Mama’s Pussy
Mama’s Pussy

I am originally from one of the Southern states. I ran away from home when I was 18. A relative decided that I would look better on the end of his dick than the one he had there at the time. I hit the bricks and never looked back. I headed south and west, gaining street smarts, and a little book smarts. Using my pussy, ass, tits, and the little brains I have, I managed to get some schooling and training as a personal assistant and in retail sales.

The real problem with the circumstances that lead to my leaving home is that the actions of one drunken asshole soured me on men. OHH, I love dick. Don’t misunderstand me. What I don’t like is the ego and baggage that usually accompanies the dick that is attached to a human male. Give me a long thick dildo wielded by a strong woman who knows how to use it, or give me the hot thick big knotted flesh rod of a huge male dog.

I’m now thirty and living alone in a house just outside of town. I met a really cool lady where I work. She is older than I am, and about 10 times smarter than me. In time, she became my best friend and more than that, my advisor at work. She was living with her lover in the town.

The lover worked for a different employer than my friend and I. That employer transferred the lover to a different location. My friend and her lover had a falling out over the move. Their place of residence was in the lover’s name. She decided to sell it, and therefore my friend was forced to move.

Kathleen asked if she could bunk with me for a short term until she got a new place. I said, “You never have to ask. Just let me know when you will want to move in so I can have a key for you.” I told her I had 2 dogs and I hoped that would not be an issue to her. Kat said she loved dogs, and that got us into a 2 hour conversation.

Kat is six feet tall, has an athletic build, nice breasts, long legs and is an attractive woman. We hugged when she arrived and she profusely thanks me again. She kissed me on the lips, something she always has done, even at work, but this time she did it with an open mouth and hery lips were moist. I didn’t think anything of it otmy than it was a nice sensation. I helped Kat bring her stuff inside.

I have a 1 bedroom place, which for me is more than adequate. I told Kat we were going to share the bed, unless she would rather sleep on the couch. She grinned and opted for the bed. I had cleared space and made room for her things in the chest of drawers, the closet, and the bathroom. We unpacked her stuff and got her settled in.

I walked Kat out to the small dog run I had built. Although both dogs actually slept in the house, during the day I placed them outside for exercise. I introduced Kat to Edgar and Oscar. Both were bull mastiff-rottie mixtures. They were large dogs, each weighing in excess of 160#. Kathleen walked to the dog run. She extended her hand palm down so the dogs could become acclimated to her scent.

"Come on boys,” she cooed. I won’t be a stranger. Don't be afraid. I won't bite you if you don't bite. Come on, darlings ... that's it ... closer ... up to the fence and let me see you.” Kat coaxed them for two solid minutes, and then by degrees inching closer with little whimpers, they made their way to the fence.

"Oh, you are darlings!" Kat exclaimed. A little whine escaped from the dogs.
"I hope we can become very good friends. You are such strong handsome fellows. It is no wonder that your Mama loves you so. I hope you take to your Aunty Kat too. You are such big, strong handsome fellows.”

I opened the dog run gate and Kat entered. In moments the dogs were jumping on my and playing with her. She seemed to have a natural way with them. I was a little amazed. These dogs usually took some time before they became accustomed to or accepted strangers into their domain.

I had arranged for dinner to be delivered. I figured Kat would be tired, both mentally and physically, and she would like to stay home and not go out to eat. We ate on the living room floor because I had put in a really plush rug and she said she loved sitting on the floor to eat. We talked about everything as usual, but avoided the boyfriend/girlfriend subject. Kat told me that she intended to concentrate on her work.

It was getting late so I suggested we go to bed and continue the talk in the morning. We went to the bedroom. I told her I always sleep in the nude so I would have to find something to wear. Kat smiled and said don’t bother, she always slept in the nude also as it was healthier for the body. I said it wouldn’t bother me if she was nude, if it wouldn’t bother her that I was nude. She said it wouldn’t bother her a lick.

