She was young, probably 14 or so, and strutted around the grounds in tight shorts and tiny tee-shirts, showing off her round little ass. It seemed that she loved teasing all the men working around the house with her young, sexy body, loving the attention it got her. She was staying here for only a month while her parents were out of the country, and already she was looking for trouble, flirting with all the gardeners and the carpenters building the shed although they were more than twice her age.
Now, I’ve worked for the Smiths for more than 15 years, so they trust me entirely and treat me like family, unlike the other rich folk I’ve worked for before. I stay in one of the many rooms on the ground floor of the mansion, so on many occasions this young girl passed me by in the corridors in her tight, ass-baring outfits, smiling suggestively as I fought to tear my eyes from her tits.
It so happened that early one morning, I was told by Madame Smith to ‘take these clothes up to Millie’s room,’ since she was busy and couldn’t find any of the other servant girls. She handed me a basket full of neatly folded shorts so I did as I was told without complaint and knocked on her door. She didn’t answer, so I went in and set the basket down, looking around. She was still asleep on her bed, lying on her back with her eyes closed. I felt myself grow hot as I stood over her and took a good long look at her body. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin pajama top, so her nipples poked through, looking luscious. Again, she was wearing one of her tight shorts, and I stared and stared at the way her pussy printed through the thin fabric, showing the opening of her little slit. I did all I could to not jerk off then and there and reminded myself that one tiny slip could cost me my job as head gardener and left the room, forcing myself to stop imagining how she would look with all her clothes off.
For the rest of the day, that barely teen pussy was all I could think of. I hadn’t fucked anyone in years, since my job was my life so the image of that young cunt under those shorts made me hornier than ever. Late that night when everyone was asleep, I couldn’t help myself. I got up and went quietly to her room. The door was closed but not locked, so I went in and shut it tightly behind me. I stood over her again as she slept, taking in her teen body. Her nipples pressed through her clothes again, but she was covered with a blanket from her waist down. I had only meant to look, but I found myself gently pulling the blanket down to her knees, dying to see her cunt pressed through her pants again. I began stroking my cock as I stared at her, wishing I could shove it deep into her tight pussy and fuck her hard like she deserved. But I didn’t. It was too risky so I kept my dick to myself and went back to my room and jerked off until I felt like passing out.

But the sight of her lying like that in bed haunted me for the rest of the week, especially when I saw her around the house. Two nights later, I got up and went to her bedroom again, pulled the blanket down to her ankles and stroked my dick, imagining her little mouth moving up and down my shaft. I really couldn’t help it. Leaning over her, I lifted her top gently over her small tits and touched her nipples. They were big and puffy, and I bent over and licked them, rubbing my cock faster and harder. She stirred slightly, so I backed off at once, but then she relaxed again and lay still. I took one of her tits into my mouth and sucked on her nipple gently while squeezing the other between my fingers. They grew bigger and harder, just like my cock. Just then I heard a noise outside from the driveway. It was probably a cat or something, but I stuffed my dick back in my pants, pulled her top down again and covered her up and went back to my room quickly.
No matter how many times I jerked off, I still became horny at the mere thought of Millie. She didn’t know that an old, 57 year old man crept into her room sometimes at night and sucked her young, 14 year old tits wishing he could pound the life out of her cunt. She didn’t know how tempting her pussy looked in her shorts when she was lying asleep in bed. She did know though, that many men around the house wished they could fuck her, but she wasn’t worried. They were only stupid old gardeners and tools men and they couldn’t touch her, so she paraded around more often to tease them.
Two weeks later though, the Smiths were invited to a grand party at one of their rich friends premises in Fort Lopez, a city that was a 6 hour drive away. Millie decided not to go, as she didn’t know anyone who would be there, so she said she would stay home with Gia, one of the Smith’s daughters who didn’t want to go either. Gia said she had a lot to do, but as soon as the Smiths left, she drove off in her black BMW to party at her friend’s house. Millie had said she would be fine at home by herself, so Gia said she would be back the next day. I couldn’t believe it! No one but Millie was going to be home all night! Well, except me and the other maids and workers of course, but they were all asleep on the ground floor. Millie didn’t know what she was going to get that night.

