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I fuck my best friends mom

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I thought it was just going to be another boring day, but I thought wrong. After finishing an uneventful day at school I took my long bus ride home, and walked the half mile to my house. As I was expecting, my door was locked since my family was all at work. But what I wasn’t expecting was that I did not have a key. Great, I was locked out.

I knew for a fact that my neighbours were all gone to work, so I decided to call my good friend Jake, who only lived a few blocks away, to see if he was at home. Turns out, he wasn’t. He has soccer practice for a few hours after school. “But I think our back door is unlocked. You can just go over and chill at my place for a while! Just don’t touch anything you shouldn’t, kay?” I agreed, but unknowingly, I would soon break that promise.

As I walked up his driveway, I noticed his mom’s car was home. I knew that sometimes Barb carpooled to work, so I didn’t think anything of it. Jake was right, the back door was unlocked and I walked right in. Of course, after a long day at school the first thing I wanted to do was go to the washroom. Even though I noticed that the bathroom light was on, I just opened up the door without thinking. To my shock, Barb, my hot best friends mom was standing there, stark naked. This was the first time I ever noticed how sexy she really was.

She has beautiful, big European tits. At least 36D that were still perky even though she was in her mid thirties. Her tight gorgeous ass was sticking out for me to gaze at. Her vagina was all covered in shaving cream, although I could see that she has quite a bush down there. She was dripping wet, since she has just gotten out of a bath to do this. Her glistening body would give any guy a hard-on, and I was no exception.

Barb shrieked! “KYLE!” she yelled “What are you doing here?!?” She was panicked and trying to cover herself up. “Oh- uh- I sorry... Sorry Barb! I- I didn’t mean-” And I shut the door and ran upstairs to the other bathroom.

After attempting to take a leak out of my raging boner, I went back downstairs to talk to Barb. I hid my hard-on as best as I could and went to find Barb. She was in the kitchen, facing me wearing a very skimpy silk bathrobe. It was barely done up, and I could see a little bit of her breasts peaking out. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” she asked. “Sorry, I am locked out of my house and Jake said I could just come over here.”

She seemed to be fine with it, and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I noticed that she kept looking down at the huge bulge in my pants, and I decided to address it, “Ha ha yeah I see you’ve noticed this (pointing to my crotch). Sorry if you’re grossed out, I just got really turned on is all. Since when do you have such a hot body Barb?” I tried complimenting her, to get some of the awkwardness away.

“Oh you’re so sweet Kyle!” She then slipped the robe off her shoulders, revealing her gigantic breasts, “So you actually like my body? My husband thinks I’m just a big fat cow!”

She was practically like another mom to me, so I actually remained very calm when she did this. But my penis was growing and growing. “I think you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen!” I made a movement with my hand to grab her breast, but quickly pulled it back, realizing it was inappropriate.

“Oh go ahead and touch them honey! I like to play with my boobs, you’ll probably like it too” And she thrust her breasts into my face. I motor-boated her while she giggled, and then I started to feel and squeeze both her tits.

“That feels amazing Kyle!” She said in her thick sexy accent. The next thing I knew, she was grabbing my cock through my pants. It felt amazing. She was stroking it like a professional. Years and years of experience had really paid off. “Are you a virgin Kyle?” she asked in a hot sexy voice.

I had to answer honestly, “Yes” I said sheepishly. “Would you like to change that today?” She asked seductively. My answer was “of course!”

We moved over to the living room, stripping each other of all our clothes. Her freshly shaven and washed pussy turned me on a ridiculous amount. She took off my shirt, shorts and underwear and my dick popped out. It is only averaged sized, 7 inches long and about 2 inches around but it seemed to impress her. Barbra layed down on the leather couch, spread her legs wide and said “Stick that monster in me, you sexy kid!”

I did not even think twice, I was staring down at a beautiful woman, spread eagle for my enjoyment. Her body was still glistening from sweat and from her bath. So I slowly got down in between her legs and started thrusting into her. I looked down and saw my dick going into a pussy for the first time in my life. Although I was a virgin, I still knew what to do. I was going in and out and in and out, and I started to moan. Barb started to scream and moan with me. She was playing with her tits and sucking on one of her nipples, just to keep me turned on. I started to slow down saying, “Barb I am so close to cumming, I don’t want to get you pregnant or anything!” but she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in closer, “I’ve been on the pill for 16 years now Kyle, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” So I smiled and continued fucking my best friends mom. After only 2 more minutes, after we’d been having sex for 15 minutes or so I pushed in really deep and came hard into Barb. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I pulled out and said “Let me see if I can satisfy you now!”

I got on my knees in front of her and stuck a finger inside her pussy. Then two. Then three. While the three fingers on my right hand were busy thrusting into her vagina, I took my left hand and stuck my index finger straight up her ass. “OOOoooooohhhh! Oh my god Kyle! You’re better then Jake’s dad has ever been!” I started coordinating the thrusting with both of my hands, and Barb started to bounce up and down. “Ah! Ah! AH! AAAHHHH!!! AAAAAAAHHH!!!” She started to screem. “Oh my fucking god! AAAAAAAH!” And then she came. What seemed like gallons of pussy juice started to gush out of her, getting all over my hands, and dripping onto my stomach and penis.

All of a sudden, reality struck. “MOM?!? KYLE?!? What the hell?!?!?!” Jake screamed from behind me. I spun around and sat down on the couch beside barb. My hands went straight to cover my huge boner, and Barb started to cover up with her bathrobe. I thought I was dead, but it turns out, the fun was just beginning.

To be continued...

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