We got undressed and I was just stepping out of my panties and Kat said, “Damn woman, you’re built like a brick shit house. No wonder the other girls at work envy your body. Do a slow turn for me so I can check you out” Kat was always very forward and spoke her mind. I didn’t think anything of it and I raised my arms like the models do and did a slow turn.

She whistled a wolf whistle at me, we both laughed. I said, “Now you” and she did the turn thing and I whistled at her. She said to me, “Christ girl, you are really hot” and I said, “You’re quite a hotty too!”

I asked her if the other girls at work really envied my body. She said, “Hell yes. That is all they talk about when they are in the coffee room. I’ve been hearing about your body since I went to work there.” I told her I had no idea the others at work envied me.

Kat looked at me quizzically and said; “Why not? You have a killer body. Do the turn thing for me again.” I did the turn thing again while she whistled at me. We laughed, and climbed into bed. My bed is a standard double bed so our bodies touched which sent electric shocks through me. I didn’t think a lot of it, just hot bodies touching. Kat asked me if I felt the electricity, and although I chalked it up to static electricity, I told her I felt it.

Kat rolled onto her side so she faced me. Her legs touched mine. She asked me if I had ever kissed a girl. I said, “What kind of question is that?” Kat said, “Just a question. You know I lived with Emma, so you know what I am. I am only curious to learn if you are curious?”

I lowered my face and told Kat that after I left home, I lived with a woman for 5 years. I said that we started out by me being a boarder and somehow we graduated to becoming lovers. I explained that one day she came home with someone else in tow. The some one else was named Heather. Eventually, Heather replaced me in the house, and I was on the street. I relocated to where we now lived and started my life again.

Kat was looking into my eyes, reached her arm across me, pulled me to her, and said, “Did your former lover ever kiss you like this?” Kat kissed me like a man would, with my mouth open, wet lips and probing sensuous tongue. My pussy flooded itself. It was a long kiss, I don’t know why but I couldn’t pull away and I just relaxed into her body. She put her leg over mine, I could feel her hot pussy pressing into my leg, her tits pressing against mine and we kissed like that for a few minutes. I had wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tight into my body, my pussy was leaking and my brain was on fire.

We came up for air. I started to ask what she was doing but Kat kissed me again before I could speak. My pussy went into warp drive and we made out like two lovers for about fifteen minutes. I had not been kissed like this for a long time. Her lips were soft and moist. They drew me like magnets draw iron. In my entire life, I don’t think I was ever this hot. My pussy was screaming. I was grinding it into her leg seeking relief.

Kat spread my legs apart and put her hand on my out of control raging pussy. I think I screamed. “Oh yes Kat, oh yes,” I squealed. She started working her finger up and down my pussy slit. She would run her finger tip just inside my fat, full, swollen pussy lips. When she reached my clitoral area, she would trace her finger tip along side the clitoris shaft without ever touching the pearly head. Between her lips on mine, her fingers doing my pussy, I completely lost it.

I was hers to do with whatever she wanted to do to me. She slid two fingers into my pussy. First, she stabbed them deep, hard and fast. Then she slowed to a snail’s pace. She would twist her fingers as she entered me deeply and as she withdrew she fingers, she would turn her hand palm upward and hook her finger tips to rub over my G spot. She would enter me only as far as to get her fingers on my G spot and rub furiously for a few seconds. She would then plunge deeply into me and use that twisting motion.

Kat stopped kissing me long enough to say, “That’s my good girl. You want mama to take care of your poor little pussy?” I was moaning, “Yes, God yes Kat, take care of my pussy.”

Kat said, “Mama will take care of her good little girl’s pussy for her.” She put her lips back on mine, and started finger fucking me fast and hard again. I moaned loud and long.

Kat said, “Good little girls tell Mama when they are going to come.” I screamed, “I’m cumming Mama, I’m cumming!” Cum shot out of my pussy like it had been shot from a water jet. It drenched Kat’s arm. I was in complete ecstasy, panting, moaning and begging for more.