I waited until I knew she was probably asleep, then went to her room upstairs boldly. I locked the door behind me and pulled the curtains closed. My cock was hard with anticipation as I pulled the blanket off her body. I rubbed my hand against her pussy and felt her little clit beneath the pants she was wearing. Then I lifted off her top and hungrily sucked on her tits again, making them hard. I took my belt off and raised her arms over her head, and tied them to the bed head so that they would stay in place. Now that she couldn’t move her hands, I didn’t have to be careful to not wake her. She wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop me now. After weeks of teasing and tempting, her young little cunt was going to get what it deserved, and it was going to get it hard. I pulled my pants off and got onto the bed next to her, amazed that she was still asleep and slowly pulled her pants and underwear down to expose her shaved pussy.
My mouth literally watered at how young and fresh it looked, and I spread her legs wide and licked it hard. I couldn’t remember tasting anything so good in all my 57 years. Her tight, teen slit became wetter as I moved my tongue up and down, sucking off all her pussy juice. She moaned softly and stirred in her sleep as my tongue jabbed her clit repeatedly, feeling it grow harder with each lick. I buried my face in her cunt, sucking hungrily at her clit. Her pussy tasted so good! My dick bulged as I licked her slit like a starving beggar eating ice-cream. I stretched her cunt wide open with my hands, getting a good view of her young cunt. She looked so tight, but I knew she was no virgin. As my tongue probed her pussy, she awoke, and seeing my balding, wild-bearded, moustached face deep in her cunt, opened her mouth and screamed loudly, trying to yank her hands from the bed head. I jumped up at once and slapped her hard across the face.

‘Shut up you little whore!’ I shouted, grabbing her by the neck, ‘You know this is what you want! Time to teach you a lesson about walking around half naked in front of horny old men!’ She looked at me fearfully, genuinely frightened. I grabbed one of her dirty panties from a basket next to her bed and stuffed it into her mouth, then stuck a long strip of tape across it so that she couldn’t make a sound. She kicked me hard in the chest, struggling to get up, but I slapped her again and held each of her feet tightly. She kept trying to kick me so I got two belts from her closet and tied each of her feet to the bed head as well, so that her pussy was entirely exposed with her legs way above her head. I was going to have my way with this slut whether she liked it or not. I smacked her ass hard and she gave a muffled scream. It was soft and smooth against my rough hand and I spanked her again and again until it was red and sore, and the stifled screams she gave every time my hand hit her bare ass made my cock harder.
I lay on top her with my dick pressed hard against her cunt and took her nipples into my mouth again. I sucked on them really hard and pinched them roughly making tears pour down her face as she yelled in pain.
‘This is what young little sluts like you deserve baby,’ I said, pulling at her tits painfully with my rough hands and slapping them. I sucked them again and pulled her nipples hard with my teeth, making her struggle. The more she tried to get away the harder I sucked, until she lay still, watching in fear as I moved down to her pussy. She began struggling again and shook her head madly, begging me to stop, but I pulled her cunt lips apart roughly and began licking her pussy again. She struggled more than ever as my tongue travelled up and down her slit, so I slapped her ass hard until she stopped. I looked at her as I sucked gently on her clit, teasing it lightly with my tongue. She was looking at me too as my cold, wet tongue probed her cunt. Her tits were sore and swollen from me sucking on them, so I reached up and gently massaged them while I continued licking her clit. She relaxed a little and watched my rough fingers rub her small tits, and I felt her pussy get wetter. I licked it hungrily and she began moving it against my face, and moaned when she felt my thick, grey moustache rub against her clit. I ran my tongue up and down, making her moan and push herself further against my face.

‘You like that baby girl? You like old grandpas licking your little teen pussy?’ I said, as she tried to make my hairy moustache rub her cunt again. She moaned as I started sucking her clit and squeezing her nipples again. My tongue moved down to her ass and she whimpered as I pulled her ass cheeks apart and started licking her asshole. I started fingering her pussy as I buried my face in her ass, and as she moaned I shoved my tongue deep into her asshole. She pulled away and gasped in surprise, but I continued to slide my tongue in and out, pushing it in as far as it could go.
‘This little pussy needs some more attention?’ I said, starting to lick it again. She whimpered softly as my tongue slid over clit in rough circles, sucking it good, and I pressed my finger against her asshole and pushed it in. She gasped again but I pushed in another one. Her ass was so tight! I was dying to stretch it out with my dick, so I pushed in another finger. And another, and moved them in and out until it had loosened up a little. I pulled my fingers out and knelt between her legs, and put the head of my cock against her asshole. I stretched her ass cheeks apart and looked at her as I slowly pushed my cock into her tight hole. She screamed into the gag as my dick invaded her ass, stretching it. She was still so tight! I pulled out and licked her hole, then I spat into it before shoving it in again. She whimpered as I moved it in and out slowly, and looked at me in fear. I began sliding it in and out faster and harder and she yelled as she felt my balls slap against her with every thrust. I pounded her young little ass mercilessly, shoving my entire cock into her before pulling it out and ramming her hard again. I lay on top of her and continued to pump her tight hole while she repeatedly yelled into gag, and began sucking her tits again, feeling her nipples hard against my tongue. I pulled my cock out of her ass and spat a huge glob of spit into it before drilling her again with my dick.
Her pussy was wet again. I began to finger it as I pumped my cock in and out and she began to whimper again.
‘You want a taste of your ass sweetie? You want to taste your tight asshole?’ I said, reaching over to remove the tape and panty from her mouth. She whimpered loudly as I pulled my cock out suddenly and thrust it into her mouth. I held her head and moved it up and down my shaft, feeling it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and looked up at me with watery eyes, but I pressed it further into her mouth until my hairy balls were almost in her mouth too. Her mouth was dry as the panty had soaked up all her spit, so I opened it and spat down her throat and shoved my cock in it again before she could spit it out.

