When the bus got past I was let up and dressed and headed to the car I was riding home in,from the school,back to town. Damn their was 2 extra guys riding back to town with us. I went to get in the front seat with the 2 guys up their,but they told me to get in the back seat. Hands all over my tits,down in my shorts. In town I got out and the 2 back seat guys did too,the others took off. Fuck it here I am with 2 horny guys. They wanted me to step between the postoffice and grocey store walk way. I told them no. They helped me get in betweew the stores, leaning and holding me up against the building off came my clothes. They both pumped my pussy and mouth full of sperm. And when their cocks went soft they took off. I got dressed and went home. In bed Bob walked in,how was the game? Oh,ya fun filling. I throught you might want the score of the game. You have to pay for it,as he stood by the bed his hard cock out up by my head. Suck it. This is it I told him perty loud,he said not so loud,they might hear us,good. I gave him a blowjob. then told him instead if telling me I have to,and demanding me too,and telling me I have to do your friends and others. Forget it. Be decent about it,take me and hold me,kiss and hug me,slide a hand on my tits and play with them on top and under my shirts,and finger fuck me then undress me. With just you or you and some other guys,you can all play with me and get me hornier before we have sex,make it exciting for me also. Ok. Damn him he got in bed kissing me holding me squeezing my tits and sticking 3 or 4 fingers up in my very juicy pussy. And I cum,then he fuckerd me hard,and harder and exploded a load of sperm up in my pussy,then shortly after he cum,laying their I climaxed. Bob said that was a lot better,as he kissed me good night. This was going on now till in my late 16 year. In between 14 and my late 16th year old,I had sex,lots was with guys I knew and already had sex with. If and new guy started school it usually long and some guys would introduce me to him,and almost always out behind the school,guys circleing me as they said this is him,this is her,and I was expected to give him a warm welcome by sucking him off. On some week-end afternoons,if I wasn't out with the guys,my dad would ask if I wanted to go fishing. Sometimes I would go sometimes I'ld stay in town to get fucked. I went fishing that Sunday afternoon. It was hot out. I told my dad I wish I would have went swimming instead. {{ I was 16 years old,and a half. }} he said ya it's perty hot out,probably won't stay to long. About an hour later I ask if I could go wading upstream or down stream. Go down stream,it's a little deeper maybe waist deep. You could swim their,ya but I bont have a swimming suit with me. Dad said when we were kids we went in the buff. Well what if some one comes along,I'll keep a watch for you. From down stream they would have to come up the river and from this area through here. I almost ran to the place,undressed quickly and got in the water. It was nice,warm and clear water. I was enjoying it. I heard dad yelling to me it's about time to go here perty soon. I just stayed their. and all of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulders,I came to get you,Dad was in the water in his undies,damn me nude. I quickly squated down to cover myself. It sure is refreshing isn't it. Yes. You can get dressed,I'm going to cool off some before we leave. No I think I'll stay in here too. He went under the water and rinse off then under and swim a ways. then he told me he could swim farther under water than I could,so we started together and he beat me,how about back up,he beat me. How about swimming,down and back,well he beat me again. he said how about black floating down and back,ok,I wasn't thinking. Down and starting up good,he said you beat me this time,hell he stood their and watched me black floating. And he was right next to me and he reached and felt my tits,I almost grabbed his cock without thinking. I quickly tried to pull his hands off me,told him not to be doing that,stop it. He pushed his hands harder on my tits,taking me off balance and I went back down in the water. Some where along the line he had taken off his undies,because when he pulled me back up he made sure my tits went hard over his cock. That was nice,oh dad please,please don't. He was getting me horny,horny. Why? It's not right,theirs lots of things not right. As he was saying that he had a couple of fingers fucking my pussy and the other hanr feeling my tits and his hard cock pressing up against my hip. Please I said to dad again. He responded why? I could keep my mouth shut for my feelings. Because. Because why? Damn it you are keeping me very horny. Lets do our feelings he said. That sounder completely different. Ok. then he took me in the water,god did he fuck me,in the water. Then we stood up and he bent me over and did he ever ram me,shooting more cum in my pussy. When he pulled out his hard cock started softening up I quickly grabbed it and suck it in my mouth sucking him trying to keep him hard and it woirked. When dads cock went in my mouth he let out a screaming moaning noise. Oh god oh fuck oh,oh oh,damn hell I'm cumming as he yelled out and grunted as I sallowed his load of sperm. He told me after words he hadn't been sucked in years and years. What I said. Mom don't like sucking and she never did sallow. Well I hope you liked this one then,he grabbed and hugged me very tight and was evening kissing me,french kissing me. It was beautiful. Want another one? Oh hell yes. You don't mind if I sallow? No sallow me. Don't talk suck me before I start to cum. He wasn't kidding he cum qiuck. Tell me when you want another one and a fuck too. I will,thank you honey.

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