Donna Curtis was the mom all the neighborhood kids thought of as their surrogate mother. She had two daughters, had taught Sunday School and all the rest. Her daughter's always had lots of friends over and Donna was always there, running kids all over the community, hosting hordes at their house and all the rest. By the time her daughters were adults Mrs. Curtis felt a little abandoned by the relative quiet, but still her life was full, and she was still the mom in the neighborhood that every one loved.

One Friday evening her daughter that still lived at home - the older one - and her boyfriend wanted some friends to come over and hang out like when they were teens. Donna busied herself with straightening the house, buying beer and liquor and making cheese and cracker plates for the group coming that evening. Donna then got herself ready. She showered and admired what the mirror showed her. She was still a sharp woman - short, shapely, dancing eyes and a personality to match. On this hot July evening she put on shorts and a tight blouse. She admired her reflection, and who could blame her - she looked great for 53 years old. Men sure still looked at her and she enjoyed the occasional cat call.

She called her husband Steve at work and told him what was going on. He decided to play a round of golf after work with a client, so he said he'd be home around dark and join the group then. About 8:30 or so her daughter Kimmy friends started showing up. In came the usual suspects and a surprise treat - Chuck Nash was home form Iraq and he joined the crew. Donna was tickled to see him. He was always one of the favorites - cute, polite and Donna had known him since he was about 8 or 9 years old. In fact he used to be in Kimmy's Sunday School class and Donna taught him when she was their teacher.

By about 10Pm when Steve arrived the gathering was in full swing. Kids were dancing and drinking and everyone was having a blast. Steve made a cocktail and sat in his den listening to the brood. By about midnight the event wound down, with many attendees leaving earlier for various Friday night distractions. Steve, tired from the long day and round of late golf, decided to call it a night. He went up and collapsed onto the bed watching the late news. Donna entertained the group until the last one's left. She found herself chatting with Chuck Nash at midnight. Both seemed to be feeling their alcohol a bit too much.

Chuck had grown into a man. He was average height, smooth faced and had muscular arms, a shock of dark hair and a winning smile. Donna and Chuck reminisced, then the chat moved to him being her Sunday School teacher. It must have been the alcohol because Chuck confided in Donna that at 12 years old she was his first adult fantasy. He told her how at 12 he developed a crush on her and looked forward to seeing her every Sunday in Sunday School. He told her how much he loved her tight skirts and heels she wore and he admitted he would stare at her legs, not really paying attention to the lesson Donna was trying to teach the kids. Donna blushed a bit at the revelation, but she also felt herself growing warm - a disconcerting situation, but with the alcohol, she enjoyed the flirtation.

Donna tried to slough off his compliments but found herself excited and flattered all the same. "You're as hot now as then, Mrs. Curtis," Chuck told her. Donna liked hearing that. She was a bit disconcerted at how he looked her in the eye when he said it, but not so much so to want the conversation to end. She got up, feeling uncomfortable and went to tidying up while they chatted. He lent a hand. Once or twice their bodies brushed against each other - purposely she noticed, as Chuck helped. Donna was both nervous and excited by the skin contact. More disconcerting though was that it seemed nice little Chuck Nash was coming onto her and not being too awful shy about it. In fact Donna could see a bulge in his trousers. She felt a bit faint.

Chuck could see he effect he was having on her and made his move. The young Lothario cornered her against the side of the refrigerator. His eyes betrayed a lust induced intention, and either the flattery or the alcohol were helping her to be fine with that. Chuck looked right through her and confessed "Mrs. Curtis, I still have a crush on you. You are still my fantasy." By now Donna was so turned on. Chuck leaned in and kissed her. Donna melted and threw her arms around him and returned his passion.

Chuck pinned her against the sink cabinet and probed her warm mouth with his skilled tongue. Her nipples hardened she felt herself getting wet down there. Chuck began to grind against her pelvis and she found herself unconsciously meeting each grind with one of her own. Within seconds Chuck was kneading her substantial tits through her blouse and bra. Donna was lost in lustful thoughts and loving every minute of it. She broke his grasp and grabbed him by the hand, leading him toward the stairs. "Shhhhh" she whispered as they climbed the steps and entered the guest bedroom at the end of the hall.

Before she could close the door Chuck was pulling at her blouse. He freed her breasts from their confinement and alternately suckled each fat nipple. She felt faint as his tongue and teeth gnawed at the fleshy mounds she always taken great pride in. He took a hand and guided her hand to his crotch. She gasped at feeling the thick, nearly hard cock restrained by only a thin layer of cotton. He undid the clasp and slid his shorts down his hips. He wore no underwear. Donna gasped as his fleshy manhood popped free. She slid her shorts and bikini briefs off and stood rubbing her 53 year old nakedness against a now naked Chuck Nash. She began to be fearful, but not enough so that she would end this before the natural culmination of this course of events.