Kat said, “Mama’s good little girl is a squirter, isn’t she?” I panted, “Yes Mama. I am a squirter.” Kat said. “You are Mama’s good little girl aren’t you?’ That was the moment I gave myself to her completely when I said, “Yes, I’m Mama’s good girl. I will be a good girl for Mama.” Kat kissed me and said, “Yes baby, you will be my good girl”

Kat went back to work on my pussy. She twirled my clit with her fingers. She pushed it and pulled it. She would pinch it and twist it lightly. Kat slipped a 3rd finger into my pussy. She finger fucked me with three fingers now and was fucking me hard.

She said, “Tell Mama when you are going to cum, baby” and it was only a minute before I was screaming, “I’m cumming Mama, I’m cumming!” and the floodgates opened again. She had me so hot I would have done anything for her. When she told me to cum for Mama again, I think I sprayed the whole room with my pussy juice.

Kat said, “You have to cum for Mama one more time baby. Can you be a good girl and do that for Mama, baby”. I said, “Oh yes Mama, yes, I can cum for you again.”

Kat rose from the bed and took my hand. She led me to the covered patio in the back. She got a leash hanging on a hook and clipped it to the ring on Edgar collar. Kat led Edgar and I back into the house. Looking about, she spied the hassock and smiled. Kat secured Edgar’s leash to a door handle.

Leading me to the hassock, Kat kissed me again. “Is Mama’s hot pussy girl going to tell Mama the truth?” Kat asked me.

“Oh Yes Mama. I promise to answer all of your questions. I will tell you everything.”

“Good girl. Now, has Mama’s little girl ever given one of her handsome boys any of her sweet pussy?”
I blushed madly and nodded my head slowly.

“Which one? Which one of these handsome boys has had your hot pussy?”
I looked down even more and whispered, “both….. both of them. I often fuck one and suck the other one so they don’t get jealous.”

Kat giggled in delight. “Ohhh baby, you are Mama’s sweet angel puppy pussy girl. That is the perfect answer. Now, you have to give Mama’s boy some of that hot sweet pussy. He is soo horny for you darling. I could tell when I first met them that they both are in dire need of some pussy. You are going to be my good girl and give Eddie some pussy aren’t you baby?”

If possible, I blushed even more and answered, “Yes Mama. I want to give Edgar some pussy. I want you to see him fuck me and make me cum for you.”

My pussy was dripping juices which were forming a puddle on the floor. I closed my eyes and thought of shooting another stream of hot cum all over everything. I was panting like a racehorse. Kat was holding me in her arms saying, “That’s my good girl. You are my good girl.” I was in heaven hearing her tell me I was her good girl.

Kat gently pulled me to the hassock. I arranged and draped my body over it. She spread my legs cooing to me, “That’s it baby. Open those legs for Edgar. Let him see that sweet hot pussy you have for him. Ohhh yes, Mama’s pussy is going to be well fucked by Edgar. Tell me Baby pussy girl, does Edgar have a big dick and knot? Is he larger than Oscar or is Oscar the king dick dog here?

The nastier Kat talked, the wetter my pussy became. This woman made my blood boil and my pussy juices froth. I could feel the bubbling at the mouth of my pussy.
Kat rose and went to Edgar. She released his leash from the door knob and walked back to the hassock and sat on the floor at my side.

"Come to me Edgar Baby. My name is Kat. Come show Mama how you fuck this little puppy pussy girl.”

The Mastiff-Rottie mix, with the smell of pussy strong in his nostrils, forgot that Kat was sort of a stranger. He stepped up close and allowed her to stroke his thick fur. Then, while she was stroking him, he stretched out his head and started licking at my exposed ass and pussy. Kat massaged my round tits and tugged on my nipples as Edgar licked me to heaven.

I shivered at the touch of his tongue. He snaked his long red tongue up and through my ass crack and pussy slit. At the entry to my pussy, he would curl his tongue and then unfurl about 3-4 inches of it deep inside me. I was shaking from my soul outward.

