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Fathers Day Story Contest Winner........................Just Fuck Me

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apologize for being so late. I had become preoccupied. Since the night
is nearly over, I figured I'd at least post something, so here goes:

Just Fuck Me

My attitude had changed after that night. The night my father stripped
me of my virginity, and I became his personal fuck toy. My attitude had
changed drastically. I didn't fucking care anymore. I didn't care about
anything anymore. My name is Heather. I'm 16, and I live with my
father, mother and my 2 brothers, Eric and Cain. It was a Saturday
night when it happened. It was all so fast. Mom had gone out. Eric was
18, and almost never at home. Cain was over a friends house. I was home
alone with dad. My body wasn't all that glamorous. I was slim or toned,
but I had quite a luscious ass for a girl my age, and a white girl at
that. My tits just barely fit a C-cup. I was in my room playing music,
it had to be at least 10 0'clock at night. I laid on my bed, listening
to the stereo, drowning myself to sleep when my bedroom door creaked
open. My eyes were closed, and I didn't even pay attention to my dad
standing over me. It wasn't until I felt his body on top of mine that I
knew he was there. I screamed for him to get out, and leave me alone,
but he refused. He was stark naked lying on top of me, and he started
to rip way my clothes. He ripped down my t-shirt, freeing my naked
breasts. He sucked, licked and nibbled on them while shoving a groping
hand down into my panties, and stuffing two vingers into my virginal
cunt. I struggled to push him off of me, but to no success.

He finally gripped my pajama bottoms down my legs, and revealed my
shapely figure. This was wrong on so many levels, but I couldn't get
over how glamorously, unbelieveably sexy I was with him lying on top of
me. I tried to avert my eyes, but they caught sight of my dad's 8 1/2
inch dick, and it was aiming straight for my hole. To scream now would
be useless, dad had already gone this far. It was obvious he wasn't
prepared to stop. He slowly slipped his raging hard prick inside my
tight wet cunt, and broke my cherry. He stopped for a second, to let
the blood leak out, and to allow me to adjust to his intrusion. Once I
did, he pumped in and out of me like my pussy belonged to him. He
continued to swallow my breasts in his mouth as his cock continued a
furious pounding on my young pussy. I refused to scream now, because
the only sound that would come out were moans.

As much as I despised him now for doing this to me, I couldn't believe
how great it felt to have this large cock inside of me, pleasuring me.
Dad spread my legs wide, and continued to fuck me. His balls were
smacking against my ass as he fucked me harder and harder. God, I hated
him. I hated him with every fiber of my bones. I hated him for taking
my virginity. I hated him for raping me, but most of all, I hated him
for making me like it. The fact that his cock felt like it belonged in
my pussy made me feel worse. Fucking bastard. I could feel my pussy
tighten, and a rush of orgasmic ecstacy flooded me. Dad had made me
cum. I saw the hideous smirk on his face. He enjoyed the fact that he
could make his daughter cum. And he did. Then he did it again, and
again, and again. His smile didn't fade. And after my fifth orgasm, I
finally felt my father's sperm fill up my pussy. He shot load after
load inside me. His intent was obviously to get me pregnant. Fuck it, I
don't care. Not anymore.

Dad's cock started to shrink. I wanted this torment to end, but at the
same time, I wasn't sure if I was ready for his cock to leave me yet.
"No Dad, more." I whispered softly almost against my will. The smirk
returned to my fathers face, and it was almost as if his cock just
grabbed a second wind. He began to plunder my pussy again unmercifully.
He had a vice grip on my tits as he struggled to shove his cock deeper
and deeper into me. The further back, the easier it would be to
impregnate me. It didn't take long before his cock started spurting
it's hot, thick, incestuous semen up my well-fucked, once virginal
cunt. Dad pulled out of me, and went to his room to retrieve his
clothes. I laid there naked, feeling strange, and unusual. It was no
doubt that my attitude would be completely different.

After that night, it seemed like I came out of my room a completely
different entity. There was a slutty, unforgiving, dominance written on
my face. For weeks after, my father would continue to fuck me. His
raging cock pulsing sperm into my pussy, and filling me with his love
child. If I did get pregnant, I would abort it. I didn't tell my father
of that. He wanted me to have his child, but I didn't. I didn't want
nor need a child. I just wanted to fuck. The best time Dad fucked me
was on Father's Day. Only Mom, Dad, and I were home, and mom was fixing
dinner in the kitchen. She was planning a big meal for Dad, and we know
Mom; she doesn't like to come out of the kitchen until everything is
finished. Dad saw the perfect opportunity. We were both sitting on the
couch watching TV when Mom entered the kitchen. That gave us twenty
minutes of quick fucking time. Dad unzipped his pants, and whipped out
his massive organ. "Not now Dad, she'll hear us." I whispered.

"Don't make a sound. She'll never know." Dad whispered back, ensuring
me. With that, I slipped off my shorts. I didn't wear underwear
anymore, so it was easier for Dad to get to me. He lifted my shirt up,
so he could suck on my tits, and he plunged his massive cock inside my
twat again. He was such a good fuck. He pistoned me from every angle,
and each stroke made me want his cum more. I started to moan, but Dad
put his hand over my mouth, "Not a word." he repeated as he continued
to ravish my young pussy. How could I not moan for twenty minutes?
That's impossible. His dick is just so good, and he fucks me so well.
Damnit, Dad. How can you not moan? It's hard not to moan when you're
fucking anyway, but when you're fucking your daughter, it should be
impossible. Dad was stifling his moans as hard as he could, sucking or
biting my tits to keep from screaming. Dad's dick was becoming too
much, I was gonna cum, but I couldn't scream. I grabbed a pillow next
to me, and shouted into that as I exploded onto my Dad's enraged cock.
He smiled at me, and continued his furious pounding.

Then, he slipped out of me, and bended me over the edge of our couch,
and plowed my pussy from behind. He enjoyed the view of my luscious ass
bouncing on his incestuous cock. He fucked me long, and hard from
behind, he grabbed hold of my tits, and yanked on them as he plowed
further into my cunt. I couldn't tell how long we were fucking, but mom
was still in the kitchen cooking. It was amazing that we hadn't made a
noise in all the fucking we were doing. Then, Dad turned me back on my
back facing the other way, and shoved his member into my pussy once
again. The more he fucked, the more I loved it. He drove his cock
deeper and deeper into me with every thrust.

Then, in the middle of our fuck session, our front door opened. To our
shock, and shame, my older brother Eric walked in on my Dad and I. He
froze at the door immediately. Dad and I paused in our sexual frey.
Eric didn't say a word, his face was frozen solid in heartwrenching
shock. Dad and I looked at him, and when he didn't say anything, Dad
returned a glance at me, and with his cock still inside me, he
continued to fuck me. Eric stood there watching as my tits bounced in
our fathers face from the force of his cock. God, it felt so good
having Dad fuck me while Eric watched. Dad raped me for a few more
minutes until he exploded a fierce load of semen into my cunt. He
breathed out hard as he finally made a noise of relief. When we looked
up again, Eric was gone. Dad and I straightened up, and just as we were
completely dressed, Mom came back into the living room to tell us that
dinner was ready. Dad and I sat up from the couch completely avoiding
the situation that had just taken place. I had gotten fucked by my Dad
in front of my brother while my mother was in the other room. The
perversion of it all made me horny all over again. But in the back of
my mind, I was a little worried of how Eric would react to this. But I
soon got my answer to that.


Ain't nothing better than some pussy, 'cept some new pussy.


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