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Family of Sex: Part 3

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    "Oooooooooohhhhhhh yeah." Jason moaned. "Keep it up, sis." Janessa stuck her tongue deep into Jason's asshole. "Oh, Nessa, you're the best." She kept French kissing his butt, and then pushed the handle of her brush into it. "Ooooohhhhhh," Jason moaned. She fucked his ass with the brush for a while and started fingering herself. She pushed the brush deep into his ass and then came around to work on his cock. She licked the tip and then slowly started licking it all the way down to his balls. She licked each one and then took them into her mouth.

    "Ooooooooooohhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!" Jason moaned. He reached around and pushed the brush that was slipping out of him back deep in his hole. He closed his eyes as Janessa took his hard cock in her mouth. She was an expert at sucking him off; he was in pure ecstasy. She took the entire thing into her not even gagging a little. She sucked him until he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and licked his slit.

    "Oh god, thanks sis, I needed that." Jason said. But Janessa didn't answer. She had given herself an orgasm and was squirting her juices all over his bed. They both lay down on the bed on their stomachs, their heads propped up on their hands, watching the TV. Janessa was changing the channels, trying to find something good to watch, but Jason's thoughts were elsewhere.

    "Hey, Nessa, I was thinking about something." Jason said.

    "Yeah?" she said. "And where's my brush?" Jason reached around and pulled it out of his butt. Then he slowly pushed it into hers.

    She giggled. "Thanks Jayjay."

    "So, anyway, I was just thinking, I know Ellie loves her dog and all, but I feel like she's left out. She's been the best little sis ever and I really want to make it up to her."

    Janessa found her favorite show and set the remote next to her. "Then you should return the favor. She's old enough. You should turn her into a big girl."

    Jason frowned at her. "Nessa, she's only eleven. She can't be ready yet."

    "Sure she is." Janessa replied, watching the TV. "I was eleven when I asked dad to take my virginity." Jason grew silent. "Just be gentle, bro. No matter when you do it, it’s going to hurt her, but if you're gentle, she'll love it. Just trust me."

    "Are you sure? And do you think mom and dad will think she's ready?"

    "Of course I am, Jayjay. And I'm sure mom does. Dad might not but you know how he is. He was slow to do me when I was eleven, but he ended up enjoying it. Just do it tonight. I'm going to Lily's house tonight and mom and dad are going on a date or something. You two can have the house to yourselves. You can make it something really special. Don't worry about mom and dad. I'll fill them in on everything."

    Jason sighed a nervous sigh. "Okay. Thanks Nessa."

    Janessa got up off the bed. "No problem, Jay." She ruffled his hair. "Don't be nervous, you'll do fine. Just be gentle." She grabbed her phone and then left the room. Jason laid on his bed for a few minutes, watching the Kardashians. "What if she's not ready?" Jason thought. "What if I'm too rough with her?" He took a deep breath. "I can do this." He turned off the TV and went to his laptop. It was Friday afternoon, around three, so he didn't have to do homework. His parents would leave for their evening together at around five, and Janessa would leave around the same time, so he had some time to burn. He pressed the power button and started playing a computer game.


    "Bye Jay, we're leaving!" Jason's mother yelled. Jason turned off the computer and ran downstairs. His mom, dad, and Janessa were all dressed, getting ready to walk out the door. "We're going to leave you here with Ellie for the night. We'll be back around midnight. Be safe. And Jay, please be careful with her." His mother smiled and kissed him.

    "Bye, son," His father said. "Be good to her."

    "I will," Jason said. His parents left and Janessa walked over to him. She was wearing a tight shirt and a skirt.

    "Okay Jayjay, Lily and I are going to get a couple tattoos."

    "Cool, where at?" Jason asked.

    Janessa grinned. She lifted up her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties, so her shaved pussy was exposed. She pointed to a spot right above her slit. "It's going to be a heart."

    "Awesome," Jason responded.

    Janessa smiled and put her hand on her brother's shoulder. "You'll do fine." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then walked out the door. "Bye Jayjay."

    "Bye Nessa." She closed the door behind her and Jason was alone in the kitchen. He took a breath. "Ok, let's do this." He slowly walked into the living room and found his little sister in the living room. She was sitting by the couch with Laddie sleeping by her feet. He grinned at her. She looked at him and recognized the grin. She protected her sides as her older brother started tickling her. She started laughing.

    "Stop it... Jayjay... stop please." As she laughed, he kept tickling her and she started to fight back. She grabbed his feet and started to tickle him, and he started to laugh. He gently kicked her and then pinned her down on the couch. Unable to fight back, Jason tickled away. Ellie laughed hard as her brother tickled her bare sides. "Stop... Jayjay... I'm gonna pee..." Jason tickled her so hard that a little bit of pee started squirting from her pussy into a little spot on the couch. Jason stopped and she was able to hold it in. "Oopsy," she said.

    "It's ok." Jason said. "It was only a little bit. Just go to the bathroom. And while your there, wash your hands, I'm gonna make dinner. She ran upstairs and Jason went to the kitchen to pull stuff out of the freezer. When Ellie returned, Jason had heated up a pizza. They sat at the table, both still naked, and ate their pizza. When they were finished, they went to watch TV. "Let's go to my room to watch TV," Jason said.

    So they went up to Jason's room and laid down on the bed. Ellie cuddled up with her brother and Jason put his arm around her. He grabbed their remote and they watched the rest of a movie that was about to go off. The whole time, Jason was nervous. "When the movie is over, I'll do it." He thought. Finally, the credits came on and Jason turned the sound down.

    "Ellie," he said.

    "Yeah, Jayjay?" she said in a cute voice.

    "Ellie, you’re the best little sister ever, and I just wanted to say that I love you so much."

