wrapped around her nipple, then rising to kiss her. Touching him in return, looking in his eyes she see's passion, like she had never seen before. His touch fills her body full of warmth making her feel she is being kissed by the sun. When he enters into her wet garden, she can feel every inch of him, he brings her alive, she feels every movement he makes, his manhood grows harder, meeting his every move. For the first time in her life she feels like the most beautiful women in the world, in this perfect moment they share, everything building inside and releases with a uncontrollable moan of pleasure. He moans with excitement as she grabs his manhood and moves to suck her juices off of him. He places his hands on her head as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. Wanting to feel his warm cum deep inside of her, she can't help but to say "Fuck Me!" hear him moan with pleasure, reassuring her he likes the way she makes him feel. He flips her on her side, re-entering her garden, with a slow but strong thrust, she gasp with pleasure. Pounding harder reaching deeper inside of her she can feel his cum rising. He places his hands on her hips to hold her in place as he thrust faster. Oh yes, Fuck me! she screams as he shoots his cum inside of her, moving up and down she fucks him faster, making sure she drains him of all his cum.

Fun with the care assistant

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Disclaimer:  All characters in this story are fictional.  Any resemblance to actual people or circumstances are purely coincidental.

It was another boring night in the nursing home.  Infact, Arthur had not had an eventful time since his daughter had placed him here.  He was angry because he was finding it difficult to make friends.  He had no similar interests with an

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yone here.  Even his room-mate Nigel, who was 77yrs old. 

The women did not appeal to him at all.  Even at the ripe old age of 69, Arthur was not at all impotent.  He had awoken many nights with a hard, throbbing cock.  Occasionally, he had sneaked into the womens sleeping quarters.  Once, he had placed his throbbing member into the mouth of a sleeping Grandmother.  As he began thrusting in and out of her mouth, the poor old Granny had awoken, and screamed, alerting the staff of the nursing home.  He had always covered his tracks by pleading insanity, on the grounds he had dementia, which he really didn't have.

A few days ago, a new care assistant, Sue, had started working at the home.  She was about 21yrs old, 5' 3" tall, nice slim legs, long blonde hair, and a big bust.  The sort of girl that could give a eunich a hard on.  Arthur had been aroused by her the night she gave him his medication.  As she leaned over him, her breasts so close to his face, Arthur had become aroused.  His big bulge quite obvious beneath the sheets.  The young lady looked at Arthur's bulge, then turned to his face and smiled.  Arthur may have been old, but he knew the signs of lust.  And this girl wanted to be fucked.  He just knew it.

One morning, as both Arthur and Nigel awoke, Arthur decided to have a conversation with Nigel.  "Listen" said Arthur, "One night soon, I'm gonna fuck the ass off that young, hot assistant.  And it's going to have to be in this room, so either you fall asleep quickly, or you see eveything.  Either way, just keep your fucking mouth shut!!"

"Hey" said Nigel, "You think I give a shit?.  I've seen the look on that sluts face.  She's just itching to be fucked, I just wish I could do it myself.  I am however impotent, but hell, I want to see her in action!!"

"So, what are you saying?" asked Arthur.  "Well" replied Nigel, "You grab her, and I will grab her, and we will have some fun!!"  "Excellent" replied Arthur, "But remember, if the shit hits the fan, we don't know anything.  We both have dementia, ok?"

The next morning seemed to last an eternity.  The day went so slowly.  Arthur and Nigel smiled at each other, knowing that this night would be fun for the both of them.  Arthur became erect at the thought of the forthcoming events.

At 19.00hrs, the gorgeous assistant started work as usual.  All the residents of the care home were sent to bed.  All that remained was       for the assistants to administer the evening medication, then the rest of the shift would be easy.  For some reason, Arthur and Nigel were the last people to be administered their medication.  As usual Sue entered Arthur and Nigel's room.  Approaching Arthur, she smiled and leaned over him as usual, her breasts in his face.  Looking down at his crotch, she saw the bulge that always greeted her, and she looked him in the eyes and smiled.  Instead of opening his mouth to receive the medication, Arthur just looked at her.  Without warning, a sudden jolt from behind had her face down on Arthur's bed.

Nigel had jumped her from behind, and he was holding her down, and had placed his hand across her mouth.  Without hesitation, Arthur scrambled out of the bed.  Arthur ordered Nigel to turn her over, so she was on her back.  Once in this position, Arthur ripped eagerly at her top.  Tearing it open, Arthur could see her breasts cupped in the constraints of her bra.  Arthur tugged at her bra, releasing her big, pendulous tits from their prison.  Once free, Arthur had an overwhelming urge to suck them, his mouth and tongue went to work, soon her nipples had grown hard, and he looked her in the eye.  She was not in fear.  She was watching him, waiting for him to make his next move.  She was grinning seductively, urging him on with her smile.

Arthur could barely contain himself.  Even Nigel came in on the act.  Grabbing at her big tits, poking his tongue in her mouth, to which she responded.  He kissed the young woman with intense passion.  Taking his tongue out of her mouth, he moved down to her big tits..  Taking one in his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on her nipple, drawing it out, while Arthur sucked on her other breast.  Oh, how he loved the feel of young tit in his mouth. Arthur stripped of his PJ bottoms, revealing a long and hard cock.  Sue looked at it, and licked her lips.  An obvious invite to put his cock in her mouth?  Arthur climbed onto the bed, got astride her head.  Her mouth opened, hungry for his big cock.  Sue seemed desperate to get that shaft in her mouth.  Once in, Sue sucked as though her life depended on it.  Arthur had to think unsexy thoughts to stop himself from cumming.  Nigel released his grip on her, and clambered down the bed.  Pulling up her skirt and opening her thighs, Nigel pulled aside her panties, revealing her slit.  Spreading the folds of her flesh with his fingers, Nigel found her clitoris, and began to tongue it.  Sue loved the feeling of this old mans tongue on her clit.  It was heaven.  She could feel the signs of an orgasm approaching.  She came, releasing a quantity of fluid into the old mans mouth.  Nigel was exstatic.  He wanted more of her juices, so he continued to lick her, his tongue entering the young womans hole.

Sue carried on sucking Arthur.  He was pumping her mouth now.  Furiously.  His hands wandered over her young tits, tweaked her big hard nipples.  This sent Sue wild, her sucking became more intense.  She took the shaft out of her mouth, and ran her tongue all over the head of his cock.  A small amount of precum emerged from his dick, and Sue eagerly licked it up, relishing the taste of his old cum.

Sue ordered Arthur to sit on her belly.  Arthur obeyed.  Once in position, Sue grabbed his cock, and placed it between her big tits.  Wrapping her glorious boobs around his shaft, she furiously started to tit fuck him.  Arthur really enjoyed this.  He grabbed her tits, and started pumping his shaft between them.  As the head of his cock got nearer to her mouth, Sue stuck out her tongue, so his head would rub over it, and occasionaly she managed to get the head inside her mouth.  This bitch was one dirty slut, he thought.

Meanwhile, Nigel continued to tongue her.  Her cunt was really wet now, he couldn't believe how juicy she was.  He manouvered his tongue from her open hole, to her clitoris.  Lapping up all of her womanly honey.  Her legs started to shudder, Nigel knew she was cumming again.  He placed his mouth over her hole, intent on catching all the cum that would flow out.  With one final gasp from Sue, her whole body shuddered, and her juice was released.  Nigel could feel it in his mouth, and eagerly swallowed it down.

Arthur was still enjoying tit fucking this slut.  Releasing his cock from between her tits, Arthur kneeled forward, and pointed his weapon at her mouth.  Sue took it in and began to suck.  Arthur could now feel the familiar signs of an orgasm approaching..  He needed to cum.  But where?  Should he ejaculate in her mouth, or should he come all over these big, glorious tits?   

Time was running out.  Sue would be needed to be seen by the other assistants soon, or they would come looking for her.  Nigel had emerged from her thighs now, covered in sticky traces of love juice.  It was time for Arthur to cum.  Seeing Sue's mouth bobbing up and down his penis was now too much for him.  Feeling he was about to cum, Arthur relesed his cock from her mouth, aimed at her tits, and shot his load all over them..  Long hot streams of cum blasted her tits.  It dribbled down them, and covered her nipples.  Sue moaned excitedley.  Her hands proceeded to rub the cum into her big breasts.  Arthur watched, and this excited him more, and a second stream of hot cum erupted from his cock, which landed over her lips and chin.  Her tongue came out and lapped the love juice up.  Arthurs cock was now spent, and he clambered off her..

Sue calmly got off the bed, wiped herself down with a towel, smiled at the gentlemen, adjusted her uniform, and walked away.  She had enjoyed herself!!  Dirty bitch!!

Arthur and Nigel looked at each other and exchanged smiles.  They both knew that the fun had only just begun.  This slut was a real whore, and Arthur knew he would be fucking her again, sometime real soon.  Perhaps being in a nursing home wasn't so bad after all.  Not so bad at all..

living with girlfriend; her mom

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In my last story, I described a true event that happened with my ex girlfriends sister.  Here is another story of many I want to share with you


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I had a great job, but it required me to get up before anyone else. But one day I was tired and I slept in.  Everyone was off to school and work except her mother.  She was beautiful for a 45 year old.  She was perfect size. She had beautiful dark straight hair and beautiful brown eyes.  She also had a killer ass and I got a semi just looking at it. I sensed that she knew I was a pervert, but I didn’t care.  She saw that look in my eyes sometimes when I looked at her daughter, so I think she knew something was up. 


I was walking to my room where I had my clothes, which was on the other side of the bathroom. As I was walking down the steps, I heard the water running and as I looked through the door, I saw light!  The trim was not on all the way which gained access to see inside.  What I saw was the most amazing sight I had seen in years.  There was mom, facing the door starting to strip as the shower warmed up.  By the time I saw her, she was in her bra and panties.  She undid the bra slowly and her perfect breasts became visible.  I had to reach in and start to stroke myself. Then her panties slid down slowly and she had the most beautiful pussy. I had never seen an older woman’s pussy and to say it was much more beautiful than my own girlfriend who was 22.  I was only able to see her bush and her clit. But it was amazing. 


She opened the curtain and jumped in the shower.  I ran into the other room and started to beat off.  Thinking of what I just had seen and was so hot I was tempted to go in there and offer to wash her.  She had been divorced for a year and I know she hasn’t gotten laid since then.  Just as I was sticking a finger in my ass to stimulate me more, I heard a moan!  I frantically placed my ear to the wall and I heard soft moaned for about 10 minutes.  Here was this beauty rubbing her pussy, thinking she was home all alone!

