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Daddy's Little Girl - Part 3 (Daddy's Fuck Doll)

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Part 3

Daddy's Fuck Doll

I kissed him on the lips as my orgasm subsided. “I need you daddy” we embraced in another passionate kiss. I could feel his 9 inch penis rubbing up against me. I wrapped my hand around his rock hard shaft as I stuck my tongue further into my father’s mouth. He moaned into my mouth as I moved my hand up and down, making it twitch and pulsate under my grasp. Breaking away from our kiss he looked me in the eyes and said “I have wanted this for years.” I smiled at him and rolled over to sit him down on the sofa. I kissed his lips again, then down his neck, chest and waist until I got to his crotch. I started to kiss up and down his thick cock, getting it nice and wet. I reached the head and placed my mouth over the very tip. I swirled my tongue around in order to gather up the pre-cum oozing out of his dick, the second time I had ever tasted my dad’s salty cum. Leaning his head back he started to moan. I started playing with my pussy, getting more and more wet, humming and purring with my father’s cock in my mouth and my hand on my clit. I started to move my head down his shaft, until I got to the bottom, almost gagging with my nose buried in his neatly kept pubic hair. I could still hear the clicking of the camera behind me, now set to automatic. As I felt my gag reflex go, I brought my head back up his rod, but before I could pull off, I felt his hands lightly press against the back of my head and force my mouth back down his pole. After five or so minutes I managed to get used to the sensation of being able to go up and down and feel at ease with my dad reaching the back of my throat. This was noticed by my father who gradually started to force me to go faster and faster, lost in the pleasure that his 16 year old daughter’s moist and warm mouth was giving him. “Oh yeah honey! Baby girl you give good head! Let’s see if you can take a cock as good as this where it matters.” I pulled my newly fucked throat off of his shaft and looked with my puppy dog eyes at him and said as innocently as possible “But Daddy, I’ll never fit your willy in my fanny.” He smiled at me, pulling me up and sitting me on the sofa next to him before saying “Well I’m just going to have to make you ready to take me aren’t I.” We passionately kissed again as he slipped his hand down to my pussy and began to massage it. Before long his face was buried between my thighs as he furiously licked and rubbed my clit and lips with his rough, but warm tongue. “You taste so damn good honey.” I giggled as he went back to work on pleasuring his baby girl.

He the sat up and kissed me again. I could taste my own juices all over his mouth. As he lay me down he positioned his cock at my opening. Slowly he started to force his cock into me. Although my pussy had taken dildos and cock before, none of them had ever been as long as, and more importantly as thick as, my own father’s cock. It took a while for me to adjust to him, but he soon began to thrust in and out of me. I could feel every centimetre of his shaft as it hit deep inside me. I was getting more and more worked up, which increased my wetness, making it easier for him to go faster and faster. Soon we needed to change position, just so we could fuck at the right speed we needed to. He pulled me up onto his lap and I began to bounce up and down his prick. “Oh daddy! Fuck me harder daddy” I moaned into his ear. My moans soon became shouts as I was pretty much rebounding off his lap to jump on his rod. My whole body shook as I came hard. Sweaty and panting I collapsed into his arms. My pussy lips convulsed and contracted around his cock. I clung to his neck as my orgasm subsided. The next five minutes was spent in silence as I sat still on his lap with his rock hard cock still inserted into my pussy. He pulled out of me and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as he said, but weakly said as I still shook “Dad I’m not ready to be fucked again, I’m still saw” my dad got into position behind me and said “I may have worn out your cunt, but your ass still needs a good fucking.” I felt the head of his sloppy dick line up with my puckered asshole. “No dad! It hasn’t ever taken anything that big, I won’t be able to...” But I couldn’t finish my sentence as my dad shoved his cock into me with all his strength. I instinctively jumped forward, but he held me by the shoulders, impaling me on his prick. Luckily his cock was still wet with my pussy juice and my ass was still open slightly and lubed up with the dildo fucking it got previously. I was almost crying as he thrust in and out of me. The pain however soon subsided and I started to enjoy the feeling of my dad moving in and out of my bowels. With each thrust he would pull almost completely out and slam it back in. “Oh, baby girl you have the sweetest ass I have ever fucked. Man you’re so tight.” I smiled to myself, knowing I was bringing my father immense pleasure, “Yer, you like fucking your little girl in the ass don’t you? You love taking your little daughter’s virgin ass.” This made him thrust louder and louder, which led to me screaming louder and louder. “Oh god baby, I gonna cum!” Next thing I knew he had pulled out, whipped me around and placed me on my hands and knees in front of him. Standing up now he shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my face. The first few squirts fired to the back of my throat and shot down my mouth, he managed to pull out just in time to hit me across the face with four big squirts of his cum. He collapsed backwards onto the sofa, breathing and sweating heavily. He looked down at me, his baby girl, used and spent. Told to dress up as a slut, strip down as a slut and fucked like a slut all on camera. But he didn’t care that he had left me with cum dripping down my chin, a gapping asshole and a fucked red raw pussy, neither did I for that matter. Instead he looked at my cum covered face and said “next weekend I’m inviting Uncle Jack...”

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