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Summer Sex Fantasy

JacobD92 on Sex Stories

It was the beginning of June and everyone is out for summer break and people that worked were going on vacation. You had a house that had a swimming pool and I also lived down the road from you.
It was was a warm day on a Saturday. I felt like swimming and didn't want to go to the pool. And I know you wouldn't mind if I came over to cool off in the heat. So I asked and you told to come on over because you said you were going to tan.
I walked over and knocked on your door and you answered it. I came in and you were finishing up cleaning a few things in the house and doing some of your laundry. You said "Jacob you can go out and cool off in the pool, I'll be out there in a few after I throw my laundry in the washing machine and my other laundry in the dryer." And I said "Alrighty I'm going to jump in now."
I had already had my swimming shorts on under my gym shorts. I was wearing my spandex jammers I got when I swam for the high school. They are like shorts down to my knees but tight and full spandex. They make my butt look nice and if I had a erection it shows. So it's embarrassing..
I jumped in and it was nice and cold. Not to cold that it's freezing but cold where it feels nice in the pool on a hot summer day in Arizona. While I was swimming you were done with switching out your laundry and then you went into your room and changed into your new bikini. You had a bright pink two piece bikini. The top was pink and had a matching bottom. You then walked outside and towards the chairs. I turned to you and I was amazed how great you looked. You had your hair down and your sunglasses on with a towel and body oil in your hands. You said "How the water feel?" And I said "It feels amazing! It's just right!" You walked over to recliner chair and laid your towel down. Those bottoms you had on showed some cheeks and I was checking you out without you knowing. You then came to the stairs and went down to your waist and stopped and put your hair up in a bun. I had my sun glasses on and when you had your arms up fixing your hair your boobs looked amazing. And I couldn't believe I was checking you out and I couldn't help myself not to look but didn't want to feel like a creep.
You came all the way in and you were loving the temperature of it. You swam back and fourth in the pool. You got out and wanted to tan. I seen you sat down and started to rub the oil on you. And little after you said "Jacob? Hey can you do me a favor and put some of this oil on my back? I can't reach behind me and I want to make sure I get it all over my back and legs." And I said "Yeah sure!"
I got out and I walked over and you handed me the body oil. You laid on your stomach on the long reclined chair and I kneed down next to you on the ground. I was looking at your butt because it looked really nice. You said "Just poor the body oil on your hands and rube it all over my back. So I put some on my hands and started on your upper back, shoulders, and arms. Then I moved down your back as I made sure to get every spot till the top of your butt. And you then said "Go ahead and get my legs to Jacob." You kind of split them a little so I could get the inside of your thighs. I was loving this. Your skin felt so soft on my hands. I never thought I'd be rubbing body oil on such an attractive lady. Yet I didn't see this coming at all. I rubbed oil all over your legs and went slowly up your smooth sexy legs from the ankles up to mid thigh. It felt good to you but you didn't know how much I was enjoying this. After I got you all oiled up you said "Okay that should be good Jacob, thank you." And I said "Your welcome."
You laid there and tanned and I went inside to get something to drink and eat. You didn't mind if I made a sandwich. I then went to the restroom to take out my contacts because I felt a headache from them. And the only bathroom was okay to use was yours in your room because you were getting the tile redone in the other bathroom. I went in there and was messing with my contacts. I happened to see your clothes you just had on when I came over before we went swimming. Your purple bra and lace booty short panties were on the towel rack behind me on the wall. I kept looking at them was like amazed how sexy they were and that you wear them. I wanted to hold them.. So I went out by the back door window to see if you were still there tanning. And you were still. So I quickly ran back to the bathroom and shut the door a little just enough to have a little crack in the door if I hear you opening the back sliding door.
I looked at your bra and panties and picked them up. They felt nice and soft especially the bra. Then I looked at your bra size and you are a C cup size. But your boobs look bigger. So I probably isn't really your actual size. But I didn't care because they are big no matter what. You always showed amazing cleavage every time I seen you. I then smelled the bra and inside the cups of the bra and it smelled so good. The smell of you is so nice. I peeked through T the crack to see if you came in yet and you haven't yet. I then looked at the panties and my goodness I couldn't imagine you wearing theses because you would look so sexy. I put the panties to my face and to a long slow sniffed and I got so turned on. You smelled so good. The smell of your pussy smells so good. I was getting Horney and i could see that my cock was getting big in my spandex. I continued to sniff your bra and panties. I then pulled my jammers down and sat down on the toilet and started to stroke my cock that was hard. I was thinking about you while I was jacking off. I was in the moment and wasn't paying attention to anything but the panties and bra and you in my mind. And I wasn't trying to hear if you were coming in the house. A good 15mins pass by and I'm still in there jacking off. You come in and I don't hear the door at all over my little moans. You see I wasn't in the table eating. So you come to your room. You hear a noise and wonder what's that coming from. You follow the sound and it leads you to the crack door to your bathroom...
