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The long Awaited the sequel to The crash the found love and the tears

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Just for a moment when I was waking up I thought for a second t

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he last day had just been a nightmare with a great ending, Jess woke me up in the morning with a quick peck and I quickly came back to the reality that I and jess were the only two survivors of our entire senior class. I had to be the optimist though I mean I had gotten laid right? It was hard to believe that my first time was right after a horrific plane crash with a girl who I had had a crush on since freshman year, even more amazing I was alive and I could do it again.

            "So are you alright." I touched Jess’s shoulder as she was sitting facing the sunrise, "I’m alright really," I couldn't believe her I knew she had been crying I could still see the streaks across her face. I touched her face lightly and cupped her cheek. She slowly turned her head and rested her head on my shoulder. I kissed her head to comfort her and even after everything we had been through she still smelled like honey and cinnamon. Her bronze skin almost shone in the morning light, she tilted her head up toward my face and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I had ever experienced. My mouth met hers slowly both slightly open our tongues met only for a second, she pulled off so lightly and softly bit my lip I reciprocated the action which only furthered her new passion, I pulled away completely and kissed her neck, her moans just from that gave me a not so subtle hint.

            I picked her up and carried her up to the fire which we had started with the booze and lighters we had found in our classmates suitcases. I grabbed one of the blankets and dropped it on the sand I picked jess back up and placed on it. “Don’t do a thing,” that’s all I said as I slowly pulled her bikini bottoms off revealing, or the second time to me, her perfectly smooth vagina. I then ever so slowly found her clit and gently pulled on it as I moved my head down to it and took it in my mouth licking and sucking to the sounds of her ever increasing moans I move on from her clit and start moving my mouth up her body her pubic area, to her hips, kissing all the way to her belly button and then slowly mouthing all the way up to her small b cups. While that is going on I slowly insert two fingers into her vagina I moved my fingers up to the top ribbed wall of her vagina I start moving my fingers in a curling motion hitting her g spot right on, Jess instantly gives off a long sensuous moan. Her vagina then clamps down on my fingers as she has a rocking orgasm. She grabs my head and almost violently swaps saliva with me. as her orgasm subsides she collapses and  just pants. I kiss her lightly, “Well Steven at least I still have you right.” “Jess, I won’t let anything bad happen to us I promise,” “I trust you Steven.” Right then I knew we were going to make it no matter what happened on this island that had ruined and remade our lives.

Lesson Learned

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Sitting home reading his book and drinking coffee, looking up at the clock Mark wondered why is`nt she home yet?. It was 5

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:00pm she should`ve been home a half hour ago. 6:30pm , he hears a car pull in the driveway. Door bell rings. It was Alyssa and her friend.


"Hello M`Leblanc, I drove Alyssa  home we had detention after school” lowering her head Jennifer tried to hide the embarrasment in her face.

“Oh realy? , what for…?”

Alyssa jumps in the conversation, “it`s ok, I`ll tell him, I`ll talk to you later Jennifer”

“Ok bye”


Slamming the door so hard , Alyssa got scared her eyes opened up wide, she could see the anger in his eyes. As she heard the loud bang of the door Jennifer wondered if her friend was going to be ok ?

“SO what happened ?”

“Nothing bad Daddy”


“What happened?” ,

“Well me and Jennifer got caught …”

“Caught doing WHAT, cheating ?”

“No no…” she paused wondering if she would`ve been better off lying to him, no that would be way to brutal if she ever lied to daddy. “ Jennifer wanted to see my pussy…we got caught doing something wrong”


We were sitting in the library studying , she looked up at me and passed me over a note  it said “Alyssa I love your little  skirt, you look so hot in it with that little pony tail, I want to peak up your skirt ” I always had been attracted to her, I was kinda surprised at first but  at the same time she looked so hot with her little black skirt and a red top oh and she had this nice little black collared neckless tight around her neck, I wanted to see her little pussy too….


“hmmm what happened?”


