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my cable men know how to deliver

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It was a mildly hot sticky day, n my husband was out of town again . I was relaxing in the pool, drinking mojitos, awiting my 4 hour time slot for the cable guys to be at my place to fix me up (little did i know there were other at the end of the road running new cable this will be a point soon ) . Was a new house had no lines, or splitters any where.

I seen them pull into the drive way, and i climb outta the pool grab my towel wrap it around my waist meet them at the drive way and 1 follows me in and the other goes to the pole.

He explains to me what they have to do, makes alot of small talk all while never taking his eyes away from my perky D size tits, that are barely covered. While im at home the skimpier the better is my motto, to swim and lay out in. Im not an ugly person, not fat, i am however thick, and all muscle, all those years of kickboxing pays off.

He drills his holes, still talking to me.. when he stands up i notice the bulge and OMG was it ever. (I consider myself a nympho and for 2 weeks have not had sex, and all kinds of bad thoughts are going through my mind...)

I comment on the bulge, he asked to use the bathroom so i showed him where the guest one was. I threw myself over the big lounge chair finishing my probabably 4th mojito in the last hour, when he returned, i downed the rest of my drink, and noticed his fly was down, i comment told him that pipe he was packing was gonna escape if he didnt zip up. He chuckled not looking down and acted as if i lied about it. so when i stood up i let the towel fall to the floor and walked over and zipped him up, his face got all flushed, but thanked me, told him he was solid and seemed to have a nice rod, was told i could find out if i wanted but walked over to the tv and statred. I went to the kitchen got my last drink, downed it in what seemed like a whole 30 seconds. Cable man asked me for a phillips screwdriver so he didnt have to goto the truck, i gladly ablidge, and bring him one stuck between my tits. Im asked if i was trying to start something, and grab his crotch, tell him i know he wants me, cause he hasnt stopped looking at me since he had arrived. he grabs the screw driver drops it to the floor, grabs my tits, gently squeezing them, and i untie the top it falls, i grab his zipper undo it and unbuckle his pants, and start trying toi work him out of them. BAM, his rock hard cocks pops out, and i cant waite i need to feel it in my mouth, i go right down on him, licking and sucking and deep throating, his moans must have startled the other guy on the pole cause in he came i think we forgot about him. He stands there just looking at us, cable guy 1, says i couldnt help it she just undid me. cable guy 2 laughs n says right, i stop sucking, turn to him and asks if he wants to cop a feel as i rub my tits too him, i crawl over on my kneew and start undoing his pants, i dont so much as get mny hand around his cock to pull it out while hes getting hard, i give him the same treatment, and he grabs my head and pushes it down my throat making me gasp for air n gag, but i dont give up. guy 1, walks over and kneels down starts rubbing my twat, and fingering me, i am wet as can be 2 guys to do with what i want, this is great, my first 3 some, ive wanted this for so long.

I stop deepthroating , try n stand up, back away, untie my thong bottoms. and toss em aside. I ask if there is anything they want me to do for them, and just take what they want. At that point i take both their heads in my mouth to pass a few seconds.. We all head back to the living room, cable guy 1, partially back on the big comfy chair and tells me to come here. Do as im told,and pulls me over him. i try to inch my soppy wet pussy over his rock hard rod, and cable guy 2 says not so fst grabs me pushes me to the couch, and eats me out, im moaning and twitching uncontrollable, cable guy 1 comes over squats over me and makes me happy by tea bagging me, and putting his cock back into my mouth deep, deeper i take it i keep swollowing until i feel his balls almost in my mouth, i even try to force thm in too, i feel him getting ready to blow, he askes me if its ok, i try to nod yes, but he pulls out anyway blows it over my tits.. so i try to lick some off my nipps, n suck his cock clean. cable guy 2. gets me to where im ready to climax, and doesnt stop, licks and swolls me hole. Ahh im literally screaming, oh god oh god your fucking great. He said he wants a nice long blow job now, so the 2 change positions, and he starts eating me, and im sucking harder and harder, deeper and deeper, hes about an inch or 2 bigger in girth and size, then the first one.. but its great. time passes, im on my 2nd orgasm and actually must've sucked a lil too hard, he lets out a lil screech and as i ease up a little bit, i take it down my throat, and he releases me some to eat, and blows the rest on my tits and face, i cleaned his head up s well. and they were ready for some real action i guess i was finally getting filled. I was twisted around and put on top of guy 2, while guy 1 who was smaller as i mentioned, used the baby oil to lube up my ass, eased his way in, my pussy on the other hand was so wet he had no problems getting that huge thing in me. here i was for the first time in my life having a 3some with workers who were supposed to be doing me up some cable. i would arch my back with every thrust in my ass which made the cock in my twat bury itself deeper. OMG, is all i could keep saying knowing i was about drunk, but at one time i know i said i wanted more. He blows is load on my back, makes a quick call and within 5 minutes there were 3 more guys to give me what ive been wanting for so long . i get to suck me 3 more cocks, 3 more loads on my body, as well as get a real fill. Ive now got a cock in my ass my pussy my mouth and one in each hand til they get wise and try to put 2 in my pussy, and want to talk about a full feeling. I would advise tis to anyone. the feeling of having thesem en use me, and give me their love juices, is totally amazing.

About 2 hours went by, and we were all finishing up, and i beleive i was on my 20th load of cum , so each guy got to blow his load 5 times with me, mmm mmm , awesome it was..

They hooked my cable up in about 10 minutes, and thanked me, said they hoped they could be of assisstance agin. Seems like everytime my husband neglects me and leaves town my cable box always seems to break down.

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