You peek through the crack and you can see me sniffing your panties and and my other hand stroking my hard cock and moaning. You eyes got big and your jaw dropped and was shocked. You wanted to go in and yell but you turned and leaned against the wall and was confused and thinking what the hell was I doing. And then you heard me moaned your name "Oh yes Victoria." And you turned back and looked through the crack of the door and still seen me jacking off. Now you knew who I was thinking about while I was jacking off. You were shocked that I was thinking of you, you might of thought I was thinking of someone else maybe like my age but I wasn't. And you kept looking at my hard young cock and you were flattered I was masturbating to you. You begin to like what you saw. You thought I had a nice looking cock and balls. Like 5 mins pasted and I was still moaning and all of a sudden I said "Mmm Ima cum, oh.. Ohhhhhh!" And you seen cum shooting out of the head of my cock. It went all over me on my lower stomach. You didn't think I would go that far and cum but I did. I noticed I was a mess so I put your bra and panties back on the towel rack and I jumped in the shower. You didn't want me to catch you looking at me so you went into the kitchen and acted like you never seen anything.
I got out the shower and then got dressed and came out. I seen you making you making something to eat and came over and said "Hey Victoria I took a shower to get the chlorine off me." And you said "Oh okay that's fine." But in your head you were saying "yeah and that cum all over you from jacking off to my panties."
I went and grabbed my stuff and told you I was going to go back home before my parent got home. You gave me a hug by the door and you swore you felt something poking your thigh and it was my erected cock. But you just didn't say anything. I left and you shut the door and you were thinking how I still had a erected penis still after jacking off. You went to the bathroom and wanted to change. You went to put your bra on and then grabbed your panties. You noticed it was a little wet. You looked and it was a white spot. You knew what it was. It was some of my cum from be ejaculating. And some of it must of got on your panties. You kept looking at it and imaging of what you just seen me doing like 40mins ago. You went to smell it and you liked the smell of it. Then you put it in your fingers and rubbed it in a circle motion with the finger tips. And it was slippery and thick. And all you wanted to do next was taste it so you put more on your finger and sucked it off your finger tip. You said "Mmmm this taste so good." And you tasted some more. You then went and put them in your dirty laundry so they could be washed. Then you went and changed in to different clothes. And that was the end of the day..
It was in the middle of the week and you came home from work and was tired because it was a busy day and you felt stressed out. You were alone and you made you something to eat for dinner. After you ate you went and laid on the couch and started watching tv. You found a romantic movie and a sex scene come on and it got your attention really bad. You began to think about what I did when I came over to swim on the weekend. You were getting turned on from the scene in the movie. You started touching your body and moving your hands on your boobs and squeezing them. You then moved down between your legs and you were wet. You couldn't help but think about what you seen me doing and also what you seen, my hard young cock. It was perfect to you. You then slide your hands down over your panties and messaged your clit in a circular motion. It felt so good for you. Then you moved your panties to the side and messaged your clit more and you could feel how wet you were with all your juices. Your lips were nice and wet. You closed your eyes and imagine me sliding my hard cock inside you slowly as you slide your fingers inside you. You gasp with air and moaned. You then pulled your fingers out and sucked on them slowly and tasted your pussy juices and it tasted so good. You put your fingers back in and messaged and fingered yourself and imagining if I was fucking you. You pleasured yourself for a good 20mins and zoned yourself out from the movies on tv because all you were thinking about was me and you. You did this till you made yourself cum. You moaned my name as you were cumming. And after that you couldn't imagine how it would really be like if we had sex. You wanted to go lay in bed so you turned the tv off and went to your bedroom and laid down on your bed. You Laying there all wet from a intense orgasm. You then fell asleep.
Friday came and I texted you in the evening asking if I could come over the next day to come swim again. And you said yes. Around Saturday on a sunny day I came over and knocked on the door. You walked over and seen it was me through your window. You opened the door and had me come in and gave me a hug. We got the kitchen and I said "Man it's hot outside I bet the pool is going to be nice!" And you said "Yeah it is but you I forgot to clean out the pool. The dust storm last night blew a bunch of leaves in the water." And I said "Oh no worries I'll get the screen net and get them out before I jump in." And you said "Oh yes thank you that would be helpful." So I went out the door and you watched me by the outside table. I took my shirt off and then I pulled my shorts off and I had my swimming jammers on. You bit your lip when you seen them because you seen my bulged I had but you could barley see it. But you knew what I had under the spandex shorts I had on and you liked it. And you liked how my butt looked in them. You then went to your bedroom and changed into your bikini. You put on a black top that had like little tassels at the bottom of the top. And the bottoms were black as well and showed your booty really good. You looked at yourself in the mirror and fix your hair and put on some light colored pink lipstick and also you fixed the top of your bikini so your boobs looked nice and sexy. And made sure your butt looked good. You looked at yourself and seen you looked sexy and took a deep breath. You were going to confront me of what you seen the week before but wanted to do more. You walked out grabbed your towel and body oil. You came to the back door and seen me cleaning the pool still. You walked out and came to the table and I looked over and seen you. I was like good god because you did look sexy. But I made sure I didn't show it. You walked to the steps in the pool and said "It looks a lot better Jacob, thank you for getting all the leafs out of the pool." And I said "yeah no problem. I think I'll get a few more out then I'll get in."