Well as I read the note I kinda blushed at first, I looked up at her with a nodding smile of approval , I could see her grinding her teeth as she was playing with her hair. So she looked around and what she did next realy surprised me. She went under the table !! I felt her hands touching my knees , moving her hands up my skirt quickly removing my little panties. OMG I cant belive she did that. As the panties hit the ground she opened up my legs wide open, I was sooo scared of getting caught but at the same time my pussy was getting wet in excitement. She pulled her hands up to my hips and pushed them forwards so I was on the edge of the chair so that my pussy could be exposed….as she pulled me forward I felt my juice had dripped on the chair and as it glided me forward. She started touching it , she opened my pussy with 2 fingers, and with the other hand she would slowly rub one finger up and down making it wetter. She`d rub with the back side of her fingers on my clit with a little bit of pressure. OH I wanted to moan so badly !!! All I cou.ld do was bite my lips. She started eating me out right there in the fuck`n library.  Ahhh her tongue felt so good , she would reach from my asshole and lick all the way up mmm she drooled all over my pussy making it so wet that I could feel all of if drip down the chair between the crack of my ass….ahhh it felt so good. At this point I was ready to cum…she had stuck 2 fingers inside rubbing my g-spot and licking me at the same time. I was trying so hard to make a sound, it was stronger than me I could`nt help myself , as I was having my orgasm , I slammed my clenched fist on the desk and let out loud muffled moaning sound….


“GEEE in the library, so what happened next ? Did you eat her out ?”


“Fuck NO” …”Why not ?”


When I made that sound a teacher heard us , because of the library being so quiet  she came over to check out what was going on. She caught Jennifer under the desk, my skirt pulled up with my panties under the chair “ Fuck I was so red in embarrassment. Jennifer kinda grinned about it when we got caught.


“What did the teacher do ?"


She said for us to follower her. She gave us detention and gave us a bunch of homework to do and now we have see the principle about it tomorrow. So that`s why I`m late daddy..


“Oh I see…so you never got to see or eat Jennifer`s pussy huh”


And also it seems to me like the punishment was`nt much…I`ll teach you a lesson !!” Mark picks up the phone “Hell Miss Connelly, is Jennifer there ? I`m doing a surprise party for Alyssa I was going to invite some of her friends can Jennifer come ?....”


Alyssa was startled…what is he doing ? OMG he`s inviting her here ?


“Yes Miss Connelly, I`ll make sure every one gets home safe” Turing his eyes towards Alyssa with a glance of evil in his look.

To be continued....

Minus 6

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  Minus 6ºC they said the temperature could get down to that night, the very thought would make most people shiver, even if they were in a warm cosy room. But I wasn’t in the warm glow of a fire, I was walking the streets at 3:30am on a freezing cold January morning. If I’d have not bothered drinking that night I’d be home al

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ready, tucked up in bed dreaming of all the hot young women that I’d seen in the club. Oh yeah, just give me one of those right now I thought, that would warm me up! I was starting to think dirty thoughts about some of those women, not that I would have pulled any of them anyway. They were all either dirty sluts or too stuck up, besides I wanted much more than a fumble in an alleyway!

  This was one of those rare times where I wished I hadn’t given up smoking; at least my lungs would be warm! It’s always so quiet at this time, I thought, you only ever see police cars or taxis. I definitely didn’t want to speak to the former, and I had no money for the latter, but every time a car went past I wished I could share the warmth inside.


 Then I heard a car approaching me, it slowed down and was creeping along behind me. Great, I thought, just what I need, the police asking me ‘what are you doing, where are you going, where have you been’ type of questions. I didn’t look back to see if it was though, if only out of fear of looking too suspicious! Suddenly the car passed me and stopped several metres ahead. I noticed it was a large black Mercedes- more like a gangster car than a police one! As I drew level with it the passenger window opened with a quiet electronic buzz, and a well-spoken voice drifted through and said, “excuse me young man”. I stopped and said “yes” as I attempted to get a good look at the driver. It was a nice looking lady with long dark hair, a white blouse and a black jacket on. All this along with the flash car gave her the air of an important business woman. “I seem to have lost my way,” she said, “I have a room at the Grand Palace Hotel, but I’ve been out of town all night, I don’t know the area too well and I don’t have a clue where I’m going!” “Well” I said, “it’s quite a long way from here and quite a complicated route I’m afraid”. “That’s just bloody typical” she said (I had noticed she had a softly spoken, yet posh sounding accent, which sounded quite sexy).

