My name is Johnny. I was 15 at the time these events occurred. My sisters, Hannah and Stephanie, were 16 and 19, respectively. I am 6'3, I have jet-black hair and winter-blue eyes. My cock is about 8 1/2 inches long
My younger sister, Hannah, is 5'8, has (dyed) pink hair and hazel eyes. She wears a 16C cup. My older sister, Stephanie, is 6'1, has dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. She wears a 32D cup.
From an early age, I had always been trying to sneak views of my sisters naked. It initially was because I was curious about what women's bodies looked like, but after a time, I became obsessed with the idea of having sex with my sisters, my hungers stirred by porn. By the time I was a preteen, I was a master of stealth, creeping around silently, popping open the bathroom doors slightly to take a video of Stephanie washing herself, picking the lock to Hannah's room to jam my face into her panties. I would always take these videos or items of clothing or whatever else, rush back to my room, and jack off furiously to them or on them. However, because of my adeptness at sneaking around, I discovered my sisters' passion for sexual activity as well. One day, as I went downstairs to Stephanie's room, I heard loud moaning. Figuring I had a great opportunity for a video, I dashed down to her room and cracked the door open, a hair size opening, then a centimeter, finally stopping at roughly 7 inches. I looked into the opening and saw Stephanie, on her bed, completely nude, massaging her tits, and getting her pussy eaten out by Hannah.
"See what I told you?" Stephanie yelled, in between moans. "Doesn't this feel so fucking great?"
Hannah took her tongue off of Stephanie's clit for a moment to reply: "Oh, this is so fucking wrong, but it FEELS so fucking right!" She immediately dug her face back into Stephanie's crotch.
After a few more minutes of intense oral sex, Steph grabbed Hannah by the hair pulled her away, and screamed: "NOW IT'S YOUR TURN, SLUT!"
Hannah, immediately understanding, tore off her panties, laid down, and spread her legs wide for the coming attack.
Steph practically devoured her sister. Her tongue was flying rapidly in and out of the previously innocent girl's slit, faster than any lesbian porn star I'd ever seen.
Hannah suddenly exclaimed, after a very loud moan, "My... my pussy... it's..."
Steph interrupted her in a crazy sounding voice. "Why, you're cumming, my dear sister! It's your first of many to come orgasms!" Her head slammed back into Hannah's genitals. Hannah started screaming and making sounds that I'd never imagined possible. Hannah's eyes flew to the sky, and her face became the most sexy sign of erotic pleasure I'd ever seen on a woman's face, porn star or not.
Steph stopped suddenly, and Hannah's face became filled with shock and dismay.
"No... " she moaned, "Put...your...your tongue back pussy..need...fucking.."
"Relax," Steph replied, with a naughty-looking grin, " I'm not done with you yet. I just need to get some toys from my toy box." She rose briskly, and walked towards her closet. She pulled it open, reached behind the racks holding up her numerous deliberately sexy outfits, and pulled out a small pink box. She proceeded to pull the top off, revealing a big, blue, dual-sided vibrator.
"I've been saving this, sis.." Steph whispered with a seductive tone. "Saving it for the day you would give in to your sexual desires and ask if we could fuck together. Today is that day."
The two teens positioned themselves, Hannah on top, Steph below, and impaled their vaginas on the vibrator simultaneously. Hannah gasped, her eyes teared up; she had still been a virgin.
Steph laughed psychotically. "Congratulations, little sister. You've become a woman, like me. Now let's fuck hard, like true lesbians. Steph, being experienced, began ramming her side of the vibrator immediately, moaning as loud as possible. Hannah, however, began to push herself down and up on the little pole slowly at first, gradually gained her confidence, and began pounding away right back onto Steph's crotch. They pounded away at the little sex toy for at least fifteen minutes before Hannah let loose another orgasm, completely tiring her out. Steph, well trained as she was, let Hannah off the stick, and spent five more minutes fuckinh herself until she, too, finally came all over herself. Steph commanded Hannah to lick all the pussy juice off of her, a demand which was quickly obliged. Seeing Hannah lick cum off of Steph was almost enough to make me, who had been quietly filming from the doorway, cum in my pants.
Steph smiled. "Now that you've gotten the hang of a cock-shaped object, do you think you're ready to face a true cock, sis?"
Hannah grinned back and said "Sure as hell I do. You gonna call up your boyfriend to come screw us at the same time? I'm sure he'll agree to that. Probably cum in his pants at the thought."
Steph said: "No, we have a good boy right here in this home right now. In fact, he's been watching us have sex the whole time. Johnny, won't you be a good little boy and come in here to fuck your sisters?"

End of Part 1
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