After the other guys left,the 16 and 17 and 14 year olds walked me home,on back streets and through alleys. And just a little ways from my parents place,in the alley the 16 gave me a hug and kiss and told me I was good,and he was horny yet. Oh,ok. He sk me to suck him so I bent down and started to suck him then one of them pulled down my shorts abd started fucking me,Sucking he let out a groan and was shooting his cum,I sallowed,then a big push and a squeeling moaning noise and his sperm was filling my pussy,and fimally the 3rd one went for my mouth aand in my mouth he was already cumming. Getting my shorts back up,they asked if we could do this again,with out thinking I instantly said yes. Then I headed for the house fast. At home my brother started in,where were you,who was you with,what was you doing? Sounded just like my mom,and some times dad. I told him I was at my girl friends place. No you weren't,I walked up their. You didn't come out to Janes place. No. I went out their,walked out to her place,oh,ok. She lived just a little ways out of town. Well you are late any way. Please don't tell mom. And I almost ran upstairs to my room. My brother was trying to be the boss. In my room I was getting undressed for bed,I only had off my shirt and bra,and shorts unbuttoned. And in came my brother,I quickly turned around and put my shirt over my boobs. I throught,one was out. He stared at me all the time he was bitching at me again,then said I won't tell for now. The next morning,I was up for a while before he got up. He got something to eat,then came in the living room. Asking if I wanted to go swimming,cause he was going to ask a friend if he might want to go. That way he can drive. I heard him on the phone. He came back in,about 1 he said get towels and things around,so we will be ready. I got things around and decided to put on my 2 piece swim suit and carry my clothes. When I went in my room I throught I reached out and pushed the door shut,but it didn't go very far. I was in a hurry. Naked I turned around and in the hall way yet was my brother in his swim trunks,I tried to turn around and cover myself,I wasn't fast enough my brother had me by the arms and push me down on the bed and his trunks were down. I knew what was going to happen. He was on top of me know,I screamed,no,no don't at him I tried pushing on him,I started squirming around,no don't and kept it up and squirming around I must have been in the right position as I felt his cock going in me fast. I kept screaming no,no,don't we can't,no. I felt my self ready to climax,and I did. While Bob was fucking me. He looked down at me and said oh hell what the fuck as he yelped out and I felt his cock twitching and his cum shooting in my pussy,I tried to hold back my moaning as I was cumming too. He knew I cau,liked it didn't you,I wanted to say yes but stopped and said nothing. Now standing at the side of the bed,he pulled me to the edge of the bed and holding my head shoved his cock in my mouth. Sucking it a knock at the door,Bob yelled out be right down,as he started fucking my mouth and let out a grunt as my mouth filled with his sperm. Both of us up now he pulled up his trunks I had my bottoms on,hurry he said,why I said I sallowed your cum. I throught he was going to cum in his trunks. Put on your top as we go down I did. Heading toward the swimming are 11 miles away,we talked some. At the pool we played games,one that is keep my top away from me. Their was other guys their too. I got felt up by everyone their. Around 5 they all started leaving. Us 3 stayed longer. Bob grabbed me and said suck this,his cock all ready out and hard. He got his blowjob,his friend asked if he could get some. Bob said yes. He lead me in the pool,pulled my bottoms off,through them to Bob,then lifted me up and slid me down on his cock. Boy I hung on wraping my legs around his hips and got a fast,hard fucking he squeeled out loud as he blasted a big load of sperm deep in my pussy. After that them 2 talked,then decided to leave after getting dried off,and the guys got dressed. I asked where my clothes were,Oh just get in the car ,then they got in,you look better this way. We took gravel roads all except for 3 miles of black top roads. At the black top they gave me my shorts. And just as we were going into town I got my shirt,putting it on going down main street. This town is less than 1,000 population. With my shirt on but not buttoned up they told me to leave it open,,so I did. At home they told me to stay in the car until they had the door unlocked and open,then they would tell me when to come,and run all the way to the house,150 to 200 feet was where we all parked the cars. Running with my shirt undoner and not holding it shut,which I did. My tits were out more than in. In the house,we got a snack and I went in and sat on the couch,They came in I had to move to the middle so 1 could sit on each side of me. It wasn't long and the friend said he sure enjoyed fucking me. Bob said you should get a blowjob from her. He asked my brother if he could get a blowjob. Fuck yes he said, take off your clothes sis,our friend wants a blowjob,Sucking him,and when he cum he grunted and grunted and kept grunting as he exploded a hugh load of sperm in my mouth,Bob said she sallows your cum too.
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