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The Debate Team Part 2

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The Debate Team Part Two

-this is the continuation of The Debate Team... hope you like it.


As soon as Cherry got out of the room, she sighed in relief. She began to wipe the cum off her face with her bare hands and looked at them. For some reason, she didn’t find it disgusting. But she was confused.

God, what happened back there?
It was as if she was in a different world now, different from that surreal world she was in just a few seconds ago. She looked up and down the corridor. Thank God nobody’s around. She saw the room in front of her,
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Rica’s and Joanna’s room, and realized that it was slightly open. She knocked.
Tap tap tap.

“Rica? Joanna?”

“I’m here!”, said Joanna.

Joanna is the youngest member of the team. Just a freshman, she was definitely a rising star in the Debate community. A standout in high school debating, great things were expected of her and she immediately proved her worth by breaking into the line up of a very crowded Ateneo pool. She was half Chinese and the only person in the team who was shorter than Cherry. She was very pretty in a Chinese way although her body is definitely still not developed. She was actually only 17 years old and has no other life other than school and debating. Cherry liked her. In fact everybody liked her. She was bubbly, she was sweet and she seemed sincere in her greetings.

Cherry entered and saw Joanna brushing her hair by the mirror in the middle of the room. She ran past her and went straight to the comfort room, saying

“I need to use your comfort room.”

Inside the CR, she began to wash her hands and as she looked in the mirror. She was shocked to see the extent of what just transpired. Nearly half her face was glistening with cum with some drops on her hair.

Oh my god…. She kept saying to herself. She tried to spit out what got into her mouth but most of it was already gone, either inadvertently swallowed or absorbed by the mouth. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she saw. It was the most amazing thing she has ever seen and that’s saying a lot considering she’s been to Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon just that past summer. She shook off the thoughts in her mind and focused at the task at hand. She washed her face again and again until there was no more trace of any cum left. She wiped her face with a towel and got out.

“Hi Cher! How come you’re still here?”, asked Joanna.

Cherry knew she had to think quickly. If she tells her that she got back to her room, it might get back to Paul that she was in the room when he did his thing. Her excuse must not be far

from the truth.
“Oh I was going back to my room to get my breakfast stub but when I got the key from my back pocket, it was there. That’s when I saw that this was open so…”
“Ah okay. Is Rica downstairs already?”
“Yeah, everyone is. Except you and Paul…I think”
Rica finished fixing herself. She looked cute. She knew that and she knew that she has to make a good impression with the international debate community. Who knows? Maybe some boy will notice her.
“Let’s go?”
“Yup… come on”, Cherry smiled. They walked out of the room and got to the elevator. A few seconds after pressing down, it opened, surprisingly empty.
“I guess everybody’s downstairs already,” Cherry quipped.
They got in. Just as it was about to close, a hand stopped it and it opened again.
“Paul! Good morning!,” Joanna excitedly said.
“Good morning Joanna Banana!,” Paul said as he entered the elevator. He gave her a warm smile. He looked at Cherry and said, “Hey how come you’re still here? I thought you left like twenty minutes ago?”
Cherry didn’t answer. There was a mixture of embarrassment and seething annoyance that she felt towards Paul. Even after what happened, she didn’t like Paul. The dick was different from the dick owner. As far as she was concerned, they were two completely different entities and as much as she liked the former, she hated the latter just as much. She just stared ahead.
Joanna answered for her. “She went back to get her breakfast stub. But before she got to her room, she found it in her pocket.”

Thank God she told her that story! Cherry thought. She congratulated herself for a job well done.
“Ah okay.” He pressed G for Ground Floor.
“Are you swimming in the pool later this afternoon?,” Joanna asked, hopefully.
“Oh ahhh… probably not. I didn’t bring my swimming trunks,” Paul lamented.
Cherry’s mind began to wander. She thought of Paul by the pool wearing tight swimming trunks. She could just imagine how that monster cock of his would definitely protrude at such a flimsy material. What a sight to behold!
“Earth to Cherry!” Paul said to her. Cherry snapped back to reality and realized that they were already on the ground floor and that the two were already outside the elevator waiting for her.
“What are you thinking about anyway?” Joanna laughed.
“You look like you saw a snake or something!” Paul said. He then walked off towards the buffet.

7:00 am, Dining Hall. Ateneo table,
Paul comes up to the table. “Good morning!”
Rica smiled at her, “Good morning Paul!, Here take this seat, it’s unoccupied” she motioned to the seat beside her.
“Thanks Rica. Wow you saved me a seat!” Paul smiled and sat down.
“In your dreams!” Rica said and elbowing him playfully in the process.
“Good morning dude.”, Alex said. “How’s your roommate?”
“I don’t know… she’s right behind me with Joanna”, he answered and yawned.
Cherry and Joanna arrive and they take the seats beside Rica as well.
Paul took this as his cue and stood up. “I’ll get some breakfast”
The Breakfast was not exactly part of the debate tournament. It was more of a custom where each school participating show their appreciation for the hosts and their commitment to the spirit of friendly competition. It was also a way for friends from different countries and schools to meet and catch up. Each school will be acknowledged by the hosts and in response, the team would stand up and acknowledge the host.
Back in the table, everybody was excited about the upcoming tournament.
“Guys, let’s focus on the task at hand. We have a really good chance this year,” Alex said.
“I agree, I think we’ll do well.” His partner Marvin said.
“Easy for you to say. You have the best teammate,” Shelly said. She was the 5th best Debater in the team and the anchor of Team C. Shelly was more on the voluptuous side. She had a pretty face and could’ve been sexy if only she could control her eating habits. This is in stark contrast to her partner, Kristine, who was very slim and barely registered in the triple digits in the weighing scale.
“So what are you saying? You’re disappointed with having me as a teammate?” Kristine, her teammate, countered.
“That’s not what I mean. I’m just saying..”
“Yeah yeah yeah… I can say the same about you anyway.” The best of friends, theirs was a love-hate relationship.
“The British and Australian teams are always good. Especially that girl from  Monash A. If she hits her stride in this tournament, and there’s no reason for her not to, there’s no stopping her., “Rica said nodding towards the girl at the buffet table getting some bread.

The girl was Svetlana Poriskova, the number one debater in the world in all the formats she participated in. She has been number one, two years running and was a success story in her own right. She was a British citizen yet her father was Russian and her mother was German. Now she’s debating for an Australian University.

She was a towering figure in the Debate community, figuratively and literally. She stood 6’2 inches at the age of 21, taller than any guy participating. She had a lanky frame and her height was accentuated by her statuesque stance and could pass as one of those slim supermodels. Her pale angelic face was hidden behind her thick dark-rimmed glasses which framed her almond colored eyes. She had dirty blonde hair which was always tied up at the back, with a few curls falling from each side. She had no suitors, the men intimidated by her height but even more so by her intellect. The smart guys were too small and the tall guys were not smart enough.
Paul looked at her. She seems nice.

“Anyway, we’ll worry about that tomorrow,” Alex said.
“So who’s swimming with me later?” Joanna asked.
“I’ll swim with you,” Rica said. “How about you Paul?”
“I already told Joanna I can’t because I didn’t bring any trunks”, Paul said. He lamented this fact even more now that Rica said that she’ll be swimming.
“Trunks?? From what era have you come from?”
Everybody laughed.
Nobody wears trunks you idiot! Yuck! You know what? I’m going shopping later, we’ll buy you board shorts.”, Rica said.
“Okay!”, As long as I’m with you, Paul thought.
“How about you Cher? You coming?” Rica turned to Cherry.
“Ah no. I need o catch some more zs. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. Paul snores like a broken muffler,” Cherry said.
“Sorry I was tired. That’s how I sleep, deal with it”
“Well you better fix that. I want to be able to sleep at night. I need my beauty rest”
“Beauty and the Beast”, Paul muttered under his breath which Rica heard and laughed at.
“What did you say?”, Cherry heard it as well.
“Nothing I said you’re the best!”, Paul said with a fake smile.
“Guys remember, the Opening Ceremonies is at 7:15 pm. Make sure that you don’t get left by the bus to NUS. O, We’re about to be called.” Alex said, halting another word war.
“Ateneo de Manila University, headed by their President, Alexander Reyes.”, the announcer said.
They all stood up and waved and smiled while the rest of the participants applauded.

10:00 am. Hotel Lobby.

Rica was waiting for Paul in the Lobby. After breakfast, Paul said that he had to go up to his room to fix something.

Rica liked Paul in some ways. While he was definitely not of her social class, he had a lot of things to offer. Paul was sweet and unassuming. Unlike all the blowhards she’s dated in the past, Paul was a real person. She always found him interesting. He was a very smart guy but he never pretended to be smarter than he actually was. He didn’t have any money but seems to get everything that he needs and never seemed needy. He was a real guy. Interested in sports, read that part first in the newspaper and not the society pages. He was funny, better yet, he was corny. Which she liked because she was too.

But now she was getting antsy. What’s taking him so long?

The elevator opened and out came Paul. Paul was wearing denim shorts, an Ateneo shirt, and some walking shoes. Rica took note of that. Every guy she met tried to impress her.

They’d be like going to a mall and all the guys in her group would be totally made up, obviously trying to impress her. She’d pas through a door and they’d scamper to open it for her. On simple movie gimmicks, the guy would always wear long sleeves, hair all gelled up. Paul was different. Paul would wear what he wanted. And what he wanted was comfort.
“Sorry I took so long”, Paul said, looking confused.
“It’s okay, was there a problem?” Rica asked.
Paul was in fact confused about something. The reason he went back to the room was to clean up the mess he made under the table when he came a few hours ago. He forgot about it when he went down for breakfast and only remembered it after. He went back to the room immediately but he was surprised to see that there was very little cum on the wall or the carpet. He knew he came a lot but can’t seem to find it.
“Ah nothing.” He let it go. “So are we shopping or what?”
“Where are we going anyway?”
“Just come with me. We’ll buy you board shorts and I’ll buy some stuff too.”
“Okay, I’ll just follow you wherever you go.” He opened the door for her. A taxi was already waiting outside and Rica got in the back. Paul made sure that Rica went in first. As Rica went in, he again took a glance at her ample butt, now covered with tight white pants. Rica sort of knew what was happening and took a bit longer to settle in. Finally, a guy who was not too much of a gentleman, she thought.

Paul got in.

“Orchard Road please” Rica said.

Room 507
As soon as she saw Paul leave with Rica, Cherry went back up to her room. She had no intention to sleep as a matter of fact. She was so horny all morning that her panties were practically drenched. When she got in, she immediately took off her clothes and immediately touched her pussy. Oh shit!

She thought. “OOHHH” Finally, some relief. She continued rubbing right there on the doorway, bending her knees a little to open her pussy up a little more. She had two fingers in and was rubbing furiously. She could feel her juices flow down her thighs and she loved it. She rubbed her clit with the other hand, going around in circles while her other hand worked her cunt, thrusting two fingers in and out. She was wet. She was horny, yet she felt as if something was missing.

She begrudgingly stopped playing with herself. She walked into the room and saw the table she was under just a few hours ago and felt the compulsion to get under there and she did. She assumed the position she was took when she watched that magnificent cock get jerked and stroked. She was squatting, her pussy wide open, exactly what she wanted. Her hand went down again and her pussy willingly accepted her two fingers again.

“Ohhh shit. Ohhhhh yeahhh that’s it… finally” She was impossibly horny. She could just imagine that cock again getting pumped in front of her. She could remember the cock with amazing detail, the product of staring at it intently for about five minutes. She continued to finger her wet cunt.

She was disappointed however that no matter how horny she was, something seems to still be missing. She got out. She knew what she wanted. She knew that tis would make everything complete.

She went to Paul’s side of the room and saw his bag. Very carefully, she opened it and searched. She couldn’t find the thing she wanted and was getting very agitated. Just then she saw a small blue bag beside it and opened it. There it is! She took it out and practically ran back to the table.

She went underneath and squatted. With one hand rubbing her pussy, her left hand adjusted Paul’s used white briefs and put it on top of her nose. She inhaled deeply. Immediately, Paul’s manly scent filled her nostrils. She inhaled deeper. She could smell the scent of his raw dick on the briefs. She loved it. And her pussy loved it. She was transported to a different place. A dream world. It was almost like she was on drugs. After two inhalations, she came. Her body convulsed and shook with the force of the orgasm hitting her.

Nevertheless, she never took the briefs off of her nose and instead she inhaled even deeper. She absolutely loved the smell of Paul’s dick. With it, she can imagine the scene better, as if it was actually happening again. She even stuck her tongue out to taste the cloth. She could taste precum on the briefs, a taste she recognized after going down on her past boyfriends and lovers.  She sucked on the briefs and inhaled again. She continued to finger her pussy with her fingers. Her pussy hair was matted as it got soaked by her cum. “Mmmmmm, Ooooh” She kept saying. She was close to getting insane with ecstasy. She inhale again and again.

She could not get enough of the smell of Paul’s dick. She continued to finger herself as she did so. She wanted one more finger in but her small pussy couldn’t take it. “Oh shit Paul”. She thought. She was disappointed with herself in some ways when she couldn’t push one more finger in because it meant that she couldn’t take that gorgeous cock in if she had the opportunity.

She forced it in, and it hurt. Three fingers in and she was in pain, but instead of stopping, she went on fingering. She inhaled some more and every time she did, the pain became less and less. “FUUUCKKK!!! I WANT YOUR COCK!!!” She screamed. She was about to cum. “YOUR COCK! YOUR COCK! OH THAT FUCKING COCK! Oh shit. Oh shit. OH SHIT. ARRGGGHHHHHHH!”