    "I love you too, Jayjay." She said.

    Jason went on. "So I was thinking, you're growing up to be a big girl now, and I was thinking, maybe it's time."

    "...It's time?" she said, puzzled.

    "Yeah," Jason said. "You're old enough now and I was wondering... I was wondering if you wanted to lose your virginity tonight."

    Ellie looked at him, surprised. "Lose my virginity?" she asked.

    "Yeah," Jason replied. "Nessa was about your age when she did. I just figured you're such a great little sister, I love you so much. I really wanted to pay you back, and since you’re getting so big..." Jason's voice trailed off.

    Ellie was shocked. She didn't expect this yet and was caught completely off guard. After a few minutes of thinking, she said, "Will it hurt?"

    "Yeah, probably a little bit. But I promise I'll be gentle and if you're not ready, then we don't have to, Ellie." Ellie was quiet for a moment. Jason reached over and started rubbing her small tits. "Whatever you want to do, sis." He felt as Ellie started to get goose bumps all over. Slowly, she leaned over and kissed her brother on the cheek. "I'm ready," she whispered into his ear in the deepest, sexiest voice she could.

    Jason turned off the TV and went in for a kiss. He kissed his sister deeply and as passionately as he could. He probed her mouth with his tongue, and she timidly did the same. He grabbed her ass and gently squeezed it. When he did, she moaned softly into his mouth. He gently pulled her hips and her whole body towards him. They sat up and he lifted her up onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and they made out for a while longer.

    After the most passionate kiss he ever had, Jason started licking her nipples. He slowly started to suck on them and she shivered. She was sitting on his stomach, and he felt her juices dripping out of her pussy. He chuckled a little and then gently bit her hard nipple.

    "Oh gosh, Jayjay." she said. He bit the other nipple as well and then lifted her off of him, lying her on the bed. He kissed her tummy and worked his way all the way down to her little, bald pussy. He looked up at her and she looked back down at him. Smiling, he gave her mound a kiss. For a second afterwards, he gazed at his little sister's beautiful pussy. She was only eleven; her pussy was tight, bald, amazing. After eating her many times, he knew that the juice he saw oozing out would taste like sweet nectar. Unable to contain himself, he parted her legs and dug his face into his sister's crotch. He lick her pussy up and down, and then stuck his tongue deep inside of her. She moaned loudly and then showered his face with her girl cum. Surprised she orgasmed so quickly, Jason lapped it all up. He loved his sister's cum. She tasted so amazingly sweet; he could eat her out all day.

    When her body quit shaking, he pushed a finger into her pussy. Ellie moaned in ecstasy. Realizing that this was, unless she had fingered herself, the first time Ellie had taken anything up her pussy, he waited a while before sticking in another. When he did, Ellie immediately had another orgasm. Now his sheets were soaked in the tastiest girl cum on the planet. He pushed his two fingers in as deep as they would go and she screamed a little. "Oh god," Jason thought. "She's so fucking tight. I'm gonna rip her apart." But after a few minutes of working her pussy, and now that his whole hand was lubbed up with her juice, he was able to slide in a third.

    "Ooooooooohhhhhh Jayjay, that feels sooooooo goooood." Ellie said. Jason fingered her until her pussy wasn't so tight that it was clutching onto his fingers anymore. Unable to fight his raging boner, he determined that three fingers was enough. After her brought his sister to yet another orgasm, he pulled his fingers out.

    "Jayjay that was amazing!" Ellie squealed. "Can I taste myself?" She sat up and Jason stuck his fingers in her mouth. She sucked on them and said, "Yum, this is good."

    "I know, sis. You have the yummiest pussy I've ever tasted... Now, are you ready?"

    "Yes, Jayjay. I think so." Jason got off the bed and pulled his sister to the edge. He grabbed his hard dick and started rubbing his sister's soaked pussy. "This is it," he thought. "I'm going to fuck my little sister." The head of his dick was glimmering with her cum and his own precum. "Now or never," he thought. So he, as slowly and carefully as he could, pushed himself inside his little sister.

    With every inch he went in, his sister screamed louder and louder. Her pussy was as tight as hell, and he knew he was ripping her open and stretching her to her limit, but it felt beyond amazing for him. It was so warm and his dick was being squeezed so much that he wondered if he would even make it all the way into her pussy before he had to cum. Halfway in, his sister tensed up and came all over his cock and balls. "Oh my god! That feels so fucking good!" Jason screamed. Her pussy was clenching around his dick and squeezing it even more.

    When she recovered, he kept pushing in deeper, until, finally, he felt resistance. "This is it," he thought. His cock was almost all the way in, so with one thrust, he snapped her hymen and buried his cock inside her. Her screams of pain were deafening as blood poured out of her poor pussy and onto the bed. Jason kept his dick completely inside her, waiting for her to recover. After a few minutes, she stopped screaming, and with tears in her eyes, she said "keep going, Jayjay." Jason began to pull his dick back out and then pump back into his sister. He was slow, but his sister still whimpered with every thrust. As her whimpers turned into moans, Jason went faster, though now where near the speed he fucked his older sister. He continued to hump slowly and Ellie went into a series of orgasms. She had what seemed like two in a row, and then a little later, a third. Now she was smiling and moaning in pleasure. After five minutes of gently thrusting, Jason had to cum. He pulled his dick out and it was covered in blood. But he still wrapped his hand around it and jacked himself off. In no time he was shooting his load all over his little sister. Jet after jet of his seed, he was slowly covering his little sister. He had never came so much in his life! Finally, he spurt his last load onto her chest and then laid down next to her.

    He turned his head and looked at his little sister. "I love you so much Ellie."

    She kissed him on the lips really quick. "I love you too, Jayjay."


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