And you started to walked in the pool down the steps slowly. The water felt nice and you went all the way in. You kept checking me out in my swimming shorts. You were looking up at me and staring at my couch area and liked what you seen. But I couldn't tell that's what you were looking at because you had sun glasses on. I was finishing up and you got out and went over to the table you had out in the sun. It was a stone table you had built and that's what you usually lay on when you want to tan on. I ran and did a flip into pool in the deep end. And it felt really nice. I was in there for 10mins and was cooled off. I looked over to you and you said "Want to do me a favor again Jacob?" And I said "Body oil?" And you laughed and said "Yes, please hahaha." While I was swimming to the steps you laid down on your stomach and was ready to confront me about what I did.
I was walking up to you and said "Alrighty body oil time." I grabbed the oil and you said "Get all of my back and legs." And I was amazed of what I was looking down at. Your back and booty and those legs looked so sexy. I slowly poured the oil on your back and on my hands. I gently started on your shoulders and arms. You loved the feel of my hands rubbing you down. I then started to go down more and you reached behind you and you untied your top. I took my hands off you and you said "I don't want no tan lines." And I was whoa in my head. So I continued down to the middle of your back. You were enjoying it. I moved to the other side of the table and your head was turned to the side I was on. And right there you were so close to my crouch. You could see it was getting bigger. So you knew I was getting a hard on. And you smiled and but your lip. And I was getting turned on. It's so sexy running an older attractive lady down. I was making sure I wasn't forgetting any spots.
You then said "Thank You for this Jacob. It really helps a lot." And I said "Anytime Victoria I don't mind doing this for you." And you smiled. You said "Have you ever rubbed tanning oil on a older girl before?" And I said "Actually no you are the first I ever done this with."
And you said "Oh really well I'm glad I'm the first."
And then moved down to end of the table by your feet. I was looking down your smooth sexy legs up to your bikini that was going up your butt cheeks. My cock was growing but I had to control it because if I got a full hard on you could definitely see it in my jammers. I got the oil and poured a line down both legs toes to thighs. I started on one legs and rubbed the oil all over and was slowly rubbing my hands from your ankles up to your thighs. You loved the feeling of it and especially when I went on the inside of your thighs almost close to your crouch area. Then I moved into the other legend did the same. After I was down with them you wanted me to get your neck. So I went up front of the table and your head was evenly to my budge. You looked right at it and was saying oh my god in your head. I got the oil and got your neck and kind of pushed my thumbs into your skin like a massage. And you said "Oh that feels good."
After that you said "Jacob would you want to get my front. I didn't do it in the house, I'm sorry if I'm asking for to much."
And I said "Yeah sure I can do that." You turned over and was hanging onto your top so your boobs wouldn't fall out. I couldn't help but look at them. Your head was right there by my crouch area. You were looking up at me through your sun glasses and could see my bulge popping out more. I started on your arms and then moved to your shoulders. And the closer I got to your boobs I was getting hard. I couldn't control myself and I couldn't stop looking at them.
You said "Jacob is there something going on in there?" And I said "In where?"
And you said while reaching over touching my crouch "In here."
My heart started racing and I felt embarrassed at the same time. "Oh god I'm so sorry Victoria!!"
And you said "No no don't be sorry.. It's okay Jacob. I've been watching you this whole time and you seem like you can't keep your eyes off my boobs and my butt."
And I said "Victoria I'm really sorry."
And you said "Jacob I said it's okay stop being scared. What if I told you I wore this bikini that showed off my boobs and butt more than any other bikini I own on purpose." And I said "Really you planned on wearing this today?"
And This is were you got me.
You Said "Yes ever since I walked in my room last weekend and seen you were jacking off to my bra and panties.. and was thinking of me."
I stood there shocked and said "Uhh.. Uhh.. What are you talking about?" And you said "Oh don't play no games with me. I seen you Jacob. And I know you were jacking off to me because I heard you moan my name and plus when you cummed it got all over my panties."
I said "Victoria okay yes but please for the love of god don't tell anybody. Please. I'm so sorry."
And you said "Jacob I'm not going to tell anybody. It's our secret. The reason why I wanted to tell you is because I'm actually flattered by this.. Can I ask you something?" And I said "Wait you are flattered? And yeah sure."
You said "Yes I'm really flattered and since you were thinking of me, Do you think I'm attractive and are into older women?"
And I said "Victoria please keep this between us, yes you are really attractive to me. You are so sexy. And I do have a thing for older women. It's a fantasy of mine. But I never thought I'd be telling a older lady this in my life."
And you said "Jacob I'm so flattered you think that about me. I'm not going to lie.. What I saw you doing last week in my bathroom was surprisingly a turn on for me." and you started touching my bulge and feeling my cock that was growing slowly. And you were smiling looking up at me and biting you bottom lip. I said "Oh Shit I can't believe you are touching me there." And you said "Well is it okay if I can touch you there?"
And I said "Well yeah you already are so go ahead."
And you said "That's a good boy."