Then I heard her cum, and she screamed out a name.  She screamed out “jonny jonny jonny, yeah fuck my ass baby.”  I heard the shower turn off and I quietly ran back to the lounge where I had been sleeping.


I know there was no way she thought I was home because I was awake for a while and she didn’t come in there.  Her bedroom was by the bathroom, so there was no need to go into the lounge.


So I had an idea. I was so horny since I didn’t cum earlier. So before she came out of the bathroom, I lay back on the couch and pulled my shorts down a little bit to start to play with my aching cock. I had a motive.  If she caught me, she would be embarrassed and maybe walk away. But then at least she saw my cock and wanted her to see it. So I figured when she caught me, I can now take a shower and beat off.  So I lay there stroking it with my eyes closed when I heard footsteps towards the lounge.  My breathing got harder as I never been so dirty and turned on before in my life! 


As I was rubbing the precum on my cockhead, I heard her voice.  “Sorry, I didn’t know you were home.”  I opened my eyes and she was only wearing a towel. It covered everything, but it was still sexy.  But she was still there staring at me.  So I just froze looking into her eyes with my cock still in my hand.  We both didn’t know what to do.  It was a moment of truth as I knew no matter what; she couldn’t tell anyone what she had seen.  So in a daring attempt, I stroked it again as she watched.  I somehow felt ashamed and was taking this poor horny lonely woman advantage of.


She looked long and hard, and then ran out in disgust!  I was shocked.  I was such an asshole to think I can fuck my girlfriend’s mother as well as touch her sister in her sleep.  Who was I was the question.


So I pulled up and went into the kitchen where she was making coffee.  I said I was sorry and I was excited being caught, as it was my fantasy. She said it was ok, but she felt disrespected and embarrassed.  She then said she was tempted, but knew it was wrong.  She started to explain how she craved attention and affection and wasn’t able to get any because she was always so busy and had an 11 year old son to take care of and didn’t feel right bringing men back to the house.  I said I understand and with me masturbating must have made it worse. It was a real nice heart felt conversation about her sex and love desires.


So I proposed something. I said since we are home alone, why don’t we spend the day together.  I promised I wouldn’t hit on her at all, but said I would make her feel sexy.  I asked her to trust me on this as I said to lay on her bed on her stomach with the towel over her backside and ill give her a massage.


I walked into the room wearing only a towel so she felt the same as me….almost exposed.  I sat next to her and started to massage her head and hair and she let out a moan.  I worked her back and sides, brushing her breasts on purpose, and I got no rejections.  Here I was massaging my girlfriend’s nude mother. And this is definitely a true story!  After her back, I started on her legs. I worked my way up slowly and then I got to her thighs.  I started to rub my hands back and forth on one of then and then shockingly, she parted her legs.  I said “are you sure you want to do that?”  She said yes, as a massage is only touching and it wasn’t sexual.  Uh huh!  So I refrained from touching her pussy, but felt the heat she was giving off and I started to get hard myself.


Daringly, I removed the towel and saw such a hot ass. It was so tight I saw her brown eye staring at me.  I took the massage oil and poured it directly on her anus, and she let out a sigh of pleasure.  I worked my hands around her ass and then massaged her hole.  Since it was only a massage, I decided to go further, I rubbed harder and then stuck a finger inside and she immediately raised her hips to accept it.


Ok. Massage over, now time to have fun.  She whipped around and ripped my towel off in a second.  She seemed possessed.  She started saying the nastiest things I never expected her to say.  Let me see that hard cock again, when u were massaging me, all I could think about was that hard thick cock in my ass and pussy.  With that, she spread her ass apart and I dove in with my mouth and sucked her ass.  I tongue fucked her hard as she bucked around and withered around. I then went to her pussy and she came on contact.  I ate her so hard she came a few times.  I was torn, I needed attention on my cock, but I loved eating out my girlfriend’s mom.


She then asked if I would just stick the head of my cock in her ass and jerk off until I came.  I said ok and my cock went in, it was so tight, but I loved it.  She reached under and rubbed her clit and my balls at the same time.  I was jerking it and then I said I was going to cum in her hot fucking ass.  I then knew she loved dirty talk because she came all over my balls. So I kept it up and she said to call her mommy.  Whoooooo  I said.  Now that was a little too freaky, but I did it.  She asked me to say to her “ I love fucking you ass mommy, may I please cum now?”  With that she said yes, please cum in my ass.  I did so and it was so fucking good. 


A second after that.  She took her own finger in her ass and plugged it.  I was confused.  Not being so horny anymore, she was trying to blackmail me I think. She said the only way she wouldn’t say a word to anyone was if I lay on my back. “NOW!” she said.  So I did.  She then squatted over my mouth and removed her finger and my cum dribbled into my mouth.  I have never tasted my cum before, so I was a little freaked. Plus I know it was mixed with her shit.  But at the same time I got so fucking turned on having my cum drip into my mouth out of her so hot ass I got another hard on.  She laughed and said it was enough for one day, and this will never happen again.


So I cleaned up and walked away scared. I was ashamed and I felt humiliated. I knew I went too far this time.  But the next week I topped that one.







My Girlfriend's Sister

indie_in_the_city on Sex Stories


I was just finishing up in the shower when there was a knock at the door. My girlfriend’s sister was calling me through the

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door to tell me that she needed to get in the shower. Before I could tell her that I would be out in a minute I heard the door open. I stepped out of the shower and saw her standing there  with her arms across her chest as I began to dry myself off.


Well did you leave me any hot water, or did you just use it all up like the inconsiderate bastard that you are.


No, your gonna have to wait for it to get hot again. And I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that, this is my house and you are a guest, because your parents couldn’t stand you anymore if it wasn’t for your sister I’d throw you out right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah teach  this girl some respect


I grabbed Sara by the arm and pushed her against the counter top, now if you do not start showing me some respect right fucking now your gonna be in deep shit


Yeah, you can’t do anything to me cause my sister would leave you.


Your sisters not gonna leave me, not after I tell her that I caught you stealing stuff from our room.


I never took a damn thing from you and if you say otherwise it’s a lie.


Lie, Truth that doesn’t matter not  with your record.


So now are you gonna start showing me some respect, or do we take it to the next level?


Well I guess your gonna have to take it to the next level  she said


To the next level it is I said


I grabbed Sara by the arm and pushed her back against the counter.


So you think you’re a tough guy now huh she said


I bent Sara over there counter and held her


Oooohhhh,  so what  you gonna give me a spanking now, cause I’m such a bad girl she said sarcastically


That sounds like a fine idea  I said, how many should I give you?


I don’t know, your hands gonna get tired sooner or later.


Is this girl trying to push all of my buttons 


Well your about to find out how many licks it takes to get me tired

Waaaappp, my hand connected with her ass

Waaaappp, Again I smacked her ass


This is not gonna do it drop your shorts I told her


If you think I’m gonna take off my shorts, you better think again


This time I didn’t even tell her again, I reached out pulled her shorts off of her.

She tried to cover herself but it was no use. Now if you take your punishment like a good little girl it will be over soon, but the more you mouth off the worse off you’re gonna be, Do you understand.


Well could you get it over with cause I got things to do today.




Now didn’t I tell you not to mouth off, for that you’re gonna get ten more, would you like to go for twenty?


No ten is fine.


I began to administer more of the punishment, but now her panties were getting in the way, I told her to take them off,  she began to toy with the waist band of the panties.

She was moving way to slow for my tastes so I reached out and ripped them off her body.


Now that’s better, I get to see my handiwork.


Two more and you are done


Finally I finished spanking her bottom, it had turned a nice shade of pink, I knew that she was gonna have a hard time sitting down for a while. It was then that I realized that all this spanking had turned me on, only problem was that there was no one around to help me take care of the problem.


So are we done here cause I gotta get in the shower for my date tonight.


No we’re not done yet, I said as I removed my towel, you made this happen now you’re gonna fix it


No way, I let you spank me, there is no way in hell that I’m gonna fuck you.


Who said anything about fucking, your mouth got you into this situation, and now its gonna get you out of it.  I said as I closed the distance between us. Or should I just find my watch hidden in your bedroom. The choice is yours


She seemed to be slowly relenting, I reached out for her and pushed her down onto her knees.


Now if you do a good job I might let you stay here for a bit longer.


I guided my swollen cock between her lips, and felt the wetness of her mouth.

She licked my cock and swirled it in her mouth like a pro, there was only one thing that could make it better, and she was about to find out what it was. I gripped the side of her head and began to push my cock deeper into  her mouth. She started to gag for a minute, I told her to calm down and to breath through her nose. She tried to pull her mouth off of my cock but I held her head still, finally she began to relax and I pushed my cock deeper into her throat. I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. I told her that if she swallowed all of my cum that I would let her go. She nodded that she understood. I groaned and released the biggest load that I had ever had right into her mouth.  She began to chock on my thick load, so I finally released her head from my grasp. She did listen to me this time she swallow all of my cum and began to lick the rest off of my cock.


So I think you learned your lesson, what do you think?


I think we have a problem here she said


And what would that be? I asked


Well why don’t you take a look and see if you can guess she said as she dipped her fingers into her pussy and moved her hand toward me. You did this to me now you gotta fix it.


And why should I, its not my problem


Cause if you don’t I’ll tell my sister that you raped me


Rape?, you think that was rape? I’ll show you what rape is


You don’t have the balls she said


I gripped her face in my hands, so you really want to see what rape is I said as I pushed her back toward the counter. I bent her over so her feet were just barely touching the ground. I guided my rock hard cock into her cunt and pushed the head inside of her.


So this is your idea of rape, I’ve had better


The second she said this I slammed my cock into her and began to push it roughly into her. She looked back at me and seemed to be enjoying it a little to much. Well I’m gonna have to get a little more aggressive with her. I felt her cunt starting to squeeze me, I knew that she was on the verge of orgasm. I pulled my cock completely from her cunt.


