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The Rogue Charizard

PillerQuinn on BDSM Stories

Misty walked out of her gym, she and just completed a training session and was wiped. She looked up into the air and saw smoke. She wondered whether it was a fire lit by the rogue Charizard that had been lighting fires recently. She continued the half hour walk home, when she was about half way, on the deserted road; a shadow swooped down from above. Thick claws grabbed her and she screamed in fright as she was lifted off of the ground. She cried out as she saw the ground drifting away. Misty looked up and saw that she had been grabbed by a Charizard. "Probably the rogue one" She thought to herself.

As wondered what it was doing with her as it flew her away from the populated areas and up into the mountains. Pokémon attacks were common, but she had never heard of abduction before. After about 20 minutes, the Charizard started its decent and landed in a recently cleared out grove. It placed her on the ground and she instantly swivelled around to face it. Her hands reached for her poke balls, but the Charizard knocked them out of her hands. It growled at her and in one swift movement it knocked her to the ground. While she was still shocked it sent a controlled burst of fire at her and burnt off all of her clothes. Misty grabbed herself in fright, trying to cover up. The Charizard walked over to her cowering body and lifted her up and placed her heavily on a flat tree stump. She instantly tried to get up or roll away, but the Charizard placed a foot on her back. She squealed as she felt something touch her foot. Then several vines shot out of the darkness to tightly restrain her arms and legs. She yelled out as she found herself immobile. Several more vines slowly snaked their way out. Misty could now see that they belonged to Bulbasaur and Venasaurs that littered the edges of the grove. She could also make out other Pokémon.

But before she could see which ones they were, the vines that had worked themselves over to her started to prod and work their way inside of her pussy and asshole. She yelped and started to buck as she could see the Pokémon’s intentions. The Charizard growled and some more vines shot out, twined together to start fucking her mouth. The Charizard growled again and the vines left her pussy, which was dripping wet by this point. The Charizard took his foot off of Misty’s back stepped up between her forced apart legs. She strained against her bonds to look up and as she did she saw something slide heavily out of a concealed pouch in Charizard’s groin area. She started to buck wildly and kick out but her bonds were too tight, as the Charizard slid his cock up inside of Misty. She screamed against her gag, but it was no use, the Charizard could not understand her. It started to fuck her wildly and grabbed her breasts in his talons. She tried to squeal as he pinched and twisted them, becoming more frantic in his pounding. Charizard gave a blood curdling roar and Misty found something beginning to pump inside of her pussy, something hot. She started to cry as she realised what it was. The cumming stopped and she was lifted up into the air by the vines.

The vines left her mouth, but some entered he pussy again as she was forced down onto her knees. The Charizard stepped up to her, and his blood red cock glistened with his cum and hers. She felt sick at what she anticipated she was going to have to do. The back of her head was forced forward by more vines and she felt the cock shoved past her lips all of the way down her throat. She was face fucked brutally, gagging as it raced past her gag reflex. She felt Charizard tense and pull out. And to her sickening displeasure, he began to shoot bucket loads of steaming hot red cum all over her face and body. There was so much of it that by the time he had finished she was completely covered.

The vines lifted her back to the stump and she saw her own poke balls open. Her Seviper emerged from her ball and came over to her as the vines withdrew from her cunt again and she was, to her disgust, forced to suck her own mixture of cum and the Charizard’s off of them. She still could not cry out as its tongue flicked against her pussy. Her Seviper probably smelt her sex and began to prod her pussy and its tongue flicked against her clit.

The vines, having been sucked clean, removed from her mouth and she was about to yell orders at her Seviper to get her out of there, when the Charizard's cock entered her mouth again, stifling any hopes of near future escape with a brutal face fucking. Misty started crying as she realised that it would be a painfully long time before she was going anywhere.

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