Chuck guided her to the dresser and lifted her ass until she was perched upon it. He slid his arms under her legs and exposed her fleshy mound. Without hands her probed her moist labia with his cock head, he swayed his hips back and forth and side-to-side as his cock head glistened with Donna's cunt fluids. He backed his hips off a bit and slid it into her. She looked up at him and the look in his eyes was fierce and lustful determination. Her cunt opened and swallowed his fat cock. She began to plant little kisses all over his face, neck and chin as he gently drove her with those first few thrusts Her tits quaked and jiggled with each meeting of their pelvic bones as he buried himself all the way into her.

Chuck worked her body like a fine instrument, he a master musician. She held to him tightly as the first wave of pleasure washed over her. She could feel and smell his sweat as it covered her tits, smashed against his young, hairless chest. She held onto his neck and grunted in his ear "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" He buried his cock in her and then moved his hips side-to-side. She rocked through multiple waves of pleasure as he did so. She kissed him and he was an animal. She found herself wanting more and more as he worked her nakedness as a carpenter handles a piece of wood.

She opened her eyes and thought she saw a shadow move out in the hall. They'd left the door partially opened and now a bit of fear intruded her mind. Then her eyes adjusted to the light. They were not alone. She flashed her eyes around the room and could see a form in the corner. At first she was sure it was her eyes playing tricks on her, but the form moved - she was sure. She gasped. As her eyes adjusted mortal terror and confusion pervaded her thoughts. She could now make out the form. It was her husband Steve. He was on his knees in the corner, back on his haunches, and jerking his cock furiously! She watched confused as she took in what she saw and what it all meant. He seemed to like the show. She got off even bigger than the first orgasm.

"We have company Lover," she whispered into Chuck's ear. She nodded toward the shadow. Chuck looked over his shoulder and saw Mr. Curtis stretched back on his haunches stroking his cock. "Like what ya see Mr. Curtis?" Chuck asked, no hint of fear or concern in his voice. "Like watching this fat cock fuck your wife's cunt?" Steve Curtis just nodded his approval.

Chuck then lifted Donna from the dresser and carried her perched on his young cock to the corner of the bed. He sat on the bed, her still impaled upon him and he laid back on the bed. "Now Mrs. Curtis, why don't ya ride me and show him how much you like it!" Donna was in a trance and did as he instructed. She rode up and down on Chuck's cock, looking over her shoulder occasionally to see her husband still jerking his dick. He was also rubbing his nipples and balls alternatively. She knew by his actions and expressions that he was way into what he was observing.

Chuck then pushed Donna's fat and full ass off his cock. "Get on your knees," he instructed. Donna did so as if she'd had no choice, and she knew she didn't. This encounter seemed to turn polite and sweet little Chucky Nash into an animal made to dominate her. She bent over and waited as Chuck positioned her in profile for her husband to watch as he drove into her cunt from behind where he could get maximum penetration. Steve Curtis stared open mouthed.

He felt ashamed and excited as his wife of 28 years slammed her ass back toward the young buck fucking her cunt as if he owned it. He watched her fat tits sway to and fro as Chuck hit bottom and she would yelp a bit. "Like this view there Steve?" he asked, a seething in his voice. Donna noticed Chuck called her missus Curtis, but he called her husband by his first name. She became thrilled over this turn of events. This former kid was now a man for sure. He talked, walked and fucked her like he owned her. She started cumming again and again.

"I think he likes it Mrs. Curtis," he growled. She looked at her husband and he nodded, his mouth hanging agape. Chuck then started slamming Donna's cunt and announced "I'm gonna fill her hot hole with my cum. Does her little man wanna watch? Does he?" Chuck grabbed Donna by the hair and pile drove her, filling her cunt to overloading. He pulled out and she instinctively turned to accept his fat and cunt juice, cum covered cock into her mouth. Donna came again, Chuck's cock filling her mouth as well.

"How's that taste, Mrs. Curtis" Chuck asked. Not that he expected an answer. She was still sucking and he was hardening again. "Here," Chuck said, "Let's let your little man there get a good view." Chuck laid on his back and turned Donna so she faced away from him. He positioned her ass over him and he slid his soaked and again stiff as steel cock up her puckered asshole. She grunted as the head pierced her anus and passed her sphincter. She had always feared anal sex, but this was not painful - it was bliss. Turns out it wasn't ass fucking she feared, it was not having a forceful man force her to his will and Chuck Nash, despite his tender years, was a real man. She found her asshole willingly accepting all of him and when she had her ass all the way down on him the feeling was ecstatic.

Steve knelt on the floor at end of the bed and came all over himself. "Fuck yeah Steve," Donna purred as she watched her husband staring into her eyes as he came. Donna was now over the edge. They'd discussed alternate sexual scenarios many times, but this was a first. A first time for it happening and now all she could do was hold on and roll though orgasm after orgasm. Once Chuck pulled his cock from her asshole and slammed it into her cunt and she whimpered at the violence, but she reached back and grabbed his hips and held him deep in her. Her husband was still stroking for all he was worth watching Chuck's fat cock slamming her asshole and cunt.

