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Poolside Nymphs- Lydia and Maddie Pt. 1

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Poolside Nymphs-Lydia and Maddie Pt. 1

My flight into Orlando landed at roughly 11 PM. My work buddies and I stumbled out of the plane, collected our baggage and drove across the state to our booked hotel. Dan, Brett, and I had escaped the wives for the week to attend a national bowling tournament hosted by our electrician’s guild. By the time we checked in, it was almost midnight, leaving us old men staggering into our rooms.

The two bed room was right outside the pool. With three guys and two beds, we would rotate who slept on the couch. As we were walking into the room, I scanned the pool and noticed two lone figures splashing playfully in the pool. They were two girls who looked to be in their high school years. Grinning I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.

After setting my suitcase aside, I let the fella’s know that I would be sitting by the pool for awhile. I took my notepad with me. I had been an aspiring writer for awhile now and I had hoped the pool air would bring some inspiration. I was surprised to see the two girls, still swimming in the pool. I sat down by the stairs to the pool, letting my feet soak. The girls noticed me and waved, smiling sweetly. Sitting closer to them, I could see that one was a brunette, one a blond. At first sight, I thought they were nearing the end of highschool, but looking closer I could see that they were probably just entering their freshman year, their baby faces betraying their womanly bodies.

I kept jotting down notes, trying to find something to write about, but I was distracted. Their tight bodies kept calling to me. To make matters worse, the blond kept looking at me when her friend wasn’t looking. Even though I was approaching 40, I was quite a catch in my earlier years. I knew that some of those good looks were still with me now, but this young girl couldn’t be interested in me at her age could she?

She looked at me again, staring too long this time and I knew the look. She was smitten. My cock stirred in my pants. If they got close enough, I would see how far I could take this. Sure enough, before long, they started making their way towards me, skipping past hanging ladders on their way to the steps.

“Good evening ladies,” I said, showing off a little southern drawl.

Clutching each other arms, wading through the water, they giggled, “Hi.” They said in unison like they’d been practicing.

Throwing caution to the wind, I grabbed the brunette’s arm, “Hey, ladies could you help me with an article I’m writing here?”

The brunette raised a critical eyebrow, the blond giggled again, “An article for what?” said the brunette.

I showed her my pad, raising it from my knee. “I’m a reporter for the newspaper in Nashville and right now I’m doing an article about teen sexuality in high school.” I noted the brunette’s skeptical glance. I could tell she didn’t like me. I quickly recovered, “I wouldn’t use your full names. I just want to ask as a survey.”

The blonde looked at her friend pleadingly. I was hoping she could be my saving grace. The brunette shrugged, “Why should we believe you?”

I again showed her the notepad, “Who else carries around a notepad these days?”

She stared at me for a few seconds, but my answer seemed to satisfy her. For the first time since I’d seen her, she smiled. She turned to her friend and giggled, “we’re going to be in the newspaper.” She turned back to me, “What do we have to do?”

I motioned towards the first few stairs, “Just sit down here and I’ll ask questions.”

They sat down, the brunette in front and the blond behind, hovering over her shoulder.

“First off, what are your names and where are you from?”

The blond was eager to tell me her name, “I’m Lydia, and my friend here is Madelynn, and we’re from Atlanta. We’re down here right now for our softball tournament. I’m a pitcher, and she plays short.”

I smiled, and started writing notes for no particular reason other than to make it look like I cared. “I love softball. How old are you ladies?”

Madelynn smiled, I could tell I was wittling her down. “We’re both sophomores in high school but I’m 16. She’s almost 15.”

“That’s very nice.” I was openly staring them down now. Lydia seemed oblivious but Madelynn seemed like she liked it. She was slowly caressing her tanned legs up and down as if showing them off.

“Okay girls, the golden question. Are we virgins?”

This brought another fresh round of giggling. Their answer surprised me, “No,” Madelynn giggled, “I’ve had two. They were both terrible. I didn’t really like it. Lydia has had one. Also bad. They didn’t know what they were doing.”