Another orgasm hit her. It was intense. More than the first one. She lost her balance and had to let go of the briefs to balance herself. Instead of dropping the briefs on the floor, she stuffed it in her mouth. Her orgasm made her cunt convulse and forced her fingers out.

She finally lost her balance totally and fell on the floor, still shaking like an epileptic. Her clit was throbbing fast and her cunt lips quivered. Without any strength, tired and visibly spent, she fell asleep, with Paul’s briefs still in her mouth as her cum flowed freely out of her quivering, exhausted cunt.


Cyber Become Reality Pt. 2

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As she lay there in Jonathan's arms sleeping peacefully, Jonathan looked down at her face his eyes zeroing in on her pouty lips. He wanted to taste those lips again so he leaned over and lightly brushed his tongue across her bottom lip. She shifted her head away and rolled onto her back. Jonathan smiled at the full frontal view he had of her thick, luscious body. Her heavy breasts having shifted towards the sides of her body due to gravity moved up and down with the even rhythm of her breathing. He loved her nipples. They were dark but not too dark and when they hardened in passion they were like little pebbles. Jonathan's gaze traveled down the length of her body. Her stomach wasn't flat and had stretch marks but that didn't stop Jonathan from wanting to run his hand across her stomach

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. He placed his hand on her stomach and enjoyed the feel of the stretch marks under his hand. His hand moved slowly down between her legs. She instinctively opened her legs wider and Jonathan was able to stroke her pussy folds as he looked at her face, willing her to wake up.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Jonathan enjoying the feel of his hand between her thighs. She wanted to feel him inside of her again but first she wanted to taste him. She rolled Jonathan over and straddled him. She could feel his hard cock throbbing against her still moist pussy. She began to kiss Jonathan on the neck just behind the ear. Jonathan released a gentle sigh. Slowly, taking her time she moved down Jonathan's body kissing and nibbling until she got to the prize that she wanted. She braced her arms on either side of Jonathan as she knelt on the bed between his legs. His cock was fully hard and she knew that it was screaming at her to just kiss it. She leaned over and gently kissed the tip. Jonathan's cock jumped at the touch and she smiled. She rained gentle kisses up and down the shaft of Jonathan's cock enjoying the sounds of pleasure escaping from Jonathan's lips.

She nudged Jonathan's cock into an upright position with her mouth and took him in all the way to the back of her throat. Jonathan groaned excitedly at the swift and smooth way she took him in. He looked down at her head and loved the contrast of her brown skin against his lighter wheat colored skin. He'd been with Black women before but this one was blowing his mind. No, she wasn't the most beautiful woman, but the way she looked up at him as she sucked on his cock made him want to drown in those deep chocolate brown eyes of hers. In Jonathan's mind, she was the cutest, sexiest woman he'd ever had the pleasure of being with. Jonathan braced himself up on his elbows so that he could get a better view of what she was doing to him. She began to play with the spit that had worked up on Jonathan's cock and Jonathan could feel himself about to explode at the sight of the spit trailing from her mouth to his cock. He didn't want it to be over yet, so he stopped her and pulled her up to him. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his back as he sat in the middle of the bed. He kissed her passionately wanting to express to her the only way he knew how, how she had just made him feel.

She began to grind on his cock allowing Jonathan to feel her juices mix with her spit and Jonathan swiftly rolled her over onto her knees. He knelt behind her and looked at her nice, thick ass facing him in the air. She had some junk in the trunk and Jonathan couldn't help but give one of her butt cheeks a light swat. She giggled at his playfulness. Finally, Jonathan reached over the side of the bed to find his pants and rummaged around in his pants pocket and found what he was looking for. He sheathed his rock hard cock with the condom and slowly entered her juicy waiting pussy from behind. Gawd!! She was tight. Her pussy felt as if it had a vice grip on his cock and it was hard for Jonathan not to just lose all sanity and explode right then and there. He didn't want the sensation to end and he wanted her to really enjoy herself. He gently shoved her down onto the bed and lay on her back so that he could whisper in her ear as he gently pumped his cock into her pussy. He whispered how good she felt and how he never wanted to stop. He whispered how incredibly sexy she was to him. He whispered that he would make her feel things she never felt before.

Never having had a man communicate with her during sex, drove her wild. She immediately came and Jonathan couldn't believe how wet she had gotten from just a few words and some well placed strokes. She gripped the sheets and began to buck up against Jonathan wanting to take him in as deep as he could go. Jonathan wasn't ready to cum yet and he knew if he continued to allow her to buck up against him with her tight, wet, and now throbbing pussy, he wouldn't be able to resist. He pulled out and she groaned in dissatisfaction. He smiled down at her and rolled her over. He looked down into her passion filled eyes and knew at that moment that he would make love to this woman whenever and wherever. He was hooked!

He put her legs up on his shoulders marveling at how limber she was to be such a healthy woman. He rubbed his hands down her thick thighs as she reached down, gripped his cock and placed him back inside of her looking into his eyes the whole time. He slipped in easily and she grabbed his ass and silently pleaded for him to continue to give her the pleasure she never knew she could feel. He leaned down on top of her as she raised her legs back and opened herself up wide to him. He sank into the passion and began to thrust his cock into her in long, hard strokes. She scratched his back and demanded he fuck her harder. He complied. She pleaded that he fuck her even harder and faster. Jonathan began pumping his dick into her pussy with everything he had. They were flying as they both exploded simultaneously, violently shaking with the intensity of their orgasms. As they came back down to earth, they looked into each others eyes and smiled a smile to each other that just confirmed their new discreet relationship.

The Demonstrration Part III

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School ended at 3:30 and Sarah rushed out to bring flowers to Mabel Hutton knowing that they would not think it strange that she didn’t stay long knowing that she worked in her father’s store every afternoon.  Mabel’s mother answered her knock and when Sarah learned that Mabel was sleeping she insisted that the sick girl not be disturbed.  So she left the flowers and after bidding Mrs. Hutton good by, Sarah made her way to the Doctor’s train arrived shortly before her appointment.ÂÂ

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 The doctor’s examination room was similar to the one she’d been pleasured in at noon by his assistant and she couldn’t explain or even understand the massive wave of arousal that now possessed her whole being, but Doctor Jacobs understood.  He greeted her warmly and with her arm about her waist had shown, practically drawn her into the room.  There he had kissed her full on the lips, her mouth opening, seemingly of it own accord, to accept the penetration of his tongue, the stimulation already building the strange, hot wetness between her legs that she craved.

 Finally breaking their embrace He urged her to prepare for the treatment expecting her to shyly head for the dressing cubical, but she boldly removed her clothes while holding his gaze, her pink nipples reaching proudly outward as if offering themselves as a sacrifice.  She was lovely, he thought and just the age a girl blossomed sexually.  He decided to act on her boldness, kissing her once more as his hands roamed her back creeping toward her exposed buttocks. When his finger probed to rub over her anal opening he was surprised and pleased to find her wetness already overspreading her ass and using her wetness he ran his finger repeatedly over and then just into her tight anal opening as she moaned in his kiss, her body literally shaking with arousal.

 In minutes his hands left the moist cleft of her buttocks and slid smoothly around her now sweaty body until they reached the underside of her soft, sensitive breasts.  His fingers traced the upward curve of her perfectly formed, yet still growing breasts, circling her nipples coming agonizingly close to her responsive tips, but never doing more than brushing by the edges leaving her panting with desire and crying out in frustration as her arousal moved to a new and higher level. 

 Desperate she dropped to her knees in front of him and ran her hands over the clear outline of his stiff and engorged manhood.  Jacobs quickly lowered his pants and for the first time she beheld an erect penis and his was impressive, the large purple head atop a long slightly curving shaft and his hairy sack containing the male organs.  A thrill ran through her as she ran her fingers over the sack felling the hard, ball-like structures within and making his whole cock bob and move from her stimulus. Then his hands guided the tip of his organ to her mouth and she eagerly opened for it.  His hands gently found her head and guided her actions.  Part of her was shocked at her own actions, but his moans of pleasure thrilled her.

 After about ten minutes she heard his voice say softly, “Sarah?”  She looked up at him while his cock slid in and out of her warm, wet mouth while her tongue flickered over his more sensitive parts.  “Sarah, I am getting ready to reach my own climax.  When I do, my sperm, like nay other man’s will squirt into your mouth and you will have to drink it down.  If you don’t want to do this you need to stop right now.  She just looked at him and quickened her pace until at last he could hold out no longer and exploded in her mouth.

 Sarah was thrilled at the idea of his organ’s emission in her mouth, however, she hadn’t expected so much or for it to come with such force.  The first sprays few so strong no thought was required to swallow.  There was no choice as it literally blasted down her throat, but the rest of his seed filled her mouth as she gulped the first part and though she tried globs escaped her lips ran down her chin and dripped unto her breasts

 He stood her up and his hands were instantly on her breasts rubbing his own seed into them pulling and tugging on her nipples covered in his think white love juices. She moaned in pleasure, in fear, and in pain as he used her boobs freely for his pleasure as much as hers.  Several minutes passed with no noise except her sighs and moans.  She didn’t notice her noised getting louder and quicker, but he worked her nipples like the master lover he was until suddenly her climax rippled through her body without his ever making contact with the boiling volcano brewing between her legs.  She collapsed against him and slid down to the floor.  Gradually she came to her senses and looked up at his semi-soft cock hanging inches in front of her face.  She kissed, licked the head his sperm still leaking form the small opening, then she sucked it gently until he pulled it away and helped her up to her feet once more. 

She became aware of other moans from someplace close by and looked questioningly at Doctor Jacobs.  He put a finger to his lips requesting silence and then motioned her over to the far wall and showed her the tiny peephole into the next treatment room.  There on the bed was none other than Henry Wittcomb stark nude and the doctor’s female assistant was holding in her hand Henry’s engorged and oiled penis stroking him up and down.  She leaned against the wall fascinated as Doctor Jacob’s hands reached between her legs, pressed her thighs apart to gain access to her vulva So she stood, watching the woman who had so pleasured her that afternoon, stimulate Henry while this skilled Doctor had his hands in her own sex, beginning to be masturbate her as well.  She responded at once aroused beyond belief at the idea of secretly sharing sex with Henry.

 To be continued.

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Skinny and In Need of Cash

CharlesTaylor on Sex Stories

My eating disorder started rather innocently. A co-work was reading “South Beach Diet” and boasted about how quickly he was shedding the pounds by simply avoiding carbohydrates.

I licked the sour cream with little pieces of scallions from atop my bagel and threw the rest in the waste paper basket next to my desk. I wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t fat. I worked out four days a week, but no matter what, those flabby patches of skin still clung to my body like scabs on wound that slowly heals.

At 29, life in the fast lane slows down for most queers, but I still had a cute face

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and with a little help from Miss Clairol, the few specks of salty hair could be wiped from my scalp in less than ten minutes.

Willis, my co-worker looked good for a middle-aged Black queen. I have to give him credit for that. I’d never fuck him, but I did take his advice regarding South Beach eating habits. He and his lover were on
New York City’s A-List of powerful and influential homosexuals. The pair were adored in the Big Apple’s gay community because they were the first homosexuals in town to legally adopt a child. They took a needy kid under the roof in the early 1980s when the concept still seemed ungodly.

By the close of the 1990s, Willis and his lover were practically gay celebrities and the authority on the gay adoption process. With the help of the South Beach Diet, Willis shined like a porn star in my eyes and was everything I wanted to be as a gay man when I grew up and turned into an aged fag.

Obviously, even with the charming child who by now had grown into a well behaved, intelligent young my, the long-term adoptive gay relationship between Willis and his long term partner was on shaky ground. Willis was a sugar daddy to many young lads, other than his own adopted child, and he did very little to hide his infidelity in the office.

I sat in the secretarial pool and watched as hot, young Latin men made their way into his huge office overlooking the Queensboro Bridge to do lunch with him almost every day. On Monday’s Cesar came by with his phat juicy ass and they closed the door for at least two hours while Willis ate his bean sprouts and tofu. A mixed lad of oriental and black roots was his Friday fix and Willis often left the office to eat with him.

It infuriated me—how he could get away with such inappropriate behavior and still be asked to guest speak at social gatherings in Chelsea and Soho?

Willis was a total bitch to work with, and absolute horror in staff meetings, especially when he offered his financial reports at Board meetings regarding how AIDS funding from the city was being spent to support the disenfranchised of Queens. I suspected that many of the young papi chulos who came by to enjoy South Beach lunches with Willis were being paid with those HIV dollars. After all, Willis was the controller of the charity.

The controlling queen offered some sound advice to my chunky ass though and I remain grateful for his inspiration, as I too took a stroll into the world of the slender and sexy and got a taste of what life is like when the masses worship every ounce of one’s skinny soul. 

My disorder began with just a little bit of pain, as one may experience while fasting in religious observance. Coffee was my clutch and I drank it non-stop as the caffeine seemed to curb my desire to have that pastry for breakfast, a slice of pizza at lunch and lots of macaroni and spaghetti dishes for dinner.

I was also saving a ton of money by skipping all those meals. It never occurred to me that there is a true spiritual side to fasting and a purpose behind punishing our tummies in observance of the all mighty. I never dreamed the ritual would push me over the edge and lead me eventually into the arms of a straight jacket and show me the face of God.

The body is truly a temple designed for worship and I wanted men to fall on their knees in front of me and pray for forgiveness, so I made a decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and my many failed relationships and simply become a hot male slut.

I increased my time at the gym by an hour a day and spent at least 30 minutes on the tread mill running at a significant incline and somehow managed to run three miles in just over twenty minutes.

