My brothers best friend is so fucking hot! He has this sexy skinny muscular body, and this emo black-blue hair that looks so soft it drives me insane! He’s just so incredably sexy! I’ve had hot, sweaty dreams about him and masturbated to the thought of them. He’s two years older than me and always has a girlfriend. So one day Blake ( the sexy best friend ;) ) and Alex ( my brother ) were in the pool and I was up in my room watching. Fuck, he looked so good ! So hot ! While I was watching Blake he glanced up towards my window and saw me looking. I blushed and smiled shyly. He smiled back. Before my brother could look to see what Blake was looking at I hid behind the curtain. Ten minutes later there was a knock at my door. “Come in.” I said, thinking nothing of it.
“Hey.” Blake said in his unbelievably sexy voice.
“Hi.” I said cooly, closing my laptop.
“What’s up?”
“Oh.. not much.” I said sexily, I always flirt with Blake when Alex isn’t around.
“Cool.” He sat beside me.
“What’cha doin’?” But instead of answering me, he leaned in and kissed me, biting my lip, I opened my mouth and let him in, his tounge explored my mouth. I pushed him away gently but he resisted, pushing against me until I was laying on my bed. He pinned me down by my wrists and started doing this thing to my neck, it wasn’t like when any other boy gave me a hicky, it was totally different, so much better. But maybe that’s just because I’ve wanted this for so long. “Blake..” I managed to gasp. “Blake, wh-what about Alex?”
“Hmm? What about him?” He was still working on my neck.
“Where is he?”
“He ran to the corner store… for some energy drinks… Why?”
“W-wouldn’t he have a problem with this?”
“He doesn’t have to know.” He started to move lower, and began pulling my shorts off, as he started to pull off my thong I took off my shirt. I spread my legs and he started sucking and licking my pussy. I started to moan as he tounge fucked my pussy. “Ooh Blake… you don’t know how long I’ve watied for this…”
He stopped for a second to say, “I’ve wanted to do this for a while too. Ever since I saw you in that white bikini at that beach party.”
“Two months ago?” I sat up.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Why’d you wait so long? I would’ve fucked you then and there!”
He smiled and got off the bed. “Where are you going?” I asked.
“Alex’ll be back soon, see you tonight.” He kissed me and left. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh FUCK. He’s going to come into my room tonight isn’t he? I was full of panic.

It was 11:30 and Blake tip toed into my room, quietly shutting the door after himself. “Hey.” I snuck up behind him, naked.
“Hi.” He turned around and started to kiss me.
“On the floor, so the bed won’t make noise.”
“Fine with me.” He held me, one hand on my ass. I pulled his pants, he wasn’t wearing any boxers, and he pulled his shirt off. We got down on the floor and he said he wanted to get into the 69 position. So we did. I sucked his cock which was hard and long, and he sucked and licked my pussy. It was so hard to concentrate on pleasing him while he was doing his thing. I licked up and down his cock slowly, then I slid it into my mouth and oh my GOD I was going to come. “I’m..going to come..” I whispered, it got more intense, he started and sucking longer and licking faster until I came. After this I just couldn’t wait! I have to have his cock inside me! So I got on top and started to ride him, slow at first so I could get used to his size, he was the biggest I ever fucked, then really fast and hard. I moaned as quietly as I could. “I wanna try something.” Blake said.
“What?” I ask, his cock still inside me.
“This.” He said, I got off him and he walked over to my dresser, “Sit up here.” He patted it. So I did. And oh my GOD the pressure of Alex hearing us and coming in was so intense that I came two times. Alex still didn’t come but after the third time I came he harshly whispered, “fuck I’m going to come soon, quickly turn around and bend over.” He pulled up. I turned around, grabbed onto the dresser and bent over. He stuck his cock in and went really hard and fast, I’d never been anal fucked before so it hurt like HELL, until He came, then I was in ecstacy!! I wanted to tease him so bad, I wanted him to want to fuck me harder than he’d ever fucked. So I moved forward and his dick came out, I turned around and pushed him on my bed. I lay down beside him and started masturbating. “Play with my breasts and watch me.” I told him. So he did. I could see him getting hard, he started to masturbate, rubbing his cock. It was so hot I couldn’t help myself, but I still wanted to tease him, so I started moaning. “Oooh, Oooh, Ooh, Fuck Blake your cocks so big.”
“I want to fuck your pussy.”
“No, Blake… I’m going to fuck your cock.”

;) Tell me if you enjoyed this story, & if there should be more “fucking my brother’s friends storys” !

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