My face must have showed my surprised because Lydia smiled, “Oh, do you think we’re sluts now?”

I shook my head, “No girls, believe me its very cute. Besides, maybe you thought you were in love.”

Madelynn nodded her head, “Our first times were.” She smiled devilishly, “My second time was just for fun. Sex is awesome.”

I nodded, “Yes it is. What about more dirty things. Have you ever given a blow job?”

Again, Madelynn nodded, “I did, I wanted to know what it felt like. Lydia hasn’t”

I glanced at Lydia, she looked embarrassed. “It looks gross.” She tried to explain herself.

Madelynn agreed with her, “It was at first, but then you get used to it.”

I nodded, “Its okay Lydia, you will sooner than you think. Last question I think, just for fun.” I grinned wickedly at them. “Just out of curiousity, what cup sizes are you girls.”

I expected cynicism, I expected them to leave immediately. But instead, Madelynn only lost her smile. Lydia puffed her chest out even more. She smiled proudly, “34c! I think Maddie is a 34a.”

Madelynn frowned, “They’re big enough!”

I glanced at Madelynn and grinned reassuringly, “Usually its not the size, it’s a nice full shape. If you don’t mind me saying, you both have beautiful breasts.” They both smiled, “Besides, usually small breasts mean a tight ass. Do you have a tight ass?”

Madelynn stood up, water dripping from her tanned body, she turned around and bend over at the waist with her ass inches from my face. “I don’t know, what do you think?”

Instinctively I reached out and cupped her cheek. She jumped a little at first, but looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, showing me she was catching on to me, but the thought excited her. Over her shoulder Lydia looked jealous.

I released her cheek and she turned back around sitting down, readjusting her bottoms. She smiled, “you can keep asking questions if you want.”

I laughed, “umm okay. If you don’t mind, how big were their ummm, cocks?

They giggled at the word and both glanced instinctively at my crotch. I was sporting a nice erection. Lydia held up her hand and pointed to a spot in her palm, “From here to the top of my middle finger.” Madelynn glanced back and nodded, “Yeah about that big.”

I nodded, looking unimpressed, “Only about 5 inches. That’s a shame.” I ran a hand on the outside of my shorts again, letting them see the long outline in my shorts. I was about 7 inches on a good day.

I could almost see Lydia licking her lips. Her nipples were poking straight out of her yellow bikini top. I set my notepad down and stared at them both. “Last question this time and I mean it, Do you think you were good in bed?”

Lydia kept quiet but Madelynn snorted, “Definitely. I was made for sex. I’m sure Lydia was fine too”

I sighed, clasping my hands together. “Don’t take this personal Lydia, but I’m sure you’re not as good as you think.”

Instantly I knew that I had hit a nerve. “I am very good.” Madelynn purred.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but I doubt it.”

With an intense look on her face and quick as a cat, Maddie was between my legs on the first step. As in control of the situation as I thought I was, this was a startling development. She reached a dripping hand from the water and stroked the outside of my shorts before I could stop her. I was frozen in place. Like a minx she slid her tongue out and traced the outline of my cock, staring at me the whole time. I couldn’t have been any harder than that moment. She got to the tip and smiled, “Wanna bet?”

“Maddie!” Lydia hissed. She glanced around nervously like someone would spring out and catch us at 12:00 at night. But even as she checked the area, she scooted closer, still watching over Maddie’s shoulder.

I tried to hide my surprise and cooed, “You wanna play baby girl? Lets see if you just talk a big game.”

She frowned, she thought she had won, but my continued goading made her even angrier. Her hands moved farther up and pulled away. I lifted my butt off the pavement to help her and with a little help my pants were around my ankles. My cock sprung free, and I smirked, watching their little eyes double in size. Lydia reached around Madelynn before she could regrasp my cock, and took ahold of my 7 in. member. She stroked it up and down once before Madelynn placed her mouth over the hood.