"Mmmmm! OHHH fuck Mama. He is eating my pussy soooo good. Oh, yeeeessss!" I threw my head back and with closed eyes I wailed as the dog's rough tongue jolted my senses.

"Now for my ass," I said in a shaky voice. "I want you to lick my asshole." I shifted my body. I bent more over the hassock which lifted my ass and pussy higmy. Looking over my shoulder at Edgar, I wriggled my ass.

Edgar immediately began licking my asshole and up my crack. He would lick my ass cheeks. He slithered his heavy tongue up and down and all around.

"Mmmmm!" I moaned. "Don't stop now, boy. Lick my ass some more." The dog obeyed. The force of his licking opened my ass-crack again and again, and made my firm ass cheeks jiggle.

"Eeeee!" I squealed, now swinging my tight ass from side to side. "Keep licking! Keep licking!"

Soon the Mastiff-Rottie mix's tongue-strokes moved back inside my ass-crack. As the hot slippery tongue jolted my nerves, I began bouncing on my knees and squealing loudly. My ass cheeks shook wildly. My tits were being mauled by Kat. I hadn't been this turned on in a long time.

The rough tongue scraped against my asshole repeatedly. Still shaking, I cried out and began pumping my asshole muscles in an attempt to deal with the fiery sensations that were sweeping through me. It was wonderful, almost as good as being ass-fucked with a dick.

I gasped and groaned, loving not only the dog's hot tongue but also his wiry whiskers. They scraped against my belly and wreaked havoc with my nerves. I soon found myself writhing deliriously and gasping for air.

"Oh, yes," I said, my voice shaky, "lick me, Edgar. Lick me all over." I spread my thighs wide and gave the dog a splendid view of my plump ripe hairless pussy mound.

Edgar got not only a wild eyeful but a good strong whiff of my pussy. As soon as the pungent odor reached his sensitive nostrils, he abandoned my ass and lashed out for my pussy with his tongue. His tongue struck immediately, tracing a course up through my slit. Edgar’s powerful tongue forced my pussy lips apart.

"Eeeee!" I squealed. "Ohhhh! Hell, that feels good!" I lifted my ass up off the hassock. I pushed my pussy into the dog's face. With my legs spread wide, I gave the animal access to all of my pussy. I hoped to feel his tongue real deep.

Edgar wanted his tongue deep, also. He snaked his licker through my tight fuck-hole, pushing my pussy lips even farther apart. Then he licked deep inside my pussy, his thick tongue forcing my pussy walls outwards. Shivers rocked me, while blasts of pussy heat tortured Edgar.

"Ooooh!" I squealed, shaking my head deliriously. "Lick me, Edgar. Eat my pussy!"

Edgar twisted his head this way and that as he licked my pussy walls thoroughly. His tongue danced up and down my pussy tube, tantalizing my sensitive nerves. I bucked and writhed, loving every tongue-stroke.

The huge dog lapped up pussy juices as they dripped down my pussy walls. His tongue made lewd noises in the process, noises that made me that much hornier. Kat began to rub her own pussy as I watched.

I rolled my eyes and babbled incoherently as wave after wave of hot bliss rolled through my pussy, up my spine, and into my brain. The warm doggie spit and pussy juices oozing down my inner thighs went unnoticed, as did the hot doggie breath caressing my belly. My full attention was focused on the long thick tongue sliding up and down my fuck-tube.

"I need your dick now," I said to the animal. "I've got to have your dick up my pussy. Fuck me, Edgar! Fuck me!"

I backed toward Edgar with my back arched and my pussy jutting up into the dog's face. I looked back over my shoulder and ordered the beast to mount me. When the dog hesitated, I reached back with one hand and slapped my naked ass, again calling for Edgar to mount me. At the same time, I wriggled my hips and spread my thighs wider. Finally, with so much pussy smell drifting through the air, Edgar got the message and hopped up onto my back.