What the fuck are you doing? She said


Well it was nice but it was too loose I want something tighter


It took her a second to  realized what I was talking about


Oh no you don’t, no one has ever fucked me there


Well that’s about to change


She began to struggle to get away but I grabbed her and held her on the counter


If you relax it will be better, if not this is gonna hurt….. a lot


I’m not gonna let you fuck me in the ass you dirty bastard


who ever said you were gonna let me, but I’m gonna do it anyway


It was then that she seemed to accept that there was nothing she could do to stop me


I moved my self into  position  and spread her cheeks, her little pink asshole looked so inviting it was winking at me. I began to push my cock  into her


Please, please stop it hurts


Not me it doesn’t I said as I rammed the full length of my cock into her virgin bowels. She screamed and squeezed her muscles trying to expel my cock from her ass, all that she did was make me move excited as I ravaged her hole. She was tighter than anyone I had ever had before, after a few strokes she began to relax and I think she actually enjoyed it. I felt myself getting close to Cumming. I told her that it would all be over soon. I exploded in her ass, as I withdrew  I could see my cum trickling out of her ass.


Now I need another shower I’m all sweaty I said as I opened the curtain and turned on the water. She slid down to the floor and sat there. When I had the water ready I stepped in. I looked out of the shower and she was still sitting there.


Care to join me we wouldn’t want all  the hot water to be used up again.

Slowly she got up and stepped into the shower with me. We proceeded to wash each other. It was then that I told her that this was just the first level and it could go further if she did not shape up and lose her attitude.


Just for good measure I hid one of my watches in her room


The Audrey Blake Experience

Thetruth723 on Sex Stories

            As the knot of nervousness in my stomach untied itself I began to relax. The more we talked, the more I could tell that she liked me. My new found comfort began to loosen up the natural harnesses that you strap on to m

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ake a good first impression on someone. I had sat in her office for almost a half an hour, but I was speaking so carefully and listening so attentively that I had just begun to realize how attractive Ms. Audrey Blake was. I was almost shocked watching this Mulatto woman’s lips move. They were almost too big, but so perfectly shaped and soft looking you couldn’t help but admire them. Her skin was a shade of brown so light that by looking at it alone you could hardly tell she was mixed with black, but so smooth and soft on the eyes that you really didn’t care. Her big smile was enough to jolt me back into focus so I could respond to her question before she noticed me gazing. As she began to tell me about the people I’d be working with I knew she was leading toward offering me the job. Her dark brown hair that was pulled back in a bun left her face completely exposed, so I found myself gazing, again. In her late 30’s or early 40’s she wasn’t anywhere near model pretty but her fair skin, almond shaped eyes, and perfectly shaped nose made her very cute allowing her strawberry sweet personality to make her extremely attractive. Even though she offered me the position and I gladly accepted I was slightly disappointed to find out that we wouldn’t be working together as she was the District Manager subbing until the new General Manager of the branch had gotten moved in. As we stood for a final hand shake she exposed her voluptuous body. Her ass busted off of her waste and out of her lower back, so plump and solid that the pants of her modest, dark gray business suit couldn’t hide it. Her hips curved slightly up into her tight torso where a soft midsection sat just below a huge pair of tits. Either large C cups or small D’s in my estimation, either way her breasts looked great on her medium frame. They appeared firm and juicy even behind her white blouse and gray suit jacket. Just before I walked out of her office she gave me the warmest smile that made me feel like she thought the world of me. I knew that she was looking at me as a future employee, but the heat in my pant’s made me pretend that the smile meant more.

            As I made the drive home, I could not get over how attractive she was, how sweet she was, or how much I wanted to not just fuck her, but make passionate love to her. After a while I stopped thinking about her and started to think about the new job I had just gotten. I felt accomplished to be 23 years old with a good job at a relatively big company. I was young and on my way up. I finally got the job, weeks in the gym were starting to pay off on my 6’, thick, white frame, and now I just needed a good woman and I’d be set.

            My first day at work had turned out to be Audrey’s last as she was headed back up to the company’s corporate office in Northern California. Any diminishing that time had on her image in my memory was quickly undone. I stared as she pranced around the office saying her good byes. She wore a navy blue business suit similar to the one she wore the day she interviewed me, and it did just as lousy a job as the other one had at hiding her curves. She looked mouth watering and I savored the picture knowing I wouldn’t be seeing much more if any of her.

            The job turned out to be great. I settled in, made friends with my coworkers, and seemed to impress my supervisors. A little over a week had gone by when I received an email from a company address I didn’t recognize. I opened it up and to my utter shock, it was from Audrey. It was friendly at best, asking me “how I liked the job?” and “if I needed anything to let her know”, but I was thrilled as to see that she still remembered me. I know I had made a good impression on her at the interview, and that heat in my crotch was foolishly making me wonder how good. I knew that she was just being nice, it fit her personality. For the next month I exchanged a couple emails a week with her. I learned that she was 39 years old, had no kids, and had dedicated herself to her job ever since her divorce nearly 3 years ago.

The emails were only friendly, until she told me that she was coming back to Southern California for a 2 day conference and suggested we have lunch. On the day we were supposed to have lunch she called me at work to cancel, saying that the conference had run over. I was disappointed but I tried to play it cool like it was no big deal. I hadn’t expected anything to come from having lunch with her, but I thought it’d be a treat just to see her.

It was almost time to go home when she called again. She hoped I didn’t think it was “inappropriate” but since she couldn’t make lunch she’d “like to have dinner” . Again I tried to be modest, and not say yes too quickly, so after holding a phony pause as long as I could, I said “sure why not”. I grabbed breath mints and cologne from the drawer in my desk and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up best I could. I was to meet her in the restaurant at the fancy hotel she was in at .

              I walked through the lobby of the hotel following the signs leading me to the restaurant. Down a long hall and after a couple turns I found myself in front of the opening of the restaurant. As soon as I stepped inside I saw my prize sitting at the bar. She had on a simple white dress decorated in brown and gold flowers that perfectly complimented her gorgeous curves and the skin tone shown on her bare shoulders and arms. I smiled at my greeter letting her know that I was there to meet someone at the bar, and strolled over to Audrey. I said hello and she whipped her head around with a welcoming smile. I figured I’d shake her hand, but she hopped up and gave me a nice warm hug like I was an old boyfriend she hadn’t seen in years. I savored the touch and was aroused by her engaging perfume.

I looked older than 23 in my business attire. The age difference was still obvious, but she didn’t seem the least bit concerned with being accompanied by a younger man or what people might have thought about it. As I began to sit down next to her at the bar she stopped me, telling me she had reserved a table for us. After finding out she was working on her 2nd Long Island iced tea, I ordered a drink before we headed to our table. It was in the back corner of the dimly lit restaurant. It was obvious that she had requested a table away from the crowd and that had me excited. I was on my second rum and coke, we had already ordered, and were quickly in deep conversation. I tried not to act so excited but I’m sure the ear to ear grin on my face gave me away. I wasn’t too worried though, because she had one too.

Dinner was great, the conversation was better, and I had to catch myself before she caught me staring at her cleavage, she looked so arousing. She had warm motherly like mannerisms but a personality that was young and sexy. Everything about her turned me on. I had blatantly stared at her curved ass when she scampered off to the ladies room, and my eyes did their best to capture as much of her tits bouncing on her chest as she walked back. We were having such a good time that my watch read when my eyes finally glanced at it. She paid the bill after refusing to let me pick it up and wanted to walk me out of the restaurant. We left through the back of the restaurant and found ourselves in an empty long hallway that led to a big exit door. We practically crawled down the hallway trying to savor the last moments of the evening. A few feet before the door we stopped, she thanked me for a great evening and put her arms around me to hug me. Although I was nervous I squeezed her back. I knew the attraction was mutual and we had gone beyond just being friendly, but I had no idea how far she wanted to go or what I could get away with and I surely didn’t want to mess things up. Nervously, I pulled away to create just enough space for a kiss, and I saw the same uncertainty that I had felt, on her face. Seeing that gave me the confidence to lean down and kiss her; soft and slow at first, our lips pushed into each other. I began to pull back thinking we were ending the evening nicely when she kissed harder and pulled me closer to her. I let my mind go and let my instincts take over. I softly rubbed her lower back as our lips found a good rhythm. We both came up for breath but when we went back in our mouths parted leaving enough room for our tongues to meet. Our tongues wrestled each others as our lips still moved in rhythm. Her soft breasts pressed against my chest and I lowered my hands to her ass. I went from softly massaging it to cupping as much of her ass as I could get my hands on. The passionate kissing and ass rubbing gave me a hard on that I knew she could feel stabbing through my pants. She broke our kiss and looked down at the hard cock trying to bull through my crotch. She grabbed my cock with her perfectly manicured hand and eagerly massaged my cock through my pants. She looked deeply into my eyes saying everything that needed to be said without saying a word before kissing me again with even more passion than before. We stood in that hall, my dick in her hand, her ass falling out of mine for what seemed like a long time before we finally broke the embrace. She suggested we go up to her room and off we went.