You then slowly pulled your top off and tossed it to the side and saying "Now I'm sure you'd want to see this huh Jacob?" And I was amazed of what I was seeing. I said "Oh my god your boobs look so nice Victoria. I've always wanted to see them." And you grabbed my hand and placed it on your boob and it was more than handful and they felt so big and soft. My mouth was open like I was shocked because I was grabbing your boob. I then then squeezed it and it felt nice for you. You liked it. I was right above you so when you looked up at me you seen my bulge right above your forehead. I then then grabbed your other boob in my other hand and had both of your boobies in my hands. It felt so amazing. I then grabbed the oil and poured it slowly on your boobs. And I began to massage those nice boobs of yours with the oil and making them all slippery. I'd go from the bottom of your boobs and squeeze them all the way up to your hard nipples and pinch them lightly. You loved it and was hanging onto my hands and I kept repeating that. I kept playing with your boobs and I was getting so horny. You noticed the shape of my head on my cock was visible through my spandex shorts. Like not completely visible but you can see the outline of my hard cock in my shorts. And you definitely were liking what you were seeing above your forehead. You said "Hmmm I like what you have going on in there Jacob."
And I said "I'm so hard right now Victoria. Never thought I'd be doing this with you right now."
You said "Mmm well Jacob I won't tell no one if you don't tell no one. And I know I'd like to see it."
And I said "I won't tell a soul Victoria. I promise you that. And I'm comfortable if you would want to see it."
And you smiled and said "Okay"
So I let go of your boobs and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down slowly. You eyes were staring right were my cock would be at. And you started to see the shaft of my cock and then it flung out over the top of your forehead and my balls were hanging right under my cock. You said "Oh my Jacob. Looks at that, you have such a nice looking cock. It's so perfect!!." And I said "Thank you Victoria. I feel confident with what I got. I don't brag about having a big cock or anything like that."
And you said "Oh Jacob don't worry you have a really nice one! It's not to big or to small. It's just right!"
I said "Well I'm glad you like it Victoria." I then walked to the side of the table and was in your left side. My cock was by your boob. You were amazed of what I had. It was hard and you loved the shape of my penis head. You grabbed it gave a it a nice squeeze and it felt so good in your hand. I moaned a little. I said "Victoria my cock is so sensitive so anything like that feels really good." And you said "Mmm good to know!"
And then you started to stroke it nice and slow and it felt so good. I couldn't believe this is happening. Then you pulled me closer and you rubbed the tip of my head of my cock on your hard nipple and it felt nice. After you did that for a few second you turned it to your mouth and kissed my throbbing head. I said "ohh yea" and I thought I was about to get a blow job from you but just teased me. You smiled and said "What?" And I said "I thought I was about to get a blow job." And you smiled and said "Hmmm yeah I'd loved to suck you cock Jacob. But.." And I said "But what?" You said "But I'd rather do it inside.. In my room. Come on come with me Jacob. You are in for a treat." And you ran your finger tip from my balls and up my shaft of my cock and then got up to stand up. You were right in my face and you pulled me closer and kissed me. And then reached and grabbed my cock and turned and started walking by pulling me behind you from my cock. I then watched your nice booty jiggle in that sexy bottom bikini you had on. We got into your room and to let go of me and crawled up on your bed and laid down on your stomach with your head at the end. You told me "Come here Jacob." So I walked over and I stood there. You were level with my cock and you slid your finger tip from my balls to the head of my cock and then tilted it up a little and kissed it. You were teasing me more and laughing. Then you started to stroke it and began to massage my balls. It was feeling so good. Then finally you licked your hand to get it wet and you started to stroke it and it felt even better. You looked up and me and seen I was enjoying this. And right then I looked at you and you were looking at me dead in the eyes and licked the bottom of my shaft and up to the head and my mouth opened and body shook a little because it felt so good and to top it off you put it in your mouth and sucked on it. And I felt nothing like that before. And you continue to suck on it. Then you pulled it out while sucking still and it made that slurping pop sound. And you said "Mmmm your cock taste so good Jacob!" And I moaned and said "Oh yea I'm glad you like it. It's all yours Victoria." And you continued to suck it and started to suck it harder. After a few minutes my whole cock was wet from you sucking it. It looked so hot. I also ran my hands on both sides of your head to get the hair out of your face and I just held it there behind your head. I then started to pull your head toward me while you were sucking it. I then pulled your head and pushed my cock all the way in your mouth and thrusted a little and you gagged a little and it felt so nice and also you liked it. Then I let go of your head and you looked up at me and smiled and said "Mmm Jacob you naughty boy." I grabbed your head and then my cock with my other hand and said "Open your mouth." And you did and stuck out your tongue and I started to rub and slap my cock gently on it and then you grabbed it and put it in your mouth and start to suck it more. I felt like my legs were about to get weak and fall over. You then started to suck in my balls and stroke my cock at the same time and that felt so good. You sucked the left side of my balls and then the right side and then put my whole ball sack in your mouth and sucked them. I could feel your tongue moving around on my balls. And while you were sucking me more I reached over and grabbed your booty and slapped it. You then got up on your knees in front of me and I grabbed your boobs and played with them while we started to kiss. And then I reached and grabbed you booty and squeezed it. Then you pushed me back a little and then you reached over and grabbed the string on your waist for your bottom part of your bikini and pulled it and it came undone. And you let it go and it dropped. You were fully naked in front of me on your bed and looking so sexy. I watched you slid your hands down between your legs and started rubbing your pussy. And your shaved pussy looked nice and yummy. I pulled my shorts all the way off and came closer to the edge of the bed. And I kissed you again and held onto you and I said "Oh my god you look so sexy right now. My cock is so hard right now." And you grabbed it and said in my ear "Mmmm you are hard Jacob. I can't believe a young boy like you with a young hard cock likes a older women like me. I'm so flattered by that. It's such a turn on for me. Never thought I'd have someone young like you think of me in a sexual way."
