My wife Ellen and I were lying in bed recently doing one of our favorite things. No we weren't fucking, not yet anyway, we were reading "The Picture" magazine. Our favorite bits are the "My Best Fuck" stories, Homegirls and Homeblokes photos. We'd just finished reading "My best Fuck" and Ellen flipped to the Homeblokes page when i thought I saw a familiar face staring out of the pages at us. I laughed and told her it was an old work mate of mine, Grant, who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. Ellen looked closely at the photos and made a comment about the size of his penis. Yep, you guessed it, Grant was built like a donkey and the pose he was in left NOTHING to the imagination.

That weekend we went down to our local pub and were kicking back having a few drinks with some friends when who should walk in but Grant. Ellen laughed and threw me an knowing look, gesturing for me to ask him over. He joined us and after a while our group whittled away till it was just the three of us left. We'd just said we should get going too when Grant asked us back to his place. Turned out he'd recently moved back into town and was living with his brother.

Once there we settled in and had a few more bourbons. All of a sudden out of the blue Ellen asked Grant if that was him in the "Picture" magazine? He smiled and said that he'd sent the photo in to win a bet with his brother. She asked if that was the first time he'd done something like that and he said no. In fact he revealed nude photography was a bit of a hobby of his although he was usually behind the camera. Ellen seemed quite excited by this and asked if he had any photos she could look at? Grant left the room and returned with three large photo albums.

He showed us the first one which contained various photos of sexy young women dressed in lingerie and other skimpy outfits. Grant asked Ellen if she'd ever thought about having photos done herself? When she said no he said she should as she was prettier than any of the women in his album. Then he showed us the next album. This one contained pics of the same women in various stages of undress. The further into the album we went, the racier the photos became. There were also a few of Grant himself and in the last couple he was sporting an erection. If his cock had looked big in the magazine, it looked positively huge in these photos!! I thought Ellens eyes were going to pop out of her head!! When he flipped open the pages of the third album i think MY eyes popped out of my head... because staring out at me was a picture of a woman sucking a cock! I looked at Grant and he was sitting there with a big smile on his face. As we flipped through, there were more photos of the pair fucking in several different positions and I noticed Ellen was fidgeting around in her seat as she looked at them. Grant asked Ellen if she was up to it? She blushed and told him she couldn't as she loved me too much. He laughed and told her he mean't just posing in her underwear, then picked up the albums to put them away.

The bourbon had us buzzing and while Grant was out of the room I tried to convince Ellen to do it. She was reluctant at first, but finally agreed. When Grant came back into the room, I told him Ellen would like to have some photos done. She quickly added that she only wanted to do underwear shots and he went to get his gear. After setting up in his bedroom, Ellen stripped down to her bra and panties. I sat to the back of the room as Grant had her pose in all sorts of positions and I have to say it had my cock straining against my pants watching her. She was really getting into it and when he suggested she lose the bra, she surprised me by whipping it off straight away!! Her nipples were standing out like little coat pegs and I noticed a big wet patch forming in the crotch of her panties. He had her lying on her back and was encouraging her to touch herself. She was rubbing her breasts and slipping a hand down under the waistband of her panties. Then she pulled her panties up into a camel toe, her slit clearly visible as her lovely hairless pussy pressed against the damp white cotton. Grant was busily snapping away with his camera and it was then I noticed I wasn't the only one impressed by Ellen's performance, he was sporting a massive bulge in his jeans!!

Ellen ran her hand over the outside of her panties again before stepping it up a notch and slipping them to one side. Grant zoomed in with the camera, snapping away at her sopping snatch as she dipped a fingertip between the lips and brushed lightly over her clit. Ellen's eyes were shut and she was arching her back as she pleasured herself. I was finding it hard to watch and started to rub my aching cock through my jeans. Ellen slipped off her panties and was now spreading herself wide for the camera. Her hands were everywhere as she started to openly finger fuck herself and her moans were getting louder. As she bounced all over the bed, I noticed movement in the hall. There was a guy standing in the doorway watching what was going on. Grant saw him and called him into the room. The guy told me he was Grant's brother, Paul and it was then that I noticed he was the one in the "fucking" photos we'd been shown earlier. I switched my attention back to the bed as Ellen's climax washed over her. She was arching her back and thrusting her hips up into her hand as she thrust two fingers deep into her cunt.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, Grant said something which had Ellen nodding her head. The next thing I knew Grant's brother Paul was slipping his clothes off and joining her on the bed. I was shocked and although I thought I should say something, I just couldn't. Paul lay down beside her and used his fingers to splay open Ellen's pussy lips. She groaned loudly and rubbed his cock against her breasts, leaving wet sticky pre-cum marks on her smooth skin. Grant kept clicking away as Paul dipped a finger into Ellen's snatch. She monaed loudly again as it entered her and rocked her hips encouraging him to insert another before moving his impressive manhood to her mouth and sucking on it furiously. When Paul rolled her over to her back and climbed between her legs, Ellen strained her neck to see as he rubbed the head up and down her dripping slit. When she gasped, it was a dead give away that her lips were being forced apart by the thick helmet of his rampant tool. It was then I knew I had to act. As hot as this was making me, I knew I had to say something, so I did.

I asked if Paul or Grant had a condom because Ellen wasn't on the pill. They didn't have one so I told him I didn't want him to fuck her and he could only rub his cock up and down over her clit till she came. I wasn't going to have him making her pregnant. After about two minutes of that though, Ellen was moaning in orgasmic delight, begging him to fuck her. Her cries were more than I could bear so when he looked at me to see what to do, I told him to go ahead and poke it right up her. Seeing the two of them giving it their all proved too much for Grant. He dropped his camera, undressed and joined them on the bed. Ellen wrapped her hand around his massive cock and took it into her mouth. She was oblivious to anything else and she sucked it like it was the last meal she'd ever have. I couldn't take much more so I whipped out my cock and started beating it like crazy. It was when Paul climbed off to swap places with Grant that I noticed the thick white goo oozing out of her pussy. It didn't bother Grant though, he lay back and had Ellen climb on top. His fat cock was stretching her tiny bald cunt more than it ever had been before as she ground her hips back and foward. Her head was thrown back and a continuous gutteral moan escaped her throat. Paul moved around behind her and put his hands on her sexy arse. He spit on two of his fingers and smeared it on her tiny arsehole before pressing the head of his cock against it. Ellen looked around and hissed at him to slide it in. I couldn't believe it, she'd never even let me fuck her there before!! The look of ecstacy on her face as it entered her arse sent me over the edge... I blasted my load all over the legs of my jeans. It must have had an effect on the guys too as both of them were soon grunting loudly as they unloaded into her at the same time.

Both guys shot huge loads because Ellen was still full of their spunk an hour later when we got home. She told me she'd never cum so much in her life but was worried about being pregnant? I told her whatever happens not to worry, and promised to organise another "photo shoot" for her as soon as possible...

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