We walked hand in hand to the elevator, stepped in, and as soon as the elevator doors closed, Audrey turned to me and told me how happy she was to be with me at that moment. I smiled and told her that I felt the same way as I leaned in and kissed her. When we reached her floor she grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Once inside we walked past the front room that had a sofa, a chair, and a couple of tables and went straight to the dark bed room. She turned on the small lamp next to the bed and we embraced again, falling softly on the bed. Kissing heavily, I laid on top of her, my body draped off to the side. No longer holding back my hand quickly found her breast. I began to caress them through her bra and dress and when that wasn’t enough I pulled down the strap to her dress and bra and heaved out one of her big tits. The big tittie laid on her chest with an areola nearly the size of a coaster shooting a perfect nipple into the air. I broke our kiss and leaned my head down to take her nipple into my mouth. She moaned softly as my tongue flicked her nipple. I sucked it in hard trying to taste everything I could. I reached up, puller her other straps down and performed the same thing on her other breast. Then I reached down in between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her soaking wet cotton panties. I continued sucking her tits and massaging her pussy until she reached her hand out searching for my dick. I eased up and gave her enough room to find what she was looking for. She eagerly grabbed at my dick through my pants and then reached up for my belt buckle. I stood up next to the bed as she undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers as far down my legs as she could. My thick 7 inch cock sprang into the air; the head slightly shiny with pre come. She took off her bra, and her dress had slid down to her waste. She moved to the edge of the bed and leaned in to take my cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head, sucking it in with her tongue. I was overcome with pure pleasure. I tilted my head back and tried not to lose my balance. She began to take me in and out of her warm and wet mouth stopping each time at the end to give my head a quick lick. Overcome with lust and sensation I almost lost my balance. So I pulled out of her mouth, ripped my shirt from over my head, kicked off my pants and shoes and sat on the bed next to her. She slid her dress and panties over her hips making her fully nude, got on all fours, and leaned over my lap and took my dick into her mouth again. I reached around and began to rub her ass cheeks. She bobbed up and down my shaft taking it about halfway in then coming back up to swirl her tongue around the head of my dick, occasionally taking it all the way in and deep throating me. My hands alternated between caressing her ass and titties. She sucked my dick for a good while until I guided her away from it and onto her back in the middle of the bed. I leaned in and gave both of her nipples a quick suck before I moved my head over her mound. She spread her legs with welcome and the musty aroma of her well trimmed pussy exploded through my nostrils making me as horny as ever. She had a fat and juicy pussy with perfectly shaped lips. I wanted to go slow, but I couldn’t restrain myself. I took two fingers to each side of her cunt and spread it best I could. I stuck my tongue out as far as possible, and in an upward motion I greedily attempted to take her entire vagina into my mouth while moving my tongue toward her clit. Over and over again I lapped her entire pussy each time landing on her clit, flicking my tongue over it vigorously. She began to moan uncontrollably with wild passion. My tongue stayed on her clit as I inserted 2 fingers into her swollen hole. My palm facing up, I pulled my 2 fingers toward her g-spot while speed bagging her clit with my tongue. The sensible woman inside her tried to hold back the moans and whimpers, but I was happy to see her overtaken with pleasure as she erupted in orgasm. As horny as I had ever fucking been, I wiped her juices off of my face with the bed sheets and moved up to Rachel’s face. She was still coming down from the powerful orgasm but through her disorientation her lips found mine and we began to kiss passionately her tongue trying to absorb everything in my mouth. I then lowered myself so that my prick was directly over her pussy. Just before I grabbed it, she did, and lead me straight into her gaping hole. From the second I entered her I was in pure ecstasy. Her pussy was flaming hot and so wet I was almost paralyzed in it. I worked my way all the way in and had to pause for a second just to gain my composure. I was completely inside of her. I looked down at her to see her mouth wide open, her eyes closed shut, and a dazed look of pleasure on her face. Once I felt composed I began to slowly push my cock in and out of her. Within a few strokes she was moaning impatiently. Her moans were loud, but sweet and motivating. I knew that I had to man up and give her what she wanted; I knew I had to pound her pussy. I increased my pace slowly and once I found the perfect rhythm I rammed her cunt. She went crazy reaching out frantically. She grabbed at the sheets around her then my chest till she found a nice resting place for her hands just above my waist. She guided me in as I pumped my dick in and out of her. We went at it like this for a while. I would occasionally slow down, lean down and kiss her with all the passion in my soul and she hungrily returned the enthusiasm. I slowed my pace and then pulled out of her. Already proud of myself for keeping up such a feverish pace, I knew I wasn’t done. I grabbed her meaty thigh and guided her back onto all fours. She got into perfect position, her hips low and her ass mounted up into the air. I slid my dick in her pussy from behind, wiggling it around a little and adjusting my stance to get the proper angle before I began to fuck her again. I got back up to the perfect pace and we worked in unison, me plowing my cock into her and she working her beautiful ass back into me. The room was filled with the sounds of her sweet moans and her ass slapping against my waist. I would reach around and caress her tits and she’d reach back to grab my hand in appreciation. I was in pure ecstasy but knew I was almost ready to cum. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and lay down next to her. She then placed her knees to the sides of my waist and straddled my cock taking it all in at once. She leaned in, stuck her tongue down my throat, and reared back and begin to ride my cock. She had unbelievable form and ability. While staying on her knees she was able to thrust her hips and ass down into me going up and down on my cock. I reached up and grabbed the big flailing breast in front of me, licking each before throwing my head back in pure bliss. Feeling her ass slap down against my thighs while she took my cock deep inside of her was heaven and my dick began to spasm shooting cum deep into her pussy. I puller her down and she plopped down against my chest in exhaustion. We kissed, lay in each others arms and drifted into a deep sleep.


Driver's Ed

so_cal_fyreman on Sex Stories

Again, the car lurches forward as you give it a little too much gas.  You quickly jump on the brake, making the car screech to a halt. You let out a quick shriek, piercing
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my eardrums.  I convince you to try again.  This time you are a bit smoother on the gas.  And when you apply the brake, you are again, smoother.  I breathe a sigh of relief as we start to cruise around your college's parking lot.  At stop signs, you glide to a stop.  A bit quick on the launch, you're like anyone who's learning to drive for the first time.  I feel the motor rev slightly as I put my hand on your thigh.  I gently rub your smooth, waxed legs.  You don't say anything so I inch my hand up your thigh.  You move your knees apart, as if it was instinct.  I keep giving you instructions as I run my hand up your thigh and under the hem of your light cottony skirt. You pull your right hand off the steering wheel and put it on my thigh.  I playfully smack your hand and tell you to keep your hands at 10 and 2. I tell you to try backing up.  You put the car in reverse and as you twist to look behind You, I see the promise land.  I can see you're not wearing your panties, and that your lips are moist. I tell you to start going forward again, and as you straighten up, my hand brushes your smooth mound.  You tell me you just got waxed earlier and look over at me slyly. I shift in my seat as my member bulges in my pants, binding up.  You know have your left leg lifted up, your foot on the dash, giving me a plain view of your tight, smooth and wet pussy.  I slide a finger along your slit, covering it in your juices.  I slide it inside you and you jump a bit, making your foot push on the gas and the car rev.  You're driving pretty well now, so when you pull you hand off the wheel and grab my crotch, I don't protest.  This is good practice for you to learn how to drive, steering with one hand.  You fumble with my zipper, so I help you undo it.  Without taking your eyes off the road, you fish out my engorged member and start to stroke it.  There we are, driving around the parking lot, me finger fucking you as you give me a hand job.  I tell you to park in a dark corner of the lot and you floor it, flying across the asphalt.  I have you back up into the spot.  As soon as you shut the motor off, you lean over and plant a kiss on my lips.  You then drop your head down and plant your mouth over my hard cock.  You suck on it, stroking the shaft.  Up and down, you lick the shaft as you bob up and down.  You move around so now you're kneeling on the driver's seat. Your bare ass cheeks are pushed against the window. You pull my shirt off and then pull off your tank top with the built in bra. You crawl onto my lap and ease down onto my pole. I grab a tanned breast and lick the nipple as you grind on me.  I suck on your nipple, and then gently bite on it.  You moan and push my face into your tit. I switch to the other side and you arch your back and moan as I gently nibble your nipple. I kiss you deeply then kiss your neck and you ride me.  I open the door, and we climb out.  You bend over the hood and reach back and spread your lips with your hands.  I grab you hair and pull on it as I plunge into your wetness.  I give You 5 or 6 good deep thrusts the pull out and drop to my knees.  I flick my tongue over your clit and you shiver.  I slide 2 fingers inside your snatch and finger you while I lick at your clit. With my other hand I spank your ass, making you moan. Again I spank you, and you cry out "YES!!!!!" I stand up and grab the base of my cock and aim it at your tight twat.  I push it against you lips and start to enter you.  You try and push back against me, but I push you forward and pull out the tip.  I rub my head on your clit and again push the tip inside your wet hole, this time a little further.  Before you can back into me, I pull out again.  You're aching for my cock and you scream at me to fuck you. "FUCK ME! DAMNIT!" You scream.  Again, I push the tip and a little bit more of the shaft, then pull out so just the tip is left in.  Then I grip your hips and give you the deepest thrust.  You lose your breath briefly, as I go so deep you instantly cum all over my dick. I buck my hips and thrust deep inside you.  I suck on my thumb and then push it against your tight and exposed asshole.  Gently, slowly, I push my thumb inside your ass.  You quiver again and drench my cock in cum.  I slowly slide my thumb in and out of your ass as I fuck your tight snatch, my balls smacking your clit.  I can feel you rubbing your clit.  My dick is thoroughly lubed up, so I pull out my thumb.  You grab your ass cheeks and spread them for me, you ass swallows the head of my dick, and I slowly push inside you.  Once all the way in, I slowly start to thrust.  I hear the "oh god! Oh my god's" coming and you quake and writhe with another orgasm. I pull out and dive my cock back into your slippery pussy.  After a couple thrusts I tell you I'm going to cum.  You spin around and drop to your knees.  You suck my cock as I dump my load down your throat.  After the last drop has been sucked from my tired penis, you stand up.  We kiss deeply as I taste my cum in your mouth still.  I then jump in the driver's seat and you climb in the passenger side.  As we pull out of the parking lot, you stick your head in my lap and start to nurse my semi hard cock back to life.

Seduction: Chapter 2

bustybibbwbabe on Sex Stories

I awoke early the next morning to the bright summer sun shining on my face and I wondered if the events from the previous night had all been a dream, until I looked over and saw him lying there, sleeping peacefully…God he was beautiful.


I go

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t out of bed and showered quickly, ran a comb through my damp hair and pulled it into a loose bun, dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt and went into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I heard him get up and go into the bathroom. He came out about 30 minutes later, wet from his shower, a towel wrapped around his waste.  He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and pressed his freshly shaven face against mine, water droplets from his shoulder-length hair dripping onto my forehead.


“Good Morning”, he said as his lips grazed my cheek and he released me from his embrace.


“Good Morning…Coffee?”


“That would be great”


As I poured him a cup, I repressed my urge to bring up the events from the previous night; I knew that we would have to talk about them eventually but not in the afterglow of the most perfect night of my life.


“You know you really should get dressed, the car will be here to take us to the set in 30 minutes”, I said as I handed him his cup of coffee.


“You’re right”


The ride to the set that morning was silent for the most part other than a little mindless chatter between Cristian and the driver about how nice the weather was and things of that nature. When we arrived at the set we parted ways as I went over to hair and makeup and he went to wardrobe.  As I sat in the makeup chair, another of our co-stars, Oliver, came over and sat in the chair next to me, we exchanged pleasantries and had a little chat as we did every morning. Oliver played my husband in the movie, Christian my lover, little did I know at that time how true that scenario would play out in the coming years.


Oliver was very handsome as well, he was British and stood 6 feet tall, shoulder length chocolate brown hair, with mocha colored eyes, a neatly trimmed goatee, and he was in great shape. He was probably one of the nicest people I had ever met; he was just so caring and thoughtful all the time. It was common knowledge around the set that Oliver was quite smitten with me, but at the time I was head over heels for Cristian and to young and naïve to realize that he would never leave his family for me no matter how much he loved me.


