Two days might not seem like a lot of time, but the minutes dragged out one by one from Tuesday to Thursday. In that short little 48 hours, I devised a blackmail plan that didn’t just impress me, but might put me in the genius category. Before it was over, I wasn’t going to just have fun, or lots and lots of sex, but my wildest fantasies come true, and, if I played my cards right, a start in the porn industry that would make me set for life!
After my wife left Thursday morning, I quickly set up a multitude of cameras. The first ones that captured Alexis and then the extra ones that captured Maddie were just not going to be enough. So, I hid several around the great room and several in the guest bedroom and made sure that each of those rooms, just like my office, had multiple shots running from every angle. The $ that I had invested just in the recording devices, the multiplier screen, and the special hard drive was going to be recouped—hopefully paying me back huge dividends.
I heard their car doors at 9:55. At least they were taking this seriously enough to be on time. When I saw them walking up the driveway, my dick began to quiver. How could these beautiful women, dressed to kill again, have gotten themselves in this much trouble? When I met them at the door, I asked them to go to the great room.
“Ladies, here is the deal. You are going to be my sex slaves for a period of one year –starting today. You will do what I say, when I say, and how I say without hesitation and without complaint. At the end of that year, I will give to you the original tapes as well as the one set of duplicates that are in my safety deposit box and you will be free to no longer serve me—if you don’t want to. However, at the end of the year, if you have enjoyed our relationship, you are more than welcome to remain my slave and continue to please your master. Any questions?”
Maddie sat there just furious. “How do we know we can trust you? And by sex slave what do you mean?” “You have to trust me because you have no choice. In fact, I have already started a friendship with someone special to you—does the name Bill Witherspoon ring a bell?” Fear now turned into horror as they realized that I was already talking to another one of the rich but stupid bastards they were blackmailing. “Now, today we are going to cross off one of every man’s fantasies—you are going to make out with each other, and at some point, I am going to join you. Watching two gorgeous ladies make out then having a threesome with them has always been at the top of my list. Now, head up to the guest bedroom that you are re-decorating for me, and there are two boxes, I don’t care who gets what, but if you open the box, it is yours. But, don’t open or peek inside them until I tell you to do so. I’ll be up in 5 minutes and you can begin your make out session, but don’t take your clothes off until I get there. Just start getting warmed up—you know kissing and feeling each other’s boobs.”
The little petite Maddie just glared at me. “I am not a lesbian. You can’t make me kiss her nor play with her boobs, nor let her do anything to me!” Without a word, I pressed the play button on the little voice recorder and let her hear the infamous words—the confession of blackmail that would send them to prision. Her eyes dropped and I said “Alexis, why don’t you reach over and give Maddie a big hug and kiss.” Alexis turned toward her friend and hugged her, then breaking the embrace, gently guided her face towards her and began kissing her. “When I get upstairs, don’t forget the tongue. Now hold hands as you disappear down the hallway and your master will be there in a minute.”
I went down to the office to look at the screens. They indeed were sitting on the bed and kissing. Alexis seemed to be a natural—Maddie wasn’t overtly protesting, but didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much. Assured that every angle was covered, I joined them. “Alexis, why don’t you remove your top, then remove Maddie’s?” She stood, and followed my instructions. “Maddie, I don’t want to have to tell you everything, but remove your bra, then offer your tit’s to her to suck on.” She did it. She fucking did it. As Alexis took the boob in her mouth, Maddie closed her eyes and her head feel backwards. She was enjoying it! Before long, the second bra was gone and both skirts were gone. “Girls, I want your heels left on. They just are fucking hot.”
I was treated to the hottest make out session I could have imagined. They kept going and getting hotter and hotter. Maddie started on top, alternating her mouth to Alexis’ mouth, then her tit to her mouth, and was grinding her pussy against her friends. Before long, they rolled over and Alexis did the same basic thing back to her friend, except she started fingering her friend as Maddie sucked her tits. As they repositioned to face each other on their sides, I suggested a 69, and they immediately went there. Just looking at these two friends becoming lovers was too much and I unfastened my belt, pulled my pants down, and sat there in a chair just stroking my hard cock. Watching Maddie’s hands around Alexis’ ass she became nasty and I could tell as she was holding and spreading the ass cheeks, she was trying to slip a finger in her arse. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and joined them.
“Ladies, it’s time for all of us to have some fun. Keep going, this will be a natural.” I approached the end of Maddie’s mouth and Alexis’ ass. I held Maddie’s head and stuck my cock in her mouth just to get it wet, then began to fuck Alexis from behind. “Maddie, put that mouth to good use. When my cock isn’t in it, it better be on my balls!” DAMN. .What a feeling! My cock was buried in Alexis while Maddie began sucking and licking my balls. Meanwhile, Alexis was enjoying the fucking and putting effort into eating her friend. Maddie was close to a climax and I knew I was too. As she started to cum, her mouth froze on my ball sack, clenching it tightly, which made me start to unload. The first few streams went inside Alexis, but the final several streams went all over Maddie’s face.