I felt so light and free as I would leave the gym after stretching on a yoga mat for over a half hour each day. I’d stop by the deli on my way home to pick up dinner—a pack of salted peanuts for just $.99.

For the first several weeks I had no sex drive and could care less that I wasn’t getting any. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have any offers at the gym or from men who seemed to salivate for my well toned body with an ass that remained juicy despite the lack of proper nourishment.

I stopped going to gay bars to pick up dudes. I never drank anyway and I hated the smell of smoke in those gay watering holes, despite the fact that I was a pack-a-day puffing Newport queen. The sissies were boring to me in all their desperation. Men in those places are not the marrying type anyway. They’ll buy a cute slender guy as many cocktails as they wish when the promise of a quickie is on the horizon, but after being “had” those free cordials are rarely offered on second dates.

I had a new obsession, my own body, and my seemingly insatiable obsession for finding a wealthy man to settle down with and marry was quenched thanks to the South Beach Diet.

The less I ate the more socially isolated I became. The more I withdrew with my new look and cocky attitude the more offers I had for fast love. I kept running into one night stands and old lovers from my past who took a second look at me and suddenly fell back in love, despite all the heartbreak they had given me back in the days when I was chunky and not so desirable.

“Wow, you look great. Have you been working out?”

“As a matter of fact I have, thank you,” I replied while walking on by, refusing to stop and catch up on gossip and offer them a second chance.

The skinner I became, the less sleep I needed. I tossed and turned in my apartment at night, desiring to be noticed by strangers who would long for me as if I were their savior. Working the streets was more fun than a good solid eight hours of shut-eye each night.

I’d jump out of bed at 1 a.m., lather my body down with Nivea skin firming lotion, throw on a wife-beater tank top and walk the streets searching for more affirmation.

Rather than hang out and absorb the depressed energy of those who frequent bars, I’d found more intriguing and alluring gay places to hang out in.

The bright lights of Time Square called to me like neon lights and crystal balls in the store windows of tarot card readers and clairvoyants. There was something waiting for me there, I just knew it. All the exercise and my new look had to have a purpose.

I was tired of playing housewife with lovers in the past who had all run off with other men who promised them more. I believed what the Bible had to say about man-on-man relationships and decided that if I couldn’t shake being gay and had to live with the sinful scar of being queer, I may as well go out with a big bang. Afterall, Mary Magdalene was a hooker and Jesus loved her.

I found a bar near Times Square that is widely known as a pick-up spot for wealthy gay John’s eager to drop a few dollars in the pockets of needy gay men. Watching the young men who made a living there thrilled me and almost made me hungry again. I loved the fact that patrons of the bar seemed more willing to spend their cash on me than young Latin and Black men at least 10 years younger than I was. Perhaps the fact that I was white, hung and sexy had something to do with it, but I attribute the attention to the energy in the aura of my sleek, toned, ivory body.

It felt godly as I played pool at Stellas night after night, refusing to go home with just anyone. I soaked up the attention like a sponge as wealthy, well read gay men were ready to offer me the world and I declined their forever increasing lucrative offers night after night.

My favorite hustler and the best pool player in the joint was a dude named Lance. His dark black eyebrows touched and formed a single line of hair across his forehead. He stood out from the other available meat for sale at the butcher shop and had a certain sophistication to his approach in dealing with the dirty old men.

He called me ‘Papito’ and single handedly lured me into the dark, underworld of male prostitute with a pick-up line that I found almost irresistible:

“Let me show you da ropes in this joint papito. I cost $300 a load. I don’t get fucked but will shoot as many wads as any ass wants and can afford,” he explained while grabbing his crotch with his big dark hands.

For the first time in months I got an erection when he said that. It seemed as if at that moment, I had turned into a superhero of sorts—a power bottom with the charm of angel and an ego as deviant as Satan. I felt his sexy energy pass right through me, as if he were pounding me with his hot Latin tool right there in public while we still had our clothing on.

That is when I first understood the power of fasting and the reason why we cleanse our body for the spirit to flow comfortably through us. Cesear sat on a bar stool and stared me down for at least an hour. His subconscious mind was so powerful. It undressed me as I hid in the corner at a round table and slowly rubbed my crotch wanting him desperately but could not afford it.

Like an adolescent who had not yet discovered the joy of masturbation, I had my first orgasm with my clothes still on, right next to the jukebox inside Stella’s bar.

I smiled at him and his sexy ways and declined the offer to pay him for some fun, although deep inside I wanted to go out with one of the older guys at the bar, make some cash and spend it on the hustler who I was falling madly in love with.

I did just that one evening as the bar was closing at 4 a.m. and Lance and I were the only two young men left in the place. Perhaps Lance was already had by the gentleman who offered me $500 just for a tickling session, but I made the connection that night and left Lance standing out in the cold.

We went to a hotel room at the Milford Plaza. I took of my clothing and my slender body fell upon the soft bed and I waited for the transaction to take place.

“I’m not ticklish,” I advised the stranger.

“That’s okay,” he said. “Just lay there and let me touch you.”

So I did. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what life had been like for Mary in the Bible as she sold her soul to strangers for coins.

It wasn’t bad at all. I even pretended that I was ticklish a few times and the John rubbed my body over and over again with hands that had held so much sin in their time.

He was a man of his word. He handed me $500 in cash and promised $500 if I would only hold him while he slept.

I thought of Lance and felt dirty for a moment and excused myself from what had just taken place in my life.

A night out with my girlfriend

cool guy on Sex Stories

  It was a saturday night and I was going out with my girlfriend to Hollywood.  She had wanted to go to two different places that night that sounded like a pretty good time to me, she wanted to go two a sex store and then to a strip club.  So I looked around the internet for sex stores in Hollywood found a big one a couple of minutes away from the strip club she wanted to go to. I picked her up and off we went, when we got to the sex store she was all excited about going to one, we did not go to buy anything just to look around. So we were looking at all the toys, some I had to explain what they were others we both had no idea what they were. We looked at the very large dvd collection and looked at some magazinea and books. It was alot of fun and looking at all the stuff was

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getting me pretty turned on and i think it was doing the same to her. We were there for at least an hour before we headed of to the strip club

  We arrived at the club a in about 15 minutes we walked in and sat down pretty close to the stage, one thing about my girlfriend she is not bi(yet) but she is very bi curious she loves to look at other girls and really loves to look at other girls boobs, my girlfriend as very nice boobs herself about a 34-D.  There was about 8-10 different strippers with about 4 of them really attractive. The strippers loved us that night because we were the only ones tipping. After a few dances me and my girlfriend sat right next to the stage and since we were the only ones tipping they gave us extra attention. They were putting there asses right in our faces and shaking there boobs in your faces which my girlfriend loved and of course so did I. It was really turning me on I could fell my cock getting harder, I had my arm around my girlfriend and she had her hand on my leg right next to my hardening cock. One stripper really caught my girlfriends eye she told me that she thought she was really hot, when that stripper was dancing my girlfriend wispered in my ear "you are so getting you dick sucked tonight". A few minutes later I got my girlfriend a lap dance from that stripper she liked, the stripper took us both into a different room I sat right next to my girlfriend as the stripper danced with her. It was so hot, she was grabbing my girlfriends tits and putting her tits in my girlfreinds face then sticking her ass in her face all the will me right beside her just watching and getting a huge hard on. When the dance was over I paid the stripper for the great dance and we left.

  We got to my truck(I have a SUV) that was parked on the street that was pretty lonely. I opened the door for her then walked around and got in the drivers seat. We immediatly started kissing, I reach over and starting touching her tits over her shirt and she reach down to grab my cock over my pants. She was jerking it over my pants for about two minutes while we were both still kissing she then undid my belt, unzipped my pants and grabbed my now very hard cock. She stroked it for a while and then stopped kissing me and leaned foward and put my cock in her mouth. She first sucked on just the head then started going up and down, it felt amazing getting a blow job right there in my truck on the street. She was sucking my cock for about 5 minutes when i looked across the street and saw a women in a window looking out toward my truck and talking on the telephone. I was not sure if she could see inside my truck because the street was very dark I told my girlfriend about the woman that might be looking at us and she stopping going down on me long enough to say "I dont care". She sucked my cock till i was on the verge of comming when she stopped and said lets go to the back seat. So we went to the back seat where I lifted up her shirt and she removed her bra to reveal her amazing size D tits, I started kissing her again while i played with her tits, I began sqeezing her nipples and she started to moan, I then removed my hand from her tit and reach down between her legs and started rubbing down there over her jeans. I then undid her jeans and reach in to touch her now very wet slit, I rubbed her clit while sucking on her tits she was now moaning more heavily. I stuck a finger in her wet hole and began finger fucking her. I was only at this for a short time when she pushed my back and told me that she wanted me to go down on her. I helped her remove her jeans and panties then she sat back, I went down to her very wet pussy and started running my tounge up and down your slit, she grabbed the top of my head and said "that feels so good". I started to suck on her clit and with my right hand inserted two fingers into her pussy and with my left hand played with her nipple. She was maoning loauder now and her body was shaking i was doing this for about ten minutes she told me she wanted me to fuck her. She sat up and reach for my cock and started jerking she then went down and starting sucking again until it was fully hard again. I then moved toward the center of the back seat and she sat on my legs with her tits right in my face. She then grabbed my cock moved faward and place the head into her pussy. She started moving up and down and i would do the same until you could hear are bodies slapping against one another. She was riding me all the time I was sucking on her tits and sqeezing her ass. I could feel myself almost at the point when she started going faster until I cummed then she collapsed foward onto me. We stated like that for a few minutes then she got off me we both got dressed and headed home.

Alone in Paradise

lmsyd4u on Sex Stories

Being desperate and alone, isolated in the middle of nowhere is the cruelest thing life can do to you.  When you are 24 and in the prime of your life it’s even worse.  That’s exactly what happened to me 15 years ago.  I was freshly out of graduate school, a master in business degree and for a woman that’s an accomplishment.  Standing nearly 5’8” and weighing 108 pounds, I was attractively built, 34-22-36.  Bright blonde hair tailored to my face and highlighting my sky blue

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eyes and tanned complexion, I had a bright future ahead of me.  I had turned down eight men so far and two very rich ones at that.

Instead I headed to Hawaii and the South Pacific, but along the way things changed.  My private jet went down about three miles off the shore of a very remote island.  Uninhabited Island I should say, and the pilot was lost in the crash, as was the director of the company that was flying with me.  This was suppose to be an incentive flight to paradise and in the hopes that perks like these would attract me to work for them.  As I struggled to swim to shore I watched it sink into the deep blue along with my previous life.

I fought the tidal waves that rocked the shoreline to swim in and as I made land, I passed out.  When I awoke it was night and not a light anywhere except the stars.  I stumbled to my feet and found myself in total disarray.  My blouse was torn open and worthless to me, and my short pants were torn on the left side.  I was bare foot and the wet sand squished between my toes.  All I had was gone and I could find nothing in the dark, so I felt my way up to the edge of the sand until I could see a little better in the dark.  They say your eyes adapt and they are right, the dim starlight began to allow me to see forms and shapes of trees and I made my way under two bent palm tress and collapsed crying.  I fell asleep sometime later from fatigue and awoke the next day at sunrise.  If I had planned the trip it would have been paradise.  The golden sun and slightly red parched sky going to blue purple and then black was a masterful piece of art.  The serene gentle breeze through the air and the waving leaves of the palm above me were perfect, except that I had no food, clothes or drinking water.  I began to search the coastline and then scout around the beach area and suddenly by luck I found an emergency kit from the jet and some other items bobbing up and down in the lagoon that I had washed ashore in.  I made my way to them and found a medical kit, a survival kit and my suitcase.  There were also some finned visitors just a few yards away and I recognized them and quickly got out of the water, as two hammerhead sharks approached me.  I got the supplies to shore and found some canned meats in the survival kit along with peaches, corn and beans. Two bottles of drinking water and a blanket along with a plastic map of the pacific, all secured inside this backpack in my hands.  There was a flashlight, two flares, a box of wooden matches and bottle of fluid and an old timer lighter.  The multi blade knife wasn’t big but the blades were sharp, as was the small hatchet.  Then I found a loaded 38 and a box of bullets.  There was a compass and some weird little gadget that looked like a protractor and some pencils and an unopened small pad of notes.  The medical kit had bandages, creams and ointments and a few dozen packs of aspirin.  Just the basics for a cut or headache and one big surprise a bottle of vodka and another on of hydrogen peroxide.  I opened the vodka and swallowed half the pint before I knew it.  Then I opened a can of the meat and lapped it up and sat back under the trees with my haul until I realized I needed to get some clothes on.  I opened my case and found almost of them were wet as could be and filled with sand.  I found a tank top and a black pair of silk boxers and stripped myself and put my rags in the case and then placed the new ones on.  I also had a pair of flip flops in the case and quickly covered my bare feet.  Then I pulled the bags all together and drifted off to sleep on the beach on top of them.

I awoke late afternoon and the sun now behind me and began to get bold enough to look for real shelter.  I also knew I needed to find some firewood and most of all drinking water.  I wondered up the trails that were open areas between the palms and then along a small ridge until I heard water rolling along in a stream.  I followed the sound and happened upon a small fresh water inlet that was bubbling along and not more than two feet deep and crystal clear.  I flopped into it and drank and played in it as I rejoiced at my good luck for a change.  Then I began to look for shelter and just on the other side of the stream was the oddest looking thing I could imagine.  It was shrouded in jungle floral and vines and plants but it looked like a silver wing.  I went over to it and found the remains of an old bomber that had crashed there many years ago.  I nosed around inside and used a palm branch to clear away the cobwebs and found it empty and bare, but also a perfect shelter.  No holes in the top of it and an area big enough to sleep in.

