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Across the Hall (Part 2 of 3)

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Sarah suddenly wished she hadn't asked her bestfriend for a place to crash.

All the blood in her body went straight to her face. She couldn't peel her eyes away from Katie. To say she was embarrissed was the bigest understatement of the century.

She openned her mouth, to say something, anything, but nothing came out.

Katie slowly crossed the hallway in what Sarah realized was a very short four feet between her room and the bathroom.

She'd been so stupid.

And she felt very, very naked.

The topless woman offered her hand to her and out of sheer reflext Katie grabbed it.

Sarah thought once she was on her feet she'd have something to say--something that could make this awkward situation pass with half hearted laughter--but she had nothing. Just when she thought she'd found how to work her mouth, Katie stopped her.

Sarah's eyes bulged as the half naked woman's lips touched hers. It wasn't until Sarah's mouth parted and she tasted the cum Katie had been holding in her mouth that Sarah realized she was kissing her back.

Knowing that John had just fucked her mouth moments before, and feeling the very warm and very feminine body pressed against her--Sarah was suddenly turned on. The moment she felt her bestfriend's hand slide between their bodies, she didn't hesitate. Opening her legs further, Sarah waiting for the angelic fingers invaded her.

She moaned into her mouth when she was rewarded.

The sexual frustration that had over taken her moments before came back with a vengeance. All she wanted right then was to cum. Greedily, she sucked on Katie's tongue and swallowed every ounce of John's cum from her mouth.

Katie moaned in response and pinched her clit.

That did it for her.

She automatically squeezed her thighs together as she was rocked with one of the biggest orgasms she'd ever felt.

Slowly she came back to her senses and found herself looking up at the popcorn ceiling. The bed beneath her hugged her like another lover.

She felt Katies wet fingers leave her body and she immediately searched for them. Finding the hand that had brought her pleasure, she brought up the wet fingers and sucked on each of them. Sarah hadn't ever tasted pussy before and the taste surprised her. But the soft moan from Katie's lips killed any reservations she had. Sarah wanted to please her.

Sitting up on her elbows, she looked at her bestfriend in a way she never thought possible.

"Your turn."

The corner of Katie's mouth turned upwards as Sarah kissed her stomach, and then again a little lower. Katie egearly pushed her hips forward as she took off her thong. While John wouldn't shave his beard, Sarah was more than willing to be his replacement.

At the sight of the moonlight glistening off of Katie's aroused lips, to Sarah's pleasant surprise, she was getting wet again.

In slow circles, she traced her tongue along the wet welcoming lips. But, without warning, Katie's wet snatch came upwards and Sarah was nose deep in her sweet love hole. Katie was just as horny as she was.

Using her lips, tongue and fingers, Sarah had the woman moaning and gasping. It took a little experimenting but they eventually got into a good rhythm. Bucking like a woman beyond any self control, Katie lost herself. And, much too soon for Sarah's taste, her bestfriend's pussy exploded in her mouth in a small gush.

Katie, soaked in sweat and pussy juice, pulled the pillow she'd been using as a silencer and sighed contently, "Wow."

Sarah untangled her legs from her shoulders and lifted herself up. She smiled at her shyly.

Grabbing the back of her head, Katie pulled her on top of her and they kissed. This time, Sarah got to enjoy her lips as Katie tasted herself.

When they finally broke, Sarah asked what had spurred THAT on.

"I saw you looking very crestfallen when I wouldn't suck his cock," she said with a smile, playing with Sarah's hair. "I don't know what overcame me. I guess I just knew that I loved you as much as I loved John... and that you haven't had the best week... and..." she laughed at herself. "Before I knew it, I was acting the slut."

Sarah smiled fondly at her and traced her naked side. Only thing she could say was, "hmmm."

"Tell me," Katie whispered. "Do you want to fuck John?"


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