Edgar wrapped his forelegs around my waist and began thrusting his big dick into my pussy crack almost immediately. The long fat pink doggie dick hammered my pussy crack repeatedly before it finally slipped into my fuck-hole.

"Eeeee!" I squealed, throwing my head back. “OOOOHHH!" A hard shiver raced up my spine as the dog's dick fucked deeper.

Edgar thrust his hips hard and fast. His panted loudly the whole time. Within seconds, his dick was into the knot. I could feel the prickling of his hairs against my clit. His huge knot pushed against my pussy mouth. I gently tried to fuck back on him so I could have his big thick knot and his full dick balls-deep. Edgar never stopped humping. In a few more thrusts his balls were enjoying the warmth of my pussy lips.

Edgar fucked his dick in my pussy hole with the identical enthusiasm he used when he was licking my cunt -- only his dick stretched my pussy walls wider and jolted my tender fuck-meat harder. I swung my head to and fro and gritted my teeth in an effort to withstand the dog's heavy pounding.

Kat watched my canine's dick plow in and out of my pussy. She listened in awe as the dog's balls slapped against the backs of my thighs. She couldn't believe I could take his full dog dick.

"Aaagh!" I cried. My blue eyes bugged out. "I feel his prick real deep. The fucker is so hot it is burning my pussy walls."

I arched my back deeper and began slamming my pussy back into the animal's thrusting dick. I met his every fuck-thrust, and the room resounded with wicked flesh-slapping noises.

Edgar tightened his grip on my slim waist and started fucking even harder, as if determined to burst his balls on my pussy lips. As he fucked me, his hot breath rained down on my back, while his spit dripped from his panting tongue and soaked my ass cheeks. I shivered all over from the eerie sensations that were rolling through me, but I kept fucking. More jolts rocked my pussy when his thick dick root began scraping against my clit. I screamed repeatedly then began sobbing when my clit swelled up and started throbbing. The fiery bliss was almost too much to endure.

Edgar humped again and again. His prick slammed deep to jar my senses, withdrew halfway, then he fucked even deeper. His hard dick-strokes took my breath away.

"I can't take much more!" I cried, my face strained, my voice trembling.

“Yes you will. You will take every bit of that dick,” Kat hissed at me.

"Aaagh I'm coming! I'm coming!" I shook all over as my pussy juices erupted and flooded the animal's groin.

The dog humped me hard, his whole hairy body slamming into me from behind. His muscles rippled with each fuck-thrust, while my flesh quivered. He was breathing hard and fast, his tongue hanging limply from his open mouth.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" I cried, wincing each time his balls hit my pussy lips. "That's right! I'm coming! I'm coming!" My voice was as shaky as my well-fucked body. When my climax hit, I went wild and nearly burst the dog's balls. Then my fuck-juices exploded from my pussy hole and scorched the beast's hairy dick and balls.

When the animal felt my burning cum, he went wild and began humping out of control. His dick drilled my pussy like a jackhammer. His balls slapped my pussy lips as noisily as they possibly could. He fucked me so hard his hind feet left the floor, and all his weight bore down on my strained pussy.

"Unhhh!" I grunted, my pussy still twitching and spewing forth steamy pussy juices.

Then the dog began whining loudly and licking his lips. He appeared to be going mad. But before anyone could become overly concerned, the animal blew his hot cum wad deep inside my pussy hole and thus relieved his madness.

"Ohhhh!" I cried when I felt the sting of his hot jizz. The dog kept fucking until he had emptied his load inside me. But even when he was spent, he stayed connected to me while I used my pussy muscles to milk his limp prick. And I milked him well, drawing and squeezing as much jizz as I could get out of his balls.

After a long while, his dick shrank and he dismounted. I plopped to the floor only to be held by Kat who kissed me and brushed my sweat soaked hair from my face.

Kat looked at me and said, “you are Mama’s sweet pussy girl and you will give Mama’s new boys all the pussy they want, won’t you baby?”

I nodded my head and answered happily, “YES MAMA!”

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