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Daddy's Little Girl - Part 1 (The Dirty Panties)

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Part 1

The Dirty Panties

Hey, my name is Kat. I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have been coming to this site for a while now and so would like to thank everyone who posts for the countless pleasure you have given me, this has become my first point of call whenever I am in the mood. After showing the site to my boyfriend he said it would be really hot if I started to write stories of my own and put them up here, so I thought I would post a nice fantasy... hope you enjoy.

Leading up to my 16th birthday I had gotten really flirty with my Dad. This was mainly because of my best friend Laura, who constantly talked about how hot he was, and flirted with him whenever she came over. Although I had had a couple of boyfriends in the past, I was pretty inexperienced in the way of sex and although I lost my virginity when I was 14, the poor quality of the experience made me disenchanted with the idea of more sex with people my age. Thus my love for older men came to the forefront of my mind whenever I was around one, including my own father.

Let me describe myself to you. I am 5 foot 9, brown eyes, brown hair, skinny rock chick clique with firm 32b breasts and a tight ass. My dad a very attractive man and is 6 foot 3 with the same brown eyes and brown hair, with a nice body as well. In the month before my birthday I had grown tiresome of flaunting myself in front of my Dad, walking around in nothing but a skimpy towel after my showers, wearing short skirts and flashing him my panties at the dinner table pretending not to notice what I was doing and even wearing my school uniform for hours after school. Instead I decided to up the ante in my seductiveness. Starting with kisses on the cheeks, hugs and cuddles, this slowly led to casual flirting, which soon escalated into a game of chicken to see who would take it the furthest. Although this got me very horny, I had never really masturbated to the idea of me fucking my dad, merely entertained the idea during daydreams, that is until I got home from school one day to see my dad flustered and red in the face over our washing machine. It didn’t seem odd that he was like this at the time and he just mumbled something about having to put the washing on before giving me a kiss on the cheek and going off to work. After a long day of fantasising about my dad during lessons my panties were soaked, so I went up stairs to change them. I got to my room and took off all my clothes, as my dad wasn’t in there was no point parading around in my school uniform or flaunting myself in some sexy skirt, so I went to my draw to find panties. I rummaged around for a minute, before tutting to myself as I realised I had no clean underwear going spare. I went downstairs, naked due to the fact that nobody was around and went up to the washing-machine to check if my dad had put any of my clothes in with his load as my parents were prone to do. Luckily he had forgotten to put the machine on, so I reached inside and grabbed a handful of clothes and pulled them out. I was shocked when I noticed my black frilly French knickers fall out, and slightly embarrassed at the thought that my father had actually seen them as he tried to wash them. However on closer inspection, I realised why he was in a hurry to get them clean. The knickers were coated with a sticky substance...

I ran upstairs as fast as I could, knickers in hand as it finally clicked into place what was going on. I made my way into my father’s bedroom. Flinging myself on his bed I put my hand down to my soaking pussy, glistening in the thin light that shone through the crack in the curtains onto my parent’s double bed. I raised the panties to my mouth before sticking a tongue out to taste my dad’s sperm. The taste and smell of my own father’s salty batch was like heaven, I was lost in a paradise and taken over by an animal instinct to please myself sexually, almost as if I was in a trance. I swear that right then and there, whoever walked through the door to that bedroom I would have forced to pleasure me. I needed a release. I sucked and slurped all the cum off of the thin material and just imagined my dad’s cock wrapped around my panties as he spurted out the juice that created me. One finger... Two fingers... Three fingers stretched my pussy. There was no gentle rubbing in preparation, I was just plunging in and out of my pussy as fast as my hand would go, imagining my dad’s cock thrusting in and out of me. Bending me over and fucking me brutally. Me climbing on top of him and bouncing on his hard shaft, screaming “daddy!” every time his pole plunged into me. The first orgasm hit and I buckled but kept on going. My second one was just as ferocious as the previous, still fantasising over the man who gave me life. I kept thinking how lucky my mum was to have a guy like him. I reached the third and most intense orgasm slowly this time, not because of any decrease in my sexual appetite or my lust for my father, but because my arm could not take it anymore. My knees were shaking, my back was weak, my wrist ached, but I was in paradise. I lay there, my body spent and still, but my mind still racing away, as I lay on the bed that my dad sleeps in, the very one that he fucks my mother on. It was divine, I prayed that he would walk in now and hold me as every muscle in my body stiffened up, before relaxing into bliss... it was half an hour before my legs were able to stand up again and I managed to snap out of my trance and clean myself up before my mum got back, but I knew then and there, the moment I found those cum soaked panties, that I was going to fuck my own father...

P.S. Sorry if it was a bit short, the whole story was just too long to publish in one go, so I promise it’ll get hotter as it continues, so keep reading. Thanks a lot for reading if you made it this far, please please please rate and comment, I’m doing this for your satisfaction so if there are any questions, praises or criticisms I would be delighted to hear from you all to know what you like and what you don’t like as I hope to write a lot more stories in the future. See you soon xxx.



For a first effort, it certainly shows that you have great potential for writing hot, imaginative stories, though there are a lot of bumps in the road. I'm looking forward to part 2 (and more if there is more). May I suggest you send me your next installment for an edit before you post it. I'm purvvauthor and I'm at Yahoo.

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