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sex trainiing by mom

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While growing up my mom and I developed into more than just mother and son.

She told me early as a young man that I am what is considered "well hung' and even told me what that meant.

When I was just 14 years old I already had my 11 1/2 inch cock and hung flaccid at around 7 or 8 inches limp.

My mother and dad got divorced when I was really young and my mom dated men and on the weekends would bring some of them home and as a young boy I would hear her having sex .

My mom liked to party and have fun and she taught me to be myself and often she and I would be naked around each other at home.

It was not uncommon to see each other nude watching tv late nights...

I had already learned about masterbation and my mom encouraged it and and addmitted that she even did it herself.

She told me all about sex when I was only 11 and told me how and where my penis would go into a woman and she showed me on herself, by spreading her legs and telling me what each part of her privates where and then she in turn told me more about myself, besides that I was what is considered "well hung".

she told me that even though some women would love that I am so large in the penis, That there are other that could not handle it and would refuse me sex becasue I am so large there.

It was when I was 19 that we ended up fucking each other...

I went to a party with her and we both had a bunch to drink.

My mom was looking exceptionally hot in a white tank top t-shirt and even though she had a bra on, I'd swear we could all still se her nipples!

She has 34D's and my mom is very , very skinny and so her big natural boobs really stick out on her body.

She was wearing jeans and as usual for her they looked like they where made just for her..

I knew she had on panties, but as tight as those jeans where I could not see any panty lines..

Later as she needed to pee she said she was going to the potty and asked me to walk with her.

I did and as we got to the bathroom of the house we found a line of people waiting and so she grew impatient and told me to walk her around back and she would pee in the bushes..

As I walked with her it was just like being with my own girlfriend, Except that she was my mom.

She looks very young for her age and fit right in with me and my friends and most did not even know she was my mom!

We found a dark spot in the bushes and having seen my own mom naked alot she was not bashfull and so she just dropped her jeans and panties and held onto my hand as she squatted and she openly pee'd in front of me...

I watched the urine flow from my moms crotch and it was hard not to look and not be aroused!

She seemed to notice this and mentiond.

" Not bad for an old lady an I?" with a smile up at me..

I had to pee too and so when she finished she watched me as I pulled my cock out and let it flow as she hung out and then we walked back to the party.

Some of the guys where hitting on my mom and she actually got a kick out of it,

She teased and when they got more serious she would bluntly say.

" Well my boyfriend has a big 11 1/2"inch cock, I am very happy with him, Are you as large as that?"...

... "Cause you gotta be hung to get into my panties.." and said it just like that!

and most all of the guys would leave her alone from then on..

As mom was noticable getting drunk she was smart enough to ask me to take her home and so we got into my car and left for home.

Once home she stripped naked and relaxed in her chair and was soon asleep..

I lifted her up and put her in bed and got undressed myself and laid down too.

It was a little while later when I could not fall asleep.

I was horny and so I got out of bed and went into the living room and started to watch a porno by myself and started to masterbate.

I never heard my mom get up,

as it turned out she needed to pee..

I was stroking away grabbing my cock with both hands and watching the movie on the screen and suddenly realized my mom was standing right behind me as I sat in her chair!

She was looking right at my hard cock and simply said..

"I wished your daddy was as hung as you are!"

I had nothing to cover myself up with except the small towel I planned to cum into..

" Don't Stop Baby!" she exclaimed..

"Your fucking hot as hell with your big cock stroking it like that!!"

She herself was still naked and she sat next to me and started playing with her partially shaved pussy and she was soon making herself cum and she was better to watch then the fucking porno on the tv I put in and as she made herself cum she watched me in return and told me that she loved men like me that had such huge cocks and she wondered outloud "how does my girlfreind handle my big cock?"..

I smiled and then did something I learned I could do as a kid.

I bent over in front of her and sucked on my own cock.

I had even cummed before in my own mouth, But generally like most women I had bedded so far, I prefered my own precum, But not the cum.

But I had done it a few times to decide for myself..

My mom freaked out on my ability to suck myself off and she kept saying "Oh God, Oh My God that is so hot!!" and she opened her legs wider now and gave me a full view of her shaved pussy lips and only a trimmed patch of hair on top trimmed in the letter V.

Her tit's had nippled that stuck out like large erasures and as we both made ourselves cum in front of each other she suddenly reached out and grabbed my cock as I was about to cum and she stroked it with me and talked dirty to me and told me that she .."wanted to taste my cum!"

As I felt my balls tighten up and my load built to the moment I barely let it escape my lips, My mom put her mouth on my head and sucked me as I shot off for the first time in her mouth.