And I said "I never thought I'd be standing here butt naked in front of the girl I fantasize about and be getting a blow job from. Talk about dreams coming true."
And you said "Hmmm your dream isn't true yet, Jacob."
And I said "Why you say that?"
And you looked at me and said "I want you to fuck me Jacob. I want to fulfill your fantasy."
And I said "Wait what? Oh wait I thought I was just getting a blow job and that's it?"
And you laughed and said "No you silly. How am I going to give you a blow job and not going to have sex. I mean oral is just the start."
And I said "Oh my gosh really? Well I didn't bring any condoms on me, do you have any condoms?"
And you laughed and said "No I don't have any Jacob. Let me ask you something Jacob. And be honest." while you were massaging my cock in your hands.
And I said "Okay what's that?"
You said "What's your fantasy of having a affair with an older women? Like what are the things you'd like to do with one than you wouldn't do with an girl your age?"
And I said "Well I've always had a fantasy of having sex with a with a older girl without a condom. Like either they can't have kids anymore or they are fixed. So if I end up cumming inside them they can't get pregnant. Or have that Precum. But also if they like it inside them then I'll cum inside them. And id love if I could keep going after I cum inside them because you know they can't get pregnant so we still could continue to have sex. But also the experience Victoria. I'll be honest with you I haven't had sex a lot. Only a few girls. And having someone that has experience is such a turn on. Someone who knows what they are doing and to give me a experience I'll never forget. That's why I have fantasies of older women. Plus they are horny to sometimes."
And you said "Oh wow Jacob.. Well I can tell you one thing. I am fixed and I love when a man cums inside me. It's a big turn on for me. So you won't need no condom Jacob. You can cum inside me as many times as you want. I'm going make your fantasy come true today. And I'm going to leave you with an experience you'll never forget."
And my mouth dropped hearing you say that. I didn't know what to say. I just kissed you more. And then I said "Well I haven't had sex in a while and you saying you have good experience I might end up cumming really fast. But I'll try my best to not to."
And you laughed and said "Don't worry Jacob. Cum as many times as you want I won't mind one bit."
And I said "Victoria you have no idea how amazing this is for me."
And you smiled and went down and spit on my cock and started to jack me off. It felt so good. Then I pushed you back slowly and I crawled on the bed on top of you and started to kiss you more. Then I kissed you on your neck and then moved down to your boobs slowly. I've been wanting to suck on your nipples for so long and I gently sucked it in my mouth and sucked on one of them and flicked the nipple in my mouth with my tongue. You loved it and said "Mmm yes that feels good." Then sucked it one more time and went to the other one. I loved your boobs so much. I put my face between them and you pushed them together and converted my face in them. They were so soft and juicy. All those cleavage days and I'm finally in them for reals this time. I then moved down more and kissed you all over your body and got down to your pussy. I couldn't believe how nice it looked and it looks wet. I scooted down more and you had your legs spread apart and you were massaging
Your Clit. I kissed you on your ankle and then slowly kissed you up your smooth sexy legs till I got to your pussy again. And looked at you and gently licked the bottom of your pussy up to your clit and you moaned and loved the feeling of it. I then spread your pussy lips and I slowly started to lick your pussy and it tasted so good with all your wet juices. Your head and eyes went back and moaned with pleasure. Then I sucked your pussy lips in my mouth and flicked them with my tongue. Then I moved up to your clit and began to lick and suck on it gently and that drove you crazy. You were leaning up on your elbows moaning watching me eat your pussy. Your body was twitching every time I was hitting the right spots especially your thighs were shaking. You said "Oh my god I think I might cum. Yes don't stop!" And I kept going. I then slowly slid my finger in your pussy and it felt so soft and warm and really wet. I began to finger you while I was lick your clit. And that's what made you ready to cum. Your body was shaking with pleasure and you were moaning. I kept going and all of sudden I heard you stop moaning but your body was still shaking and I looked up at you and you burst out "OH UM CUMMING JACOB!!..OHH OHHHH YES!.."
And you grabbed my head and held my face on your pussy and I kept going and was licking and sucking in all your cum juices and it tasted so damn good. You were squeezing my head with your thighs while I was still eating you out. Then after you stopped shaking I pushed your legs wide open and looked at you and slowly licked my tongue between your pussy lips and spreading them and up your clit and kissed it. I said "My goodness your pussy taste so good Victoria." And you said "Come here let me taste myself." And I went up above you and you grabbed my finger that I fingered you with and sucked and you said "Mmmm" and then kissed me and licked all your juices on my face. And I leaned up on my knees and my cock was resting right there on top of your pussy. You said "Put your hard cock inside me Jacob...Fuck me."
