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She wanted me as her sex slave!

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After that first experience I couldn't think of anything except my wonderful Mistress as she said she wanted to be called. She texted me often in the next week telling me how she was still remembered the taste of my cock in her mouth and how marvellous it was to feel it inside her cunny and how embarrassed I was when I came too soon. She reassured me that my quickly acquired skill with my tongue more than made up for that and she still had goosebumps and had to play with herself each time she thought of my licking her clit and sucking it to make her cum too. Reading her text messages got me hard each time and a couple of times I just had to go into the toilets at school to wank myself to ease the pressure in my balls. She insisted I text her back telling her how much I wanted her and how I was looking forward to the next Saturday evening.

As you can guess when I arrived with the take away my heart was racing and my dick was trying to burst from my jeans. She opened the door to me dressed as before but this time she was just holding the gown closed round her, I guess in case anyone was passing by and might see. As soon as she closed the door behind me she let the gown fall open and I had a view of her gorgeous full breasts with the nipples peeping above the support girdle. She took the food from me and told me to go into the lounge and get undressed as she'd like me to be naked while we ate. I did as she asked but kept on my boxers as I was still a little shy of being naked in front of her even after all we'd done last week. I sat on the couch and saw a low table set with one set of cutlery and a glass with an opened bottle of wine. My Mistress came in carrying a tray, she'd taken off the gown and I could see her naked pubic mound and her long stocking encased legs making my heart miss a beat. She put down the tray and I could see one plate and a pair of handcuffs which puzzled me but she explained that she would like me to be cuffed and she would enjoy feeding me. It seemed a little weird but I didn't complain when she cuffed my hands behind my back then made me stand so she could slip down my boxers for me to step out of.

I could hardly eat for excitement especially since I found out quickly that there was no cutlery and she fed me with her fingers! There was something strangely erotic about eating the food from her hands and then licking her fingers clean. She kept holding up the wine Glass for me to drink from and I quickly became a little tipsy. My dick was rock hard and standing straight up in the air and a couple of times she deliberately let some of the sauce drip on it so then she would apologise and lick it off. She also occasionally trailed her sauce covered fingers across her breasts and made me lick it off. When we'd finished she made me suck her fingers clean before sending me to the bedroom while she took the plate back to the kitchen.

She came into the room to find me lying as ordered on my back on the bed. I noticed she was carrying a fresh opened bottle of wine and the glass and the first thing she did was make me sit up enough to take a drink from it. Then without more ado she laid me brusquely back down and straddled my face telling me to show her I hadn't forgotten what she'd taught me last week. She held her pussy wide open and I smelled her musky sex juices already flowing as I teased her inner labia with an eager tongue. She moved slowly and rhythmically sighing with pleasure as I aroused all the parts I remembered she especially enjoyed. Occasionally she leaned back and stroked my rock hard throbbing dick murmuring little messages of encouragement, at other times she gripped it hard and even squeezed by balls telling me to lick her harder or deeper or to suck her clit. Her movements became more urgent, her breathing faster and more laboured and I tasted her juices flooding my mouth. She turned round facing my feet and planted her wide flared cunt full on my mouth saying “tongue fuck me....hard!” I probed her as deeply as I could revelling in her sweet spicy yet fishy and delicious tasting fluids and heard her moaning in ecstasy as she delighted in rubbing her erect clit on my nose till it made my eyes water. I gasped to grab a breath whenever I could fearing I might suffocate in her wonderous sex and then I felt her cunt muscles spasm on my aching tongue as she started to orgasm. I tried to hold my breath and make one last effort to tongue her deep and hard as she bucked and heaved emitting little squeals of delight as she grabbed my hair and pressed my face hard into her wide open pussy. I spluttered and almost gagged as she delivered a squirt of her juice deep into my mouth so I had no choice but to swallow as much as I could. She flopped exhausted on my tummy stroking my dick as it pressed against the side of her face and pumping her hips slowly as she told me to lick her clit slowly as she came down again from her climax.

She teased my aching cock a little, stroking it and then pulling back the foreskin till I moaned when she would lick my knob till I gasped. I had to tell her that before I fucked her I would need to wee as the wine had swollen my bladder to bursting point. Mistress teased me mercilessly about it saying how “her poor little boy needed to be taken to the toilet before diddums could make love!” All this merely increased my awareness of how much I needed to go until I was absolutely begging her to let me before I disgraced myself by wetting her bed. This increased her amusement even more and she giggled about never having had sex with a little bed wetter before which made me blush like crazy and almost cry with desperation. She told me that if I really really needed to go then she'd let me but I would have to pay a forfeit and I was so desperate I didn't even ask what it was. She pouted, feigning disappointment, climbed off me helping me to stand as I was feeling a little tipsy and wobbly on my feet and, grabbing the almost empty wine glass led me to the bathroom. She made me stand, legs straddled over the toilet and ordered me to not wee while she teased my cock and played with my balls telling me that I needed to learn bladder control then to my acute embarrassment she rubbed her hand over my tummy massaging it and asking me where it ached most when she pressed. I begged her to stop as I was in absolute agony and she did so laughing and said she'd let me wee but I had to stop and start on her command. She put her hand between my legs gripping my balls tightly and said if I failed to stop she would squeeze till I did then she said go and with huge relief I let forth a stream of urine sighing as I did but I'd hardly started when she yelled “stop!” With much difficulty and only after a sharp pressure on my balls I obeyed her crying in anguish and once I'd stopped she said, okay go again. This happened several times as she emptied the glass of wine and each time as she yelled stop she would grab my poor aching balls in a grip of iron. Finally she said, “okay you can empty your bladder now” and held the empty glass under the end of my cock. I let the last flow go so it filled the glass and spilled over her hand and when I'd finished she wiped the last drips from my knob with her other hand and then held it up to my lips. I looked at her aghast and she insisted “lick my fingers clean boy, how dare you pee over your Mistress, or do you really want your balls squeezed again?” I did as she ordered and to my surprise did not find the taste as bad as I feared. She looked in my eyes as I licked all round her wet fingers and pushed them one at a time in my mouth for me to suck. “Hmmm, my little boy seems to be enjoying that”, and to my horror she held the full glass of urine up to my lips, “now drink that and tell Mistress how much you enjoyed it!” I hesitated and felt her other hand slide between my thighs, first fondling and then rearranging my testicles so as to grip them as though in a vice. I got the message and sipped the orange fluid keeping swallowing with difficulty as she slowly tipped the glass for me to drain it dry. Her eyebrows raised and her hand pulled on my scrotum prompting me to mumble, “th...thank you was Delicious!”