  “I can give you directions, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to follow them very easily”.

“Great”, she said, “I’ll never get there!”

I noticed her eyes roving up and down my body and round my face, as if she was trying to work out what kind of guy I was.

I asked, “can I suggest something?” “And what would that be?” she replied. “I live a little further on from your hotel, if you were willing to give me a lift I could direct you all the way there” I suggested.

“Well I don’t usually pick up strangers” she said, “but I’ll make an exception in your case as I need you to get me there, hop in!”

  As I got in and sat down on the large passenger seat I introduced myself. She told me that her name was Natasha, she was the managing director of some large company (although she neglected to tell me which one!). I noticed she was in her late forties, but still very pretty, and as her black skirt was riding up her thighs (due to her driving position) I could see that she had great legs, encased in sheer black stockings. “Er, left here”, I said, having almost forgotten why I was there! I noticed a slight smile spread across her face, as if she’d caught on to me checking her out. As she smiled I could see a few wrinkles at the edges of her mouth and eyes, which was accentuated by the passing street lights. This gave her a new, more potent sexiness than I had previously noticed. As I continued to direct her we chatted some more, and I was captivated by her posh, well spoken voice. I began to wonder what she would sound like if she was to talk dirty, I bet that she would be good at that! As a result of my naughty thoughts, her horny voice and extreme sexiness I started to feel myself getting hard in my trousers. I must have started to blush too as Natasha’s face broke into a big grin. This just made it worse for me because there’s nothing sexier than a woman smiling.

  I was trying to think of something else when I noticed we were nearly there. I said “we are nearly at your destination madame, the hotel car park is just around the next corner, I can walk home from there because I don’t want you to get lost again!” Natasha replied “thank you so much, I don’t know what I would have done without you, you are a true gentleman.” As she spoke she placed her hand on my thigh, which made me even more horny than I already was. She seemed to pick up on this straight away and moved her hand up to my crotch and began to slowly caress my balls with her long, thin, elegant fingers.


  We had pulled in to the ‘Grand Palace Hotel’ car park and Natasha switched off the engine. She was looking straight into my eyes as she moved her hand from my balls, up along the shaft of my hard cock and just brushed the tip before yanking my belt undone.

  “You’ve been such a good boy” she said in a seductive manner, “so I’m going to have to thank you properly”. As she was saying this she took my seatbelt off me and unzipped my trousers leaving my large erection exposed. I saw her eyes grow wide as she gasped and told me that I was a lucky boy as she doesn’t normally act like such a slut, in fact she admitted that she had always fantasised about doing this to a younger man. I was about to ask her what exactly she wanted to do but my thoughts were interrupted as I felt her tongue on the tip of my penis. As my left hand gripped onto the edge of the seat, I reached down with my other hand and gently brushed her long, brown hair away from her face and tucked it carefully behind her ear.

  I could see her face clearly and my cock swelled even more when I saw how engrossed she was in licking it. I watched her cover my length with little kisses making it more sensitve with each one.

As she was lying across the car with her legs curled up on the driver’s seat I was able to reach down and trace my hand along her sexy hips and down those gorgeous, stocking clad legs. As my hand brushed against her leg I heard her gasp and I felt her hot breath on my cock. This encouraged me to move my hand further up her leg to the top of her stockings and stroke her inner thigh. This must have really got her going because she took the swollen head on my penis between her soft red lips and began to gently suck it while stroking the shaft.

  As she started to suck harder I ran my hand up her inner thigh towards her crotch, I soon discovered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear so I began to stroke the soft lips of her pussy. I felt that she was already very wet so as I stroked away I gently pushed the tip of my finger into her hole to lubricate it before taking it out and stroking her hard clit with my wet finger. This made her wild, and she took as much of my fat cock as she could into her mouth and sucked even harder. I really couldn’t take any more and she seemed to be able to tell as my scrotum tightened in her hand she took my cock deep into her throat and started to swallow.