And I pushed the head of my cock up and down on your pussy lips by spreading them and they were wrapped around the shaft as I was going up and down. It was teasing you. And I rubbed the head on your clit to. You said "Jacob please put it inside me." And I then rubbed the juices on your pussy on my cock and then pointed it into your pussy and the head slowly went inside you. I said while pushing my cock in "Oh yeah it feels so good." Your eyes got wider as I went in because my cock felt so hard inside you. Held you at your waist and began to thrust slowly. And with every thrust I did it felt more and more amazing. Me and you were moaning a lot. You pulled me down to you and started kissing me as I was fucking you slowly. And I pushed me cock in harder and I went as deep as I could and you moaned a little harder and said "Oh Jacob you are so hard I could feel your whole cock inside me. It feels so good Jacob."
And it felt so nice hearing that from you. I just kept is at a slow speed for now and just kissing you all over your upper body. You had your legs wrapped around me. And you were hanging on to my waist and my butt as I went in and out of you. You said in my ear "How's my wet pussy feel on your cock Jacob. Does a wet pussy feel a lot better without a condom?" And I moaned "Oh Victoria I love how it feels. So so good!"
And I started to harder inside you with my thrust. You said "Yes fuck me Jacob!" So I leaned up and held onto your thighs and you held onto my sides and I started to fuck you faster. I looked into your eyes as I was fucking you and you were moaning with pleasure and was loving ever thrust of my cock going in and out of you. You boobs were going up and down as I was fucking you. And you could hear the sound of our skin slapping together. And you could feel my balls slapping onto you below your pussy. I kept fucking you and watching your boobs bounce up and down and squeezed them a few times. After a few minutes I could feel your legs shaking again and I said "Cum again for me Victoria." And you said "Mhmm you are going to make me cum again Jacob . Oh my god your cock feels so fucking good!" And I reached up and held onto your shoulder but then you grabbed my hand and put it in your neck and I held you down and put a firm grip on your neck and kept thrusting my cock at a fast speed and your moan started to get quiet and your body shaking while staring me in the eyes. All I could hear is my body smacking against you and a breath coming out of you as your body went up every time I went into you. And I said "Yess that it Victoria cum on my cock! Cum Victoria." And out of the silence you moaned "Oooooh JAAAA..COB! YES YES JACOB IM CUMMING!" And you grabbed the bed sheets moaning and then pulled me down onto you and I kept pushing my cock deep inside you while you were having your orgasm. Your pussy was so wet and I could feel it all over my cock. I got back up and then got on top of you by your boobs and put my cock between your boobs and pushed them together and started to boob fuck you and you sucked the tip of my head as I went up. Your boobs felt so nice around my cock. Then I got off and laid on my back and you went down and sucked my cock some more. It felt so nice. You were sucking all your juries off my cock and balls. And I said "Keep sucking it Victoria." And I held your hair up out of your face. And then you went all the way down on my cock to my balls and I could feel your tongue moving on my balls. My legs started to shake and it felt like my cock was in your throat but it felt so good and I said "Oh god Victoria..ooh." Then you pulled my cock out of your mouth and looked at me saying "Did that feel good?" And I said "That felt amazing!"
And you climb on top of me and was grinding your wet pussy lips on my cock. You said "Want me to ride your cock Jacob?" And I said "Yes please Victoria." And you grabbed my cock and slid down onto it and it felt so good going into you again. I grabbed your booty as you began to fuck me. Your boobs were bouncing up and down as you fucked me. And hear your booty clapping while you came down sounded sexy. The way you move your hips while you grind on me feels so good. And you leaned forward just enough so I could suck on those perfect boobs of yours. After you were fucking me for a bit I could see you were about to cum again. Your thighs were shaking and you were looking down at me moaning "Jacob..Ja..Jac..OH JACOBB! I'm cumming!" And as soon as you stop thrusting on my cock because you were cumming you leaned down onto me and I began to push my cock up into and it felt so wet from all your cum. You were holding onto me tightly while your orgasm was making you shake. And I ran my hands down your back to your booty and I slapped. You said "Your cock feels so good inside me Jacob. I can't believe I came this much already. I'm so horny right now!" Then I began to fuck you while you were on top of me still and you could feel my balls slapping you every time I went inside you. Then after that you leaned all the way back. You were still on top of me but your body was over my legs. You put your hands on my thighs and up on your feet with legs were wide apart. So I had a nice view of your pussy coming down on my cock while you fucked me some more. Watch my cock disappear into your wet pussy was so hot. I massaged your clit while you bounced on my cock. I said "You like my cock baby?" You smiled and said "Yess I love it!"
Then after that position for a while I said "Let me taste your pussy again Victoria." So you got on top me and I laid there as you slowly put your pussy down onto my face and I began to lick and suck that juicy pussy of yours as I looked up at you while you moaned. It taste so good. Then you got off and laid on your back and I grabbed my cock and slid it into you and started to fuck you missionary again. I had one of your legs up on my shoulder and held onto it tightly as I fucked you nice and deep. For a good 5 mins I then said "Oh Victoria I'm ready to cum." And you said "Oh my god yes, give me your cum Jacob! I want you to cum inside me Jacob."
And I was moaning "Mm want me to cum deep in you!"
And you said "Please cum deep inside my pussy Jacob."
