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The Perils of Lois Lane, Reporter

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The Perils of Lois Lane, Reporter: Episode 2 by Marq Satyr

In the previous episode of "Perils" Lois Lane, held captive by the evil Fung Shui, was bound naked to an X cross and tortured by an electric prod. The leader of an Asian crime cartel held an electric prod to her voluptuous body and was on the verge of raping her with the prod. The characters have remained frozen in this pose as we set them now into action.

The evil Fung Shui pushed the cattle prod gently between the rose petal pussy lips of the lovely woman's naked body when suddenly the prod began to issue a high pitched beeping. Fung Shui stopped pushing the prod and withdrew it from the trembling beauty's sexy body.

"What is this, Miss Lane. My electric prod has a warning system that tells me that you have never been violated by a man's organ. Indeed the sensor on the unit tells me that your virginal hymen is still intact. Can this be true of such a beautiful young woman? How old are you, my pretty one?"

Lois blushed deeply. She was indeed a virgin. No man had ever thrust his cock into her. No man had ever pleasured her. She had wanted Superman to be the first, but she had begun to wonder of late if he would ever get around to taking her.

"If it's any of your business you awful man, I am a virgin. I'm 28. I've been saving myself for my future husband. I was very religious when I was younger and attended classes where I was taught to keep my maidenhead secure to avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases. I am proud to say that I have remained true to the vow I took at 13 years of age in that class."

The malevolent Fung cackled at the buxom beauty who hung suspended before him, her panties and nylons pulled down just below her knees, her arms raised high above her, her breasts and belly thrust out by the cruel cylinder behind her back, her lovely long pink nipples hard, a beautiful sight for a man to behold. And this voluptuous woman turned out to be a 28 year old virgin who was proud to have never been fucked by a man.

"That is indeed your misfortune, my lovely."

"I am not your lovely!" Lois replied.

"You remain haughty, my lovely. You are mine because I am no doubt the only male who has beheld your beauty in its raw naked form. Your breasts are magnificent, your lovely rose petaled cunt lips beg to be invaded. This puts a different complexion in the matter. I will not take you with my electric probe and force you to a wonderful violent orgasm as I had planned before I discovered your secret. Instead, I will use other means, and it will be ever more delectable to see your lovely body writhe in passion while I penetrate it with my lovely studded wooden phallus. My special phallus, men."

One of his assistants brought him the huge phallus that was at least 12 inches of thick wood the size of a man's forearm. It bore several tiny spike like studs that were jewel insets. Lois realized that her virgin hole would be impaled by this horrible wooden cock. She would never know the thrill of Superman's prick penetrating her vagina as she had hoped. Suddenly she had an idea.

"Fung Shui, if you must ravish my hymen with that awful instrument, the least you can do is put my medallion back around my neck. It is a religious symbol that I meant to wear the first time I had sexual intercourse with a man."

The evil bastard smiled grimly and ordered one of his men to place the necklace with the model of the miniature planet of Krypton around the beautiful woman's neck. That, of course, was Fung Shui's fatal error.

At his cluttered computer desk in the Daily Planet, Clark Kent worked on a story about a big debutante ball that his editor, Perry White, had just assigned him. Suddenly, the ring that was attached to his penis warned him that Lois Lane was in peril. He rushed out of the newsroom and headed toward the men's room. His changes had become more complicated with the advent of cell phones; it was impossible to find a telephone booth in which to make his costume change from Clark Kent to Superman. He hope he could find an empty stall in the rest room. He rushed through the door and noted to his satisfaction that no one occupied any of the stalls. He went in one and soon exited and plunged through the window.

"Up, up and away," he cried as he flew through the air.

He allowed the ring on his cock to guide him as he leapt over the 100 story tower before him and sped toward the Chinatown section of the great metropolis. The cock ring gentle buzz grew in intensity as he neared the devious Fung Shui's hideout. Using his x-ray vision he scanned the building in front of him and discovered that Lois Lane's beautiful naked body hung on the cross on the top floor of the famous Gangster Towers Office Building. He spotted Fung Shui holding the brutal wooden phallus in his hand on the verge of penetrating Lois Lane's tight cunt.

"You will enjoy this, my rare beauty," the evil Fung Shui was saying when Superman crashed through the wall. In an instant he had snatched the lovely Lois's nude body from the X cross and soared away from the dreaded gangster's lair leaving Fung totally agape with surprise.

"Superman, you saved me from a fate worse than death," the nearly breathless beauty cried.

She was sensuously aroused as Superman held her in his powerful arms and swept her away. She hoped he would take advantage of her condition and ravish her, but instead he pulled her panties and hose up over her still intact maidenhead and soon set her down at the entrance of her apartment building. He tried not to look at her half naked body as he said,

"Sorry, Miss Lane, but I did not have time to grab your skirt, bra and blouse before I took you out of there. You had better get up to your apartment and get something to cover your nakedness."

"Please, Superman, carry me up there and break in for me. I don't have the key, and I don't want the neighbors to see me naked."

He did what she asked. Once inside the lush apartment after he set her down, she opened her arms and closed her eyes.

"I'm yours, Superman, you may take me however you want."

"Miss Lane," (why did he always call her that and never Lois, she wondered.) You know I cannot. No earth woman could survive my Kryptonite manhood. You would be obliterated if I made love to you. I care about you too much to do that to you. Now, get dressed and return to your desk at the Planet. Maybe Clark Kent would be glad to service you if you asked him."

"That pathetic toad. I wouldn't walk across the room to have his arms around me, much less his tiny penis in me," she said mustering all her spiteful feelings against her news rival.

Of course, Superman felt a little sorry for his alter ego, Clark.

"Very well, but as you know my masculine powers are too fantastic for you to withstand as an earth woman. Now if you'll forgive me, I must go."

Breathlessly, Lois watched as he leapt off her balcony and sped through the air. She knew he was more powerful than a locomotive, but she would have loved to take the chance for him to obliterate her with his manhood. She sighed and lay down on her bed, pulled down her panties and hose and pleasured herself with her fingers as she spread her knees and arched her back visualizing the powerful hero fucking her brains out.

Of course, Superman had put her off with a lie about himself. The truth was that he would never know how he could have sex with a woman, because he knew that as in every other aspect of his being when it came to sexual intercourse he lasted only a microsecond--he was faster than a speeding bullet.

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