I went back to the lagoon and carried all my supplies up to the wreckage and before the darkness set in I had moved it all inside and also found enough wood for a small fire.  Then as the night closed in I secured myself in the blanket and fell asleep.  After eating the canned peaches and drinking some of the fresh water I ventured out into the unknown once more and made my way along the ridge until I came to sharp overlook spot near the summit of the island.  The brisk wind began to swirl around me and as I looked out over the land, I could see nothing but trees and water.  On all sides of this island there were no other signs of life.  I had heard birds and see a couple of wild boars along my way, but nothing else lived here, but me.  I found and recognized some native plants that were edible from the pamphlet in the survival kit and gathered them up using my tank top as a grocery bag.

Now if you had told me a week earlier that I would be topless, picking berries and herbs and alone on a desert island I would have laughed, yet here I was.  The sun beat down on my skin, and I had no problems with that as I was already tanned.  It felt good and natural and seeing that I no one to hide myself from, I dropped my shorts at the camp and then scampered around looking for wood in the puff.  Along about the midday I got horny, and feeling quite pleasant to the touch I began to fondle myself and finger my pussy as I fantasized about being taken by one of the men who had tried so many times.  Then suddenly I started shuttering madly as my climax arrived in a way not like any before.  I yelled loudly and cried out so sharply that the birds hushed and flew away.  Then panting and moaning I realized how god you could feel if you just let go for a moment.  I went back to my camp and made a dinner of the things I had gathered and I used the hatchet to open and extract the milk of a coconut for my meal.  Then afterwards I built my fore at sundown and settled in my little nook for the night.  Day after day I survived this way and week after week.  No one but myself to talk to or share anything with, most notably my body, as almost every day I masturbated for hours in the warm sun or the cool water.  Then one day while out scouting I happened upon an old cave and went inside to examine it.  I found that once someone else had been marooned here and they left a book and some things I needed.  There was an axe, two old wooden tables not well made but still in good shape.  A hammock made from a parachute and a homemade rock stove in the cave.  Along with a way to get water from the lower parts fresh using a bucket on a pulley.  There were at least nine or ten thick blankets on what appeared to be a stone bed.  Then I found some interesting carved toys, dildos.  And one of a woman or at least her torso. 

I moved my camp to this remote area and set up shop here as I found it was easy to build a fire and kept it going using the oil that was in the drum the previous occupant had pulled in here.  It took very little wood to build one and the oil kept it burning longer and stronger.  I found a case of big wooden boat oars and a few small ones, so this must be the people from the plane I had found.  Then as I read his diary, it was clear it was the pilot who survived and was marooned here.  He buried the other three men behind the wreckage and then found this cave a few days later.  He recorded everything and some very interesting kinky dreams, hence the hand carved dildos.  I think he was normal at first but went gay after his only meeting with another person, a male native who was stranded here with him during a typhoon.  They couldn’t really speak but according to the entries the man was seduced by the native and was more his woman than a man afterwards.  The last entry spoke of the pair of them building a raft and heading towards the sun.  It sounded really strange but it said, “Open seas for three days lead to the paradise for me.  We only have to make it past the rip tides and then we can drift home.  We can do it if we swim out then paddle off.”

I had no understanding of this at all, but after a few more weeks I began to accept my fate and enjoy it.  I started to go out in a storm one morning to play around in it, I was nude and horny and as I walked out the wind blew harder and the rain poured down.  I placed my naked body over three very smooth hard stones and spread my legs up and open and allowed the water to beat upon my flesh.  It was truly awesome to be naked as the lightening flashed around me and the hard rains poured down on me.  The pelting of my inner folds brought me to a squirting frenzy orgasm and then as I remained there finger my clit and squeezing my boobs something wonderful happened to me.  A small snake, the non poison kind slithered out of his flooding hideaway and into my uncontrollable pussy.  I was watching it happen and unlike any other time in my life when I would have fled screaming instead I screamed for it to stay in there.  I cupped my hand over the bottom portion and held it inside me as I felt it coil and recoil inside me.  I was creaming so much that I almost flooded it out of me.  The large heavy rain hitting my breast and nipples and upper clit and the snake rolling inside me sent me into a panicked climax that only ended long after the storm had ebbed to a drizzle. 

Still keeping my slithering lover inside me I hurried raced to the cave and found an old coffee can and slid it out and held it in the can.  It was eerie and weird but over the next few weeks I came to fall in love with this bright green little reptile.  It wasn’t trained by any means but I somehow managed to help train it, and soon at the end of each day, it would sleep inside me safely and give me the most erotic crazy sex and fantasy ever. 

I began to rely on its feeling and touch and one day when I couldn’t find my green lover I cried for hours and panicked over the fact it may have left me.  That entire day I wasted away until late that night it came home and coiled up inside my pussy once more.

A few years had passed by now since my arrival.  I had managed to keep track of time somewhat by marking the walls with lines and I counted 975 days in the cave and figuring I spent two months in the plane I had been there well over 3 years total.  In that time I learned to fish in the lagoon for crab and small fish.  Eat coconuts and herbs and berries and occasionally when luck was with me, I could knock a passing bird from a palm tree with a home made sling shot, my old bra that I had long since stop wearing.  Now my hair had grown long in the back and was tied with old shoe laces I found in my suitcase.  My pussy hair was a jungle as were my legs until I found by luck the man’s razor that had dwelled in the cave before me.  It was wedged between two rocks near the stone bed.  I used it and shaved away the hair from my legs and pussy and sharpened regularly on the lava stones in the mouth of the cave.  Totally emerged in my current struggle for sanity and survival I forgot about the other world.  I instead began to enjoy myself here and the feeling of my green friend, the wooden toys and my own fingers.  Then late one day, just before sundown I happened upon body floating in the water.  The man was dead and his face bloated badly by the sea.  I had not seen or heard neither a boat passing nor a plane overhead for almost a month.  I had no ideal how he got there but I pulled him inland and buried him for it was the right thing to do.  Then as I went on down the shore I found wreckage of a small plane that was being washed up.  Torn clothes and cushions and a box and some bottles.  Then luck was with me and I found his companion alive and unconscious.  She was older than I was by some years.  Her dress was torn and her arm badly bruised and cut.  I helped her to wake up and as I held her I realized I was naked.  She did too instantly and cried out, “Where am I and where is Stan?”

It took me almost two days to explain it all to her as my voice had been use to whispering to me only.  I took her to his grave when she was stronger and she wept uncontrollably for weeks afterwards.  In that time I found some crates that washed up and she filled me in on what they were and what happened to them.  Her name was Irene, 45, a former flight instructor from the main lands.  She was traveling around the world when her plane was struck by a flock of gulls.  The engine died and they nose dived down into the sea.  Her husband tied his vest to hers to keep her afloat and then he disappeared in the rip tides.  She managed to make it to the shore.  She was flying them to a small island resort that was only an hour by plane from this desolate place as she called it when the accident occurred.  We started to go through the crates and found a couple of phones but they were damaged by the water and worthless.  Then we found a satellite phone that worked.  She managed to make contact with someone on the island and using the map I had determined about where we were.  After a long drawn out debate between them, they agreed that in two days they would be able to find us.  So we went out and built a signal fire on the crest of the tallest ridge and waited to light it until the rescue teams were near.  That night we sat back and had a party.  The two of us danced in the moonlight, me still naked and Irene semi naked, as she was so glad that we would be found soon.  By the time she calmed down my inner feelings were mixed, I wanted to go but I also had grown very fond of my island prison.  I almost wanted to stay here.  Then Irene convinced me, she swept me in her arms and began to kiss me and as we kissed she told me, “I am very bisexual and very much a horny old woman.  When I saw you the first day I wanted you now I am going to take you.”

It took her almost three hours of her persuasive ways to get me in her spell, but after a long moaning climax and a bustling fondling time, I began to see her point.  She wanted to go home and she wanted me to go with her.

The rescue took place the next afternoon and soon I was whisked away to be shown on all the news shows and talk shows.  I was famous and better still I was beautiful as Irene paid to have me enhanced and toned up all over.  She moved me into her house in the country and we lived there for the next few years, until I grew tired of being sought after and pawed over by her friends.  She had basically turned me into her little bitch.  I was no more than a sexual plaything for her at best and a way to get more fame and money for herself.  Not to mentioned she used me to lure other women to her bed and then shared me with them for her own gain.

So I packed up one night and now nearly 40 myself, I headed across the sea once more.  I made two stops just short of my now well known island retreat.  Then I landed on it with a small boat that I purchased with my royalties and fame and docked it near the cave.  I carried up the nine cases of supplies and the three duffel bags of things I might needed and then I returned and freed the boat to the call of the sea.  It was pulled out quickly and smashed by the undertow that ruled the edge of the island and then as it fell away, so did my clothes.  I stripped naked and retreated to my little rock home and there I made myself at home once more.

If you ask me why I came back, it was to enjoy myself fully for the first time since I was rescued.  I thought that someone else could make me happy, but I was wrong and when I found out the truth I returned here.  Here is where I am and want to be alone.  Well at least here and alone with my pet Boa I called Winnie.  The two dozen or so toys I brought also help as well.



An Exhibitionists memories

kellyweaver40 on Sex Stories

My husband and I live on a very large tree farm in Northern Appalachia. The size of the property and the remoteness of the house permit he and I to go nude whenever the weather permits. He is very supportive of the fact that I am both an exhibitionist and I am also bisexual to a point. I have a small circle of girlfriends that come to our house and enjoy the freedoms of nudity and we often end up having sex. He also knows of my desire to have sex in public places where we will certainly be seen doing so. He does go along when I’m flashing people as my protector and also drives our van. He is naturally my sex partner if I’m doing it in public.

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One of my favorite exhibitions took place in a city north of where we live. Our little village is extremely conservative and would have us burned at the stake if they knew about us. We had a power gate installed with an intercom and remote camera and the whole farm is well fenced. We also have a couple of dogs patrolling the grounds at night..

When we want to play, we go to this large city and have our fun in malls, restaurants and parks located on the outskirts. We also frequent bars in that city known for being very discrete.


One such bar was the scene of our favorite episode. My husband and I sat in our van and planned it to the minute. First, my husband walked in and sat on the stool to  the far left of the bar. A few moments later, I walked in and sat next to him. I was wearing skirt and stockings and heels without panties in my way. I seldom wore them anyway. We ignored each other as if we were strangers. Soon, a man walked over and sat beside me, glancing down at my skirt, which had ridden up to reveal the lace tops of the stockings. I turned and gave the man a smile to encourage him. He soon was filling my ear with small talk and complimenting me on my looks and everything he could to hopefully get me aroused. I soon felt his hand on my thigh, testing my reaction. I simply held still and let him work a little higher. My skirt hid the fact that I was not wearing panties and the look on his face when he found it out was one of surprise and approval. I simply spread my legs a little more to let him get his fingers where he was headed. On the seat to my left, my husband was watching this and had a good view of the strange fingers probing me. I glanced down and saw that my husband was indeed enjoying the show. The stranger finally slipped a finger in my soaking wet slit and probed for my clit. He continued to probe until he had two fingers inside me and was massaging my clit. This was all in plain view of my husband, who was trying hard to hide his erection. As the man worked on my pussy, the front of my skirt was working higher and higher until my tummy was showing. The positioning of the stranger and my husband hid me from view of other bar patrons. He kept fingering me until I was almost ready to come. While he was fingering me, I had reached over and was slowly rubbing his member through his trousers. I suddenly felt my orgasm start to overtake my body and rubbed his cock hard until a wet spot in his trousers appeared at roughly the same time. My husband leaned over me when I had calmed down and whispered to the man that a round of drinks should be in order for masturbating his wife. We then enjoyed our fresh drinks and left the bar, laughing as we stepped out into the night air.


My flashing was not limited to men. I often flashed women sitting in restaurants, making my exposure less obvious than with men, knowing a lot of women would get very upset seeing me showing myself. One such time, we sat across from another couple and I slowly crossed my legs to test her reaction. At first, there was no reaction but on my second leg cross, she licked her lips and shot me a slight smile over her husband’s shoulder. She then decided to do likewise to me and crossed her own, baring her white panties to me as she slowly crossed hers. After a few minutes, she excused herself to her husband and left for the ladies’ room. As she passed our booth, she whispered for me to follow her. When I walked into the ladies’ room, she opened the stall door she was behind and stepped out in just her stockings and heels. She reached out and raised my skirt and then stepped close, rubbing her bare pussy against mine and holding my buttocks. She then planted a deep, probing kiss on my lips, searching for my tongue. She stepped back in the stall after handing me a slip of paper with a phone number on it. I tucked the paper in my skirt pocket and left her to dress. I called the number later in the week and, after several meets on neutral ground, invited her and her husband to our farm for a weekend. They were grateful to be able to go nude the whole weekend. She told me she talked her husband into coming after pointing out he would see me in the nude and possibly get to see her and I together. It proved to be a very enjoyable weekend. They still stop down a few times each summer.


Flashing took place in malls and stores. It was a routine in our car as we drove the interstate highway from home to the city. Last summer, we were going to South Carolina to visit one of  the husband’s family. I went to a studio and had my body painted to look as if I was in a tee shirt top and blue shorts. The artist took special care to make it as real looking as possible. We packed up our small motor home and started south. All I was wearing was the body paint and my husband was wearing a polo top and had shorts at his feet to pull on if needed quickly. I wore only the paint until we stopped just down the street from his relative’s home. It was only then, I pulled on some shorts and a top after showering off in the camper. I have to admit it felt good to get that paint off me. It was water soluble paint and was easy to get off after sweating under it all that way. The artist had given me an ample supply of touch up to make repairs. During the trip, I had gotten out of the motorhome several times at fuel stops and nobody picked up on the fact I was actually naked. If they did, they hid their emotions. My husband and I went to several malls and restaurants in the area down there and I made sure my Yankee ass was seen by as many  Southern boys and ladies as possible. The night before we left, IU waited until about three in the morning and walked completely around the block his relatives lived on, wearing only a pair of five inch heels.


