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The Office

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My assistant, Trish and I were chatting about random subjects and I don't remember just how the subject of navel rings came up.  After a couple of minutes she asked "have you ever seen mine?"


I of course had not seen it.  She smiled at me revealing a perfect row of white teeth when I laughed and said "not yet."  


My office was rather small and the desks were placed against the adjacent walls.  Our backs were normally to each other when were working but now we were turned toward each other while talking.  Trish stood up and leaned back against her desk only a couple of feet away from me  She simultaneously pulled the bottom her blouse up while pushing down the waistband of her slacks.


The hand holding her top was between her breasts and her slacks were pushed down to bikini level.  From my sitting position I had a direct view of the ruby stone framed by her flat belly.  It was obvious she was showing much more than was necessary.  I leaned closer and said "very nice."


Her auburn hair hung brushed the top of her breasts as she looked down at me.  I could see a hint of nipple through her bra and white top.  The navel piercing was an elongated ruby that dangled from the top of her navel.  I lifted the stone with my finger.  She arched her back, pushing her belly toward me.  I took this as an invitation and lightly slid my finger up and down the muscle arc on the left side of her stomach.  She gave a little murmur that wasn't quite a moan but was enough encouragement for me to take it a step further.


The zipper of her sacks was in the side along her left hip.  I traced a finger along the waistline until I reached it and managed to dig the pull out without too much fumbling.  She was looking down at me with a little smile and I watched her face while I slowly slid the zipper down.  Her hand was still pushing so as the pressure was released the waist of her slacks pushed further down.  Her thumb was hooked into her panties as well so as she pushed the top her mound came into view.  


I leaned forward and kissed her just below the navel.  She placed her hand on the back of my head and curled her fingers into my hair.   I pushed her top and bra up exposing her breasts.  I squeezed them lightly and took one of her nipples into my mouth.  She gasped as her hand pulled my head in tighter.  I took her nipple between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue.  She moaned and leaned toward me. 


Our office chats had strayed to sex on several occasions and from stories of escapades with her boyfriend I knew she like the man to take charge.  My impression was that Trish liked a man to be a little rough and forceful without actually hurting her.   I stood up and pushed her around so she was leaning across the desk.  Her round ass pushed up as she arched her back.  I pushed her slacks and panties down and and as I bent over I bit her ass cheek.  She gave little yelp and then giggled.


I straightened up sliding my right hand between her legs, using my left to open my belt and trousers.  She shook one leg free from her slacks and panties so her legs could spread.  When I slid my finger between her pussy lips I felt immediate wetness.  She move her hips in response as I rubbed her juices over her clit.  I was standing right behind her and she reached back between her legs searching.  I move forward until she could grasp my cock and she pulled me forward.  I removed my hand from between her legs and she guided me to her soaking pussy.  


I grabbed her hips and pushed in deep.  Her hips moved in a little circular motion while I held her ass tight against me.  I put one hand in the middle of her back and pushed her down on the desk.  With the other hand I smacked her on the ass.  She let out an appreciative moan so I knew I was on the right track.


"You like that?" I asked.


"Uh-uh," she answered.  "I've wanted this for a long time."


Her breathing was faster and a bit erratic.  Her hip movements  had shifted to a more up and down motion and were becoming more urgent.  I slowed the pace and ran my hand over her lovely ass, every once in a while giving it a little slap.  


I lowered myself back into the chair pulling her with me.  My trousers were down around my knees and hers were hanging from one foot.  She ground herself on my cock and I reached around with both hands to cup her breasts.  I pushed them together pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.  She moaned and leaned back against my chest.  I slid one hand down between her legs and used my middle finger to massage her clit.  She grabbed the arms of the chair and alternated pushing toward my finger and grinding back down on my cock.  Faster and faster until she let out a loud moan and I felt her body tense.  She collapsed forward catching herself on the desk and pulling my hand away from her pussy.


I rubbed her back and she took deep breaths interspersed with low moans.  Then she leaned back against me with a sigh.  "Now it's your turn."


She lifted off my cock and turned around, dropping to her knees.  She grasped the base of my cock with one hand as she ran her tongue around the head.  Then she slowly began stroking with her hand following it up and down with her mouth.  Her hand rotated slightly with each stroke and it wasn't long before I could feel the tingling lead in to an orgasm.  


"I'm gonna cum" I said.  She continued without pausing and about a minute later I pushed down on the chair arms, raising my hips in the air, and exploded into her mouth.  She pushed her head down taking me in deep while sucking me dry.










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