As I backed away, Maddie looked so hot with her facial! “Alexis, why don’t you help clean up your friend, then clean me up. Turning so their faces were together, she began scooping the cum off of Maddie’s face. She used both her tongue and her fingers and cleaned her friend until there was nothing left. “Maddie, why don’t you clean your friend out? Besides, I’m not sure she ever finished. “

“No I didn’t Master. Thanks for letting her finish me off.” With that, Maddie crawled between Alexis’ thighs and began sucking my cum out as she also began sucking her friend’s beautifully shaved cunt. With her ass up in the air, just staring at me, I went over and began to rub my cock up and down her slit trying to get hard again. Alexis began to shake and as she did, she started screaming, “Oh God, OH, OH, OHHHHHHHHHHH” and had a wildly vocal orgasm.
“Nice show ladies.” One last chapter today. Each of you grab a box.” They reached over and Maddie opened hers to reveal a strap on. Not too huge—a 8 inch, flesh covered dildo and it was only 2 inches thick. Alexis opened her box and it held a ball gag and nipple clamps. Her face went white. “OK ladies. Maddie, you are going to help me fuck your friend. Go ahead and put on the strap on while Alexis gets on all fours. As her boobs swayed back and forth and her ass glistened from her own juices, Maddie’s saliva, and my jizz, she waited for the next orders. “Maddie, take one nipple clamp and put it on while I do the other.” Alexis took it like a champ as the clamps were applied to her nipples. Those little 3 oz weights were just swinging back and forth as we put the ball gag in her mouth. “just relax as much as possible Alexis. I am going to lay down underneath you and after you slid on top of my cock, Maddie is going to lube you and fuck your ass. That’s why I only got a 2 inch round dildo to start with.”
As I laid down, Alexis sat on top of me. Her pussy was still very wet, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was enjoying this. Her cunt engulfed me and she started riding me. The sight of her voluntarily bucking me, seeing those nipple weights swinging all over the place was better than I could have hoped for. “Bend over you slut” ordered Maddie. With that, she lubed up Alexis’s bum hole and began sliding the strap on inside her friend’s ass. Without any coaching, Maddie began taunting her friend. “Who’s the little slut now? Who’s my little bitch? Who is taking a dick up her corn hole at the same time as her pussy? You enjoying a double fucking you little cum slut? Master, are you happy? Can you feel my fake dick inside her with your big, beautiful real dick?”
Damn, just the talking was sending me over the edge. Yes, I could feel the dildo on the other side of her pussy wall. Alexis was bucking wildly as I heard her muffled shouts through the ball gag. The tightening of her vagina walls around my cock started my own unleashing and as she clinched me she froze as Maddie just kept pumping and pumping and pumping. I reached around and unfastened the ball gag and Alexis instinctively began kissing me. Maddie pulled out of her friend’s ass with a big ol smile on her face too, then collapsed on the bed with us. The smell of sex was intoxicating and my first threesome was not just a success, but I was going to be able to relive it time and time again!
“OK Ladies, we are done for today. Get cleaned up and I have only one more demand. Just like we role played today, over the next year, one of you is going to be the submissive and the other is going to be a dom. You both will still serve me, but one will endure extra pain and humiliation while the other gets to help me properly train the slave slut. You both will go get your belly buttons and your clits pierced. The first one to send me pictures of all both piercings to my phone will be the dom and the other one will not only be the slave slut, but she will also get her nipples pierced. Do you understand?”
As they got dressed, we met at the front door. I’ll be waiting for the pictures girls. Alexis said she had to go to the bathroom, and told Maddie she would meet her at their 1:00 appointment. Maddie headed towards the car and as she got there, she bent over the hood of her car to stretch out and lifted her skirt so I could see her ass one more time! With that, she flashed her phone, blew me a kiss and drove off. Alexis came out of the bedroom and said, “Here is a souvenir for you.” She handed me her thong that was drenched in pussy juice! “You’ll get my pictures first—I can’t take being the slave if it is anything like or worse than today. By the time that little cunt realizes I’m not meeting her at 1:00, it will already be over. Master is there any special type of clit ring you want me to get?”
Smiling, I told her so long as it was round and I could pull her clit with it, it just didn’t matter. With that, Alexis gave me a kiss, and said, the pictures will be to you within the next two hours. Are you really going to let me help break that tight little cunt? This could actually be fun!” We kissed again, and I watched her strut down the driveway to her car.
Damn, this was working out better than I had hoped for.

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