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Camping when three is not a crowd.

David 345 on Threesome Stories

I was bush walking by a stream well away from habitation. I had stripped off and was walking in the nude.

At one stage I heard some people obviously swimming in the creek ahead of me.

I stopped and put my shorts on as I recognised female voices.

I proceeded along the track and then saw two women in the creek playing around and they were naked.

I sang out to let them know I was there and they immediately got down into the water so I couldn’t see their naked bodies.

I started talking and ask how cold the water was.

The older one, I guess was about 30 sang out why don’t you come in and find out.

I said if I did I would have to be like you – naked – I have no swimmers.

She said that’s fine by us – we have seen it all before.

I stripped off and walked in – the water wasn’t deep enough to dive in.

I heard the younger one – about 18 - say shit he is well hung.

Her friend said wait until it hits the water it will disappear.

I said nothing and made out I didn’t hear them.

Yes the water was cold – and I squatted down to get wet and then stood up. When my cock and balls got wet they did shrink considerably.

My normally 7 inches slack became about 3 and my balls virtually disappeared inside me.

I said shit its cold – real spanner water.

The older one laughed……. and the young one said what do you mean.

The older one said when his balls hit the water they tighten – like a spanner does to nuts.

She said hell what happened to it – I said it did exactly what you said - it shrunk – it has the same affect on your nipples - they look rock hard to me.

The older one said I could warm it up for you.

I said now that would be interesting.

The younger one said to her friend you are disgusting.

She said look the boys will be gone all day we can have some fun.

Then the older one said we are camping here for a couple of days. Our boyfriends have gone caving and wont be back till night – would you like a cup of tea.

I said that sounds great – certainly warmer than here.

We all got out and I noticed the young one had shaped her pubic hair and the older one had none.

The young one dried herself with a towel and then gave it to the older one and she said if you wait a minute you can use this as well.

I waited and looked them both – they didn’t seem to be concerned about their nudity or mine.

The older one said to the young one put the tea on. Then she turned to me and said come over here and led me to where they had their tent.

When we got to the tent – she said would you like to warm that up – pointing to my cock.

I said what are you suggesting.

A fuck – I wouldn’t mind having a fuck with you – that cock looked fantastic before you got it wet.

I said how about her turning toward the 18 yo.

She said she can be next if you like. I know she will do it if I do. We are sisters and the boys we have here are just a couple of friends we go with occasionally, not boyfriends just fuck meat.

My cock had firmed up at the suggestion and she saw it extending and said well it isn’t dead, lets get it moving – she will have the tea ready by the time we have done it.

I didn’t hesitate and she got into the tent and lay on a bed and I got down on her and we started to fuck. No foreplay straight into it.

The young one sang out Jesus Jenny you didn’t waste any time – don’t wear him out I wouldn’t mind a bit as well.

Shut up and let me fuck him in peace she replied.

By now we were both warm and she was a good fuck, she got involved herself and just didn’t lay there and let me fuck her. My cock was working well in her, she was warm and wet and my cock fitted her perfectly, I could feel the walls of her cunt rubbing the shaft and the head of my cock, it was a good fuck. She had her legs back and on my shoulders to start and then moved them to the side and I had my arms down and her legs around them, it gave me a new sensation in her. She knew how to enjoy a good fuck.

She said hey you are pretty good, are you married.

I said no way- I couldn’t live with just one woman – I like variety.

And I am part of it am I.

I said you asked for it –

She laughed and said and you didn’t hesitate. I wasn’t sure at first but I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and I said to Jan I bet I can fuck him before you.

Jan said if you do it will just be to get him in the mood for me. I will kill him. I really want a bit of that cock, I havnt had a good one for weeks, Jacks doesn’t do much for me – he needs lessons as all he wants is to fuck and cum and that’s it. Then he thinks he is superman – if he only knew.

I said are they regular boyfriends.

Jenny said no – we met them at a party a couple of weeks ago and took them home and had a night in bed with them and they told us they had planned this, and if we wanted a couple of days running around naked and some good fucking then we would be welcome. Well we have had the running around naked bit and two reasonable fucks but they are more interested in their caving pursuits.

She said deep dark holes and no hair around them seems to attract them more than a nice warm pink hole to poke their cock in. They fuck us and that’s about all, no finesse just slam bam thank you mam and they are off. I think we were bought here to cook and fuck and that was that.

I said well I am appreciating what we are doing, I like it.

She said well if I may……. can I have it my way.

I said any way you like……. what do I do.

She said just lay there – I like it on top best of all, I can guarantee an orgasm that way. I never miss.

I said that’s fine by me – I don’t normally have a problem with women – if they want to I usually get them to a climax.

She got over me and I lifted my cock up and she sat on it and as it went up her she moaned softly and said that’s perfect, Jesus it feels good going up me. That’s a nice cock you have there.

I said I have only had one complaint when I was 18 and fucking a 15 yo and she had a cunt like a mouse’s ear and we had some fun getting it into her. She said I was too long and too big. I got her to cum so she was happy after that. Unfortunately I must have been too long for her and I think I bruised her cervix as she was sore inside for the rest of the day and wouldn’t do it again. But she let me suck her out and I like that too.

Jenny said well that’s something for afters. Try Jan before you fuck her she likes having it licked and sucked.

I said good. I was laying there just slowly pushing my cock up to meet her downward thrusts and between the two of us we got some good motion going and I could tell she was having a ball. I suppose we were fucking like that for about 4 or 5 minutes and she started to cum. She had a ball and let everybody within earshot she was cumming. She was bouncing up and down, and leaning forward as they do to get your cock on their clit and her tits were bouncing about all over the place, she was a wild one.