I moaned "YEAH YEAH VICTORIA IM CUMMING OOO OOOHH VIC..VICTORIA!!" And you were moaning a lot to and you felt my hard throbbing cock shoot all my warm cum inside you. And you had your hand down between our legs holding onto my balls. You could feel it deep in you. And as I was cumming in you you wrapped your legs around me and held onto me. I was kissing you all over your neck. You looked at me and said "Mmmm I can feel all your cum inside me Jacob. You came a lot." And I said "It feels so good right now."
I leaned up and you held your legs apart and I pulled my cock out slowly and a bunch of my white cum came out. I was amazed and said "There is my first creampie." And you smiled and giggled and said "Mmm a thick creampie. Jacob it feels so good with your cum inside."
You then felt it with your fingers and slid your finger inside your pussy and pulled it out and had my cum on it. You then put in your mouth and sucked your finger clean and moaned "Mmmmmmm it taste so good. It taste just like the cum I tasted on my panties when you cummed on them Jacob." It was so hot seeing you do that. So I went to the right side of you and put my cock in your face and you sucked my cock clean of all the cum and juices from you. You said "Mmm your still hard Jacob." And I said "I know I'm so horny right now Victoria. Can I fuck you some more?" And you said "Yes of course Jacob! I want more!" And you sucked the tip of my cock just to make sure you got every last drop in my cock. Then I laid down again and you got on top of me but reverse cowgirl. I held my cock up and you slid down on it again. And your pussy was still all wet and full with my cum. But it made it feel good too. You went all the way down and grind on it a little in a circular motion. Then you started to bounce on it. You rode my cock for a little and then I wanted to take control and fuck you. So began to fuck you. I fucked you hard and somewhat fast and and you could hear me moaning and our skin slapping each other. You looked down and could see my balls slapping your pussy lips and clit and my cum running down my shaft of my cock to my balls. After that for a good several minutes I was ready to cum again. I said moaned out "Ooooh I'm cum again Victoria! Oh here it comes! OHH VICTORIA!"
And I pushed my cock up into you. And you said "Mmmm yes fill my pussy up again Jacob. I can feel it in me..mmmm."
And I cummed and filled you up again. And you where moving your hips in a circular motion while I was cumming and moaning. You laid back on me and I grabbed your boobs and squeezed them and kiss the back of your neck and said "Mmm that felt so good Victoria." And you said "You have no idea how good it feels having your cum deep inside my pussy Jacob. And I can feel your cock throbbing inside me."
You went up and squatted up and watched my cock come of your pussy and you could see my cum drip out of you onto my lower stomach and cock. And you said "Mmm look at all that cum.. Oh my there is so much!"
And I said "Hmmm what can I say you make me cum so hard Victoria." You went down and sucked my cock some more because you loved sucking it.
You laid down on your side and I got behind you and you grabbed my cock and put it back inside you. I slowly fucked you nice and easy as I held one of your legs up and the under arm under you and holding onto your boobs as I kissed you on your neck and ear. You massaged your clit and grabbed onto my balls a few times. Then after a while I picked up the speed and fucked you more deeper. Then after that I wanted to fuck you doggystyle. You turned over and sucked my cock a little more and then got on your hands and knees and looked at me and said "Fuck me till you cum again Jacob..nice and deep again. Please!" And I said "Mmm yes ma'am!" And you reached your hand back behind you through your legs and slid you finger into your pussy and then spread your lovely wet pussy lips and said "Right here Jacob. Put that hard young cock inside me." and also you could still see my cum all over your pussy. It was a little messy but it was hot and sexy still. So I got up close and my cock was just resting on your butt crack and I then slid my cock down to your wet lips and then slowly pushed it in till my balls were touching your pussy. Not only was your pussy feeling heavenly but also you body looked so sexy. Your booty and thighs looked amazing and your black hair going down to the middle of your back. Your skin felt so soft to. Everything was so perfect. You began to fuck me by pushing your booty back and forth on my cock. It felt so good and I was feeling a new spot inside you at this position. So I let you fuck me as I watched your booty jiggle as you came back on me. I slapped your ass a few times to. I reached up and grabbed your boobs and played with them while you were still fucKing me. Then I grabbed your hair and pulled it back and you arched back to me so you had your back against my stomach and You reached behind you grabbing my hips and looking back at me as I grabbed your boobs. I said "You like fucking my cock Victoria." And you said "Mmm yes I love it. It feels so good Jacob!"
And pushed you back down on your hands and elbows and slapped you ass and started to fuck you. I said "Rub that pussy Victoria while I fuck you."
And you reached back between your legs and messaged your clit and I began to fuck you nice and deep. I couldn't believe how great it feels and your smooth booty slapping against my body. I look down and I could see your pussy juices and my cum on my cock as it goes in and out of you. I was giving you everything I got in me and you yelled "OH FUCK.. YOU MAKING ME CUM AGAIN..OOH JACOB DONT STOP.. DONT STOP..YES.YES. YESSS!!" And your moan went quiet and all I hear is me moaning and our skin smacking . And then your moaned really loud "OOOOHHH JAAACOBB..JACC..OBBB!!" And I said "Yes there you that's it Victoria cum all over my cock baby. Yes just like that." as I was still fucking you at a slower speed but with deep thrust. And the orgasm was intense and me still fucking you you couldn't take the sensation of it anymore so you just leaned forward onto your stomach and my cock came out of your pussy and then I just laid on top of your and started kissing you and both of us were breathing heavy. And I slid my cock back into you and began to fuck you some more. I held you down on your stomach as I fucked you deep. And you said "Cum for me Jacob. Fill me up again!" And I said "Oh Victoria.. Get ready Ima cum!"