Over the next few weeks my life followed pretty much the exact same pattern. Cristian and I would arrive on set at around 6 am, we would finish shooting around 7pm, sometimes later sometime earlier depending on the days shooting schedule. Cristian and I would return to my room, shower, order room service and end our evening by making love late into the night. I felt like my life was perfect. I was so in love and even though he never said it, I felt sure that Cristian would leave his girlfriend for me at the end of filming.


Our final day of shooting came all too soon. It was a crisp September day and Cristian was acting unusually cold to me that day. When filming wrapped, Cristian told me that he would see me at the wrap party that night and I returned to my room to get dressed.


I arrived at the party that night wearing a flowing royal blue dress that was belted at the waste and really showed off my ample cleavage, my hair was styled down with loose curls, and my makeup was perfect. I walked into the room; I immediately spotted Cristian and my heart broke into a million pieces. He saw me and looked at me with pain in his eyes. His girlfriend, Vanessa, sat beside him and it was in that moment that I realized that he was never going to leave her and their two children for me.


I quickly pulled myself together, I was an actress after all, and quickly made my way around the room exchanging pleasantries. I then found the bar, took my seat and started doing shots of tequila.


After about an hour, Oliver came over and joined me the bar; apparently he was the only one who had been able to see through my act.


“How are you, Natalie?”


“Fine, Ollie, thanks for asking”


“No your not, I can tell”


“Ok, so I’m not fine…what difference does it make?”


“It makes a difference to me”


“Well, let’s just say that that something I thought to be true wasn’t”


“Yeah, I saw that Cristian brought Vanessa with him tonight”


“What are you talking about?”


“Oh come on, Natalie, did you seriously think it was a secret? Everyone knows….even Vanessa knows”


“But how?”


“Well you two weren’t exactly trying very hard to hide it”


“I guess you’re right…I just feel like such a fool”


“You’re not a fool Natalie, it happens to the best of us….and just between you and me any guy would be lucky to have you”


That night when I looked into Oliver’s eyes I felt a spark that I had never felt for him before, I knew that he was in love with me and that he would treat me the way that I longed to be treated, but I just felt like he deserved better.


Oliver and I spent the rest of the party at the bar drinking and by the time the party was over we were both very drunk. He offered to walk me back to my room, I accepted and he put his arm around me and I leaned into him for support.


We arrived at my room and he took my card to unlock the door, as I tried to lean on the wall for support I slipped and ended up falling flat on my face. We were both laughing hysterically as he helped me to my feet. We looked deep into each others eyes as he brushed my hair from my face and leaned in to kiss me. Our kissing soon became more passionate and before I knew it we were laying on my bed in each others arms.


He kissed my forehead, both of my eyes, my nose, both cheeks, back to my lips, then my chin, and then my neck. He unzipped my dress and gently pulled down the straps revealing my bare breasts. He began to lick, kiss, suck and nibble at my breasts leaving no part untouched. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pushed him into my breasts as he found my nipples and began to suck them. After showing equal attention to both nipples he moved down my body and pulled my dress the rest of the way down.


He passed over my burning pussy and removed my shoes and started to kiss my toes and feet. He then kissed his way up my right leg and then went back to show the same attention to my left leg. He licked, sucked and nibbled on my inner thigh before finally removing my thong.


He placed a gentle kiss on my freshly shaven pussy and started to gently lick up and down my swollen lips. He then sucked each lip into his mouth and nibbled on them gently. His teasing was unbearable to me, my desire had grown to the point that I felt as if though I would explode if he didn’t relieve me soon. Realizing my desperation, he gently spread my lips and found my swollen clit. He had only been sucking my clit a few minutes when I exploded in his mouth.


He crawled back up and lay on top of me and we kissed as I recovered from my orgasm. As soon as I recovered I got up and started to remove his clothing. I kissed his lips and then kissed my way down his body until I reached his cock. I started by gently swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. I licked my way down his shaft until I reached his balls and I stopped to suck his balls into my mouth. I then licked my way back up the shaft and sucked just the head of his cock into my mouth as I stroked his shaft with my hand.  When I felt that I had teased him long enough I took his whole cock into my mouth and as deep into my throat as I could. I bobbed my head up and down until he stopped me.


I was positioned on all fours on the bed and he positioned himself behind me. He started rubbing his hard cock in my wet slit teasing me again. He finally gently pushed his swollen head into my pussy. Slowly he eased the rest of his cock into my pussy. He was very thick and it was painful at first so he remained still for a moment while I got used to the size. The pain soon turned to pleasure as he began to pump his cock in and out of my pussy. He started slowly and gradually picked up the pace until he was pounding my pussy and I was screaming in pleasure. He reached around and rubbed my clit while he pounded my pussy and I began to feel the tension building in my stomach and I new that my second orgasm was close. He started fucking me faster and I knew that he was close as well. I started to match his thrusts and soon he was grunting as he filled my pussy with his hot cum, sending me over the edge.


I fell onto my stomach and he lay on top of me with his cock still buried in my pussy for a few minutes while we both recovered. He then rolled off of me and came and lay beside of me. I rolled over on my side and he put his arm around me and cuddled up next to me. He was soon fast asleep and as I lay there drifting off into my own peaceful slumber I was more confused than ever.




I had visitors today

lelasboy0853 on Sex Stories

After admiring the 80 degree weather I sat back and watched some local news...
Just how many times can we watch the local weather in 30 minutes... Just as I was about to throw the remote
..I heard my door bell ring it was tw
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o very well dressed people professional looking types at my door...

They were realitors (husband & wife team) inquiring on the house next door... I really didn't hear his question because I was staring at her.

She was a trophy wife... the beauty... and in that shear black blouse which barely concealed two of Las Vegas' landmarks...

She smile at my perdicument- Weather to stare at her or answer his question ....something about lot size...
I invited them in
and followed behind studing her ass as if there a treasure map drawn on it....

We chatted about the housing market and how long they'd been in real estate.... As they enjoy a hard lemon aide I continued to admiire Lucy's body and Mark didn't seem to mind... Lucy sat on the couch closest to me and Mark placed his hand on Lucy's leg....
He didn't just place his hand there he slide his hand up and down the entire lenght of the inside of her thigh... She responded by uncrossing her legs and opening them gradually as Marks fingers began the find the top of her thigh and ever so slowly touch her puzzy area...

Her hand found his thigh and the rub-fest was on... we talked about my house and they asked for a tour because my house was similar to the house next door...

Sure I commented, I wanted a second chance to watch her ass anyway...
They asked for a tour of the master bedroom.... I thought that where I'd like to have her right now... We walked in and she immediately sat on the bed and Mark looked in the closet...

I realized at that moment before the rain started I was watching porn... and the SEYMORE BUTTS Video was hanging out the VCR.... She spotted it and said "someone else likes Seymore honey..."
My embarrassment was short lived when Mark asked the title of it and I said "ASS-play..." Lucy commented honey you don't have that one it must be new... Let me see it Marked asked...

Within just a very minutes Lucy, Mark and I were on my Cal-King bed watching Seymore driving A big boobed starlet(built like Lucy) over the edge by finger fucking her...

As the sexual tension grew in the bedroom I noticed Lucy opening her blouse and after she ran her right hand on her husband lap and the left hand careesing my elbow.....

She leaned back against the head board and skirt pulled up exposing her baby blue lace panties. There was faint wet spot between lips of her pussy... She grabbed my hand and placed on her chest... Mark was already imitating Seymore by pulling Lucy's panties to the side and inserting one finger then two into her already wet pussy...
Without skipping a beat I removed her blouse and removed one tit then the other boob out of it's baby blue confinement
I leaned over and put one silver dollar sized areola in my mouth... Mark leaned in and sucked on the other as his fingers moved quickly in and out of her pussy.

She was overcome with passion as the movie progressed and the big titted woman stuck two finger in asshole as Syemore continued to finger fuck her followed by his dick....
Mark helped his wife out of clothes and removed his without his eyes leaving the tv screen...

Once Lucy was naked on the bed she reached for my cock and lead it to her mouth... She was on her back and side when Mark buried his face into her well shaven swallon pussy...

Neither Lucy nor Mark took their eyes off the TV...
But I took in every beautiful nook and cranny on Lucy's body... she was beautiful sexy and horny

My cock was about explode if i didn't back away so I stepped away from the bed and ran my hands over Lucy's tight big tity body... Within minutes Lucy shouted I am Cumming as Mark lapped his tongue in and out of her pussy ...He slid up on the bed and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy and drove it in and then withdrew it She groaned as every nerve ending around her pussy began firing in pleasure.

HE plunged deeper each time and the air escaped from her as she moaned....
She looked at me and ordered Mark to come by her mouth so she could taste her self....and directed me to fuck her ...fuck me hard she said. Watching her getting fucked by Mark did nothing to releave the pressure building in my balls... It made hungry for her even more.

But I wanted place my hard cock in her tight athletic ass...
and when after a few strokes I pulled legs over her head and gently yet firmly jabbed my cock in her ass.

She squeeled for joy and almost came on the spot... Mark was really fucking her mouth He had both hands on each side of her face driving his cock to the back of her throat. He shot his jizz down her throat just as I entered her ass.... She began to rub her clit in cadice to my stroke up her ass...

She began to squirm and it only intensived the pressure growing in my balls.... As we came together I noticed the big titty girl was getting fucked by Seymore was squirming just like Lucy... and Seymore shot his load all over her ass... Mine was shot up Luc
After admiring the 80 degree weather I sat back and watched some local news...
Just how many times can we watch the local weather in 30 minutes... Just as I was about to throw the remote
..I heard my door bell ring it was two very well dressed people professional looking types at my door...

They were realitors (husband & wife team) inquiring on the house next door... I really didn't hear his question because I was staring at her.

She was a trophy wife... the beauty... and in that shear black blouse which barely concealed two of Las Vegas' landmarks...

She smile at my perdicument- Weather to stare at her or answer his question ....something about lot size...
I invited them in
and followed behind studing her ass as if there a treasure map drawn on it....

We chatted about the housing market and how long they'd been in real estate.... As they enjoy a hard lemon aide I continued to admiire Lucy's body and Mark didn't seem to mind... Lucy sat on the couch closest to me and Mark placed his hand on Lucy's leg....
He didn't just place his hand there he slide his hand up and down the entire lenght of the inside of her thigh... She responded by uncrossing her legs and opening them gradually as Marks fingers began the find the top of her thigh and ever so slowly touch her puzzy area...