‘Always make sure that little mouth is wet when you’re sucking a dick, ok baby doll?’ I said, pressing my self against her face so that she couldn’t breathe. I pushed her head down onto her pillow and rammed my cock down her throat, sitting on her face. She struggled to move away but I held her head firmly and humped her mouth fast and hard until she gagged. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I pulled my dick out but before she could catch her breath I spat into her mouth again and jammed my hairy balls down her throat. I was sitting on her pretty little face with my balls in her mouth, forcing her to suck them off good, then I rammed my dick into her face again and humped her mouth wildly feeling myself about to explode.
I pulled out suddenly and blasted her face with a load of hot, sticky cum. She opened her mouth in surprise so i shot some in there too. Her entire face was covered with my thick jizz, and watching her tied up and naked with a huge load plastered on her pretty face made me horny all over again. She gasped and blinked, trying to see through the thick cumshot over her eyes.
‘Now you look like a good little slut baby,’ I said, watching her pussy grow wetter. I ran my finger along it, and felt her jump when my finger squeezed her clit.
‘This tight 14 year old pussy needs something in it too?’ I said, pushing two fingers down her cunt hole. She moaned loudly and pushed herself against my hand.
‘What do you want baby? Tell grandpa what you want,’ I said, rubbing her clit. She whimpered as I pressed her clit harder and shoved another finger in her cunt. ‘Tell me what this tight little pussy needs honey,’ I said.
‘Fuck you,’ she said. I pulled my fingers out and shoved my dick into her. ‘Yes, fuck me you slut,’ I told her. She yelled as I my thick cock rammed her, stretching out her tight little hole.
‘Is that what it needs?’ I said, slamming it in and out roughly. She just moaned, so I fucked her harder than ever , feeling my balls slap against her ass. ‘Answer me, you cunt!’ I shouted, slapping her ass. She yelled as my cock drilled her tight teen cunt.
‘Yes, that’s what it needs,’ she gasped.
I rammed her hard again and leaned over and pinched her nipples. My cock felt so good in her tight, young pussy. She was screaming as my dick pumped in and out of her, so I slapped her sore nipples to make her shut her nasty little cock-sucking mouth. I leaned over and untied her legs and arms and made her kneel on the bed in front me. I knelt behind her and shoved my rod into her cunt again, and pushed her face onto the bed and held her arms behind her back and tied them there with a belt. She yelled as my cock pounded her cunt mercilessly.
‘That little pussy likes getting fucked from behind?’ I said, slamming my rod into her and slapping her ass hard. I reached over and grabbed both her tits. She cried out as my rough fingers squeezed her nipples roughly, but I pounded her harder than ever and pinched her tits. I turned her over and spread her legs, spat onto her cunt and humped her again, then pulled my dick out and rammed it up her asshole. She screamed in pain but I pumped her harder and faster, knowing I was going to cum again. I grabbed both her tits and squeezed them as my dick reamed her teen ass. Feeling myself about to explode, I pulled out of her ass and stretched her pussy lips wide apart, and groaned as I shot spurt after spurt of cum onto her young little cunt. I took my cock and rubbed it along her pussy, spreading my hot load all over her slit as she lay there, breathless with her face and cunt plastered in jizz. I sat on her face again, and forced my dick into her mouth and made her suck off the rest of the cum. She did so willingly like a true whore and licked my sweaty balls.
I untied her hands from behind her back and she at once started fingering her cum-covered pussy, bringing her fingers to her mouth and licking the cum off. I stood there and watched her play with her cunt, breathless after fucking the shit out of her.
‘Spread your legs for Grandpa me that cunt,’ I told her, and she spread them wide apart and stretched her pussy lips, showing me her little teen slit. She had licked off all the cum from her fingers and was rubbing her clit.
‘You’re a nasty little girl baby?’ I asked her as she rubbed her clit and fingered her gaping asshole.
‘Yes Grandpa,’ she said, ‘I’m your nasty little girl.’
She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them, looking at me. I got onto the bed and lay between her legs. She spread them wide open and stretched her pussy wide apart. I jabbed her clit with my tongue and she moaned loudly and humped my face as I sucked her clit and stuck my tongue into her cunthole. She grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples while she looked at my tongue sliding over her slit.
‘Oh yes, Grandpa!’ she said, ‘Spit on my nasty with your little whore!’
I spat onto her clit and she whimpered as I flicked my tongue over it. I reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as my tongue moved all over her cunt.
‘Oh Grandpa...pinch my titties real hard!’ she begged, so I squeezed them and slapped them when they got sore, and lay on top her and sucked her nipples while fingering her pussy. I looked at her while I took her entire tit into my mouth and sucked hard on it, making her scream. Her tit was small since she was so young, so I kept it in my mouth, sucking on it and pulling her nipple with my teeth.
‘Suck my titties dry Grandpa...suck them hard for me!’ she yelled, so I pulled as hard as I could on them, feeling her nipple grow sore and swollen. She looked at me lustily as I bit her little tit, grinding her soaking cunt against my rough hand.

