b I was about 14 going on 15 when I had my first K9 experience. Being very well developed for my age (looked 20) i had already been fucked by my sisters boyfriend. My Uncle and aunt were going away and needed the dog to be looked after.I volunteered as I needed the extra pocket money and having stayed over at their place many times I had a good relationship with Brutus. a Labrador.
They brought him over, left me with last minute instructions and left. .I was alone at home as was chilling in the school holidays.being a got day I went indise and changed into my bikini , got a lounger and relaxed in the sun. Brutus came and laid down on the side.I I was thinking of my sisters boyfriend and what he did to me earlier. I put my hand into my bikini and started slowly master bating my self. I had my eyes closed savoring the moment.my bikini was getting in the way so I took it off and continued playing with myself.After a while a felt good and only when I opened my eyes did i realize that the dog was licking me and and it was divine.the pleasure he was giving me rendered me helpless to stop him.I was even aware that I had spread my legs to open my self up to him.He was kicking and prodding that I orgasm-ed.he never let up and just continued. My head was swimming and I was meeting his thrusts and licks.Iwas was aware of gutteral sounds ( they were mine)I was on my side and had my riright leg lifted ot give him access.i had anothe huge orgasm.
I rolled on to my tummy and tried to recover but he continued licking and prodding me relentlesslt.Surrendering to the intense pleasure, i lifted my ass to himand when he stated licling from my pussy upwards to my butt I lost all control.I became aware that the licking had stppoed, i was just about to look over my shoulder when I felt his weight on me, his huge paws under my hips dragging me towards him. At this stage i still thoudgt that he was still going to lick me more when to my surptise I felt something sticky prodding my ass cheeks the briefly hit my anus.the shock caused me to rear backwardsThat was all he needed to drive his dick into my pussy..I was in a state of paniic but it soon changed to pleasure and was succumbing to the enormous waves of pleasure coming from my pussy. he then pulled me closer his nails digging to my hips. The pleasure masked the pain.He was now fucking me with quick sharp doggy moves.driving hid cock deeper and deeper in.It was warm.After what seened a long time i felt him thrusting harder at me. I could feel something pressing against my lips with every stroke.my head was swimming amd then a flash of pain.my pussy was being stretched then he was all the way into my pussy and still trying to go further.I could fell his hair on my arse and legs.his ball wera bouncing off me.The pain was now dull and huge waves of pleasure were overwhelming me. I could feel his cock swelling up and my pussy lips were clinging to the huge swelling.I never felt this way before.I didnt want this to stop.I was vaguely aware that his had stopped fucking me and he was filling me up with his cum.I was mumbling incoherently.. i felt him lift himself off me and his back leg lifted over my back scractching me.i llok back and saw that he was now standing facin wawya from m. Shit, i jumped but was held in plasce by his warm cock wwhich was still filling me with his come.He started moving forward and I could fell my pussy gettting tugged so i moved with him.fortunateky his stopped in the shade..Here Iwas mt knees berley toudhing the ground.I knew that I was tied (stuck to him.)My mind was racing but having seen him fuck quite a few dogs and stopped panicking and strated to relax. I was enjoying being so helpless. I was completely bound by thid dog.after abiut 20 minutes i felt the swelling go down and iwas released.. Lots of come was streaming from my pussy.He then turned round and licked me . he then went to lie down and lick his cock. i did not know that these were the slod foundations being set for me to develop into a willing K9 Bitch.
My course was plotted and I was now pointed in the right direction. Brutus continued to fuck me for a long time. I was finding excuses to be with him and soon he was manipulating me. The alpha male in him coming to hte fore. i started noticing later on hoe he would growl if I was not complying. His growl qnd those little bites at my neck soon had me back on track obeying.I never believed that a dog could make me so submissive.I had become a K9 bitch. I am now 44 yrs old and stiil very active in this lifstyle. I am of course now a bitch to a diifferent dog and have had lots of experiences in between masters.My boyfriend is ok with it and hopefully one day he can participate. That will happen at his pace in his own time or I accept that it mey never happen. I stll get knotted three days a week twice or sometimes more a day I am a K9 bitch and very happy with who i am and what I do..

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[#28] breeder09 ( 134 days ago )
breeder09 avatar What a beautiful story K9Bitch I could only hope to have a woman like you, happy knottings!
[#888] obelix1664 ( 1193 days ago )
obelix1664 avatar very amazing story, I'm waiting for read more of you and your lovers.
[#5571] dogsexishot ( 1246 days ago )
dogsexishot avatar gr8 story omg id love a partner that loves dog cock like you do its awesome
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faytt38 avatar You are really a bitch, and you love it. I love your story too.
[#5571] K9Bitch ( 1289 days ago )
K9Bitch avatar Yes I am.I addicted to K9sex and still cant get enough. I cant wait to get home and be knotted.
[#35] lonewolf694u ( 1310 days ago )
lonewolf694u avatar Great story,with the exception of bad grammar! I know if I was your boyfriend, i'd be doing everything I could to help you out any way possible!
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