Her hand found his thigh and the rub-fest was on... we talked about my house and they asked for a tour because my house was similar to the house next door...

Sure I commented, I wanted a second chance to watch her ass anyway...
They asked for a tour of the master bedroom.... I thought that where I'd like to have her right now... We walked in and she immediately sat on the bed and Mark looked in the closet...

I realized at that moment before the rain started I was watching porn... and the SEYMORE BUTTS Video was hanging out the VCR.... She spotted it and said "someone else likes Seymore honey..."
My embarrassment was short lived when Mark asked the title of it and I said "ASS-play..." Lucy commented honey you don't have that one it must be new... Let me see it Marked asked...

Within just a very minutes Lucy, Mark and I were on my Cal-King bed watching Seymore driving A big boobed starlet(built like Lucy) over the edge by finger fucking her...

As the sexual tension grew in the bedroom I noticed Lucy opening her blouse and after she ran her right hand on her husband lap and the left hand careesing my elbow.....

She leaned back against the head board and skirt pulled up exposing her baby blue lace panties. There was faint wet spot between lips of her pussy... She grabbed my hand and placed on her chest... Mark was already imitating Seymore by pulling Lucy's panties to the side and inserting one finger then two into her already wet pussy...
Without skipping a beat I removed her blouse and removed one tit then the other boob out of it's baby blue confinement
I leaned over and put one silver dollar sized areola in my mouth... Mark leaned in and sucked on the other as his fingers moved quickly in and out of her pussy.

She was overcome with passion as the movie progressed and the big titted woman stuck two finger in asshole as Syemore continued to finger fuck her followed by his dick....
Mark helped his wife out of clothes and removed his without his eyes leaving the tv screen...

Once Lucy was naked on the bed she reached for my cock and lead it to her mouth... She was on her back and side when Mark buried his face into her well shaven swallon pussy...

Neither Lucy nor Mark took their eyes off the TV...
But I took in every beautiful nook and cranny on Lucy's body... she was beautiful sexy and horny

My cock was about explode if i didn't back away so I stepped away from the bed and ran my hands over Lucy's tight big tity body... Within minutes Lucy shouted I am Cumming as Mark lapped his tongue in and out of her pussy ...He slid up on the bed and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy and drove it in and then withdrew it She groaned as every nerve ending around her pussy began firing in pleasure.

HE plunged deeper each time and the air escaped from her as she moaned....
She looked at me and ordered Mark to come by her mouth so she could taste her self....and directed me to fuck her ...fuck me hard she said. Watching her getting fucked by Mark did nothing to releave the pressure building in my balls... It made hungry for her even more.

But I wanted place my hard cock in her tight athletic ass...
and when after a few strokes I pulled legs over her head and gently yet firmly jabbed my cock in her ass.

She squeeled for joy and almost came on the spot... Mark was really fucking her mouth He had both hands on each side of her face driving his cock to the back of her throat. He shot his jizz down her throat just as I entered her ass.... She began to rub her clit in cadice to my stroke up her ass...

She began to squirm and it only intensived the pressure growing in my balls.... As we came together I noticed the big titty girl was getting fucked by Seymore was squirming just like Lucy... and Seymore shot his load all over her ass... Mine was shot up Lucy's ass.
Her husband without missing a beat jabbed his cock in Lucy's ass and pumped her ass full cum.
We spent the evening having some wine and hard limon aide and fucking Lucy's pussy and ass...
She sold the house next door in 23 days at the asking price and the three of us are now looking for bi-girl willing to hace adult fun
y's ass.
Her husband without missing a beat jabbed his cock in Lucy's ass and pumped her ass full cum.
We spent the evening having some wine and hard limon aide and fucking Lucy's pussy and ass...
She sold the house next door in 23 days at the asking price and the three of us are now looking for bi-girl willing to hace adult fun

