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The Perils of Lois Lane, Reporter

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The Perils of Lois Lane, Reporter by Marq Satyr

The beautiful Lois Lane, sexy lady reporter of the Daily Planet, had relied on Superman to save her so many times that the super hero gave her a secret code sender contained in a replica of the planet Krypton. To summon Superman she merely had to touch the surface of the small metal ball, and he would come to her assistance post haste. She wore the medallion proudly on a chain around her neck like a high school girl would wear her steady's class ring. After all, she knew that somehow she would belong to the great Kryptonian, that we would become her lover and perhaps even marry her. Consequently, she looked down on all men, especially that nuisance Clark Kent who kept showing up at all times right after Superman left and sometimes before he arrived from the sky. Clark Kent was beneath her, and besides he kept beating her to all the good stories. He always got there ahead of her for some reason.

On this beautiful June day she would find need of the small steel ball. Fung Shui, the evil Asian crime lord of the city--one of several evil crime lords by the way---had decided to put an end to the story she was researching about his white slave operation. She had uncovered the story when a young prostitute had been discovered beaten in an alley. She gave police the story that Fung Shui had ordered her murdered because she had resisted being forced to prostitution. Lois had acted on a tip and had just begun to tap the top of the iceberg story when Fung Shui had two of his henchmen force their way into the apartment. Before she could rub the magic ball, the men bound her and forced her into a waiting dark sedan. A few minutes later the beautiful woman stood with her hands bound behind her back before the evil Fung Shui himself. He leered at her with his yellow teeth showing. He was tall and menacing and cruel. She had heard awful things about him.

"So now I have you in my power, Miss Lois Lane, star female reporter of the Daily Planet. Do you know what I am going to do to you?"

Lois was a little frightened, but felt sure she would have the chance sooner or later when her life was in danger to summon her secret Savior. She answered cooly,

"You probably want to force me into prostitution like you have with dozens of young girls. Your evil ways will be exposed, Mr. Fung Shui."

"Call me Fung. After all after a few days in my lair you will become quite well acquainted with me."

"I don't plan to be here long. I have a powerful friend who will soon arrive to rescue me," Lois replied.

"The great stud Superman. He will not be able to get to you before I work my will on you," the evil sneering man replied.

Turning to his two henchmen he said,

"Strip Miss Lane down to her panties and brassiere."

The men took Miss Lane's white blouse off and pulled the garment down her arms where they left it dangling against her bonds. Next they unbuttoned the tight gray skirt and pulled it down off her beautiful form. She stepped out of the skirt. She now stood clad only in her tight bra and skimpy black panties, garter belt, nylons and stylish black spike heels.

Fung Shui perused her beautiful full busted body and her firm buttocks as he walked around the young woman.

"You possess a remarkably lovely form, Miss Lane. One day I plan to ravish it in the way it deserves. Right now I have other torments in mind for you."

Feeling a little more anxious now even though the medallion that could save her still dangled on the chain and touched the skin between her full breasts, she responded tensely.

"I suggest you untie me and give me back my clothes and let me go, Fung Shui."

The evil crime lord merely laughed and went closer. He undid the bra clasps between her breasts and pulled the D cups apart. Her beautiful full jutting breasts stood proudly before him. He grabbed her left breast firmly and felt its heft.

"No woman should be allowed to have such magnificent breasts as these, my dear."

Her anger at her situation mounted, and she feared she was lost when Fung took the small necklace holding the Krypton model from around her neck while at the same time he kneaded her right breast with his left hand. Her long beautiful pink nipples hardened as he played with her tits. He took each between his yellow teeth and gentle nibbled them. Then he began to suckle her breasts taking as much as he could into his mouth. She struggled to get away but the two men grabbed her and held her while the awful man mauled and sucked her breasts. At the same time she realized that his attack on her big breasts had begun to arouse some deep seated need in her body, and she felt her vagina moisten. Fung Shui knew full well what he was doing, for he felt the crotch of her tight black panties and announced,

"The beautiful young Lois Lane is growing excited by my attention gentlemen. It is time to tie her to the X frame. The menials placed the beauty so that she was spread eagled and strapped to the X frame with her hands raised high above her exposing her beautiful rib cage. One of them turned a crank on the X frame which forced a square metal cylinder to press against her back stretching her beautiful body even further and forcing her full beautiful tits up and out. Her long nipples had a slight upward tilt to them, and the effect of her bondage was stunningly beautiful. Clad only in the black cunt juice stained panties she stood open and vulnerable to the evil man's desires.

"Put the ball gag in her mouth and bring the electric cattle prod here," he ordered.

The ball gag was applied to her mouth and she could now make no cry except a muffled cry.

"Superman can't hear you, my dear, even his super sonic hearing can't hear from outside these walls. I am afraid you will just have to suffer your punishment."

The other menial brought the electric cattle prod to the evil Fung Shui who stood playfully threatening the nearly naked beauty. The end of the rod shot sparks as he danced around her body pushing it close to her upthrust breasts and belly. One of the men turned the crank on the X cross and Lois felt her body being pushed further out. She feared her arms and legs would be jerked out of sockets. The man cranked the metal cylinder until her body was pulled into almost into a "u" shape.

Fung Shui now stood a few feet away from her near naked body with an evil smile on his face. He touched her right nipple with the cattle prod and the awful instrument jolted her. She screamed through the ball gag at the pain. He gave her left nipple a second jolt of the prod sending the electrified pain through her lovely body once again. She could hardly move, but she did manage to pull her belly even tighter and the effect was extremely sensual to the three men as they watched her strain against the leather straps that bound her wrists and ankles to the x cross. Her breasts and belly were thrust forward magnificently for the purpose the torture.

Feng Shui applied the prod once more moving it lower to her navel. The shock send waves of agony through her body. He moved the point of the prod so that it was pressed in between the elastic of her panties and the garter belt. He pulled the garments down to reveal the beautiful brunette's thin layer of public hairs. He was aiming closer to her lovely vulval lips.

"My what a lovely formed sexual entrance you have, my sweet," he said as he pushed the rod into her tight vaginal opening and one of the men pulled her panties down along with her stockings. They left her spread open with panties down around her knees as Fung Shui prepared to apply the cattle prod to her clitoris.

Will Superman be able to save Lois Lane from losing her virginity to the evil Fung Shui? Will Lois find a way to send a signal in spite of being bound naked to the X cross in Fung Shui's crime lair. We'll find out in the next installment of "The Perils of Lois Lane, Reporter."

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