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The Innocent Cousin Sister

rajesh01200 on Short Sex Stories

Hi friends iam rajesh , please forward your views to . sincerely i want

your suggestions for the better stories to be generated .

Let us get into the story not to disgust you anymore . Iam doing my in tajmal university at mumbai and my

life was going on graciously with my mom and dad . I always used to stand 1st in studies and managed

to get 1st or 2nd in class . I was taking my final year exams .On that day I went into bed early

to relieve the exam tension .

One day my mom received a phone call that a girl is coming to our house and persue her studies ,as

there are no better schools in their town . My mom accepted the request nicely with a smile on her face.

My dad too aroused with happiness . Even though i came to know a girl was Coming to our house , i acted

as if i dont' know anything and enquired whom was on phone . Mom said her name is pooja and in relation

she becomes sister for me . I was little dissapionted by hearing the word sister .I asked what she is doing.

i got to know she discontinued her 10th class and wanted to resume it here and she's gone come in 2 days.

The more sentimental part is she was an orphan .

"After two days"

when i was working on my laptop My mom came inside with a girl . She was Damn beautiful . I was amazed

with the unleashed beauty . She was very slim remainded me a top bollywood heroine katrina kaif . she

was very tall 5'8 and my self iam 5'6 . She was wearing white salvar kameez with medium sized

small breasts. I can see the nipple point even sitting at a third room in my house .

Her red lips with perfectly shaped nose , made me to stare at her . I never

thought i would be having such a beautiful young sister .

My mom called my dad and me for introducing her . My dad gave a shake hand , which i could not do as mom

was there . I adjusted my introduction with a smile on my face .

me: "hi pooja so you seriously wanna study here to get a state rank." could not hold my excitement .

pooja: "yes i definitely " with a smile on her cheeks and putting her head down .

And after that i went away . I dreamt her that night wearing a school dress and fucking me . When I woke up

in the morning my sperms were unloaded in my under ware . i generally prefer shorts while sleeping . I

quickly cleaned my shots so that no body notifies it . From there on wards she never made a chat with me .When

ever i see her , just i used to get a smile from her, nothing more than that . My life was just going like that .

"After 15 days "

After 15 days my mother again received a phone call to attend a marriage in other state . My mother asked

me whether iam coming to marriage . I simply rejected as i wanted to enjoy holidays .

My mother: "pooja are you gone come to marriage , ma.."

pooja: "no aunty ! I have exams in the next week "

My mother: "rajesh you look after pooja in helping her for a good score"

me:" yes i definitely do " i could not control my emotions .

pooja: "then whose going to drop me instead of uncle"

My mother: "rajesh will take care of it , dont worry"

pooja:"ok , aunty " she hesitated.

No body was there in the house except me and pooja . pooja used to talk less with me even though we are

alone in the house . I always used to play with the neighbours girl , who is studying 7th class . whenever i

watch movie she come and sit on my lap . I always enjoy that moment . I was not caring about pooja any

more . I had seen pooja feeling envy . After that day i was playing caroms with little girl ,then immediately

pooja interfered keeping her hands on my shoulders to strike a particular coin . She looked something

strange , the next day holding me tightly , when i was taking her to the exam . I always take advantage of

what i get . I was eagerly waiting for pooja to come from school . It was raining ,she was totally wet in that

white school dress . Because of wetness her undergarments were very much visible . Her skirt was sticking

on to her thighs . I can see large no of people starring at her . This time i was feeling jelous . The time we

reached the home i changed my clothes and sat to watch T.V . But pooja was with her wet clothes .

me: "how you wrote your paper pooja"

pooja:"very well , rajesh"

me: "how dare you to call me rajesh " i went after her .

she escaped from me going into the kitchen . Then i got her in the Kitchen tightly holding her from the back.

I raised her upto a certain height and i took her into the hall , where i watch t.v .

pooja: " please bayaa , put me down"

me: "i put you down only when you say sorry "

pooja: "no i don't " showing some attitude .

