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Converting My Proper Wife Into A Black Cock Loving Whore Wife Part 1

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My names is George and I am 33 and my beautiful wife Jennifer is 32. I work at high stress law office and we sealed high contract deals worth millions. I had not sealed a million dollar deal in months and my bosses are beginning to wonder about me. Our standard of living very high and I would like to keep it that way.

Jennifer is a very beautiful woman and stay at home mom of two twin young boys. I call my wife Jen and she has long beautiful blond hair, all the way to her midback. Jen has the most beautiful green eyes and has a killer tight body with very long legs. When she wears high heels her long legs even look longer. I have gotten Jen to wears the most sheer bra and panties. Her bra and panties are so small they hardly cover her ass, her beautiful tight ass cheeks just hangout. She wears new designer short dresses and skirts and when I see her, if I no one is watching, I slip my hands up her dress and finger her pussy. I tell I want to see what your wearing.

When Jen wears a bikini I catch men staring at her, obviously how much they would like to fuck her.

While Jen acts real prim and proper in the public, but in the bedroom she is my lingerie model. She wears the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen. Jen will let me post photos on websites of her in very sexy lingerie and panties and no bra, but only if I blur out her face and a couple of tattoos she has on her midback and right ankle.

Jen and I have known each other since the high school and I popped her cherry when we graduated. At 20 years old we married and we both went to the same law university and graduated at the same time. I decided since I made quite a bit of money in my new job she could stay home and help me with my corporate law positon doing research for me.

Like some men, I have a fantasy of turning my very beautiful wife into a hotwife so I can share her with other men. I have had this fantasy when I found other young couples were sharing their wives and the idea intrigued me and always came to my mind. I have read some of the stories on the web and I know some are false, but I do try to contact some of the authors, most are honest enough to tell me if they are true or false. I have reading some forums to tips how to turn a wife into a hotwife.

The interracial websites interested me the most. I got erections watching real muscular black men taking real sexy white women like Jen and fucking them in whatever position they wanted to fuck them. The white women were very happy to get in whatever position their black lovers wanted. I was especially amazed seeing black men brutally fuck other men’s wives in their ass. Most of these black men had 12” or longer cocks and as round as beer cans and they turned the wives’ asshole into a huge a round hole.
These guys took their huge cocks and rammed them down the white wives’ throats. The wives always loved to spread their legs really wide so their black lovers could drive their full huge cocks in their pussy to the hilt. Sometimes even the husband would hold his wife’s legs to her shoulders while the black lover would slam the wife’s ass and pussy.

Some of the guys that were more domineering were the “gangster” types. The gangster type black men took over, just dominated and owned the wives and brutally fucked them like whores. In some of the videos I could see the husbands present urging black lovers saying, fuck the slut, fuck the whore, treat her like the whore she is!

A black lawyer friend and I were having some locker room talk and he told me, when given a chance to fuck another man’s wife, black men don’t make love, they take the wife and make her a total whore for other black men. Some black men are very “alpha male” and will take another man’s wife, make her a total slut for his huge cock. The guy will brutally fuck the white wife often, the wife no longer wants nothing but huge cocks. The wife will want his huge cock so much that when he tells the white wife to fuck his group of friends, she will say “yes”. What the wife did not know that he planned to turn her into a whore for groups of black men since the first day he fucked her. Most of times he has a group of friends another room, all ready. When the wife says “yes” he calls them so they can start turning the wife into a black cock whore, before she changes her mind. Usually the group keeps calls the husband that they will be keeping his wife for a few days so don’t worry, we are just going to fuck her and turn her into a black cock whore. The group call other guys to come and use the new cum dump. They get the wife to where she wants huge black cock all the time, they will start breeding the her. Every day from there on, one or two, maybe more will fuck the wife every day, even when she gets pregnant. Look around sometimes, white couples have black children. They say the adopted them and maybe that is true sometimes, but the usual thing is the wife loves to fuck black cock.

I always wanted to fuck Jen in the ass and she always said no, and she didn’t do blow jobs either. You are the only guy I have ever had sex with. You are the guy that popped my cherry when we graduated high school and the only one I had sex with in college. I will wear sexy clothes for you, but I just can’t go further than that, my parents raised a good girl. I left and went to my computer.

I joined a website that had many real stories from men all over the world, explaining how they successfully turned their wives into a hotwife. All of them warned, make sure this is what you want, because, once the wife starts fucking other men she will be spreading her legs often.

One guy wrote:
It is better to go to cheap hotels because sometimes black men will come to your house and they are there for one reason, not make small talk. They will immediately raise your wife’s skirt and take off her panties or tear them off that is if they let her wear panties. Black gangster type men are not there to make love, but to brutally fuck your wife. They will immediately lay her on the coffee table or couch and start eating her pussy. When he thinks she is hot, he will stand up and grab head by with a hand on each side and start ramming her mouth until he drops a load of cum down her throat.

“Alpha males” are very strong and are very heavy cummers. Most of these guys can keep fucking after they cum. After fucking your wife’s mouth he will spread her legs wide and start ramming your wife’s pussy, he will get your wife in a full scream. He will ask her several times, you like being a whore, don’t you? You like black cock? After about 5 minutes of ramming her pussy hard, she will give in and submit and probably say she loves black cock and she is a black cock whore. He will cum in her like a river of cum. He will flip her around and brutally ram her asshole, over and over again. She will be screaming and screaming and he will ask her do you want me to stop? She probably will say, no, fuck my ass harder! Now you know she is your wife, but all the fucking activity belongs her lover and his friends.

I said to myself, I was going to put the tips I learned to practice, now more than ever I wanted to turn Jen into a hotwife for “gangster” type black men.

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