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Family fuck in the morning

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Jane slowly became awake, lying next to and slightly on top of her father in the big bed. Along with them were also James, her younger brother, and their mother. The blanket covered their bodies on the early Sunday morning. She could see that James was lying directly on top of Mother, his body face down with his face away from her.

This was not unusual. Often, the two kids would go to their parent’s bed during the night, staying there until they all got up. They were also all completely nude, which was also quite normal. A small movement caught Jane’s eye, James was moving slightly under the blanket. Without moving, Jane looked more closely at James and their mother. She could see slow movements that she didn’t first understand, but suddenly it hit her: They were fucking! James was on top of his mother, and was obviously letting his penis move inside Mother! They looked like they were asleep, but it was obvious to Jane that James was slowly fucking Mother! Not a sound escaped their mouths, and Jane could feel her little pussy getting wet.

After a brief thought, she decided to get in on the action. Moving slowly, as if sleeping, she inched further on top of her sleeping father, letting her body rest more and more on top of his still body. Soon, her head was on Fathers chest, and her legs were on either side of his. She started to move her hips, grinding her little pussy to Father’s penis. She could feel Father’s penis starting to grow, and Father’s body move a little as he was getting more awake. She continued to grind her pussy on to his penis, and soon it was hard as steel against her abdomen.

She could feel his breath becoming faster, and slowly his hands moved to her body, caressing her back and buttocks. Slowly, not to let the other two know what they were doing, she let her pussy slide up along his stiff shaft, lubricating Father’s cock with her juices. The head of his cock was slipping over her tight opening, spreading her pussy lips. Every time Father’s cock touched her little clitoris she had to hold her breath not to moan in pleasure. Father’s cock was now slowly massaging her pussy lips and getting deeper between them. She lifted her body a little, and let the tip of Father’s cock rest against her tiny hole. She pressed down, and the head of his cock slipped into her pussy. She had to bite her lip not to make a sound.

While she was inching Father’s cock into her cunt, James was slowly fucking Mother. Not making a sound, they were both breathing a little heavier than normal. Jane couldn’t think of James’ cock in Mother’s pussy without getting even wetter than she already was. Pressing further down, she could feel Father’s cock gliding into her tight pussy. Soon, she had his entire shaft in her pussy. Father briefly looked in her eyes, and she gave him a quick look back, averting her eyes towards James and Mother fucking next to them. Father’s eyes widened in shock as he too realised what they were doing, and then used his hands to push Jane harder against his hard penis. Jane slowly let her body slide up, letting father’s cock glide out of her pussy, and then glided slowly down on to his cock, feeling her pussy lips tight around the base of his cock.

Their movements became more strained, their breathing heavier as Jane and father were fucking deeper and faster. Soon it became impossible for them to keep their state secret, and Jane let small moans of pleasure escape her lips each time Father’s cock hit the bottom of her tight pussy. She could hear James moaning a little too, and soon the pace of his fucking Mother increased. Slowly, the two fucking couples let the other see and hear what was going on. James lifted his body and pounded his cock deep into Mother’s cunt. Jane also lifted her body, and fucked Father deeper and faster. Mother looked at Father, and soon all four were breathing heavily with the increased pace of their common fucking.

Jane sat up on Father’s body, tossing the sheet aside. Her nubile body and small breasts were exposed, and Mother fixed her eyes on Father’s cock deep into her daughter’s pussy. The sight sent her into a roaring orgasm, and she bucked her hips, moaning loudly. This sent James over the top, and he moaned with delight as he filled Mother’s cunt with his boy cum. Jane could feel father’s cock twitching in her pussy, and understood that he was close to cumming too. She fucked him hard and fast, and then she felt his cock erupt inside her pussy, filling her with cum. She also orgasmed, tightening her pussy around Father’s spurting penis deep inside her pussy.

After all the moaning was over, they all smiled contently. Jane got off her father, and found herself alongside James body. They embraced and kissed, and she could feel James’ cock growing stiff again against her abdomen. Lifting her leg, she let the tip of his cock touch her pussy, and with a quick thrust of the hips, James entered his sister. Jane moaned again, feeling her brother’s penis in her pussy, and she let him fuck her slowly. After a while, the feeling of his penis on her pussy became overwhelming, and the contractions of her orgasm told James that he had brought his sister to an orgasm. He then cum again, into his sister’s tight cunt. Jane looked lovingly at her little brother, feeling the cum of two male ejaculations drip out of her pussy.

This was the first time the family of four enjoyed their incestuous relationship, but not the last…

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