Unexpected can be good

mikejb on Sex Stories

I have re-submitted this story as it seems there is no record of it being posted on this site ...
I enjoy taking time out to read the stories posted on this website by your membe
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rs and like hearing of their various sexual exploits. In fact it's good so many take the time out to put pen to paper as it were so others like me can benefit.
Of course I do sometimes wonder if some of them aren't just pure fiction, but even if they are, I nevertheless enjoy reading them and find the vast majority an extremely horny read. So much so that I thought it was maybe time I did my little bit for the website in the hope your readers will enjoy my tale as much as I have theirs.
When I sat down and started to write this event I did at first think it would be a fairly short account of what had taken place but the more I recalled events and feelings the longer the account seemed to grow...Looking back at the finished article I offer no apologies for all in all I have written it as best as I can remember. But for those of you who prefer your reading to be short, I might suggest you skip onto someone else's story.
For those others who are happy to spend time reading the events of a fellow site member. Please enjoy....and depending on the feedback I receive, I may well be tempted to let you know how things have developed since.....
First a little about myself.
My name is Lin. I am fifty years old and have been happily married to my hubby for more years than I care to remember.
As for appearance. I am 5' 3" tall, have shoulder length auburn coloured hair, hazel eyes and like to think the regular daily work outs I do have kept my body in reasonable order.
We have two girls and one son from our marriage and though they have long since flown the nest, I have to admit this tale is due in no small part to one of them.
What follows took place several months ago and since then, well let's just say a fair few drops of water have passed under the bridge. Anyway, this is what happened. I hope you are able to enjoy my little encounter.
It had been my day off work and I had planned to give the house a good spring clean after which I had a bit of shopping to do and had also to pop into the middle of town to collect some curtains my daughter had left with the dry cleaners. She had asked if I could drop them off at some point during the day.
Satisfied the house was in good enough order I drove into town, completed the shopping I needed to do then as asked, collected my daughters curtains.
Though my daughter would be at work I had a key for her house and was therefore able to let myself in.
Pulling up outside the house I saw my son in laws car was already parked up outside. He worked early shifts, often getting to work at four in the morning so I suspected he'd be somewhere in the house having an afternoon nap.
Not wanting to disturb him I let myself in as quietly as I could and closing the door behind me it was my intention to slip into the kitchen, leave the curtains in there then depart, without waking Andy up. However, as I stepped inside the kitchen I could hear the noise of the TV coming from the lounge.
I left the curtains in the kitchen then curious, I moved towards the lounge door which was slightly open. I half expected Andy to be either sat on the sofa watching an afternoon film on the TV or at the very least, curled up asleep as he often does, despite any noise the TV would offer. As I peered into the room I saw I was half right. He was indeed sat on the sofa but as my eyes connected with the screen it was glaringly obvious this was no afternoon matinee he was watching.
Instinctively my eyes skipped from the TV to the DVD player where I realised straight away this was a DVD and not a TV program he was watching.... and from the action on the screen it was one very blue movie.
My initial reaction was to smile to myself thinking how he was obviously doing this behind my daughters back and being perfectly honest, it was still my intention to slip away un-noticed and leave him to his pleasures but just at that moment movement on the sofa caught my eye and what I saw next stopped me in my tracks for it was then I noticed Andy had his shorts pulled down to his knees, his boxers halfway down his thighs and was tugging on the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen.
Now at this stage I think maybe it's best to tell you a few things about my son in law, not least of which was, if I am honest with myself, I had always had a fancy for him, probably right from the first time we were introduced.
He's a well built guy, just under six feet tall, good looking, muscular and definitely a very good catch for my daughter and over the years they had been together I will admit I have had more than my fair share of fantasies about how he might be in bed.
To be fair to myself, I put these thoughts down as being a fairly natural reaction.... you know the sort of thing.....the older woman wondering what it would be like to have some fun with a younger, good looking guy, but of course being he was my then daughters boyfriend, then later her husband, well of course these thoughts though I admit they remained, stayed just as that... thoughts...nothing more nothing less.
Now here I was witnessing something I had never witnessed before, my sexy hunk of a son in law stroking his hand up and down what I can only describe as the most beautiful beast I had ever laid eyes on.
Like I say, I should have stepped away, made my way quietly back towards the front door then left, but the fact is, watching the screen then watching his hand tugging on his cock was turning me on like never before.
As I stood watching from behind the door, Andy continued to slowly jerk off to the hot scenes on the screen and it was clear to me he was so enraptured with the movie he had no idea I was there in the house watching. Besides which, in truth he had no reason to expect me to have called over and I knew as far as he was concerned, my daughter was at work so this was all his free time......
As the action in the film hotted up I continued to watch. The guy on the screen had bent the young female over a table and was now forcing his manhood into her doggy style, moving his hips in long, languid thrusts as she voiced her approval.
I couldn't help but think of the many times I had sat and watched similar films with my hubby and of how aroused they would get us... Now here I was completely unexpectedly, doing the exact same thing except this time my arousal was tenfold for this wasn't my hubby I was with but my son in law.
I looked down, still un-noticed by Andy and watched him tug hard on that lovely hard erection and found myself imagining just how full, how much pleasure my daughter must get riding such a big cock....
Needless to say, these thoughts did little to abate my own arousal and looking down at myself I saw my hand had developed a mind of its own for without realising, it had reached up under my skirt to feel for my pussy over the skimpy pair of thongs that I'd put on that morning.
Though it was purely instinctive, I knew what I was doing was wrong but even just looking down at where my hand was and what I was inadvertently doing was turning me on and beneath my panties my pussy was throbbing and my clit had swollen to form a hard pulsating bud.
It's hard to explain quite how it was I felt at that moment. Looking back I remember a strange but overwhelming feeling of pure excitement pulsing through every nerve ending of my body.Yes it was wrong, but I managed to convince myself, no one need ever know, not even Andy because even then I assured myself it would only be a few minutes before I would slip away un-noticed. But as many of you will realise from your own experiences, even the best laid plans go awry and if I were to need proof of such a statement, this was definitely one such occasion.
At this point I saw Andy sink further back into the sofa as the guy on screen withdrew his cock from the sexy female and started to shoot his load all over the smoothness of her pert little arse.I remember thinking how sexy it looked to see the guy doing that and it was clearly too much for Andy for I heard him groan out loud and witnessed him tug even harder on his huge erection.
There will no doubt be those of you who might feel this was yet another opportunity for me to have slipped away still un-noticed, and I suppose I would have to agree you'd be right. The problem was I didn't or rather couldn't. Quite why I can't say, other than by then I was so very very aroused and instead I eased my panties to one side and pushed two fingers hard into my sopping wet pussy.
You won't be surprised to know, the effect was immediate, my body shook, my pussy spasmed and seconds later the inside of my stockinged  thighs were dripping with my own juices as my pussy erupted in a flood of cum!
I hadn't been able to stop myself. The sight of my son in law jerking off his cock while watching a blue movie was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen in my life!
As for his manhood, it was one of the sexiest, longest and very definitely thickest cocks I'd ever seen. It had to be a good nine inches in length and so so inviting and while my hubby and I enjoy a good healthy sex life, just seeing another male erection had caused my pussy to drool like it hadn't done in years!
I remember looking back to the screen at that point to see the couple had now been joined by another male, where the blonde was now busy, eagerly sucking an extremely large black penis.
My son in law's breathing was becoming more and more laboured as his hand raced up and down his shaft!
Just seeing my son in law's reaction to what was taking place on screen was turning me on so so much. I leant against the side of the door frame and returned my attention back to my pussy by rubbing two fingers hard over my, what was by now, very erect clit which was still screaming for attention!
I closed my eyes for a second allowing the pleasure of my own caress to wash over me but this time, with my clit so so sensitive, as I touched it I let slip an audible sigh. It hadn't been intentional, far from it for I had wanted to remain un-noticed, but as soon as I had let it slip I instinctively knew Andy would have heard it!
Sure enough opening my eyes I saw he had spun his head around and right then I could see the panic in his eyes.
He immediately tried to switch off the film with one hand while at the same time tried desperately push his cock back into his boxers with the other.
I could see how flustered he was, only managing to push his cock part way back inside his boxers while failing completely to switch off the film.
His face had turned a crimson red as he tried to stammer an explanation, but it was when he finally took stock to look directly at me he noticed my right hand was beneath my skirt and that I was masturbating along with him!!!
I guess a part of me knew then, it was now or never. I knew I either turned around, closed the door and walked away or I took charge of a situation that I must confess, I had often wondered about. In the end the decision was made for me for I was far too horny to make any other choice than the one I did.
I looked straight at him and ran my tongue over my lips as seductively as I could then told him.
"Don't put it away Andy. I want to see it! I want to see your fist wrapped around it! Go on Andy! Do that for me and I promise I will show you my pussy!!!"
 I could sense he was still not exactly sure what to do so I moved away from the door and made my way towards where he was sitting. He watched in wide eyed wonder as I moved closer.
I stood right in front of the sofa, looking him in the eye as I slid a hand back under my skirt and in through the side of the black panties I had put on that morning.
At this stage he couldn't see anything, just the fact my hand was beneath my skirt, but I knew his imagination would be working overtime.
I smiled down at him and began to rub my pussy in earnest. I was feeling pretty damned horny by then as you might imagine and looking down at the tent that had formed inside his briefs was getting me hornier than ever. I pressed my lips together let the occasional "Mmmmm!" escape.
I saw Andy reach for his cock and start to thumb himself over those briefs of his and I sensed then I had him just where I wanted him.
Quite what had got into me that day or where I was getting the courage to do this in front of him from, I had no idea. I had certainly never done anything like this before and he was after all my son in law, or more to the point, my daughter's husband, but the atmosphere was such, none of that seemed to matter and at that moment it just seemed the right thing to do.
With his hand now gripping his shaft firmly over his briefs I lifted my skirt to show him my panty clad pussy complete with my right hand down the front of the material.
His eyes lit up as I moved my hand up and down and though I knew he wouldn't be able to see through the black lace material, it was clear, what I was doing was more than enough to stir his imagination.
I don't think I have ever been so bloody horny and just seeing his fist wrapped around that tent pole was enough to make me want more.
"Show me Andy! Pull it back out," I told him. "I want to see you jerking that gorgeous cock off for me!!!"
Regaining his senses and realizing that this was an offer unlikely to be repeated, he reached inside his briefs and extracted his still, steel hard organ for my hungry eyes to feast on.
I moved closer still, wanting to make the most of it and throwing caution and good sense to the four winds, dropped to my knees right in front of where he was fisting his lovely big erection.
Again I licked my lips. It was such a turn on for me to watch a guy fisting his cock like this and I wanted more.
"Go on Andy! I want you to show me how you wank that cock!" I purred at him and as I did so I placed my hand over his encouraging him to move his up and down.
As both his and my hand slid down his shaft, so he drew back his foreskin to reveal the most delicious purple knob I had ever seen, that right then was covered in precum.... I couldn't resist. I leaned closer to flick at his helmet with the tip of my tongue causing him to groan with delight.
I leaned away once more an smiled up at him.
"Hmmm you taste sooo nice Andy! Go on! Show Lindy how you were wanking off to this film!"
I leaned further back on my haunches now and glanced towards the screen where the female was now really working hard on the coloured guys cock, deep throating him as her head bobbed up and down. Andy's eyes followed mine so he too was taking in what she was doing, his hand reacting accordingly and I noticed how he was giving his shaft long, lascivious strokes up and down as if in time to the woman on screen. 
"That's it Andy. Look at her. Just look at how she seems to be enjoying that big black cock! Hmmmm! I bet right now you wish someone was doing that to yours don't you? Hmmmm! Who are you imagining doing that Andy? Is it her Andy? Can you can picture those sexy lips of hers wrapped around your knob." I teased, adding, "Or is it my daughter? Is that what Simone does for you Andy? Does she like to suck on your cock?"
It didn't take much for me to realise my words were getting to him cos right then Andy looked away from the screen and directly into my eyes. I could see the lust almost burning in them......
"Hmmmm! What's this Andy! If not the blonde, or Simone then who?" I asked.
He didn't answer...just groaned and if I am honest his reaction had my pussy throbbing.
"Oh God Andy! Don't tell me it's me you want doing it to you? Not your dirty little Mother in law?"
"Shit Lin stop !" he cried, his hand still moving up and down his shaft.
I remember smiling at him as I said, "Oh Andy it is isn't it? You want Lindy to suck you off don't you? Just like that blonde's doing to that big black dick?"
I was so turned on by the idea of him wanting me I reached forward and uncurling his fingers, removed his hand replacing it with my own. In comparison my fingers looked so small as I wrapped them around his girth.
I started to ease my own hand up and down.
"How does this feel Andy? How does it feel to have your horny Mum in law wank you off?"
He groaned out loud as my hand slid down to his balls where my fingers cupped at them.
"Christ Lin! You don't know how good!" he murmured.
As nervous as I was I admit it felt so damned good, his thick meaty cock held in my hand.
I leant forward and  my fingers lowered to tease at his balls I closed my lips over his helmet. I heard him groan out loud which I took as further encouragement to continue with what I was doing. I started to swirl my tongue around and around his knob and felt his hands push down on my head wanting to force more of his cock into my mouth.
I remember thinking to myself how awful I was being, not to my son in law, but to my hubby who until this moment I had never cheated on before, but the simple truth was, here I was sucking on the biggest cock I had ever had the pleasure of holding. The fact it was my son in law's merely added to my arousal.