‘Is that what my little girl likes her Grandpa to do to her?’ I asked, squeezing her sore nipples between my fingers.
‘I want you to spit on me Grandpa. Spit in my mouth,’ she said opening her mouth wide. I stretched it open as wide as I could and filled it with my spit, and felt my cock harden again as she swallowed it lustily. She looked up at me with her face still covered in sticky old man cum so I grabbed her hair, yanked her head back and spat on her face. She reached up to wipe the glob of spit from her eyes but i slapped her hands away and spat on her again and again. She opened her mouth in surprise so I slammed my dick down her throat and sprayed a stream of hot piss into her mouth. She gagged as she felt my piss gush into her mouth, but she looked at me and swallowed it all and even sucked my cock dry.

‘I want to suck your cock again Grandpa,’ she begged, so I sat on her face again as she worked her mouth up and down. Her hand crept to her wet cunt and she began fingering her clit roughly.
‘Let Grandpa take care of that little pussy for you baby,’ I said, turning around so that my dick was still in her mouth but I could lick her slit. She whimpered as my tongue slid over her clit over and over and sucked my cock wildly. I could tell she was about to come as she began humping my face and moaning loudly. She wrapped her legs over my head so that my face was buried in her cunt, so I moved my tongue up and down roughly jabbing her clit. When she was about to come, I stopped licking, teasing her. I sucked on her clit again and stopped again before she could come, and got off from on top of her. She got off of the bed at once and knelt in front me, taking my cock into her mouth again.

‘I want to taste your cum Grandpa,’ she said, sucking my cock wildly and rubbing her clit. I held her head and humped her face hard while she fingered herself roughly. She gagged as I fucked her mouth but looked up at me hungrily. Spit ran down from her mouth onto her small, swollen tits and she wiped it down to her cunt. I was almost ready to blow my load, so I pulled out and put my cock to her lips. She stuck her tongue out eagerly and fingered her pussy harder than ever. I groaned as I shot my load into her waiting mouth, and she swallowed it down like a slut and licked my hairy balls. I lifted her up and threw her onto the bed, spread her legs and sucked her clit hard. She yelled and bucked against my face, pinching her tits as she looked at me. I licked her clit harder and harder and slapped her ass while she humped my mouth. Then she moaned loudly as she came when my tongue jabbed her clit roughly. She lay still for a moment, and then looked at me.

‘Can you fuck me again tomorrow Grandpa? I promise to be a good little slut for you,’ she said.
‘Oh you’re a little whore aren’t you? You liked feeling Grandpa’s tongue in your pussy didn’t you baby girl?’ I said, looking at her cunt. ‘Let me taste that teen pussy again sweetie,’ I said, leaning down to slide my tongue into her cunt. She stretched it apart for me obediently as I licked along her wet slit. Suddenly, I heard a car pull up in the driveway outside. It was the Smith’s car! I hurriedly pulled my clothes on and made for the door, leaving my young teen slut naked, dirty and fucked on her bed, already imagining the things I would do to that ass the next night.

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