It was a large amount of cum and my mom did'nt miss a single drop and she then licked my shaft and cupped my balls and asked me .." If I was man enough to fuck her?"

I nodded a yes and she led me to the bedroom and this time she laid on her back and I started to lick her pussy.

She tasted so good and clean and as I licked and played with her clit, I did not spend to much time on that spot alone and ended up licking her ass hole and pussy lips and hole as well and even ran my tongue up her holes and as she cummed she grabbed my head and screamed as each orgasm racked her body.

I even managed to grab her tit's and pinched her hard nipples and by now my cock was rock hard again and as I lapped at her cunt, She told me to " Fuck Me!"

I aimed my cock at her pussy and she helped hold it there and together I entered her slowly as she wimpered about how becasue I am so thick that it was stretching her pussy wide open!

I had heard this alot and hearing it from my mom made me feel like a king.

As I moved onward trying to get more of me worked into her pussy she was already having orgasms and was already so wet that when she suddenly squirted all over me I was shocked!

I let her orgasm wear off and resumed fucking her and as she watched my cock she told me that it made her cum like a "fucking freiight train!" and as she kept cumming fucked her missionary stylr, doggie style, In a spoon position,

I even put her up on her shoulders and stuffed her pussy full of my cock!

She was like a tigress in sex and when she seen me grab more lube she knew what I wanted!

Sge got on all fours and as her tits rested against the bed I lubed up my cock and put some on her ass hole and I slid my cock up her ass and she was cumming in onoy like 5 minutes and cumming hard and her pussy squirted once again and I could feel it spray out of her as she had my balls slapping her clitty and I managed to last only about 20 minutes more in her ass before I cummed and held all of my 11 1/2 inched all the way in her as I shot off without stroking away any more.

She was breathing heavy and so was I and we collapsed together with my cock still in her ass.

We somehow fell asleep like this and hours later I awoke and slowly pulled my cock out of her and covered up with the top sheet.

I awoke to the sounds of the shower going on and as I opened my eyes she was cleaning herself and I watched and joined her.

She washed me and gently washed my cock and balls and ass and let me wash her and as I washed I left my fingers explore her cunt some more and she held onto me as I finger fucked her with three of my fingers until she cummed and then she looked at my hard cock and as we stood there, Because of it's long length it hit her tit's and she soaped them up and put my cock between them and I titty fucked her and then it was on again.

I reached down and turned off the water so that we did not loose all tha hot water and I bent her over and fucked her from behind and fingered her clit as I hit her bottom with my dick and she climaxed so loud that her scream hurt my ear's in the shower basin.

As I fnished and withdrew my still cum covered cock, Mom spun around and licked me clean and then gently washed my cock and balls and herself an we got out and she and I hardly said a word.

When she did she told me that.." I was the best fuck she had ever had ,and that she also had never had a man that was as large in the cock ever put his cock in her before..!.

We agreed to be fuck buddies and for awhile we sometimes fucked a few times a week.

She would bring home men she had already been fucking and do them with me home and then still fuck me afterwards..." to get off properly.." as she put it

I was told that I could brring home my girlfriends and once I knew my mom was watching as I fucked this gal named Beth, that I worked with.

Momafterwards told me that it was awesome seeing her try to handle my bog cock and clearly she had no idea I was so hung until she seen it..

I had such an open relationship woth my mom that I learned that she loved getting fucked by two cocks and that she had even been involved in a few "gang bangs"

This turned me on and as we fucked I told her that.." I would love to fuck her wIth another man"..

She arrainged everything and the other guy was a man she knew from her past that was "well hung "she said.

She told him nothing about her being my mother and instead told him that she had met me online..

He arrived and my mom was dressed in just panites and a bra and she undressed him and me and then she proceeded to suck and fuck us both and he was just about as large as me and said he was 10 1/2 inches long, Compared to my 11 1/2, But mine was a lot thicker then his. Mom put me in her ass and as he entered her cunt we both had her screaming at the top of her lungs that she was cumming and I dont know how I outlasted this other guy..

But he cummed in her cunt and I finished off doing moms ass alone as he tried to get it up again.

After this mom and I would go out and she would tell the ladies at the bar that she knew a hot young hung stud and set me up woth her friends and I in turn hooked her up with a few of my friends..

Mom is now in her 60's and still hot as hell.

I think it is all the sex we had since I was young that has kept her so youthfull.

I know that she still gets laid often and is seeing a guy that is half her age and he knows that I have fucked her too!

True account.' Grant.


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