There was no denying, Andy was certainly much bigger than my hubby and though what I was doing was so wrong, I have to admit it felt so so good having such a big cock filling my mouth.
I continued to slide my lips up and down his length as he in turn grew more and more aroused.
A few minutes later I lifted my head and looked up into his eyes. I could see him looking down at me and it was clear from the look in his eyes he didn't want me to stop.
"How is that for you Andy? Is Lindy as good as her daughter?"
"Oh God yes!" he moaned at me.
I leant forward again, this time running the tip of my tongue up along the underside of his shaft until it reached the ridge of his purple helmet where again I closed my lips over it to swirl my tongue around and around. His groans of pleasure were so much louder now and as wrong as it was it felt so so good to experience the taste and feel of another guys cock after all these years of marriage.
When I pulled away from him for a second time and again looked up into his lust filled eyes, I knew then I should have walked away from this situation when I'd been stood at the door. Now it was too late. Now the plain fact was any ideas I had about getting up and leaving had long been surpassed by my need for something more. Son in law or not, by then I knew I just had to have that cock inside me.
I let go of his erection then got to my feet standing just in front of him. The sight of that inviting erection was causing my pussy to flood with juices.
He was still sat back on the sofa, his eyes watching me as first I lifted a foot onto the arm of the couch then used my right hand to ease the hem of my skirt higher up over my thigh to expose my stocking tops and panties to his gaze. I could see in his eyes just what these moves were doing for his imagination, especially when he saw me slip a hand back inside the lacy black panties of mine.
I started to finger myself once more and could feel how slick my pussy was. I am sure I was hornier then than at any time in my life.
"Christ Lin! You are so damn sexy!" he told me.
I grinned, pleased to hear that kind of talk from him.
"Do you think so Andy?" I teased.
"Damn right I do!"
"Well you're not so bad yourself big boy!" I told him, my eyes casting over that shapely erection of his, then adding, "So maybe my sexy son in law would like to do me a favour?"
"And just what might that be?" he replied.
Quite where I got the courage to say what I said next I've no idea for while I would never lay claim to being prudish in any way, this however was a whole new me. I had never acted like this before in my life. Looking back though, I can assure you I have no regrets.
"Pussy is so so horny Andy. All your doing I might add! And right now, more than anything else, it's crying out to be licked and sucked. So how about you do that for me? How about you see to pussy with those lips of yours and make me cum?"
I don't know who was the more shocked. Me for saying what I had or Andy for getting such an invitation.
Looking down at him I took note of his eye movement, watching as they moved from my eyes to my pussy then back to my eyes again as he groaned, "Oh Christ Lin! You don't know how much I'd love that!!!"
In truth I never expected any other answer from him for by then he was every bit, if not more, as aroused as I was.
Taking the initiative I slid my foot from where I had placed it moments before, down onto the cushion alongside him then, putting my weight on that foot, stepped up onto the sofa til I was stood eitherside of his body, my skirt still raised, my hand still down inside my panties. I moved forward, towards the back of the sofa to stifle his groan as I pressed my panty clad pussy onto his lips and face.
If even a few hours earlier, someone had told me I was capable of doing such a thing I would have vehemently denied it, yet there I was that Tuesday afternoon, stood astride my son in law on HIS sofa, like some dirty little bitch, rubbing my horny pussy up and down over his lips and face, urging him on to bring me off.
I'm sure there will be those of you reading this who might be thinking to yourself I ought to have known better being that much older than my son in law.  Even now, looking back I daresay I can offer little to argue against that opinion only to say it had never been my intention for any of this to have happened. But what I would ask is you to do is try and put yourself in my position and to realise just how erotic the atmosphere was by then....The film...the sight of him stroking his cock.... the fact we were alone.....the fact my daughter was out at work and so were likely to remain undisturbed... they all played a part that afternoon..... plus a part of me knew I wasn't entirely to blame.
As for my son in law, it was clear he was enjoying this experience as much as I was for it seemed my wet pussy was like a magnet to his tongue! The attention he was giving it suggested he didn't care in the least this was his Mother in law's pussy he was dining on.
For my part, when you have been married as long as I have and therefore used to the one partner, it's difficult not to form comparisons and it didn't take long for me to realise he had so much more to offer with that tongue of his than my hubby did for he seemed to know all the right buttons to press.
As he nuzzled into my pussy I held him there, using both my hands around the back of his head, his tongue sliding up and down my slit. God it felt so so good and as much as my body was screaming out for release, another part of me wanted him to take his time...wanted his mouth and tongue to roam, I wanted to savour this new found experience for as long as I possibly could!
The reality was, I was in heaven.....and again ask you girls out there to put yourself in my place. A fifty year old woman in a completely unplanned situation, getting it off with her young hunk of a son in law. Right then nothing else in the world seemed to matter, just him and me. So much so that even now, in the cold light of day, looking back I believe had anyone walked into the room at that moment, I would not have been able to have stopped what we were doing even if I'd wanted to and believe me, the feel of his tongue and lips on my pussy right then was not something I wanted to end.
I took a firmer grip of his head, pushed him back against the sofa and looked down into his eyes.
"That feels sooo good Andy!" I told him, then through gritted teeth growled, "Now do me some more! Suck on my clit and make me cum!"
His initial nerves, where he'd seen me enter the room as he'd been sat on the sofa, had long gone and he responded to my command immediately, using his tongue to work it's magic all over my erect little love button as his strong hands pushed up behind under my skirt where his fingers kneaded forcefully into the cheeks of my arse.
And yes! For those of you who are wondering. Yes I was still making comparisons and yes I did have feelings of guilt wash over me but right then, stood as I was on that sofa with him tormenting my pussy the way he was, nothing else in this world seemed to matter and those guilty thoughts were all too soon outweighed by the pleasure I was receiving.
The effect of him using his hands to pull me forward onto his lips was amazing and as I ground down hard into his lips my pussy erupted into his mouth, the orgasm gripping and shaking my body until I felt I was about to collapse.
I can't remember ever having cum so hard before, all I knew was it felt so damned good.
My legs just gave way like they were jelly and I slumped down onto his body leaving a trail of my juices all down his bared chest.
I sat there for a few moments trying to regain some composure and some strength back into my legs. It was about then his cock twitched beneath me and I realised the cause of sliding down onto his lap for I could feel his massive cock digging into the lace fabric of my panties.
I lifted my head slightly and found myself looking straight into his eyes at which point his cock gave another involuntary twitch. The movement seemed to act like a signal for we both moved our lips towards one another and a split second later I was being crushed tightly in his arms as we enjoyed one of the most sexually explicit and erotic kisses I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.
Our lips seemed to melt together and within moments we were both eagerly seeking out one another mouth's with our tongues. At times it was more like they were fighting...competing for the right to sink deeper into the other's mouth while at others he would be kissing my eyes......It felt so so good.
I pushed a hand around the back of his head not wanting the embrace to end.
I should point out at this point, my hubby is one of those guys who really does know how to kiss....but even his kisses paled into insignificance with how Andy was kissing me.
Our heads were now twisting this way then that as the embrace grew in passion. It was almost animal like in its ferocity as we both sought control, neither of us wanting it to end..... which was fine by me cos I could already feel pussy growing more and more aroused by the second.
Finally though we did break free of one another's lips where for the first time I realised as we'd been kissing, so I had instinctively been moving my body up and down against his horny, thick cock to the point it was now digging into me like a thick metal shaft.
I looked at him and he looked at me where I think it was fair to say at that moment we both recognised the inevitable, that he was going to Fuck me...but more to the point that I was willingly going to let him.
I rolled to one side then stood where Andy looked on as I reached up under my skirt to remove my sopping wet panties.
At first it was my intention to simply  toss them onto the floor but then changing my mind, instead I threw them onto his lap where they hung up on his huge erect cock. It was as if by doing this I was making a statement... that my panties were his trophy and that my discarding them in this fashion was my way of telling him it was time for him to collect his prize.
I held out my hands as he smiled up at me.
"Come on Andy!" I beckoned. "We both know what it is you want!"
He held out his hands towards mine which allowed me to guide him to his feet where the two of us stood facing one another.
Looking back I can recall how surreal the situation really was. Mother in law and son in law together, the two of us clearly still unsure about quite what was happening between us, yet at the same time, both of us knowing what it was our bodies wanted.
He stepped closer and took me in his arms again where we kissed, yet more of the passion we had shared on the sofa, this time a more leisurely, slow, lingering snog, the kind of kiss you maybe experience on your first teenage date.... well that's how it felt to me at the time. I just know right then my hunger for him was intense.
Anyway, there I was....fifty plus years of age and as much as it should have shamed me to say it, the plain fact was I couldn't get enough of him. It was heaven and as his arms encircled my body so I responded, curling my hands up behind his back where our lips melded together and our heads began to twist and turn as our tongues again fought for advantage.
It was quite some time before we broke free of one another and as we both surfaced for air, it was to feel his hands slide down along the backs of my thighs and to feel him lift my body effortlessly into his arms as if I weighed no more than a feather.
He held me like that, my legs curled around his body as he walked me backwards til he had me trapped, his body pressing mine up against the wall. He forced his tongue back into my willing mouth  I remember hearing my own moans and groans of pleasure as he pinned me there, his lips kissing  mine. It was so bloody erotic and when he started to rock from his hips it felt so good to feel his swollen cock pushing against my pussy. I wanted him more than ever..and he knew it.
"Ohhh God! Please Andy!" I heard myself say.
His lips slid towards my ear where he whispered, "Please what Lin? What is it you're asking?"
He knew full well what it was I wanted and I told him as much.
"You know damn well what!" I gasped.
"No Lin, I don't!" he replied.
I wrapped myself even more tightly around his body pressing my pussy lips hard against his raging erection and even though I knew he was teasing me I wanted him left in no doubt.
"You do know Andy!" I said as my lips kissed at his neck.
"Well maybe I do." he told me. "But I want to hear it from you, just so there's no mistake Lin! So tell me exactly what it is you want."
I groaned as his cock rubbed along my pussy once more, teasing the hell out of me. I pressed my lips close to his ear and moaned.
"I want you Andy! I want you to make love to me!"
At this point he released one of his hands from my thigh and still supporting me with his other hand his slid his now free hand to the back of my head where his fingers combed into my hair. He used it to tug my head lightly backwards forcing me to look directly into his eyes.
"I don't think so Lin! Say what it is you really mean! Say the "F" word cos I want you to talk as dirty as you act!"
I didn't know what it was that was getting into me that day but the thought of talking dirty to him sent shivers running up and down my spine. It was not something I had ever done before but it was an idea I found more than a little exciting, especially given this was my son in law doing the asking.
I leant forward ever so lightly and ran the tip of my tongue over his lips.
"If that's what you want Andy...fine!" I moaned. I turned my head to look towards the screen. The film was still running. The girl was on her back, on the top of a table, on the receiving end of the coloured guys cock.
"I want you to Fuck me Andy! Is that what you want to hear?" I demanded to know.
"Oh God yes!" he groaned back, pressing into my body even harder.
"Look at her Andy!" I continued, my eyes still on the screen. "Look how good and hard she's getting laid! It's time you did the same for me Andy! I want you to shove this big fat prick of yours into my cunt and give your Mother in law a good hard Shagging!"
Without so much as another word he let go of my hair, took a hold of my thighs then pressed me harder against the wall where as his lips pressed over mine, so his helmet started to prise open my pussy lips.
Down below it seemed as if my words of encouragement had had the desired effect for I felt his cock give a violent twitch. Indeed, it was as if his cock had a mind of its own for without any guidance from either of us, as he began to move his hips so I felt the head of his cock pushing me open. Then suddenly he was in me. Only the head yes! But ohhh it felt so so good.
"Christ Andy! You're big! So bloody big!" I gasped.
He didn't answer, instead pushed again causing me to wrap my arms tightly around his shoulders as he sunk himself deeper inside my hot, willing pussy.
Instinctively, using my hands to push against his shoulders I lifted my body upwards then lowered myself further down onto his enormous thick shaft.
"Ohhh Yes baby! That feels sooooo good!" I gasped. "Do me Andy! Do your dirty little Mum in law good and hard!"
He didn't need telling a second time. He thrust into me hard and I remember burying my lips into his neck in order to stifle the scream of sheer pleasure as he forced me hard back against the wall. He eased back then thrust again, every bit as hard as the first time, this time sinking his full length and size into my throbbing pussy. I could feel him stretching me. I had never felt so full.
"Ohh Christ Andy! Harder! I want it hard!" I almost sobbed.
It's hard to describe the next few minutes. His long deep thrusts were relentless as he pinned me there to the wall, Fucking me for all he was worth. I know I screamed, loud enough I am sure for the neighbours to have heard but I didn't care. It felt so right letting him know just how good he was for me.
Twice he made me cum and after the second time he lowered me to the floor and Fucked me missionary with my legs willingly wrapped firmly around his body until he had made me cum for him again...
I remember him easing out of me, looking down into my eyes and how empty I felt inside as he withdrew his cock. But if I thought he was finished with me I was wrong for he rolled me over onto my tummy, lifted me up so I was on my knees, then raising my skirt high up over my waist, proceeded to screw me from behind like I was a bitch on heat.
It was another hour before I set off for home that afternoon. An hour spent getting laid in almost every position much so that later that night, for the first time I can recall.. I had to roll away from hubby's advances in bed believing he was sure to have found out something was wrong had he gotten anywhere near my pussy...
The whole situation that afternoon could and maybe should have stayed as a one off event, but I am ashamed to say that's not how it happened. That afternoon of pleasure had given me a taste for my son in law's cock, one I knew I was never going to be able to forget...... I knew without question it was only going to be a matter of time before we would need one another again....