  I let jet after jet of my hot cum fly down her throat as she gulped away. She then proceeded to lick the remainder of my ejaculate from the end of my cock, which made me really squirm, as it felt so sensitive! As she sat up she leant over and started to kiss me on the lips, as it started to get more passionate I could taste myself on her tongue. This made me so horny but I needed a rest before I could do any more. She picked up on this and looked rather dissapointed, “I wanted to feel that fat dick in my pussy,” she said with further tones of disappointment, “it’s not going to happen now is it, not now I’ve drained you of all that tasty cum!”

“Don’t bet on that,” I said, “I’m only 23, I’m not like guys your age, there’s plenty more where that came from!” As I said that I reached down and started to tease her clit again, she was still soaking wet down there. She gasped again and moaned quietly, I said “listen careful, because before I fill your pussy with my hard cock I’m going to thank you for giving me a lift on such a cold, lonely, late night!”

  I told her to move her seat right back, then I got down in front of her, put my hands on to her knees, and pulled her legs wide apart. I kissed her beautiful bald pussy once, looked up and said, “this is how I like to say thankyou” before gently kissing her smooth pussy lips. She gripped the back of my head quite firmly as I carefully licked round all parts of her pussy lips except for her clit. I could tell that she badly wanted me to do that so I teased her, and teased her until she begged me to pay some attention to her swollen clit. When I finally did, I flicked it with the tip of my tongue quite fast but gentle at the same time. This made her whimper quietly, and I looked up and saw she was biting her bottom lip. She looked so turned, her cheeks were a lovely rosy colour and her erect nipples were protruding from her shapely breasts through her blouse.

  As she looked so full of pleasure I thought I should ‘tip her over the edge’, so I slowly slid a finger into her hot, wet pussy and began to stroke her g-spot. This made her even more wet and soft inside so I slipped another finger in and started to lick harder and faster. Her moaning got louder and louder, and I could feel the spasms inside her as she started to come. Her fingers dug deep into the leather trim of the car, and as her back arched she started to grind her crotch in my face. Suddenly she let out a loud, involuntary moan as her whole body tensed up with an intense orgasm.


 She was speechless as I got up and sat back in the passenger seat next to her. She gazed at me with a cute smile on her face and said, “no one has ever gone down on me for that long before, I’m amazed you knew what you were doing so well for someone so young!” “Thankyou” I said before placing her hand on my dick (which had stiffened up again quite a while ago!), “do you want to come again?”

  She didn’t need telling twice, and she climbed over ontop of me and sat facing me with her knees either side of my hips. “I want you inside me now” she moaned as I teased her soaking lips with the head of my cock. Teasing her like that was like winding up a clockwork toy, wind it up for just long enough before letting it go.

  All of a sudden I parted her lips with my hard cock and thrust it deep inside her. It slid all the way in easily, as she was still so wet. She let out a little whimper as she realised I had filled up her pussy completely with my fat length. I let out my own little gasp as I felt her hot pussy around me, and her warm juices trickling down my balls.

  She grabbed hold of the handle above the door with one hand and gripped my shoulder with the other as she began to gyrate her hips. As she started to ride me harder I moved my hips in time, thrusting my cock all the way in, and then almost all the way out. Then Natasha started to get more aggressive, fucking me hard and fast, and shouting out “FUCK ME YOU HORNY BASTARD, FUCK ME!”

I was so turned on by that dirty talk so I joined in by shouting, “COME ON YOU SEXY SLUT, FUCK MY FAT COCK NICE AND HARD!”

  Her breaths were getting shorter and faster, and I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock harder and harder. Then she let out a loud moan, like the one she gave the first time, but more animalistic. As she threw back her head in pleasure I felt her nails rip through the skin of my back as she clawed away. This always hurts but feels pleasurable when you are about to come, so it tipped me over the edge and as I felt her pussy tighten even more I came myself. As I groaned I kept firing my hot cum inside her until I couldn’t ejaculate any more.


 We lay in each other’s arms for a while before she said, “I’d almost forgotten, I’m meant to be checking in to the hotel, what time is it?” “Bloody hell”, I said, “it’s half past six!”

Natasha said, “shit, I’d better go. You can stay with me if you like!” “I’d be more than happy to do that,” I said.

  So we walked into the hotel together and went up to her room….





By DAVE! x