After leaving South Carolina, we started home and decided to see how often we could have sex outside on the trip home. I stripped to the skin and he again had only a shirt on as we drove. At practically every rest stop and emergency pull off we saw after dark, we stopped and fucked on the parking area or in the surrounding grassy areas. We did manage to stop and fuck alongside the road in broad daylight but on busy I-95, it’s hard to find a safe place. On one such night stop at a pulloff area with a tractor trailer sitting and idling at one end. We pulled in like a tired motorist and sat there to see if the driver would get out of his truck. We got out of the motorhome and spread a blanket on the ground on the roadside of our vehicle. We then got down and fucked ourselves silly with cars driving by on their way to wherever. After we finished, we picked up the blanket and drove on. In one town near an exit, we got off and drove down the street, stopping at a school and picking a dark area of  the well groomed lawn. We got out of the motorhome and lay on the grass fucking like two high school kids.


On the way home, we ran into a heavy rainstorm and pulled off the interstate to wait it out. My husband knew one of my favorite oddities is to fuck in a rainstorm with the rains beating n our naked bodies. He drove the van slowly along a road parallel to the interstate and found a grassy area with a place to park near it. We parked the van and lay in the grass and had absolutely great sex. Every time lightning would light up the sky, our naked bodies were as visible as during bright daylight. Two cars drove by in the storm but neither one must have seen us in the heavy downpour.


Our sexual escapades were not limited to our trip south. We had sex in every conceivable place we could and on more than one occasion, we were seen doing so. The thrill of being seen having sex is almost orgasm producing in itself. Sex clubs and certain beaches or camps are havens for this conduct but the thrill isn’t as great when you expect to see sex being performed. It is about as exciting as going to adult movie theaters or drive in movies.


We used to have a drive in theater in my home town back when my hubby and I were dating. It showed XXX rated movies and there was more action in the cars than on the screen. My husband-to-be had a big van with a mattress tossed in the back. He would take us to the drive in and back the van into a place near the back. He then opened the rear doors and we could watch the show and even make one of our own. The rules of the drive in stated that we had to be dressed to go to the snack bar or restrooms. All sexual activities were limited to inside the vehicles and all were subject to ID checks for underage.


The drive in’s managers were getting more and more strict with the rules and soon began to loose business to the tapes and DVD’s now readily available. The drive in went up for sale and was bought by my husband’s brothers, who immediately changed it into a private club with membership cards and all that stuff. A membership fee of five dollars got you access to the drive in and all the privileges. You were allowed to walk all around the premises completely naked and even have sex outside as long as it didn’t bother anyone. That was a slim possibility, because we all went there to see nudity and sex, both on and off the screen. I used to work the ticket booth in complete nudity and enjoyed every moment. The only places that required anything at all were the snack bar and restrooms, which required that bottoms be worn I never understood the bathroom requirement but the snack bar was a good place to keep things covered.


There was a small stage built in front of the screen where you could live out your wildest fantasy in front of everyone. It was required that you bring your own sheets or blanket for that action. The stage was opened about an hour and a half before the main movie started and closed as the movie began. It opened briefly during intermissions, then closed for the rest of the movie. My husband and I took advantage of that stage a few times. The constant hassle from law enforcement and health department officials, along with the widespread availability of tapes and DVD’s finally caused the closing of the drive in and an American institution.

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The Debate Team

Dafunks on Sex Stories"> face="Times New Roman" color="#0000ff">The Debate Team Part One


4:30 pm, Thursday. Hotel Lobby.

Cherry just could not believe it. They’ve only been in Singapore for a full hour and already she’s having a bad day. This tournament is really starting to look bad. It’s the British Parliamentary Debate Championships, the mother of all debate tournaments, where she is participating as an adjudicator, a judge for those who are outside the loop. As an adjudicator for Ateneo d

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e Manila, she is expected to be one of the top adjudicators in the entire tournament, yet right now, she’s just not feeling it. 

“What kind of a room assignment is that Alex?!,” she wailed at their President, Alex, who just told her of their room assignments. Her usually pretty face turning crimson. There were three teams, two person persons per team and two adjudicators. There were 5 girls and 3 guys. She was complaining about her being assigned to a hotel room with Paul, a guy, the other adjudicator. 

“Cherry, we all agreed, you included, that the two adjudicators will be in one room. What’s your problem?,”, Alex retorted. 

“Yes I agreed! But that was when the adjudicator was Layka! Not Paul! Paul is not Layka! That’s not what I agreed to!”, replied Cherry, her full 5’2 height seemingly leering taller than she actually is. 

“Cherry nplease don’t make t harder for me. Layka got sick at the last minute remember? We’re lucky to get Paul or else we would’ve been disqualified. So now,
there are five of you girls and 3 of us guys. We have four rooms. What do you want me to do? All the other rooms are set already. They’re okay, they’re good. I can’t change things for you!” Alex exasperatedly replied. He’s the best debater in the team, yet he can’t seem to get through Cherry’s head. 

“Fuck this Alex! Why can’t I stay with Rica and Joanna? We’re  not big, we can fit in one room, I’m sure of it” 

“We’re not in the Philippines Cher. They have strict rules here in terms of number of people in a room. If we get caught, who knows? We could be disqualified and we could be kicked out of the hotel.”

“They won’t do that. We’ll keep it a secret ok?”, Cherry pleaded.

“Cher, I have many more things to think about. The tournament starts tomorrow. I really don’t have time for this. The room is big enough for both of you. Two queen-sized beds, separated by a big study table. It’s not like you’ll be sharing the same bed. Besides, we’ll be in National University of Singapore most of the time anyway. We’ll practically use the room to sleep in only. So please, go with the room assignment,”

Alex grabbed his bags and went to the Front Desk. 

Rica, who was watching the entire seen unfold, approached Cherry. “Don’t worry Cherry, I’ll be right across your room. Just call me when you need me and I’ll be there Ok?” 

“Thanks. It’s just so unfair. I mean of all the people to be roommates with, it has to be Paul”, Cherry shook her head. It was no secret in the Ateneo Debate Org that Cherry didn’t like Paul. Paul at one point tried to court Cherry. She was 3rd year then and Paul was in 2nd year. He didn’t get past a couple of text messages inviting her out for dinner before the entire courting was shot dead. Cherry made it known to him that she was just not interested and alluded that he was not in the same level as she is. She was by no means part of high society. She was decidedly upper middle but carried herself as if she was from a higher class. Paul was straight out middle class who did not care too much about carrying himself in any other way than middle class. The Debate team is probably the snobbiest group of people in the University and Paul was an absolute aberration. Paul was not obsessed with debating. He did not care too much for it. Instead he was a regular guy who played basketball at times with his buddies and drank too much beer in the weekends. At 5’7, he was just an average guy. He was good looking although most would agree that if he put more effort to his looks, he could be pretty hot. But he didn’t care. In any case, Cherry disliked him at one point and now she loathes him. 

“Here comes Paul,” said Rica.

“Hi guys! Man I got lost on the way here. I’m so freakin tired… Where’s Alex? I want to know where my room is”, a disheveled looking Paul said.

Cherry walked away without saying a word after giving him a piercing look.

“What’s her problem?” Paul asked.

“You. You’re her roommate!”Rica turns around to pick up her bags. She was wearing short white shorts and matching white tank top. At 5’9, she was, hands down, the hottest girl in the team. She was part of Manila’s elite although very down to earth. As she bent down, her shorts separated from her tank top revealing white silk panties. Her ass was absolutely perfect. Bubble butt. Very shapely indeed and it perfectly matches her long milky legs which was her biggest asset. She wasn’t blessed with having big breasts but her ass and legs more than made up for it. She was single, although she had the reputation of dating men who were older than her by at least 5 years.   

Paul just looked, biting his lip. “Man that ass is beautiful” He thought. 

Rica got up and looked at him strangely. “Hey what are you looking at? Let’s go. And bring this.” She handed him one of her bags.  

“Okay”. They went up to Alex who was waiting for them. After handing out the magnetic cardkeys, the three of them headed for the elevator. 

****4:45 pm. Room 507 

“Every morning, I’ll be the first to use the bathroom. I don’t want all your filth in the bathtub when I use it. You don’t use it unless I’m already out of the room. Stay on your side of the room, don’t touch my stuff and we’ll be okay. Okay?” Cherry was giving instructions to Paul who was unpacking his stuff near his bed. He wasn’t even looking. He was annoyed with her and he was annoyed with the set up. Sure, at one point, he thought she was pretty, which she really was. But after a while, and especially now, he would rather be Somalia with no food than be in the same room as Cherry.

“Okay okay! Jeez it’s not like I’m gonna rape you or anything!”

“Well you better not try anything!”

“I won’t!”Just then, Rica enters the room.“O what’s happening? I can hear you guys shouting across the room!”

“Your friend! She thinks she’s too beautiful to room with me. She thinks I’ll rape her or something!” he tells Rica.

He then turns to Cherry and says, “Hey you’re not that pretty you know! Wake up, you’re not as pretty as Rica!”,  and storms out. Cherry throws a pillow at him but it only hits the now closed door.  

5:30 a.m., Friday. Room 507. 1st Day of Tournament. 

Cherry got up early and has already taken a shower. She was admiring herself in the bathroom mirror. Observing her neatly trimmed bush, she let her hand travel down her tight stomach and over her pussy. She was surprised to find herself wet down there and not with water. She just realized that she was feeling horny. Very horny actually. There’s just something about being in a hotel and in a different country that always makes her horny. She looked again at the mirror and was surprised to see that she already had her left foot up on the sink while the middle finger of her right hand was undeniably working in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. She was fingering faster now, as she thought of her boyfriend back home. How she wished that he was here! For sure they’d be fucking all night. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier as she nears her climax. Her finger was now just a blur, pumping rapidly in and out of her juicy cunt… “Ohhhhh…”, she let out a moan. Any second now and she’ll cum… 


“Hoy Cherry! Can you move faster! We’re gonna be late! I haven’t taken a bath!”, Paul shouted from the other side of the door. 

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Cherry thought. She was interrupted by this asshole just as she was about to cum! I HATE HIM! I HATE HIM!!! “Yeah I’m done, I’m done! Just wait okay? I’m on my way out” She got dressed quickly. Her horniness now long gone. She steps out of the bathroom and finds Paul wearing boxers with and a sando waiting for him. 

“What took you so long? Listen if you want to use the bathroom first then you better be quick,” Paul complained. 

“Hey, don’t order me around! I take long showers and you just have to deal with it”, she went to the mirror and brushed her hair. 

“What were you doing anyway?” without waiting for an answer, he enters the bathroom. 

As soon as he enters the bathroom, he was in heaven. The bathroom smelled good and fresh. It was the undeniable smell that a girl just took a bath in it. He took time to inhale the atmosphere. He also smelled something else. Something slightly funky. He knew what it was but just can’t remember at that time. His thoughts got distracted when he heard a door slam. Cherry already left. He turned on the shower and balanced the temperature. Satisfied, he begins to get in the tub but realized that he left his shower gel in his bag and goes out of the bathroom again. He retrieves it and goes back in the bathroom without bothering to close the door anymore.  

“Thank god the bitch is gone”, he says as he begins his shower. 

6:00 am. Hotel Lobby. 

“Hey, there you are sunshine!”, bati ni Rica sa kanya. They greeted each other with a kiss.

“Don’t start! That moron… grrr!”, Cherry said, glaring at her.

“Easy! It’s so early and you’re already like that. Come on let’s go. You get cranky when you’re hungry. The entire group is waiting for you at the breakfast buffet.”

“Yeah okay. I am a bit hungry.”As they walk towards the buffet, Cherry suddenly stops.


“O what?”, tanong ni Rica.“I left my breakfast stub in the room. I’ll go back and get it.”

“Okay. I’ll go ahead and tell them. I’m hungry too.”

“Yup, go ahead without me. I’ll be back quickly.” Cherry strides quickly to the elevator. She was angry with herself for being so stupid for leaving the breakfast stub. 

6:05 am. Room 507. 

Cherry enters her room expecting to see Paul. He wasn’t in the room. He’s probably still in the shower, he thought. GOOD. She thought, at least she won’t have to deal with him. The room was pretty dark, no lights. She decided against turning on the lights. There was a slight early morning sunshine entering through the window blinds anyway. Now where is that breakfast stub? Ah there it is, on the table between the beds. She goes over to get it and sees a few of their org’s pictures on the desk. With the stub on her hand, she turns around to leave. 

Just then she sees the bathroom door slightly ajar. She could see some slight movement inside. Instead of leaving immediately she found herself being drawn to the door and the moving figure in it. She got closer. At the edge of her bed which was right in front of the bathroom door. It was two meters from the edge of the bed to the door. One meter in, she could see Paul’s naked body, with the back to her. Paul was not ripped like a body builder. He had a slightly toned body yet he was obviously about 15 pounds overweight. Still he looked good. Cherry was staring intently at his tight butt. It looked gorgeous to her eyes. Unconsciously, she found herself getting hornier and hornier. Her right hand beginning to rub her pussy through her black pants. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.  

Paul stepped out of the tub and in the process, turned to the right. It was then, that Cherry saw his cock dangling between his legs. Cherry’s eyes widened like saucers. Oh my God, she thought. Paul’s dick was not very long. He was pretty average in fact, about 5 and a half inches or six, when he’s ultra horny. But it wasn’t the length that made Cherry gasp.  