My Mistress led me back to the bedroom where she laid me on the bed and mounted my face again. I needed no instructions to bury my tongue in her delicious cunny and to arouse her once more to the heights of passion and my cock stood proudly erect showing my own desire. She teased me again, reaching behind her to play with it and asking me if I really wanted to fuck her yet. I couldn't speak as my mouth was otherwise engaged but I nodded and tried to show with my eyes how much I wanted her. I could tell she was almost ready to climax again when she slid down my body and taking my rod in her hands pulled the skin hard back and rubbed my exposed and sensitive knob against her slippery cunt lips. I moaned in ecstasy and had to bite my lip not to cum almost at once. She teased me on and on stroking and parting her cunt lips with my throbbing knob as I begged her to put it inside her. She moved it to frig her clit with my cock and her eyes closed as she got even closer to orgasm and I almost screamed for her to put me inside before I came. Her eyes opened wide and laughing at me, her mouth opened in a long groan and she laid my cock flat on my belly and proceeded to pump her hips hard riding her clit up and down the length of my shaft as she drove herself to a surging climax. It was too much for me and with a little gasping cry of despair I shot my load all up my belly and onto my chest where it lay in a pool between my nipples. As her movements slowed she mocked me for cumming too soon again and reaching across for the wine glass on the bedside table she scooped up my spunk from the dip in my chest and pressed the rim to my lips for me to drink. She made me lick the glass empty then wiped up the last smears from my chest with her fingers and gave me those to suck clean.

She mocked me again about being “her poor little over excited boy who kept cumming too soon to really please a woman” and as she did she was rubbing my shaft along the length of her juicy pussy teasing her still engorged clit and letting my cock head just enter her gaping vagina. I kept lifting my hips to try to enter her and she pulled herself away teasing me again with the promise and then withdrawing it. She made me beg and promise I'd do whatever she said if she just let me shag her properly. She teased some more, gripping my cock tight and pushing down so the skin was drawn right back and then rubbing my tense naked knob hard against her clit before sliding it just a little into her cunt hole. Little by little she let me further in until I was gasping and moaning and begging her to fuck me. She pumped a little harder, withdrawing her hand so her vulva could press right against my belly and I felt my dick contact something firm yet yielding deep inside her cavity. She lifted till my prick was almost out and I could feel the muscles of her vaginal entrance sucking on my cock head then she lowered herself slowly till the head once again pushed into that hot wet glory. Again and again she pumped me and it felt like she was drawing my whole body up through my aching cock. I moaned as I felt myself coming close and she snapped sharply, “not yet!” and reached behind her searching for my scrotal sac again. I pleaded “No” as I knew what was coming but her strong fingers snuggled round my testicles stretching my sack until she had my balls clenched firm in that iron grip. I gasped as she squeezed and the dull ache spread through my gut stopping my impending climax dead. She pumped her hips now like a mad woman and I gasped time and again as my knob was sucked hard first by her strong cunt muscles then by that soft firm inner mouth that she told me later was the entrance to her womb. I felt myself on the point of cumming again and once more she squeezed till I screamed and the orgasm died in me. Each time she raised herself my balls were yanked till I screamed then each time she sank back I moaned in ecstasy as I felt my cock penetrate that inner sanctum. She was pumping like crazy and I saw her eyes close as her free hand rubbed her clit and I knew from the spasms in her cunt muscles she was cumming. Her jerking and shuddering drove me to cum even though she yelled “NO!” and squeezed my balls till I thought they would burst. In spite of the pain my belly knotted as I felt the orgasm shot through my balls and into my cock as shot deep inside her. The pain from her squeezing and from my second orgasm in so short a time made me sob in anguish.

She fell on my chest and wriggled up for me to suck her nipples as she milked the last few drops from my aching cock. She clambered up further for me to plant her hot pussy on my lips and for me to drink our combined juices from her wet and still trembling cunt hole. I drank deep draughts of her sweet nectar which aroused my passions again until my cock, aching though it was stood straight up again. She made me lick her to yet another climax then climbed off me, uncuffed my wrists and sat back smiling and stroking her pussy contemplatively as she made me kneel in front of her and wank myself off. She made me tell her how I was feeling as as I started to feel my climax approaching she cupped her hand under my knob and told me to cum into it while her other hand stroked my balls making me scared that she was going to squeeze them again. Thank god she didn't and as my throbbing cock delivered a meagre load into her hand she smiled fondling my scrotum gently and told me I was “her good little sex slave!” Iwas absolutely drained literally and figuratively and as I climbed on my bike to leave my whole groin was groaning in protest. She reminded me that we had another date for the same time next Saturday and I rode off getting hard again at the thought.

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