Young Chuck started cumming again. "God that's so fucking hot" Donna whimpered. She collapsed back onto Chuck's stomach and chest. She turned her head to face him and they kissed passionately. She broke the kiss and watched her husband cum again. Steve collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavy.

Donna and Chuck kissed a little more and she suggested perhaps he should leave now so that she and Mr. Curtis could "talk," as she phrased it. Chuck rose and slid on his clothes. "Nice to see you again, Mrs. Curtis," he smiled. "I can see myself out," he added. "It was great to see you too Mr. Curtis," he said to Steve. Steve, trooper that he is replied "Yes Charles, it was good seeing you too. I hope we see you again before your leave is over." Donna and Chuck looked at each other and laughed a bit. Donna rose and placed herself in Chucks firm and well muscled arms. She looked up at him, she naked and he fully clothed now, and they kissed passionately. Chuck even slid his finger to her soaked and swollen cunt and retrieved a bit of his cum. He placed it in Donna's mouth and smiled. "Yes, I hope I can get back to see you and Mr. Curtis again before my leave ends." Donna sucked his fingertip and then kissed him again.

Chuck left and they heard the front door close. It was 2:07 AM. Donna still stood over her prostrate husband. "Well, that was interesting" she said, finally breaking the deafening silence. "It surely was" Steve replied. "Now what?" he added. Donna smiled and mulled "now what indeed" in her mind. No matter what, a new day had dawned and her immediate reaction was that if extra-marital sex was what was needed to breathe some life into a 28 year marriage, well that seemed like a win-win to her.

"Did you like that Sweetie?" she asked. He shook his head in the affirmative. "Me too," she added. Donna's mind clicked into hyper drive as she mulled the possible scenarios over very quickly. Still naked and Chuck's cum running down her inside thigh, Donna got a very devious look in her eyes. She bent down and took her husband's hand helping him to his feet. His knees cracked as he raised up and she laughed. "Tough on an old man, huh?" she gently kidded him." "Tough on the old joints and muscles, but good for the heart, mind and cock!" he quipped.

"Why my dear husband, it almost sounds as if you liked that so much you'd like to see it happen again . . ." she trailed off leaving it hanging for him to take up. "So, what was that you sometimes tell me when you're really horny? What is it honey? You know a young black man...what's his name...Trevon or something? You remember Dear?" she goaded him. His eyes lit up in the semi darkened room. "Haven't you told me you fantasize about that big strong young black man fucking me while you watch? I could have sworn I'd heard you say something like that before...maybe I am mistaken..." she said, taunting and teasing him.

Steve's cock began to grow again, much to Donna's delight, for despite the well good fucking young Mr. Nash had delivered, she was ready for more. "Why don't you come up here and eat my sore little pussy that big mean boy filled with his cum?" She ran her finger's through Steve's thinning hair. "You seem to like the idea of eating another man's cum from your Sunday School teaching wife. Am I mistaken dear?" she taunted.

Steve pushed her back and buried his face in her wet and swollen hole,. He could taste the generous volumes of Chuck Nash's cum, and he loved it. He'd never tasted another man's seed, but he liked it. Donna fueled him with her antagonizing comments as he licked her. "I never really considered it actually, even watching the porn movies with you, I just sort of thought it was fantasy talk, but now it seems it might be a terribly good time. Do you still find it as exciting as you used to?" she asked, the lilt in her voice clearly egging him on. "What, specifically?" he excitedly asked as he slammed his tongue up her fucked asshole.

"Well dear, you've often discussed, in fantasy talk I mean, that you'd love to see a big young black man fucking your prim and proper little Sunday School teaching whore wife. Was that just talk?" she asked leading him on quite well. "Hmmm..."she toyed. "I wonder what it would be like for you to sit in a chair as some very young, hip-hop adorned black youth fucked me with one of those gargantuan cocks like in the movies we sometimes enjoy?" she opined. "I wonder...would you like that Dear? You've mentioned it often, and well, now it seems like great fun."

Steve stopped eating her and slid up her body, slipping his cock into her soaked cunt. She purred with pleasure "Oh that feels so good Honey," she whispered as he filled her, not as much as Chuck had, but still, she was in Heaven, after all, she loved Steve Curtis. He was a loving and devoted husband, an awesome provider and he liked the idea of a whore wife. And suddenly Donna like the idea too.

"You were right Honey. I am your whore wife, and I am very happy to be." He pumped her more fervently as they kissed. As they built she transformed into a tiger.

She began whispering the most foul things that she wanted other men to do to her while he watched helplessly. He seemed to really get off on such images in his mind - his gorgeous little wife being used like a rag doll by various and sundry men. Then Donna went one step further.

"I think I like the idea of a cuckold hubby," she deviously breathed into his ear. He moaned and released his third and last cum of the evening into her worn and tingling hole. She joined him in release. As he lay on her recovering and she enjoying the feeling he raised his head and replied, "Whatever makes my little whore happy pleases me." She laughed and enjoyed the thought.

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