It was the girth. While Paul had an average length dick, the girth was absolutely exceptional. It measured about 5 inches in circumference, practically as thick as Cherry’s wrist! Cherry was absolutely amazed and was seemingly hypnotized with what she was seeing. Her mouth agape, she kept staring. Suddenly, she realized that Paul was about to enter the room! Cherry began to panic. Paul was still drying up his hair and was about to turn towards the door. Cherry knew that she can’t get out of the room. It was too late. Paul would know that she was there and most probably saw him naked. Cherry decided to run back to the table to hide underneath it.

She prayed to God that Paul wouldn’t turn on the lights. If he didn’t, under the cover of darkness, there was a good chance that she wouldn’t be seen. She saw Paul cross to his bed. He didn’t turn on the lights. When he returned to his view, he had his towel around his waist and was combing his hair in front of the room mirror which was in front of the desk. I hope he doesn’t see me in the reflection, he thought. Paul turned around. Shit! He’s headed here! Cherry tried his hardest not to make a sound. Paul was now right in front of the table. She could hear him putting on his watch. It’ll be over soon, she thought. Then he heard him flip on some pieces of paper. The pictures, she thought. She then saw Paul walk away from the table. Thank goodness!  

But then Paul returned with a chair and set it in front of the table! Cherry could see Paul from the waist down. She again heard Paul flipping the pictures.

CLICK! The desk lamp turned on.

Cherry slid further back to the wall as far as she could possibly go. And froze.

He stopped flipping the pictures.. She waited. She then saw him taking off his towel completely. With the slight sunlight from the blinds and the light from the bathroom, and lamp, she could clearly see his dick beginning to get hard. Paul reached down with his right hand and began to stroke his quickly hardening cock. Cherry was getting a free show. Here she was, staring at the most amazing dick she has ever seen and it was being stroked right in front of her just a mere half meter from her face. She was mesmerized, her eyes zeroed in on the gorgeous thick manhood in front of her. It was a thing of beauty she thought. It was not a pretty cock, it was a powerful looking dick. It was all man.

Shit! She thought. I want that. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking. She still hates Paul. She was 10 percent sure of that. But she wants his dick. It was as if the dick was a distinctly separate entity from Paul. A completely different person. Suddenly, she heard Paul say something. 

“Fuck Cherry.” What? Does he know I’m here???? She thought in a panic.

“Fuck Cherry… I want you so bad.” She then heard a few pictures being flipped. He was looking at my pictures! He’s jerking off to my pictures! The pervert!

“Cherry… You’re such a bitch. But I want to fuck you anyway. I want to bend you over and fuck you like the bitch you are. Surprisingly, Cherry found herself getting turned on with what he’s saying. She desperately wanted to touch herself but she knows she’ll be discovered if she moves a single muscle. She could feel her cunt pulsating and quivering. All this time, her eyes never left the huge manhood in front of her. Paul continued to stroke it. Faster and faster. It was amazing, she thought.  

“I’m gonna fuck you, and ram your cunt again and again. I’ll rip your juicy cunt apart. Fuck you feel so good!”Cherry felt flattered. She was so wet by now that she can feel it forming a pool in her panties. Cherry kept still and stared straight ahead.

Just then,“Fuck Cherry! Fuck! Arrrghh!”Paul came.

He shot his load, the first spurt hitting Cherry square in the mouth. She could taste him! She almost fell from her squat position right there and then. She couldn’t believe what just happened. Before she could think, another spurt erupted. 

“Arrgh!”This time hitting her left eyebrow and cheek. A third one came hitting her hand and knee. The fourth did the same. Finally, the cum stopped hitting her. She couldn’t move. She was stunned. Paul got up and went to bathroom to wash up. He closed the door of the bathroom and as soon as she saw it close, Cherry ran to the door and, with cum still dripping down her face and hand, got out as fast as she could.

Paul was in the shower when he thought he heard a door close. He thought nothing of it.  It must be my imagination.(To be Continued) 

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Teasing Toward Ecstasy

LakotaWarrior on Sex Stories

Derek and Janet had just come back from a party with their friends. Janet had spent the night being shy, sticking close to Derek—ever the reserved lady. She made polite, demure conversation in her little black, not-too-revealing dress, trying not to let her obvious youth of only twenty years, show too much. Derek’s friends were impressed. Overall, he was pleased with her performance, and as they left the party, he was thinking that he wanted to let her know that.

They walked into the entrance of Derek’s townhouse, and he took Janet’s shoulders and turned her around, pressing her back up against the door. Derek leaned in close to her, letting his lips touch hers, but not satisfyin

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g her with a kiss, while he moved to turn the lock on the door.

Janet rubbed up against Derek slightly, her lips ready for his, begging to be kissed deeply. Derek instead teased her, holding her back against the smooth wooden door. Janet could feel herself getting wet in her red silk panties almost instantly, as his lips lightly brushed against her red glossy lips.

An errant hand ran down Janet’s body, lingering ever-so-briefly on her smooth thigh, just under the hem of her skirt, before pulling away. Janet pouted a little, wanting to feel Derek’s lips, his skin against hers. He smiled as his hand returned and wandered up her thigh. Her legs parted almost instinctively, letting him slip a few fingers in between her silk panties and her skin.

The moment Derek’s fingers touched Janet’s shaved smooth pussy, her lips curled and let out an "ooooh", as she was becoming very aroused. Janet moved forward, pressing Derek’s fingers closer to her. "Ooooh..." Derek mimicked, "Baby's wet that for me?" with a playful edge in his voice. Janet nodded, unable to speak.

Derek started to rub a single fingertip very slowly and softly along Janet’s pussy lips, as his other hand had moved down to her hip, holding her still against the door, stopping her from pressing forward into him. Seemingly without warning, Derek pulled his finger away saying softly, "I asked you a question that for me?," as he rested his finger, moist with her juices, on her parted lips. Janet nodded and Derek pressed his finger to her mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. It was almost too much for Janet to stand. The hint of his touch; the denied kisses; the scent of her own juices on her mouth. Janet’s legs felt weak against the door. She wanted Derek already….and badly.

Derek let Janet go and she reached out for him. She could see and feel his cock against her leg through his pants, already hot, hard and throbbing with deep desire. Derek shook his head, "No, no, no....patience baby...patience." He gently took hold of her wrists and brought her into his place, and led her to his bed.

"Strip for me baby..." Derek said with confidence as he sat down on the bed with Janet displayed in front of him. Slowly, she complied. The straps of her dress fell off her shoulders and the little black dress poured onto the floor in one fluid, seemingly liquid puddle. She stood before him in her red silk panties and nothing else. Derek took a moment to sit back and appraise Janet. She was nearly naked for his viewing pleasure and very aroused, waiting for his command.

Derek could see the wet spot peeking through the crotch of Janet’s panties. He gave an approving murmur. "Mmmm... Baby" softly escaped his lips, as he looked her up and down, gesturing for her to step closer to him. Janet had goose bumps, being exposed to the cool air in the townhouse. Her nipples were erect and Derek brushed them lightly with the palms of his hands, running from heel to fingertip and back. Again, he teased her lips by pulling her in for a kiss, then giving her just a gentle nibble.

Janet’s eyes closed and she moaned with frustrated desire. Derek smiled coyly as Janet leaned into him, trying to get him to kiss her; touch her harder; longer; to rub her near naked body.

Derek then pulled Janet forward by the hips and put his mouth on the front of her panties, inhaling her scent and rubbing the smooth silk against her quivering pussy lips. Through the moist silk she could feel his hot breath. Janet squirmed, unable to stay still. Derek pulled back, again aborting Janet’s growing moans.

"Take those off," Derek commanded, pointing to Janet’s panties. She complied without question, bending over completely and touching the ground in front of him as she removed the little piece of red silk. "Mmmm," Derek uttered as he looked over Janet’s bare and now swollen pussy lips, again approving, but now desiring more.

Janet knelt down without prompting and started to unbutton Derek’s dress shirt. He shook his head saying "no," and she stopped. Janet’s hand then wandered to the crotch of Derek’s slacks. She I could feel his hardness and the beat of his blood pulsing through his erection. Derek wanted Janet as much as she wanted him.

"No, we're not doing that tonight baby..." Derek said politely as he stopped Janet from unbuckling his belt as she was preparing to pull out his cock and take it in her mouth. Janet gave a little pout and a whimper. Derek laughed softly but compassionately as he ran a hand from Janet’s breast to her hip. Derek was pleased that Janet was so eager to have him in her mouth, but he had other plans for her.

Derek commanded Janet to show him her pussy. Feeling only slightly foolish, but quickly losing all self-consciousness in the heightened state of arousal, Janet stood up straight, moved over to the bed and lay on her back, exposing herself to him. Derek made a "turn around" motion with his fingers, and like a good girl, Janet obeyed, flipping from her back to all fours. Derek took a moment to appraise her, pussy high up in the air, totally vulnerable, already glistening slightly with the product of her arousal. Janet was waiting for him, wanting; craving; needing his touch. The transformation had become complete. Janet had given herself to Derek in body, mind and spirit.

Janet could feel cool air on her moist pussy, while waiting for his touch. The anticipation of not knowing what was to come, a tongue; lips; fingers or cock stirred Janet into a deep, mindless arousal. She felt his tongue make one long stroke over her pussy and then quickly flick her clit, and she was gone. Janet started bouncing around in time and memory, trying to grind into Derek whenever he touched her. She had become such a “bad girl.”

Janet thought to herself, “You have turned me into a silly, simpering slut with but one thought on my mind: ‘Please, please, please fuck me!’ You work me into such a lathered frenzy of excitement that I'll do anything—say anything—for you. I'm your little panting slut, begging for release. Normally I'm such a shy, reserved girl, but I just can't help but be a wanton whore in your arms. I would feel ridiculous doing and saying what you're making me do and say, but I'm too turned on to care. I have no shame.”

While Janet was still bent over on all fours, spreading for Derek while he licked her with flickering, quick strokes, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, pressing into his mouth. Derek’s tongue moved from her clit, up to her labia, and lingered on her pussy. Janet gasped, not expecting the quick flicker of his tongue as he spread her with his fingers.

Janet squirmed up to her knees, and Derek grabbed her hips, holding her from behind. Still kneeing, Janet’s legs spread wide apart. One of Derek’s hands presses Janet’s belly, drawing her into him tightly, making her unable to squirm away—even in the height of pleasure. Derek then runs his fingers lightly along Janet’s pussy lips, now so very slick and wet with her arousal.

Janet can't move, as Derek is holding her in position. Whispering in her ear, Derek says, "Tell me you like that," as his fingers sliding up and down over her clit, teasing her pussy mercilessly.

"I love it," Janet pants breathlessly, willing him to do more.

"Tell me you loved it when I licked you." Derek says softly. Janet complies quickly, wholly, saying everything he tells her to say. When he tells her to say that, “I loved it when you spread me open” she does so, without question. Derek strokes her into a frenzy of wet, hot anticipation. Janet moans to have him inside her, any part of him; a finger or his cock, so obviously erect at her excitement.

"Do you want me?" Derek asks.

Janet cannot help but want Derek more than anything now. She tells him as much, gasping and wiggling for release. Derek’s hand slides back down her pussy. Her love juices leave a slick trail on his fingers, and she can feel the very tip of his thumb pressing against the entrance to her vagina. She’s so ready for him. Janet wants him so badly she throbs and aches deep within her love tunnel.

Without asking or waiting, Janet presses back onto Derek’s thumb, thrusting his thumb deep inside of her in one stroke. She could not take it anymore. Derek tolerates her impatience by sliding his thumb in deep thrusts into Janet’s hot wet pussy, in steady and slow motions. Derek’s fingers spread and fiddle with Janet’s pussy lips as his thumb works her over. She quivers with anticipated release. It only takes a few of his strokes and she’s at the edge of an orgasm, and Janet feels about to let go within seconds. She whimpers, begging for release, and utters soft moans of a helpless girl in Derek’s arms.

Derek pulls her deeper into him and he thrust his thumb with more ferocity. Pounding away at her pussy, giving her exactly what she wants. Janet bounces along with him, urging his penetration deeper and harder.

Her back arches, and Janet can feel her climax coming on.

"That's right baby, that's right...come on baby... cum for me baby," Derek urges in a tender but commanding tone, as he coaxes the orgasm from Janet’s body. Just then, it ripples through her stomach and her pussy contracts on his thumb, still sliding back and forth—in and out. She holds her breath and gasps, shuddering into him. Derek holds Janet upright and steady with his arm just below her full breasts. His other hand is soaked with her juices.

Abruptly, Derek slips his thumb out of Janet as she moans with pleasure, desire and frustration. “I want more,” Janet whimpers. She pouts, putting on her best, innocent but sultry, look. Derek knows this look, as he’s seen it before. Janet wants more.

Derek is indulgent and aroused. Ready to give Janet much more. He moves his hand to Janet’s cheek and turns her to kiss him deeply, passionately. She returns the kind of wet; penetrating kiss one can only have after being thoroughly satisfied. As Derek gently pushes Janet down on her stomach, she lay in anticipation, quivering, not knowing where he’ll touch her next. He finishes undressing, thus displaying his now-very-hard cock.

Janet is still giddy from her orgasmic pleasure, as Derek flips her over on her back. He raises her legs, pinning them almost to her chest. The motion is effortless and persistent. There is no need for delicacy as her joints and muscles are limber, sweaty, hot, relaxed and pliant from pleasure. Janet’s wet and still throbbing pussy is completely exposed to Derek. He gives an experimental rub with length of his cock, stimulating her and making her already-moist pussy even wetter. Janet lets out an involuntary whine and firmly states, “I want you inside of me.”

