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I fingered my Step Daughter's Hot ASS!!!

patsohard on Incest Stories

My fantasies about my step daughter when she was 18. Didn't really think much before then. She is very hot..great body..long silky brown hair..tan skin..big erect soft puffy pink's greatest onion shaped soft perfectly round ass..creamy smooth thighs...gorgeous..gorgeous...gorgeous!!!

I've known her since she was 4 and now she is a very sexy adult 23 year old female. girl.

About a year ago, we were at our lake house. The two of us were watching some dumb movie...up late..everyone else was sleeping. There were about 7 other people in the house. I was sitting on the couch and she walked in and asked if she could snuggle with me and a watch the movie (she and I watched movies a lot toether). She was wearing loose fitting pajama pants and this silky white pajama top. Her nipples were so erect and puffy...I got hard immediately. I had on a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts…I was afraid that my erection would pop out for my fly. She asked if I wouldn't mind rubbing her shoulders...of course not (done this a lot before as well)! She laid on her stomach with her nice little breasts and soft nipples rubbing up against my very erect penis…surely she cold feel how hard I was. I started to rub her shoulders and began to stare at the beautiful round bottom of hers. I want so much to just see it naked just one time...great ass!!! So I thought to myself what the hell, what if I slid my hand down there and just touched it. I was rubbing her shoulders and head with one hand and started to rub her back with my other hand. I moved my hand down to her lower back..slid my hand under the wast band of her pajamas and finally on her soft ass. Wow! My hand where I have fantasized about for years and her little breast rubbing up against my wonder I started dripping a ton of pre-cum. She began to grind her bottom a litttel, so I moved my fingers down into the crack of her little soft ass. I was rubbing those cheeks and fingering her crack. I decided to go for it. I gently pull her soft cheeks apart with my index and ring fingers and slid my middle finger into her anal opening. I know, a lot of you would go for her vagina, but I have admired her apple bottom for so long...I absolutely love that girl’s behind. As I slid my finger in her tight anus she slightly shift to accommodate my finger and when she did my throbbing penis popped out of my fly…only this time I didn’t care. So there I am with my middle finger insider her anus just working it hard. There we were for like 15 minutes, me with my finger working her anus and her little breasts on my penis. My penis was throbbing, but I didn’t want to cum.,,wasn’t sure how she would react. After 15 minutes, I loosened up her anus and I decided it was time for another finger. I started to push my index finger in her. Her anus is tight to begin with and with out lube, I had to push harder. As I did this, she rocked back and pushed her ass up to get my finger in. Well as she did this, those soft nipples caressed my throbbing erection…so ready to cum. Just as I got both fingers in her and started to finger her anus again, she reaches her hand under my scrotum and starts to rub. Well I ejaculated all over her pajama top and chest...soaking wet!! She stands up and her pajama top is soak and wet with my sperm…looked like someone tossed a glassed of milk on her. We stood there for a moment, sort of embarrassed, we both got up, gave each other little goodnight kiss on the cheek (normal little kiss we’ve done thousands of times) and off to bed we went. I went bed falling asleep smelling my fingers…the sweet smell of my step daughter's sweet soft little anus on my fingers. I have to admit, I even sucked on my fingers and masturbated think of her again.

In the morning, she had that same pajama top on..huge stain on the front. I guess she wore it to bed a fell asleep with my sperm all over her. Everything seemed to back to normal. Everyone had breakfast, not one step out of place. We talked briefly about what happened and said that we would not to it again. I was kind of disappointed..I wanted her again, but was probably not possible again.

I masturbate often thinking about her and fantasizes about having intercourse with her and what anal intercourse would be like with her tremendous ass. We have talked about our sexual encounter since then and I wonder if she thinks about us having intercourse or me pounding her ass. We are going to be together at a beach house soon. She and I go before everyone else and open everything. So we will be alone for two nights. Should I ask her? Talk to her about it? Flirt my ass off with her? Seduce her? Or let thinks happen naturally? I want to have intercourse and anal sex with her badly!!!! Thanks..let you know how it goes.


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