I gasped and I could feel Maddie smile around my cock, sensing she had one. Lydia withdrew her hand as Maddie used her tongue and lips to make her way down my shaft. Lydia watched intently, her hand resting on Maddie’s knee. Maddie was moving painfully slow, I could feel every delicious sensation. Her hand was placed at the base of my shaft near my balls and her mouth was inching back and forth over the remaining territory.

I increased the game and snuck my hand in-between Maddie’s legs. She didn’t even flinch, she just kept working my cock. I had to admit the girl was good, she was careful of her teeth and her tongue and her lips formed a tight vice, but she was still working slow. I started working two fingers along her bottoms, tracing the outline of her pussy lips. To my delight, Maddie spread her legs just a bit. She was definitely into this.

I moaned, and stroked her hair. She took her mouth off and ran her tongue from base to shaft slowly again. It was an extreme tease whether she knew it or not. I ran my hand from her hair to her chin and lifted her eyes to mine. “That’s cute sweetie, but you’ll never get me to cum that way. You’re at a B- right now.”

She smiled wickedly confirming she had been toying with me the whole time. Still working my left fingers along her bikini bottoms, she returned to my cock with a vigor. Jacking the lower half with her right hand she worked the top half over with her mouth at a furious pace. I leaned back, taken aback with pleasure. Leaning back I could barely reach her pussy anymore. I wanted to repay the little minx for her efforts. In all the excitement I had completely forgotten about Lydia. I stared at her directly in the eyes. I moved forward again, straining against maddie’s efforts and grabbed Lydia’s hand that was resting on Maddie’s thigh. I pushed it off, reaching under Maddie’s legs quickly and catching Lydia’s falling hand. Slowly, I crept it toward Maddie’s pussy and pressed Lydia’s hand against her bottoms. I traced her fingers back and forth from asshole to just beyond her pussy. Lydia’s eyes were concerned but she didn’t push me away. Instead, her hand took more control and after awhile I wasn’t leading her anymore, she was caressing her friend’s pussy without my help. I released my hand and leaned back watching the scene in front of me.

Madelynn’s raven hair was bouncing furiously infront of me as he best friend’s was busy working her over. Maddie must have felt my hand leave and another replace it. Either she hadn’t felt it, or she didn’t care that her best friend was caressing her pussy. To my delight, Lydia’s other hand had crept up to her own breast. She had slid it under her top and was cupping and moaning loudly. Below me, Madelynn was also moaning. There is nothing like the sound of adolescent girls purring.

Madelynn’s efforts were working, I could feel my juices flowing. I was now grunting uncontrollably. I stroked her hair again and pulled her head up, my other hand returned to my dick, stroking it heavily. She winced painfully, but I smiled, “I’m gonna cum baby. I didn’t wanna cum in your mouth without warning. Hold your chest out.”

Almost on command, she puffed out her little titties and rose up from the water fully on her knees. I could feel the cum beginning to flow and I grunted, placing my cock right In her cleavage and spraying all over her chest. A small bit hit the underside of her chin but the rest dribbled between her breasts. I chanced a look backwards and was surprised to find Brett and Dan looking out the window, cocks in hand.

I stood up out of the pool and sighed. Madelynn was staring at her chest in disbelief, panting heavily because Lydia’s hand was still working furiously between her legs. Lydia was panting too from her own breast stimulation. To my surprise, Maddie reached back and placed a huge kiss on her lips. They opened their mouths and I could see their tongues swirling around. They broke the kiss and I could see the motion die down in the water. Returning her gaze back to me, Madelynn grinned and drew a finger between her cleavage collecting a fair amount of my cum on her finger. Slowly she brought it to her mouth and swallowed it whole, taking it out and licking it clean.

I grinned and leaned down smiling at her, “A+ ladies.” I turned around to walk away, still seeing Dan and Brett in the window smiling wickedly. I turned back around, motioning back towards my room. “Thank you for that lovely night ladies. Now, you can go back home having had a good night, or,” I pointed back towards my room. “You can come inside and have a little more fun. It’s your choice.”

I turned around and walked towards my room, leaving to very sexy nymphs behind me.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. More to come if you want it.

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