"My poor want this?" Derek taunts Janet.

Janet nods vigorously, pouting. With very little hesitation, Derek slips the head of his manhood into her pussy, teasing her once more. "God, you're tight," Derek remarks, a bit breathless himself.

Then Janet lets out another whimper and a moan. "Tell me what you'd like," Derek commands.

"I want your cock," Janet quickly replies. She’s at the mercy of his passion, wanting him with complete abandon.

"You want my cock?" Derek teases as he inches into Janet’s pussy just a little deeper.

"Yes! Please!" she gasps and pleads, getting frustrated at the pause.

"Okay baby, you can have it." Derek responds as he inches his stiff pole inside her just a little more, then a little more. Janet is throbbing and swollen from her previous climax so Derek’s cock is a very tight fit. Slowly, ever slowly, he pushes his cock into her, filling her completely as he goes. Janet can't help but start to tremble with each little push forward. She already knows she’s going to come again, so very soon.

Derek narrates as he slowly pushes forward, "That's right baby, take it. Take it all.....take it baby...that's right...take it." Every time he tells her to "take it", he pushes a little deeper. He smiles down at Janet as her red glossed lips open in arousal, and her breathing becomes short again. Every time Derek talks to her. Every time he says anything, commanding, encouraging, wonderful, Janet is taken to another level of arousal.

Derek’s repeated command, "Take it" sends Janet over the edge at the very end of his deep thrust. He hasn’t pulled back once yet, and Janet’s pussy is contracting on his cock, climaxing, bathing it in her own fluids. Lubricating it and marinating it, preparing it for harder, faster thrusts. But Derek’s in no hurry. As Janet shudders and trembles in an ecstatic release, he brings her in close, deeply thrusting and moving only slightly to the rhythms of her panting. Derek leans forward and smiles at Janet in a mischievous grin. He strokes her hair very softly saying, "That's my baby...feel good? You want more?"

"Oh, please..." escapes from Janet’s lips.

"Oh please what?" Derek asked her, taunting her yet again. He wants her to say exactly what she wants.

Janet thinks to herself, “I'm a slut in your arms, I can't help it.” Then the words flow from her, before she even has a chance to think of how dirty, how completely reckless they are. "I want you to fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me. Hard. Please...." The last "please" is a whine and a whimper with all kinds of begging tones. Janet wants him so badly.

Derek then pulls back, his cock head at the very lips of Janet’s pussy, still wet and tight. " wants to be fucked," he parodies and mimics her pleading look with a gleam in his eye and a slight smirk.

"Yes!" she says emphatically. There's no doubt about Janet’s desire. There's no subtlety now, no averted eyes and shy glances. "Yes, please fuck me." She pleads again.

"And how would you like me to fuck you?" Derek coaxes her, as he plays with her, his cock moving ever so slightly in and out of the very entrance of her pussy.

"Hard, please." Janet closes her eyes and whispers, enjoying the sensations rippling through her body, caused by those shallow, small thrusts.

"What was that baby?" Derek tease more, wanting Janet to let go completely again.

"I want you to fuck me hard…now…please....please!" Janet says in a commanding tone as she rocks her hips forward into Derek. He pulls back a bit, not letting her get her way, tormenting her with anticipation.

"Are you ready baby?" Derek mockingly questions as he shifts forward just a bit.

"Yes! Please!" Janet begs. She’s breathless and barely gets her last plead out of her lips when Derek buries his love pole all the way into her throbbing pussy in one deep thrust. Janet lets out a yelp and a gasp of pleasure and surprise. Her eyes roll back as she thinks, “It feels so damn good.”

Again Derek pulls out and thrusts hard into Janet’s hot pussy, as he bends down this time to kiss her. His lips engulf her and he pins her legs to her chest, thrusting with deep, increasingly quick strokes. Derek continues to kiss her passionately as he pounds his stiff pole harder and harder into her pussy.

Janet can't speak, she can't think. Her satisfied moans are muffled in Derek’s mouth. She can feel the heightened sensation of his breath on her lips, his tongue in her mouth, and his cock deep inside her pussy. With Janet’s arms around Derek, pulling him into her, wanting him closer and deeper than humanly possible, it's impossible to tell where one part of Derek ends and a part of Janet begins. His strokes are so smooth, so insistent. Slowly, Janet is being lathered into another level of arousal, climbing to the peak of her climax. She’s dizzy and flustered, moving her hips in time with Derek’s thrust, her moans getting louder in his mouth. She bites his lip and he breaks the kiss to blurt out, “Come on baby...give it to me....come on....cum for me!"

Derek senses Janet’s impending release and he starts whispering, right next to her ear, coaxing her toward climax. Janet knows that Derek is close to the edge also. His thrusts have intensified. She feels his cock become even harder, indicating that momentary increase in stiffness before his own orgasm. Derek goes deep...deep into Janet…as deep as he can, and it's enough to send Janet over the edge.

"Yes baby, that's it...that's a good girl...come for me..." Derek encourages Janet, even as his own orgasm begins.

"Oh fuck...fuck!" Janet calls out, not acting like such the perfect little lady right now. She can feel the increase in her wetness, as she shakes and quivers in complete and perfect ecstasy. She watches Derek’s face in pleasure as he cums inside of her.

"Oh feel so feel like heaven." Derek decrees as his thrusts become smooth and long, relaxed and unhurried. He has not lost any hardness with his climax and he thrusts through the pulses of Janet’s contractions of orgasm, and his own.

Derek rolls Janet to the side. She’s weak and spent—completely satisfied. He takes her face in one hand, and strokes her hair with the other. He’s all gentleness and sleepy smiles as Derek says, "There you go baby...that's a good girl."

Janet is left breathless and content. Derek’s cock is still hard as he continues rocking back and forth, very slowly, inside of her. He pulls out momentarily for the short break. They’ve soaked the sheets with their love juices, mingled together, sopping wet…and Janet knows in a few minutes, after touching, stroking, relaxing and making each other laugh just a little, Derek will be inside her again, and she can hardly wait.

selfishly connected

Stillwanting on Sex Stories

You awaken to soft kisses on your ear and the back of your neck.  Shivers run down your spine and you smile with the memories of what put you to sleep.  With your eyes still closed you reach back to pull me closer but my hand finds yours and guides it back down to your leg.  Your smile turns into a small whimpering pout as the kisses track down your spine… and you shiver as my lips slow at your waistline… whispering air across your buttocks, kissing the crack of your ass.  You smile again as I push you further over onto the pillow at your tummy...

I continue to breathe as I brush my lips between your cheeks… tea

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sing with my tongue, tasting the salty leftovers left behind from what put you to sleep last night.  Your body settles comfortably, you spread your legs wider to allow for more access and sensations.  You’ve yet to open your eyes, relishing the vibes, the heat, the breath.  Tickling your anus, the taint, and parting the lips of your flower, making sure you feel everything, slow, gentle, warm…  your legs are smooth, soft, and tremble at times.  Your lips are open, breathing with the sensations, waiting for the next one, wanting it to come faster, bigger, but loving how slow and smooth and gentle its moving.

My tongue enters your anus and your eyes pop open, not expecting that warmth there!  Intriguing sensations, small, probing, soft, wiggling ones.  So soft and smooth and welcome.  You close your eyes and push back into it wanting more.  My fingers find their way to your flower and part your lips and add to the sensations now racing through your body.  “mmmmmmmmm” a moan escapes your lips, “I love waking up like this…”  a small wave of an orgasm rolls up your back and flashes through your eyes.  You open your legs even wider, reaching up with your butt, almost to your knees… 

I pull out my tongue, my fingers, now soft and wet, and get onto my knees and start kneading your butt cheeks.  Spreading them wide, closing them tight, twisting gently, moving them around, watching your anus flex, and your flower pout with each grip.  You push back, flexing, finding a rhythm to match my massage.  I push my penis close to your flower, brushing the lips, barely touching, but suddenly making you aware that its there.  You reach for it, and I dodge away, continuing to massage and flex your cheeks, and teasing you. 

Finally I slow the massaging, and bring the tip of my cock to your taint, slowly teasing down, parting the lips of your flower, and running the edges to the top and back again…  illiciting another long enjoyable moan.  “I want it…..pleeeeeeeeease….”  to which I smile.  I gently settle the tip at the very entrance.  Matching your motion so that there’s no entry, no pushing, but no escaping.  Contact.  My soft head, nuzzled gently into your heat.  Rolling with your motion, matching your speed, and then a gentle push.  Soft.  Gentle.  A push.  And another.  Maybe an inch or so of motion in and out.  Sensual and slow, and driving you a little crazy.  Your senses are waking up, muscles are ready for the day, and you want MORE!

You push up away from the headboard and take all 8 inches as deep as it will go with a satisfied sigh.  You shake your hair back out of your face and settle back onto the pillow as I drag the length of my penis out of you to the head, and run it all the way back in.  Deep to the bottom.  I hear a grunt of approval as I touch bottom and smile, shifting for the next angle.

I gently grab your hips and pull you back towards me as I start to build my speed, adjust my angles with each stroke, and hold on for the ride.  Your eyes are open now, as you look back over your shoulder trying to see.  You brace with one arm and reach back for one of my nipples, but can’t reach it before I switch angles and direction and plunge back in, sending stars through your vision.  “Uhnnnnn”  your head goes back down to the pillow while the next three waves build up and crash over you, sending electricity from head to toe and weakening your arms and legs.  You missed dinner last night, were put to sleep with an internal massage not unlike what you’re feeling now, and you’re starting to lose your strength, and the waves are getting higher. 

Your body wavers on unsteady arms and legs.  You walk your arms up the headboard to an almost upright position and my hands find your back, and wander around the edges and sensitive edges of your breasts.  You sigh, feeling our connection flexing, pulsing, and you want to feel more.  My hands slowly caress your breasts and two fingers find your nipples and pluck… maybe a little harder than I wanted, but definitely enough to get your attention, arch your back and make you drive hard back onto me.  “I … don’t … think… I can… do much more of this….” You pant out.  I smile. 

“That’s why I’m doing it.  I want you exhausted.  Sated.  Completed.”  You smile at that… and roll your eyes as the next wave washes over you.  You know you’re not going to be able to last much longer.  It feels so damn good…  and it explodes over you again and you slip down the headboard, and gently settle onto the pillow again, only to arch back up with the next stroke and explosion.

Suddenly I pull out, letting your body relax back down onto the pillow.  Your lips are trembling, your legs are trembling, and you have no strength left in your arms and my penis finds your anus.  Wet.  Soft.  Swollen.  The head enters and the pain is a shock.  Its warm and larger than you expected and you suddenly start hyperventilating from the sudden invasion.  I pull out a little bit, wiggling and re-enter, causing another fit of breathing.  You start seeing stars as I pull out again and back in… this time keeping the forward pressure on, with a minor wiggle back matching the forward pressure as I slowly fill your anus with moving back and forth, overwhelming you.  You can’t believe the difference in feelings.  The lack of sensations from your flower is maddening as its flexing and pulsing from the abuse that just moved into your ass.  But the gentle ministrations are causing other sensations, and tiny little waves and you collapse… wanting to know why I haven’t allowed myself to come yet…  not last nite… not tonite… 

I slowly settle deep deep inside you and slow my movements to the smallest  imperceptible flex of my cock.  I gently lower onto your back, pulling the covers back up over us, and curling around you, deep inside you, my arm covering your breast, my hand cupping your other breast.  Completely overwhelmed, and exhausted, you settle against me, feeling me deep inside, flexing, still moving, hypnotic.  You are pulsing with me, flexing… you feel me swell and your smile grows… you will get your wish… 

My eyes roll back, and I explode deep inside you.  And I exhale… and settle into the back of your neck for another hour together… connected. 

meet me in the supply room

Luckey7indy on Sex Stories

She whined “I gave you a blow job before your calc exam and a hand job before your physics class, geez man what else do you want?”

 He raised his an eyebrow and whispered “A quickie before gym class, come on please, it will give me courage.”

“Again…more, geez man if I didn’t love you so much I would never do this, where and when?”

“supply room 4 in like 25 mins” he fingered her tank top “and ware something sexy”

“you nerdic bastard I’ll ware what I want” she smiled cheekily “ I’ll be in nothing.”


This is the strange, bizarre and sex-soaked relationship of Benjamin Carl Harris and Carly Alice Adams, he a cha

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mpion nerd and she a champion tennis. Two very different people thrown together in the by fate and lust in the barbarous times of our lives known as high school.



Ben “Benji” Harris, 17, 6’1”, short dark brown hair, grey eyes, black plastic frame glasses


Carly Adams, 17, 5’5”, natural blonde hair, green eyes, very fit with beautiful legs



12:45pm. Ben opens the door to the tech supply room and looks up and down the hall. No one he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“Carly?” he whispered

“yes?” she said

Then he saw her perched on a desk, completely naked one leg propped up on the wooden desk the other hanging lazily down. His eyes traveled up Her toned tummy and her perky breasts. The necklace of a sword hung nestled between her breasts. He walked towards her and slid his hands across her shoulders down her breasts and fingered her necklace

“the sword of the sun does suit my princess very well” Ben said

“you are such a fucking geek” Carly sighed and started to undo his belt buckle

“umm no, don’t do that” Ben said as he ran his hands down her thighs “ I’m really hungry from some dessert.”

