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My first fuck on Incest Stories

This is my first story, so please don’t be really hard on me.

My daddy’s idea

I’d been fantasying for a while now, I was sixteen and needed to get fucked by someone and I really didn’t care who. The only males in the house were my brother and my dad. It would be weird if I asked my brother but not my dad.

I could hear him in the shower so I decided to ambush him in there, I stripped naked looking down at my virgin pussy, and it was dripping. Boy I needed a fuck. I walked into the bathroom and my dad called out “who’s there, I’m in the shower”

I didn’t reply and he just dismissed it, thinking it was the wind. I pulled back the shower cover in the middle of dad having a huge wank. He covered me in his cum.

“Oh daddy that feels so good do it again.”

“No this is wrong “

I grabbed his dick which was already semi hard; I caught him looking at my breasts “go on suck them”

He reached down for my breast and started to suckle on them, oh daddy that feels so good I moaned.

I saw that my pussy was dripping all over the floor, my dad saw and pulled me in to the bath I sat on his big dick it had to be at least 10 inches long. I rubbed my young cunt along his hard dick. It slipped into my opening a couple of times and I could see he wanted to get right in there. I said go on daddy pop my cherry. He shoved straight into my young cunt, the pain was so bad and we stood there for a minute and then he started pumping. I was moaning pulling my dad further into me.

He cummed into me and I said daddy I don’t wanna get pregnant. He pushed me against the wall and shoved his tongue into my newly fucked cunt. He ate me out several times and I reached a new high in my orgasm.

He said he had idea and told me to go get dressed in my slutiest clothes.

I chose a tiny black leather mini skirt and a white leather bikini top. I put on black knee high boots. He pushed me into the car and told me I would have to act really slutty he was taking me to a biker pub where he knew there was an inisiation going on and they liked to have young pussy to fuck. I would be the only one there so I would probably get 20 guys who would fuck me. I started to get really wet.

When we got there I looked probably 15 but my outfit would get me in.

About 40 bikers looked at me when I came through the door. I sat at the bar and gave almost everyone a good long look at my wet cunt. Some guy asked me to dance to some music that had just been put on and I gyrated against his big hard on. He put my hand down my skirt and another guy took off my bikini top.

More in part 2

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