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Luv my mommas ass!

barty1 on Incest Stories

This is a story about how I finally fucked my mom's great ass! Now about us. I'm 36yrs old,6'0"tall,185lbs,average build,considered good looking,own my own business,and my best attribute,(I feel!),is my 7'inch cock. Its circumsized,and I luv getting off whenever possible. Watching porn,using tools,toys,whatever it takes,I luv the feel of it,and squirting my load. I recently got divorced,and my wife has joint custody of our 2 kids. So I moved in with my mom,until I got a new place. mom is 57yrs old,5'1"tall,110lbs,brownish-gray hair,35c tits,still very pretty,and her best thing is her great,round,tight ass! She's been divorced from my dad for 9 yrs now,and just works,and does her thing. She hasn't dated much,even though she gets asked out alot,I guess she just hasn't found the right guy . She does however,go out with me,to drink and dance sometimes,and let me tell you.....when we dance slow songs,she still knows how to bump and grind,which always makes me so horny. Then, when she lets me grind her from behind while dancing,I almost shoot my load,just thinking of fucking her ass. I know she can tell how hard I get,but she never lets on about it.

Well this last Friday night,we went out drinking and dancing,and having a great time. My mom was dressed in a short,Levi mini-skirt,and a nice white,tight top,that clearly showed off her nice tits. As the night went on,and we both got buzzed,she began to rub on me,even more,while dancing. Then,she would let me totally grind into her ass cheeks,when she turned around for me. I was loving it all. Just thinking of fucking that ass that I've always wanted,made my cock so hard. By about 11pm,it was time to go,cause my mom was wasted. She kept telling me how much she loved me,and how lucky she was to me as her son. I couldn't wait to get home,to jack off....or maybe...just what I always wanted to do,and fuck her ass!!

We got home,and as we walked into the living room,she turned to me and said in her drunken stupor:" Your so good,and hot too...and leaned in and gave me one of the hottest,tongue filled kisses I've had in awhile. I was hard in seconds!! She then said goodnight,and as she walked to her room,she peeled off her clothes,on the way to her room. I was loving the sight. By the time she was at her door,she only had on her panties. My cock was throbbing!! I couldn't stand it.She was so fucking hot,and with the beer in me,I was ready to get what I wanted!

I waited about 10 minutes,stripped off my clothes,grabbed some vaseline,and began stroking my cock. Man!,it felt so good!! It was rock hard,and I loved the feel of it in my hands. I walked to my moms room,and to my surprise,she was laying on her stomach,panties off,that great ass sticking up high in the air,and she was totally lost in masturbating herself!! She was screaming:" feels so good....rub my pussy...make me cum....its been so she was in her own world,oblivious to me standing there. I was now so horny,I couldn't take it anymore. I walked over to her bed,still stroking my cock,and proceeded to get on the bed with her. She didn't even know I was there. Looking at that ass that I:ve jacked off to so many times,put me in a state of frenzy.

I then went for it! With her rubbing her pussy faster and faster,I eased my throbbing cock up to her ass. Then she felt me there. In her drunken way,she said:"What are you doing??? Is that your cock??....Oh my god....what are you going to do??" I said:"I'm going to fuck that butt,that I've always wanted to fuck,and your going to love it,so just lay there and keep rubbing your pussy,cause I'm sticking your ass.......NOW!!"" She screamed:"No...No...not my I slowly pushed it into that unreal,tight was a dream come true!! Seeing my cock go in and out of her tight butthole,drove me wild!

She screamed for just a few seconds,when she said:"Oh my god!!.....yes baby....fuck your mommas butt....fuck me my like mommas butt don't you??I was pounding that pooper hole for all it was worth!! It was so fucking good! In about 15 minutes,she was ready to explode,as she continued rubbing her sweet pussy,and I was holding onto her great tits. I yelled:"Make me come momma,.....make me cum in your ass...and she pushed that ass up and down my throbbing cock!! if it were meant to be,she screamed:" I'm coming baby....Mommas coming....come in my ass....come on baby!!" We explode together like a bomb going off,and it was great!! In a few few minutes after that,as I was still laying on her,my cock still in that love hole,she turned her head and said:" That was so fucking good....I love your cock in my ass....Its been so long since I came,and you did it for me!!" You can fuck my ass anytime you it?"

Hearing that,I said:"Mom.....your going to find out just how good sex is with me...I promise!!"

Needless to say,we fuck and suck all the time now,and I fuck that butt at least twice a day...can't get enough!!


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