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Swallowing dad's cum again

sweet_claire on Incest Stories

Hi, I recently submitted a story about my experience swallowing my dads cum after he cum in my knickers. There was a lot of feedback so I decided to register and share another experience I had with my dad's cum. After that incedent I had been dying to taste his cum again.

One night my mum and dad had been out for a meal and a drink. I was in bed when they came in, but was still awake. I can only assume that they thought I was asleep as they started to have sex in their bedroom which is right next to my room.

I could hear my dad pounding my mum and I started getting wet, I couldnt control it. I slipped my hand down my pyjama bottoms and fingered till I reached an explosive orgasm. After that I went to bed.

The next morning I went into their room to see if they wanted any breakfast, but they were both still fast asleep, on the floor by the bed I noticed a used condom. This must have been from that pounding my dad gave my mum. Just from remembering what I had heard got me extremely wet again.

I picked up the condom and locked myself in my bedroom. I took my bottoms off and poured some of the cum from the condom onto my pussy so I could rub it in. I was on the pill so was not worried about getting pregnant. the rest of the cum I left in the condom so I could drink it.

There was an awful lot still left in there, but I just put it all in my moutha nd played with it in my mouth with my tongue while I rubbed the rest into my clit. I imagined that it was my dad fucking me like he fucked my mum and I had a great orgasm. When I had finished, I swallowed the cum that was in my mouth and then got a shower.



I was dating a girl whose girlfriend found our condom, in the garbage, and drank the contents in front of me. She was a bit drunk but was pissed that we had been friends and I never once tried to fuck her. Probably because she was weird and drank cum from a garbage condom.

Loved the story.

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