I was sitting on sofa immediately not to miss the opportunity , I turned her towards my thighs . I opened her

skirt and tapped hardly on her back , sometimes even pressing .


me:"haahaahaaaaaaaaaaa...haaa.....umm..umm.umm"feeling erotic

she was wearing white transparent under

wear . I tapped until it became red . I felt this is wonderful moment of my life . then i left pooja and unloaded

my sperms in the bathroom by means of master beating .

"Next day"

she became such a close to me that she used to sit on my lap , when ever i watch movies .

pooja:"bayyaa. iam scared about exams "

me:"dont worry pooja . you will do good " tightly holding her .

me:"you wanna eat some thing " i kissed on her neck.

pooja:"yes bayya "

me : "ok , i will bring some burgers and chips to you "

I returned back to the home forgot to take the keys of my bike . The door was locked .

me:"i wonder what this girl is doing inside"

when i watched from the window , she was master beating on her sexy school dress , keeping her finger

in the pussy . she was making different sounds .


pooja:" bayaa..fuck me..please fuck me ... put in my nice pussy"


when her argasm came out , she immediately cleaned with tissue papers and opened the door .

I cant believe , this sort of a girl the pooja was .

"after 2 hours"

when i came to home with eating stuff . she eat it all and again sitting on my lap facing towards me , looking

into my eyes.

pooja:"bayaa did you find solution for my afraidness"

me:" yes pooja" Immediately i lifted her up with my strong arms . Opened her skirt and started to lick her

pussy with my tounge.

me:"bayaa what ur doing "

me:"showing how to be bold "

I placed her on bed . Myself on knees .

I pressed her boobs with my left hand and tasting her pussy by inserting the finger in her pussy. Iam tasting

every part of her body taking from neck region , breast , waist to her foot .

pooja:"uhuh..ha..uhh..haa..ha.. please bayaa do like that "

"fuck this hot little chick , its all yours "

By this time my dick became strong . I tored her white under ware with an erotic feeling and placed my dick

into her nice young pussy . I was very happy to fuck a virgin , that too my dream girl .

pooja was shouting with pain as blood came out . she is getting a heavy doze for every second

me:"just wait for 5 min baby .. your pain will vanish"

pooja:" ha..ha...haaaaaa bayaa please i cant please remove it " crying aloud with pain .

I didnot care her words as i was in a good mood . when she tried to escape from me , i interacted my hands

with her hands so that she cant lift her both hands . I was doing it for about 7 min . As i felt my sperms are

ready to be unloaded , i quickly moved on to her face holding my dick with right hand and holding her neck

with other .

"Come suck it ..Come on you bitch " I aroused with erotic feeling.

pooja sucked my dick heavily .

"haaa..haaaaa....haaa....haaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I released my sperms in her mouth at a blasts .

"thank u baby....thanku very .." said feeling relaxed and exhausted .

By this time pooja was on her bed . I slept on the bed along with the pooja and said "is it good pooja" .she

didnt even reply and she was neither breathing , pooja was dead . I cried aloud , this happened

because of me..iam sorry...iam sor...iam .. iam sorry pooja . I started to swet and could not bear this happe-

ned because of me . What if my mom notifies me . Definitely she would kill me , i cried a loud "oh my god"

keeping future consequences i buried her body

a far distance from the town , with out being notified by anybody.

I could not sleep that night , as the naughty little girl came into my dreams saying "bayaa i wanted to get

state rank"

I could not stop my cry as i killed orphan

When i got up i was in my bed with books aside .

My mother : "beta your getting late for your exam"

me:" what , but what about pooja mom "

My mother: "who is pooja beta , did you had any bad dream . Come on you have to hurry . otherwise they

dont allow you to write exam"

In the way of exam a nice school girl came into my way , when i asked her what she wanna become. she


"bayaa i wanna get state rank" . It surprised me and scared me too .

I felt very happy as it was bad dream . Then onwards iam little bit scared to talk with girls ..

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