WARNING ! This story is for those over 18 years old.If scat stories freak you out don't read this !

Linda and I were enjoying a walk trough the woods on a warm summer night in on a full moon night.We were both 18 and had just graduated from high school and were talking about our futures.Looking at her beautiful body,5'10"tall long dark straight hair and a body to kill for, as we walked along I new that her future was bright.

We were heading to a small pond about a mile from our houses.When we entered the clearing you could see the cattails and soft grass around the pond.Linda who was always laughing and ready to play ran down to the pond and stepped into the water."It's so warm lets go for a swim"she giggled and pulled off her top exposing the most beautiful firm breasts that I had ever seen.I couldn't believe what I was seeing as she pulled off her top,jeans and panties.She turned towards me and laugh"don't be so bashful we grew up together and who knows if we will see each other again"

She was right and I couldn't get out of my jeans fast enough.When I stood up so was my 8" cock and she said "boy I sure wish that I had known that you were packing,we would have done this years ago" Then the look on her face turn from playful to scared.I turned around just as this big guy hit me so hard I saw stars then nothing.

When I came to Linda and I were laying on the grass and six naked men were standing over us laughing and opening a pill bottle as they stroked their hard cocks.Four men held me down and a fifth placed some pills in my mouth and a bottle of liquor and told me to swallow.Then two of the men moved to Linda and drugged her as well.We laid there as these men finished the bottle and then everything started to spin.

When I started to wake up there were naked people all around a big bonfire passing some bottles and joints.I looked at Linda being held by two women and saw a crazy smile on her beautiful face,not scared but sexy and dreamy.My head was still spinning but what the fuck I was horny as hell and my cock was hard as a rock.The pills that they had given us were doing there job !

The next thing I knew these two guys were lifting a large metal trap door in the ground.We were take over to this large dark hole and lowered into it buy ropes.All of a sudden I started to feel soft creamy paste.OMG not paste but warm shit.My feet hit the bottom when we were chest deep in this nasty smelling mess.The ropes came off and Linda wrapped her arms around my neck for support pressing her breasts against my chest.Strange as this was when I looked into her eyes they were filled with lust and she slid her tongue deep into my mouth.

What ever they had given me it had me so horny that I pulled her close sliding her shit covered body against mine.Then I thought that it was raining but no,someone was pissing through the trap door covering us with warm urine.Then soft shit began to come down covering our heads.Then laughter and a voice saying that this was going to last all night.

Then Linda scraped shit off her breasts and told me to open my mouth.She took this smelly mixture of shit and piss and forced it into my mouth.At first I resisted but soon began to relax and enjoy it.Looking into her wild eyes I took some of this smelly mixture and rubbed it onto her face and she opened her mouth for me to fill it up too.She then pressed our mouths together and pass warm shit into my mouth with her tongue.

I could feel her hard nipples press against my chest and I lifted her up and sucked one of her shit covered nipples into my mouth.Cheers from above as more shit and piss came down from above fueling our lust even more."I'm glad you enjoy this because I have a special treat for you"Linda said as she reach behind her and pulled up a shit log from her ass that went up to her wrist.Raising her hand up to my mouth she filled my mouth and told me to bite it off and chew it up good.Who would have thought that such nasty shit could have come from this beautiful young girl,I loved it and soon chewed it up and swallowed it all.

Piss and shit was now coming down non stop,the people up top were starting to go crazy with lust and were shouting down words of encouragement.Linda was more then willing to accommodate as she lifted her self up and lowered her shit covered cunt all the way down on my fuck stick.Rocking her hips to the chants from above she soon had us both cumming for the first time tonight.

The next thing we knew we were being pulled out of the pit and were both staked down spread eagle on the soft grass.Men were standing over me and women over Linda's' nude body.Men and women were shitting and pissing all over us until we were covered from head to toe.One man was sucking on my shit cover cock while another squatted over my mouth and shit until it flowed over my face.

The next thing I knew I was being untie and told to get on all fours like the bitch that I was.One man got behind me and shoved his cock into my hungry ass.Two other men couldn't wait any longer,one slid his cock in my mouth and the other got under me and licked the shit off my cock before deep throating my cock.

I looked over at Linda and she was getting the same treatment from the women who had staked her down. she was squirming around in lust and great passion.One woman was fucking her cunt with a large black dildo while another was feeding her shit and a third was pissing on her firm tits.

When we woke up back at the pond still naked but clean.We found a note that said...You have been accepted into
our group.If you had fun last night be here tomorrow night.! Linda and I looked at each other and smiled."I have to take care of this morning piss wood "I said and she said "me too" smiling with lust.We both new what our future was going to hold now as she took my piss hard-on into her mouth.Are you ready to eat the breakfast I have waiting for you she smiled ?


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Joshuaing ( 726 days ago )
Joshuaing avatar Hot, I enjoyed it lot
[#1046] byatch ( 1089 days ago )
byatch avatar nice story...i love it!!

plus i love the picture of your dick;)
[#561] Nev226 ( 1119 days ago )
Nev226 avatar I always thought of fucking my woman or a bloke as they got off the toilet and telling them not to wipe their arse, then while I was in the shower have them bend over while I fuck their shit covered hole then have them suck my cock dry! And guess what, it would be their turn next!!! I like yr story
[#10] nmsteve ( 1124 days ago )
nmsteve avatar My my 5,000 reads and no comments or votes.What is that all about ?
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