And I was moaning louder as I was about to cum. And then after a few thrust I moaned "VICTORIA IMA CUM! OOOH IM CUMMING!!" And I pushed my cock down inside and all my body weight so I could cum deep just how you wanted it. I was shaking as my cum was squirting into your pussy. I could thrust anymore because my orgasm was so good and amazing. And I was kissing your back and shoulders. And I slowly started to thrust in you more and then stopped. I pulled my cock out and then turned over and laid there on my back. And you turned over and seen my cock was hard and straight up with cum all over it. You couldn't help but suck it some more so you did. You made sure you got everything off of it. And I was so horny and while you were sucking it nice and hard I said "Oh my god don't stop Victoria, don't stop!" You could see my stomach tightening up and knew I was going to cum again. So you kept suck it and stroking it at the same time. And I said "Im cumming!" And you felt the cum coming up my shaft of my cock and squirting into your mouth. And you were still sucking the heck out of it. And I was moaning and couldn't keep still. It's like you had super sucking powers. You made sure you got every last drop that was in me. And it felt so good. You smiled and said "Now that was amazing Jacob. Let's go take a shower now and clean up." You got up and I was right behind you. But I wanted to go get my towel outside so while you got the water ready I went to get my towel. I came back in your room and into the bathroom and you were already in there. You seen me coming in and seeing me walk with my hard cock dangling between my legs. I got in the shower with you and we started to wash each other up with soap. Are wet bodies against each other was hot. And plus my hard cock was poking you every where. After we cleaned up we got out and dried off. We went into your room and got dressed in there. I watched you pick out your bra and underwear. I was still naked but I went over and looked what kind of underwear you had in your draw and said "Dang you have a lot of underwear Victoria. They look sexy to!" And you smiled and laughed and said "Yes I have a lot!"
And I said "Hmm let pick something out for you to wear."
And you said "Okay yeah go ahead and pick what you want me to wear for the day."
And I picked a red and black bra that looks sexy. And then I found a nice black thong.
And you were sitting there on the bed. I turned around and gave them to you. And you said "Oooh good choice Jacob. This is my newer bra I bought not to long ago."
And I said "Oh yeah well I made a good choice then!"
I sat down next to you while you put them on and was still naked. After you got them on you stood up and said "And there you go, how do I look Jacob?" And I said "You look sexy as hell Victoria. I think I might go for another round with you. Look my cock is still hard haha."
And I you laughed and said "I'm so flattered Jacob and I can see that. That cock is so perfect I swear!"
And I said "It's hard for you Victoria. Is it okay if I take a picture of you in that?"
And you said "Mmm well I'm glad I got ahold of it! And sure but don't show anyone the picture!"
And I said "I won't at all, it's a secret just as what we did."
So I grabbed my phone and you posed for me and took a few pictures. And then you pulled your boobs out over your bra and I took a few more pictures.
And then I got dressed and put my spandex shorts back on and you could still see my cock through them because I was still hard. You said "So Jacob, how was your fantasy? Was it how you imagined?"
And I said "Victoria you blew my mind away. It was more than I imagine. I can't believe a fantasy finally came true and not only that but with you. You are so attractive and sexy and what I've learned definitely naughty! I don't think I've would of done it with any other older women than you. You've gave me experience like no other. The young girls don't know what they are doing. Victoria I'm still speechless."
And you said "I'm glad I've fulfilled your fantasy and to be honest you are so young and handsome it was such a turn on for me. That day I seen you jacking off in my bathroom to my panties and bra and seeing that cock of yours I was shocked but turned on as well. I just had to get ahold of it Jacob. And I did and I loved it. And you cumming inside is a major turn on. You have no idea. And I bet you loved it as well. I told you were in for a treat and leave you with an experience you'll never forget."
And I said "I'm so amazed Victoria. You have no idea. Thank you for this sensational experience with you. I'm going to think about this day for ever now."
And you laughed and said "Yes indeed and who knows maybe you can come over another day when no one else is home. You can live out on another fantasy. But I swear this is only between us!"
And I said "No way! Of course Victoria. I won't tell a soul."
And you got up and went to the other side of your bed and picked up a pair of your panties and said "Here keep these. I wore them earlier today. They smell like me. You know how you were smelling the ones in my bathroom." And I smiled and said "Haha funny but yes okay I'll keep them. And they do smell like you."
Then you put in a tank top and some shorts on.
So we walked to the door and I gave you a hug and you gave me juicy kiss and I slapped your booty and then you grabbed my bulge and said "I had fun today Jacob."
And I said "I did to Victoria. Can't wait to come back again soon!" And you laughed and gave me another kiss. Then I walked out and walked home with a big smile on my face and feeling good and confident about myself thinking "Yeah I just had the time of my life". The End ;)

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