Jan came over when she heard the commotion and said well done – the tea is ready and when we have had that I am in line for the next one. She was standing there watching Jan come off her high and rubbing her clit while she watched.

After she came I said it my turn now and she lay down and I mounted her again and I suppose it took me a couple of minutes and I was pumping my cum into her cunt to put out the fire she had made in there. It was a great fuck. Jan watched and then went back to the fire.

Once I recovered I got off her and helped her up and we both walked over and washed our cunt and cock with the freezing cold water again. It was like my cock was on fire it was that cold. Jan said shit this water is cold.

I said its snow melt from a few kilometres away. Its always like this.

She said do you come down here often.

I said a few times a year.

Alone she asked.

Not always, sometimes with a friend.

A fuck buddy she said.

I said you could say that, I have a camp site a bit up the valley we use.

How does she like it she asked. I smiled and said it not always a she. I have bought a guy with me once or twice. I am bi and I don’t mind a bit of boy occasionally.

Shit she said do you suck him off and ass fuck him.

I said I do him but I don’t like it so he gets his rocks off in different ways. I am quite happy to oblige any way he likes except up the ass.

Does he cum in your mouth.

I said we both do.

Shit she said – I will tell Jenny she likes it up the ass as much as she does in her cunt, and she sucks well too.

I said and you.

She said wait and see.

When we got back to the fire Jenny had two mugs of tea ready and Jenny said you are in luck, he doesn’t mind fucking your ass. He does it all it seems.

This is going to be great.

How long can you stay.

I said it would be prudent for me to be gone by the time your friends come back and I want to be back in my camp before dark. I don’t like cooking meals in the dark so I have dinner early.

Jenny said I have a plan. Why don’t we pack up and move up to his place – they are not really interested in us really we are just a fuck and somebody to do their cooking. Fuck them lets get out of here. Do you have a car or something I don’t want to have to back pack out gear up that hill.

I said I do and are you sure you wont cause trouble when you get back.

Jan said no fuck them – we have only known them for a few weeks and there is nothing going on – we were in a for a few days of as they put it running around naked and a few fucks, and they have had a day of running around naked and a couple of fucks so they have got their moneys worth – lets go to your place. The sooner the better I want a fuck.

We pulled down their tent and grabbed a bit of food and left a note for them saying we have fucked off. They wont know where. How far away is your camp.

I said a good 40 to 50 minutes walk. Its far enough away from here for them not to hear us or see my fire.

We all set off- they got dressed as it was easier to back pack that way and I went nude.

Along the way Jenny said I want to stop and have a fuck, I am so hot for it.

Jan said wait until we get there I am sure you wont miss out – he will look after you. He is worth waiting for.

We made the camp in an hour and the first thing Jan said was – I want a fuck, do it – and she stripped off and as I was already naked all I had to do was get my boots off and I was into her. We were both hot and sweaty and she smelled like a woman – we fucked like animals. She was great.

She was really a wild one and must have been so randy she virtually raped me and I enjoyed her rough and tumble way of fucking. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, she did it all and I was having a ball. My cock was being used and abused inside her like nothing on earth. She even got me to fuck her ass, I was on and off her like I could not imagine. I could not count the number of times I was in and out of her as we changed positions. She fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Finally she came and I came with her and it was fantastic. At one stage during our romp Jan came over and sat her bald pussy over my face and I licked her cunt while Jenny was fucking me.

Shit she said that was fantastic, I havnt had a great fuck like that for ages. She looked at Jenny and said you are right – he is good.

Jenny said well come on lets get the tent up and we can get dinner then fuck some more. We will have to draw straws to see who he sleeps with tonight, I gather he wont mind a bit of company beside him.

I said be my guest – so long as you intend to stay two nights – I want to be fair.

Honey….. Jan said by the time you leave here your cock will be a inch shorter and two inches thinner, we are both going to work the fat off it. We are here for as long as you are, remembering you are driving us out of here. I hope we wont be fit enough to walk if you do the right thing by us.

I said well we may have to have a threesome tomorrow night as I have to be back in town on Saturday.

Jenny said now we are talking. Lets get this tent up.

That night I had one of the most amazing nights ever. A threesome with both of them by the fire and they really knew how to please one another as I pleased one. Jan got her wish and got fucked up the ass and I nearly bit Jennys nipple of as she got vigorous during one fuck and I had her nipple between my teeth.

The next day we stayed in camp and I guess I fucked them both four or five times- if they wanted it they got it and it didn’t bother them as we were doing it in front of each other. Obviously they has seen it, and done it publicly before… frequently it seems.

When we drove out on Friday evening, we hadn’t seen or heard of the guys they abandoned and the girls were wanting to know when we could do it again. I had lost count of the number of times we had fucked together. Jenny was younger and more physical than Jan but Jan wanted quality fucking rather than quantity like Jenny. Jenny was on and off my cock like a bouncing ball. I was in and out of her in so many ways it was impossible to remember all the ways she wanted my cock in her.

Jan said I hope we can continue this back home - we will keep you interested between now and then too if you wish.

I said I wish.

They kept their word and the two of them made sure they were well serviced both at my place or theirs and I camped with them both a few more times since. I gather they are ready for sex in the bush any time I want. I was happy, two sisters who were happy to do anything and everything together and with me too. Who said incest was taboo – they certainly didn’t worry about it.


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