“what about gym class? You aren’t going?” Carly was slightly surprised

“nah” Ben said as he pushed Carly onto her back and put his glasses on top of his head “ I think I will get enough exercise on my own time.” Carly laid back and Ben wrapped is arms around her thighs and kissed her inner thighs, Making a trail towards her pussy. A little blonde landing strip made him smile as his tongue  danced along her outer pussy lips. Softly and deftly he slid his tongue and separated to find her pink treasure, wet and waiting. He teased her clit, light touches that made her slightly moan. Then softly he started making circles with his tongue. Carly tensed and giggled she ran her hands over Ben’s head and pulled softly at his hair, she pulled his glasses off his head and sucked on the arm of his glasses. Her teeth marks from previous adventures were badges of what was to come. Ben started a little faster and Carly gasped for breath, she bit on glasses a little bit harder. He moved one hand and slid 2 fingers into her very wet pussy instantly her hips started moving. He pushed his head in closer to her pussy and licked with such vigor. His hand moving slowly at first gained speed, he knew she was going to cum soon. Her shuttering sighs and stifled moans were the best indicators ever.


“benji, oh benji….ohhh, ohhhh, benji”


she moaned his name though clenched teeth he kept going just hearing his name made him want to make her cum ever more. With a gasped “benji” and scream she tried to stifle she cummed. This did not stop him one was never enough for his girl. His tongue and hand moved faster her pussy so wet it dripped down his hand


“oh gawd benji, benji ohhhhhh.”,


2, 3,4,5


 “stop benji, oh benji” she was gasping for breath.


Ben slowed and removed his fingers and placed the hand on her shuttering belly. He lapped her pussy clean and then his fingers and hand.

“now I have had my dessert.” Ben said as he licked his lips, Carly was still shuttering sat up and slid over to him. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him very hard. Her tongue slid easily into his waiting mouth. Carly started to unbutton his shirt and kissed his neck and chest.

“so do you want some after dinner fun, do you wana fuck me?” Carly said as she played with Ben’s belt buckle


Ben undid his buckle and un buttoned his pants, as they hit the floor Carly smiled at the 7.5 inches point towards her.


“couch, Now” Ben ordered

“ok, sir, what ever you say” Carly giggled


She lay down on the red couch and rested one leg up on the top of the couch. Be lifted her other leg up, the still damp and happy pussy greeted him. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, a lovely teaser. Then he slid into her, Carly smiled at the familiar but oh so wonderful feeling. Ben smiled to it was tight now matter how much they fucked she was always tight hugging his cock. At first he was slow but steady, sliding in and out with patience. But then he got ravenous, he stated going faster and harder. Carly’s whole body was bouncing. Ben gripped her legs tighter and rammed her even harder. Carly was screaming again by now she loved when he got angry and just so hungry for her pussy. Each thrust sent shots of pleasure up her spine. She didn’t care that she was screaming now, fuck school she hated it. She just wanted ben’s cock fucking her. Ben’s closed his eyes and let out a low moan he rammed hard one more time and he cummed deep insider her.  he felt her pussy milking him she wanted his cum so bad. A few more weak thrusts and he pulled out. Both were panting and sweat glistened on their naked bodies. Ben kissed Carly and helped her up. They both dressed and stole long kisses.

Ben looked at his cell phone “wow it’s 2pm, we get out of school in 15 mins.”

“nice day I think” Carly said “I have practice till 5, though I don’t know how I’m going to do much moving”

“sorry” Ben said in a low, guilty voice

They left the supply room and started down the hallway, Carly pushed Ben against a locker and kissed him “nothing to be sorry about, nothing at all” she whispered in his ear. And kissed him again

“no no no none of that that in school, separate” a teacher said as she walked by.


Ben and Carly just laughed.


Summer With The Rebeccas

ddn2003 on Sex Stories

I was living in Toronto, Canada.  At the time, I was 30 years old, six feet tall and 240 pounds.  I had accrued eight extra weeks of vacation days at work and was told to use it all by the end of the 2008.  I decided to take the summer off from my job and visit the Rebeccas in Dallas, Texas.

I met both Rebeccas online.  As it turns out, they were best friends since kindergarten.  They were both 24 years old.  Over the last two years, the three of us had become close friends.  We spoke on the phone often, about everything from our lives, triumphs, problems and frustrations – including sex.  They had been buggi

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ng me to visit for some time now.

I got off the plane, got my baggage and headed to the exit gate.  While I had sent them pictures of me, they never sent pictures, so I was looking around almost blindly.  All of a sudden, I heard two very excited voices calling my name!  I walked over and said “You must be the my Rebeccas”.

The one on the left said “Of course we are, silly!”

The Rebecca on the right said “Let’s get outta here and start the best summer of your life!”

The whole limo ride to the hotel, I was thinking “Thank you God!”  They were stunning!  Rebecca C was about 5’6”, maybe 120 pounds, large B cup breasts, beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes.  Rebecca P was about the same height, about 140 pounds, C or D cup breasts, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

Rebecca C was telling me that they got a suite in the hotel, so they didn’t have to travel back to Richardson (northeast of Dallas) every night.  We headed up to the suite.  It was huge!  It was more like a 3 bedroom condo, than a hotel suite!  Once again I was thanking God!  This time because I wasn’t paying for the suite.  Rebecca C was a successful local clothing designer and Rebecca P was a teacher at a prestigious private school.  I was told that I’m not paying for anything this summer.

“Ok, Dan.  Now that you’re finally here, what would you like to do first?” asked Rebecca P.

“It’s dinner time in Toronto.  Perhaps, we could go to dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.  Did you bring a suit?” replied Rebecca P.

“I did.  Why?”

“Because we’re taking you to a nice restaurant, silly!  Go get dressed!” said Rebecca C.

With that, the Rebeccas headed to their respective rooms to get changed.  About 20 minutes later, I thought I died and gone to heaven.  Rebecca C was wearing a tight and very short blue dress with spaghetti straps.  Rebecca P was wearing a slightly longer and looser black dress with a V-shaped neckline.  It really showed off her amazing cleavage!

“I’m going to be the envy of every man there!” I said.

“Why is that?” asked Rebecca C.  As if she didn’t know.

“I’m going to walk in with a drop dead gorgeous lady on each arm!”

“Oh you charmer!” said Rebecca P.

“You clean up pretty well yourself, Dan!” said Rebecca C.

We headed downstairs.  The limo was waiting for us.  The restaurant seated us in a secluded booth.  It was a Dan sandwich!  A beautiful woman on either side of me!  Dinner was out of this world!  Wine, food, dessert and 2 hands rubbing my thighs!  We paid the bill and headed back to the hotel.

In the limo, the Rebeccas took it to the next level.  They started making out with each other!  It was a sight to see!  I came back to earth and realized that our driver was watching everything. I closed the divider, apologizing to him.  Rebecca C broke her kiss to say thank you.  She then got on her knees and stuck her head under the other’s dress.  I wasn’t able to see what was happening down there, but Rebecca P was moaning louder and louder towards an orgasm.

“Keep going Bec!  I’m soooooo... AHHHHH!!!”

Becca (P) was laying there smiling.  Bec (C) pulled her head out.  Her face was covered in cum.  She got back on the seat, grabbed a handful of my cock and kissed me.  Becca sure tasted sweet!  We got back to the hotel and quickly headed up to the suite.

“Wow!  That was...”  I tried to say.

“That was nothing compared to what we’ve wanted to do to you!”  Interrupted Bec.

“Go to your room.  We’ll be there shortly.”  Added Becca.

I headed to my room and quickly undressed down to my boxer-briefs.  About ten minutes later, the Rebeccas entered my room.  My mouth fell open!  The two of them struck a pose before passionately kissing each other.

Becca looked at me and said “I take it you like what you see?”

She was standing there see-through red teddy and stockings.  I could only nod my head up and down.

“Becca, I think that means yes!”

Bec was wearing the skimpiest black lace bra and thong.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I was drooling.  They both climbed on the bed, Becca on my left and Bec on my right.  They leaned over me and made out again.  Bec broke the kiss, looked at me and then my cock.

“Judging by the tent in his draws, I think Dan is feeling left out”

“Sorry Dan.  We’re all yours.  What would you like us to do first?”  asked Becca.

“Um... How about the two of you undress each other?”

With that said, they began to seductively undress each other.  They then turned to me and began yanking at my underwear.  My cock is only about six inches long, but it’s pretty thick.

“Ok Dan.  We’re all naked.  Now what?”  Asked Bec.

Looking at Bec, I replied “You did an awesome job of making Becca cum in the limo, but you and I haven’t cum yet.”

Bec got on top of me in a 69 and started sucking my cock.  Becca and I took her queue.  I began to eat Bec out, while Becca joined Bec in sucking my cock and playing with my balls.  What a feeling it was to have two mouths and four hands touch me down there all at the same time.  I was getting close and apparently so was Bec, as she was focusing on her own pleasure.  It wasn’t long before Bec came hard and squirted all over my face.  As unexpected as that was, it set off my orgasm into Becca’s mouth.  The two of them shared a passionate kiss above my cock.

“Bec, you never told me you were a squirter!” said Becca.

“That was the first time in a long time that I have squirted.  Sorry Dan.”

“Sorry for what?!  That was awesome!  It’s always been a fantasy of mine!”  I said.

“Well then... Your welcome!”

“Ladies, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to rinse off my face.  Don’t do anything without me!”

A couple minutes later, I returned to find them in a 69.  Becca was on top.  I had a perfect view of Becca’s fine ass and pussy!  I walked over to them and made eye contact with Bec.  She grabbed my cock and lined it up with Becca pussy.  I grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in.

“Oh!  Mmmmm!”  Moaned Becca.

I started fucking Becca faster.  Bec started fingering Becca’s ass.  We were going at for about ten minutes.  Becca’s pussy was almost form-fitting around my cock.

“Becca keep working my clit!  I’m so close to cumming!”

I chimed in “Me too Becca!  Your pussy is amazing!”

“Dan, cum in my ass!”

Bec pulled her fingers out of Becca’s ass and I pulled out of her pussy.  I pushed in until my cock head was almost in and pulled out.  I repeated the process again and was pushing in again when Becca said “Stop teasing me and fuck my ass!” as she slammed back against my cock.  I was now all the way in her ass.

“How badly do you want me to cum in your ass?  Maybe I’ll keep my cum for Bec!”  I said.

I got my answer my answer when she started working her ass muscles and tightened her grip on my cock.

“Ok, Ok!”  I said.

Just as I started fucking Becca’s ass, Bec came hard.

“Thanks Becca!  That was amazing!”  With that said, Bec went back to eating Becca’s pussy.

“Keep going you two!  I’m close!” Becca said, just moments before she came.

She stiffened up, which set me off.  Spurt and spurt of my cum went deep into Becca’s ass.

“So Dan, don’t ya wish you had visited long ago?”  Asked Bec.

“Hell yeah! But we ain’t done yet!  I haven’t fucked you yet!”  I replied.

“We have lots of time this summer for that!  I’ll be right back.”  Becca said.

I got under the covers with Bec.  A few minutes later, Becca joined us under the covers.  We all fell asleep together.

I awoke the next morning alone in bed.  I walked into the bathroom to pee and heard some noises coming from my shower.  I looked over and saw the two of them making out in the shower.

“You couldn’t wait for me?!”

“No, we figured you were tired.”  Becca replied.

“Any room in there for me?”

“Plenty, but we’re just about done in here.”  Bec answered.

“Are you ready for round two?”  Becca asked.

“Hell Yeah!”

I watched the two of them dry each other off.  Bec and I started making out on the bed, while Becca disappeared.  Bec was on top of me.  She lined up my cock with her pussy and sank down.

“Mmmmmmm!  Becca was right your cock feels amazing!”

We started fucking.  Hard to imagine a better feeling than Becca’s pussy or ass, but I had found it!  We had a good rhythm going when Becca finally returned.  She was wearing a strap-on dildo.

“Hey Bec!  How about Dan and I fulfill a fantasy of yours?”  She asked while walking up to the bed.

“Which one?”

“The one where Dan and I fuck your pussy and ass at the same time.”  Becca replied.

“You had to ask?”

Bec and I stopped fucking for a moment.  Becca grabbed the rubber cock and guided it into Bec’s ass.

“Oh my God!  This feels awesome!  Both of you start fucking me NOW!”

We did as we were told.  We quickly developed a steady rhythm.  Bec was in ecstasy.  I found it hard to believe, but this was the first time Bec had tried double penetration.  I was kind of honored to be part of her first time.

“I’m cumming!”  Bec tried to say.  It sounded more like “I’m cu....”

“I’m close!  Where do you want my cum?”  I asked.

“She’s on the pill.  You can cum in her pussy!”  Becca responded.


She managed to shake her head yes.  I let my cum squirt all over the inside of her pussy.  Becca pulled out of her ass and Bec rolled off my cock.  Becca took off the dildo and went to work on Bec’s cum filled pussy.

“My cock could use a cleaning too Becca!”

“Don’t worry Dan.”  Becca replied.

Bec came again.  She was exhausted.  Becca turned to me and began cleaning my cock.

“Sorry Becca, I don’t think I’ll be able to cum again.”

“That’s ok.  You and Bec rest up.  I have some school work that needs to get done.  I’m going to go get dressed and head into the school.  I’ll meet you later for dinner.”

Bec and I fell asleep spooning.  My cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

It was an awesome summer!  The Rebeccas took me to see all the sights of the city and of course, I got to see more of their kinky side!  As Bec had her work and Becca had summer classes to teach, I got to spend some time with them individually.

By the end of the summer, Bec and I had fallen in love.  I requested a transfer to Texas so we could continue our relationship.  It’s been eight months and Bec and I are still dating.  Becca has since met a guy of her own.  We make quite the foursome!  ;)